The story of how I am unable to run with the media is a well known one but no thought is ever before given to how much it provokes me for an idiot to turn up on my own television in a condition of which the onus is on his to be polite and nice to make out I cannot run with him, I mean I am better than them in so many ways is that I have a website that people click their mouse to access and I write books that people go to shops to buy if they want to know, they appear on my television on a mandatory basis and have no sense of curtsey for it either, which makes me think they believe it is in some way their television as it were which is never actually true. The realities of not being able to run with the media of which there is much hatred for me out there by a group of fools that have always had this iron clad Universe built from homosexuality which allows them to familiarise with anybody and wreck the lives of anybody they want being completely destroyed and put under control in the sense that because they are always on my case and wreck my finances to have a millionaire in their midst for it, I always tend to move them left whenever I feel I have had enough and need some peace of mind and there they think they have found a new reason to dress well for a change and tell less tales about a need for wealth distribution in their stupid lives and when i think they are a problem for my work move them out of the left and back into the right where they can stay out of my public life and so they do not have these neighbourhoods full of violence and intrusion anymore and hence replace it with a deep hatred of me bearing in mind it does not on any occasion occur to them that I do not like how they handle me is actually an indication it is not pleasing and therefore a bad thing. Last I checked on running with the media Royalty had long failed to be scared of media in this Country on account of me, so the idea I cannot run with them is mind blowing. The main point of most of what I do is not the media although the media is collateral damage in the sense that it is the point where most of the things people do to hurt me works and when out of 101 things that can be attributed to me, I sit down and count a 95% of it to be true and real, then it becomes a question of why people leave their homes to get to work that they then deploy to attack me in such ways and it is not because I got a royal commission either, it already took hold before then and the reason was that I am a Christian which happens because they cannot keep their hands off other people and stay by themselves. The main course of my actions is to set out for me a total victory over black people; black people and Africans that cannot do anything concerning earning money without destroying things and for some strange reason I am always getting the worst of it and it has come to a stage where they not have their own stories of my reaction to it to deploy as the thing that provokes them to do it, Politicians and media that do not wish to get into trouble will like to stay out of it therefore and I have no control of what the white ones do either, that is the part politicians do as tribute to my work and nothing changes the fact that these two groups of racists and black people who know nothing but violent prejudice especially their stupid insolent girls and the excuses they make for it are incredibly stupid and yet believe their stupidities to be some kind of power. I have warned them they provoke me to it all the time, they provoke me to the fact that if I did consult some bankers and some business people and some Tories and set out a leverage on the line it will be entirely different from the way things work at present which is largely to do with kicking them as well because if I don’t nobody will be willing to sit down and discuss my corner and the insolent black women who love to make out they own me and cannot keep their insults to themselves as well want me to get a piece of them which I will yet again soon enough too as it were. So total victory over black people more so bearing in mind the only way that anything they do is applicable to reality is 1. When Politicians that cannot stay out of my case and feel they have a narcissistic desire to hurt me claiming the way I react is good for them cannot stay out of it and 2. When media pays attention to it facilitating the things their stupid girls say and do to spread stories of their own which is how I get to pay any attention to black people and Africans, should also create a total victory over moderate racist on the other hand considering the level of tribute I get from Politicians in Europe and the US on my work. That an idiot would get off to claim I cannot run with the media, taking it out of me like that and making out the reason to be the salary he earns getting to his head is clearly a process of looking for trouble and I can say they need to shut it and get lost and there is nothing they can do about me or I can say one of these days it will get individual and personal as well, besides which there isn’t a person on this planet that has not done racist stuff before anyway. 


It is said of course that most people are confused about where I stand politically and rather I feel I must answer the matter as well since I am aware of factors in play thereof. The reality and fact that those who play all these wealth distribution and social equality games really at the heart of all they do reserve no kind of hate whatsoever for those who are rich and own big businesses like they make out but that space is specifically determined for those who have over time never been unemployed in their lives third generation down the line – so it does not mean that when I play their game and do my stuff at my own time I am not aware of that and how stupid they really are in actual fact and it does not mean that when it becomes abusive everybody tends to get used to it either and this is why there are problems. As I have mentioned, my main issue is to secure a 100% victory over Africans that can never do anything to make money unless they destroy things about which I am always getting the worst of it and of course the Politicians that support them in every turn to help them do it. They know of course that if I get my hands around the Banking system and the Industry Communities and Popular culture they will go to hell basically and are doing everything to prevent that from happening but in sharp contrast on the other hand they also say my problem is that I cannot stand social liberalism but of course we all know that it is supposed to operate as some sort of biblical wickedness which means that if you have a faith another person can tick you off and use if thereafter once he is done provoking you for anything that he wishes and even claim to be another sector of the same faith just a different purpose but in actual fact the provocation and the destruction that brings it about since its purpose is to use government office to get a reaction from me because I am a Christian is the real problem that must be dealt with here and the reason I am such a big issue for them as well for my part, hence it has nothing to do with whether or not I cannot stand any liberalism or something like that. They always say that I cannot do what I have said of course but we all know what happens each time I want them off my public life and the National public life, the results I get is their girls having said something on media and stupid media idiots playing it up too – so this I suppose is what they say will not be countered along with my hatred for their irresponsibility and quest for fame and the sociopathic threats to that effect; of course we all know they do not have the means to stand against me thereof and that is why their stupidities are such rewarding sources of power for them. I don’t think they are a problem for me either; its just a fact that you cannot say anything to social liberalist and get them to do it; first you are forced to think their wickedness is how they are all the time but in actual fact they are a completely different thing when you find them in company of their friends and family, the other side is that their entire lives and futures and plans to take over every government office in the world will be built on handling your work and property without your permission, then sitting up somewhere important to gawp all over you for fun and violence, so that you cannot get your head around why the black ones do it either since you are black and do not in any way belong in a white community; however which when you tolerate it then it gets all over the place because they want to peddle your physical and temperamental beauty to get rich and famous. So I do wonder if this is what they mean cannot be done anyway. It does not mean the other deal where they complain I have stifled liberalism all together is off, that will never be off and I am not giving back and they can come round and get it if they have the guts to do so, then I can find a cause to chase and die for their glory and all those other nonsense which mean I have to get out of bed to fight over my living every day.

It is the same old story; tend to ask anybody and they will give the same answer about what are befitting for them as well, the wealth distribution and social equality. I mean how does an entire political party make itself into the liability that I have to go into a company office to deal and pay for and securitize and fund, every single day? Then the black ones tell me the process of making sure their Africa goes to hell will not take place which is actually half the story since the more important half is the question of who starts it and carries on day after day, every day; tell them to stop it and what comes forth instead is stories of black women that paid for the ticket that got me to the UK and therefore own me. I don’t know if my position of these things makes me a liberalist or a social liberalist for that matter, since I am not a Politician but I do know it is something about homosexual violence; you hate it when your children behave in that way and you keep them away from it as well. That Liberal society will never be seen again and they can get it out of me if they wanted; now they have become more responsible and I like them that way as well – apparently it seems what happens is that making them do the Politics while you hold down the bad guys or they will never work for their money is not the only thing you need to do, if you do not make them more conservative what will happen is that they will join your party as soon as they realise that you are the one with the best Policies to win elections on the day and sit around causing trouble. In my case since I don’t have a Political party the realities of their activities are that I hate liberalists and crush their side of society but in actual fact nobody is interested in their liberalism, the part where I crushed their side of society was whether the tolerance was created to ensure that whatever they do does not get to prevent me from earning a living wage but since then even Politicians have deployed government office to ensure I don’t earn that living wage because they need to ensure they spend my own; so having been that is one of the things that causes you to get into a fist fight with others i.e. some scumbag always feels like spending mine, does that mean I am a liberalist or social liberalist? Like I said I am not giving it back and as a result they are now more responsible people and I have therefore said something that allows to thrive a more tolerant society by mentioning it or the alternative will be to continue to keep it to myself and find out whose right hand exactly they will move their stupid lives into.

That this again shows a hatred for women is the regular delusion of course that I think them to be women; that the fact they spend all their days living like whors that solicit themselves to men who use them to cause great evils to other men causes me to count them among women and more so as they are. What they are is a collection of twisted evil goons that people normally use as a means of imposing their will on me when they know I don’t want to have sex with the girl that will behave like flames on straws with my finances and of course when they get involved with Politics they get better at it too; there is always deep hatred for the Christian and the need to ensure that there is nothing he says that will mean anything to anybody while they are doing it. I mean take company A and Company B and Company C – these idiots who clearly have a plan for economic recovery and standard of living and have done so for the last decade are the same that will get off to find ways of being able to stand on the ground floor of Company B to address the Manager and call him names, then assume the Company will continue to do well financially so they can spend it too, never mind the fact it will always have affected company A and Company C in that locality. Now I have mentioned it they will have to be more responsible people too and we will see how it works with their stupid party thereof as well. However these are the white ones, I will simply never cease my pursuit of absolute victory over the blacks because they cannot seek to want to make money without destruction and are always targeting me; the reality being that they are stupid but the problem being that they will never ask those that know if they can do the powerful thing instead of the right thing. So I am determined as well that in the past they complained about Cold War relics but now it will be institutional and everybody will be doing it, since the hatred for those who have never been unemployed has now reached fever pitch as well instead of a healthy respect for the fact people work hard and become successful. Yes I know they say that such activities will encourage a world war three in the end but of course we fundamentally know that as a person I need to find an activity that works with a process of persecuting the Christian and setting up things he might say in response to it as a means of making sure nobody gets to listen to him while you do it which then applies financially as well as a plan to get rich but on the larger global scale the problem is that we have in the past allowed idiots who praise Arian races in Germany and Eastern Europe because society does not do what they want to have a lee way which will then allow any Nazi to latch onto a known and popular story about how they ought to secure their needs; never mind the moderate Marxists who actually believe some races are inferior in the first place anyway and never do the right thing if they can do the powerful one, are stupid hence never make progress but will never ask those that are clever because it will make them inferior and then with another name for their irresponsibility will get it from anybody they wish to get it from anyway. Hence now I have mentioned it they will have to be more responsible people too while we watch how it works with their Political ideology. I have always warned about winding me up and setting me an advantage I have always warned about the fact I will press it to the very end and they have always been keen on doing things they would never dare to at the classroom, in the real world and more so via government office.


They love to say that I get around with female journalists that know nothing about me and that those female journalists are liberalist journalists as well but of course the truth of it is rather that just because somebody is a journalists they feel they have a right to get around throwing it up in the air for me over whether or not they want to be a part of what I am doing and then it will get more destructive and violent and squandering but once I let them in or let somebody else in and they hear it then I am in for it all together. So what I do is start my campaign of the fact they are in my Court so I all I have to do is wait for them to claim they are not, so that I can sit around getting bemused and so on; really are they not? So they say it affects their journalist career and their fame and all worth not but it started a long time ago with liberal idiots claiming I sleep with their wives and somebody must ensure it costs me all I own and they get to own it instead and it will be the only thing that restores their honour and then it progressed to claims I stole their style and used it to make myself popular and soon that was settled before it developed into things like every sports reporter in the land helping wags to glossy magazines where they rip up and squander my equities and even attack and squander my personal happiness alongside like only they can wearing pants and bras to get attention and make money. So we all know what prejudice is, I only practice mine over my literary empire and not with the Country and my books and its sales are the only thing between us now and they have been claiming the books belong to them as well because it is a game in their view and that is what I am talking about; as for their girls, they are in the Court anyway. There is the story of immigration therefore and the issue of how my view on it are lacking and hence an issue but there isn’t really an issue; my view of immigration is as simple as it has always been i.e. it is something the Labour Party uses to destabilise the Country, where an MP will earn £60,000 and jet off to Africa to give some community £1000 for example which in Ghana will translate into 200,000 Leones for example and then pick five people and get them visas to come to the UK and then that will be five families whose generations will always vote for the Labour Party and do nothing with their stupid selves except threaten me and so in order to ensure that racists do not murder them they have to do it in such a way that it has something to do with me and I am poor and stuck with racists and then if there is a heightened sense of things I am sacrificed for it and to do that half of these idiots will be out there unemployed deliberately to keep me on the dole and if they get a job it will be the one that employers refused to give me and then they will do it while having more money. So they do that and it coupled with the fact that being a UK citizens means you have to contend with everything left right and centre that is trying to perk you and so on, it gets even better of course because Immigrants if allowed into the Country could only have moved from processing centre to Court room of which I have never had a conversation with a learned judge in my life while they do on a regular basis and then onto a job and then happily ever after but I have all sorts of problems from Industries and Politicians to contend with just to get by and they have no respect to that whatsoever too; then they start to teach their stupid kids that they happen to have been more rooted in the land than I am and these means the idiots think a black man can become white and have no respect for anything in their stupid lives, such that while I do not decide I have no wish to tolerate any more of those stupid black businesses on the right hand side and its communities and wish to find out what is going on with it and its idiots from South Africa and Ghana and Kenya and every other place where my Ancestors have never been before and the Labour Party is certain to find office place envy freaks that will work will with idiots who operate community surveillance systems and blame everybody for what racists think about them because it makes it easy to do fame and fortune and never work for their own money, what they think is happening is that we have reached a stage where a golliwog mouth can call me names like cunt and so on.  So it determines why I do those things I do i.e. become unable to tolerate them leaving their stupid families to turn out to have a go at being famous and more so at my expense and then the things their stupid girls and women say which not only affects my public work but builds up things they suppose they will deploy as perceptions that will determine what I become in and or with my entire life – once you get involved with it you are faced with a world of popular culture criminals keeping those that have hit rock bottom at the bottom sponsored by Politicians who jet off to Holiday destinations with money they have never worked for in their lives and so you go global immediately; hence they complain about how I advocate and work towards something worse than cold war relics for Africans but they will not supply an answer to the question of who keeps starting and stirring it every blessed day either and I have given on a daily basis 11 years of my time to it and their white idiots at Popular culture with a temper and violent streak they are sure they should deploy at everybody especially those that know their way around back stage media and those stupid insults and I will give no more than that too. Now we know who has a pocket that never dries up and some of the other city nonsense that people have the audacity to think should be a social norm; never enough apparently. As I have said before, anybody would easily guess at random what is befitting for them as well.


We hear them speak of things that are happening and how they want to step up their attacks and it brings to mind on the occasion what they mean when they make mention of such things as the Spanish inquisition; where they say that everybody were victims but it applies that such a fact was what the inquisition aimed to find out in the first place and the also say that bad people took the whole thing over and got to steal fame but again the same principle applies and it turn out that is what the inquisition was trying to find out was actually possible; They say half declared their love for God in the whatever and the other half become the victims of those who stole fame but it is what the inquisition aimed to find out was actually possible. The issue I am referring to of course is the matter of making rules on the sexual behaviour of Police officers whereas we know that what is happening is that Armed forces personnel do not like people that are not used to their existence while working at Public office because it set off that sense that because their job involves helping people and saving people and protecting people it is some kind of cause they just do or is classed as such when it is actually a career but what happens instead is that a collection of idiots who think people have not had enough of them by their range being CCTV operatives to back stage media to popular culture operatives to fame and fortune managers, love to think the purpose of themselves is to find out if they can finger officers bums, I mean I get it all the time at the Office and have no idea what to do with it anyway, just does not allow me eat well or rest well on any occasion then they start to pretend they will determine whether or not I am angry or not with my own penis but a Politician will turn up to make rules that regulate Police sexual behaviour because Police finger- finger – finger their own as well and I find it so annoying because the reason he thinks that when you cannot comprehend his political nonsense he will kick you in the teeth for making him less important is that he is always or she or they are always trying to be famous and it is the big problem with Politicians around here and because of which they get paid a lot of money and never make the laws properly. On the other matter of my mental health however, I should say at this point that it is utter nonsense because I am being helpful; the situation stands in any case anyway the way I left it i.e. they cannot stop doing those things where the Christian has so much peace and ability to deal with things that he must be made to share it and must be stopped from being so selfish and the result is that it intensified when I started University and I am now without a degree qualification and £30,000 in debt, so for me it is a matter of the fact they have got a real problem now because I had warned them the personal diaries are full and they will stop it as a Nation my way or their own. It really does not matter anymore these days what they turn up to say about my mental all, all that it means is that when they wind people up like that – share the peace of God and stop being selfish, we need to move into your right hand and exist there to bask in that glory because we work for the Country while our media idiots are allowed to take their pick of which part of you they like and we enable people to wind you up all the time to keep it flowing and wreck your finances to ensure that you stay permanently unhappy in order for us to have it and get to share things that make no sense in life to give or share, then they hand you a mental health certificate like the bloody idiots they are. It’s like that old story of how the US Government will spend lots of funds to unseat the UK dominance of the High seas which then means they have to spend even more to end my dominance of the air waves as well and will never stop spending as well anyway because I will never give it back to them, so they can share and have things that make no sense in life to give or share because of course the warnings that this is not the 1990s for example is never one they consider to matter. All I can say for my part is largely that when they wish to boast about their destruction of my property they should never complain at the same time; the ballsy men on the right and the lean men on the left all the time – and they will never see it again in my wake too and then I will be the most abused and the poorest statesman in the world who thought he could be the black man that was a member of the British Royal family. Besides which they must have already spent millions of the American Dollars on themselves before they decided they wanted a little for the Military and on this occasion the part where Americans felt safer and stronger to face their future being allied to the British. Now they say I fancy myself a military personnel, in actual fact being trained by the best and put into the field with a dodgy weapon to get shot at by the Taleban is fundamentally insulting; the Royal Prince that is a plaything for black people and is the most abused statesman in the world because each time I take steps to ensure they stay out of my public life and out of the National public life and generally keep themselves out of the business of any who wheel and deal with the UK and more so somewhere close to my office, whatever they do takes precedence on media and gets listened to by Politicians who get on Parliament to see that an otherwise situation is the result and therefore the outcome of these familiarities which do mean every idiot in town has access to him is fundamentally insulting and these are the issues and I can be blamed for a multitude of my own version but I will never stop until such things as there is a journalist in everybody bears fruit enough for people to build popular culture empires and much the same with other civil service staff and the setting out of social violence for others which means that unless female journalists control the civil service with publicity I will never stop as well etc.