They are supposed to take up their own world and make it smaller not mine. Not tell me whom I can sell my books to in the United States of America. 

That American businesses are getting up to all sorts is not that which concerns me as such, if people have not worked out by now that a process of those their Western rubbish of setting up businesses they batter to pieces and come round to get inspiration from me to get rich, will lead them to more serious problems than I have caused already then there isn’t anything I should be concerned about either.

Yes it is the old western insult of some idiot getting on Public places to claim I sleep with their wives which is supposed to make out I owe them over a period of time while they move me on and try their hands on doing everything I do, until at some point a certain number of people will believe it when they say I am the one in their property which hits me while I am at work suddenly and then they will be able to tell me to get out of their property like I told them to take their corruptions of involvement out of mine. So I can do what I like with their wives and their matrimony will always be split between me and them. Its these individuals that have always had a history of being in a place where they look after young people and then get to molest them and collect their body fluids to be rich with, which has also led to the homosexual culture and that is the problem currently. What makes them think that they have the right to extract inspiration from me while I am trying to run a business and others around me are trying to earn a living, in order to get rich regardless of what damages it causes?


It is the Politicians you see, it is the Politicians that make up excuses for them until it becomes a sub culture and then like to get to that point where they all get together and tell me each time they extract inspiration from me to be rich with that they do not want to have the sense that I exist, with a big mouth and so just like those that wreck my finances for them each time they claim I sleep with their wives, these Politicians can do anything for them too. So they can later get on my case telling me I need to move away from their left; it is not their left, it is my left, the future I built for myself when I grew up and moved away from home which they like to occupy and I have made it clear to them I want them off that future and I want them off my book sales but none of my demands will be bet yet currently.

All rubbish instead about how they own me; whereas if I am remembering correctly it will not be the first time they own me, the first time resulted in this condition where I was born black but now have enemies because I have only white friends. So it seems that they will own again as it were. For now it is better that their insolent wives and kids who tell me I stir in them the desire to have slaves when I am the one that is actually free enough to work as hard as I like, the only Golden King on the Planet who has this gift and Talent, which therefore has a bearing towards reality.

The rest are just self harming idiots who deserve everything that happens to them, just like they get on public places to get things out of me which have to do with my books in other alternative ways that have nothing to do with buying them. The way things work around here is that people spend what they pay for and those their threats to physical violence towards me will not help them last long in this world too-so they can keep telling me what I am supposed to and not supposed to say which have nothing to do with whether they are off that my future and off my book sales currently. I mean they can use people as it were, added to the fact I must be used like a piece of meat while they build the issues up with their own hands and make sure they have none of the problems, I sell securities for a living and they get it without buying the books-brimming with ideas on how to look for trouble especially when they have media to do it with.