I am not getting around some great programme of repairing damages I have done to the Country and more so damages done by existing, in anyway. The truth is that Politicians want to trespass on my property and work and so do popular culture idiots and so do media and so do everybody and each of them have an idea, a plan on how to dominate me but of course when they are at it, none of it has anything to do with the Monarchy, only what I do to them as well, as if.

The real issue at the centre of it is that old matter of showing I have done none of the damages I have done to them, by getting off to acquire tax payers money from politicians through all kinds of social initiatives that their Labour idiots really like and then when they have that money get up on media to build up all kinds of rubbish in their favour with respect to me and the process of tolerating this is about to cost me everything. So this is therefore their troubled family’s plans blown to pieces and I wouldn’t mind if they let me know about more things that are important to them as well.

I mean not to mention the fact they think the troubled families issue is my biggest problem when it isn’t really; I mean biggest problem in what way, things I cannot forget? For my part there is the issue where they think they have opened me up and laid me out like a bitch and are fucking the beauties whenever they want, which also at the same time convinces them I think that they deserve to be named troubled families when they know exactly what they are doing. For the National interest, there is no other source of costs to government in this country bigger than troubled families; the crimes, the anti social behaviours, the vandalism, the care homes and the benefits, I am not one of those who actually believe it is deserved if they want to be intimated about the facts; so it is not really hard to know more by making an effort to find out. Otherwise they can get on with their own issues and stay away from the Prince and his problems, his privileges and his office; we are not mates, they should not be found around me every blessed day and I believe I have made it clear I find it insulting as well. Worst case scenario and it will end up as games at the civil service again and they will lose again and I will end up on benefits again but this time there will be no advantages where I come in from overseas to be betrayed by parents so they can build up confidence on media.

They are not a part of my life in anyway – quite the contrary. I have not forgotten what the source of all my problems is i.e. because I live in a world of contemporary associates and allies and friends, there are risks to take and so when I take them and people hope to help me out with funds later on, idiots like them think there is money to be had if they plan to bring me down to their level in society and then have me beaten up to create them their much needed social equality which has never created anybody a job either and if that has not happened then they are really busy, getting off to media to make up a process where they get involved and then use that as a means of making out claims they control my income and that it is fun and yet if you hear them complain you may be forgiven for thinking it is the end of the world already.

The big conversations they seem to be more interested in, is how much damage exactly I can do when I say the things I say but in considering the insolent death threats without consequences and all kinds of rubbish about giving up my life because they want it without an understanding of what that really means, we have a good ongoing system here, where I tie them up somewhere and write books about those their stupid lives to make a living. Of course they can get off to create their own facts in public about the meanings of what I say and do because most idiots are more interested in having a fallen royal than they are of the real issues that concern them but will not change the fact that they spend all their time for every process of doing so, to do something useful with those their stupid lives for a change. As for the part where none of the things I hope for would be the case in countries where writing books are not profitable with their plans to see me marry women that control my life in order to continue with what they are doing which I also intend to end in very seriously horrid situations along with the men who work it, in those countries on the other hand, they would learn to sit with their own families to say those stupid things they do say in my direction in a condition where everybody would have been aware of what their stuff really looks like and there would be no need for explaining anything, hence making things much easier; which is particularly relevant to all that rubbish about friends and allies in the US and Europe that they will ensure are theirs because it is their own lives I am trying to steal and make into mine because they cannot stay by themselves.


I do not disapprove of them, I do of their life styles; especially when all that rubbish about a culture and also based popularity at the same time and its stupid Politics alongside it, that does not respect my wishes to be distanced from it, which is used to destroy my career and academic work by getting involved with me, reaches a point where they want me to get harmed in the process of providing them with security when they do not even know what my name is. It is not continuing without consequences because it is tolerable, it is continuing without consequences at present because I tolerate it.

They speak of massacre marketing and nobody will ever know what it means. Just like the old thing where people know they are figuring their life styles at somebody else’s expense violently and destructively but when he mentions they need to get off his fame and reputation and need to get off his books, especially for the stupid Politicians, it looks as though he has said something amazing; whatever on earth is amazing about it. In the case of the massacre marketing on the other hand; wealthy lady gets involved with an Arch Prince that does not like the idea of stupid men that use peoples work for what they are not intended and like to run around chasing youth and fame, bearing in mind she is married and will have children and somebody gets off to make trends out of a process where he or his stupid girls claim the Prince has stolen their lives and that they want to get it back and so on; all those people in the US and in Europe stolen from them etc; whoever on earth is playing with them or playing their game. So it cannot be massacre marketing, it has to be one of the two massacre or marketing; I still like it as it is, where each time I ms through pat them on the back and make them feel they have won.

It’s rather simple, they need to stay away from my books and they need to stay away from my fame. Otherwise the results could be that I will get into a state of hunting and persecuting them as well.