So I am now said to be engaging in some almighty war on women; I could never make it out anyway, all I know is that there isn’t one yet but what there is, is a process where people think about damaging the part of me that has to do with going to the toilet and that is because for years they have had no rest until Christian is having sex and getting corrupted and so this is the part where they are simply losing their temper and patience and I am tired as well of thinking about their cunts all day long with that stupid Irish, American, German and Dutch and African based republicanism of which it is the cultural evil in it that determines whether or not people can keep what they already own all the time and talks nonsense about being celebrated as lucky and I wish to make them understand why their celebrity culture community idiots need to keep off my Books and ensure their fantasy fingers are away from my bum as counted in miles not centimetres otherwise that will soon have become the one that blows up in the faces. I don’t mind the free market incredibly insulting women I cannot handle; those know I want them to stop using my public life and that their politicians understand the importance of the Office here to include preventing them from using a Country they were born into and cannot see how useless they are, to make themselves comfortable when they are 40 on average between them and have been born into a piece of the same Country for that period of time in the first place, besides which their insults are better spent with the men that share homes and beds with them because those have a legal license to do their own as well and it is therefore not as convenient. I cannot keep saying the same thing to the cowardly group of idiots that invent a fight with people and discover they can get out of it easily with knives and guns, the cowardly group of people that do nothing else with their time save stories that build a state of affairs which prepare chosen persons for violence that they run away from and return when they have invented another point at which the person is wrong and they are right, do so things they already have a history of suffering violence from others for doing, all the time and live on the profitability of violence against those they can bully thereof, I cannot keep saying the same things to the same group of people for a decade and a half without consequences, I wouldn’t be human and it simply doesn’t work so they might do my stuff every single moment, complain about me and hate my guts but keep on doing it, to talk nonsense about their perspective on the left that they will never ever have here. It goes without saying it’s a Book buyers access only business and I would like it if all involvement with me stopped and they were no longer seen around my personal space and public life to talk nonsense about my tummy more so all of the time.

It’s not lost in translation all that bulling nonsense being responded to as it were; they have evil powers going on and some devil worship – those who get into government office with it want to set out idiots that want to finger my bum and abuse me sexually all the time for the express purpose of talking about the perspective idiots should be having on the left – for the celebrity ones these kinds of abuse by their popular and celebrity culture community idiots is meant to extricate it from my personal and public life all together and it just doesn’t work to warn a same group of people about a one issue for a decade and  half without consequences and yet they would speak of privileges I enjoy being the problem, of which on one hand we will be dealing with the fact they are richer than me but the story on the other hand is to change to this matter of privileges in just less than 24 Hours and yet every time they complain we hear them complain about stability in their stupid lives. We do hear the tale of somebody else taking up my Royal Estate every time but it never really makes any sense whatsoever since the reality is that I have to get into an Office everyday to face such things but then again at the end of the day it is a common tale which gets told all the time by these goons as such; the trouble maker Royals that like their celebrity nonsense being very likely to behave in such ways naturally therefore thinking their problems cannot be escalated as well until they end up with a society that is getting out of hand and then it turns out it was bad enough they were always going to build that case of getting into a conversation with me that then gets down a crooked path, to a point in which an involvement with them that does not exist becomes a problem, so I had to make that involvement possible to ensure those that are responsible for the mix up are having something to concern themselves with as well. I have made myself clear about celebrities saying what I say or having some of the experience of being me from what I say and do as only I have that right to say or do it on media; they come up all dressed up but are really a hand full of blithering idiots and it will lead to an outcome in which I get out of bed to scan the shops and find out what they have put on their news papers and glossy magazines to start a fight with. We hear I have annihilated black popular culture all over the world but the idiots are still playing games around those they can bully such as myself and will likely cross my case again and find out what I will likely do with whatever is left of it. We all know their disobedience is legendary and that they regularly find peoples possessions that can form the basis by which they get killed for it and I should suppose I am prepared for them too. I do not think it is unusual as such; they do say I am academically a dunce but I wouldn’t  know, we all know the problem that brings this on concerns politicians that visit witchdoctors during election period ending up in the Labour party and other liberalist contraptions, which then also means that they can proceed to play stupid games around me and my faith such as the bubble that exist between their Offices and the prison service and various other perverted nonsense but the part that leads to real problems being the sexual abuse that comes with it and how all I do and even my job is done in a sexual way because I am a Christian that is hated by evil people being forced to have sex and then that is when they end up with complains from which they expect privileges of injustice that they will never get; these their idiots however need to shut their mouths and do the academic work lest they become uneducated fools that would mean we end up with real big problems as a society; we all know for my part if I cut up that stupid clubbing lifestyle they will be really clever after and we all know they claim to have a history of being rapped and abused but nobody knows how they rip up the finances of a Royal Prince because there is a certain manner about their physical appearance which makes people uncomfortable while on the other hand they have always wanted to be celebrities and hence wish to use him as human shield in order to be able to have a public life of their own too that there might be equality. I mean you have to get yourself steep in wickedness and evil culture to a point for that and you have to behave badly to a point thereafter to come up with this sort of nonsense and if I dare say it, all becomes a matter of how useless somebody has to be before they have a bullet in their heads.

They however will say I am all jumpy about a war on women that I am denying but even what I say constitutes war on women – but it doesn’t; these are a gender that are so far off from mine in their orientation and behaviour that no matter what they do with my property I am never lacking the means to go out there and make a minimum wage for myself by which I support myself and speak to others about my products; these other fools are individuals that are  keen on confiscating the market for my products claiming they are taking it where it will work for them depending on their problems and stupidities, so as to have the market and end up with a condition where I will not be getting after the same market because I can work for another one  and that if I don’t the criminals they know will come and get me and it’s the same for their boys and their men as well and that always makes me wonder how they got the access bearing in mind we already have a history where their wickedness and evil in my direction means they hate my guts to a point where they want to see me get beaten up, they want to see me get sexually abused, they want to see me get into public transport and try to sit down only for somebody else to take up my seat while I was unable to do anything about it, want to see me in a fight all day long and it turns out the source of their access is Politicians and Media.  So that these women that are likely to get the criminals they know to have a piece of your own if they are unable to walk into your business to buy a few products and use your intellectual property and personality to make fame and fortune are always likely to come from Ireland or Germany or the US or the Netherlands etc – the men on the other hand are not only in league with the criminals that will come and get you, they behave in a way that makes you want to show you are really keen to ensure that their history is not so ugly that others cannot peddle it as well and then they will hate your guts but keep behaving in the same ways, while society idiots and public transport goons simply want to make you develop a station of hatred for them to match the stupidities they think counts as hate they like o express in your direction claiming you simply look good for it and that they have a need and you cannot tell if they want to kill you and grab the public life all together and then when that is ready and you tend to act on it against them as a community on a regular basis, how useless they really are and how stupid that evil they practice makes them will become clear and obvious to them as well.

They do say I talk well but will say nothing about the damage I do to the lives and businesses of them women but of course I have done no such damage; what they did was get on media and get used to handling my person and my academic work and my professional and public life and my Royal Estate and they have now reached a point where they are used to it, to such an extent they think it belong to them and it has reached that point for me too where I need to put a stop, full stop to it too. Stop the black people and ensure Politicians are unable to use Government property or my Royal Property  to solve problems that are associated with making sure they are following Parliament around but it is the white ones that speak of how I have no idea what I am messing with and it is with them I really need to settle who owns this stuff as it were – so they usually come in two forms and one will have to do with spiritual equality and how the fact there existed a British Empire means I am deluded thinking I am spiritually superior to them but of course I am an Arch Prince and nobody really knows where such nonsense is heading unless we pay attention to their claims they don’t recognise my position, the others being the ones that speak of how black people make trouble alright but it is me they really hate and it is me they want to use to fix those problems  and it creates that sense they need me to have a station developed for the purpose of hatred for society, so that I can stop looking the part of the target for their wickedness and how stupid it makes them might be clear to them as well. They say I speak like that but was the first to make people’s lives uncomfortable but that is largely the same as media and politicians wrecking my finances and giving them access to my possessions so they can get used to handling it in the first place – for them men, I have always told them to get their conveniences from their living room but it does not mean I don’t apply my mind to how people get out of bed and build themselves up to an evil thing to a point where they walk up to somebody smaller in size and get a sense they were comfortable in the persons living room instead of their own from the person anyway or indeed besides the profitability of violence, what it is meant to achieve – this is just the men, for the women however their version of extricating conveniences is the one where even my job and the way I do it is all sex and then the problem they have with my tummy because they want to hear me smell to ensure everybody understands the sense they are making – so I have not damaged anything of theirs yet, it’s all made up and we can see that clearly too when they start to tell me I will need to lean on others but I am currently very selfish and we all know when you do your own life and get women around you in order to be accountable for your activities, the reason that becomes the end of the world is simply that they have vanity – very sailfish and stupid and extremely destructive vanity. So they say I speak of society and the people that want spiritual equality all the time but leave the media out but there is nothing to say about it – not all men want the dignity and strength and perhaps sex later of younger men, people have to understand the nature of the idiots who see you grapple with the above two and corner you at your exist to make boy do things to make a real man feel comfortable; I like to say they fail to see how useless they are and are continually provoking to find somebody that will show them.


Of course I understand it is said I believe it is okay to keep giving away my life in such ways but this is a Book buyers access only business and not a process of giving away my life in the first place – I understand it I said all would have been easily settled if I simply acknowledged that I block peoples exit but I have no idea what that means either for my part; I do not know of any exit I am blocking, they are not Royalty and should not go off to sit somewhere to enjoy the fame of Royalty from my Royal Estate in a condition more so where there is real possibility that they can extricate a process of being better human beings than I am- having  clung to it for 14 years, there is no going back now, it’s mine and quality of life changed here will not suffice. What they usually mean by their exit concerns largely the fact they have silly evil women doing witchcraft in their communities and that they need the left hand side to extricate their freedom but for my part, the last time they taught about that silly background of theirs, they realised they needed to make money by academic means and constant destruction of my property has only created the second time they have had to think about it. As for the Politicians; those need to speak in a way others can hear and others need to be heard by them, so nobody here will have a Royal Estate they deploy to solve their problems each time he is making sure they do not deploy the Country to do so – that will lead to a war on students and middle aged idiots and society all together – people need to be heard in Government and in Business and at the Economy and Industry; what people are saying needs to be heard – don’t know about their case, don’t care what it is and I am perhaps a little bit insane. It is all what I meant earlier on; the media especially sets out people’s property it wants, the decides whom they are supposed to want to beat up because if such people are in pain and they are getting their hands of being such persons for a while it is convenience they can get used to  and then all the media has to do is wait for that to come through and the owner of property they handle to give up; so it only got a beat serious with the prospect of them having their own seriously beaten up as well and I keep saying it is a book buyers access only business here too as it were – because of course they can start and stop when they see they have not yet damaged my academic work and quality of living except that is not what they want to do.

They want to talk about the part where the problem is that I am a no body but the British Monarchy has helped me to a Royal commission thereby making me more important than elected Ministers and the only way to stop this behaviour has of course always been that of stopping them using all things that are an effect of me because it is the only way they can act to ensure this theory has ample physical facts attached. So the part I hear them mumble all the time is the one I fear will lead to some real trouble if they ever mention it i.e. I am being punished for various reasons including my lack of respect for community Fathers and involvement with the Royal Family; I like to think they do not have the guts for it. So we must settle for the part as well where what they do not get to make use of is the means by which to prevent them deploying the Country to fix their problems and always being seen around government building and politics and peoples history and personal lives to that effect and it will not be the one where I was stuck in it and they were able to make use of my Royal Estate either. We are all human beings and it is never clear what kind of perversion leads people to behave in such ways anyway – especially the part where they instruct people to go off and get involved with gangs and criminals first before they chase their academic work knowing perfectly they will later become angry and frustrated because their mates got ahead of them, so they can turn up here to wind me up all the time about those that are greater than them having certain advantages they want to have over me with a big mouth. They need to pipe the insults down, the one about punishment especially for all its worth. It’s not a matter of doing some super charged involvement with Parliament because I am protected by The Queen, it’s just that they say they put up public funds on peoples public lives to help idiots turn up to count pennies until they made millions because the Conservatives are the Party of the Upper Class – they are done now and need to talk and listen to what others are saying to them in the same vein as well not use me or my property or the Country to make themselves feel comfortable around the problems.

So we hear I am required to come up with ideas on what must be done about terrorism, which I was never aware of like that old tale of how I have grabbed other peoples Royal Estate meaning Parliamentary fools will never tire of a certain kind of idiocy i.e. the process of preventing people from using the Country to settle their problems could not possibly have been so complicated as it were. I mean the changing seasons and the topography and the Geography of a place can determine what the physical appearance or even sexual and cultural behaviour of a people is; so when the Politicians want to use the Country to settle their problems, nobody will ever know where they hope to start. It is a pervasiveness that cannot be understood, even though these kinds of stupidities are not alien to the Political arena. In terms of terrorism however they will finger my bum and abuse and insult me until I go get some training and get off to kill some terrorists, so the big idea is that if I survive I will return and be hailed as a hero, whereas the reality is that I will deploy that training at some stage to work out exactly what seems to have been wrong with them in the first place, which does not make it a good idea as it were, when the terrorists beat their own as well; they really do need to tame the insults, it might be an answer to a lot of problems if they did.  The American ones speak of a threat to me they are of course, which is an old story about fingering my bum to make me aware they are attacking white people and Muslims on my behalf and that they intend to attack me later to punish me for my involvement with the Royal family of which me being punished they never have the fucking guts to mention, so we can find out if they are done with their block head children first as well as it were – it’s like Que Sera Sera and they have had their own all figured out this with a big mouth. Stealing money from other peoples Arch Prince and cannot put it where their mouth is and I am not going to have a conversation the next time they all  push their luck at me in such ways too.


We hear of course that it’s a matter of how bad a thing it is for certain Royals to cling to the Country for life as a selected few, without sharing it with anybody especially women and it never ever makes sense unless we are willing to explore the part where they must handle others and get on public places to pass insults that eventually lead to a level of abuse which means that popular culture should become peoples perspective instead of their religious faith for instance and ends with how people are supposed to chose to exist on the right or left or they will get into trouble and we are here facing these complains because they are unable to deal with somebody that is not scared enough to let them have it and the whole prognosis that he is too scared of them to make himself comfortable having therefore crumbled, they have resorted to financial bullying and vandalism , laced with filthy nonsense about sex based disrespect all day long. I do not think it is a crisis, I am an Arch Prince and there is a certain sense of my divinity being provided for and the reality that men were always going to find ways of messing it up with violent problems and wars but they didn’t have to undercut me at the basic of my instincts by damaging my Book sales and I have made it clear to them abundantly that it is a Book buyers only access business of which the Court is female and female of which I chose as well; they will rather prefer to play their stupid games and believe others are supposed to consider the dangers on their behalf – so that it leads to an outcome where for instance I broker equities with a large firm and because a TV idiot was interrupted when he was talking and is so civilised with a big ego, he has to make statements about how he gets harmed with peoples rudeness on account of the fact I have gone and done things he should have been doing since he knows the owners of the Companies Personally and I would never understand why it becomes so important to them at such an extent anyway; all I know is that I would have preferred to pay for the publicity that I wanted as it were and so it becomes the kind of behaviour that is absolutely endemic and yet if they don’t want to be interrupted while they are talking they might as well keep well off my Book sales. It is the kind of nonsense we see practiced all the time as though those male journalists and their TV idiots and girls practice them on have no feelings and cannot possibly have enough of them as well all together. So that we have now ended up with them talking nonsense about resolving problems of poor people; the poor people who on the instructions of their politicians go off to get involved with gangs and crime first before they pay attention to their academic work, which then means that because these fools know they have done a bad thing need to spend all their media time on my personal life and that impacts so much the process where I may act in  ways that allow women who work in the fashion Industry and perhaps gymnast locate where the evils of their society is, especially the ones that do the popular culture evils and fingering peoples bums etc or indeed set out reality that I have put in places structures to control them and they complement me for it means this was the only publicity I had to sell my Books with and it does not jeopardise it in small measures if it can destroy everything all together. So we find them laugh and joke and speak of their problems and I have continued to make it clear this is a Book buyers access only business as it were – I don’t know what their problem is FYI I don’t care what it is and when it is a physical premises they shouldn’t make me regret letting them walk through the door, when it’s the website it will blow up in their faces as a matter of certainty. They do like to think these things are all covered with violent gangs and racists and so on but I suppose it has become common knowledge to all at this point that whenever I want to live in a Country where I can talk and people can talk, I can hear what people are saying and they can hear what I am, I will have it anyway if I must get it out of them.

It’s all like that story of how I do not know what my target audience is hence the problem I have, whereas they have now created a sense of fear associated with me getting involved with my target audience so television idiots can know some owners of large firms and claim I interrupt them when they are speaking on TV because I broker the equities with Firms  that they had failed to, which is a problem that must be corrected – I mean it never belonged to them my case and it never belonged to them my target audience as it were. Then they say the target audience is not something I really can defend because they feel I should sit down with people at a Royal Estate to work out how beautiful it is when in actual fact I for instance for my case should be showing I can spread it all over the world and ensure not a single item of it is lost at the same time which is what I have done so far. The American ones like to say they will hurt people until they eventually hurt me but everybody knows that in order to ensure they don’t use the Country to solve their problems, corruption of the Police by them is absolutely vital and that I am the one that has the support of the Police.

They do say it is my involvement with and a messing around with Media which creates my problems and then spreads it around to affect everybody else but that is not necessarily the case; there is no involvement with the Media on my part, what happens is something they encourage, whereby if I do not get involved with the Media the Media will make up a version of me that I cannot control and then get involved with that and then the involvement will happen anyway, so that I have to prevent involvement with media and involvement of media with the me that the Media made up which I cannot control and then it will be very funny. In their defence they say it is the way I expose myself to the world when I really shouldn’t and it’s like the story of terrorism that I encourage i.e. I am being exposed by Politicians and Media not me doing it – where terrorism is concerned of which their obsession with taking advantage of those who hold positions of authority because they are preoccupied with something else and it will be fun to see they are unable to deal with it all and are running around left and right just to exist, apparently does not encourage every goon that wants a short cut towards being important to do whatever they like and hence the assumption when they had gained access to funding will not become violent if opposed  by those that are affected, it appears to be a fun they cannot give up and reflected on the Media alongside who then tell me that the way they rip up my business and academic work is because I am upsetting a state of affairs that works for the majority which has to do with how friendly the City is, but of course everybody else knows it’s a Book buyers access only business and that they can stop making me chose between that and their corruptibility and loutishness that brings others utter failure, ruin and shame by stopping when they have not yet wrecked my business and academic work, it simply isn’t something that they want to do and they claim it does not support terrorism but that the very idea of a Monarchy that runs a State as private property does. So they will revert like they always do at this point to a story of how I refuse to recognise why these things are being done but I suppose what they are trying to tell me is that they need to ensure their block head children with terrible backgrounds are getting through the education system – of which the exact reasons anyway would want to get educated on my temperaments is not really clear but having ignored that, they still do not have a good reason for ripping up my business and academic work and have no explanation for it and no way of showing where the two activities actually meet with each other, no way of showing what the connection really is; which if I mention will result in them talking about power and that will likely end I suspect, when I get off and build a public life on it as well.  So this is usually the stage where I get told that it is a matter of what I say and where I say it as per whether or not I empower their block heads to be disobedient but these block heads are not any more disobedient than their parents and MPs are anyway; what I want to know is the connection they have established between putting them through the academic system so they can come through and find jobs and have children, then revert to what their parents are and lend their children the same backgrounds to continue the cycle and a process of ripping up my business and academic work to allow media tell me it is because I am trying to be unfriendly in their friendly city, what they have been trying to tell me all along on the other hand is that I am unaware of what my duties are, which isn’t actually true – so here we have it as such. Like the story of how I have the ability to solve the problem with MPs once and for all but continue to think it is a fight I will win but it’s never a fight I will win story; it’s the Book buyers access only business story whereby putting up money of public funds to help idiots to feel good with my public life does not lead to a process where they are more important than I am – so the question is how they are doing it as it were. In terms of being employed by a bad company, I am not; it’s the old story of people taking you on because they think you are the right fit for the Company and then something happens and they have to protect you – in my case it was always going to be that of idiots turning up at the premises to play with security guard and gain fame and fortune as a result and if they were not aware I have created a Face book page to keep them posted on what I have been up to; hence if I leave it will be a result of a leg injury I never knew would affect me at the job when I took it on not some strange inexplicable reason that does not make any sense. As for the history of working for the Firm however, I simply cannot believe that is a point of conversation after all I have said about celebrities turning up around my life over the last couple of weeks – I cannot believe they are actually thinking about it at this stage – I mean I am supposed to keep my SIA Badge and go about distributing my Books and selling it to people if I am unable to stand for long periods of time in order to work as mainstream security guard but if I have a Company or several broker equities on an expensive product and it was all over the Media and the advertisement ran into millions I will have to wait for a celebrity scum to finish up because I have not waited long enough and they are clearly human – I do not believe it has become a topic for conversation but of course if I see one celebrity on my security guard history thing, ripping up the Royal Journal as usual, I will start to run around the shops every week to collect facts on their glossy magazines and it will end really badly very quickly all together.