Now the idea put forward by the Defence secretary that the Supreme Court ruling on the Smith and MOD case is likely to make things more difficult for the MOD is not actually supported by fact; I am not saying it is the end of the world either, it is an honest mistake however it is such bad PR. Of course soldiers do have human rights and the right to life, somewhere between briefing and combat contact, if they happen to come to harm at that stage, it is the MOD that is liable, not the enemy or work hazard. Typical example to support the theory is clearly facts about the way things are with the lower classes and their plebs who always solve their own problems in hell apparently tax evasion on one hand and chasing rights of soldiers on the other – I mean I do agree with Queen Victoria who thought they have no business with Politics or leadership and should mostly spend most of their time at Church, because of course they will say I am in a seriously difficult situation when in actual fact it will take years of kicking their arse all the way to get Police help on Intellectual property protection for my books while I secure myself somebody I can trust to fulfil the market equity contract I have with the fans; although they are certain they are really evil which is not a new thing – they always do it i.e. the bankers and stock market people etc will kill us, fight, fight, fight please and then when you do fight it turns out it was all about the influence of the U.S. just so they can apply satisfaction to seeing a process where they able to do evil things to you that pushes you under and makes you do strange and freaky things that they may find amusing too. I do the fighting because those I fight for I care about, they think they have media and I have no choice about what I do with myself or whom I fight for and we can see why getting police help over my property so I can find somebody that will fulfil the market equity contract I have with customers and fans will take a long time to deliver a message that will make them listen and all through that will be a process of kicking their arse all the way until it is done as well. So they say the way things worked in the MOD while the conflict in Iraq took place was more of the fact that the auto that the soldiers were given were designed to deal with insurgence and therefore fast and light, where the insurgence then adapted to use IEDs and roadside bombs which meant they had to adapt as well and it took time but we all know that the whole operation of the military consists of missions that show you how to equip soldiers for the future and there are others that are simply combat missions with their own various outcomes – we all know first contact missions are deterrent missions and show you what equipments you need to acquire, so it is a matter of time frame and logistics and of course communication between commanders and the MOD hence time frame, briefing, mission and the same cycle all over again in every turn of events which does indicate that the MOD is liable for the right to life of soldiers who are given faulty jeeps and jamming guns to take out instalments of the enemy since they know the enemy is not just going to sit down and watch them do so anyway and I am saying briefing and combat period means Soldiers have human rights and there is no such things as curbing the chances that people might run away from gun fire when they have been trained for a job; that comes into the same par as the idea I am susceptible to a robbery of personal glory where my prowess is used by another who gets all the praise because I did not think it worthwhile to join the military but that does not apply here, where the MOD must be told about the fact the scope of its duty of care to its operatives is to protect them from those who might have grabbed people and abused them to move into their right hand side and have fraternity of nation but can get it in other ways when there are wars and a soldier is killed and they can take the place of the soldier in life i.e. extreme case is if a soldier had no family and there was no body to campaign like we currently have, does that mean working for the MOD indicates you have no human rights or right to life? hence the reason I think it is such bad PR for the secretary of state for defence to oppose the supreme court on the matter because they are right, which leads us to the main part of the story which is largely about how go to Afghanistan to tell the Taleban to pack up and move is not the same thing as go in there and kill all the Taleban you can; so that if you give them faulty transportation and jamming weapons you cannot be liable or that if a court rules against you it will make things difficult, when we all know that the other side of this would have involved a process where the soldier eat and sleep and shit with the enemy and therefore return home to be treated to great expense for combat stress. It is the same old story with plebs and lower classes of course; tax evasion on one hand, the rights of soldiers on the other and I simply cannot believe the defence secretary fell for it and opposed the Supreme Court ruling.  They speak of the influence of the US of course but the reality is that I have not changed anything about my view they are really evil people who spend time around me wrecking my finances and steadily resorting to attrition and violence because their temperamental wickedness has not been able to dominate me and in like manner I need to lay them out in a way which I think is more comfortable for a process where I can preach the gospel any time that I want to do so – yes an abuse of their rights but they are doing it as well, hence I do not see what the problem is, however turning out to blow off insults at me into the air everyday which are designed to ensure people take note and bad company is attracted to where I am will eventually lead to even bigger problems, especially because they do not wish to keep away from my book sales as well. Hence it is fair to see I will not tolerate nonsense from the U.S. because of insolent old idiots that abuse me in such ways to make me kick them all the time; I mean the idea of the influence of the US was supposed to have been the part where I have met some force bigger than me and I am therefore broken and where it is finished and I am done as it were. I mean I interfere with the influence of the U.S. President who gives them the opportunity to mess with my income by the way of which I still have not at this stage been able to stoop low enough to work out how to wreck the income of another statesman even if he earns salaries from government work that he then gives away and makes a living writing books which would have been similar to what I do and nobody seems to thing I entirely deserve to do so; what is he worried about anyway political instability? I for my part am worried about organised crime and he helps those over my income a lot apparently and has lot of fun doing so too – it’s all shit and they look like it, my shit to be precise and they might need to tell their foolish children about insulting and abusing me to make me go low and low enough to be seen to be doing freaky stuff which is why they want to control my finances, like the influence of the US because they are stupid.  The bankers will claim they want somebody to be clear about what he means when he mentions financial responsibility but of course the reality is that there are no rules saying that when you pick up more portfolios than you can handle with their greed, you are supposed to set up a company and employ people to do the trading with you in order to get the job done not gamble peoples finances and a nations wealth and talk nonsense about how the name for the resulting problems is a financial crash which no body is really responsible for; they can always wait for the Politicians who like to show off problems that really do not exist as the reasons that what needs to be done cannot be done to flatter them, I will not and they need to get off my books – the reality is that companies serve consumers and smaller businesses work for the bigger ones and so of course there is a page on my websites called every man for himself which such nonsense suggested are likely to end up frivolously after people get their bail outs and we have not gotten the jobs in the economy that we need. The reality of the way it works business wise is as simple as the fact that I have taken time out to set out facts about who my fans are and what my business with them is like and the fact that any act of pillaging anything I have between me and them is a crime; so what I have to do next since I cannot secure reason is secure my company with the help of the Police and then gain the time to find out if the planet has really run out of advertisers and book sellers to help me get my work to my fans and they have won a great fight; the reality is that all these business goons are not royalty and yes people pretend to be royalty all the time, they just like to pillage my income with industry competition and personality competition over it, things like how they work for certain companies I have not brokered equities with and they will broker my equities with such companies for me because they are the only ones that understand money and greed – they are not royalty and need to stop winding me up or it will get increasingly worse here as well; just like they suggest I put up ideas which give out the notion I want to make the banking sector and stock markets into an elitist thing which explains why Politicians never want to say the tax payer holds the biggest stick when it comes to finances because it will endorse the lower classes and diminish their class, which I do not have a problem with saying since my own thing is tied to the Royal Inheritance of the Queen herself which is the crown, hence when they do their own and I show off mine as well, just like the evil twisted Labour party is now stuck between decadence and gangs so I can preach the gospel to anybody I want: of course it’s all stupid well to do plebs at work and they are the best friends of the dad cannot tell me money has run out and he has other kids to look after at the stock markets and banking system idiots, so when they say I suggest those two things should become an elitist indulgence, I have no idea what other options have been offered up anyway; the American ones will want freaky thing from me until I force them to sell the democracy for money and then it will be real as well. Civil rights is one of the other major issues; they say they do not want to be helped along their civil rights by royalty who abuse it but we all know they are enemies of my freedom because I attend church and should be abused by women due to how plebs work out the way the world should operate and continue to pretend that as bad as that idea they exist to be enemies of my freedom and must do nothing more with their time but trap me and spend my earnings might be, they continue to make out the reasons for their attacks to be that my faith gets in their face when the faith is the faith in my own life and not theirs, hence the reasons I hump their lives and sit around dominating them for a living everyday so they can become more and more and more obsessed with that media because of course we know it’s the women chipping away insults of addressing me endlessly on media and the reason for it is the energy to do fashion and glossy magazines where stupid celebrities wear pants and bras and pretend it is all about me, so they can be seem and known in show biz; I do not recognise such civil rights and they need to get proper jobs so I don’t have to find them one soon enough and leave me alone: I always say what need to happen to them is people getting involved with their stupid causes only when they have jobs so that when they have to work with people in a condition where they are careful not to act in ways that cause them to lose it their causes will be legitimised and by the way of which it means such persons can be free of them at will too. I mean their Politicians are detaching me by wrecking my property without consequences from a club I never belonged which they want to keep me from belonging i.e. the club of leaders and yet most of it are largely things that you experience daily when you are royalty, except that they have prevented me from getting around with those I should so it is possible for people to get made up reactions from me and throw them around on media, then they become surprised I do what I do to them as well and talk rubbish all over the media which they think exists for them to talk through to me with as well. There is that story they love so much of how there was a period of time I spent among them at their modern churches and stuff but the big question of course continues to remain that of whether they think I consider that period to be a curse or a blessing; I think it a blessing of course and they can think what they like of it and get as angry as they need to, after all the Bible is all written out and when a Priest reads he does even though he has the authority to preach on it read it word for word but when they do the Bible they do their own. As for the thing about equality for women, it seems the quantity of women that come across me with results that I take stock of my age continues to rise everyday because of their campaign and if that does not move off soon enough as I have made clear I have had enough i.e. I should mention the fact women campaign for equality is not to say some women are not bullies, then talk and story of women and equality will not be enough to deal with what I have in mind. I have not got a clue in any case where the story of dominating me started taking root from anyway and where on earth they achieved such a thing, I know they speak of poverty alright and need to get a proper job and stop talking nonsense about being terribly lucky at my expense or else with a big mouth. They have been many times informed the Christian does not like pragmatic examples of how bad things happen in the world on account of women and money but around me it has become their major preoccupation so I have no idea what the complains are about anyway – they complain so but the only conversation that is worth having is one that is concerned with trapping me and nobody will know exactly why indeed they have planned to become such a threat to my freedom anyway, I mean when their complains are put in context as they start – the trapping me and giving me a proper mans task and a real fight and a work done for women to feel decadent with. They speak of the land of freedom in the US of course but have not yet finished here in the UK where they will never be free of me as well. Eventually I do not think it is that a complicated issue; they are all sex mad women i.e. they have this desire and fantasy of some form of sexual passage with me that will never happen about which they cannot make me and have to wake up every day and live with it, I understand this but I was not the person that wrecked my own finances so I might end up in their areas of society for it – this is not where they live and will become their worst nightmare as well. I know it is said when I mention such things I play into the hands of men but of course everybody knows the thing with men had to do with competition over who the best man is over my bank balance, where it applies that if they have personal lives it is supposed to pay out on my business over such issues and if I have a personal life I am supposed to live it personally. It was never intended for any silly female domination of me, I mean are they mad and we are not talking about their privileged cowards either? This is the UK and these things we put up with when we allow some fools to feel it is perfectly okay with us if they hate their country and assume positions of leadership at the same time and so it is indeed true that despite what I have said the original provocation on my part remains, as I will never stop humping them and they do not live here and need to leave me alone.


Now on the matter of why I never get addicted to Pornography however, the reality is a simple matter of the fact it is like every other temptation and every other sin; you are responsible and there is always a part where you are lured. In the case of Pornography it is the part where you want control through violence, it’s there in the most difficult to control enticing way and the slight interest you take means you are on your way to addiction. It should be seen that people who make it are inherently evil and that is why they do it, it is important for people to understand that the side that comes through at public is to do with the girl and her man who want to control your finances for you so she can ensure if she sits on a beach enjoying herself with it and hears you have had an opinion, you will get into trouble and she is angry and wants revenge if you either told her you are married and have a wife that can always do that or that she needs to get lost; just like the Politicians and their desire to know what you know because they have a real problem with an idea of showing any kind of respect for you and it is important they know it in a condition where they are superior to you as well. The other side of it where you must be able to identify what is what is that people who have real sex and put it on video are actually very rare indeed and those who have done the Pornography films have been acting all along, hence if you do not feel humanity towards them you are unlikely to towards any other issue; bearing in mind the alternative are such nonsense as Politicians that expect you to listen to what they say while their children wreck your finances in order to make you consider their latest fashions and cars as the greatest thing in the world, especially when you are a Christian and God is the greatest thing in the world, which soon becomes a real problem as well when you handle them and make sure any insolent opinions they throw up into the air on account of you with a question is answered and any consequences meted out while you wait for them also at the jobs market, just so that an end might hover in sight on the claims the Christian was born into an evil world and should therefore have been an evil person and having chosen not to be means he is actually half a person is based on delusion; evidence being that their rude behaviour and incredible nastiness of habits which is designed to exasperate and traumatise you and make you ugly so they can steal fame is the best show of how untrue it is but of course they happen to be people who want to enforce their evils with government authority. It’s much the same with when they complain the Monarchy has a party while they are working hard to run the Country while we all know that it is them that handle peoples income and have a party so you can come around and get it there – so the idea of being angry when people have parties is simply a matter of where they are coming from. The part about my need to have my pornography collection is largely a function of media i.e. back stage media means any idiot can combine my personality with that of a female journalist and cook up a sex story that he sells or makes into a video to get rich and from there address and abuse me at will everyday to ensure my temperament is available for celebrity and glossy magazines and fashion and the insult they think means they are providing themselves security from me as well. In the end it applies that when girls and women have their own gang of men in society that look after them when they report the news, they really do not need me and as such is important they stay out of my court not think they have found anything along with stupid male journalists that they can peddle to get rich and expect me to listen to people when I am determined to wait for them too at the jobs market and ensure those who had jobs before I was born have only that one advantage till the end if that is I do not take it away from them too, hence ought to try not to address me for any excuse or reason whatsoever especially when they are Politicians and need to show respect for my writing career not come around here for ideas for their career. Of course they say I speak like the female journalists are innocent which I never said they were since it is clear that when people raised them and taught them all they know and own them all of a sudden it is likely that they are going to do something about it – so I did provide leadership and support to help them take over that stupid pornography and sex industry which means when the evil fools about whom the videos are made and stuff go there to run their own as well, somebody is in a place of power to exploit them; hence the other side of why I feel I have made the Pornography industry a safe one. Besides which the working Court are supposed to be able to make sex stories and sell it using them because they are supposed to preserve my interest in terms of relations I have with leaders around the world not become the means by which journalists of all kinds have access to any leaders they want, especially those that do not entertain journalists, so I can get my stuff done as well. So as I said, these behaviour continue because they never listen and are busy doing celebrity and glossy magazines and fame and fortune and fashion and all that stuff they do based on addressing and insulting and abusing me which is good for their personality, about which I do not suggest they are not doing Pornography as well, of course they are but people should be able to tell which has to do with the fact a person’s life depends on it and which has to do with the fact a person’s life does not and when I say such things I mean in terms of she couldn’t pillage another person’s finances this week to make the highest sales in history and decided to have sex on video in her wedding dress so she can get it out of such a person etc for example, much the same with the process where those who do not believe in God commit crimes by handling and destroying my finances and need to keep their insults to themselves if they do not want me to take that part up despite waiting for them at the jobs market which they make out is unusual as well. I Believe I have been clear anyway; when stupid women and foolish girls have guys and men at society that protect their interest each time they appear in public it is important they stay out of my working court; otherwise as it is presently complaining about how I know people need such things but act in terms of the highest possible levels of punishment will continue to be the case; they never listen and are busy doing celebrity culture and fame and fortune and glossy magazines and fashion by insulting and abusing me and destroying my livelihood and finances and hence really are in no position to complain; just like I go after their media idiots about whom I will certainly gather another set of pornography collection if they start again and for the Politicians who need to keep their insults to themselves, when they want ideas from me they need to buy the books, as I have been given enough power over Satan to look after myself and what belongs to me here.  


My position on bullying staying as it had always been i.e. when people see me they feel like doing things to me which hurt all the time; I too must realise that I can write a diary which runs into 200 pages everyday and allow people play out a game where they wreck my finances and use me to create problems for themselves and make it go away in order to increase their self improvement because they have jobs on media and regularly appear in front of peoples television or I can decide the diary is full and that if I make them stop those habits the levels of social power they will lose will be unprecedented – an advantage that I can press all the time no matter how stupid they will have started making it out to be. The only downside of course is the existence of Politicians who enforce their temperamental wickedness with the use of government office and for others who do so proxy power like and introduce themselves as racist it is all about making sure I am held down and made to be subdued by the evils around me. Reality of which is that such activities done to me has now run into decades since I had long before now gained victory over their social wickedness and the evils of their culture and they have not stopped no matter what new social conditions that continuing with it creates because the effects they normally get from other people’s lives have not yet appeared in mind – these effects will never appear, I know that and they realise it is a possibility, so it is developing into torturous activity and attrition and I must show them where I stand on the matter as well, especially the Politicians. Of course I can handle the matter while I study, I simply want a trophy victory of my own before I do over the Liberty and freedom of fools crew. It’s like the story of a bill of rights in the UK of which I do not think there is any need for one and that it is important that Politicians count their own eggs before they hatch and leave other peoples own alone – the facts are that they want to damage public property in order to control the people and of course that would not have been necessary if they had not and still do not continue to think I should be a plaything for stupid women so they can use those women to control me and spend money on those women to know where power is in society, that I will always tend to grow up to be a fan of one of the arms of government; Judiciary, Legislature or Executive i.e. for many a people out there and I use myself as an example, it is not that I write books, it is not that people buy my books and read them and like them, it is not that I make a living from writing those books, it is the fact that the very process of getting those books to people and obtaining results of a happy face means I have been of some use to somebody, they underestimate all the time what I will do to them whenever they damage or mess with that. So you have to go sort of ‘damage public property to ensure the people are under control huh; what happened since, did you lose your nerve?’ Then somebody else will likely tell you they don’t say them like that anymore; I mean at present I am already notorious for being obsessed with Intellectual property security. It is still continuing of course the body guards of fashion icons that collect my work for them, EU and US Continental back stage media goons and their stupid girls and the violence they measure out for me every day, the adverts with which they do so, Mr Frenchmen and his girl friend and even lanky mistress I want to have sex with which costs me everything even if I don’t, the middle east ones and how I promised people they will get rich, the Glossy magazines, the Pop music, the celebrity lifestyle and so on and it is important they do not change my story for me when I talk about it if they do not want it to get a lot worse. There is no such thing as a process where I have been made to go down and work hard which the black ones and others really like – I just like to live the way I do and especially eat the way I do, it is normally pleasing to me to find out I have a headache and some two bags of apples will solve the problem, these things help me to maintain my balanced diet and be aware of any missing items I should be getting, not necessarily a means of getting goons to feel good about their stupid selves bearing in mind some of us do not eat food because they are there and some of us do. In the end the real problem here at home is the Politicians, especially socialists who want to hush the Nation as they and the Bankers are working things out – the conservatives complain about how that was their turf and use it largely as political advantage but it is Labour here in the UK that wants it above all the others and such things make peoples yearn for their retirement so they can finally be free of being surrounded by fucking idiots. Now the talk about me and women is normally developed around that prognosis of how women hate men who speak honestly about things like rape and domestic violence and so on; the reality of it is rather of course that every encounter with certain women leads to a process of going home to take stock; how old am I exactly? Did she really do that? Did she really say that? Why on earth? The more important you are the more global and lucrative therefore it gets which is entirely the opposite of what should happen. So that after all those plan of beating me up for the consider themselves to be masters of domestic violence and feel like doing one on me like their lives depend on it, about which they have men around them that are really powerful, possibly their husband , they get seriously beaten up and are even killed or they escape for their lives and in their view it becomes something about which I should be sad which brews another question of “or else what?” around here, I mean a real possibility I can have my own share of the beating as well anyway. I mean these things are the reason their stupid children believe it is worthwhile to get involved with my book trading business and wreck my finances in order to oppress me into doing freaky stuff, hence entirely something I should be sad happens to them as it were. The reality is that I have taken leave of my own life and basically put it away in the freezer as it stands and jumped on theirs and the reason is that the warning I do fancy and get around with women that are older than I am and therefore know everything has not yet made sense to them and how their insults and abuses do affect me – so since I intend to kill them let’s start with exploring what exactly they seem to be angry about as a community of women and then I will think of something further from here as long as I am not disturbed (My Lord The Queen demands your presence on pain of death). In terms of the story of getting along with the U.S. through thick and thin, it is not at all a matter of getting along with the U.S. come what may; it’s the thing about stupid insolent nasty Nationalists who cannot stop following around in that part of the world, even when they complain my books beat them up as it were. In the end the President of the U.S. is the most powerful man in the world, so he supports media and that therefore means that people can throw up temperamental questions into the air and wrack me with it, I mean it’s not just a matter of assuming I buy media equipments so they can talk through to me with it but also the fact the witch next door is what she is because she needs to interrupt the routine daily prayer to make her desire to have sex with me important and with such things ruin my academic work and my projects and my job and does not even have to take responsibility for it while they use my reputation to get famous and rich and then somebody will simply get up and throw up their questions into the air from the white house about things like homosexuality and let the media run with it – of course it will never be tolerated, just like the story of the need for the women side of society and the financial industry to dominate the male side which means I try to get around with them and do not recognise what they think about me is that I should be giving up my life and never living it again therefore so they can use it to trade and make money and do money and get rich and will never stop trying to be friends with them until my case and game is completely over, no idea at all for my part where they got the notion I want to get around with them anyway, it’s simply one of those questions that beat me to it all the time and they can bring the financial industry here if they want so I can rip it up for them: I will never stop hunting them especially at the International Community which is clearly not their personal and private property. They have been warned about this issue before, they have complained about its state of affairs before; those who have offices that are split between state service and religious service and have a thing for making sure people live the way they want them to, find it really difficult to tolerate well to do privileged coward freedom freaks like them but they get on my case because they want to find out what will happen if they do and certainly will too. It is still continuing and they might want to refrain from changing my story for me whenever I talk about it.