The part where I am in trouble because charity operators have discovered means by which it is possible to realise that you must take the aspects of the part where you serve people as seriously as a business, which then seeps into parliamentary matters and is a big issue is utterly not. The problem with these guys is that they think that when they sing the intellectual property of a black man instead of get a job for money and then share some of the money with poor people in Africa, it is their own charity they are doing and I do not want them to tempt me on the matter either, since it was always clear that because they wanted the attention it was impossible for people who are in trouble and have need of humanitarian help to get all the hands that want to be involved. As I always say it, somebody was always going to do the charity anyway, me or their evil selves and it’s all good as it were. As for the parliament part, I suppose it has come to head, maybe this is the point and then again maybe not – the part where those for whom government is their business clash with those who are there to make their companies richer because it appears that some politicians get off and threaten and handle people relentlessly and violently without reason because they feel that their own constituents that they meet with regularly are more powerful than everybody else’s which then gives them the means of having a fantasy. Where I for my part fit into the picture is simple; they are having sex with the wife I never married and are spending the money I never earned and I will handle them in the same way as well. It does not seem like something they need to take seriously from what I have done so far yet with respect to the insults and the threats and a process where it is lucrative because they move in on my work absolutely every time I do it and continue to play out their low life rubbish thinking I consider them to be business men and I have mentioned it before in so many ways; perhaps something about idiots that want to sit around the city with their cup of tea pretending to do business which of course is a pretence because it is all about telling me I do humiliating and shameful work and that it ensures I do not interfere with my fame while others are using it to get rich as a yardstick for possessiveness on money and I have warned them I have had it with them up to my neck too, perhaps we are looking at the part where I say something about wishy Tories who do not have it mentioned to them they are low lives for as many times as they need to hear it, Perhaps I have mentioned the sense that some people live in high rise buildings and others low rise but it is the ones from the gutter that get off to cling to me on media all the time and abuse me therefore so intense to get rich. I mean they regularly have their expensive drinks parties but it has not been enough for quite some time now, what has been important has continued to be not the drinks but me and the process of how a swastika hand band and a Nazi themed party to settle them on how to get on parliament and threaten me in order to get from me things that make no sense to share or ask people, which they make up on media and get out of me anyway, becomes more important.  I do not want them to threaten me anymore, it is about me and I want my Christian state of affairs on their fascism rubbish as well as equally as it is my prerogative not to have their fascism stuff on my Christian stuff. The idea of how to handle extremists is not something that is as random as they make out it is; contrary to that notion I want to find a way to settle into their country, the truth is that they interfere with my right to live my own personal life as I want because it involves finding a way and cutting ties from my background and being happy for a change for once in my life as it were and I will it seems kill them for it as well – they give no thought to the way these things appear to me and how it is the case they mess around only with those who do not live in reality and then complain later on i.e. what is the nature and content of the character of the person who sees a collection of extremists demonstrate on the streets and decides to get off his bankers money and join them? He probably has had it all worked out, perhaps he has somebody in mind as well. Handling extremists involves a technique that we must learn as a country; we cannot continue to live like we are at present i.e. you must be able to terrify them intensely and you must be able to decide what they do as an activity – for the black ones they have Labour party idiots that have excuses that go up to the heavens and therefore give them money to play around with and recover their youth along with excuses that people stab others when kids have no community centres to spend time in etc; whereas we all know that he expects to abuse and insult you and decide what happens with your tolerance and temperament until he is able to settle in on how you become an ingredient in a process of getting a particular thing he wants and that you ought to handle him as well seriously every single time he offends you so that he can lose that stupid youth in the process, unless a political idiots gives him money and attacks you so that he can recover it that is.  They have their secret societies of course and claim I bring what happens to me on myself because I trifle with it, which I don’t mind anyway, since it is clear that the worse case is that those societies will see me as the one thing that stands between them and the things they create for themselves as a problem that aspires them to get rich and then build new problems that involve me and have me in mind but I do suppose they understand as well that the only way to make money is through jobs and work – so there is really nothing to say or do about the secret societies and the illusion is that anybody here is scared of them. I mean it is a question worth asking about why anybody would get off to run his company from the British Cabinet and thereof get around making really stupid Policies that hurt people all the time, why he couldn’t run his company from the company office. They always like to make out that they will go extremist when I mention such things but of course the question then moves straight onto that of what it is they have been doing all along anyway; and then progresses to that of what I am doing stirring people who have limitless resources, which is utter rubbish because the only resources they have here is a process of handling my property and having a piece of my state provided security to build an army against me with and nothing else,  hence what I mean when I say they suppose I think their city stupidities means they appear to me to be entrepreneurs which is utter rubbish and there is a real issue here with the fact that they monitor me like I am item and abuse me all the time to see that each time I finish my work, they move in and it is becoming a really serious issue as well - point being of course that the secret societies they claim I trifle with cannot stay off my income and my books and my public work and so it makes one of those things that really annoys people i.e. it is those who have money and to spare that think they are supposed to grab things they see whenever they see them. I do not think of them as entrepreneurs, the way it works is that they get jobs or set up businesses and issue orders to employees on a daily basis and if there is any problem the Monarchy provides the service that takes care of it of which I do the job I do as I was consigned to do it, we have had enough said about the personality competitions and an end there needs to be to a process of torturing me with it too. As for the extremism, what I want here is a village and then a collection towns and then metropolis at the capitals and a good bye to that world war two history rubbish thing, hence we need to learn as a country how to handle extremists and to stop doing it randomly; the Politician ones I think I am clear about, first of which my grand village thing extends to all of Europe as well (by the way of which the environmental issues is what the Heir to the throne would have wanted and how he runs his affairs, hence they have known for some time now that it is me making preparations) and of course I do not want them to threaten me anymore, I have no problems with Romani lifestyle, I have no problems with gypsy lifestyle and I will no longer live like I want other peoples girlfriends and it will begin from an end to a process where they threaten and curse and abuse me like they do. The part on complains of what I do with media is very well deserved but what is overlooked all the time is what MPs do with constituencies to ensure I can never get a job because they are securing pleasures from abusing me, so as it stands they are fighting for their lives as we speak and I have not yet finished work with media to ensure it can control the civil service as well, so that when people have violent opinion about others and get off with the attention to do fame and fortune, which specifically to me and my half priest office applies as per they like purity because it is what pleases their racists but they will decide if I am pure or not and I have to be scared of them and give them what they want because they are powerful with a big mouth, the media will be able to secure a process of running the civil service with rumours that are so intense that it forces people to live according to its dictates and then prevents them from getting jobs at the end as well, so that especially for the Politicians, we will find out who will do the Nazism soon enough, for it is clear they have a real issue with leaving people alone and letting others be.


I have no idea why they tend to show that process where they make out what I have put on my websites are the most stupid thing in the world; they are stupid things themselves and there is a British government cote of arms on that website which should mean its contents does not surprise anybody; this is half the story of course, the other half is the part where they handle people’s property and so when you say it is ruined they ask what the ruin is and will continue doing it, so that what I say about stock markets and markets which simplifies it so much that a child can have an opinion which affects their markets comply with what such a child might want should not necessarily surprise anybody either. It’s like the old stuff about young people where the purpose of a celebrity and the fact somebody is famous is that you generally normally use them as an icon to prevent those who thrive on their criminal love thing and the desire for it, from getting any but when I choose those celebrities and broker equities with them and people spend those millions to make films for young people, guess which ones they prefer? Of course my privacy and the ones that sing my intellectual property for a living because it is powerful first of all and because they will then have been able to know how far I can go and therefore do whatever they like with all I own, so they worry about wealth inequality at their age of course and now because of them I am worrying about it as well due to damage they do to my finances, thus it is not enough to simply take back what was mine in the first place either as they say. Much the same with the other part on the other hand where they suggest what I say does indicate I am in some way avoiding a process of being suicidal and that it can be used to save other young people from suicide as well, utter rubbish of course like that thing they make out which suggests I am viewed with suspicion at the establishment when I am the one that tends to think of people with suspicion i.e. just human limitation and the fact that it comes into my head when I am really intensely bothered, that it must be some form of complicity with deviance – I have never really voiced it of course but people have already made up their own stories on media and built on it. However they know when they live a life of deviance people will tell them to move left and were supposed to do so in order to ensure they do not bother anyone, instead what they feel they must do for the most part especially when black is have both and attend church, so that I might have to choose sides all the time and they might have stories to make up of who is viewed with suspicion at the establishment (wearing things such as micro-mini-skirts claiming the deacon maybe has a go at her all the time on grounds that she is at risk of promiscuity but you know the way it will end is that she will give you some of the promiscuity and get you on her side to fight the deacon ). Now what they are saying is that I am supposed to give them some secret that will help them prevent young people from killing themselves and of course we have been at that spot before when young people were taking their lives in Wales and they said that the young people made references to me each time they did and so I could help and it was the same thing I said i.e. if they were in my position would they have helped? I mean when people say look at you, you used to be beautiful but now you are ugly and your stuff has been done and none would have happened if it was the case that when I follow you around to make you go from beautiful to ugly, you gave me whatever I want, in my case of which there is always the black culture extra of telling me they are older than me so that I might want to find out if it is a test and find out if they will ever get what they want to get from me in this life or the next life but for the young people that take their lives the issue here is that they prefer accusing me of things and asking me for secretes rather than put an end to handling people in such ways if they know people take their lives when they are.


Of course they have their stories to tell about how the bane of most of what they do is that some members of the royal family hate my guts, which of course is news since I was never aware I am to run my own affairs as I see fit; when we all know that some members of the royal family always think that over everything you have to do which is really important is the more important issue of their debauchery and then when finished the expression on their faces gets to mean that what they say is more credible than what you who is frustrated and angry thinks about it, some say they do it to be involved and to lend a hand but we all know that the bottom line fact is that if you want a service, the best service for anything, the place to get it, is somewhere at the British establishment; so we all know it is a huge shame what we get from the banks and the public services and all that stuff complete with Political idiots talking about international competition. I am not saying they are committing a crime because their service does not show any affiliation with a system that the head of state of the UK leads and how it conducts its business, it is just a simple fact that they need to stay away from me, leave me alone and hands off my earnings and public work, otherwise I will be off as well. I mean the most appalling services imaginable which I suppose the face of the Queen on the currency is paying for - complete with expense for media idiots whose means of making a living is more of how to work less and get more money than they did when they worked as normal. As I said, the deal is that they go into an office to give instructions to employees but I am still responsible for providing the services that take care of issue when things do not go as normal and nobody here thinks of them as upper class or royalty. They can see I depend on my books and need to raise funds from it to do the finances of the holdings area; I am studying at present and once I finish University it should have been assumed I am ready for that part, by the way of which the trouble they make and the poor grades I produce as a result is not doing them any favours as well. Yes of course some will say that is not entirely the whole story of what they want to hear about the company and yes it is not – the other part of the story has more to do with the existence of their black idiots on one hand and the fact that because I have finished the book sector of a company and therefore know what services I can provide through the holdings sector people can move into my market, each time they do, they will pay with their homes and already I am looking like the most beautiful thing in the world because they are really insolent and their insults are fired at me everyday which they pay as well accordingly. I have established a subsidiary of the company to provide people with a means of avoiding this and it is aptly and obviously named the administrative renaissance of the company, unless they are stupid as well.


That most of what I complain about is largely a factor of the effects of my attitude is utter rubbish, what it is, is a factor of their insults and I have never seen anything as random and as violent like it before in my life but then again I have never seen such extreme racial prejudice and violence that people use to counter it in my life either, before I travelled to the UK that is. For those of them that are going to have me beaten up it is always a matter that goes right up to the point where I have to decide who has the right to any kind of rest and then because they have to deal with what they cannot see, the end product will go right up to when they die and there are Police helicopters all over it with police tapes around it for a while and then I will breathe easily. For the women and the media idiots, I like to take what I make them pay for it and it seems they have got so much of that never mind handling my work in order to stay alive and continue and never go away anyway, so I cannot have enough of getting it too, when the Politicians and black people rhetoric gets involved it has clearly moved onto an issue of villainy all together. It started contrary to those claims of how I will get beaten up, from how my mother owns my career if she gave birth to me and because she knows they can do such things becomes intensely manipulative, so that if she wants my career to be at the disposal of a really stupid Politicians then that is what she will do just to see the look on my face and I like the idiots as gay as possible as well for my part, so it is never a new thing anyway. Of course I am aware some of them will decide whom women that are beyond my league get around with and they will decide it over me as well – in fact it probably involves the Police as well for that matter, I wouldn’t know but it is fair to assume that it either does or what they think they are doing with the Police force is something else. The issue first of all is really that I do not need the gist anyway; they are angry, they are lethal, they are out of control and they are violent plebses who protect women who are beyond people’s league from those who are beyond the league of such women. It is a fact I need to clear up of course, that first of all a relationship is something two people get involved with and so what they are suggesting is that what the woman decides is irrelevant, however what she will decide will be a function of what they do to me and since this is about people getting hurt for no reason I am asking if the idiots can talk about it instead and of course the fact they need to bear in mind is that as a Christian you do not think about the pleasures of women and so some compulsory fight over one and for the cowards who climb on public media and seek such things claiming my response to it gives their evil relationships a lease of life, it is first of all clear they are very irresponsible people who get themselves into violent trouble, then locate me and try to push me into a fight while they keep the money, especially when they are black and I always think those insults never go away because they have means of paying for them and secondly of course is the fact they are people and can think and make decisions and they know where the fights are and need to get those fights done. I do not block the path of the progress of young people as it is claimed that I do either, the truth of it is that when people handle my career, then I will handle any means and society by which I will wait for them at the jobs market so they can be made to understand what kind of stupid things their politicians do to others to make careers available for them to handle and use to do things they want to do like they desire and any company they make use of to abuse me in any way as such I will handle the equities and securities of such a company and review it publicly – hence we now have a condition where their politicians are trying to solve those problems which is perfectly okay. The thing about how I take over all the good women in the land is largely a matter of personal feelings women have with regards to me and some things they do to warn me of certain things or inform me of certain things on media; maybe a leader who once he gets his hands on me will ensure I can never leave their country and how that will not necessarily be a good thing for me or even a goon who wants to be famous at my expense; nothing like taking over all the women in the land or anything like that. However it is an old story because they also claim I suggest those who marry into the royal family are not princes and princesses but of course they gladly omit the part where they vouch for their people to marry into the royal family through vandalism of my income, which creates that sense that things such as the tech industry in Eastern Europe and Asia is still available to them to think they can grab my career and do things with and I will take it all too to curb their insolent infantile lucrative vandalism – however these things have happened before anyway; vandalism for years and years I cannot work out what the purpose is and the end result being that somebody was getting married to the Prince of Monaco, now the American idiots I have to deal with today are suggesting that after I had decided never to be in the loop ever again, they will be doing it on my door step. The part about how I clear the path for people to marry into the royal family is utter rubbish, I don’t; it’s in the same par with claims of how I complain but have messed up peoples culture and those people want revenge which they tend not to understand means they will substantiate a blood thirsty culture that they threatened me with and got me to get rid of at Court whenever they want to, however as it stands because I get so much pleasure winding them up, I always say I don’t want to see that stupid culture or they lose it. For the one where I clear the path for others to marry into the royal family however, it’s the old stuff about how some girls never seem to respect the stage where you are at the end of your wits on the matter of being the Christian who holds keys on teaching girls how to have a home and make a family with somebody else and how you need to get out there and teach the gospel so that they can access it and show people there is prove they are not mad. So it’s the old story about the insults and the things they expect to gain from it which I confiscate, a home or being free from gangs or even fresh air breath or something and now I look like the most beautiful thing in the world because of that but still they will not go away because they have got it to pay anyway; the fresh air breath and house one I like so much, where I do my stuff and we live in the same life and draw the same breath but since I am not their whatever on earth, the breath is something that only one person of the both of us can have and that one person is me; it changes nothing with their foolishness either, you look and there she comes from the horizon and the insults will hit the vein, especially when they are black, so that even when they break free from you with media they are back again in no time with their boys who understand infantile vandalisms of people’s property etc. The idea that I think I serve the Queen and through that serve everybody else which gets me into trouble is utter rubbish, I don’t; my service to the Queen just is not a matter of personal relationship and I have no idea how many routes I have to take to ensure she is not in the loop when people do those things they do or indeed what I must do to them before the whole thing improves. Like the national version of their stuff as it were, so things about the Queen can occur which can pick up its own feet and go its own way if they want. I am not in the loop either about most of the issues I have to deal with being a matter of those who wasted their lives on personal service to the Queen; of course everybody knows the commotion about my personal life and all is all their doing and creation. In the same way of which the confusion continues that I said I was never going to deploy the access I have to the equities and securities of business as a means of power but am doing so but of course the part they have omitted being the bit where we have gone from talk about boardroom security at my expense in a general sense to a point where we talk about an oppressive form of international politics, so it does suggest they must have won a great fight they invented with their lies as well. I mean immigration is an example of those issues; where we all know people will ever always travel around and settle far away from where they were born and it is simply not an issue that Politicians have found a viable way of talking about.