So the yes campaign begins in Scotland and people want to know where I stand. I don’t know what more can be expected of me except what most people already know which is that mostly devolution is used by the central government either as an efficiency drive or as a means of rewarding various local governments for job well done and its purpose is entirely economic management when there has been change in fortunes for the better, except it is independence on grounds of change in fortunes for the worst. What the SNP is offering in Scotland is a slash and burn of the economic progress for which Westminster has rewarded Holly rood with devolution in order to create a new and independent country that will flourish with Potential and nobody knows how that works but everybody now fears now the stage that Devo-Max will set.

Now the other issue is that of Celebrities joining the Independence movement, which of course is not a problem to me. I mean if you say republicanism or independence it is meant to be creatively exciting for the celebrity crowd, however it is when the new country arrives and gets to have a National front that we will find out how creatively exciting it will have become. I mean the US is a typical example, despite how big the place is, is it still creatively exciting for the celebrity crowd?

Then there is the other part where we have a party like Labour for example that hates the country and we know hates the country so all their Policies will be taken to harm the country. If such a party exists in the UK, we have fall outs like Scottish independence but if it were to exist in an independent Scotland, then what do people suppose is going to happen exactly.

Then there is also the third issue of that old question of the media and the military about which there are things media people do that they think is the correct thing but is not in any way whatsoever. I mean in the end, if you have 10 racists on your tail and you are defence minister; what stops you from taking a decision not to supply some 20 soldiers with correct equipment so that they might die and you might boast about it? It is the old story of what the nature of Politicians is as compared to royalty i.e. Mr John son of boasting who used to work in a factory is slough is now defence minister; exactly what or who scrutinises or controls the kinds of decisions that they get to make on a personal basis? These are the kinds of things that can happen when politicians are free from degradation.

Now the old issue in the matter is that of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair being one of the things I am most scared of and it is always brought about by his socialist idiots that think I will never dare raise the issue of that if or when I do will not go very far with it but in actual fact I have no idea what this legacy Tony Blair has really was meant to have been; he is the first prime minister in British history to set up a str4ucture by which people can get out of Downing Street to chase around harmless Christian young men on the streets looking for new beauties gained from keeping them in unemployment and suffering and distress i.e. the first prime minister the violate the career of a young person and leave him with nothing at the end because of course if his spin doctors did without his permission, his policies would have come through for me in the end, so it had to be him, knowing perfectly every fool was going to think there was information in my personal life by which people can become Prime Ministers from then on. So it generally does nothing those boasts, but bring out the worst in people.

They all say I am completely oblivious of the issues but it is the shut up there is nothing that you can do grow on your income that black people started after politicians took a decade to provide them with because they have never once achieved the minimum requirements for anything they want that brings along the shove piggy shove. I mean when my business is a plaything along the line and of course every time none Christian sides of society exist, it has something to do with me especially where the violent ones are not accepting of homosexual ones and it is the irresponsibility imposed on me that is first a threat to everybody I care about and then to me while the stifle my finances and try to look as though I provoke them with those stupid accusations they want to exercise to see how I will react, then stifle my earning to ensure I do with a big mouth. It is what brings on the shove piggy shove.

It is not a problem, just the question of when in God’s name I will settle this issue of the fact that politicians set me up and set up people to hurt me, has really got nothing to do with my livelihood. For them, they will milk it until racism ensues and then politicians will tell me not to shut it down, so they can make policies that ensure society does not agree with racism and then when I ask what happens to me or what if I lose my life, they tell me it is a worthy sacrifice and then when I agree, these idiots will turn out to ensure I have no chance of survival and that when I die it will not be enough to do anything and that when I die I am just a number and then polish it off with other things about how I am dead already and all I own belongs to them since I will not take it with me to the grave. It seems as such that it is shove piggy shove that they are now really scared of, in fact they say it is the worst that I can do with a big mouth on the media all the time.

So where we speak of how it means I am being bullied, is where it becomes obvious that this is not the worst I can do because I can always become really evil and tell politicians and parliament and Monarchy of people I have marked out to hurt to make them feel good by which time there is no going back, For now they will never realise I need to earn from my work, I need to sell my books and there is no such thing as getting published in a place where a large number of them go to publish and sell things being my biggest insolent corporate hatred nonsense on public TV meaning anything.  So I always do my best to ignore them because it is irresponsible to pay them all that attention but of course once media idiots want to create something that is it, they have wanted to create it and it will moving to the point where I will teach them real lessons with every response I make to it because I am forced to with a process where they manipulate my income. Responding to it is not good for the ladies but for now, shut up there is nothing you can do like that is their forte on that stupid media. Now they will be the ones to make sure I get to do so since it is now up to them and so I can move on to other problems they like to create which has to do with living their dream and therefore gets to affect my book sales; so I can round them up like they are animals as well.

This idea of things I need to dispute just to exist is what I find to be most disconcerting. In the end the fact of the matter is that people like to think that a human being is the reason for deep problems that they have, so when they act, they act to stop human beings from causing them problems and so knowing that it will happen to have been the wrong thing set out to cover their tracks while doing it anyway, which is how we end up with prognosis of tyranny, spiritual wickedness and men in cults and of course the process where each time you protect yourself from it and from them, they turn up to make up stories about how dangerous you are and how they are the ones that love God the most and then it will never go away because the world is not enough and at the heart of it are women; so of course I know I have certain responsibilities towards the women folk and they might towards me as well if they want.

People do these things because they are the majority population or are categorised among those. I do not get into arguments about these things with these people because I hope to get something about of it. In my teenage years the reason was to find them answers to some questions they asked as violently and abusively as possible i.e. so the Christian is the problem of the world, can we find out how deep the rabbit hole goes and then see? The reasons I do these days is for pleasure of seeing what they become when I argue with them over it, the point being that the world is an evil place alright but they need to leave me alone or find out they are the weak link.

The fact I have said this does not suggest it is over in anyway; I always calibrate these things with the one issue where I end up living their dream and then am stuck in it while I pay for doing so with my earnings, property and everything I am or own i.e. they spend all their time and days in gangs and spiritual wickedness secrete societies, so when I meet one on the road that takes things really seriously and set out to look after myself, they turn out to make sure it costs me everything for living their dream for that brief moment or however long it might be on account of involvement with the evil side of society and this is the biggest problem there is over my books, market place and earnings. The black ones know how to start but will never get to look after their asset that is the bane of their money madness, only how to start, that is all they know.

The quest for the fame is always a posthumous insult and I don't really know what makes people confused about what their Media games become after they twist and mess around the Interests of the country with their idiots from the Middle and Far east that cannot seem to say anything on Public Television without locating somebody important to abuse or the power of a rising global power and the way it affects the interests of the United Kingdom but I suppose it is easy to trick people whenever you do things nobody would believe that should would me mad enough to do because you want money and feel like owning the world. It is of course the intense and insolent evasive familiarity and health problems they create for others with it that creates most of the conflicts and killings we have to put up with recently.

The trouble with UK diplomacy at present is that we think everybody is nice and sweet; this is wrong. Test case is the question of how many international criminals these days have small businesses from which they raise funds from their activities stifled. Nice diplomats they say, when those who have those funds stifled are given government help to work for the state, where they can plan their revenge. I don’t mind, I will soon have to fix it for them and then rob them of the cultural power as well to keep up security for my books and my market place. What is therefore expected of the UK Government I suppose is that we keep our borders open and come up with ideas for solving problems relating to global economy and global poverty, otherwise the criminals will come and get us, like the very nice diplomats have continued to insinuate.


The thing about homosexuality in the UK and what is going on with respect to normal life is more about the usual stuff we are meant to be informed about i.e. we live in a society where we must make choices - that if we are not putting up with extremists making use our lives without recognising our leadership, then we must put up with homosexuals doing so from a distance on media. It brings home to roost those things and the way they will turn out, about a process where you will want to go public on the fact that whenever any media scum think they are famous, they can turn up and famous to your face and if they want handle your property yet again one more time. They always say I should tolerate popular culture but it is not so easy and would not have been so difficult if they were not so all over my finances and my public work and everything I own. I mean when you say service for the Armed forces and they say my grandmother is dying as well and I can have as much of those and do whatever I like with it - so how tolerable is such insolence and what brought it on then in the first place? They think nobody knows the purpose of their media these days is to travel around the world and secure political instability around the interests of the UK Government in every country they set foot and the reasons of course is what completes the story i.e. the old stuff about their wickedness and somebody that is me who is known as the Mr Nice guy around here who has a history they want to cleanse him of and ensure they own at the end as well and so it carries on like that, fired off from nowhere. Unless that is you think about other matters such as maybe somebody's kid needed to get their big break by being a successful pirate but the British Military thwarted it and the big break for the whole family financially was lost for good, then of course make sense of their Popular culture and the help that politicians and media give them to wreck peoples finances and take away happiness from members of the Armed forces in order to get them to join up and of course expresses how they are building their own secret provocative army as well, where they like to climb on that stupid media and talk at me and talk in my direction and talk into the air with expectation I will have picked it up as well with that big mouth, with noises made all over the place about how they will have me beaten up as well, so I can want to kill them too, in order to find out if we were equals anyway. It seems an impossible task to tell them you do not wish to know about any of their stupid opinions, which are also likely to get all the attention as well because it is violent. They always like to say a we Christians are the reason for every bad thing that happens in this world but in actual fact the truth is that they are their homosexuality is because although their argument is taken in that we Christians say it is okay for people to harm us and that creates an argument for evil people to do what they like with others, the fact is that they the homosexuals are the ones that say a bad thing cannot be a bad thing provided two consenting adults are doing it to themselves. So like the ethos of your Christianity being a tolerance of what bad things people do to you in the hope they will change one day and stay off doing the bad things yourself does not get heeded, it is much the same with their women and the fact you may be 100% Christian but it is the other 1% where you talk to pornographers that becomes the meaning of life for them and the only thing they want to know you for but the really favourite bit is when the bad thing cannot be bad provided two consenting adults means they wreck your life when you are important and it begins to affect them so they can seek to eliminate you completely with a big mouth – it is in fact the process where a bad thing cannot be bad provided two consenting adults develops to the point where a bad thing cannot be bad because it is funny and what is most funny is the part about how the victim reacts to it, which of course is what explains why Christians are the problems of the world as well. I always say it is not hurting badly enough. They say it is about my cowardice as well of course which sits very well with those other idiots who think they are proper Satanists and are out on some kind of expedition with me as the main target but who does not know that when you have something you refuse to give up to political and media scum they sell their bodies and give bribery of money to violent people that can beat up others for them? It’s just the civil rights part where a bad thing cannot be bad provided two consenting adults thing and how it has something to do with me, which is what I mean it’s not hurting badly enough yet.. So when it is said I need to sometimes speak out of office, that would be a process of getting me to mention how these matters are all centred around the issue of being the Christian who would not go out and preach the gospel in a condition where people have taken away his money so he can preach it to beg, so that they can have extra privileges and somebody to abuse and so it has continued to get worse since my teenage years, whenever they want something they abuse me and impress it upon me and put it in me through their media and Political abuses which work when I am worried about money with a big mouth or they can just make it up when I am not with a big mouth too and it has now reached the stage where 90% of my time is about their problems; I write a diary of my secrete thoughts of these things happening and tend to write 200 pages a day frantically, no time left for studies and jobs, no time left to take a nap at night, no time left for anything and now they think I need to tolerate their party life and popular culture as well and when I ask them why they do these things, then they tell me it’s about power they have got with that big mouth and so we has blown over too. I mean they speak of civil rights but going by it, what they say means it is okay to abuse people temporarily provided you think they have something you should be in possession of because the world turns around you. The idea it was all my fault and that I got involved with their cultures is utter rubbish; I did get involved with their cultures but that was to ensure I determine that they understand what I think about it too; the part where they determined that making money and earning a living is done by partying and I am the thing the trample on when they party therefore, so I decided on what to do about the fame and fortune and thereby made the cultures famous, so that the purpose of it which is being free from the violence of the cultural wickedness they can never stop brewing, while I am the one that takes it all away and puts it in my life so they can have such things, might become impossible and now they think they will buy it with money and more so money made at my expense and with market I go through huge expense to create for my livelihood and I think I will have my fill of the whole thing as a whole myself too. Christians are the problem of the world they say and I think homosexuals really along with that stupid media too (I have put up with it since my teenage years, when the being in the middle of the gap between what I think and what I do was a matter of choice for them and for me no matter whom they want to have sex with recently and I will tolerate it no further).


Now with respect to the idea I take up peoples things and do it for them which is then an argument that is insurmountable, the truth on the other hand is that these fools always think they can change society and force the Queen to climb down on a decision and that is what I want to see them do as well because I have really had enough of them too. It’s about waking up every day to a full cup of violence so to speak like I do get to dole it out for them like that – so I have only one message for the politicians i.e. if they belong to them they tell them about it and if they don’t stay the hell out. The issue with their press is the same old one; they cannot seem to do anything without doing it on a basis of what went down my tummy and stayed there to stir fire in me in order to create me a fight and they complain all the time about my actions of course but this whole process of claims I put pressure on people was built from the fact that selling my books and travelling with it everywhere it goes to do my work was unacceptable to them and so they really needed to ensure that they do the travelling for me, except that their style does not work alongside book sales and they will do it as I want it, not to mention the origin being that I steal the beauties of female journalists and that they are there to protect them and more over that I sleep with peoples wives in the knowledge if they communicate that to republicans in the US then republicans there will be happy to act on a black man and ask questions later. I have never before asked a politician an opinion about it even though they never seem to run out and I am most certainly not asking them about press regulation at this point either since I am not an MP; it’s been 12 years of these fools getting up every day to make me into a guy that does gangs to protect them while they get rich like they clearly do with their Politicians as it were and it needs to stop or it will stop my way; if they belong to Politicians the Politicians need to warn them and their ultimate excuses of these kind which means that they can handle anything that belongs to me, whether or not there be repercussions by law the distress would have been established, warn them and tell them off or stop complaining and fight. The part where I talk the talk but cannot walk the walk is all very well, any normal person would view this statement as a process of making it clear to people any means of communicating through to me will soon be met with violence until it stops and gets off my book sales, except them that is, so I have to drum it through that I will go all out soon enough and want that stupid left provisionally available to me for my access at all times too. The deficit is much the same thing as well; I have never told them I need an education on what a deficit is anyway, what I have always talked to them about is how going into an office for which you were elected to do a job and put in the hours to deal with competition is then something you need to drag the National economy into so much trouble to fix which therefore means that we will get together as a Nation and get roasted or so to speak on account of their laziness and that they have political parties, the ones that created the deficit and the ones that are paying it off as it were etc. As for the part where they think the rest of us will work for markets, especially me because I provide people will support systems, while they will take it over later and have big industries, I have no clue what they are thinking anyway and it does not bug me as much either – I am perfectly okay with it provided like the welfare state needs to exist along with the NHS so that no body might care if they own all the wealth in this country, they need to understand such domination will be something that they are wholly and entirely responsible for because if they screw with me I will handle them yet again; I mean even if we were strong and sure footed in all these markets we have worked for around the world it would still have been a difficult task to do people management at the various companies with them playing their stupid games all the time all over the place and the media ones do need to get off the culture if they think it is hurting badly enough and report the news not address me so it does not become something else too. It was one decision from the top here and that is an end to it. Yes I know there are stories of me the do gooder who appears not interested in power but it is the old stuff when I ask where their fearsome reputation for a grip on power is because then they can tell me I wouldn’t survive but we all know that like the old story I always say such things to ensure they bring those big businesses along when they feel like getting to it as well so I can have some fun, hence I have little power of course and speaking of power they can come and take it if they want – like the old stuff about the black guy here who ends up married into the royal family with everything prepared and racist knowing where he stands and everything since they cannot have enough of bringing such things up and messing up people’s lives with it as it were. I know people speak of what my problem with their style of business is but clearly if I were to say the reason a company floats its shares for people to buy is to raise funds and reward those who buy and not to have media goons get into the company and take it over, then that would have been the end of it, so I rather prefer my usual method of reminding people it’s all about government departments and money off the treasury and another person’s start up that will show them the way to taking over peoples companies – without this there would be no problems just like the conversations about the economy that I never want but politicians always instigate one and turn out to be so incompetent while pretending they are leaders in my class, whereas everybody can see that popular culture and trends changes decisions that they had made even when there is a clear cut office for them to implement the decision with, which is the biggest problem the economy faces today, together with a media that likes them so they can deploy peoples intellectual property and markets to deploy a product of their own to multiply money and get rich, no matter how many times they are informed of how destructive it is since all these rich people they speak of exist in a world of real qualifications and real work and real products and real services and real customers not media. As I mentioned before, how far I go to ensure they do not peddle me and how far they go even unto cataloguing my life in order to do precisely that and yet you hear them complain and think I have done my worst yet but of course it could go on forever since because the purpose of it is that when the bad guys cannot beat you, the media have been eating up your finances for them all along hence they do believe I have something to say for myself and I am not denying that either.


The part where I mess up work done by the armed forces and especially in Iraq by the things I say which helps terrorist with a cause is very well recognised but what it expresses however is that it seems politicians and media have offices where they go to work and that the pass times they indulge themselves around my person and finances is not what their entire lives are about. It is called fighting people and I find it impossible to fathom the complains they make when they should be fighting back when people have opinions about the fact they do not seem to recognise people’s right to wake everyday to attend their affairs without dealing with the evils of society. At the worse case eventuality I am not worried about what Armed forces get up to since not all of them are 100% mentally sound and if they were not all of them are all of the time – hence all that noise that the Political goons do all the time and talk so much nonsense all over the place and the things I do to them as well. The way it really works is for example the royal village in Europe and the other things I do which creates questions but that has been answered here as we have clear prove without doubt on many occasions that Politicians have offices on one hand and a pass time around my income on the other and like to travel long distances like that to look for trouble such as trying to make something out of the achievements of soldiers for example which there are people in the royal village that do as well, hence the support I get for my actions from the MOD and the Armed forces etc. All I am saying is that they need to end complains and fight because they want it so much. Do I feel I am a do gooder who needs to save Iraqis? Of course not but judging from their point of view for example, first of all I am supposed to have been feeling that I am being exploited by large companies but in actual fact what is happening is that the number girls that with their Political help find their way into people’s companies in order to sit there and expect my CV on their table so they can mess with my life and career is astonishing and the company owners complain about it all the time and we find it everywhere in the news papers i.e. ‘my God what have we done, and now we have taken her on and the bloody thing is that we are not paying for it so we do not have a choice’, but I do guess the Politicians do not read the news papers anyway, so they never come across those at all. Where Iraqis are concerned however it is a matter of people and markets and so considering the way Iraqis are treated like a random target when somebody who has an American passport bombs buildings in America, it does indicate they don’t want it but the fact remains of course that once another person had worked for it, they will want to take it over – the problem with me being that I am evil and the problem with them being that they are so predictable. I do not think the media is a serious problem anyway, it’s the old stuff about being hounded by media but in my case that involves stifling my finances to find me a difficult fight that they can gloat on and so if every involvement with media is met with violence, it will stop in a week or so but have I done everything to avoid the extreme? So when politicians get involved like they do the question is whether the media are their own and so if they are it is rather easier since they can tell them off from on high.