So the idea that the big problem here is the matter of things I have said which I need to back up with action is utter nonsense; they are always making noise and nobody really knows which is which anyway – however what we do know is that as a person, when you attack them as well, gangs that are bigger than you chase you around to make you one of their own and so you avoid it for the most part; however which as it stands, the reality is that there is a certain way their stuff normally looks and when it does, I am very certain they will put their filthy mouths where it belongs too. I am not innocent in the matter either and that is not what I said; I mean with respect to being innocent, the question is that of why a Christian needs to know about anal sex and homosexuality and then set about approving it? Then there are other factors like warnings I have put out before about mentioning the class thing one more time and around my book sales as well; since then the attitude of the white ones have been that of getting off to Africa to liaise with elitism there and return to the UK to take me out has continued with a big mouth and they never, ever, ever, listen as it were for any reason whatsoever. I mean the celebrity ones are another story all together- they do nothing with their time but antagonise and attack those who are not as deviant and evil as they are in that their women world and then when they mention they are feminists you know that what has happened is an antagonising of the men that benefit from the actions of those women they like to attack, which they have to a point where it changes them as well and puts them somewhere and makes a stereotype out of them and then we all know what a feminist looks like but they rage on and the fame and fortune cannot be done without me or the Intellectual property of my company which is such big talk I have no idea why they are complaining. For now I am sticking to the basics although it is not doing me a world of good for my part, it is potent however enough to avoid a process of giving the orders to attack i.e. whenever they pass those their violent insults at me which is to destroy my temperament and personality while from me they build up a pristine environment on the left which they will claim by being educated and so on, what is it exactly that such activity is meant to achieve or accomplish; which is not to say I do not have my own plans either – I do and they involve a process of laying waste that stupid pristine environment on the left and discussing their families and communities on the right because it seems that is where they must have taken advantage of everybody else and I therefore tend to see myself as the point where it comes to an end, one way or another. The question of why I never act when I know all these things, until they have done something to harm me, is rather simple; they have this policy of when anybody acts in a way which antagonises or attacks the lower classes, what you do about it is attack him and harm him first and then ask questions later – the reality of this is that there are people who use it for power and they have got to live with that and leave me alone. The talk on the other hand of how I speak of why a Christian needs to know about homosexuality and then set off being abused into approving it as well but do not recognise the rights of homosexuals to practice their way of life and so on but of course the reality is that like media where people have to report facts and there are no perversions to play wicked with, Politics and law making operates on the basis of consultation and fact gathering and problem solving none of the three of which can be done without morals and if people do not want to do morals it is never clear why they cannot stay out of the Politics and government and let others who want to do morals do it, instead of turn up here to harm me and make excuses and then tell me they want to use my morals for it but in order to ensure it looks like it is their own they wish to use it without a purchase of my books and so when they handle people like that, they feel people do not think it to be insulting and abusive and that what people think mostly is that their lies are credible and that they need to be considered as the standard and they have not got it to such an extent if they have got it at all. When they speak of fighting some tyranny, I can never really make out if it is the tyranny since my childhood or the tyranny that has suddenly taken prominence in public anyway. So when they want to know about the full album it’s a case of besides the few jobs people have to do by avoiding wickedness so they can keep their Satanism and lies elsewhere being Politics and media especially, where media is concerned with showing your face and doing the job that is 100% fact, so that nobody is interested in your evils actually as it were, it is also that you may want to ignore them and get used to things they want to do with what belongs to you i.e. they want to behave in a certain way toward your academic work, so you ignore them otherwise as you know if you do not pass the exams you will not get the jobs, same with your personal life because you want to watch your Television and feel that it is your own and same with your business and livelihood because if you make no money to invest you will have no investment and if you have no money you will be unable to live comfortably; except that MPs bankrolled by the tax payer, highest paid tax payer employees in the country, feel that because they want to use your morals so they do not have to deal with a conundrum of their wickedness, they must find ways of pressuring you to get information from your books without buying them and then tell lies all the time – I mean why would anybody want to buy books that another has written if they can pressure and abuse them to get information from them instead and then they bandy those insolent ageism especially when they are close to their foolish Politicians and the authorities and so on and cannot get off my television too and I am not bluffing when I say I will handle somebody someday and make a real scene out of it either. I am not in any way suggesting that it is a difficult thing to deal with – we all know that each time I see my property swirling all over media, it is because some fool has the money to give to an idiot that cannot create products without abusing me, to make profit and do it and continue doing it to make a living as it were – so I have since used their own to create a business and it does not seem to hurt badly enough yet, like the issue of some of them dying but not yet enough and they do not seem to recognise that is what I have done either since they are so stupid; of course nobody is moving into my right hand unless they want fresh trouble -  I know what makes them tick and they do not seem to respect such a fact. No such thing as having me in a corner where all I know and do passes onto somebody else and of course when I mention you do not want to sit around and get used to things at 20 years or about, they get all over the place on this basis too but what I am referring to remains that insatiable desire to actually make success out of what they hope to achieve by having a problem with a person’s faith in terms of their finances, which means leaving home when you are a Christian is to face a world where you have no prospects of survival at all and more so in a condition where they handle my livelihood as well with a big mouth.


They have taken up a path in life which is the wrong one and therefore regularly turn up to make a case for being able to do things and get the benefits of what they should have otherwise done elsewhere and value this process of being able to oppress a Christian like their lives depended on it, tell lies all the time when I want my own as well, show no signs of stopping it whatsoever because of justice they claim they deserve and it goes on like that endlessly, so that when you leave home to face a world that says you have no right to exist all together at 21 or so, you do not feel like getting used to things; you simply realise that if paying attention to them will mean failing the exams, it is the risk that you want to take as it were. As I mentioned, it has ceased to be funny in a big a global way and their next big problem is the books where their Politicians do not realise people ought to find it insulting and abusive when others want information from their writing career without buying their books. Their Politicians have a lot to talk about too as it were and each and every one of them has a certain anger about things that I must fight to suit or please as it were but I have no idea which part of the fact it is getting more and more and more and more personalised, they fail to understand too anyway. In the end it seems they are saying that winning means beating them and I will get hold of them and tie them off and strangle them and defeat them and win too, which for now they say I cannot do but the whites never listen with their lower class rubbish and regularly go overseas to liaise with elitists in Africa in order to return and take me out – so that when you look at a general sense that they feel they are so modern that we no longer leave in a world where people reap where they sow, you really want to give them a bit of what they really deserve in reality as well so my methods will do for now – the politicians on the other hand can continue to feel they must bully me for the personality benefits that helps their career – next we know they will be dancing and partying over other people’s funeral when they couldn’t say a word to them in their lifetime. Yes I know I will become an instruments with which they fix all their problems but I do suppose what I am doing at present does not make them instruments as well anyway; apparently I seem to have become really fed up with the self betterment insolent ageism around my property anyway and it will end as badly as it really looks and works too.


There is that talk they love so much of how I have a lack of respect for the fact people want those in power to be elected and so on but the reality is that they buy music CDs to the tune of millions from stupid girls who wear pants on stage and make themselves look good with my work and so it is hard to see why they would have an opinion if I rule without being elected, knowing I was famous before the former was possible in the first place. The part about how I must be scared of Mr Obama is just a bit more complicated than they give it credit for; I mean that I need to be scared of a certain Mr Obama that needs to get past my books before he can have a career in the White House which makes so much sense as well. I do not need to be scared of any Mr Obama who has regular parties with his fellow black people and therefore believes everybody thinks of them as poor people who suffer a lot, yes I know they speak of how an example must be made of me to teach the British Royal family never to do slavery and slave trade ever again and it should be particular harsh for that matter because I am black as well and I am that close to approving an attack on them as well for my part, besides which they cannot take me on and will not make an example of anything in their foolish lives. I mean the provocation issued by me towards leaders in bigger countries is just as well a popular issue but as we can see, the threats never go away and they always feel that leaders of smaller countries need to be seen doing crime and violence because they have trouble working out what their strength is and so like it is with the Politicians in the UK who complain I have a go at them all the time and without reason, the reality of course is that they continue to turn up and pretend that if this was Africa I would not have behaved in the way I have when I never asked them and as I always say must have been the most untalented person in the world to write books about the fact they did not do their jobs properly but clearly I have not written it without a cause at it were – hence it is all becoming more and more and more personalised and they do not seem to give it any credit for what it has become either and I want the control back and as soon as possible too and their fools off my television for their good as well. I mean when I say the tyranny of my childhood or the ones that have suddenly become really important to the media, I am referring to the fact each time I end up in a class room the mathematics for example becomes really difficult on account the lecturer can locate my method of thinking and make me adjust it to learn all the time, settling in on the things we are all good at became the way they did it as it were but of course we now know that was never the plan and so when we had gotten into the real world they simply believe I need to be scared of people left right centre and when I warn I know what makes them tick and it will end badly and nobody is moving into my right hand unless they want more trouble they think I do not mean it and I need the control back and as soon as possible as well, it does not need to be minced a word. So the behaviour continues where the lower classes in the UK travel off to Africa to get elitists there that will take me out and in the US those just have regular parties and elect a president and think they can address anybody anyhow they like because they have too and hence the question of what winning by being left alone to do your business and your academic work is these days, concerning which I will certainly win it that way too. I am not talking about the celebrities; those are just a measure of why I say what I say and do what I do i.e. they know the reasons they wear pants and get on stage and earn millions from those who buy it is because the antagonise women and they have been warned many times to stay away from royal princes for their part as well – they have therefore at this point exceeded themselves and need to learn their places, no songs will be made on the Intellectual property of my company any longer for too long and it is much the same with their politicians chasing me around every day over a decade to ensure a certain process of taking advantage of people works on me – I am the strong head one you see in their view and the place it in the context of parties and a US president and need to be scared of and you wonder what you must do to the idiots or indeed why they are not getting what they actually really, really deserve instead of those Popular culture millions recently. I am not being used by anybody either, the reality is that I was chosen to take my place and work for the Country at a royal office because I was the best, collected for the establishment by the Monarch herself; I know there are fools everywhere who have one fight after another for me because it is good for their personality and it must be because of deviance too, about which there is no better measurement of it but the fame and fortune industry. A major issue is of course that of me 30 years more or less makes no difference, at a royal office and a woman had dared not said I am the bees knees but if we are talking about Beyonce and Justin Bieber for example it goes all the way and so when you do sit at an office to write a few things and settle a few issues and realise you cannot escort these women to work or something or be there with them for security or something and bearing in mind most of these men are bigger than you as well and the structures you placed so that these women can always end up with a job on which to plan a budget has been savaged and destroyed around the world by them, and these activities continue to get worse and worse, you do get to take some very clear and well defined action as well. So the ones in the US are most notorious for telling me those things belong to their girls which is all very well of course and they believe what I do to ensure it is not the case will end in total failure and disaster when it is rather ending in a process where the west will be ruled by my way of doing things and me and my women or it will be ruled by their way of doing things and they and their girls and everybody can see that except them, even more surprising therefore when they are fond of travelling off to communist countries to round me up too. I mean House Prices are one of those issue anyway; up by more than 150% like it was an asset that could be liquefied readily and at will too, if at all the industry is more than 45% assets in the first place. So I bet they have gone around making deals with building material industries to put up these prices and if it comes down people who are plugged into that system of industry will lose money and hence I expect it to be a huge fight as well but we cannot keep paying for homes at that rate and they need to get themselves off the artistic value of my work too. It is much the same with the popular culture people where I have a foothold in Capitalist Industries and a large hold in Communist industries as well and now if I can just stem the tide of popular culture vandalism every time that these Industries meet at their communities, I will have established a sustainable and secure hold too and that is precisely what I must do. It is never over until I say so.


For those who say my work makes no sense, when they had stopped turning up to create problems for me during Auto shows and races for example or even the International CES among many others around the world, then what my work is really for and does will become a lot simpler to understand. For those who say it is complicated, then I ought to explain that the realities around it are for example not that white people do not live in their white community bubble and care about no body and therefore have no idea what it feels like to experience racism and that black people do not live in their own community bubble and pretend everybody thinks that they are poor and in suffering and hence care about no body and do not know what it is like to live in a white community, it is rather that me and my white friends is everybody’s preoccupation and it operates so for their violence and threats too initiated by the foolish men who think they are everybody else’s fathers and will tell them how to live, especially along the lines of the existence of racism and the fact it can be used to push me around and goad me along – so placed in the context of why the Labour party does what it does or why people do it or why the Obama Administration behaves like it does and so on, the reality is that the Obama Administration and the Labour party etc are a collection of villains – period. The reality of business around my work is rather that there is me and then there is the equity holdings that Businesses have brokered with me, which I must formalise by finding funds to buy shares with them so that I can have an established relationship for which I have created services through my books which are therefore being sold from the holdings to raise the funds I need to do so – not that making my voice heard or standing up and being counted in the companies in a major issue but it’s a matter of when I need to make things formal. If they do me again, I will do them yet again and there is no such thing as being brought into the UK and availed to all these opportunities by women who own me; that is an insult that black women are very good at throwing around – one of those things that creates the need to stay away from women that are below me because it is nothing but violence that cannot be measured. I mean in my case the idea is that when you marry people and travel to the UK with them and then back to Africa and then those people travelled back to the UK and paid the fares of your children to travel to the UK as well, they own the children – it’s the biggest load of rubbish in the entire world as it were, however it’s an example of why you ought to stay away from bad taste and so on. I do not think it a problem either, I mean setting out a line on the issue of white lower class idiots getting off to Africa to find culture goons there that will take me out is supposed to send a message because I know they think of themselves as cultural elitists, but it is rather ironic that whilst all their activities have been geared at preventing me from travelling anywhere near Africa where I can become a threat to them, doing such things has really gotten to make it very difficult too as it were. Of course they speak of how I turn up to make up alternative stories about the sufferings that others have endured in a past; the reality of course is that half the time they are fighting me and attacking me because I am a Christian and the very way I look because I am annoys and irritates them and inhibits their ability to progress, the other half of the time they are attacking me because I find other alternative explanations that give way why people have endured sufferings in the past – none of it makes no sense, how you are famous for being a most hated Christian, to being famous for finding other meanings for what happened when people got attacked, I suppose they have even more lies to tell to fill in the blanks and I have not no purpose for my existence therefore as it were hence we have not heard anything of it yet, except that it continues because others like to offer them media and Politics to throw around conversations with – I mean I know that they cannot tick unless they have communities where there is great suffering for everybody to push their boundaries and the men can then chase around rich women each time they see them which is a form of wealth distribution activism and ends with popular culture vandalism of peoples work and property – so I have taken away that entire environment, which people will say is a harsh thing to do but when you note that each encounter with you leads to a very violent and destructive behaviour that leaves your traumatised everyday and then notice those moments where they meet each other and realise they are like minds and hence become a completely different set of people who thus know what respect is and everything and might even boast about their exploits as well, you will want an evolutionary catastrophe for them like I have created.


Now on my title of Golden King and how it affects the worlds gold market, that is a problem about which people have never really learnt; facts about me for example and the fact that I have been able to make my money in the cleanest way imaginable which is then valuable in terms of equity to those who have enough money to avoid getting it through the wrong routes etc, then there is the other things with the admiralty as well and several other issues as well; in the end of which means that if I were to have a Court it will never be made of courtiers from foreign lands but courtiers from home etc – so people have never really learnt about my alliances and friends and the link with India and so on, so they continue to make things difficult. The part where the gold market is affected by my title was a celebrity status thing which journalists like to dispute to help their Politicians who are politicians and business men who are the most successful of the worlds citizens and not royalty like myself which only serves to complicate their already violent corruption of involvement, stubbornness and violent mockery as well; all just as well of which I will not send out any more warnings on the matter before I had publicly approved an attack, not that I have not approved it privately already yet anyway. They say I give no thought to how much I might offend people with what I say or do – I mean the idiots are offended and provoked but as I said before, the whites live in their bubble and don’t know what it is like to suffer racism and the blacks live in theirs and do not know what it is like to live in a white community but I seem to be the only one who has white friends and therefore tends to provoke people with their big mouth. My Christianity specifically is the basis on which they must set out how to control those who use good deeds as an excuse for wicked things, it is the basis for everything they must do to exasperate and provoke the authorities and when I had settled such incredible evil and affirmed normalcy and told them to stand on their own, it gets worse because it does not go away as it were. When they make that noise about controlling tyranny it is impossible therefore to work out if it is the tyranny of my life story or one that has just taken up notoriety in public recently. Now the US President speaks of people spreading untruths all over the place but the behaviour of these idiots continue, so that you must be damaged so that they might be the bees knees on the left, cannot stay away from the corridors of International communities, their media cannot keep off my income, they cannot attend school unless they have a hate figure etc which people make excuses for so much it feels as though they are a community onto themselves which I do not recognise and never will and the habit of being needy for hurting me and getting away with it because they have bigger powers on their side continues, hence the need for my personal favourite which is their connections with communism that does not exist. So if what I say about how much I do not like to be treated and handled by them in that was does not create an effect where they stop it but instead lots of excuses to manipulate on media because they have no intentions whatsoever to do so and will put up a fight to continue as well, then the US president had taken note of the fact that it does not do for him to continue to mess it up for me, instead of stay out of it and let them fight and win as it were; for of course the more they do not fear me, the more they familiarise and the more they get nervous and the more destructive they become on account it makes them lazy and they want to be rich and the more benefits we have to pay out and popular culture vandalism we have to fund. He does need to stick to his White House one and I saying there are things that are sorted because the US wants to be an empire and I do not need them but none of these villainy will take sway over anything here and he needs to stay out of it, or expect to continue to complain about people spreading untruths. They claim I am guilty of doing the same of course and all I want is to see an end to this process of being the most abused Prince in the world, not withstanding of which they want to touch me all the time and will one of these days get their chance as well. I am not doing a lack of respect for leaders thing and if I were they would definitely have recognised it without a doubt – the reality is that of people they have who will lean support on their plans to get rid of the Monarchy starting from me which involves a process of making sure I am famous but all I own has been from a position of fame systematically ripped to shreds while I am left famous still for them to mock and play foolish games with, so the racists and extremists are learning a lot from it on how to move around and mobilise as it were and to great costs of my health and property I have held out on the matter for a decade to give them time to think about moving on and now wish to make them myself all together as well because I have had enough of as well. These civil rights fools always tend to feel like talking about things they know nothing about and always tend to have these violent idiots making sure others pick up the cost for it because they know how to and all I am saying is that I never voted for them and cannot understand why my business is their preoccupation first of all and that they need to get off my book sales and tell their Popular culture fools and media idiots this is where I stand at present – never mind their links with communism because they love to clown around so all the time. The other great idea I am unrealistic about my chances of accomplishing what I talk about is a familiar one too; the reality is that of a delusion I am in league with the media when the reality is that they are fighting for their lives as we speak – I hear less of some racist that will beat me up because I did not let them have what they want from me or they got nervous around me, I hear less of Africans they give money to who will kill me for insulting them as well and so we are left with their access to where my books are and the processes of using it as a uaranteed method of getting my attention. As for Labour politicians and the idea I make people homes for them and it is what they want from me on the other hand; those have always known they are the most godless and evil scum there is in the world as it were and it is important they make their laws with a sense of serving those who elected them and leave me out since I never did. I mean the full album will be evil scum with parents who set up their children and work to strip them of financial success so that they might be murdered by the world on grounds they believe they will get attention if they did, since their children are Christians. I mean would I do that to my child; I may worry of him going too far with his faith and becoming a plaything for an evil world but would I really follow him around after he left home to ensure he is successfully set up to be abused or murdered by an evil world because I think it will get me some attention and offer some prerogatives to stupid men I like to ensure get to see me? I do not believe it to be anything to be particularly concerned about for my part but we all know the idea I make peoples homes for them is utter rubbish anyway and that what I have done to them is not hurting badly enough yet hence the reasons it continues. In the end they say I have a sense of a lack of regard for the fact people want power; I have no idea what supports such a notion either when I have said the whites live in their communities and do not know what it is like to endure racism and the blacks live in theirs and do not know what it is like to be a white person in a white community but although people make friends all the time and some are whites making black friends and some are blacks making white friends, it is me specifically, me and my white friends in specificity that is the biggest problem they have got and need to take out with a big mouth and like I always say, they cannot take me on if they stood together like a country for a change in their stupid lives and if they want that power can come round and get it – for we know people make friends all the time and I am not an exception as it were and nobody knows what on earth is the matter with them. only idiots like these would abuse a Prince like myself to extract riches and fame from his public work and office and then make contact with him to make him behave a certain way so they can keep having it – you know when you make meaning of the question, I mean were are not in a hurry then are we? Its not and never a matter of what I think people should do and what I think people should not do; its just that when years of mind destroying abuses have been levied at your by people who continue to make excuses to do it and of course there is talk of fighting in the air while you have become weaker and a bit more cowardly than usual, then you get to pop the question of why things like black idiots snoop around the corridors of International community, knowing perfectly that the reasons they do it is their villainy and so they need to understand I will be there soon if they do not get off it or they can get off my books and leave me alone; they are nothing and I don’t care if they exist either. The idea as well that my presumed power over the media is misplaced is utter nonsense; you see fools like those all the time, in Church for example they come as people who want to be elders that influence the Priest and the opinions never go away – in the setting of a country they know there is violence involved and like to act as though they are really, really, really tough with a legendary spiritual power and of course I bet I need to be bigger than them to make the suck so I can breathe the free air as it were. I am not a rebel for what the master plan of every media idiot and their friends are worth, especially those that are meant to ensure when they harm me I can do nothing about it, all planned out as a means to ensure when I work for it they own it - if they tell me I am stupid like they are fond of doing recently, the whole process of taking away all the good stuff and leaving them with violence to deal with so they can keep their foolishness where it belongs will get worse and become institutional as well. The Bible says the sin of rebellion is like witchcraft and I do not fit the bill, they do, especially those that turn up in God's Church.