Of course the US government regularly infringes the sovereignty of other Nations and it is Hypocritical to pretend that we have a position where we can tell the Russians where they are wrong if they do it – this is not what the Prime concern is at present in Ukraine, what is, is the fact the Russian Government made a judgement that turns out to have been inaccurate and are now beginning to withdraw their forces from Crimea on finding out what could not have been envisaged without hindsight, there is nothing wrong with that; my main problem as a person is the issue of the point at which interests in Ukraine started getting chased with military hardware and who started it off; these are some of the questions about which we hope to get answers at the negotiations ongoing. The story of a problem I have with people of the underworld is very well understood but for the part I know about their need to attack me like it is some kind of drug they are addicted to started off with claims I am a Christian and that automatically promises them I will do nothing if attacked by them and so they can feed their vile nature on me if they wanted to and I need to keep that promise or get into trouble, this soon developed into the story of a man they wanted to make homosexual so that woman can be powerful and has since developed into a daily need to suppress me as a person with a big mouth and because it is so difficult the attempt at it daily is good enough a violence and suppression for them alright with a big mouth we hear all the time; this is what I know, I really know nothing of the nature of the conspiracies they put together with respect to me whenever they meet each other but I do listen to some of the music that comes from that their underground life about me and it is full of evil and need for my blood that does not rest. The outcome so far is that I control the hearts of their stupid girls and even as they complain about that their insults especially with media and popular culture knows no limits, in fact the importance of the insults is to bring about social equality that will be developed into a point of dominating me which is naturally according to how they believe they should behave towards other people. So I had long decided they will get that stupid freedom of theirs somewhere in hell which is why I ripped up every history of it and made it clear to them we are not living in the 1990s at all presently – this was a matter that occurred years ago not today. The part about a problem there is with law enforcement as a result of me is very well understood as well but no fact about it has ever been put together in the correct way; the facts people are interested in is my interference with the things they ought to do to ensure people exist that can beat up others for them, in my case it is irritating for those who provide my Government security that I always want to know what they are getting up to but I don’t see what irritates the media about it for my part either, it is just as example of the issues they complain about and how it comes to be. Then of course there are the blacks especially who think they have an issue they want to settle with me which I don’t mind of course since it has always been that they are evil enough to feel comfortable with killing a human being while I am not in this matter; so since they have no wish to stay away from me and move on we have only ended up in a stage where the part they want to kill is the part where they have to tolerate me like I have to put up with them all the time – it is the same with them as well, that freedom they will have in hell so they can force me to live in a way that will compromise with modernity and the evils of the world and the Politicians can make Policy on such a self revolving issues in order to secure a reaction from me and talk nonsense in parliament everyday while they continue to spin this on a daily basis as well. The one about black fathers in the UK is very well understood, all I know about it is that not everything was supposed to have been a plaything and they will start all they thought they knew about how to settle in the UK and have a normal life all over again from the beginning just like they should have golliwog mouth known better and stayed away from my academic work and my book sales – all that noise making on media will solve nothing and nothing whatsoever and their Politicians should work out the limits of their civil rights crimes and theft and robbery first before they start to think further insults in Parliament should yield results they seek like media wrecks my finances and property equity because they want to display their journalist salaries as evidence they are better than me in order to dominate me and it has been 12 years so far of that happening on a daily basis because they want it to badly; hence those who look for trouble always find it in my view and I will not make an exception thereof. I will still be here to test and find if I don’t feel that these stupidities are insulting to me as well, I will still be here to do that on a daily basis too – there is nothing they have to worry about, considering it is a worthy collection of activities to engage in.

I mean my Intellectual Property Administration business should release me much needed cash anytime unless I have idiots like these with a salary they want to deploy in a condition where they can be more important than I am making that impossible like it is a game: hence current outcome being that once I have figured out how to make it work I will be fine and they can come around here and get the freedom if they want it as well. It’s like in the 1990s we did and undid with peoples reputation and notoriety and continued to complain there wasn’t enough civil rights still because we could find it funny later that things have continued to go our way but in the 21st century starting with yours we will do and undo with personal life as well, hence the need to do things that could only have done should I be a teenager that needed to avoid civil rights fraud knowing I will never let them win because I am responsible for paying my own way in my life; the distress they cause me being something they find amusing, in fact they blame it on my choice of sexual activities they have never actually seen and for the blacks with that golliwog mouth as it were. So I will only need to find out to release money from the Royal Estate and make other ventures of mine profitable, they however on the other hand will need to get the freedom somewhere in hell, so they can kill and I can take that stupid ugliness off them for a change and see what I can do as well. So it is said I don’t want anything to do with what troubles other people but of course the reality is not just the need to have them check how invasive their civil rights theft has become over the years and their politicians most of all taking a look at the matter, it is also facts like people who worry and disturb and abuse and insult others to absolute desperation to extricate power they claim will make them rich and famous only to be seen clubbing 12pm outside everyday when they know that once off their sleep they will be back out there making enemies without reason or purpose, while their Politicians in particular will pick up on things they say about me and spend tax payer funds on them in order to spend the same tax payer funds wrecking my finances and building policies from what they say to extract provocation and reaction from me so I might get beaten up by them for being more glorious than an MP that is older than I am – hence the reason I am still here testing it to find out if I don’t find them insolent on account they are older than I am as well and so far it seems it is not hurting badly enough so we continue to hear the insults and the threats they think other people must be made to listen to in Parliament so they can buy time and make it into a problem that grows out of my hands as well; so they need to review how invasive the theft and robbery of their civil rights have become over the years and put a lid on it. the other part of their story is largely that I am able to juggle several balls at the same time but that is not true although another group of their idiots want to be fans of mine on that basis to steal my career as they go along; reality is that I always want to look like I have no clue what I am doing because I don’t need to prove myself to them and need to prove myself to those that matter like those I get jobs from etc and of course the other side is that if they wind me up I will deploy their stupid lives and reputation to solve a problem which is how my books emerge – so it is all the same thing and not several balls being juggled; I mean even with that each time I get a job they will never rest until the process of turning up to play around that job as a community of people leads to an end where I lose it – they have had their share already currently, their share whereby they take advantage of me on account they were adults when I tried to find my first ever job in this world and had civil rights to play around with – so since then it has been a case of fools errands so that their media idiots can build fame and fortune to share with them and maybe some seat in a talk show and maybe some money or even some fame but we also see them endlessly like an evil that never rests on our roads with average saloon cars and a message about what they really cannot fathom about women and children referring to me that is want to do with careers when their purpose is to continue keeping up fools errands and they take your breath away because it is a game they are addicted to using cars that have engines they can rev on roads that belong to them which is why you cannot walk on it as it were and it carries on endlessly so that I get provoked 24/7 and cannot breath because of them but at the same time they say I walk around like I want a fight and you get this sense they simply do not understand what it means when I have the right to exist as a person that has already been born into this world – their stupid children starting with the MPs have the right to keep their money without anybody damaging it for them while their stupid parents damage mine for being more glorious than politicians that are older than they are with a big mouth and those that are not children of MPs simply want to get rich by blowing your life away as cheap thrills that get attention even when they know doing so with your personal life can be very dangerous and when you had stopped them you feel you have done the right thing but they feel something has gone missing in their foolish lives that needs to be restored and want revenge and when it really comes down to it the problem is that they learn kinaesthetically and you learn visually and they have a problem recognising your very existence entirely because they want to consume you like an item. So when I do say I will never give back my hold on that stupid society and stupid culture because I want to deploy it as a means of making sure entire communities turn up to make peoples jobs a plaything until they lose it and ensure by the same means that some people can never get jobs, it is not something I do because I like to, it is something I do because if I were to stop the insolent violent threats from them, the Parliamentary theft of my finances by their MPs and the equity destruction of my company will not end nor will the situation improve; hence the idea I juggle several balls and people want to know how I do it is an illusion, it’s all the one and the same issue and the one and the same case and the one and the same scumbags and the one and the same problem. The same set of facts apply with respect to the claim I am concerned about what people may do when they find out what I have done to the media; it is utter rubbish because the they have had their share and have since then continued to insist on what they cannot fathom as me seeking a career which is why they are not comfortable with it with a big mouth and those stupid insults about some possession of mine or work about which things have taken a turn in a direction I cannot fathom to seek insolent trappings of power they get bolder and bolder at all the time; as I said, those who seek trouble always find it and there is nothing anybody can do about me.


The part where it is said I am one of the stupid people that have been selected by a system that takes the Country backwards to government by means of a hereditary right is very well understood but first of all the big questions on one hand can be something like how I could be the stupid one when the Liberal democrats last won an election some 50 or 60 years ago? Then it gets even better when put in perspective the fact that they do know how to win the elections apparently but I am stupid and has as such not got a clue what I am doing. These guys do not pay attention to facts about how stupid they are you see and the problem associated with that is that they have secret places where they go off to get government funding help for anything they want and hence create that question thereof of how they could be stupid when they are the ones that are academically qualified while I am not first of all and what they are doing in making money. The reality to that issue being that it became impossible for a Royal prince to complete his studies on account that there were Politicians who claimed he was more glorious than they are when they are older than he is and hence were responsible for my illness which prevented me from finishing my academic work and more so doing it properly if I did actually finish it. Where we measure this matter properly of course is the bit where I got a Royal Commission at 21 and they have not got any to this day, after which it was then difficult to finish an academic work while they were able to make sure they finished their own and became a bigger problem embodied in people. The reality of their stupidities are things I don’t like to mention much like pushing young people into crime because they need to be controlled and prevented from being more glorious than Politicians that are older than they are and then rehabilitating them through educating institutions in order to practically own their thought patterns and win elections with it, it got even better when they knew that a certain percentage of those who have given them their jobs by voting for them are actually criminals but still were happy to get out of government office and chase on the streets those whose reputation and fame such individuals want to steal for them. Then it got even better than that doubts about their stupidities fading forever that is, that when wonder exists as to whether they are so stupid because they have too much anal sex or indulge themselves in too much illegal drugs the outcome of such a question becomes setting up some Christian as the scapegoat that will be picked on for all issues that need resolving while they push young people into crime so they can rehabilitate and control them in while understanding a condition in society which means that there will always be a mother that wants her child to be a criminal and there will always be a child that grows up to want to make an exit from life in a hail of Police bullets, only to turn out to hold me responsible for their safety and that of their stupid families with them as well and yet at this stage cannot see exactly how stupid they are even when they are currently running a government in a hung parliament and talking a lot of nonsense about how it was a matter of debates and dialogue and issues resolved and chance and an outcome that could not have been predicted. When we all know that you can chose all the above methods of having a Political career since it is just the civil service hence can be managed successfully in absolutely anyway anybody chooses – not a big difficult job at all and thus the job idiots like these should be doing first of all, or you can chose to speak to professionals who normally have their local neighbourhood meetings and parents/teaches meetings after their school runs are done and attend their local council meetings, to locate specific issues they want to discuss with you at the surgery; provided you can talk nonsense about how a scapegoat that is clearly off your league needs to be made to deliver then get around talking even more nonsense about the safety and security of your stupid family as well. I am setting out these facts rarely mentioned about their stupidities because the next time they get on their parliament to abuse me and leave their media scum to take it up with wonder as to why I need a career etc, it will not end as well as the last few occasions have – enough is enough and I have had enough of them as well. I mean a hung parliament is a condition where either the government started off a problem that was supposed to lead to a solution and never got past the problem to reach the solution or the government is using the lives of the people to run the government which means they all saw all the parties speaking exactly the same language and chose to vote for the one that respected their person the most which basically came through as a reflection of the Nation’s Political dynamics and not as a reflection of the will of the people as per which policies they want to be govern by – so when these idiots call me stupid one more time and make one more statement about the country being ruled by stupid people while clever people have to consult the public I will see it ends really badly as well – enough is enough; the insults have damaged enough here as well. The other question is that old one about whether I find it difficult to live in the UK which is not actually true; since I can allow those who handle my issues to do what they do and then I will never ever run into financial problems but how do I do that when a collection of stupid people enjoy getting on public places to seek and work their corruptions of involvement? Then they will get on their parliament and say I am stupid and the outcome will be that they are so clever people want to get the benefits of my books without paying for their own copy. It is a process of getting around to gather what those who do so think about me and to build policy with it in parliament which is why I support benefit caps and not benefit cuts for the Tories supported and voted those stupid laws into operation as well when they were in opposition, that has created a need for me to gather up important matters of parliament and patent them in my name using the publicity I have built up about their stupidities and violence in the global market to recover my market equities and product securities – I have therefore patented them to my name using factual stories about their stupidities to ensure that only those who have a brokerage with me can release the equities. Of course Politics has always been fraudulent; there isn’t a single country that has given up its Monarchy which is not beset by tyranny and mass murder today.


The part about Royals I offend is rather the simpler bit; I mean some do love to attend other people’s party and completely wreck it when they feel like doing so any time they want because they are Royalty knowing perfectly they don’t like those who have been rude to them in public attending their own anyway – never the less of which they have never seen me in their parties wither for my part in the matter.  I quite understand the prognosis of the media getting out of hand and making it impossible for people to carry out their own affairs but it is not my problem, the media have always been that way and they have been long before I came along. Nobody knows why people always feel like using my things and using me like I am an animal, like I am some meat but I can understand that handling them as well does get to yield the necessary results. I am not stupid that is simply an aspect of my life built up by Politicians and Media and the Community croons they deploy to build it up with and has nothing to do with me, they throw around their insolence to get the community croons you cannot hurt because it makes no sense when you understand they are mentally disturbed to set up these stories about you that they can run with whenever they want then we hear them complain all the time because you want them to shut it down. What they are doing at local level is the girls and boys getting into a habit to threatening me, forming gangs and seeking my earnings so they don’t have to work for their own, what they are doing Internationally is deploying strengths of ours that we deploy to look after ourselves and provide for ourselves to create their updated democracy and make war on other countries so it is a lot of tough talking and big mouth nonsense on media all the time anyway – nothing about claims I overwork myself and therefore encourage their wickedness is ever true the truth is these provocative idiots putting up their money as leverage to damage mine and seek parliamentary affirmation that leaves a result that they are more important than I am, they want it so badly that it has become a daily business for them for the last decade and it is simple to see that what I do is not unusual since those who provoke others looking for trouble would never have looked long or far enough to find it; when they all work together it boils down to the kind of sex we have that we are not sharing with them and that democracy liberalism big mouth all over the place. The part about how I live in a woman’s world encouraging it all is just the bit where their main function is to suckle my milk and squeeze me and talk nonsense in public that distract people from anything that suggest it should not be happening so that they can continue to do it, then make noise about stories that must be told about those fabled low lives that try to be what they are not about whom there will be stories told thereof of what happened to them when they think their pockets can never dry up about which I have my own stories to tell about them as well and cannot make out what they are worried about. So the part where it is said what I say is designed to scare people do they don’t hurt me is well understood but I say what I say because it is capable problems I will solve by shooting and stabbing them considering those stupid threats that happen every day until I get mortally hurt because they want my place in life and in the world all together – so if I have not solved that problem enough by saying something about it they can carry on and the girls and their friendship with Politicians because they know something about militant behaviour can be trusted to provide a certain hate that allows some enforcement of government policy had better not kept their insolence to themselves and stayed off my book sales telling their stupid men a different story from what they have gotten used to telling them so far and the males had dared not stayed off my finances as well so we can find out what the ending will be too. The story of my inability to keep my hands off other peoples women is well understood of course but the truth about that will never change from the fact it is a statement which shows I am dealing with some of the most insolent scumbags in the world - the very idea of sitting back at home to think somebody has their hands on my wife and he is more important than I am and I will do something about it, of course it is not about the wives either in any case and I am not as angry as I used to be seeking a fist fight with media idiots all together, however which I am not letting go of them women since they do what they do for me really well and whoever has an alternative opinion about that can make me if they want: I do suppose it is about reality - despite their claims they really don't get to spend it like that, they have not got the guts for that. 

I understand those who hate the welfare state have increasingly become very fond of their own voices but of course what the reality is are a collection of facts; facts such as the need to set up a business but unlike everybody else their own will be concerned with where ancient Egypt is and how that should be the centre of the world, where those who want revenge for colonialism is and how to use them as tools and where Japan is and whether it will like revenge for the nuclear bombs that were dropped there during the world wars and the list goes on endlessly; so that when the government spends money on welfare because it hopes to look after the talents of its citizens and make use of it if need be bearing in mind if they do provide the outcome is that you live well and think well and organise well and therefore are able to chase jobs that you need to and academic work that you must, then somebody will turn up and make those on benefits look lazy by destroying everything they work for everyday while talking nonsense about how the government needs to get rid of it. Facts such as how they have no place or influence that can determine the outcome of anything with respect to government spending anywhere let alone the welfare state, facts such as they have no position in which they can influence government policy itself, facts such as the many things in between before we get to where their level is, which is the bit where they have to speak to somebody to justify the level of taxes they claim they are paying to support people on benefits, so that those who have had their jobs rubbished at the civil service can kick them on one hand and those whose lives they have wrecked to create comparative happiness that means they can sell things can get rich kick them on the other and the government can table before them such facts as my literary empire for example that they rip to pieces and turn up to pay only 50% tax which is nowhere near a tenth of what they have damaged is worth. It gets even better of course because they have all these energy

They do say I sound as though I am scared of something which I am not; just really furious that this whole thing about benefit scroungers concerning which you speak to a woman on benefits and she sounds like your school governor with whom you can have a conversation and you speak to idiots that want to play the part of my wife for five minutes to create feelings to the right place to be for another idiots to make advertisement with and ensure they are known in the world of showbiz and now you have to chose which one you want when you know women on benefits kick their arse all the time because somebody has been holding them down for those women in their view. So that it brings up the question not just of whether I want to spend 30% of my resources on security and another 30% on my person and the remaining 40% on running a business which then becomes really difficult so that I might pay my taxes which I am quite happy to pay in order for idiots to determine what it is used for about which I am not the only one that feels that way in any case either. It is also a matter of the question of which ones they are anyway; the one where a man owned a five million pound business and employed his son as manager who then became the manager of a five million pound business, is it the one where somebody spend years in the dark working hard and when he settled it went out there to create a three million pound business? Of course not, they are the leverage other people’s property and wreck people’s lives to pile them high and sell them cheap and pretend they are fans and it is funny crew; so they have never had to get it right with the law, never had to administrate anything whatsoever, never had to think it is too much trouble to sit around thinking about nonsense like taxes being your money and have all these energy to play around with and cause a lot of trouble and there is nothing they would not do for personality competition and money and hence the most disturbing of their activities being that they do not feel their tummy will turn inside and out on account they have no energy left if they think taxes belong to them, they do not feel that they have no energy left to worry about what Government is doing with taxes which is clearly their money, but most of all do not feel they will lose anything if somebody who worked for and had a lot of money from his work lost it all and became a plaything for the lower levels of society when we all know it leads to problems like extremists seeing new personalities they can copy etc, never mind ripping up people’s lives to create the place people want to be to feel good in order to sell things and get rich in the first place; I don’t mind them leaving me alone and going off to do their parties so that they can be feverishly happy and sell things to get rich, work for nothing and have a lot of energy left to probably tax Class A drugs as well – I don’t mind that but one more tale about this benefit scroungers they speak of and I shall start my game to find out if the benefit system can become an economy in its own right; I mean the US has the Nasdaq and the Dow Jones for example and there will be nothing wrong with pushing for a separate stock market for benefit scroungers as well either, so we can find out how lazy they really are. I mean it’s what I have to deal with all the time; miserable neighbourhoods miserable neighbourhoods and nobody wants to open their doors to me and talk to me and I cannot make sales happen and have to live on support from the government because a certain mentally disturbed 60 year old lives in it who in her days when she was a teenager was a twisted evil idiot who wanted to see what teachers penis looks like etc and her children want to be rich and famous as well – I mean don’t get the wrong idea when I walk into a neighbourhood its abuse, abuse, abuse and I will use it to sell the products anyway, however I have brought it up over the need to justify what I will do the next time somebody spends my own over an attack of the welfare state, the question of how much we all spend in this country individually to deal with rumour and hearsay based barriers to employment. They can kill and the nature of their cultures is twisted and evil like the stupid developing economies I had already warned are looking for a condition whereby it will all turn into a sad, sad, story as it were; I mean they want to dominate the UK with their developing economies that will arise and dominate as it were but the facts remain nobody from the US will want to sit down with an idiot and talk about economic matters in a condition where he has already had his stuff done and China is even worse unless it is taking some revenge on the US or something like that and as for me they want me to regret colonialism which is utter rubbish; I am I am remorseful that it happened but the reasons are still happening now anyway i.e. if white you sat down doing nothing about leadership you should have provided and somebody else has taken it up but if black your stuff has been used to get things done and more over they will tell you have to dress and exist so that your problems does not affect everybody which then creates the need to hate religion and faith for teaching people to celebrate poverty etc – hence in their culture there is a provided atmosphere and sense that when people are older than you anywhere in the world the basic form of existence ought to be a process of telling you to do things and whatever it is they are complaining about as a result presently since my book sales do not yet appear to be something they wish to avoid damaging is just the start. They like to make out the Conservative Party stands for anti welfare but it is more likely it stands for anti benefits instead not anti welfare so we can find out what their own looks like. Until then however they can get down to the jobs and pay the taxes as it is the least they can do – just last year the government had settled in on how to manage the fact we were no longer restricted to our usual stuff and the nature of people coming to the UK had become incredibly diversified; so it sponsored all these basic trades – forklift and SIA and retail knowledge etc, today they have spent and vandalised that to make and pay taxes that are not enough for two and yet they speak of economic crisis and how people can protect themselves when it is not difficult to notice that summer jobs for students are vanishing for two reasons; one being somebody is making those jobs more permanent so that their trouble makers can be secure in the jobs market and the other is just pain structural unemployment either which way of which it is still a start of structural unemployment anyway – any normal person that gets it right with the law and pays their taxes properly would notice all that stuff when it begins and take steps to protect themselves accordingly – I will continue to push for the government to keep an eye on them and serve them compulsory retirement notices when it sees they have made enough money to last a life time – it is a capitalist system not a lawless one and I am not proposing something that is impossible either; they have too much energy left because they have never worked for it and leverage people’s lives and property to sell things and get rich, in effect use public property without permission because it is too big for the government to protect effectively in their view and I am tired as well of finding it impossible to breathe because they have that money to spend too.