I hear the story of how I give Politicians trouble and am now trying to suck up to them because I need an exit route but I hear it well too; after all people can always handle my possessions and make claims they want to do the decent thing for women and for celebrities and then become the fully paid up part of violent bum fingering society and culture – they say they like to target me with it because it is the way they get to soften me up and the reasons for that are firstly that they are paedophiles and are happy to have somebody from whom they can get a satisfaction of their desires without hurting children, which is why the entire world will not move them when it comes to a need they have to disvirgin me and if they cannot then disvirgin everything I do and finally also claim they do it because it is linked with being lucky, linked with being famous and the outcome is that grand old story that goes from a need they have to get into my life and situate themselves where everything I do stirs an intolerance right down to my breathing and so on, the origin of which was a claim that I have written books alright, I am a Christian alright, I have written blogs alright but all those things are destined to become a financial problem for them even down to costing their lives as well and that is why they need to ensure they are where my personal growth is so they can they see where they need to handle it to recover but having said that they are still spreading their lies about the reasons for my personality so they can move into my right hand and express their intolerance of everything I do; result being the society on the right, full of idiots who claim they are so big they always need more space and have no plans to listen to me when I warn them I am so small I need them to keep off my personal life as well, they rather think they are playing games and all these things can therefore help them to mess with the profit margins of my company and its entire image to that effect, while on the left are the Media ones who like to be me favours and make use of me, they never ever buy books, what they do is make use of me over and over and over again. The warning here is that I don’t need to suck up to Politicians now that I am fed up with a condition where they are always saving their jobs for a better purpose and making use of mine which is what needs to stop i.e. I am going to go out there and distribute leaflets for my books and they need to keep their insults to themselves to avoid trouble no matter how evil and money loving they might be; this statement has therefore been backed up by an obvious history whereby detaching them from Celebrities and Journalist will now serve to show that I can take anything away from them if it causes me trouble but if they want to know what I really think about them then the reality is that I am at a loss as to how people dress the way they do, live as loutishly as they do, publicly exhibit themselves the way they do, like the way they do and show off the way they do and live such a shallow existence the way they do and we can see the reason I see the world in that way is because I am a Christian with government duties to perform hence we are worlds apart from each other but they are always seen, every time, around the most important aspects of my engagements doing nothing but damage and a great number of their stupidities thinking they are famous when they are not. I just want to be myself; top government operatives are starting to feel I am unreliable because of these things while junior ones are starting to feel that I am never clear about anything I say or do hence it’s impossible to follow it up and I am fed up with every fool getting their hands on a process of making use of my career in some way; there is no such society of that kind – I intend to ensure I am getting around the streets raising a gong for my books and all the celebrity endorsement I get for my work lest it becomes an excuse that allows people to get involved any further and I know people have suffered on account I am Royalty, so I would like it if they kept away from my Books and cleared my space.

I hear talk of my prejudices but I have none – when these idiots are nice people then it’s the bum fingering ones that like to tell you they are doing you a favour but when they are not then they are society ones that want things and have not got a clue what they are doing with themselves but since you do, you will be abused while you give it to them so they can be better off than you are and this is the only thing that is happening around here laden with lies. All I am saying is that they are not Royalty and need to stop using my job – they do say I prefer free things which is utter nonsense, free things are free because they pay for themselves, so when I set one up or people set one up around me they can mess with it if they wanted – after all it’s a matter of the number of girls that may tell me they can sell my books for me and the comparably high number that end up in sex industries selling themselves instead. This is not something I need Politicians to help me with – we soon see them show they have turned a process of abusing me and using my job and possessions for their ends into a way of existing and that is what the problem here is i.e. such a world does not exist and those their stupid women that are as they are foolish are men as well – I mean how does anybody raise kids that can walk up to others and tell people to leave their temperaments to be deployed to make fame for others on the left? I have sorted out the less violent way of dealing with this matter which involves a process where only I get to handle my Royal goodies, garnished with making sure they are compulsively angry and that I have control of their growth systems so I can take a cut out of every single things they do to make progress which will ensure they can turn up here to disvirgin me and if they are evil enough too but I can always do it the violent way too – they are not Royalty and have no business with those things they like to get involved with, I am and these things are mine too in the first place, they may cease to deploy my job as it were. I hear they say I like to pretend I am the innocent party in the matter and I don’t see how that matters anyway but I must make it clear I am not – when they back bite it’s never just their big mouth, it is as though I am never ever entitled to feel good for any one moment of my time and so I have decided when we start to hear them talk of trouble associated with people looking at their women, then that will be the evidence needed to suggest they have turned their attention away from me, so they have no business with that which they want to handle around here all the time. they think they are famous and I am clear that they are not in my view; so maybe they shook hands with HM and that has made them Royalty or they got a knighthood and it had the same effect but the reality will always be that they have their own middle and lower class existence and know very well they are not – so there is no need to stifle my progress and mimic me on account people have agency to assume my world revolves around them because I live in the UK and they live in the US for instance – by the way of which society idiots do claim it’s all my fault for using myself thereby encouraging others to which makes no sense, hence their involvement with me has to be a power of the strong over the weak effect until it ends really badly. So its normalcy again here – stupid low lives and a need for involvement, soon they claim they are famous when they have heard me make it clear endlessly that they are not and they bring it out of people the story of persons turning up at your office and the result being that of dead bodies of course, except that in my case they don’t physically, they turn up on media instead. Much like the story of migrants; of which Africans can turn up and tell me at the discretion of their media fools too if they wanted, that I have temperaments that should be deployed to build fame for all as it were – now that they are compulsively angry and their media idiots are in hot water because they want to be my bitch as it is rather difficult for them to listen to and not do what people have told them not to do the story has always worked out in similar ways in most cases. As for the part where these other white idiots don’t like me either, it’s the old story this is not their lives and I am only going to ensure they start to talk nonsense about people looking at their women, so as to shift their attention from me as this is not their own lives and they might want to look into their filthy Mouth as well. So I am not the victim at all; they like to feel no matter how much you tell them it disrupts your relationship with your employers, that they want to pretend they are so big they need space all the time at your expense and then it soon develops into a need to have places you cannot set foot in for fear reasons where they can do whatever they like with what belongs to you and for me such a time will never come to pass, such a society will never exist. The media racism story is when they regularly feel they want to find out if spreading a certain message about me can keep me out of employment and as for the blacks, the case of how peoples temperaments can be extricated and used to make fame for everybody is developed around the premise of how Jamaica for instance was the fundamental foundation of black society in the UK before I turned up to grab every attention and everything else and this of course is not where they live so it will blow up over the book sales too.

The report of news that there are plans to make London City into a Garden City has come forth as a bit of a bother for some obviously; I wouldn’t know, they report it as if I am part of what they consider to be a problem which does not make any sense – its Garden City for me all the way for my part since the mega and super Cities on our big screens should thrill us just as much as the intellectually charged world where plants make food through sun light and carbon dioxide but of course we are having this conversation due to the fact that slap bang in the Middle is the way these two these interact to reveal the stupidities and destructive vandalism of make journalists which people rarely pay attention to – I mean it’s not that they don’t have girls that fancy them as such, it’s just that they need to wreck my finances and get around having sex with girls that fancy me and the result is this sense that I am married to their stupidities and can neither find a wife nor a job while they keep the destruction up daily and tell lies that they find amusing to any who questions them and continue to feel that sense of supremacy that is gradually leading them towards violence that may apply to me. So obviously a Garden City when interacting with the big screens and imaginary sci-fi worlds will show easily that a girl may not necessarily like it when you touch her hair if she is trying to read for instance and then the rest of us can have some normalcy too. It’s like the story of my position on terrorism; of which I do not think that extremism can be defined as such i.e. five people have taken up arms and have labelled some persons inferior and unworthy of living and a few Police Officers and soldiers have been despatch to settle the issue but your bum will be nothing to write home about because of another group on the left about whom when you are done fixing their health and safety and well being, you will be showing them how you have the things you have otherwise there will be even more trouble – so usually when it starts the terrorists use their ideology but by the time it ends the terrorists will be using mine and they will be the ones getting killed. The part about an obsession with telling me what to do of which is usually the bit where we end up showing I am a Royal Prince and they are nothing – the male journalists however do nothing but give you the sense you will have to bush up and bloody the bullies before anything improves otherwise it will continue for flimsy reason such as the fact they have publicity means anything that is done to stop them will come too late all the time and they can ensure you have no right to feel good at any point in time that they set eyes on you whatsoever, having appointed themselves to it like they always do before they pretend they don’t know what they are doing. They do say I am always on a path to war but that is an old story – it’s a matter of every single provocation leading to a new preparation for it and each time it matures they will do that war or I will one way or the other, so it is quite possible when I say not enough of them have died yet I am actually bluffing. We have to deal with this nonsense all the time; they are so big they need space endlessly and the result will be society idiots that have needs and how you are in a perpetual state of solving them – no idea what it is about me which means I must be used to recharge their batteries or spice up their sex lives either way anyway but we all know this is what they intend to define as freedom and there isn’t a world where it exists, they need to keep off my personal life as I am so small that is terribly important too. All the same story mentioned earlier – using my Royal job to get their things done and now it is beginning to develop into deadly threats with a big mouth. I do get involved with the issues to try and stop the problems but it does not mean I have done so because I do not in any way fancy being able to control the situation either. The ones on the right need to lean on me painfully to get rich and blame me for it as they have a sense of control of country and society alongside their stupidities but the ones on the left issue the threats they do to reveal that it can be for any reason but the primary one is always that they are fundamentally superior to women and I look the part – never said I was a victim in the matter, they are talking about issues I have to respond to because they have no wish to keep off my Book sales and clear my space. It’s like when they are all happy to get out there and pick on UKIP for instance when we know all mid size bullies are children of civil service staff and that even the government cannot do anything about it, we all have to live in fear of doing anything which suggests a prerogative for them otherwise the government must sleep walk into providing it or there will be a strike, nobody knows why they like to pick on UKIP when they are themselves a s group of people others need to ensure remain as they are permanently so people can have a life as well – their academic work must be sorted out through civil rights and if mine isn’t that way too the world will blow up, they need to be relentless in order to succeed but do not work on jobs if they can work on people who have got things they want to have instead, now they are picking UKIP and it will never make sense either way; i.e. I need to have friends and get along with people too and to that end they need to remain as they are permanently.  I understand the story of how the Royal Family does not trust me and I shouldn’t trust them but it’s an old case of something The Queen mentions about how I do not spend a Royal Estate with my colleagues the Royals because I would rather spend it with celebrities but that is actually the sense that is created around this prognosis of dealing with louts getting involved with my work all the time with an intense need to get Politicians and media to help them to Publicity that means they can feel among and seek advancement on it – so I don’t dress in baggy shorts and ideally white trainers to stay around with my mates all day admiring bling for instance and cannot see what has brought it on anyway except they are looking for trouble and are supposed to be ground work career pirate goons for of course we see that they have a need to help celebrities to my public work, to ensure girls don’t have to do any work and then these celebrities can be given rites to such things as children being raised to see them as fans which they could always have done without involvement with me; so whilst most people who get involved because they like it can start a celebrity on the screen where my life and work has ended up know when they have gone too far and refrain, these louts do not; I needed to gather the celebrities and reach and understanding with them where we share a life on screen but does not mean my personal life should end up in theirs or theirs in mine; so since then they have reverted to capitalising on tales of how they get the better of me which is utter nonsense, the only thing their violent loutish nonsense has always been good at doing is combining society with democracy to talk nonsense about social democracy that is made up of a need to move into people’s personal lives as a concept of existence and a need to play the part of America’s big stick, both cases of which are now practically dead because of course if they cannot move into my right hand or personal life as such it quickly becomes a matter of making a coward they used to be scared of but are not anymore out of me but by far the biggest problem is that of the fact having achieved this mile stone of getting feminists to work with me on the matter of the problems of their society spilling over to create more for everybody if I as a man am able to sort out my problems and make space for them, which is a mile stone in terms of democracy as nobody has ever achieved it with a working cultural position at government office that is also integrated with a proper career of Government and Intellectual Property Administration but because of them and what they want to make of it is now seen as just a pass when it is democratically a mile stone – so they do need to stop pretending I like their fat ugly faces all the time they get a chance to on Media, this is just the pieces being picked up and if they wind me up I will dig into them again – we can all see they back bite as a basic form of existence and their behaviour shows it cannot be changed especially if it creates them fame and fortune and freedom from working for money which is the only way money is made as it were. They bring it out of people; the one where you end up telling them that if you see them around your office again there will be bodies and so on especially concerning their stupid girls. Of course there is a certain story of how I claim they are not better than me when my finances are in tatters but it is nothing serious in a real sense; if I get a celebrity endorsement for instance and I leave it to its devises, it will become a problem for me and the celebrity so I need to go out there and run some small campaign that mops it up all the time, everything else is about media men that make use of people because they cannot be bothered to buy books and I have mentioned before that a notorious drunk with a habit to wee on my curb is a better person than they are; I mean how do you make use of an author to a point where every action government Official express in terms of the understanding of his work as an academic endeavour results in society idiots that want to use somebody to get things done in their lives and own whole societies to ensure they have enough space to match their size is able to settle a story of how he thinks people do not know how he is doing it, it’s like I said before; there is a sense that if you don’t bloody them male journalists it will never change and of course also the question of whether all I to assume they don’t know what they are doing. So there has to be a way of making sure they make use of their jobs instead so they might get better at it that way. So am I aware most of my activities are discriminatory? They are not, this is a matter of the fact these guys cannot get involved without doing so in a harmful way, have no way of playing with me in a manner that does not cause me pain, so it’s a story of their stupidities and mendacity and ego gone completely out of control, something about the boasts they boast to their stupid friends as well concerning what they suppose is their capability being expressed and brings out the worst in people all the time.

So Today we look into the case of HRH The Prince of Wale’s Letters to the government being published and so if my opinion is required the case has always been the same i.e. since The Prince of Wales is only good to go if he gets involved with Politicians within the capacity of a different engagement from his Royal Position and does not have a different engagement save his Royal position, it is never really okay to get involved with the Politicians. In my view it is probably something that should be left to one of his aides – for instance if I were The Prince of Wales and I thought wanton changes to the UK sky line should be controlled and curbed, it might probably have been better if I said nothing since we all know such things only always happen when people are trying to steal something from somewhere i.e. those that can afford such things always come in the form of people who work hard for their money and as such have little energy left to cause enough problems that make the government spend money on crime, they pay their taxes and pay much more than the trouble makers, it is impossible to see how a Monarchy that passes Authority down by hereditary might antagonise them, hence everything people do to change the sky line which does not agree with marks like St Pauls Cathedral or the Palace of Westminster or Buckingham Palace, has to be a route to stealing something from somewhere as a basic form of existence, so it is always perhaps better if I said nothing. We know for instance that 30 St Mary Axe was a master Piece and that Shard was another Mile stone, so they all do their jobs as landmarks. The question of why I think it is okay for me to meddle with Politicians and not okay for the Prince of Wales is very well noted but this isn’t actually the case; what happens is that Politicians are always very keen on their insults like we are Middle East friends of Mr Obama and we have been putting up with attempted fucking from women that fancy you and so we are here in the US and expect one last statement from your media goons – you couldn’t make it up the fucking louts, when everybody knows I am not the one that is usually worse off when fucked of the two sides but if my personal opinion were required there yet again I would think the world has seen enough wars so far as it were – that said, what the point is, is that I don’t meddle with Politicians, only create conditions that means when I check these idiots up at the sex industries, they are worse off for being lanky and having muscles that are laced with stone while I am a bag of flesh that is a coward they are not longer scared being worse off when fucked as it were and they talk while it is not hurting badly enough so far; we all know we have gone from a process where people need to mind their tongue about others looking like British and therefore cunts to this point and the anus and penis insults continue to get worse as well, so that it is practically impossible to say one thing to a group of people for a decade and a half without consequences – this is my property not their own, they don’t issue threats here and make spoofs whenever they feel like it. Worse case is the same old story – terrorism and organised crime and violence on the right and idiots that have plans for what I should be used for on the left who have a need for involvement, theft and a civil and criminal disobedience that is legendary if they claim it is freedom and I am winning the Godlessness of it all. They walk around like transsexuals if they are not one already, talking nonsense about some big guy that does their violence on the right, want my property, want to have sex with me all the time and Obama does not get it as it were – I sure there are a thousand and one ways he can see his interests without turning up near my profit margins as well; we are having this conversation because I am wining and they are learning who is always worse off when fucked as it were. I hear they say I am not winning and only like to talk but it’s an old story about Intellectual Property Administration and reckoning over some Morons at advertisement industry and backyards of big companies and Industry villages who need to get off my Books and Literary Empire – I am winning and they know it the media salvation. So in terms of the Prince of Wales getting involved with Politics, it’s a story that goes right up to popular culture and not being subject of bullying and pushing around whilst not presuming to tell others what to do. So it’s always said I refuse to address the issue of being bullied by the Prince of Wales but it is much the same as every abusive and threatening scumbag from all over the world wanting some of my possessions that they can have to get easy living if they threaten me – his case shows how some can get involved with popular culture for it but then again I am not the kind that has a job and seeks to hold onto five others because it will make people worse off, then think I am not going to have to work to keep all those jobs as well because if I hurt myself I can take it out on my chosen victims, all I have to do as per extra for my part is make sure I am not one such chosen victims; it’s nothing serious, its every older idiots in the land seeking to take advantage of me to rise up the social ladder and so on, so at this point they will say I have become too powerful for my own good which is utter nonsense – they are the ones showing me the underhand of their ambitions, so that their insults cannot be tackled more so if they cause me financial damage. As for the story of an inability to do anything without being rude, these are people who need to answer the question of why I am being prevented from making money with my work in such ways as they can get The Queen to agree all the time so they can get attention and continue these behaviour but for my part it is that old story of setting out my system of freebies because there has to be a way of getting the young women who tell me they can sell things for me given the chance to get some work selling things for me to make a profit we both share and this is something they cannot leave alone as long as their complains make waves among their age group. I set up my structures and company to ensure young people’s especially women who can sell things sell my books for me and earn some money while I earn some and get on with my work as well, I don’t set it up for them to make quick millions and connections but their insults are always okay in their view as a result of their age and so that cycle of ready products, secure customers and get products into market then back again to ready products needs to continue of which they are not paying the taxes that fund the benefits for their part as well and it wants some of mine too all the time. So am I ruining my relationship with The Prince of Wales? Of course not, the reality is that when I let men pass insults at me and do nothing about it this is an example of what it can become and so it is never clear why people turn up on media to make use of an author rather than buy his books, so it is hurtful and narcissistic stuff that they claim happens because I am a part of an area of society that love to move into their right hand to bully them which is a lie we all know will make them famous and powerful politically, so I always let it happen and grow too big knowing only I have the keys by which it can be resolved. People get involved with an author to buy his Books no matter what he writes as it were and as for the story of younger men on the other hand, I have had enough of their perversions and need to turn out somewhere to look like sex object that have a need to own my possessions and have other violent idiots on the right who take care of their security needs while they are at it as such which is garnished with freedom and their sense of what my office should be used for – the Americans are particular obsessed with it looking for a piece of me all the time but here in the UK especially people must know I have had enough and the only way I can relate with them is to make them as comfortable as my allies and friends are, besides which they should be here to buy books not turn up to be spectators. They do say they find most of my activities insulting of course and I can understand too; I mean their activities are not largely because they are older than me but aside the issue of whether or not they are paying my bills as such which is not actually productive because we do see them talk to their children and do not address their children the way they do me hence an acquired taste they have secured which I tire paying for as well, there is also the reality about a story they tell that if I want them to do something they will never do it; so it’s a recap all the time i.e. I am the Royalty and they are nobody as such and it’s a matter of what happens and what does not happen and yes I do get the question of whether I have the democratic right to do it which does not apply here, it’s a matter of questions like what is terrorism and who are the people who are making use of the tool of the desperate element of it? Who are these guys that like to make statements about checking themselves and seeing they are big enough to push people around and kill people but never do it much less the way that the police gets about doing it and who are the best friends on media and Politics as well – so not doing something I would want them to do has got to be the challenge; at the moment I wish to pay people for jobs I ask them to do as such and I would like it if these idiots keep their insults to themselves, obviously they have no discretion and have no limits and have characters that will not be suspected of evil and so they get on media to use my person and job and books and encourage people to all the time as well, so now they think they will never do anything I want them to, so that was actually the challenge part of the matter as it were; it’s nothing unusual as such, there is always the sense these idiots need to let you understand the Town belongs to them where your existence is concerned and the reason is that it is good for their confidence when they tackle the issues of the day but for you, they couldn’t ask if you had something they didn’t and if they asked they wouldn’t take a negative for an answer, you could really do without the abuse, you had the right to feel good all along. It’s never true my activities are insulting; it’s just possible I know more than they do because I am the leader here and they are not, the signs of this that they have set for themselves as well being that their abuses makes them better off while it causes me financial problems they have provocatively interpreted it as a sign they are right because if they were wrong they would not have made money from it. So the challenge these idiots are offering me has to do with the process by which I might be important today while they rip up my finances and show theirs off as sign they are superior, to lead to a result where I am abused over a period of time until detached from an importance that was really theirs in order for them to assume it – the last time we checked tyrants and not free people do this but they have already taken care of that by showing if I do anything about that they will start to move in before hand on the matter of being big and powerful people but not using it to bully or hurt like law enforcement operatives do, so I am stuck with them – however the way we live with each other at the moment means I cannot study and I cannot pray on account they and their stupid children know where my anus and penis is and so I have taken steps to cut them off from all that is moral – current yapping suggests I am going to cut them off from all that is financial too, maybe it will show I have seen mob justice before and they are not my first experience of it. So the story of a lack of respect for top Royal family members is all very well said but I have a role which The Queen is comfortable with and if a person has a job to do he should be allowed to do it, if he is allowed to then he should be allowed to earn from it – making sure there is a snag that prevents the earnings is only possible by actions that can describe those who do it as goons and that is not a term that should get near members of the Royal family as such, so if they are aware of it they ought to look the part and act the part not talk nonsense at me as well to compound the problem. Members of the Royal Family are usually interested in society and I am mostly interested in women – the story of how people are trouble makers will not suffice – when girls tell me they can sell and buy my books for me and I see them end up in sex industry selling themselves instead while popular culture idiots get on my possessions to be free of work, it really begs the question of whether I set it up for them and their stupidities, so there is no point complaining if they clearly know what they should be doing but chose not to do it; for me it’s the old question of whether I am supposed to assume then that having set out their own explanations for these actions they have taken, it is supposed to be construed that they do not know what they are doing. We hear that talk of respect for Top Royal family members of course but they know such respect will be hard to come by if they are seen around those people all the time – so in my case there is that story about their hate for the last thing I was seen doing at Buckingham Palace which largely concerned their alliance with their class A drugs piping idiots in the Middle east who have a need for freedom, that they get around with a club with and party with and how they must sacrifice my finances and Business Empire for it especially my public work more so, all the time – how I went to Buckingham Palace to see if any Art from the Common Wealth which approved such nonsense was being displayed of which I found none for instance and now they are out for the story of the bag log of work I left for them claiming there is legitimacy for their behaviour.


It’s never been a crisis as such, it’s like the story of questions on what my problem seems to be and what I really need which answer to is that I need nothing; just to sort out this matter i.e. I had the plan to get the celebrities that are involved with the renaissance together and provide a structure for it, just like I have to do with the Industries so I might engage with them over their Intellectual Property administration needs but the end product is that every single time I have the part about the state where senior security operatives will need reliability from me and junior ones will need organisation from me, a middle class idiot will turn up to have their own feeling of an army at his or her disposal as well, talking nonsense about a parent that may have an OBE or a Knighthood and so on and it shuts down everything right up to simple publicity campaigns to get my books sold and earn an income all together and we need to see them have fun with it, we need to see them laugh and consider it an amusing thing to be doing – for them it is a luxury I could really do with not paying for, for me it’s a case of the fact I will be subjected to the demands of the armed forces by the Monarchy and that is on me and so will I have to pay the price if I mess things up, hence sorting out this processes of reliability and organisation is entirely up to me, something I must do if I must have any kind of human dignity but each time I have settled it a middle class idiot will do their own as well and my chest will feel like exploding, while they will only get a sensation from it and play freedom from work with fame and fortune thereof; so it is the simplest and most concise way of putting it – I.e. they need to stop making use of the job, I want to be the only person that makes use of my public work and office and its goes beyond a simple want too as these facts have made very clear and obvious, nobody here is playing those sort of games with them. So that it does apply as well when I say such things the Middle east ones will pick up and get about some self advancement about which I do suppose in the end that somebody has to make a calculation of what their stupidities will cost at some stage and then tell me they will cause an outcome where my Country has the same problem as theirs too which does make me wonder if they are prepared for the game now that I am being blackmailed because I am always ready to have the most fun from everything I do for my part as it were. It’s like that old story of the need for English devolution that has now grown because The Labour Party has lost an election – I mean there is power devolved to Scotland as such and it therefore means a workable legal framework to allow that happen alongside a maintenance of the Union cannot be found, so there has to be devolution for England as well; so that the reality is clearly that people don’t understand how the law works otherwise they wouldn’t accept what has been offered to them with this separatism but of course understanding how the law works does nothing for them because they are not lawyers or Judges or Ministers of parliament, so the question is that of which part of this separatism being offered them by Politicians is actually the job they were elected to do as it were. In terms of where Labour fits in however they say it’s a matter of the fact people are now working harder than ever to keep Labour out of government which is then surprising considering the party that created the biggest deficit in the developed world, considering the party that is responsible for the creation of UKIP in the South and the SNP controlling the Scottish Parliament in the North – they were certain after the result of Tony Blair’s third term that the public would never want to get rid of them provided they tabled a story about inequality and that it meant they could do whatever they liked. They do speak of this whole process where people need to know the law but it’s not in their interest was created by me which of course it was, the bubble that exists between them and the prisons because a Christian does not want to hand over his aptitudes and personal life to those that are important – now I don’t have an education and I don’t have a job and what business I have is being ripped up too, speaking of the business itself of which if I wrote a book criticising Politicians I would need to sell some copies in order for it to come to the attention of the Politicians in Parliament but if I am part of the government, they can get in before hand and bottom out the sales, then sit about making sure I cannot get an alternative job; so if the abuses end then this will end as well otherwise they want a piece of me and that is why they are getting it too – a case of when people need the law but it is not in their interest and its only the politicians that have to back down – it does not even amount to Mob justice yet as it were, just a process of starting out pulling their stupid intestines as well. I for my part know how I am going to sell those Books and they clown around wish to see it too. They do speak of how I provoke MPs and can only continue until it goes haywire as such and it is what we are trying to find out here all together as well – I mean I have given them 15 years of my time whereby it’s like this, bullying and violence everyday for that period of time, just so they can get into a position where they will be able to write letters to employers to get me sacked if I don’t behave, so by all means they can turn up here and tell me it is a square fight all together as well, so I can roll 15 years on them as well and as for their minions, we are very clear on the fact they can get around Industry backyards and villages without me too but if not then they can get up somewhere and yap off where it really matters too, to find out what is going to happen. It’s the old story of somebody having a state funded ford in front and a Jaguar for him to be driven in and a land rover at the back every time he goes outside in the capacity of his job but chooses to leave all that and chase somebody else around whom he claims has stolen the public life temperaments that are rightfully his, the sadistic bastards as it were and it is going to blow up over their need to rip up the book sales since the benefits will never raise me enough money to go on holiday and unwind, clearly of which they are stupid and putting up with them is something I need to do – no unwinding no need for them to complain, they will feel me as well. I understand they speak of confusion about what I do but its rather a simple list; I am always checking the media for companies that broker equities with me and any intellectual property admin messages they might send – it is the reason I have also collected their twitter profile because writing books without that is never enough for people like these, I have a Court of female journalists and have to administrate all the time, I engage with celebrities because they have jobs where they show my life on screen and we have an understandable working relationship to that effect which in any case has never really meant their personal lives end up in mine or mine in their own: I don’t need to keep listing, they just need to leave me alone or the job will be them and they will be the job and I will not listen to the complain after that – we have now found out who is always better off when fucked and it’s not them. I mean I do blame myself when my own Court members are not buying my Books as such because they do want to but the relationship with me is so close there is nostalgia and it is much the same as the effect of downplaying my work on the fans which I must mention here has been lifted due to a restoration of matters to their natural state  but even these have a way of being resolved, so what I have done to these trouble makers is entirely deserved. 


The story of my micro economic background looking good but doom is the way ahead for UK economy it should be observed as a matter of vigilance is very well understood but it is a story that is raised by media fools who want to be able to give their hoodlums the opportunity to dress in fine cloths and appear in public to nurse their chances of being rich and famous and I would like it if they cleared my space. As it stands they like to say it’s all talk and no action with me which is well understood, after all the media is now the only salvation they have because they are dealing with the weak link here – so it does get better anyway with the story of western I don’t believe God evils with a corruption of involvement to show for it and a very intrusive and violent sense of what other peoples offices should be used for considering their current problems as if there aren’t enough homosexuals around or you would really mind making one less but then again is it news that they exist? They do have their civil and criminal disobedience going for them of course and it is the reason they think they want to see my fans brutalised by the Police which is something they are confident they can bring about without any problems. Such a world as one where they rip up my finances in order to harness my temperaments over years of accusation and abuse and mob justice to create an environment that allows them decadence with peace that I have been blessed with due to my diligence around my faith being used by them in such ways along the lines of an obsession with my personal life, leading to this need to feel they own their society and should be able to step out of their door and have boundless confidence to feel means of getting rich is at their finger tips does not exist and does not exist overseas either: it is impossible to say one thing to one group of people for years without consequences, I cannot do it and need to spend time with my academic work and my Company and Royal Office not their stupidities and again I would like it if they cleared MySpace. The story of curbing the wings of badly behaved people who have the right to lead is utter nonsense, that is not the reason for these activities, in which case by the way the fact people have the right to lead and must be curbed does not give anybody the right to intrude into their personal lives and develop a habit of abusing them in the context of searching them so intensely and so often they are searching anus and penis and abusing and making them feel naked in public to ensure they can never hold onto anything they own, it does not give anybody the right to chase peoples anus and penis in order to ensure they had and now have nothing which has then passed to others through publicity and media and does not give anybody the right to interfere with a customer situation when the person is trying to provide a service for a living for instance but then again it happens because we are dealing with evil and evil means those who practice it do not practice it on themselves because it will hurt and always practice on good people claiming there is so much good in there their evils will not be noticed as advised by the twisted nature that possesses that spirit in the first place; so I would like it if they cleared my space especially the Americans. Their ideologies of evil can hold of course when they do not concern me because that is how they are supposed to start to justify their position, otherwise I will fail to recognise its right to exist globally all together. It does come down to the authority question where the demons that bother them ask them if they recognise mine and when they don’t they will get afflicted for serving God and used as tools of revenge for the things I have done to curb evil in general and that will be put to blame culture and love of money as pertaining to me while they continue to be seen in Church crowds and there will be a sense that their service to evil and the service they provide to foster it is impeccable but it is the part where they like to stifle my finances and claim it is because they love me and love what I am doing due to what they are about to use it for which actually risks my personal health and safety and always almost ends in a death or two; now they are trying to build a new freedom of decadence to follow on that need to steal my fame as such and use it for their own ends where I will not be able to prevent it and they want to build it therefore along the lines of me being society declared false prophet kind of publicly un-presentable and filthy and it is their own that looks like that aka I would like it if their media and Politicians cleared my space as it were.

It’s not the arrogance that leads to those tales about a Royal Office I have which really does not exist on public media that is the main problem, it is the streak of vandalism expressed by very violent idiots that are supposed to have been family men – I like to say I don’t know who the moron that told them they are famous is really, after all if we were to accord each other any respect whatsoever it would have meant I am famous and they are popular, being as such I am not the one that lives this life that means people chase and finger my anus and penis all the time while they want to do it to unknown degrees because I can take it therefore enjoy sitting on their media to court it in my direction each time they stir it up because they get a kick from doing so, it will soon lead to steps taken to keep male journalists and TV personalities away from me all together as well.