Of course they say I am unaware my entire literary empire is now at risk from stupid evil women with money madness in mind but it isn’t; it’s the great old story of insolent idiots assessing my earnings potential which is what their Politicians wreck my finances and use the benefit system to work me and spend all the outcome on those who actually really need it and were there first over the poverty line for i.e. idiots from small countries with poor economies and high exchange rates can assess my earnings potential and determine how much I am allowed to earn – so if I can ensure when a Broker creates a £250,000 product, he does not wake to find that there has been a spoof in Africa and the person will then get rich and build his own product, I find it impossible to locate how they have deduced my entire Literary Empire at ground zero is at risk – so we all know where this is heading as it were. I hear of the question of what will become of the history I have created with all those people I met but that will be taken care of – I have my SIA badge and will work Royal Office with it by going about distributing leaflets, however what I really need as such is a process where I get jobs from people who turn out to have had dreams – I mean it is never clear how anybody comes up with such nonsense anyway.

A new ISIL – Turkey route of Crude Oil trading is said to have been discovered recently and it is thus prove I am wrong and others are right – which has no basis on reality too; since the story is based on my lack of respect for those who are actually leaders more so, whereas I have spoken endlessly about why they need to secure conveniences from their own living rooms to avoid trouble, spoken endlessly about my livelihood being a Book buyers access only business and not a convenience offering involvement system  - have made it clear I don’t know what their problem is and really don’t care because it is important for them to speak and listen to what others are saying to them, important to note we actually do not communicate with people in this Country by fingering their bums and the list will drag on if we wanted. So this kind of news does not trouble me at all; it is the Politicians that claim religion is the evil of the world but cannot run a circular society even when you have informed them about how to speak and listen to what others are saying to them as well which is one of the most fundamental importance of recognising society needs to have a circular elements to it in the first place; so that those who claim they have no wish to share the space with others might show themselves as it were. As for the strictly British one; it is an old tale about how a situation of meeting other persons and ending up with conversations about what you studied and what you know rather than what you are capable of, if existing at all may last for only five minutes before it is then replaced by a heightened state of affairs and Celebrity decadence at the discretion of the Politicians.

They speak of my fight with Parliament going all bad and how I will get into trouble at some stage but of course there is no credibility to such nonsense in anyway whatsoever; what they did was impunity beyond reason getting around to involvement with Parents in order to secure mothers that will set out children from them to screw up and build political careers, such as mine; the result was that they built up every single thing I did when I stepped out of my door, from a trip to the Library to a job and then my University study on Media for every idiot in the land at society and culture to get self improvements with and then put up money leverage to allow celebrities do whatever they liked with it and finished off robbing it in my face by ripping up my business and academic work on a daily basis because I am a Christian who get out of bed to make repairs rather than attack the attackers, for the past 14 years, pointing to involvement with Monarchy on my part as the reason, about which it is common knowledge happened at a much later date. So  it’s not a very wise thing to turn up and tell me about a fight with them that will go bad; what they are doing at present is finding out that the stupid money they put up so celebrities can fuck my life all day long everyday was never the cost and that the real cost is the one they are counting at the moment; I need it that way for as long as it is necessary to sell the Books, about which they will tell me I have written rubbish and now am expecting to hold others to ransom until it is sold which is utter nonsense too – human beings would buy and read anything, just to hear what somebody said, what somebody had to say, what somebody’s point of view was, to be enlightened, to find out a fact they did not previously know and the list is practically endless and so would they buy my Books as well if Politicians do not get involved – no point telling me that my involvement with Popular culture creates problems when it is their disobedience that works it all for them all together in the first place, knowing very well that black women for instance never ever give up once they get it into their stupid minds that they want to have sex with certain innocents etc. Thus leading down to this matter of Terrorism and votes in parliament on the 2/12/2015 for Air Strikes against ISIL and what my position is i.e. the great mystery that if Military Personnel Loyal to me were to be conscripted I suppose I am prepared but do not have all the facts on the ground yet and the question is usually how people might tell which ones are Loyal to my Royal order and it should not be difficult if people are not keen on stories about the Princess of York and an American; I am the one with the relationship, he is getting married to her and serves Competition – so there are Military personnel Loyal to Her and to me and I have to find a wife that will serve her a Competition as well, so as to ensure it’s all a closed circle.  As for the story of what terrorism is about; it’s the same old case of dishevelled persons with guns speaking of freedom as a light of all human beings but it is the Politicians that never learn concerning the fact that they will never stop learning and never stop training and never stop improvising at things like flight simulators by which blowing up planes is possible and IEDs by which killing people and Military Vehicles full of personnel is possible etc; they always just prefer to get into parliament and talk off point then climb upon my Book sales and income all day long .it is not to say I think these matters a crisis as such; it’s just that these guys have invented ways of making sure each time they play with me it is excruciatingly painful, hence I need to put a  stop to the access they have and recognising that the society ones and the need to punish and make me wrong so they can punish need to be informed I am unable to have relationships because the women are scared of the behaviour affecting them hence its exit time for them and the celebrity ones of the left need to understand their punishment will never end until they are no longer seen around my Book sales.

Now they say I have created  state of affairs  which say it is okay for people to Threaten Ministers of Parliament but it is utter rubbish; I was under the impression if I got out of my home and saw other persons children and decided to get on media to build up a publicity around when he goes to the Library and when he attends collage and when he attends University wrecking everything for him thereof, just so that I might be able to place leverage public funds somewhere to allow society and cultural idiots to lay claims of ownership to his public life, I would have been encouraging threats against me. Either way they thought the amount of money they had to put up to help celebrities fuck my life everyday was the real cost and it never was, a process where I borrow their National sense of fame and keep it for as long as I need to sell my Books with nobody being able to take it from me until then is the cost they are counting now – they have always wanted to and its 14 years of a daily affair of this kind since they started so far. I don’t need to threaten MPs, it’s just reality they feel I am respectful and when we say there are strange people in Politics, that is none religious people talking – when a Christian like myself measure the teachings of the Bible against the activities of Politicians it is a hysterical eventuality all together; each time they are told not to do these things they make out it is weakness not to and now they think I need to threaten Ministers of Parliament all together when their own is hurting as well. Hence the result is having organised themselves into people that feel like making me do something wrong all the time and then being the ones to punish; so the most recent result of that process of not punishing their own stupid children only is the outcome of that story of Public transport operators knowing which jobs I can and cannot do etc. we always like to think these kinds of nonsense will be dealt with over some years and then things will get better but because they are evil and every scum that wants to make use of me like black people being proud of their son insults and stuff likewise as evil means that you soon find yourself in a race against time to secure funds for your pension and it causes wonder who the fuck they think they are anyway. This is what reality really looks like – I don’t need to threaten them.


It’s like the old tale of racism at work which I face of course but I do not actually know how it works; all I know is that the older men are always really, really messing me up and the females are just really vile in terms of messing me up and getting somebody to have me beaten up and so on; so at the job there is need to resist a process of taking it personally when people speak of their hatred for security guards since such talk has to be because they are brewing the nightmares of every theft and incident that ends up in your history as a result of the line of work , even though they think it is the kind of things they talk about to keep their spirits up perhaps. However in terms of the threatening part which is  being thus described as racism; I wouldn’t know, the racism it might be but the way it works is that the older men are always turning up to mess me up and grab something for their sons and grandsons especially , the older women are always doing it in order to ensure I get seriously beaten up when people see I am weak, so it is perhaps the older generation that got used to racism but I am not facing any dangers because their own is hurting as well, since the reality is still that the biggest problem I have at work in the first place is that they have sons and daughters that have done better than I have, which does nothing to explain the need to steal mine for them all the time but then again there is no hysteria in knowing why most of the people I see work in shops and supermarkets are so destructive and why behave the way we see them do – it’s their background. As a black person it does not bother me a great deal; it seems that when you cannot get bullied by black people, you want to listen to them all the time because it means that people punish only their silly children and not other peoples respectful Christians that appear to be respectful in ways they do not understand but the biggest benefit is that when they want to serve their Politicians as social controllers and work enforcers especially on younger people, they get to use their own initiatives for it – they hate my guts for this and I feel like working on them for money all the time as well, except that their Politicians and celebrities that are something else entirely take up the time. Now I hear I have been pushed over but there is nothing really unfamiliar about society and its need to make you see why they should be able to rip up your life just to ensure that provisionally if they need to, their silly Celebrities can take up your career. I do not have a problem with it but would like to be allowed to concentrate on protecting my possessions from destructive members of the Monarchy unless as indicated by their stupid behaviour that is always more important than getting a day job, so they can realise they need to pay their Bills at an opportune time, they are not done complaining yet and want to educate me about it forcefully. It is not an aspect of my opinion that anything I have said is lost in translation – I am aware the job I have now was designed by Politicians and they are obliged to keep me there in order to keep me off state support, they do like to think it is how they make me let people be but have no wish to stay away from handling me, especially nonsense about where I am supposed to be; so it is only applicable to those that have these kinds of jobs without actually knowing it and if I as much as smell that nonsense about kids on the block beating me up, the powers they have over the neighbourhoods not being respected or acknowledged, they will have started their own fight here as well all together; apparently they are clearly very ambitious but I have no idea what it has to do with me anyway. They do like to claim I started trouble but I have no idea what it means since their wives and kids could beat me up at first and now after years of desperate insults everything I do is sex and now they are in a place where the US cannot help them with that freedom rhetoric anymore if I were to ask them what will happen if they didn’t get to have sex with me as it were; they would do well to take note – nothing I said was lost in translation. They say I am on a path to war which either way is a bad thing but as far as I am concerned it is more of a matter of how much trouble I will get into if Police kills anybody in their neighbourhood and it brings up this sense I need to get Political help to ruin their finances and get about insulting them and finding shortcuts to being important through their stupid lives until I had destroyed everything like they have mine as we do see them communicate with others in an honest way and have seen then give to the frugal in the past and after that we can ask Police to please kill somebody in their neighbourhoods so we can find out what it is exactly they can do. Mostly however I think I am clear about the fact any smell of kids that will beat me up around the block will see me ask them one more question about my literary Empire and when they will get the fuck off it and that will be the start of whatever it is as well – I don’t care what their complains are, they were pre warned we Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and that it is perverted for them to organise themselves and move into mine as a community; now they are always angry as well and such a result was easily foreseen too. I do not know about and do not care about whatever it is that bothers them, all I know is that any behaviour is going to affect my Book sales and that is going to be a bit of a problem. Everybody has their own limit to how much of idiots seeking a short cut to being important which was the answer to everything; they do like to make out they handle you when you don’t know who they are all the time and find ways of putting your possessions where you cannot reach it in order to make out competition is about fingering peoples bum because it causes them to make a mess of themselves in the company of the great and good leaving their careers for self preservation idiots to progress with but it is all going to affect my Book sales and they have been warned about that bit many times; threats of the Streets being unsafe for me because they have power in it will be the start of whatever it is there will be – I don’t care if they want to name it a war anyway. I don’t care what I have done to their cultures and societies, it’s not like they have learned they need to keep off my property anyway; they were pre warned Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and that it is perverted for them to move into other peoples own, let alone get politicians and celebrities to rip up the lives of those over whom they cannot prevail so they can simulate the feeling of having done so through years of abuse and bullying that the person suffers. I mean it has no purpose whatsoever, only the ones I give through fear and Politicians give through some vain power they want to express over me that I am slowing getting into a position to see the end of as well. It’s just a load of nonsense from an idiot that came from government building to exercise a certain amount of power over me and it has taken up 15 years of my time and ripped up everything and we all know they are human beings with brains and can think and can stop when they have not yet ripped up my academic work – so it beats me it has lasted this long and their obsession with my Book sales beats me as well. They love to provide this excuse that it’s about poverty and a process of making those that can deal with the problem stop being selfish but they also know I was not a child with memories I can grow out of when they decided to go along with the instruction of a Politician than told them to get involved with gangs and violence first before doing their academic work and jobs, which they will be selecting hate figures and those that need to be detached from the great and good so others can get connected as well and that is why their lives are built around the need to handle people’s property and have it in places where the owners cannot get it while they can and ensure thereafter competition is about fingering bums; if they threaten me, they will have a different result from the one their stupid minds have imagined and I can promise and guarantee that too. they can stop doing that to me when they have seen they have not yet done lasting damage to such things as my academic work for instance, (they do speak of how I pretend I don’t know why they do it whereas I never pretended any such thing; the reason is that they are pure evil and I am not and they got seriously beaten and it got from the evil that complains to Politicians about a Christian that is not going out there to have sex and therefore shinning that his light in their eyes, of a Christian that is so moral and does not let up his morality in anyway grabbing attention and making them into bad people because nobody will believe any other side of them exists etc to what it is today which has to do with Politicians and Celebrities helping them kill off my finances as they talk nonsense all the time about how I wanted to use my own to do it and therefore will and that sense total strangers can turn up and handle you is what I am talking about here; if I do not see them anywhere near my Book sales anymore their Satanism would have meant we have no matters to answer here, otherwise I am sure they can ask themselves too much off of their stupidities and a need to find short cuts to being important around here they actually think others can tolerate and for how long – it is the reason The Queen trusts me so much; as I do have a sturdy hand and can lock it up so they can gain access and use somewhere in hell) they can stop doing it, especially for the Politicians and Media goons in whose interest these scumbags should not exist, when they still have fundamentalisms that offer positive arguments for the reasons people shouldn’t behave in such ways, it isn’t something they want to do because they think they are my personal Gods and this is how it is going to be. I mean ranging from Jobs to Family life for instance; they think I occupy the Office of an Arch Prince to run Morality for the populous so they can get corrupt with it – so things such as the fact acting in immoral ways will rob you of an opportunity to win a majority and therefore a job is slowly being torn down, they claim they have found a big one that should be killed off for everybody and I would like it if they are not found around my Job and Book sales and try not to handle me, like they think they have gotten used to doing currently; I mean whatever on earth talks like that – ‘they have done your stuff, you think the greater power does not know what you are doing but it does, you pretend you have the power but you don’t’ – causes wonder which one is this greater power anyway, perhaps it’s the devil and he expected me to use my own to do it as it were; I would love to see them cease to turn up around my Books especially for the African and American ones and the Europeans wanting some of mine all the time with a need to discard old wickedness and measure out new ones with my life all the time and I would love to plead with them to stop handle me (idiots); they cannot even do the where it started bit, I now have to intervene on both our behalf. Anybody would lose his temper if somebody else got off to ruin his Art everyday for a decade and a half because he feels he would have made a lot of progress with his ambition to be important if he was able to have some form of power of somebody else – it is incredibly annoying and I do wish the Politicians will stop having such fun, otherwise accept putting up money for celebrities to mess up my life with will not amount to the real cost of these games. In terms of my problem with Royal Family members, it’s an old tale of the idea I serve every single thing that moves when I only serve The Queen and it goes as high as it goes that I cannot be seen allowing others to mess up my own for me; I am quite happy for persons to take my enemies away from me and put it in their lives like that but I have to stop and think about it sometimes and by the way of which the Politicians will say I appear to want to work with Celebrities whereas I don’t – if I got rid of the Celebrities it usually takes years at any given time and they never ever come anywhere close to what the Celebrities do for me anyway and then it all makes sense at the Bank balance. It has never really been a complicated matter as such; an old tale of keeping Europeans off my Empire and its Markets, British Off my Public life, Africans off my Money, Americans off my Personality etc – so a few of these groups are a bit of a trend, like the Europeans who find me tightening their tummy when they should be tightening mine and using any process where they smell anything as an auspice for racial violence and the Africans and black people I find myself listening to all the time because it is impossible to get bullied by them – so it’s always been a simple case of people not doing things to me if they know it will affect my Books and yes they do say I pretend I am the innocent party but if I get that culture and society and civil rights again, I will cut it up again; it does not make any sense whatsoever and is really stupid. I mean the most annoying thing about the Politicians is that they love those in vented and inventive distances all together but at the end of the day the cleverest thing she can ever done in her life can easily be when she carries her Hand bag and goes shopping – so that she will see you write your Books and turn up to stand on the market seeking conveniences with those insults that suggest you have such a good temperament you will never have reacted no matter how much she hits you, without taking into account you might also think she is so stupid you can do whatever you like with her and she would never have noticed; complaining about how goons can do whatever they do all day long without end and without fail and yet continue exactly the same way the day after but ask her about those we need to exclude from services and leisure in a fundamental way and where she thinks the confrontation about your hatred of the powers of the House of Commons becomes relevant to the conversation will have completely beaten you and I want them to leave me alone as it were. The blacks do like their civil rights routine since I am black as it were; it generally means that they have to let people rob me and then they can rob me more than other have because they are my brothers and sisters and are punishing me for being selfish – as it supports the theoretical side of the powers of their stupidities. They do say I am completely unaware that nobody has ever brought them as much carnage in their lives as I have; but that is precisely the point – they need to leave me alone and stop handling me like handling peoples princes and whacking them over the head and sharing the feeling and all that nonsense – they like to think they understand what the cost is or that I need the help of the entire British Government to protect myself from them. These are not complicated matters and there is no point anybody fearing they will continue for eternity or something like that; I mean an example is a process where I do not wish to speak to anybody but people turn up to speak to me in order to kill off their sense of inequality but when they do, they talk only from an angle all the time and it’s a bit violent for me that these can be Middle Aged people who have not got a foggiest clue what the problems women face are and hence a relationship or conversation that is doomed right from the start, whereby if I keep it all professional they start to behave as though that is going to be a problem and then the ones on the left adopt the disposition of a society that emerges from female behaviour all together and it’s all about money and the story therefore remains the same i.e. if it is going to affect my Books, doing it is asking for trouble and if I get that evil culture and society, I will cut it up again and start the whole process of what they hate about me from scratch all over again. There is nothing as complicated about completing a Legal Degree and working on my Commission with my Books out on the Market and any Government Liaison that might be interested in my cause especially from the House of Lords – I fail to see which pat encourages that level of involvement and even destruction all together. So it is depressing and I am lending them some of it too; considering more so that the fact it is their greatest asset when it comes to tools that can be used to put a stop to me each time there is money I own or food I have and somebody else needs it all etc – clear indications as such of the purpose of all that self preservation; so that they do say I am completely incapable of dealing with my problems now due to being tired and used up and played out etc and it is utter nonsense too; what happens is that people seem to need some education from property owners when they are being attacked by idiots who have spent all of their own time practicing some extreme and probably violent form of self preservation which of course was supposed to have led to such an outcome in the first place all together – so it’s simple; if it is going to affect my Books, those who proceed still are looking for trouble and will find it too: the first history was the one about the Christian driving them into a corner and cutting up everything concerning their evil cultures and societies, they are looking for another one obviously.


They do love to make those quick distraction with that old game of what my Books really mean all the time but by far my favourite is the one where they love to claim it is a hate campaign and it is not; it is intellectual property administration and if people want novels they know where to buy them as it were; so they do need to stop complicating mine and keep themselves out of it or stop complaining. I don’t think it is a problem either, I just cannot bring myself to understand how I would get out of bed to chase somebody else around and rip up his finances simply because I want to be in a position where I can determine if he has the right to get a job or not; the bloody cowards did not tell me I was being punished some 15 years ago till date and I do not think they have the fucking guts for it at this stage either for my part too, they can try it and we will find out if these games will not blow up in their Politician face as well. I understand they say my language is a bit of a problem but each time such things are being discussed mobility is what these idiots gain into my concerns and business again, so I must clear up I use it because others will not tend to have used it at me as well; I do not know about their problems and do not care, it’s a Book buyers only business here and they need to shut down their own ideas of what my Books do and what they are for, obviously it does not miss the eye when stupid ballsy Europeans do not want the market or the income or the profit if the image is so obviously available, hence doing something at Intellectual property tends to mean that they hate my guts and we are not talking Africans and Americans and Middle East people just yet. It’s like the story of the women and the carnage I have created into their concerns which has come full circle in the sense that if people’s success does not show respect for me where these goons come from there is always a problem. It’s that whole story of starting a fight with others to seek out the easiest and cheapest and most cowardly way out of it and I like to mention the whole thing, right up to claims I am mentally disturbed, which they are fond of because it offers up the chance that I get to trim down their stupidities as well. As for the story of being handled by the Media – there will always be female journalists through which I will get to show that Mr really tough other peoples right hand side civil rights power corruption and his power advertisement I want to work for large companies fat friends can lose their silly jobs if I want them to.  It’s much the same as Politicians going off to shake hands with Tyrants who then send out their relatives to live in the UK to look after their interests then claim it is I that must protect people from my rhetoric of hate if they happen to vote for such things as Sir Strikes on Islamic State in Syria and then got threatened for it on social media.

Then there is that case of how I am suffering losses concerning how much of the UK is increasingly becoming a non religious society about which I should be concerned; it will never make any sense to me anyway – I have no idea really, why I have to be concerned about people making their choices to become none religious; all I know is that none religious people are fundamentally bullies on account they have needs and the result of those needs are instructions given by their Politicians that means they go off to get involved with gangs and crime and return to find people that are big ones that need to be targeted which they then claim is wealth equality being executed and it has been the basis of many wars when power and rights mongers are murdered by those in office because of their stupidities and the filthiness of their bullying messing with peoples anus to make people understand what it feels like not to have what you want, when nobody asked them to do gangs and crime first before they thought about what they wanted in the first place and that is why there is always wonder as to reason concerning the nature in which they get killed. However on the matter of the UK not being a religious society all together, I believe I have made myself clear for my part about the fact that it is when they start to tell me about the power they have over neighbourhoods and how boys around the block will have me beaten up, that they will have crossed the line and I will ask them one more question over that stupid popular culture about my Literary Empire and when they believe they want to set a date to get off it as it were.  It’s never really been a problem for me, only the part where I look after my Court systems, meaning there are some who basically think they are invincible, whose need to be curators of the lives and jobs of celebrities, that I must take those silly jobs away from, in order to protect my well being and that is how the Court systems gets maintained and they tell tales about tricks of my trade and how what I do to them is unusual when it isn’t, while their Politicians speak of how I have made the UK into an ally of cowards in the eyes of the world, whereas I had my Business Empire sorted out with Russians and Chinese and Africans and Americans and the Middle East and since they got involved it has gone in no other direction but downhill and they have done nothing but public revelling and hence it needed to stop their way or mine. It’s the same old case where realising an activity will affect my Book sales is advised avoidable as it is not their Books as it were and they have been warned Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and that moving into my right hand is very perverted before they claim people who damage their culture always get killed in the end with a big mouth. When they do say they are none religious people though, what it really means as far as I know is that they have detached themselves from a process of compunction that comes as a result of the activities of women and the existence of children and that besides the process where I am in pain in the tummy and bum when they barge into my concerns and get involved with the good advice I give to others, is that they have no idea why I may feel that something I impose from an institution will ever have an effect. I wouldn’t have a problem with it except that there are other aspects like when the blacks complain about white people which generally means I am rubbing shoulders with them when they are out of my league; never do I of course, just a contraption in their stupid minds put there by Politicians and Media for every obvious reasons and it is usually before they get into Houses of Government and popular culture to complain about me, looking for awards of privileges of injustice.

So that the Politicians become really obsessed with discussing a certain very messy and incompetent nature of my work all the time and there is no mess and incompetence at all; I am settled on matters concerning the Armed Forces and I am settled on matters of Celebrities and I am settled on matters of the general public, I just need to be a bit more studious on matter of State which by the way I am doing very well at all together as well. I mean I do think about the pros and cons of people getting involved with those who hate my guts because they think my reaction would be amusing and good for their soul but it does not necessarily mean that it has become one of my prime concerns all together, that they are self harming fools in Government buildings and Media. They do like to say it’s a matter of seeing me in a fight and I have no idea why they cannot shut their mouths and make me anyway; hence raising the one same issue that concerns their Political stupidities i.e. keeping off my Books and popular culture clearing my professional and financial space and perspective as it were. Otherwise I am not too concerned about it; I have to deal with this matter of trouble makers Boys and Girls and that is why everybody’s button is hurting as they really do enjoy getting involved with my enemies and making a mess of it right up to The Queen as well and I do not know if the Political fucking idiots want a civil war that they think the buildings of Parliament will prevent their brains being blown out as well like everybody else’s. So it’s all very well the insults because their salaries are guaranteed from the tax payer and I have to make my own money but there is no need talking nonsense all the time when they can always make me if they want to see me in a fight and by the way for the record their view of what I think about them is completely deluded too i.e. one way or another, the idiots that damage the thing I have with the Royal Family are going to stop damaging it, my way or their own; they are nobodies, they are nothing and I can protect what happens in this Office the way I want to or the way they feel they would be most comfortable – however if people want to stop complaining about their bottom hurting, they might want to think about putting an end to being seen around anybody who hates my guts and fostering more and more of such idiots to get off and tell me at some stage they want to do my Royal Job as well with a big mouth. For now it stays at a condition where they shut their big Political mouths and make me if they want to see me in a fight – stop making a mess thereof.

I do not think that this matter is a crisis as such; we find that I have a Court for instance and they are obsessed with the idea of involvement with it and access to me and my Royal Property too and I would like it if they just showed they were very uncomfortable with the idea I have publicly displayed their involvement with my Court because they obviously like me enough to get involved with a system designed to protect my Royal Property from Republican and Liberalist thieves; they do it because they like small economies that serve republican sentiments where they can rip up peoples Royal property to get rich without being questioned until they are rich enough to make real trouble but I find it impossible to locate how and why it was meant to have been a mystery when the women become so insulting especially with respect to those that are younger than they are anyway. The economy they seem to be completely obsessed with is Ireland because it is very productive and just around the corner and the society is thick with republican sensibilities – however everybody knows I am going to get around the world and cut it up for them and they will hate my guts at the end like they have done everywhere else. It’s all very well making noise I make use of peoples wives; if they cross me again I will kick them again really hard. They do say I am the dunce that has been reduced to the violent nature that is actually what I am and it will never make sense; it’s not violence, its Intellectual Property Administration – they too can with their block heads try and put up a ten foot banner for a business and then manage the image in public to write Books from which they expect to earn their income but others like to get up on media to rip up every day and then they will begin to understand what the effects of their stupidities are and what it does to other people. I mean I can make journalists at Court Start me off with my Book sales anyway but it will have involved setting out structures and protecting them from African and American bullies for instance, so these people are Court yes but they are Clients as well and the Republican and Literalist idiots do get to listen as some stage to what others are saying to them about their vandalism, history bears witness to that on many occasions - the condition for it simply needs to exist. We do hear the story of how my work is not up to scratch although I think I am tough enough to be Royalty; what they are referring to then has to do with controlling men and women; where for the men the ones on the left live in the social disposition that has emerged from activities of women because they want to control atmospheres of whole Towns in order to sell products for Large Businesses and get rich and cannot keep off my Public work for it but then of which it is what they think of women and the fact they don’t mind sharing with me like they have not done enough and never will reach a point where they are satisfied which causes real provocation – the ones on the right especially Europeans will see people and get after the business image of such persons, never the profits or a share of market or the money, always the image because the owner is looking like they are superior as such and if they issue their threats at me I will ask them about my Business Empire and the date they will get off it one more time and that will be the start of it for my case and part as well and as for black people, I just want to see black people cease to turn up around my money and everybody knows I have effective ways of making it happen. In terms of women however, it is an old story of being distracted by women and when they do not wish to stop it becomes a question of whether they are about to get them big men to beat me up really soon which they actually do not like, except the black heads that jump on band wagons of any Liberalists and Republican nonsense because they want to be rich and famous and want my public life and income to become celebrities with; it’s impossible to tolerate them for a decade without consequences being dished out and by the way those who think they can do better are free to knock themselves out; I can see not enough have died yet so far as it were. If they feel they are tough enough to be Royalty they can always do better if they wanted. It’s nothing new, the same old tale of how they can be more important than The Queens Arch Prince whose property their neighbourhoods that will never accept him like to save personal finances in order to rip up in public life to get famous with and what on earth is that sort of self delusion meant to serve anyway; so what is going to happen is that I must take good care of myself and that Office and all things that damage it are going to be made an example of and then reality will be established – they will never accept me and I need to stop being lenient. We do understand my problem to be that Americans want to marry into the Royal Family but I will never know how it works anyway; these as I mentioned before are fools who spend their time growing into a condition where they are able to control atmospheres of whole Towns, so that they can easily decide if somebody is able to look at an expensive car driving past him on the Roads and the sole reason for it is the money to be made on Media and Popular culture; so I have no clue whatsoever how the American in the Royal Family thing is ever going to work; I mean nobody here asks them their opinion about women anyway – if I wrote my Books and got about Town reading it out to everybody and there was a scandal that emerged and the contents of the Books had become popular culture and I needed to sell it, there isn’t a woman on this planet that knows enough about me to affect my mind and health in such a way as prevents me from going out there to speak to somebody that will want to exchange money for the Books, none whatsoever; I mean I do tolerate them as well but it’s just come to the part where they need to get my advice and handle my public life all the time and each time leaves me with tummy and anus pain and they need to do two things for me as a result; cease any activities that they are aware will affect my Books, especially stupid opinions on their Media and stop getting my advice and my information if there is no other way in which they want to get it. Nobody asks their opinion about women here; their lazy fucks.

The other tale they are really good at mentioning is the twin matters of the effect that where I say what I say has on others, which goes hand in hand with the claim that the problem is racism ; in terms of the former of which I am aware I need to ensure that they are entrenched in the life where they do not have something they have desired which is also the source of my problem but since they asked about where I say what I say, the reality is still that they can mind their business and ensure none of their activities gets to affect my Book sales and it does not apply to everybody since it is obviously important to me to pay attention when people ask me to help them on matters of sex for instance which is a very high level of confidence and is far better than them being all hay wire and out there doing republicanism. As for the racism bit, it is no longer a problem because each time I work with people to administrate the problem, they are as a matter of certainty going to destroy whatever it is that I do – racism is not the problem, they are; take for instance when I work with Celebrities, it’s usually a case of administrate it and write the Books and the Celebrities leave me a bit of equitable publicity that is not as much as the one I get from Industry Advertisement when they make products from Equity Brokerage with my Royal Estate but is a person to person thing and taken as a matter of adopting my position properly to maintain the relationship they have with me that features on their celebrity work all the time and with it I can then sell the Books and make the money I need to run any errands necessary; except there will be X factor in Town and it will all go to somebody else and we are all intelligent people and can guess what the kinds of people that would be interested in that sort of thing would be. There is no racism; they are the problem. I mean somebody will make a million pound product and spend another 2 million on advertisement involving Equities from another person’s Royal Estate; who on earth might they have been doing that for in the first place anyway? So it’s always the idea I am forcing people to buy my Books when I am perfectly aware that if you stand up somewhere to read what somebody else wrote about a five foot banner belonging to a Company which he had to protect and administrate without being interested in a Literary Empire that was broken up to make the equities that have been brokered available and possible, it will make you mentally disturbed; racism was not the problem, there was no racism, they are the problem. They do say it is bad on my part telling people about all these facts of great and loved products made with equity brokerage involving my Royal Estate but so are they fond of making me spend money to chase the money I already have from the millions that the Manufacturers spend of advertising their products with my Equities involved which basically translates as very high level and very expensive promotion of my State Office Business, because it is what their Politicians and Media fools want them to do, if they can put it down to wealth inequality issues and look like they want to kill me and grab my property all the time. The racist ones will rather become very fond of gathering themselves and dispatching people into the posh neighbourhoods and Industry villages to protect their interests while even the Cars are made brokering Creative and Aesthetical Equity with me, sol nobody would ever have known they are doing it as it were; which is not that much of a problem since it is clear Media is still the biggest asset racism has and that has not changed, even the American society, after the second world war was subjugated through the same process to racist governance that resulted in Civil rights movements and segregation – at the moment the Politician ones have been saying that for the last 14 years, ripping up my finances has been a matter of determining what I am capable of and being able to control society as a whole and when I say the day they feel they are in a place to tell me I am being punished for daring to me more important than they are will be the day we find out how far that big mouth stretches it is possible I am bluffing for my part as well. I mean it has already resulted in some claimed hate I have for journalists that causes them to dislike me in a way that will harm me, which is why we are seeing unprecedented media racism but it is still the same old issue of suited up idiots who appear to be clever people but are fucking idiots screwing around with my feelings by finding out if they can undercut me at the more basic of my instincts such as feeding etc – they are confident they can damage my property to do these experiments without running into any problems if only what they wish to achieve is set out a point in the future where they make comparisons that show they are more important than I am as proven at the Bank Balance, of which their Politicians are not yet done complaining about me borrowing National sense of fame for as long as I need it to get my Book sold lest the celebrities damage my health finding out such nonsense would pay off on me and it is not how the real world actually works. It is actually impossible to determine how a human being can come up with and invent these things and so is it to determine how the others come up with anus and penis abuses that make me do something about it as well – how do they come up with it to damage the growth that comes as a result of going out to sell my Books to people before I have been published the Books, how does it happen right up to the point of personality damage? Then again I do not have the answer to such a question, all I know is that with twisted and evil backgrounds like these, the idiots will not go into a job and settle up on doing it rather than turn up to seek conveniences from my life which they have come to love to threaten me for. It’s like the women complaining about violent relationships all of the time and how Government should force the Police to attend to them as well but at the end of the day I for instance have to get off my Office and get involved with very wayward women who are a social problem all together and then it is when I get past the messiest part of their lives do I reach the celebrities and only when I get past the messiest part of their silly lives as well do I come to women who take the need to be in a relationship with a large man that can protect them from others to a whole new level which is a relationship that is going to end in violence as a matter of time, leaving only the question of whom the violence will happen to and right now I am 35 years old and still single, so it must be that there is no class society anymore and you can always jump the bar if you wanted as it were, hence I have not got my own problems therefore. It’s the same old story of the reason my bottom and tummy hurts being that I am one of those who likes to set out prognosis of an end to robbery of Royal Property by making sure a society sense exists by which people get out of bed and think only about their jobs and families because there are things they know they want but will never have and hence fail to understand what it really feels like and how much it hurts to be in that position and hence if you kill them and cut body parts and place it in various parts of the country to serve a deterrence, perhaps there is a reason that you behave in that way as it were. It does not bother me in anyway – it was all meant to lead to this point when the Question eventually emerges about what I intend to do about the Boys; so that I might find myself talking about seeing black people and Africans keep away from my income and my money – see white people keep away from my image and that of my business; they however do say it is not something I can enforce but so far the Africans and Americans especially have only just lost enough money to hate my guts, so the likelihood is that they will lose enough to make me popular as well and as for the Whites, they always want to be able to decide how I look and how it does not fit the bill of a European Royalty and it will get to a point where I ask them about the date in which they suppose they will get off the Royal Estate Literary Empire as well – so I can enforce it very well indeed as it were. So we end up at that point where mediocrity brings up a tale of the guilt of favourite son which appears to have been my problem and it is the sort of stupidity that distracts you so idiots that have everything from civil rights can have a go at your possessions and the older ones say I am insulting and that is why it happens but all I need from them is a condition in which they are talking from within their own rights only as it were since this is not their own lives – the rest however can easily work these things out from the fact I don’t get along with my siblings and the reason is that they are detached from normal human emotions and like to take the fact I am not for granted for good measure as well, which their mother loves to run with and every political idiot that wants to make an asset out of it pick up from there, so they seem to have a hate for me that they really do not understand; it does seem like Media and Politicians with their parliamentary goons having me at family feud but they are not, it’s the same things Media and Politicians do – every conversation is so dishonest it turns your tummy and when people force them on your it is actually a process of hurting you and you have to hurt them back. I don’t think it is a problem; it’s the old tale where I ignore their stupidities and that will be the result where they turn up to hurt themselves all the time but if I ignore them while being afraid of them, that will ensure they have enough power to hurt others, so I always know which ones to do when I wish to show its a Book buyers access only business here as it were. The other publicity mongers and civil rights tyrants like to make out they hate me because I provide leadership in anonymity but it was a question that needed answering as it were concerning whether or not I write and sell Books according to their schedule and not mine due to their needs; so the part where they wreck my finances and build up my public life to ascribe to Celebrities and Politicians has now been settled, complete with features of hate for me, especially when they are being instructed by ageist bigots – the celebrity part however being the one where they take over my Court systems expecting no trouble and it has now resulted in two outcomes; one concerning the wickedness and Satanism that is celebrity culture being full of people who hate me and just want to see me in a fight and want to see me get beaten up and what to see me work for things which I lose to others because I have taken up their evil culture and completely ruined it and every power involved thereof, leaving them an existence that makes no sense – the celebrities however are the ones that need to stop stealing the Royal Property in order to be rid of me; it’s as though when prevented from stealing it, they simulate a fake process on media and run controversies on that until it pays off financially provoking me all the time and I am going to get steadily worse for it too; they said they wanted money and had since ended up in that way with millions of pounds in savings alone while having no families to provide for or any meaningful responsibility but it is still not enough and those who keep helping them to the money via this route it seems are going to have their hearts content of it too. when they first turned up here they said it was about that money and having a decent existence and since then it has done nothing but get worse and worse and worse and now they are after my right to earn an income as well all together; so it has come to basic stuff, where Celebrity and their stupid evil Satanic celebrity culture is always about money and food, while I am Royalty and when it comes to basic stuff I am all about sex and family – so it’s their money and food versus my sex and family and that is the battle that is raging on at the moment – I mean with that money they have they can always decide to buy something or leave it, not tell me I will never sell my Books because I am not a real writer (They do say they want to make use of my Finance frontiers and that I cannot just set out a process of not being accountable to Parliament whenever I wanted - it is not a crisis or a problem, what they think about anus and penis abuses which are a function of their needs when they take leave of paying their bills to do gangs and crime first on instruction from their social and political leaders, is that those who worked for their own while they were busy preserving themselves for it have no capacity for hate, so my Finance frontiers which updates are put up on Tumblr social networking Platform was designed to make the best of a bad situation when they spend money to help their foolish celebrities claim my public life as their's, so they can turn up to help Industry idiots employ criminals in peoples homes and neighbourhoods around here and shall not be used or shared; failure to comply will lead to serious and difficult outcomes).