It is regularly suggested that my War on those who always want and desire things and love to make a public status quo for themselves that they can manipulate with operates for them a process of power through media and politics to barge into peoples lives and take whatever they want, does not work with respect to the sense that an economy in general needs to grow but it is these same fools that have spent all their time doing nothing but evil dark entertainment to cook up problems and suck the life out of other peoples happiness in order to be rich and famous and with this continue their insolent blackmail and terrorism where they prefer people if people to be, the more racist that they are - it is as though we are being schooled in evil and wickedness and now I am being schooled in economic growth as well, when all I am saying is that bearing in mind the purpose of a business is to find out what problems people have and solve it for them for a price by selling them products and services, they need to settle in on what their position on the recession is and get themselves off my book sales and career that they can never steal and a world does not exist where they will ever be able to do so, lest I have to get them off it myself and make light work of their stupid sexual desires as well personally. These excuses do not run out although the fact remains there are two careers involved in every altercation with them - and one must be destroyed so that they other can be better off, even if such an advantage will be nothing but a fleeting feeling and of course it was all their idea and invention too.

Talk is very common of course about how we in a way need to acknowledge our mistakes and move on but I have no idea how realistic that is and more so at this particular freedom and greed point anyway. All I really know is first that a certain group of people are always setting me out as somebody that is attractive to be abused and for that they always like to damage my means to ensure I am lowest of the low and humiliated too - secondly, that what they do is wreck your finances and get on media which will make you buy some cheap services with the finances you have got and then with that take over your life and you will have some money to give but the services will be used to ensure they gain access and take anything they like on account you feel guilty that they are cheap. The problem of course is that they popular culture never listen when it comes to moving into my right hand after making it out on media and exposing it thereof even after I had warned them never to, for the express purpose of damaging areas of my business which ensures that what you have paid for cannot be used to harm you because you paid for it and it is a working business and for this aspect of business they damage they have never paid for themselves  because they have not got it and the fact they have not got it has come to mean they have power to do and undo. So it eventually comes back down to the old issue of a threat I issued before; that a one more occasion where I have to go to my websites to make my business operable and keep it that way will mean a one more task for them – this warning was not heeded and that is why we are here today; talk of acknowledging mistakes and moving on tends to suggest somebody here is their bloody popular culture equal as it were and I don’t care if I did detach them from the Queen either, again they lost like they always lose everything and will lose here as well; we all know they spend all their time rummaging around areas of society where rules do not apply, so they can see traumatic events and take it out on those who are not as traumatised about life but refused to accept those who did what they saw did the wrong thing and that is why that media power to determine what people think is so important and I want to create a world where there are not rules around everyone of their activities in their entire lives, so we are still some way off, they did hear the warnings that there will be serious consequences if I have on any occasion to do something to bring my websites into a business working order on account of them. They always say there is nothing I can do about them as the big business guys but of course the big business guys say so on account they have got their hands on my book sales which is a criminal activity and have enlisted the support of very evil civil right idiots that are grandfathers at this point but have never really grown up etc - it has never really been an issue either, I know exactly how to get their stupid hands off my book sales and the means by which to make it happen as we all know they do things such as handle your earnings to provoke you because there should be a fight that you do not get to fight on account they want to handle your life and feel special and this was tolerated during the recession on account other things were more important. You do develop your own prejudices against those who do not look like flesh that needs to be handled as well as you do when these things happen and staying off my book sales is the only thing we have in common or I will rip up the Politics and Popular culture and everything else - we all know I do not stand a chance against the governments but I do it anyway as it stands already and I am not giving back that stupid culture, which is why I keep my mind vulnerable too so we can find out.

I do not have any wish to make changes to my life to ensure their existence allows me to be comfortable; I want to get that choice of living and that change out of them by their own decision and that is why I conduct my affairs the way that I conduct them - its my property and my life not their own. 

I have always rather lived comfortably with that idea I have mentioned before that the only form of friendship they can offer others is a homosexual relationship; when I mention it of which they will say the denoted purpose is that I don’t think the Royal Family is actually important because deep down I am a democrat who really is not comfortable with the oppression of the Monarchy but what I really mean is that you need to live with a sense of emotion repression from them in this Country where they expect you to have been abused at some stage in your life and expect you to be dying to tell somebody, so that even when such things have not happened they will manufacture it to seek self improvements from a process of ignoring you or blatantly telling you they don’t want to know or even threatening you and for the politicians there are lies and tales and accusations to tell 12 years down the line and financial ruin means it is funny on media all the time as well because of course the reason for these things is that they want to be predisposed to spend and destroy and waste everything other people have then name it their civil rights. They go too far all the time and cannot even tell people what they are going too far with or what they are going too far about. They complain that the message they got was one that come through as a Rebel Royalty that checked the excesses of the others with whom they wish to rally and spend their lives but of course last I checked I was actually a Royal that was able to stand on a global stage and talk about or fight for the Interests of Monarchy and so do seem to be the only one when it is their call, that recognises that the last people who should be winding me up all the time should be the media. I don’t think them to be a problem either; the story is ever the same – rape and murder and genocide especially are good things they are funny and the fact they happen means idiots can break down those that are loved, those that lead etc and now they look the part as well as I am not giving back that stupid left hand side and will spend all of its greed as well.

We hear those tales they take care of me of course but the reality has not changed from what it has always been; that a collection of fools who laziness pays off all the time because they soon find themselves in a condition where others are making them solve so many problems until people realise their own is being solved as well are taking care of me – I mean the old story as per the only relationship they can have with others is a homosexual one and the only people that will worry are active people that cannot stop and always need to keep going, so they would so much like to fuck the bottom of active people and find what it does to them funny, create a modernisation, create an industry, tell people, share a felling and get rich and then they will find a really bad one to detach from what is really important and the results will be such that they turn up to take care of me looking for more especially when black and female. They always claim I cannot actually perform any of the things I boast about but I am not actually boasting as such - they know I have a Work Court of Female Journalists and that they are all married; so understanding it serves a state of affairs where they can never be free of me sending them off on one difficult task after another seeing their need to ensure we are always working for them without pay on account of the things we need to do to fight and strive and make our way in the world, so they are talking about confidence while getting rid of the bits the fear the most and I wish they would stop doing both as well. I mean, they can always been free of me by taking out their ear drums so they never have to listen to what I say or they can show up here to buy Books and not to play with me - I for my part am quite settled on the amount of work I now have to do since the last time I dropped out of University, to get myself back into an Intellectual Property Administrator that can speak with Clients about their Stocks at the International Market and what may happen with the exchange of it, giving them fact based and real world survey based advice and of course I need to keep my options open, such as keeping them cracked up and pulled in all directions as well, to ensure there is possibility I might do the job without too much stress considering I am getting quite too old to end up in a classroom. We all know they speak of which one I do to help people take advantage of my own race but which is an old story of the fact I lived in Africa for 20 years and was quite clear which I didn’t fancy when I did; so now I am being told I shouldn’t write what I write and say what I say but I am only thinking about what it is exactly they are going to do when I do it and thus they are unable to show up here to do some money loving without consequences.


The Company Media Situation and Intellectual Property security Administration Assets in written and Functional Aesthetics form  


I have had to get involved in some of the problems of the Working Court because the company was getting set up, in order to have full control of some matters that needed to be managed as risks and even then it has been very challenging. Now that it is all set up however, I have no need to get involved in those problems anymore and the fact is here declared to disperse any continuing notion of some actions I engage in that do not suffice as that which is befitting of a role model.  

Hence clear understanding of why there are back door access to my work which those that do turn out on public television to declare, a continued abuse in claims they wish to have things that they have never had and so with access to my work and blackmail to destroy them if I resist, what we need to confirm next is their claim that it belongs to them and that they are democratic people and of course their dissent that they were here first.

Not to mention their really stupid black people who love the idea I get distracted a lot but do it on really stupid things that most people will think is a good thing at face value, which everybody would think is done out of ignorance or what they claim is excitement of course, except that the concept of the fact I want them to not do it, does not apply to their stupid minds, then everybody will be using that to push me over the edge with sex as well, while they get off to get even more of my attention trying to run stupid really annoying businesses, which shows the things I have done to their foolish parents so far is not enough. I mean it is obvious black women insult and abuse people but when it is mentioned, the question becomes whether those who do like I have mention it or mention it, describe it or describe it, it is not a new phenomenon anyway. If you like it when people take up your property and use it to fix their problems and that of the friends they want to have then cause you the maximum harm with it as well using violent integration and civil insolent rights or if you like people to take up your property and use it to fix their problems and then turn up to fix your own problems for you as well all together. They seem to suggest that I am the standard by which these things are measured when they know that there are others that are known for the brutality and violence like they are known and that I am not. Here in the UK a group of socialist idiots will give them the welfare state to play around with and tell me that if the Political system goes wrong, I will be deported by racists and there is no certainty of this being the outcome in anyway whatsoever.

It is never pleasant putting up with insults from them from any quarters and whom whatsoever, while they place culture as the main issue in order to drive the insults into some kind of institutional bullying but it is the process of actually telling me I come round here to mess with their culture, when they are supposed to use it to build up wickedness for secrete society powers, which means I am looking for trouble. All I am saying is that it is important and I am asking them to practice their culture without considering that I exist because doing so will definitely result in a process where they tell me where I am supposed to be and Christians do not take orderings from culture people, it leads to another result where you live out your temporary life on earth and spend eternity in hell in the life hereafter - this is real trouble.

These days they tend to suggest things about how care for the elderly and the way they craft it with their Liberal parties idiots gets to harm me, on account the way they work it is by using my work in a kind of abuse associated with insults that are likely to come from ageist idiots from under developed and or developing economies which will then force me to fight for my own race like I should. I have no idea what makes them think that a a continued programme on their part of suggesting social equality, integration and cohesion among the elderly is a factor of whether or not all of them and not just those on low income pensions get to have access to free government funded services. I mean they can either look into this or they can ensure care for the elderly is hurting me because of course once I make millions from consumating my work by dispatching my books to my fans and customers around the world before I am 60 years old, the level of profit I will make then will mean that such nonsense is a lot of trouble for me on account they have strange relationships with money and are unfathomably insolent with media, where they expect to get rich with their insults, especially the bits about temporarily claiming ownership of my work to get rich which it does not appear to them is the biggest problem my book sales have got because their numbers never run out and will soon become the biggest problem they have got as well, especially over those stupid civil rights they love to gamble.

I really like that one they do where every single thing I do earn me some bullying, by which they show they are idiots who have just stumbled on phrases like delay is denial and they will gamble those civil rights like that showing how insolent and abusive they can get on media to make out all I own belongs to them unless they decide I can have it, with a big mouth. So delay is denial gets to mean people have the right to affect the movements and mobilities of other peoples products like they are paying for them or I owe them money, bearing in mine delay is denial operates on the basis of building an Empire trust to look after my customers and allies and friends in the first place, so now I cannot get the products through because I am selfish and somebody else is sharing on media or maybe it just belongs to them and I will have it when they feel it is okay for me to. That big mouth suggests a crime is always okay as long as it is democratic and it will not be the first time I have warned they think they know me and know nothing about me as it is impossible to from my work and livelihood. The world will yet become a small, small small place for some people yet, until I can part from my work and return to find it as I left it.

These are all insecurities that occur when some people have endless possibilities of what they can be or become roaming around in their lazy heads. Soon the connection with reality of the process of an audacity to touch and handle other peoples property being met with an audacity to touch and handle them, will have to be publicly establishe

I am well aware of the left wing noughts thing, I just want to deal with it separately; especially when election period in the US is around the corner or ongoing and they will throw concerns up in the air and tell everybody they know whom they are referring to as if I am their mate. First of all is the fact that when you think a book is good, you get your copy not make the author into a tortured soul because he is talented, they always say the issue of privacy is an excuse to go around writing things others don’t want you to and getting away with it but in actual fact the truth about it is that writers earn a living with books that a controversial and men will be born and men will die, I on the other hand am suffering because I am talented and they are so insolent they cannot get involved with a writer only through his books. So they have started their stories about how to get the President to find words that will inspire; I don’t know why they bring it up at all anyway but there they always think they can bring up absolutely anything that they bloody wish as well. Next they will be fighting the Muslims after they are done throwing it up like that.

They speak of this matter where they want me to have a Court made up of American women that I can have sex with, which is a conversation I would like to indulge if we did not have so many things to be concerned with either way. I personally as a thought have no idea how it would operate anyway. For those who are serious about what is important I clear do not want to have sex with these idiots; it will carry on until I become an extremist as well and then there will be a need for me to get assassinated i.e. I am an Arch Prince with accolade that should rightfully belong to others, so that when I say I don’t want their Politics on my stuff it is firmly there alright, until I end up in a place where I ensure everything is for a kids and the process of doing my stuff for me to ensure I am doing violence while their stupid children get into my affairs to pick up easier tasks for the most amount of attention due to me and so on had completely failed in everyway imaginable and I get killed like they usually do by some kid that grew up to be a skin head. Until then they are on top of the world as it were, with their socialists nonsense that is used to make them riches with the use of capitalism.


We hear them boast all the time about their media and how that controls me and they cannot get to work on any day without abusing me, claiming it is the reason they have high productivity, so that nothing in the world will ever come between them and the process of attacking a religion for a living, even if they have to do it in darkness. In like manner I do not think that it is that much of a problem, I am just a very busy man at the time and not able to find space of time to gather everything one of the stupid things they display or say on that media and document them, for the purpose of getting around keeping records of updates of their firms which will enable me to break them up as soon as I had done that within a space of at least eight months and of course there is also the fact that as soon as I am off to such a thing, it will immediately become a campaign about my reputation as a Christian and no longer about dominating and abusing me over excuses to making me feel the way people feel when I am better than them and more or indeed taking out my own time to do my favour by not hurting me because I am allowing them do whatever they like with me to get rich and boast. However until such a time as I find that time none of the abuses which the law cannot protect me from because their arguments are above law obviously will clearly continue as though Christians are supposed to make excuses for wickedness when there is a God given opportunity to stop it or make it go away. Hence the bottom line is that all I really can say is that I will never put an end to being bullied by idiots on media yet, until it gets to the point where they tell me it has become a matter of them the media and my reputation.  Their idiots who have strange relationships with money army on standby of course, especially the ones from the US with their silent boasts which will never mean they get to change any behaviour or attitude, so they are ready for anything and whatever I say about how I want my own life will never make sense to them, it will only earn me big mouthed threats and more so as it was 8 years ago people using my work for things I have not authorised for the pleasure of incredibly stupid girls, that is still the way things are going. 

The usual prognosis for politicians and their media is that they are important people and so because of that they can do whatever they like to me, tell lies and breed another even more stupid story on Public media to run campaigns by which they will become even more important. I for my part only have a problem with the part where I cannot sell my books anymore because as I write them Politicians and media and making sure people know about it, hence its the other way round; people know about the books before I put them to market and this is one of the most baffling things I have ever had to deal with. That not only do important people have difficulty understanding that I am supposed to sell books to them before they become my fans and tell the world they like me, after they read my books and know what I stand for and what my career is that is, they also tell me that the reason they should get away with it is that they are important, meaning that important people expect to leave their homes and turn up in my life to treat me like an animal without reason or provocation of any kind then assume international persona as well for their purposes and methods but above all, important people do not know that when a person has a job because he will keep doing that job even if he gets another one, the purpose of his job is to get paid from doing it. So it beats me completely and I know they are always getting onto the international community each time they want to show off in public, to show that there are people they are responsible for, the responsibility of which they will abdicate and cause those people lots of suffering thereof because of my behaviour but not only is it a matter of how they think that I should be picking a fight with offices of state which can be occupied by anybody while I have a problem with them which I at least need to understand for my part, they also think that I do not consider the idea I want them off my books and my book sales to be something that is within the comprehension of important people no matter how stupid they may be, besides which the question will soon surface of whether or not they are threatening me over such nonsense.

I do not need any of the stuff they consider to be so important; I am a Royal Prince and have got my own Royal estate for the purpose, I am a Christian and do not have to worry about money for my part. So when I get my hands on their dead meat, I will completely destroy it, so it does not attract any nonsense in this direction - all that their rubbish whereby it is never enough, no matter how much of it there is. No body here is concerned about making no no one else has what he has got.

Apart from the issue of Politicians seeking to work and to be relevant where they do not have due expertise which is an anticipated vanity, the big problem this firm continues to face as such is that of media idiots and the quest for a public appearance from me before any sense is made of my books and it is not way to run a book sale company or business. My method therefore of going about it was to prognosis of raising funds to look into the matter of community fools playing social sex (involving their insolent women who love to tell people I insult them which of course is because they do not know their place in the world unless I put them in it publicly and physically) and social violence (involving their stupid men or husbands perpetually enjoying the bandy of violence in my direction for all sorts of benefits that cannot be legally quantified but gets to ensure they are better off than I am with my life, work and property anyway), which their stupid girls pick up on (at the point where it turns out the entire reason for it was the process of stupid women who feel scorned for reasons of trying out having sex with men that are beyond their league in every way imaginable, due to the fact their sense of respect or privilege involves having things that the nature of society and life itself have determined are beyond them, which means sex with other peoples children of course which if such children do not give, means a valid excuse beyond law to wreck their lives and keep it so until they do with a big mouth that tells no body about such truths with their stupid Politics - so it produces really abusively insolent chances to get rich for idiots with business as a trendy opportunity as well and others thereby end up thinking about whether or not their stupid business are productive while everybody else is thinking about their mortgages and how long things like their car tyres will last, looking for trouble that never rests that shows up on their stupid media everyday, where they have their irresponsible and incredibly stupid and destructive Celebrities that have no limits no matter how old they may be), to make a link that makes them rich with the corporate world and try out their insolent luck on media all the time but of course doing so with the consideration that everything I do will be vandalised by get rich quick western culture no scruples media scum. So if I put in context how no sense will be made of my books unless I make a public appearance (like the issue over my faith and where popular culture finds its level and insolent limits) it becomes personal and calls for the process of looking into the matter by other means and not just confiscating that stupid left to ensure no body messes with my livelihood anymore alone. 

We hear them mention regularly they expect me to speak about these things in a certain way. I never did mention for my part to anybody that I approve of when I have not given consent for a situation that exists in the form of people setting up agencies which manage the affairs of Celebrities that write books and make movies using my life work and royal property. They just got up and did it because they consider themselves to be my 'effing' gods I suppose, knowing perfectly each time that it is no way for me to run a book selling Company.


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