It is not actually true that I like it when media people make comments about my work and flatter me all day long – I am not going to sell books by the flatteries of media fools with a need to handle my finances – I don’t like it, I don’t appreciate it, I don’t want it and they need to clear my space; as it stands I can without cash advantage keep them as they are permanently lest my Books lose credibility, I wonder what they suppose will happen when the money starts coming in all together anyway. The reality is that they do not appreciate my Books as literary work they like everybody to think it is a scribble by a rackety goon that wants to fake it until he makes it creating a record for being the most sociable goon in the world but things such as the fact I use foul language in the Books will obviously have disputed that, since it is clearly how I speak and how I talk normally. So I hear they want to stay out of the contents of my Books but that has always been so simple i.e. every time they get involved with my bed chamber because I am having a time with my Court it’s always a case of thinking I am not going to respond but the intensity and abuse and violence of a sexual kind and financial kind will eventually mean I want to do something on wealth inequality to teach them a lesson and it happens every day and happens all day long with that stupid problem power civil rights that makes them look like they are  a little bit clever; I want that two stage gap between me and the community at the Royal Office and Company to be breached i.e. people being comfortable with our community as in the pros and cons are not trifled with so that women and children can make their memories and of course being able to rely on the Court to fill the role generation after generation  - in their defence they say they have problems on one hand and on the other that I confuse their leaders who are greater than me to allow my people feel superior to other idiots from other communities around the world but it is news obviously. It’s like 6am and you are woken to neighbourhoods joining politicians in gritting teeth at me and fingering my bum because they did wake up earlier turned on their telly and saw my Court and has that need the usually have to boast about doing my stuff for me of which the sexual violence lasts all day until they go o bed themselves and starts again in the morning of the next – now they want to keep outside of my blogs and equities and book contents – I do understand how they feel for my part too as well.

The story of how much trouble I face with Communists is undying of course but the reality is that Politicians think I am so expendable I need to give up an entire empire claiming alongside their media fools they are largely amusing to people when they think it is the only way to ensure there is enough wealth equality for everybody and yet if you pair that sort with the fact they are a collection of people who spend all their time thinking about money and hating those who have it because they don’t so much they have no energy left to work for their own, then a very twisted and evil picture starts to emerge and we are to find out if everybody else thinks it is amusing too. They do it and blow up things and blow up people, then tell me I need to provider strategy for fighting ISIL when they on the other hand will never stop lying. As far as I am concerned I am looking after my property interests in those parts of the world but there has always been a world of difference between travelling to China to enjoy the exotic foods there and travelling there to get involved with some China Sea fracas about which you do not have all the facts but are only getting involved because an ally is but then again still stake your entire literary empire on doing so but I am sorry you don’t, others do it for you and claim they are exasperating you to make you spend that sweet stuff of yours – the fucking pricks like to think they are amusing and everybody wants to sit around and deal with any unexpected insults that come of their criminally disobedient society.

They do say the trouble is that when people are able to do whatever they like with any of the major powers in the world, Politicians will be unable to govern but it has nothing to do with that whatsoever; the truth is that when people are adults these fools have to have fantasies of things they can do to others which the law no longer protects them from on account they are no longer children, so you start off your life with the sense that things are about to go wrong at the highest possible level and they will never ever lay off it while every fool that gives them a useless prerogative will get the permission to make use of you as well. They do it to a stage where people are telling them it is impossible to sit in front of an employer and answer questions correctly but they keep doing it – in fact that part serves as the things people bring up to rob Politicians of their power as far as they are concerned; so as it stands they can stop me now if they want and if their stupid children turn up around my concerns to wreck my finances and buy latest I Phones and lap tops and expensive cars that I will like because I have not got any money which will ensure it is as important as God to me, it will blow up in their faces too – they do like to think I feel that their existence matters to me but in actual fact it does not, so that when they want to stab and shoot people they are superior to they can always find those who feel they matter for it. They are always gnashing their fucking teeth at me a sense of brutality and a need to dig my flesh and I could never make it out except that I need to be the thing they handle to ensure people are scared of the powerful brutality of Politicians because nobody would care if they did and so it seems that it comes down to that tale of how I care whether or not they exist of which I actually don’t.

These are not things they have got permission to do to me or my flesh or my person and their disobedience along with that of their society means they are eventually going to have to stop me for my part as well. Nobody is preventing them from governing – it’s just that such things as sending them a letter in the post when I find out where they do their secret society meetings for instance is not happening at the moment so their insults mean that their society women cannot exist without grabbing my penis and fingering my bum while the men cannot do anything without fingering my bum and licking my penis – they say it is what my life has become I say it is their disobedience and the Politicians need to gnash their teeth at peoples flesh somewhere else. If they were people that others could reason with then I would say they ought to see the complications concerned with addressing others the way they do their bone headed children while they are not paying the Bills. It’s much the same as when the society ones say they want to build a new perspective with your good temperaments that will facilitate wealth and fame – it has no meaning, the Politicians one is that they want to practice narcissism on you and have told lies that will isolate and seclude you until they do it and get away with it one way or another in order to feel confident – it has no meaning as well but these are the stupid people that will never recognise your leadership and have whole societies howling and booing and cooing your name all day long to be fed which is getting violent with a big mouth and I cannot stop their involvement with my empire without hurting them yet over their popular culture and media for the time being and yet they claim when people run around the world like I do they will not be able to govern.


It’s never the story of trouble makers at the Monarchy they like to tell – for those they get frustrated when they cannot steal my career and have to express it by being so pragmatic about their feelings that they can actually touch me – so they speak of consequences for my actions and I am waiting to see how they will pay for the debts I owe the SLC through botched academic work at Greenwich University and I have warned their stupidities as well for my part about handling my literary archives and doing things with it in public as well, it does not seem to make sense to them yet – the last time I checked I got pirated just like that as it were. The only relationship I have with them remains the same at present contrary to what they believe i.e. the disobedience of their society idiots and a day I will reckon with it as well; I see them all the time especially when they show up during State Opening of Parliament and of course show up in the House of Lords – it gives them enormous confidence when they feel they can steal my career at will and they really can’t. These are all things I can easily do because it’s a part of me just like participation equities at Industry but when they mess up the academic work and earnings I want to make money from it as well. They do say there is no way I will get away with it of course but this is not their own lives or property besides which it is an old story where I must make myself available to them so they can be where they look like they should be and when I refuse whole societies and communities and useless croons will be after me, bullying me and selling prerogatives of power to industry fools and media idiots, so I had to take them up on it cutting them off from popular culture and celebrity culture and pornography, so that when I teach them the importance of Anal sex it has the right effect – at the moment it is the Labour Party that enjoys bailing them out tax payer funds to talk nonsense about being elected before you can lead since this was where they lived too; they like to say they had no idea but I enjoy measuring this sort of thing on the basis of when people stop doing what they expressly realise is hurting those they are doing it to – these fools always stop when they know they have changed the quality of life of those who dared to have things they had not had a go at having first and can never get away with it at my expense for that reason, they can get away with it at their expense of course and I don’t care if they did. They do claim I made deals with them which I am not fulfilling and it has no basis on reality; what they are referring to is the fact The Queen governs by Law and set out an Arch Prince that performs certain tasks to facilitate it – so there are Aides of HM that curate this and they are the ones deciding which part of it gets exported to support other governments around the world and so when they make a show for a Country on media they would like to abuse me in way to secure a response from me to fake it until they make it and claim it is their own connections with those Countries, their own turf as it were and it is utter nonsense – they will not stop causing this process where I bump into things all the time because they are busy whispering to people that they do things with me and were the boss while they did which means when they exasperate me and I respond to anything that does not concern them shake hands with their mates and say good morning to them like this was Africa or something like that, so that has now led to an outcome that is not hurting badly enough yet apparently, it’s the part where I make deal with them while they are still in the process of controlling the police that they are being warned about here for my part. In the end it comes right down to the story of herding the Middle Class – they have this need to peddle my personal and public life all the time and it eventually leads to this outcome where I imagine their lives depend on it and the whole story of how all I can do is build a big church so they can attend while I teach them how to live at my expense and pass down boxes so they can put money in it and pay me in the process backfires – so we see less of how peoples good behaviour robs them of what they were about to inherit from their parents these days because it has been replaced by complains about how they don’t want to be religious but it’s being imposed on them, however which their need to peddle it continues and I am not ruling out attrition for my part as well. It’s not an unusual issue – the grownups always want to wear my morals like a cloak and do Politics until they end up in a position of trust and then we hear they have been selling legislation and that there has been an expenses scandal and so on but the part I really hate is when they sell state secrets – it gets even better because they cannot keep off my literary empire and any little money they make constitutes a rival empire to that effect and my Books can no longer be seen for what it is i.e. an item of the same value as jewellery because I am Royalty etc because of them – which they then finish off with a state of affairs that says it is in their interest that I do not get a job because all they have done to control me will come to naught and it is an example of how they look for trouble all the time before we hear them complain. This is not a crisis either; they have made it clear they want to get connected and are free to do so but it is my world and if I lose companies at the Royal Estate and the Firm and the Communities there I will send out female journalists to rip up their own as well – so they need to get connected as per keeping their hands to themselves as well so we can see how they are doing it – I am sure cutting them off from Pornography and celebrity culture and popular culture should have made it very clear its mine and will never become their own no matter how much wealth inequality they need as a weapon i.e. my prognosis on anal sex does not appear to make them nervous in any case but it is still not the one where they are able to do pornography either – they need to keep their hands to themselves and get connected. They do claim my main problem is concerned with the fact popular culture people are trying to be nice and moral and it has no link to the truth whatsoever which is rather that they know their actions are harmful to others and because of that they need my heart to break which will take the heat off how much of theirs gets broken by their own actions and it is much the same attitude over my health and their own as well and my problem is why they cannot lay off it and get a job and it is much the same as society that is full of people that feel a weight remains on their chest and does not get lifted to allow them the energy for a job unless they rip up my life and work and career and make a real mess of it and dump it on me and make me an object of ridicule, only then can they breathe the air and gain energy to do a job, which money they get to share with me as such as we can all see pretending it is their civil and human rights to do such things – so the getting moral bit is the popular culture one.

The media do say they have to make space to get rid of me just to carry on with the daily agenda these days but I wouldn’t know since I do not get to sell books on the basis of the number of very disobedient media scum flattering me over my work in order to use it without paying for it on National Media but they have always been rather hard of hearing. As for the ones I do to deserve it, it started with their bosses who cannot tell the difference between a Literary empire and a broadcasting corporation or enterprise and they will pay the price for it until the finances they damaged here are fixed, so they can be free of me and I free of them as well. I never got in their way – it started today as early as 5.30am, in fact I woke today as usual with people chasing and seeking to finger my anus and handle my penis in the neighbourhoods while they orchestrate it with signals from National TV. Maybe a good sense to start an alternative publicity that says people understand my Books according to what they read of it will be a start and then in three weeks I can easily clear out all the negative publicity and get to business like a normal person or they can accept when they had destroyed this company I will chase their lives for them as they know it permanently and they can guess what I will be using it for as well. So the case of my view of sexual abuse raises its head yet again and it is such an instance that means we need to start talking about the facts and cut out the rubbish – so the issue generally being the reality that for every women that falls behind the herd and becomes an easy target for sexual abusers who are the only other people that know what sexual abuse feels like, there is a woman that has suggested it to a man as a way out of his problems and this is what my primary concern is – their whole persona is developed fundamentally as an expression of hatred for Police officers and the law which they do love to claim wants to have sex with them and hates them because it cannot all the time – so what this nonsense I have to deal with all the time is involved with is a condition where the idiots like they usually have the need to get up and haul insults at me until a state of affairs exists where people think the way forward for them with anything they do is to grab my work and career – it is usually born out of knowing they are all incredibly stupid as a community and largely has to do with taking up my own part of the story and making it theirs by making out I am a failure at everything and doing some fear alongside every claim, have been going off to grab men and raise them all over again using abuse to break them down, in order to make them into something that suits a certain need which has ended in the bloody idiots getting so badly fucked they end up in hospital and somebody else ends up in prison and this is why they like to think the rest of us are not tired of listening to it as well. I for my part get asked if I think saying such things accomplishes anything but it is not meant to accomplish anything, it is meant to ensure every female fool that generally has a lack of regard for relationships I have with women, has a need to attack me because I am not leaving my home to find girls to have sex with on a regular basis and generally knows what she wants all the time which is why they enjoys turning up around my concerns and the abuse of me is an open secret in the neighbourhoods that gets them and their stupid children even in school a lot of attention, gets to fear me as it is obvious and has always been that respect will not be possible – so yet again it hinges on the same issues and I would like it if they got off my Book sales and cleared my space, as for whether or not I am their bitch and need a gender reassignment however – their insults and abuses are always meant to tackle me in my living room or my bed room, so they have built up their own version of what I am like and need to get off the temper but if that is not reasonable enough I don’t think they have got enough guts to turn up and challenge me to a claim that I am their bitch with that big mouth either. The Politicians do say my actions are just as tiresome as well but I wonder if it is anyway; for they need to feel they can touch me if they hear anything about how bad I have been as told by media idiots and it’s the same with football people and the community idiots – so I do really wonder if it is tiresome enough yet as it were, they have a temper too obviously. There is this problem with bullies that are supposed to feel like I am being hit with a cattle stampede dabbling into my Royal Order claiming they are learning strategy and it is a problem the Americans are leading on while complaining about terrorism – so it is tiresome alright and tiresome for all. I mean I get asked what my problem with them is but it’s an old story, I am in charge and they are not, so if they have something they are doing to make me feel comfortable about my existence the same way I do to make them feel comfortable about their own apart from ripping up my finances to fight for my civil rights before I was born and leave me a dilemma of which of the two I am supposed to punished followed by media salvation insults where each time they recover their confidence will not deploy it on a job if they can provoke me instead to suckle my strategy as it were looking for trouble, then I suggest they ought to see they are not going to take advantage of the fact ego is not a Christian thing in order to abuse me for eternity; so my point is that they are incredibly stupid and I am tired of that being a healthy eating burden for me as well like they do not know what they are doing when they do it and have the time for it as well; so it comes back to the same issues and I would like it if they got off my Books and cleared my space. It’s an issue that can be easily explained i.e. I broker equities with McLaren Auto – they make a £300,000 super car; only an idiot will buy it and start digging me for more equities claiming its customer service unless it is a football idiot, the trouble being that it is those who cannot afford such things that are the problem now and they say I am having a tough time with wealth inequality issues which has no basis on reality for example, so it’s a serious leadership issue and the distance that media affords their abusive corruptions of involvement is that which I must break for them. It’s not that I don’t know what to do, I do; it’s a matter of shopping channels and mainstream media journalists with corruptions of involvement top up which destroys everything while they pretend they do not know their actions are destroying something.

So am I to be concerned about whether or not my involvement with The Royal Family provokes black people? Of course not – it’s just reality when dealing with disobedience of society if it enjoys causing you distress, pain and destruction, you never tell them you are getting after them directly, just ensure it works in the mix with everything otherwise it will constitute another foundation for attention.


So we do hear them say that there is now more activity in my world as a result of sustained and violent prejudice and insults based bullying which means they can rest easy but I wouldn’t know, all I know is that they are not my responsibility – we see them do it all the time, top civil servants like Politicians, Politicians like Media, Media like Popular culture and popular culture like the neighbourhoods etc all with their own group of idiots that attack me because I behave as though I am more important than they are playing up the bubble that exists between them and the prisons and it gets to a stage where it happens like some kind of normalcy like some kind of right that they have but it is a question they need answering, not one of whether they have had some of that my sweet stuff anyway no matter how hard I tried which has made me inferior to them but one of whether they are my responsibility or indeed who seemed to have set out a message that he requires a conversations from them around here when they have not yet fixed the finances they have damaged. It is not an emotive issue, it began years before from a point of hatred for those that are introverted than they are because they are supposed to be more introverted on account they are superior and the fact it has taken up a decade of my time for their foolishness is not something I would have had an imagination to conceive for my part as well – so it is worth reminding the idiots about why they wind me up and why they should not regularly tend to assume I want to have a conversation with them; only one question to answer – are they my responsibility? It’s not an emotive issue either, the whole process of creating problems for them as well is developed around this one single issue with that stupid civil rights of vandalism that does not know when it does wrong. They do say I speak that way but with my Books I maintain an advantage but the books are there as things I will sell to people I will protect from them and set out to punish them for doing the right thing – people get involved with an author to buy his books not dig him for information they can deploy to make themselves superior to him on media and of course the bigger the business the more the moral imperative for people to behave properly considering the number of people on the planet that know whom it belongs to – you cannot just bend people’s minds and souls and confiscate another person’s empire stifling his finances for decades because of how you feel like the media and government office is your personal and private property; so they are all over the world at the moment doing the wrong thing and it is not the reason they should be punished, when they start to do the right thing will be the time to be as well. They do say a test needs to be created as to whether if they stop I will stop as well but this is not the kind of stop that makes me stop – the kind of stop that makes me stop is the stop that is stopped with hands held up that it has stopped, a stop that is stopped with an apology attached so that we might know they do not intend to stop their own stop or stop when it suits them or stop when the quality of life of their victims have been altered permanently so they can feel superior, otherwise the road leads to the part I will teach them lessons and show them things they will never forget as well.

Now there are these two part questions on their part of what my position on the EU is and what my problem with black people appears to be; of which for the former we always knew what the problems associated with being part of the EU was and those who were able to look into it had to weigh the cost with the advantages and it paid off, so if it did it was good and if it didn’t looked elsewhere, until the Politicians turned up to damage the finances and then do absolutely nothing about the disadvantages of living in the EU, now what they are doing is not apologising for it if they can offer to get us out and get seen in public talking nonsense about their need to do something arbitrary all the time as well and that has always been the question for them as well i.e. what are they offering in return for the advantages of living in the EU? The other side of the story being that Germany runs the EU which is a lie because if that were true the need Germans have to exist as though others do not would not have been causing a clash with the UK for instance – so if they want to consolidate and accommodate the UK in order to feel they run the EU that is to be decided by the referendum and this is where I am like everybody else looking towards what the Politicians will put as content manifesto for the referendum. As for the story of black people – it seems that those names their girls and popular culture idiots call me which indicate I am a thing from which everybody gets to have a bit is the one their parents gave them as it were and so since their insults and abuses and the Politicians fingering my bum and grabbing my penis to get rich and important had long become an open secret among their bone headed children school they have not yet been aware of the fact they had started a war as it were – they expect more reason so they can get attention which means they are continuing to wreck finances and build a life at media and international communities which suggests they are superior.

So they do claim there is a controversy about me which says I am a sex manic and that it is deserving of some punishment with their big mouth of which as far as I am concerned it is an old story of how they are evil because it is their civil right of which the test is always whether they will practice it on their stupid children or want to give their own freedom by targeting other peoples kids instead alongside the question of what exactly those who have things they don’t do to offend them. As for the punishment bit, it will only take this matter of being unemployed for a decade because I am being forced to have sex to another level over those stupidities and how it means when they are angry they can do things they don’t have the right to do like touch people with a big mouth. So it’s all anuses and penis insults to show me what it is like to be dead and when they start to make out that is an advantage in its own right it has to go which is what is happening at the moment. However on earth people are supposed to be unemployed until they have sex because it is an evil and none religious world anyway according to consenting adults; this is not the only rumour about me in any case either. It started from you are talking on the phone now but from what we heard you masturbated today so you do know in your heart that you will never get this job and it soon gave way to the opposite i.e. you didn’t so you know in your heart you will not be getting a job and it goes on like endlessly all over the civil service filthy idiots with a sense of themselves and a very pragmatic temper that can touch in expectation there will be no consequences – nobody runs a business that suffers from perpetual image problem fixing it which will give them something to copy for their more superior business because they can talk, so it’s on borrowed time. It’s never really been a problem, only the great old story of where I fit into the UK plc thing; so they are haters of my work and the Industries know all about it because they have been getting connected without an ability to keep their hands to themselves, so when I say talk I am referring to their need to turn up on media and steal a career and tell the owners its already done on account it’s their popularity homosexual alternative lifestyle gay culture and this is why I have been unemployed for a decade and a half and will not go unpunished, not least due to the distant prejudicial violence that comes with their laziness too. We hear of my lack of respect for elected authority of course which is utter nonsense too – there is no such thing, only the fact that it’s a matter of their disobedience and that of their society, so that when you have a little difficulty and are unto it they will notice and their problems will become so important that they must be able to ensure you are defined by that problem and what you have warned them about doing becomes their main preoccupation with media and popular culture and regular attendance at Parliament for public attention, while they complain about civil rights successfully to cover their tracks – so it eventually comes down to the fact it is the Offices of the Politicians that society gets to use in that way and hence for me it becomes a matter of their disobedience and that of their society alongside it all round – eventually culminating in the fact treasury funds is not my money and the fact a Politician spent it on a fool should not become a reason I have to be unemployed on account he wants to create a fundamental difference between me and him – this is the point at which I get to make time for them as well. 2001 to 2004 was when their Politicians having a need to own peoples personal lives and playing up the bubble that exists between their Offices and the Prison services reigned supreme while they made sure they got all I had without asking because either that or being thankful would make them inferior to me which they knew they weren’t, 2004 to 2008 was when they ripped up my academic work and from then on was the reckoning a matter that had to be settle to this day, so we are long past the origin reasons for it at this stage. We see their women express the fact they think I am the soft touch big spender they can manipulate all the time; so when I set up an Administrative renaissance system for the Royal Estate, they will get to change it with media pressure and handling my income to make me behave with distant prejudicial violence if the purpose is to control blacks and Africans and ensure everybody else at the Royal Estate is comfortable while what becomes of them is offset at the Office Show Business section and I have no idea why any sane human beings would expect me to make time and do such changes to my concerns to suit them either – but we see them all the time 18 year old fashion model with 8 million pounds in savings and has no plans to work for it and if I ask why I am always the target the fucking idiots are being ruthless at doing business telling lies all over the place.