The war in Afghanistan and the trouble with it is that it is not a big war but it is being used by political leaders for power games especially the American government. So it is not surprising that from time to time they will demand other allies supply more troops. The issue is that they are becoming more unpopular among their people because of the number of people losing loved ones to their war. This is not what I am doing something about because if I did, then somebody's entitlements might be affected. What I am doing something about is the fraternity of Nation in which we all work our professions is being threatened, as equally as we are by Political authorities. Hence Soldier, Doctor, Engineer, Nurse, Writer (such as myself) etc are all in the same boat-one gets affected, all of us get affected. So if Soldiers fight wars in Iraq and oil companies go in to do business, it should have little to do with Politicians just as the suggestion from the Political elite that we have some kind of beauty to give up, some kind of fraternity that is of National importance to hand over to them a complete madness, especially when some have said good bye to their loved ones and will not return alive already (I am keeper of the British Armed forces after all), this is what I am doing something about.


In retrospect, I have been clear that my work involves the sale of securities that I have created through my books in my Estate as the Golden King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I am also aware that there is nothing as insecure as people who do not wish to pay for the services they get just because they are services and I suppose it may border on human rights issues but not if they complain about theirs being abused first.

(28/11/09) This has piqued my interest in the suggestion that most of the things I do pertaining to my interests are things I do especially when businesses are involved because they will later be left for such women since it is their work to provide power for men who get rich, which such men are not interested in, in society; and the embarrassment that this causes and the fact it means she, they, can appear anywhere, have reasons to which is absolutely disgusting filthy and attack anything I do mainly by being there as though I owe them, especially when it makes money, exudes importance and may provide fame is of particular concern (very humiliating).

It creates the suggestion that I am the weak link, a Prince that cannot look after his hospitalities, his guests and friends are getting thinner and disappearing and there is an underworld celebration of a man having been brought down because of the future that doing so will build.

I suppose there are no other reasons promiscuous women pretend to be feminist.

(29/4/2010) I am not giving back to any trouble maker any western decadence, they think this form of fascism is invincible and they will just have to go away and imagine another one; this is supposed to be a very simple task for them considering how much they boast about and destroy other peoples fundamental youth to talk about world peace.

I wonder if people are still wondering if they need to buy books that are the latest trend again and again and again because they are live and offer self provided securities at the same time.

And of course I do not wish to provide services which make me cash strapped either.

Update 24/10/2014 Brokerage security brief


I hear that my penis will bring about a crisis of course and such is the intensity of the violent abuses of these civil rights idiots and privacy intrusions by which it is possible to ensure it creates trappings of power others can rally to but what we have here is a case of complication of their insults especially those of the black race at a Royal Office being resolved by the Officer in it, while he creates their own complications for them as well so they can save the public and show how much they love it and we now have to wait and see too.

I have no idea why the Politicians like to claim I have spent all their Political history and left them with nothing to say or sense of campaign to run anyway but I am happy I did because it will help to settle what their worth really is, so that we can all move on; it’s not a matter of strong economy and fairer society as they love to claim and I have no idea why they think that is unusual either since we all know businesses can only run out of customers because people have not got any more money, hence have to move off to another country and leave government out of pocket and to which the Politicians love the big names of recession and so on until and unless you set out reality to them in such ways while the businesses claim people can never run out of money when they actually never heard me argue with them about the fact there are people that are always happy to prop up the system to the detriment of others if they have the slightest means by which to do it and what they heard me speak of is how much the government gets from the economy in revenue and how those kinds of games would mean revenue for government too. The other story beside this matter being that of the NHS where the Politicians think when they speak of culture of prevention they have done something unusual – whereas we all know the entire foundation of health provision is developed and run on the basis of the mantra we hear from them all the time that prevention is better than cure and if it isn’t broken it should not be fixed – from the cleaners, to the wardens and the nurses to the GPs and surgeons, so I have no idea why the Politicians like to think when they mention it they have solved a problem anyway. However the reality in their case is a bit more of listening to the facts i.e. the labour party was the party that started a political culture of cure is better than prevention in order to spread wealth with the health service, so that an asthma patient would have gotten their inhaler except that Politicians means they don’t and then they collapse in the park and an air ambulance has to be called in which creates jobs for fuel traders and various other things that ensure the costs of the logistics of health provision is maintained – if the Liberal democrats are unwilling to let us into the facts of how far they went and how bad they made things, I have no idea why they think we should trust them on any stories they tell us about a certain culture change which we all know should be happening at Politics and not the NHS but obviously we can see when they do tell us so the conservatives will gain an advantage and hence it has been such a waste of time all together and somebody is going to wake from it and realise they are pensioners and have therefore run out of time.

 The other story being that I am the shrew they are taming of course when in actual fact are realities for example like equities and securities I have created at my Royal Estate on organised crime which I have designated for the deployment to the brokerage of some celebrities that I have made up public that I have, which is now being deployed by the industry of popular culture every single day followed by sexual context abuses and their desires being met as it were and if I mention that there will be another trick with which to cling to my possessions and make more money until I say something about that again and there is another trick on and on and on and on and on; instead of leaving equities and securities for celebrities I have designated to its use and leaving me alone rather than the build up of all these stories about Politics and NHS to create necessary distraction. I hear they say I am always stuck when a case of the evils of religion is tabled for me and that it is the power they have over me and it is utter rubbish too of course because this is me enjoying the lifestyle of the lower classes to my fill as it were and the reason for it are the sort of violent nonsense that I have to put up with all day long and absolutely every and anywhere I go – such as they were supposed to wake by 6am and get to work by 8am but they overslept and woke by 7am which can happen to anybody, except in their case when they scoff their breakfast it is my duty to become psychic, know that they did and keep my snacks or coffee from smelling on public transport otherwise it is violence and sodomy all day long because as soon as some had done it all of them will want a self improvement and so you cannot seem to reach the ending of the evils they practice because they are trying to make money or the lies they tell about it and you cannot reach the end of the evils they practice because they are trying to get famous and the lies they tell about it too and they will learn to leave me alone as well for my part starting with the taking over of their lower class lives and living it in order to get to the bottom of the problem. I mean there are bigger ones on the violence and sodomy obsession thing such as the argument people show at them and they throw at people on their way to work changed today and it did because I exist and hence I shouldn’t because it is either I refuse to obey them and their wishes when they assert them on me or women refuse to obey them and their wishes and give birth to such things as me which complicate their lives and pretend not to be aware, so such high level abuses and violence create trauma and howling in Riyal Circles and I tend to handle them as well for my part to create them a crisis too and we have reached that point at this stage where they are complaining about my penis and how it has no regard for other people women and how it will create a crisis, so it’s done and I need to monitor and look after it. It has cost me this much putting up with all sorts from them to avert the crisis and complications they create at my Office and public life so let’s see them avert their own crisis as well so we can find out how much they really love the public like they claim they do and this is why the whole story of their inability to accept my personal life and where my bits and bobs are is none of their business resulting in a condition of an atmosphere of violence and abuse that hangs over the Country that their media and Political scum can extricate power from is something I like to claw back, distract people from, work on in order to ensure dissipates and of course it is when they start to fight me over that we have a real problem with that their big mouth; so it’s never a story of being stuck over religious violence and the evils of religion. I mean they do ask where the story of me will end of course which is a wholly wrong conception of what my thoughts about them are i.e. they are a personal responsibility so that Government can find its way through rather serious matters that are going on at present and they too have worked out their own means of deploying media to get law makers into a corner in which I am outside of the protection of the law while they brew violence against me that will be financially beneficial for them – so they want a piece of me and the story will end when it does; for now my inability to keep off peoples wives will create a crisis, let them do their crisis too and show their love and care for the public.

So that in the end the reality can be measured by such matters for example as the case of supermarkets and whether or not I give my consent for the release of equities but of course I do if the rules are followed to avoid problems that will cause me problems as well – I mean the reality is that super markets as in this case have lost their way i.e. they say is the discount people that are taking up market share but the reality is what a super market is; I go there because if I did all my shopping at a discount shop it will mean the difference of 3 or 4 pounds or less than that to my total shopping bill and I wouldn’t get value either but in a super market I can be certain of one product complementing another and then another and then another to give me a lifestyle which of course the problem only is that I would not find them on the very first day of walking into one I have never been in before. I don’t think it’s a problem it’s been a rocky ride with the recession and everything I am saying only that they have lost their way on this matter at present i.e. I would only shop in a discount if I want a specific thing or a specific thing which is at a specific price and the discount people know that too. The rest is a matter of insulting and abusive Industry idiots who speak of how they manipulate me with violence and it gives them self improvements whereas their biggest problem is their inability to accept they have no business around me as I already do have a court and their involvement is therefore intolerable – I mean if they are industry idiots engaged in a certain people activity which ensures industry bosses are accountable to those who buy their products, is this how their own is done for them in the first place and if it is not then what does their involvement mean except an invasion and we know when they have that stupid media it can go on forever unless we hear the complains like it is presently.  I hear they speak of me the riff raff who wants to get married into the Royal Family but I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that the problem between me and them is that if I spoke to somebody about their actions and what they said and told them it is all very well but it will do nothing for me or my people in blah, blah, blah – it would have had to do with normal people but if they said such things it would have had to do with barely criminal scum and outright twisted bitter idiots and their media power, so they are actually criminals who talk nonsense all the time about the bad things that happen to those who get in their way and feel when they build up enough stories about that can handle the possessions of anybody they so wish and now they have a problem as well: it does not imply when they do those sex based and sodomy based abuses that they do not know what they are doing and one of these days they will touch me in that way for the last time as well along with the processes of simulating it on public media in order to attain and temperamental and distant effect as it were. For now it’s a matter of the fact it propels me to seek to know what it is they gain from talking about me getting married into the Royal family – I mean I am prepared to massage egos in order to find out so we can have our usual complains at the end as well, otherwise they might want to think about shutting it as nobody is asking them; the point is that I am not giving them and the general tolerance of their criminal behaviour around me is getting to a point – we all know they speak of how I provoked them first by wrecking culture and then pillaging backyards of companies where they seek their fortunes but watch and find out what will propel them to dress in an eye catching or exhibitionist way in their local communities as a result of what has happened around my Literary empire and then listen to them bring up those statements again. It is never a complicated matter, in terms of wrecking their culture, I needed it so that I can get my hands around popularity and everybody involved in that industry because of their civil and criminal disobedience so I might decide what they do with my office and possessions and how they are meant to keep their activities outside of my world, they on the other hand are talking about filthy time consuming and academic work and finance destroying attrition at a distance following insulting claims of every action I carry out that gets attention belonging to them that is getting more violent because they are not going anywhere especially the ones that share skin colour with me and have a big mouth to go with it as well and it is much the same as the other part about ripping up their positions at Industry backyards too – that one was largely concerned with the fact that they have a problem with my faith but get after my right to earn a living to talk nonsense about how controlling me is a matter of my financial impotency and then it continued to grow all the way to claims of having found somebody that is to chase a cause and die for the good of his race and so on until it got to a point. I mean they do claim I have been oppressed with Tory problems and now having been forced for some time now I am solving them but it makes no sense, I mean being oppressed and abused with Tory problems because they want to expand their financial base is one thing and solving those problem is another because they are not here to tell you to do it so you can prove a point about whether or not you want to, so I do not see it as a process of me solving Tory problems for them which then creates this other problem of how they will claim it without getting into trouble of their own as well; In the end it’s a matter of meeting and average ten people in the UK populous and 6 will be angry about the way things work 2 will be black people that have come from dank and evil homes and have planned their argument and worked themselves up to it which is concerned with grabbing other peoples possessions like their lives depended on it male and female alike and the other will be idiots allied with the labour party doing other peoples careers and livelihoods as a result of these issues and then issuing arguments that will foster their power and means towards oppression which are usually completely stupid; so that for the blacks it’s a matter of how I have never given them permission to handle my possessions when they feel like attacking white people and for the other idiots it’s a matter of how they will complain soon enough as well about unemployment, the argument being that I cannot remember doing anything I don’t want to do and besides which the story of how I come up with an excuse each time I am being bullied into doing something about Americans and Africans is that these problems are as good as insolent men with a mission for me who want to sit on media and bask on my Royal Privileges. They do speak of the true nature of the things I do beginning to emerge of course and it will never make any sense the need to attack moral people because they will start to beat your stupidities into shape with their morality and then when you have become a nice and rich person beat their morality into shape with suffering that will make you connections with powerful people that will admire the fact that you have: - that aside however the media is never really what it is and it is full of communities of twisted bitter violent idiots and it shows they live in fantasy world that abusing and attacking me every second for 12 years could only but yield a condition where people are starting to find out what the true essence of what I get up to really is and it goes without saying that it fights right in with the other part about them being bigger than me which means that I have no feelings and hence unlikely to teach people a lesson they will never forget over the fact I am a person and in my life and the way I conduct my affairs there are things that will offend me. So this is how it has to be if a condition where they leave me alone as we are not mates is not good enough and yes I know there are wars and there is terrorism but they are criminals as well and deserve everything they get and that is a start – from here I am not giving them any and the abuses and attacks will soon reach a point where they will no longer be tolerated and hence allowed to happen all day long like it is presently. I am accused of not handling this matters strongly enough of course but what I said it was about is that they are bitter twisted evil criminal talking nonsense about people getting in the way of what they want while their eyes are fixed on my possessions and office and anything in it they can make themselves comfortable with, along with a need for them to show themselves on media and that I am not giving them any and the sodomy abuses and sex based abuses will soon get to a stage where they will no longer be tolerated – they in turn raised a story about their size as compared to mine and I responded with the fact I organise myself in a certain way and certain things are likely to provoke me as a person and it is the facts around this they want to find out as well. This is usually the point where they say I don’t like them but somebody I like will invite them to play a gig somewhere hence my feelings are irrelevant and I wouldn’t know how that works alongside the complain that my penis and inability to keep off other people women will create a crisis around here either. So it’s the bitter twisted evil criminal scum with eyes firmly fixed on my earnings and a story to tell and an accusation to make and a problem at all times and an experience that was my fault every second and the need for me to have a conversation they can feel good with too alongside it. In terms of where it is heading, the story is equity is brokered with manufacturing people who create tools for them to use during their geeks, geeks are needed paid for and done and the need to have the personal life of the person whose equities have created products that make the feel good results and so geeks are paid for and money talks and they have popular culture and it must be done where they feel its most profitable and done where they feel most comfortable and the arguments of vandalism has led to the defeat that means my life can be used for it after 13 years of daily abuse and it’s time to push back as well; I mean they are bitter people and we all know that although your concerns are not their business their evil nature means that you can easily slip into a condition where they are always standing above you and nothing you do is ever right so you don’t want to see them anywhere near your work or possessions, they are stupid people and the same condition applies, they are criminals and the same condition applies and they are very destructive with connections to socialist Politicians that know how to spend government funds to set people up for them as well and so none of these attributes would you have liked to tolerate and now they think I am supposed to live with a condition of seeing all four play off on me every day.

Of course I am conversant with the story of the Labour Party being the problem I cannot move away from but of course the reality is as simple as the fact they now have their own crisis that is a factor of my behaviour and need to deal with it to show how much they love the public as well, it will save time and energy. They always like to claim they know where my anus and penis is and will abuse me as much as they want too but I don’t mind; after all it can only end as well with them telling me I am responsible for the safety and security of their stupid families. I understand the part where they say I mess about with matters that are not of my social class to that effect but of course I know the biggest problem my book sales face is the social class involvement thing from me and otherwise I would be more concerned about whether or not they were messing up the office and how I can stop them from doing that most of the time and then things would be a lot easier but it is as complicated as the story of how I have a go at the men when the women are the problem, which makes no sense since I am aware I am the kind of guy socialist women like to abuse and make media connections to create fame and fortune for themselves and at the moment I have had enough of them and they are still yapping because they have not had enough of me too yet. Not to say the men are angels of course because the hatred for my books are just as well when they start a story of the reasons these things happen i.e. being that every time we see them it’s about the need to be powerful and the importance of society in which I am the kind of guy which when abused makes them powerful and when nice to them makes them powerful either way and so it gets to the stage where supplications are tabled before Politicians who then comply concerning my dominance before I am allowed to complete my academic work hence the problem but it is the black ones that are the real deal because they can chase my finances and destroy it every day for 12 years claiming that my success will show that the problems of the black race is not created by the white man, thereafter which they get tax payer money from their socialist friends and maintain their own dignity and continue to chase me around in that manner for miscellaneous reasons that they make up as they go along until they reach the point where I try and find out if they have proven their point about the white man being the problem and it turns out they have not and then the tolerance of their liberalist nonsense, popular culture fame and fortune, new fame and riches and roles in film and media and populous nonsense and insults that cannot be exhausted and are not apologetic for what they have done to me either; so the question comes up of whether I am a victim of their vandalism or a victim of wealth distribution and one answer will help me move on while the other will start trouble.

They do say I am convinced when I write about my problems I will earn a living but I don’t write about my problems in anyway – it is an old case of these things happening because even celebrities are showing on my income that people have to be ruthless in order to be successful and they have no argument that suggests they should be moving on or doing it somewhere else and yes the problem with it is as ever, that I win all the time and they don’t but they will dispute that claiming that I am beating about my pain whereas the reality is that they are simply exerting in the most evil way they can the power associated with how long they have been in the work force and the size of their savings to that effect but even then since they met me that savings has not actually grown while the assumption I am stupid continues to rule their foolish minds. There are those of course whose savings have grown, I am not disputing that but that is a function of the actions of those who are happy to prop them up and has nothing to do with the real world where I have devised conditions to ensure that they don’t make money at my expense and have to dabble into a false sense of security and split the money among themselves then get on media to try and extricate the profit there by force – the moral of the story being that I have no wish to continue my business with the idea they exist and that should offer them the opportunity to stay away from me and put their head down and sort out how to invest their money otherwise I will continue to think they are bluffing and are just carrying through one big joke after another talking even more nonsense about market correction when I move important plates at my company which results in global market changes that cost them money. I need them off my book sales so that they might be free of me too if they want it but they will rather ask what becomes of what I have done to them which does not match the previously mentioned claim that they are winning. It’s like when I say I don’t feel it is a matter people should dwell on since it has always been a simple case of them not messing up my work to make money or I will assume they are messing around; same old story of middle and lower classes getting rich as a fundamental process of attacking the upper classes and sometimes I do meet them and it’s a case of its the end of the world for you and I have all these insults and abuses going for me and then a case of you think that we are equals because we are taking the same public transport and then I will have to make out they have not got enough to deal with or contain me and that will put them in a state where the end product is as well that they are really good at what they do so I can ask them why we are now dealing with terrorism, when they were asked to go to the Middle East and do a simple job considering they are so good at what they do – typical after that will be some women walking by and their relationship with women being expressed on claims women have no respect for men that have got money so I can ask them how that happens from that angle, so they can target me again and I can remind them of the nature of terrorism which is actually not conventional war but involves killing innocent civilians like a jackal to get back at idiots like them that are really good at what they do; it does shut them up.

Now I understand I am thought to be very wasteful of Royal business while never actually active around issues concerning Americans making trouble; I wouldn’t know since I am the opposite of wasteful i.e. happy with my Church thing not when I am chasing celebrities that cannot do their stupidities somewhere else outside my Government office and its foreign Policy range or indeed grabbing women off idiots that make money at my expense because woman must build life and career of her own and so half of everything she gives him is counterproductive and he was always after mine because it was never enough as well. In terms of Americans it’s the simple fact this is the UK and I have had most of it settled around the need that does not exist to get about some stupid things some foolish Indians and Africans do like travelling long distances to antagonise and attack others to end up at the other side wondering if they had made enemies – so this is the UK and not the US and if Americans are not asking about their concerns we should not be concerned – the idiots that talk rubbish all the time are good at it and mean the level of government support you get in the US is calculable as one of a kind but people still find time to do that with their time and with other peoples time for decades at any given point. That I am indulged is something that is said in certain areas but I don’t think so mostly as these things are really annoying and I am talking about high level government business with the highest levels of emotions imaginable, so it is my break periods that actually mean the media controls me, hence it does not feel indulging at all, which is not to say I don’t find it stimulating and fun, it’s just that it isn’t as indulging necessarily. It runs into this story of Industries having me under control while I think I control them which is utter nonsense as well – largely a matter of idiots who are my relatives controlling me while the media decides that when I place property equity on a website they can make use of it and or create spoofs of their own, so that they get to take revenge for a process of not being able to make use of my existence to make money because I am stopping them from so doing which is not an unusual freedom and democracy provocation before we hear the complains at some point since I am unlikely to just cease existing on account they have said so because their needs are not being met and for the Industries when I handle them again they will claim it is market correction still. So it is government office primarily and I may sell jewellery but people must respect government office, I may sell books but people must regard government office and in that way they can have their own lives too and leave me alone. Just like being asked if I don’t think the problem of liberalists has gone far enough which I really don’t care about for Politicians should spend tax payers funds on them to move about with; 7 feet tall, twice the size of a normal person, involved with deviance that cannot be described and busy laying the weight on others claiming it is their civil rights and we are not talking about the women who make out pressing themselves on you and getting after your private parts is freedom, it always happens until when you ask them where your freedom is as well of course; so it is about time the Politicians learned the nature of the people described as liberalist and then they can set new precedents for them by creating new film councils and spending tax payer funds on them to make fame and fortune with. I mean the big problem with these companies that control me as it were is largely concerned with civil rights idiots being the ones who inflict punishment on me by savaging my book sales not a process where I deal with all the big problems of the world, so these are ample lessons that the Politicians will appreciate and I am doing nothing about them for my part – I mean it took me between 4 and 6 years to put them where they were and at the time I was a teenager anyway, as it stands I am technically a pensioner with only 35 years to kill whatever health their stupidities have spared to secure a good mortgage and to save up for it – life truly is too short. The company is not in any way vulnerable it’s just reality that when people see property equity in print form they will regard it as secured enough to get them into trouble with the law but not when they see it on a website and so I need to start saying so. I mean an example is when they say what I am really after is the starvation and death of many Africans whereas as soon as they got the slightest scoop I was planning to help them in a Christian way it became a war that got so personal they are now a tool in the hands of every idiot on the planet that wants to wreck everything around here to get rich and make out it is amusing; so people are now telling me to bend over and help them so that they might not die and I would be hard pressed to find such clowning around common place anywhere. Of course they do get busy bodied enough to tell me  I spend all day watching television and blaming others for my problems which is wholly on untrue as I do to keep an eye on all they do to wreck all I do to fight my corner for employment and a living and they can see that when I remove the aspect whereby I tolerate them from the equation it is paying off big time as well, especially around those who are working trophy victory on me that they can sell later as lucrative villainy a measure of people’s desire to look for trouble and make up meaning for it as they go along, which only works alongside a certain anus and penis insults that are garnished with claims I am propelled by hysteria as punishment for making sure they cannot make use of me to get rich and or famous which is all together becoming attrition because apparently they can whether I like it or not on account it is freedom to.


Of course it is a very popular problem that some people’s behaviour fundamentally destroys systems by which jobs get to exist for others and there is nothing new about it except the story of a part I was meant to play in the matter – concerning which the problem is what people want to be complicit with and the fact women think they can behave in any way that they bloody well wish – so what we have here are a collection of criminals that want to be able to steal within a condition that they are above the law which only works when they gain the consent of those they have stolen from or make it up on media successively if it were to apply temporarily until the owner changes it, in order to ensure they get a sustained and permanent effect. Hence the same old case of not letting people make use of my work or possessions to get rich in a condition where they were better off with it than I am resulting in what people want to be complicit with in terms of enjoying the trivia of them explaining away their activities with my work until it becomes financially beneficial way too much for their own good and of course the outcome that these fools then feel they have public support and get to attack me all the time so often thereof that they are having the kind of revenge which means if they don’t have my possessions even when they have damaged the finances and strewn it everywhere so they can pick it up later when I am no longer interested because I have been bullied into doing without it I will not have it either, claiming it is because it is a fundamental threat to freedom. So for me it’s always a case of how they have built up so much publicity around it that I have no choice but do what the people want being the wrong answer to their questions in life, the fact they are not sharing any of my possessions and need to get lost, the threats they issue claiming they are bigger than me and can do whatever they like, my response being they are bigger than me on media and I have nothing more to say to them and the result being made up favourable change at my expense that I never created due to sex based abuse and civil rights that will come forth from it – while for those who get involved it is not the problem of my social class as such of which even the very notion of having sex with those I meet while I am involved with it creates an inability to control what happens with my personal and private life, only that I want to write books about it, while they for their part can attack the books too if it helps to alleviate the problem.

So I understand the part where it is a problem associated with the ability of Americans and Africans to spy on me but that has always been an old and familiar issue i.e. liberalist idiots with a need to feel they control their Countries setting off to bully some royal prince from whom they think they will acquire secrets that will bring that about and of course the fact Media organisations full of media bosses talking nonsense about being insulted by me when I refuse to let them deploy my existence to become better off than I am with my own property giving support for that every day – so the answer is to shut down everything that means I am involved with the media which will shift it all to the background of living as a whole but they are the ones with the provocation and can do as they like with it every day as well. I do understand the story of how I am known to attack the conservatives that do something about it but it is a story I am very familiar with, the one about the fact that the Conservatives we are talking about will never put up their hands and make it clear the problem of violence and crime has overwhelmed them because of what they claim the liberalists will make of that never mind their insolence in the direction of those who know better and their ability to do one at a clear and newly finished job because they have society and can seek self improvements with violence so easily whenever they want and the result being they turn up here to handle my work and make rash snap judgements at me that they feel I think they are unaware of the effects of what their actions are all together, until I do them as well and we therefore hear the stories and that is beside their inability to stay off problems that overwhelm them as well because of their stupid big ego that they are certain they can make others pay the price for as well, along with the fact their women on either side cannot keep their cunts at home or that filthy mouth for that matter (I mean when you are in a good mood you ask them and that cunt swirling around talking nonsense if that is their area of society but when you have had it you can get this raw).