Now their ideas about getting into real trouble with them is largely based on the notion that it is a terrifying prospect for me that the way out has to be that of challenging them by mentioning I find things that men and their women and celebrities and their celebrity communities do to be incredibly stupid and that the main issue is to concentrate on a condition where they like to make use of my fame and never buy my books to get richer and more famous than they are but most of all that of expecting my books to become too expensive so they can pay pipelines on my business and make lots of money but of course they know where my books are and therefore everything foolish thing they think I should be doing with myself is that from which they know how to get a reaction from me and make money with media savaging my company. At this stage I have no idea what is still scary about mentioning it either anyway; perhaps the conveyor belts of capitalism and that sense of pure hopelessness I get from small businesses as it were anyway – foolish men. There are no questions claimed about my work and my position in anyway whatsoever; the reality is people paying for the cost of their stupidities at the Monarchy and whining about it too; since we all know what happened and was not unconnected with them was that as soon as I got the royal commission the country became inundated with people from South Africa and God knows which hell hole in Africa who want to get married to European royalty and therefore make it happen in a way by which they are more important than I am as well. The issues now are that I am not expected to react to those things and the main problems will kick off over their obsession with my books as well. They will complain of their business communities which I took over but I am not the one giving people the worst customer service in the banks because I got the job through connections I created on the basis of abusing those who got royal office when they were not worthy enough for it all over the world, I am not the one who does the same things to get top jobs in the Auto Industry all over Europe and around the world to create expensive and racial problems for other people, no, I am the victim of that instead, so it is never clear which of their business communities I have taken over when the idiots cannot seem to make anything from journalism and video games with their own families instead of mine. I had made it clear of course the video games industry around me and my work is a community as it were and a clear cut one too; which started off with some renaissance around me which suggests it is a bad habit to get back into my cradle or something and has since developed into managing villainy around me and some of them with the Monarchy as well and therefore not open to everybody and it is much the same with the film industry where I do not get films made about my odyssey these days anymore, except for some that were made some years before; I need it to continue to create jobs and to establish a system of things which allows a means of preventing such crisis as the Burma one which happened years ago and they will want to stay out of it as it is not open to everybody either. As for my social networking sites in any case; a social networking environment I built which was not built by staff or assistants is not their own and it is continues to be we will soon find out what the answers to the question is as well, with Politicians taking things over only with their big mouth somewhere in hell as it were, just because films are made on and around social injustice and law and order etc these days instead.


I have not in any way gotten myself into a point of no return on my book sales, talking rubbish at people who are in a place where they know what I need the most and only to get into such a place to find out they were better than I am and were right while I was wrong and more so which applies to the company business with them like they make out all the time with their media; the reality of it is rather that of noise they make all the time that the number of people who make use of services at my royal office and property and my public work and company, to whom I can sell books and make money to pay my way, will be determined by them, considering which the most annoying part is that they are one of those and do not intend to pay up as well. Then we hear them tell me my view of the world is amazing and you will never work out what exactly their view of the world was or is then meant to have been anyway. All I am saying is that it is a rather simpler matter than they make it out to be i.e. there are three issues 1) they will continue to buy products from companies that broker equities with me, 2) they will stay out of the business of those companies and 3) they will stay out of my business and then all these might find a way of coming to an end too. Otherwise they can continue to yap off their politicians with a big mouth and a Policy of ‘they work for it and we take it’ and see where it will lead. I have had enough of them and they can see that written all over my affairs. They speak of this class war of course and are completely confident of those who are scared of it when the reality is rather that they do evil things and pretend nobody knows that they know when they are doing it and that they are doing it while they are doing it – so it never clear who is supposed to have been scared of their class war unless I am to imagine that the cost is supposed to be economic and in that they can bring it on too; since it is not bad enough the curses their wickedness brings upon them since people are lower classes that suffer like they do because it was somebody else’s problem and their wickedness clearly does not bring a curse on those who practice such things as it were, hence they can see why others are always better off than they are and that it is about time they think about repentance and turning a new leaf so to speak if they want an improvement in their lives instead of talk nonsense about class war. These matters are not a new thing Monarchs have come and gone and had opinions about it on various occasions – Queen Victoria was particularly famous for saying she did not believe they had any business with Politics, she was certain they had no business with a mandate and she would rather they spend time in church doing lots of church activities. These matters are nothing new and so I have no idea whom they assume should therefore be scared of a mention of class war either anyway. So the story always comes through of the one I do as well and yes maybe I have been around a bit for my part too; the way it is supposed to work is company boss says popular culture is my property and company employee says I was the one who came up with it and unemployed person says it was my idea to come up with a means of abusing people to get rich, while they turn out to make fame and fortune from wrecking people’s lives to, to show that people do not mess with them first of all and then above all else show that they became rich and famous to put their feet up and be decadent, especially to wind up those whose lives they damaged for it too. So the outcome is always she completely destroyed my life and career with the kind of publicity she chased me around the city and country with but in the end she sings this song that does the bad stuff for me as well and I would buy the music if I liked it; today it has all changed and they want to be famous with culture, they have located those who are to deal with the problem, those they are meant to abuse and dominate and oppress, getting involved with peoples business to sell themselves to the highest bidder over every single issue in society left right and centre and it never ever goes away. I have only thought those problems should be famous: let them do it and use the fame and fortune to do it as well, after all people do buy the CDs anyway and declaration of class war is another big mouth coming up.


I have mentioned it before anyway; if crime was a community they would be slap bang in the middle as the biggest beneficiaries of activities that happened there, so I really am not prepared to tolerate any rubbish from them. I know they say I will get into trouble with them soon enough all the time which is not a major issue either; for my part anyway I have made it clear I like classical music and do not know if that does mean anything to them anyway – however speaking with respect to them we all know popular music have communities and the behaviour that the celebrities that come from it exhibit is a tip of the iceberg – the entire community wants to live like the celebrities and I have made myself clear too before I will sooner had become the biggest problem that those their socialist gatherings have and we are not talking about the 80s; this is not the 80s. Things like relations with communists in order to secure prices stability which benefits them as well is incredibly difficult work and by the way of which we should be having a ball at this stage i.e. all that stuff has been done, environment set out and standards raised and everybody is working hard to ensure there are jobs and so on, it is a stage at which we should have added perks like scientists coming together to think about inventions and what kind of inventions will need to be created to make our lives easier for the future etc but this is not happening because of them and their Politicians and media, the fact they do not like it is half the story of course, the other half is that they want those who build such things to build one of their own specifically for them or else and this nonsense will not be tolerated either. Issues remain as they are; they need to keep buy products from companies, they need to stay out of the business and the affairs of the companies and they need to stay out of my affairs and my business and then they will not have to buy products to find out who brokered equities with whom to create them and then will not have to wind me up. We are not done with the financial centre yet by the way; they always love to tell me I have no idea what I am talking about and I could agree to a certain extent but I do know that in quantity terms at least 70% of money and assets that has been destroyed by the natural course of the recession, is actually as they say it is; the remaining 30% is a factor of individuals who then turn up to make more noise about how people would have avoided the problems if people did like they did – so my actions are not hurting badly enough yet since it was their own they did it with like they did like they did as it were and those who owned the means they did like they did with are stupid too for good measure. That I have created a false reputation of being interested in the Interests of women which then leads them on so I can disappoint them, is utter nonsense; the reality is that of women I handle around me in a capacity in which they were colleagues or in a capacity which is similar to that in which they were colleagues and of course you do not necessarily take it kindly when people hurt your colleagues, especially when they are female. The problem is another group of fools in whose interest it is to look after the needs of certain girls and women and they cannot do that without me because the needs of those girls and women are always about me, hence the process of having colleagues became a conversation concerning which I still kick their arse on a daily basis since and to this day on a daily basis and of course they have begun to talk violence too, hence my position that we all need to take it easy as it were with their big mouth. I do not think it is a problem, some women are just bullies, I indulge their abuses and arguments which will never run out because I think it makes me look really wise i.e. things most people cannot do which I do as if sort of thing. It does not mean I do not see them for what they are i.e. 300 four bedrooms in a planned area and they are the most evil and notorious idiots in it, so they get out and become convinced that they can handle me any way they like as well which will lead to something else because they do not clearly see that as long as their insults turns up in public places their condition and that of women like them and social disposition as well will continue to get worse until they choose an end for it eventually. I mean I am not the only one; there is the part where Mr A buys his daughter a car this weekend, so they feel that Daddy’s girl must be taken somewhere and abandoned and handed to men who will rape her and so on and then get off making noise all over the place for it too – for me on the other hand it is when they had finished the clubbing and the drinking and the sex and the drugs that they tell me the men who provide those environments are friends of theirs and I stole my personality from them, which means they can use my personality to do whatever they like as well if I do not co-operate – hence it pleases them always to bandy such things at a Prince due to the fact it is incredibly expensive for him, like the usual lower class trash they are as it were. So it is nothing new as a whole but there really isn’t a false persona created to lead people on by a suggestion I care about the interests of women. The idea I have mentioned it does not put me in any danger of idiots who think they are worldly than everybody else; if they piss me off I will kick them again and someday I might do it on the money too. I do not believe it to be a major issue, it’s an old one – mothers like sons and sons like mothers, mothers like daughters and daughters like mothers and it is good for their very being to issue violent insults in your direction all of the time. In the end of which it applies that since the idiots left home to find their way in the world and the parents provided no more, they want criminals to help them with access to your income and then with that they can stretch their legs on the beach and if they do without finding millions in their account they want you and the rest of the world to believe they are famous when they damage your finances to make you understand how they feel; hence people who think they are worldly than everybody else and suppose I consider myself to be in danger or that it is a view of mine that they are famous too. It’s the same old story; girl, girl, girl awesome girl, what does she want next except the usual, so if you want to be a responsible person your question is what they want in the world of men and the monumental idiots that give it to them and turn up to make out they have you over a barrel and if they do not get things they want your condition which they created will get worse and cannot notice dangers when you have already taken steps to ensure how you deal with it does not affect their civil rights. So even if I did take them up and settle the issue, there is the main problem which is the media, concerning which it is never clear how you use makeup to do your job as a man and get to foster such things after complaining people think you want to do their civil rights for them just because you work on media – just expresses how far they go and why people do what they do to them as well. So it applies they continue their rampage like human beings have no feelings especially when they are important, while I continue to get questions on why I throw my life away whereas in actual fact I work from a half priest office and books are not things you make noise writing or make noise selling or people make noise reading – so their insults are still unbelievable and I will soon find out how deep it goes as well for my part; for now I am not giving back that stupid left hand side either and they can come and get it too. You hear of people who want to use a younger person as an army because they think they have society power but you never dream of journalists that want to use such a power as well and more so on a royal Prince but these are the things people do to ensure that you get the worst possible deal out of your life while they seek more decadence to add to their laziness which a collection of goons had already taken time out to reward in the past.