So I hear that I say everything and do everything by mentioning something about my Books which impedes my success, it is not actually accurate; what happens is that I have a busy schedule and make time to allow a bit of my Business take some space, this is what Media idiots damage because they are maintaining the version of Me they have made up which Community croons follow up with tales of my personality being a function of how I sleep with peoples wives of which when I see the wives that want to sleep with me I refuse to share some sex and so the immorality and evil and Satanism of wrecking my finances to make me have sex before I earn a living runs along these lines all day long and when they are asked why they are doing it find all these lies to tell which does further damage. So that especially for the Politicians, if the Books I write since I make the peace and quiet around my person and this Office for their convenience and self seeking as far as they are concerned, is not part of their mental state, then things will never get done as there is no other way of making sure those lies they tell such as my Christian personality being a function of sex with peoples wives will never get stuck up on their throats, hence the reasons I do it. The Media ones however the Books now being part of their thought process all together which is a start, know that the made up version of me will never become the real Me but they will continue to rip up my finances and business in order to nurse the hope. I have never for my part thought it is a problem, just that it is very frustrating for every little time I make to sell my Books to be taken up in such ways all of the time: and so am I aware of the question of why it happens which they give various answers for but the real one has always been that they are evil and when it started it was a tale of how I think their master the devil does not know how I am doing my moral stuff while I do it to put some light in their eyes looking for trouble, when I practice it in my personal life and with friends and family that is; which contact with me like these is what Politicians and Media have achieved, talking nonsense to chose my crowd all of the time and so it has now developed into the fights they lost and the fact they want to get me stuck somewhere as the human being they can copy to evolve, which is one of the clearest indications of how useless they are and the reasons they are always getting behind Politicians to throw stones at me rather than get real jobs and why I cannot tolerate any system that supports it. It all happens as a result of the kind of leadership Journalists want to provide in the Local communities – I may meet some poor people that are poor but are happy to rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities that will get on media to keep it wrecked for the rest of my life of course, just like the wealthier ones do it simply because it will make them more powerful and more of the violent bullies that they are but once settled I have to face violence from them and their cronies claiming they fit into suits and have chiselled Jaws and are the Celebrity type while I am actually in a position to steal their Public life and so there is always that question of whether they have been blind and did not see the issues I had to contend with and could not possibly imagine how provocative such behaviour is likely to be; so it is a kind of leadership Media wants to provide and not some public anomaly that those affected cannot make set out plans to deal with. So the vandalism of my Business always starts at around 11.00am everyday – I don’t know why but like to think it is because I am well organised, the finances are therefore affected because they work really hard at it. It seems to be the most important thing; violent bachelors Club and the social leadership of Media and I must consider their physique and physical endowments and let them have what they want, lest they add the tricks they play to get away with things to their muscles and I shall never have survived – yet they need the ;Politicians to add to their Media as well due to how my own tricks tends to be completely overwhelming and some of them will then go the extra mile and suggest why the Nazis lasted as long as they did, which was because of the tricks they played to win their battles and that I have to consider the tricks I see will be deployed and where I thought I would win will I fail and this is where I usually need them out of my space.

I do not think it is a do or die affair; they simply love to pretend they are the only ones that have things they hate even when they cannot work out why some people are on the left hand side of life all together – then there is the Labour Party that makes it really personal and behaves as though it is peoples God given right to lay claims to where I had my childhood and friends and where I had my personal development etc by having some form of relationship with my Mother so she can stop me from doing things while they screw around with me as intensely as possible. In the same way they speak of how I lose every Woman I love whereas what really happens is that Women get involved with me and then go after not the guy whose life is about selling things and behaves very flamboyantly all of the time to a point where some construe it a social problem who is obviously below the Guy who creates things that he can sell in terms of social position, what they do is go after the ones that are mad about showbiz and as a result my ego can never get pricked. I for my part take responsibility for being shut down emotionally for too long as well which has led to this point where I am always below my real person and unable to fight and also having throngs of people pull me out of it all day long but I do not see myself risking anything over men at showbiz chasing women I love, it does not make any sense; I mean I am not in any way referring to anybody in particular as such, it’s just what Women do all the time, then claim I will ignore all the advances and end up with none at the end but I have no idea if I am supposed to chase Men at showbiz to have a Woman in my life anyway, it’s a social status matter all together.

We are apparently always left in no doubt all day long, that the meaning of existence for them is to fabricate and run this structure of society where people are responsible for other peoples actions; they do like to claim the greatest prize is civil rights self improvements they can extricate with their Media from Peoples personal and public lives but I do rather enjoy pushing it to a point where conflict is a possibility, then diffuse it and start them all over again, the pain of which means people cannot get famous, leaving me only with the problem of Celebrated idiots that simply cannot keep their hands off my Royal Estate and the public life and especially my income.


Of course my position on Celebrities is not in any way confusing; the destruction and vandalism they have wrought along with their Fans was actually supposed to build up to a point where Celeb stuff was over and Business Tycoon stuff began-method for handling them thus chosen has been accurate. The reality missed here is that this case actually developed from a form of socially organized sexual abuse, where I have to be made to have Sex outside of Marriage simply because I am a Christian otherwise 15 years of Cash flow crisis and unemployment would only be the start of my problems-it has now developed into a daily need to get on Media to scoop My Booksales income and each time set it at their attention how much they love to scoop it and why they can get it by getting a copy of my Book, what comes of it every Tim is an outright violent battle that they can obviously win. My main concern at this stage is that they can only handle my person and public life if I had signed permission or I will stop it the way I know how.

I hear that my big problem is that I am detached from my own culture which allows me a disposition where I have respect for nobody and hence the sense that I am conquer anything. The reality of course is that I always completely bemused by this sense people have of a need for expressive vanity where they are twice the size of others and when people mess with them had better been thankful for what they will get, the problem being of course that they chose very carefully each time they want somebody to exist at the receiving end of it the last time we checked. It is usually the point where it is said that I need to show all my hate and get it off my chest, which is utter nonsense as I hate nothing and love nothing; the problem has always been that their lifestyles do not appeal to me: - the ones on the right have families, so what it does is get involved with my Business and ensure I have no control whatsoever, turn my tummy upside down and start a fight, while the ones on the left always have money and its purpose is to rip up my finances and suck up to celebrities that will keep it damaged forever and if I see any of it I will cut it up as well considering it is nice to people, just has no plans to be nice to me at any point whatsoever. The sport that these guys enjoy more than any other is apparently the one about ripping up my asset base, because it has the effect where I run off to the market to secure some missed opportunity, only to find that it will stay missed because the asset base from which I am trying to trade has been completely destroyed and then because I am unhappy about it start a story of how it is said I am The Queen Champion but have done nothing to prove it, which needs to chose peoples criminal records and violent crowds women tend to take over from them all the time and we all know when I am involved as well Women will tend to take over the jobs too. it is not a do or die affair as such, their whole lives seems to be developed around barging into people’s concerns to make people deals; they make me deals and rip up things, their celebrities do the same and their Media does the same and I am left wondering who the hell they think they are too; I am not in any way behind them and will therefore stay there permanently, they are just winding me up knowing I do enjoy shutting down their asset base too. Top of the list of my tool for doing this is the distraction bit, since if they are prepared to spend up to ten hours of a day around my concerns messing things up, I find it impossible to locate how they intend to run a business Empire that gets to their head so much – so the distraction for now is having the same effect as most of the other tools i.e. getting them running off to the White House for help all the time with a serious hate for me – after all they are better human beings than I am but we all know they could always express it in other ways save getting into my personal space to mess up my tummy and extricate sensations of convenience which bring about fame and fortune – so this matter would not exist if they do get to keep their hands to themselves. So it is all together so that we might not have to do anything properly in these parts of the World – so I win again. They do say I am a mad crazy killer bull disguised as a Cock for a Cock fight that means nothing gets done properly as well but I already know that, they are the ones who enjoy dragging me out of my closet all of the time because it is shameful, while making an exhibition of themselves because progress is the same thing as crime as far as they are concerned – I understand this was meant to be insulting and in like manner they need to recognise that I have been paying attention to becoming an enemy of celebrity fans as well since they cannot keep their hands off people’s property and cannot return what they handle the way they found it and cannot stop telling lies.

Key issue being that I have suggested that racism is a myth numerous times; but we all know that apart from a White Persons assumed right to deploy the personality by which a Publicly seen existence of a none white Person, to get comfortable financially, there is no other item left in the features of racism – so when mentioning this reality leads to an outcome where a none white person that dares to gets their lives ripped up by their own kind and it was the sort where they go into education establishments to get qualifications and return to popular culture to teach certain people lessons about how much they hate doing any kind of work for Money, it is really impossible to locate what it is exactly those who make an exhibition of themselves have defined as racism apart from these; so racism therefore cannot possibly be a practice which White People only engage in and if so, racism is a Myth. I would have been said to live in denial for mentioning this as I make out activities that are clearly defined as racist do not really exist and practiced exclusively by White people but if that is referring to a matter of my incessant need to pioneer something and court fundamental and cultural wickedness in my direction for it, then racism is largely a matter of what those who practice it see and know which is then a function of close Friends and Family behaviour and we all know those who deride racism the most, use this disposition as an asset the most all together, so if they are saying it is not restricted to the White race and we can see that to be true then it is impossible to figure out what is racism of which current behaviour is not it. In the end I am usually derided because others should know about my income better than I should on account they have needs, on two fronts and one of them is that I have no respect whatsoever for what people have clearly informed me they do not appreciate, while the other is that I should have written these kinds of facts in my Books if I was ever interested in being successful, which both insults are clearly not racist and I have ever had one practiced thus by a White Person as it were all together: in terms of the former of which if what people inform me they do not appreciate is a process of working for their money, then it takes the insults of their profitability of violence to another level that is actually criminal and although I am not a Police Officer, it is therefore none of my Business and they need to listen to what I am saying to them as well – the profitability of violence based on crimes that will not be deliberated upon in Law Court if anything happened to me for daring to have what they do not when they are the superior ones that is; whereby my existence pricks their feelings and they wish to conduct a practice of intolerance thereof as a result of their Media people who want to deploy my personality to be comfortable being resisted and then taking steps to build it up an ensure it ends up in the hands of their culture and society, so that it can be deployed by everybody and they might do so at a later date when it is safe. In terms of the latter however, these kinds of facts cannot end up in Books that are written packed Equity from an Intellectual Property Administration business and we all know they are complaining due to their insults of barging into my life to make me deals as it stands.

am aware it is said I never acknowledge the dangers I face as a result of activities; I can understand the dangers story however which I have been facing all my life as a result of my morals being about good behaviour which makes me vulnerable to people who have needs but then again the dangers I must get out of bed to accept I am facing on a daily basis amounts to another story all together; a question of why they are so insulting and whether or not it tends to make them important when they are actually not. I mean these are people that are so evil that there is no good or moral aspect of their stupid lives they can fall back on when they come across an emotional crisis and need to chose very well therefore whom they routinely decide should end up at the receiving end of their stupidities if such a person is to face dangers everyday; we are not talking about some bad things people do and explain as something done to ensure a harsh world around them does not trample them, we are talking about idiots who shed the morals their parents raised them with like a shirt on locating me and naming me the big one to seek access to my personal life for the purpose of sensations of convenience talking about dangers and it is usually that way before they get the Politicians involved when I handle them as well. Besides which the involvement of the Politicians achieves something as it were, if it is not a process of travelling overseas to seek out problems that are bigger than they are, only to return to the UK to work in the shops and look out for a target hate figure they can feel good with all of the time. The matter has never been a complicated one all together – if I face any dangers at work or as a result of my Books and Royal Estate or this Company we will find out who will die first as it were; it is becoming more of Habit for me as well.

So two cases have arisen today and one of them is that of how I have this massive problem with TV Personalities and the other being that I need to resolve an existing problem with Politicians. In terms of the former however of which the case matter remains that each time I prevent people from developing my Public life on account they need money and do not pick up a copy of my Books the way they like to scoop it as well, telling them so of which always leads to an outright fight and career ripping, what happens is that they ensure my Public life ends up in the hands of those I am supposed to be scared of, to ensure it does not make sense when I remind them they are looking for trouble but cannot actually fight me; they however make this case of how all I do is oppressive but of course like we see that all their power is about other people’s alimentary canal where their disobedience is most powerful, what they do with their time is cause people to complain of something being done to them because those who do is know and understand that they do not have the money or the time to resolve it at the Law Court which will continue until there is a retaliation, so that the perpetrators might become the ones that head up to the Law Courts all together and somebody therefore had to take a stand and tell them to stop or make them, which is what I have done; there is nothing repressive about it, they live in a dream world and all I am saying is that they need to pick up copies of my Books the same way they enjoy scooping my acumen and Public life like an obsession on a daily basis otherwise face a reality where real trouble is coming to them as well; I have been clear I have had enough too thereof. the Politicians on the other hand wish to do nothing else but provide leadership for every goon that wants to be able to take up the effects of this disobedience, in order to do distant sexual abuse that puts a stop to people enjoying a life they have worked for, the reason being that they have no plans to work for their money because it does not tally up with the lifestyle they have chosen and are always showing up at the City centre for it too; of which I believe that if I kept it going like I am at present distracting them from making any of that money which when they do have any constitutes one of my biggest problems, this condition might just end up becoming a permanent feature of their stupid lives – as it is never clear why people expect profits to turn up on their Tables magically when they have not been doing any work at the Offices of their businesses they use for only the purpose of making trouble for others, first of all if the money was so important and then also if they are aware they have just come through a recession. I hear that I say such things because I am not keeping up with what they are doing in the City, which is utter nonsense; my actions are said to be repressive because they suppress my income everyday on account they have chosen what they want to work for on and it has nothing to do with how they should be earning their money; hence Politicians have only this one ace up their sleeves of spending tax payer funds on them via crooked means, so they can turn up on Media to have a go at me in order to double and triple it at the markets etc and it will get to a point where I take that away from them as well. Speaking of my activities being repressive of which there is really no such thing; I do not care what these people’s needs are at this stage anymore, what I want to see them do if they are interested in their freedom, is to stay off my case and restore my finances the way they found it or leave me alone to do it myself, as there is no way in hell that they will deploy that stupid money as leverage on Media by which they can become more important than I am if they have a bit of practice – as for me being clear on one hand and being forthcoming with these matters on the other; in terms of being clear, it is always a case of how these people cannot stop telling lies, especially ones about how those who want to share other people’s property in a condition where they did not ask are exercising rights whereas everybody knows that the fuss they make of it right up to National level will have made them inferior all together because it is all about how somebody else has something they don’t, which we always see them follow on with a story of how that will not be the case when the powers of the crowd is on their side – it is usually the stage where they tell me I speak of these matters as though I really can handle them, whereas the reality has always been a simple case of Mr A who has bought a BMW saying he will buy a Porsche same time next year depending on how he uses his BMW to make money because it is something others have not got, amounting to theft if somebody does not provide economic leadership, which then makes even more sense of those stupidities we see on Media all day long talking nonsense about having a new Country and how things should be done in a Country and having had not a foggiest clue what they are talking about. As for being forth coming in this matters all together, it is still the only tale of being forth coming when they love telling some much lies and why they need to pick up copies of my Books the way they love to scoop my public life every time I work for it, having not a foggiest clue what it is used for to talk nonsense about oppression when I show them what it is used for and attempt to force them to do with it that for which it was meant, as I have had enough of them as well- need to leave me alone generally. Global wealth has to be account for each time they rip up people’s property in order to make sense of what they have chosen to work on with a process of earning from it thousands if not millions, which we all know is more often than not another human being, it will not do to give some to celebrities to make a show and continue to turn up to abuse and screw up my health with everyday ; these are the things that have become popular from the point of view of the sensible person as well – and they have only just stopped clowning around. They say I cannot stop people from scooping my Public life, which is just fine as we are here having this conversation in the first place because I have successfully taken away completely the aspect where the Celebrity Money puts them in a position where they can hurt people and claim the reason they do not  have to stop doing it is because they do not live that sort of existence and will never understand – so no matter how rich they are, people can still approach them over issues and pain that they can and talk to them about making it stop in a civilised way, since it will never be clear which Planet exactly they were hoping to become more important than other peoples Royal Princes in the first place anyway – except the whole insanity is explained from the point of view of a behaviour put up to cause me the most amount of distress, which should not be rewarding at my Royal Estate and Office too all together.

So I am said to be completely oblivious still to the fact that it is my need to dominate those that are beyond my league which creates the biggest problems I face but I have no idea whom I am dominating around here anyway for my part; what happens is that they are promiscuous people and fundamentally so, hence cannot be changed and there is nothing I can do about that as a person – I am aware of more than they give it credit for, I am aware that I am emotionally shut down because I end up in areas of society I shouldn’t considering this is what Politicians think they should be spending time on, so you never really feel that the people who offend you are people and have offended you because they have made a decision to do so when you live in that state of mind and can therefore hardly fight for anything, it is not to say that they can actually walk all over me, that part is something that will never ever happen anyway. Then there is also the part where I communicate with some women and it makes sense and they with me and it makes sense and there are some that never ever do – which I can always avoid totally and keep out of my concerns if I want to be a happy person but it would have constituted the one where I never reached out to people or became a responsible human being all together; they however carry out their behaviour mostly because they think it is fun to shut down my finances if they claim my reaction is amusing or has a certain effect that is pleasurable; it is not just a matter of how they learn and how that applies to me for instance when people learn and see the world audibly and attack me all the time because the way I look at things interferes with their ability to concentrate eventually leading to an outcome where they ruin my academic work and pass their own and pretend at the end that the part where I have gone off to wait for them at the jobs market as well is the worst I can actually do – so I learn audibly and visually and olfactory and hence find it easy to locate where they are coming from and because my priorities are different, always trying to accommodate them so they can do all the damage they want before I had realised they are a problem – it goes way beyond this to the fact they know their behaviour is harmful but do it because they wish to ensure the problems associated with their bad behaviour which they have decided to label luxury of having somebody that is moral and weak to abuse ends up in my personal life but then again which that is not the only state of their stupidities because they have always been fundamentally promiscuous, so I have no idea what sort of fun that was meant to have been or what indeed brings it on anyway. Hence the reasons we end up with this process where their insults mean I turn their partners over, so he can practice his domestic violence here and on me if he wanted and they then end up with a lot of work to do; it is basically good for those of them that are resort entertainers and advertisement faces and Television personalities and models because those can never ever stop creating these questions of whether my Moral position is what I am really like as a person first of all and cannot keep off socialists because they think they can always manipulate me into doing something about those in order for them to have sensations of convenience but it has become a problem now because they enjoy ripping up my Books and the blacks have joined their ranks too to play up a game of buying a copy and sharing with friends all over the world, in order to show up on Media to express something new all day long. So in the end we hear talk of how I never mention something about the state of global peace, of which the conditions have always remained the same; where we heard the British Prime Minister recently act as though he does not live most of his existence at least within the last five years, where matters are happening and hence some dispassionate figure from a distance has to turn up to explain it for him, claiming the EU fosters Fascism, when we all know the average racist has gotten his confidence boosted on the streets because their Russian Brothers have come to their aid. Which behaviour of the Russian Government has two side all together as well since the Americans will rip up the world before they worked for their own Money 9 years into a recession and recovery process – so it’s the usual two and unless something happens to the ring of power which the ring of power did not intend kind of story; as it stands the Russians hate my Guts and likewise the Americans but their mode of behaviour is wildly different i.e. the Russians are always cracking a British here, while the Americans think they can blow off their ‘Mother fucking’ big mouth at anybody without consequences: in the end I am a Royal Prince but I still keep the social and cultural problems associated with being one outside of peoples personal lives – it’s all very well to say that I take these matters lightly when they are deathly serious but I have always known the black women and their idiots who creep around my personal life are selling my Royal hospitality to get rich and connected and that these idiots need to stop buying things they know are obviously stolen; I am actually as deathly serious as it looks. Both sides of Russians and Americans have the same effect of people i.e. whenever I work to ensure Families are comfortable in their own skin in this Country they turn up to make people deals; you work in a super market but look like a celebrity, so the celebrity bit is mine as I buy this product because I am paying for your maintenance etc and it makes me feel my chest is about to explode all the time, which is why they are both ended up in the State that they find themselves presently as well; need to get off my Books and my income, clear my space and stop being so stupid.


The case of my lack of respect for women at the work place is all very well but if it is not idiots extracting energy from me by making me ill all of the time but then again the things they have done in order to reach this stage is the main problem i.e. if I have  a business in a neighbourhood they live it, it will be distant abuses and destruction and messy fight until it is destroyed – this matter never has a thing to do with Women at work, only to do with the fact if I said it is okay for women to get beaten up sometimes in order to bring them to their senses, it would have been impossible to tell if it is the day the guy that does not handle women beats a woman up, that he is going to kill Her, so what it is really about is the fact feminism does not permit the bloody idiots to behave with others anyway they want, especially when Black. I do not believe the matter of be as overwhelming as they claim, they only said it was a lack of respect for women at work and I believe I have cleared that up too – we all know the prime foundation on which they discuss progress with their children for instance is whether or not the children were famous before they decided to do society a favour by getting into academic work and the jobs market and when they are criminals all together they must have a certain percentage of their family that end up in prisons as a matter of certainty. I for my part still have trouble locating which point my Court was something that then gave way to being surrounded by female thieves, especially the none whites who want connections with Industry and Buckingham Palace from me all day long anyway but then again it is obviously a product of the me that is made up in public places which is also being funded by socialist idiots in parliament that are choosing my crowd. As for the EU and the question of why I never get to the point with respect to what will happen if we get out of the EU, the reality behind that has always been as simple as the fact they think that outside of the EU, we will end up in a Country where Families exist on one hand and their stock markets exist on the other and the prime Minister spear heads a harvest but at present their whole lives are about showing up on my concerns to wind me up about celebrity and make me deals because of what I have done to them and we all know the only way this game can ever pay off is if their need to damage all the things concerned with the fact I built a business but now need to stay off it and sell its products aka my Asset base, goes into overdrive and we all know there is nothing preventing me from walking into the stock markets to cut up their own as well, so this is really a very dangerous game and a very dangerous direction for the Country all together; I can understand if I have caviar for breakfast all the time I would assume when I sit on my pouch in the morning sun reading the news paper, preferably The Financial times and looking like I am a young rising star at the markets, profits will roll in from the Royal Estate off an Arch Prince, so it is very stupid – as it stands, I now have to take out an extra job to pay my way because I am not selling my Books like I should, while they think their behaviour constitutes control or fun, either two of which they actually do not have. The part about how nothing I do has an effect is all nonsense of course; the reality is that apart from the fact they are still staging Public Media recovery from the last time I turned them over which was in 2003 to this day, it is becoming more obvious how I run my private equity intellectual property Administration business, which is concerned with giving businesses and companies creative and creativity asset equity which I have built and making sure it is secure at the open market, as well as Administrating Intellectual property of the Crown which concerns the part where these guys do get jobs from Companies where the owners know them well and charge them with the duty to make advertisement and control social behaviour that people exhibit when they buy products, especially the prestige and very expensive ones and so this is what they do i.e. Mr Family Man bought a Bentley and is knocking everybody down with it, so based on the last advert I made with that really bad girl appearing on it while I am flamboyant guy, I shall now start my own vanity too and so it prevents people from behaving badly with products but whilst they are at the centre and doing these kinds of jobs, they still want us to have a view of terrorists that suggests something other than the fact we have had our lives, especially the diplomatic frontiers all ripped up by people beheading and murdering people all over the place, at the end of which they turn out on public places to exhibit themselves pretending their behaviour is what our lives have become; hence when they decide the purpose of stock market is families on one end while they have a healthy picking on the other so they might not work for their money, they had better gotten the Prime Minister active then because it is a dangerous path for the Country that they have chosen as well.  It’s like the migrant crisis where they say I refuse to acknowledge how much terrorists work with it on one hand while on the other claim I talk about terrorists but can do nothing about it, all the while of which they cannot understand why the Police might be nice to a Celebrity that has committed a crime but just turn out to shoot them, since the Police normally love useless people all together as it were – the one where they finger your bum and you think they are going to grab your Public life and get rich but they get your attention and draw that of the crowd around them to shut down left hand side and right hand side but those of them who become celebrities return with the money to make a sustainable fame and fortune career out of your life all together for instance. In terms of the former issue of which being a Middle East War fleeing Migrant is like living in a very bad neighbourhood and they are starting to find out what their silly behaviour feels like when those who are always keeping an eye out for inspiration and ideas want it badly, just like they hate the EU migrants as well, both conditions of which are where Terrorists who want lawless areas where lots of people exist in order to secure recruits might want to work and as for the matter of talking like I can handle Terrorists however, it is an old story of how I do not work for them since it is obvious if I did sell Terrorism for a living they will not buy either since having power over me would have become far more important. The Politicians have already begun to claim these are clear signs that if the Royals are not treated as badly as I am, they do not come up with the goods but that leads down the path to the source of all their problems in the first place all together i.e. they will not stop running the campaign they spend all their time one which leads to an outcome whereby they are not doing their jobs, involving a process where if they did catalogue all the history and culture of the Country the Monarchy would no longer be needed and then they could have a republic, forgetting their jobs are not getting done as well and that with my involvement a process where the Royals took that over as well and polished it into Royal work would not take Months but days or even a few weeks at the very most; so it leads back down to the exercise of power and the work done to legitimise it through Authority and the People it affects – in their case the Monarchy has not become more popular, they are simply doing less which is progress from where I am.

It does not mean I am giving it all away to the enemy; I might say that the Monarchy is not becoming more popular but Politicians not doing their jobs a Millions times, just like the part where the Labour Party spends tax payer funds on celebrities and names it progress while the Tories turn out to show City Centre goons the road to family coffers is the direction to which these goons will have any conversation if they step out of the Parliament shop floor, which shows that what is crooked cannot be made straight, they will still go back to do exactly the same things they have heard me mention, in order to invent tricks and lies by which to get away with it all together; so the main issue is still that the Monarchy has not become more popular, it is the politicians that are not doing enough – to be held onto in case it starts to get bad, since it was common sense that Government is dangerous stuff on account you are in a battle without weapons for your part and for the part of those who follow, things are basically a function of human behaviour which is sweetest a trapping of power when you show them what s possible in terms of behaviour all together as well; it is apt therefore that they regularly tell me I am not innocent in the matter as well.  They do say I cannot justify what I have done but I can perfectly too as it were; it’s the one where people have been so enthusiastic for decades to go into Government Office to administratively protect a process where their followers want to set out an original provocation in people’s lives by which their victims will react and create a condition by which they get redress at the Law – claiming that those who do it, do so because they are better human beings than their victims; no reason anybody would go into Administrative Office to protect it, none whatsoever and we are not discussing the financial destruction like they can give to the frugal by which they made the prognosis possible in the first place – I can justify it as it were. They do say its black people goading me into all I do, which is utter nonsense – black people believe what they want and it does not concern me what they do as well; in the end I obviously know more than the Politicians and Business goons do, which is why they are spending so much money on celebrities and popular culture idiots these days to pretend nothing I say has an effect while I need to finish protecting my asset base so I can create good feeling parties that will facilitate environment for customers: - in the end if I advised them to stop making a mess of the social and cultural problems associated with me being black and Royalty, while making sure the ones associated with their positions and businesses are ending up in my personal life in order for them to grab my income and help their Children to superiority over me that works only on Media, they would never have taken such an advice. They now want to hold me to the promise I have made to keep social and cultural issues associated with my position only in my life but of course I had mentioned before that racism is a myth as well so it is all very tempting for me too; the business ones are always really fond of supporting what their media and advertisement idiots do with my Royal Equity assets and then get off on Media to tell me I have handled the jobs and when given to me will be completely unable to do it, which works wonders for my client bidding and means that if they have a lot of money they do wish to spend some on Celebrities and Media fools – these are the Politicians wanting more than they have already seen. It’s like the old tale of claims I complain about an original provocation they go into government office to protect but still have not changed the behaviour of knowing better than elected authority but then again nothing has changed either of publicly funding celebrities or indeed showing City centre and stock market goons the route to family coffers while offering them Cabinet Office support and showing them they do not have to work their way out of a recession in that way. These are the things I finish off with to turn out and see people I am completely certain should not be allowed to enjoy financial success or comforts seeing it is bad for any kind of income, as it is a viable alternative to adopting a position that says Women should face violence on a regular basis to bring them to their senses over peoples income and businesses, and it would be a black person, preferably female. There is nothing confusing about where the Conservative Party stand for and what it is saying as such, if Politics matters are to be considered in their own merit; where they stand it seems remains the same as ever i.e. one moment they support Families and the next they support City Centre goons having unfettered access to family coffers, I am just somebody they have pushed right up to a point where I have had enough of them, so they need to know that they are required to keep off my Books and stave popular culture away from me as I do not like it at all, the story of my tummy never doing what I want of which is never going to last forever anyway, unless they keep these behaviour up in order to make that the case. As for Labour; it will always be an old case of people seeing they are homosexuals but turn out to fight a Christian for attention he gets because he is moral in the most abusive manner imaginable and when done, ripping up everything tell tales of how it happens because they are powerful, which they can blab enough times if they want as well; all I can say is that I do not like popular culture and this is not their lives, I want them out of it and as for the story of doing business the lower class way and being proud of it however, I do wish that happened years before now and then they will be clowns forever.

As for the story about how I am always getting into trouble because I cannot protect myself, there is no such thing, they love to provoke me because it means they can decide what o do with my feelings, I love to stress myself to the limit because I have clearly devised places where my stress ends up if I want to shut down and be a person; what they do however is then ensure their entire lives are built around my tummy to work their disobedience and is like that when I am at home and they want to watch me on CCTV corrupting my Government provided security or when I am in public transport and they feel like I need to be on the edge every single second and the outcome is always that they do it every time they see me work on something associated with my business, as it is used to show that they are not just keeping the jobs they have but have plans to get rich as well; I have observed that their sense of protection for their jobs are almost super human but when added with the super human need to enjoy ripping up peoples jobs and finances if they think they can beat up such people, it really does not add up; unless you think about the character of people like Jimmy Savile for instance and then it makes sense completely that this is what it is all about; it is always the honour and dishonour story, a case of whom my activities honour or dishonour and what punishments can be meted out, while I have this other process of living in this nonsense others have made up because I can switch to the real me and weigh their scales to decide on judgement too. In the end they do all that self preservation because it is important to be able to move between leaders, which is actually painful for those they do not regard with any sense of respect whatsoever and their case here had been well settled with their Politicians being very well informed about what I can do too. it’s a matter of managing those who love what I do and give me support for it and generally the hope that I might be able to concert them and sell my Books and develop other matters concerning my leadership but the way it plays out for instance is that I might have worked for 8 hours but they train their yes on me and watch me when I am done and when I exhale and then they will do something I really hate to insert more thought based problems that will keep me busy even further and then I will have to ask the question of how they are sleeping for the night and how I am to move on and in a couple weeks the Politicians that support them the most will hear of it at Parliament as well and it will go on and on and on. So they have told their tales to detach me from a Royal Office for years, its only responsibility and nothing as serious as the Politicians involve themselves and make out to leave people thinking I suffer a very difficult existence that is hardly befitting of Royalty. They do say I have a difficult existence never the less which is not really true; I was supposed to complete academic work by 2008 which project failed and so I had to start the business without the academics and have been doing everything manually and painfully up to this stage; so it’s as I said, when I am done with client bidding issues and with matters of the social and cultural problems of other peoples existence and end up turning around to find myself damaging it because an idiot preferably black and female is taking away my breath and fingering my bum behind me, it leads to a process where those who are deemed to be destructive for peoples finances and should never become financially comfortable being clearly set out until it becomes a sub culture; personally I would like to think it is a behaviour and that people do change behaviours before the bad things happen; it’s not difficulty that can likely end up in a this is my life diary Book, just like the story of how my position is compromising for everything whereas the negro thieves that want to hide behind me to whispers all sorts of nonsense and try their hands on determining what I think was put there by those who complain about it the most leaving me with no idea what to do to get about knowing everything of it in order to make them feel sensations of convenience that they so desperately seek – it’s the greed stuff paying off. So they say I behave the way I do because firstly there is an obvious question mark over all I do which is the best indication that it is disrespectful but of course we all know what happens with their question mark is largely and mostly the part where one moment they have families full of large children that can commit crimes and it is a big responsibility that others must show regard for and then the next you need to let them have what they want from you lest a very bad thing happens to you and it goes right up to insults concerning the part where people I have never seen and never met and whose names I have never come across creating subliminal Public fuss that results in open secret stalking of a violent kind on account I have turned out in a local community to show a lack of respect for those that were there before me, on account they need money and sensations of convenience of which considering their talk of honour and dishonour endlessly I would never know what they think is the person that is getting dishonoured at such a point for my part anyway – all I know is that they were never going to get away with these things and it’s not like there is anything they can do about me either for my part too in the circumstances. We live in the west and the number of women who think money is their middle name will never run out, those who hate work but want to earn millions and have large burley criminals that will help them with it will never run out but people play these games and there are people whose reaction to it helps with nepotism that is necessary for their well being all day long. Then we hear them claim I act like I do because I think the UK is a small Country which I hear them say all the time but of course the reality is that when I see a designer showroom for example, it is all shinny and in my face but tends to leave me with a heightened state of things because I see the world with my eyes and ears and nose very intensely but if I see a 3 million pound home, what I will see will be the building blocks still showing, if it is not an eccentric arrangement, and to add to which the owner can tell me to shove off, if he does not want me looking at it, so the way it is done is very clearly set out –these goons have never been British, they have only loved really, really, really screwing with people. I understand that I am supposed to run my affairs the conventional way of doing it but at the moment we do not live in an ideal world; its stable for now but the President that wants to go down in History as the one that hated the British the most and had the guts to show it is still in Office, all good down Africa and Middle East but it does raise questions of whether small American Countries that depend on Tourism will now follow on their businesses at the Americas with a get together to rule Britannia story we have been hearing rumours of recently all together; much the same story with my faith for instance, where the problem with them is that their disobedience is legendary – when told for instance not to wear just about anything to Church it never works, same with when told they cannot serve God with what belongs to the devil or peddle the Gospel; they always come up with alternative stories of which part God is really interested in until the homosexuality starts to chase you around and not them because they are probably immune. It does not mean I do not get along with homosexuals I do but it is simply not something I would allow in Church and I certainly would not suggest that a homosexual should end up in Church just long enough for them to repent and change on account there are stories about inclusion which the Faith preaches as well as the ones about repentance which it also preaches; these would have been my own dualities at work and not their own and their salvation is entirely rather up to them. Just like this case of an obsession people have with stopping some people spreading the gospel in order to get on Media and build up some other explanation for their personality, then follow it up with local community croon abuses and the kind of leadership perverted journalists want to provide in society for instance – it does not have to be a Christian case alone for it to be deeply hurtful behaviour for others, so it is still me preaching the gospel and sometimes does get to a stage where I watch Pornography because it is easier to than to open my criminology and sociology text etc, and do so to a point where the problems start to come home to roost at Government Office and Media for them; since there is no way they can tell me to act as though prostitution is bad while they are doing these things – it’s just too much, too much of them exchanging something good for an evil thing and then hurting people to take the good in peoples lives from them; the first thing they usually give away is the health and the first evil they usually get in return is insanity and the rest will follow and make history: I have in particular been thinking about getting all set up and running this Firm to recover all the losses that have been caused me by the Labour Party, right down to my Evil Mother who works closest with them to make it operable but it seems that the best way to make things operable will be to make the Environment comfortable as I would have to consider matters of diversity as I proceed into the future.