This is meant to be an overview of a brand new social interest considering the circumstances that are not affordable in anyway whatsoever.

Politicians in charge have not informed their people that a global economic downturn is not the correct time to decide whether or not people are tired of being employees and there then needs to be a reversal of fortunes. What I believe they are keeping the information for is the purposes of blackmail. It is supposed to be completely incomprehensible for the purposes and factor of Political and Economic Stability which is a function of social and market freedom the fact that I have a definite Job for example and somebody else envy's this fact. Except Politicians wish to decide on when this social and market freedom should exist and indeed where hence should expect no deals.

Wealth distribution has always been a matter that affords people the powers of the Anarchy of the Crowd by which it is possible to discover and extract the benefits only of what a business has been successful at. I fail to see what it is about considering that I am always aware that a little person will loose their earnings and employment, for which they will have no replacement because there is a brothel waiting for them if their bosses loose the company they work in or it goes bankrupt or becomes inoperable because of a Politics of where Market and social freedom should exist. Besides which the sensibilities by which everything should grind to a halt and there should be a new organisation of social and market freedom is entirely very masculine unacademic and incredibly stupid. So in terms of the affordability of this social interest. any process by which it finds its way into economic behaviour must be barred.


In the United Kingdom where I hail it is the Politicians and those who name themselves the future King who have refused to respect the fact that they have barged their way into uncharted territories making social interests out of peoples personal lives, since last they sought to rule over my job and my books in order to extract what they termed peace of mind which I clearly had though my faith and refused to share until people gave up their wickedness. Their excuse was that this sort of condition is meant for women but they have extended the same behaviour now to social and economic issues for which women have the right to stop people from being famous because the social disposition of females do not allow them to pursue careers as hard as the male therefore an over academic world that is also masculine disobedient and foolish considering justice within the circumstance of the control of violence and the preservation of hospitality and in my case the protection of equity has left them with no future whatsoever.


Considering that barging into peoples lives and taking away their right to privacy from them to extract strange pleasures as the recession has made more high class people available to suffer sadism of society which eventually has to be somebody's responsibility anyway, two circumstances have emerged in this matter: one of them is how we will rebuild the right to privacy of the peoples of this planet and what will be the cost of it and the other rather pertains to me which is that having carried out such acts on people who exist within my intellectual space and or make use of my intellectual property and or invited me to play a part in their businesses out of their own free will, thus jeopardising so much of my enterprise, I fail to see what will aid recovery when their leaders assure them it is the problem of only one person and therefore perfectly fine which has led them to believe that the size and number of them doing this is a determinant of whether my Empire has become public property.

If everything such as economic success and jobs must continue to operate in the conventional way bearing in mind no body has the knowledge of how to make it work if it operates in a perverse way of which therefore stands to sacrifice their Civil Liberties and Freedoms. It is important that they do not make claims or have claimed that such are or together is the standard by which they desire to rule the world which restricts human association and splits markets. Never mind telling me it is how ambitions will be met as was gained from the fundamental abuse of my right to privacy and having gained such high privilege subsequently that of others-which it is they expect will keep on in this way until the needs of their victims are ignored and economics is done in another way.


Am I then to assume that advert makers and managers whose job it is to develop adverts that will show the interests of all the players in a business or company or enterprise or industry crafting adverts that are designed to fight me causing me to defend myself are the best of a shameful put up which will have shown that I have robbed shoulders irrecoverably with the mediocrities of society like they do for which I provide them security by the way in order to make the adverts work?

What is it we should imagine is taking place when some people have to produce whether or not it destroys their business twice as much as is necessary because the authorities have twigged working conditions and increased minimum wage and designated (from the ratio I have gathered from their public speeches) 50% of it to go to some others who produce nothing?

I do not see how this helps a recession and the reason being that some people do not want to be employees does not do any better either.

We already pay taxes. This is how politicians and political leaders fulfil their social responsibilities, while we fulfil ours free of charge to do own and run a successful business in the first place. I do not intend to allow them recycle themselves as business men and women in the United Kingdom rather than retire or pursue other interests when their main political career is over and more so mainly because there are no business left of it. It has never been unusual for some of the best enterprises of the future to be born out of a recession-this is not what I am taking away from businesses either, what I do here and for a living is sell securities. So it is a clean business.

Update 9/10/2014 – still making sense of good Media ‘profitable vandalisms' and where we go from it


Like the old case of my books being said to create a lot of distraction by shameless idiots who make out my literary empire was something they were planning to do and hope to hold out on top jobs doing so at the same time, it has become a matter that must be considered in light of reality and not just ignored fantasies that the fight with the media is that which has to occur one way or the other anyway. I mean the feeling of being blackmailed with Ebola, war on terrorism, civil rights and all that because they know where my books are is one thing – the fact that it happens because they want to control the blue prints of my company and make me abandon it because they need the markets is another – the fact that I am living in a market square which they had placed in my personal life because I am not co-operating through which kids must carry burdens for their older counterparts while I have to get out of bed and get to work to earn a living is another – the fact that is happens because they dif forecast a certain profit for themselves today which they feel I am not co-operating with to make happen is another and so is the fact that all these things mean I will not live to my 60s especially considering other factors like how it happens when they have set out from 6am to 12 noon to conjure up everything that should threaten me because they want to insert a celebrity into my office who will show people are not successful by being nice wrecking everything to make an exhibitionist millions with my empire that she has never worked for a day in her stupid life and that it is the failure of that which develops the need for blackmail on third world poverty and Ebola and civil rights and terrorism and so on, never mind the need to know where my anus and penis is because they need my energy and all the nonsense of that nature that follows it as well. So it seems that I own an intellectual property administration business and there are certain capabilities I have displayed on handling their counterfeiting businesses which I accept they have the right to be angry about but this other story on the other hand of not being able to protect profits that should come to me on account a product is legally mine is what I am sure they know conjures up a reputation issue as well. Its like when people beg me not to become a bitter twisted stupid fools like them and I wonder how bitter and how stupid and how foolish – so that when it is considered these things happen because of the profits they were supposed to make today and the sense in the air that the books here that they never wrote will never buy is not theirs and around which they have no plans to move on has not handed its profits over and is therefore a barrier to that bearing in mind their cheap and cheerful talent managed profits, then it becomes clear how much I have underestimated how big the problem of this feeling I have that if I get hit by media and I don’t hit them twice the feeling I am full of hot air each time I am around them which means they follow me around while complaining I make them feel the same way at the same time and that is not a function of their insolence but that of their greatness, then it is never going to get better and so I am about to start a fight with the media and whatever I do as a result of it is something they have continued to beg for; the cheap and cheerful products profits that must always operate at my expense. So I want my office back and I need my energy to get to work and manage my career and I am tired of their interference with the Royal office and opinions of what they do recognise and this is how this fight is going to start as well (their cheap and cheerful products).


I hear the digital world has created an outcome where the way democracy works needs to be rethought but I do not agree with that since it is largely a matter of Politicians being able to target peoples financially when they want to stand up and give great speeches that will result is lots of following by the Crowd which will automatically put those people on the opposing side and at the mercy of the mob; it has nothing whatsoever to do with the digital world, what it has to do with is the fact that they cannot control anything in this Country and the digital world is not the reason for that – we all know the reason is that the most civil and criminally disobedient people in this Country have become rather confident that they can do whatever they like – the ones from Africa know that their rudeness that does accomplish anything so they are certain that when they are into you and know you so intimately then the result will be that you will be disillusioned about their activities and we are not talking about the media ones, those are on a private war that is all about celebrities earning other people income instead of working for their own mostly. So that it has always been possible for the African ones to go live in Africa or accept their behaviour can only continue to those points where something clicks in people’s heads and they remember they are British and that it does not work that way here.

My point is that the way things have been going in this country point to the direction of the fact that the population does owe the authorities the debt either of a change in behaviour or punishment and when I say so people will raise the case of a tyranny talking whereas in actual fact what I mean is that they know exactly what they are doing and consistently show that each time they abuse and manipulate you into going along with it they find it amusing because they know they are stupid but just love to mess things up and make a fool of you for it and it gets to a point where something has to give as well – it is for my part when I say such things as the fact that they are endlessly on a roll about how they want my Royal Estate for themselves and the reason is that I usurp the history of their lives that it becomes a bit more real but still it always ends with the story of how I play around with them in the first place to bring it about whereas that is not what their complains say but rather what the media says, the media looking for trouble at all times as it were.

I hear the story of my failings of course and I can understand what it means the idiots at Royal circles that always think handling my affairs is easy and now have the responsibility and cannot stop talking their manly nonsense all over the place of which touching me and or abusing me one of these days will kick something off in their direction and that of their stupid African friends as well; there are no failings – the reality is that every idiot that wants my person and work in a perverted way can be guaranteed the support of Politicians and it began with Mr Blair who never ever tells the truth about it if he can make fun of me and pretend I am responsible for the safety and security of his stupid family after that and the result of this is that everybody that wants their own in a perverted way can in some ways be guaranteed support from me too, not the existence of failings, not in anyway, rather things happening because of the insatiable desire of the Politicians to support and even spend tax payer funds to sustain the conquests of these idiots. They do like to claim I have no respect for them either no matter how much their achieve as compared to the fact I am an illiterate which has no basis on a reality that is more about their classical deviance of holding people back so they can get ahead in terms of jobs and jobs experience and then academic work and from which point their insults know no limits but what determines where things go is their perversion of truth, law and Religion, about which the case still remains that they did not write my books and they are not going to buy their copy and it does not belong to them and they need to move on – get ahead my foot, they seem to have satisfied themselves apparently but it is the conquests issue that must now be dealt with at a big mouth we cannot be free from and the digital world just offers us all a chance to see how far these things can develop and should not be made to pay the price for it.


They do say I speak of other peoples conquests and have no wish to mention mine which is rather a problem; none of which exists of course because this has always been a matter of their modern existence and my Christian faith which the entire world has know been made aware of thanks in no small part to the fact they have media to play around with as well. I mean when they are frustrated about my behaviour it becomes a matter of stupid bitter young men who live useless lives finding out what a knife would feel like if it passes through the body of flesh man like myself so I can become really intolerant of that stupid city identity for my part well and when they are not it becomes a matter of the Christian that is not interested in material things having his finances stifled because he who has possessions he is interested in will have all his questions answered in life and all his problems solved and you then see it develop from whether that might be a car to the latest suits and even what they eat and the only reason for all that enmity happens to have been the simple fact that my Christianity is getting attention and nothing else. I have never thought it a problem it’s just that they have become more and more narcissistic knowing that the teachings of the faith does not propel you to attack them as such and so it has reached that point where they spend time with me and wreck my finances and acquire position in the minds of the public along with fame and academic work and I am being accused of conquests for my part as well, whereas I have only decided they do that over the assumption I will allow them deploy possessions of mine because its existence has become a part of their stupid lives or have ended up in their stupid heads. I mean I am not going to sit down and say Monarchy has always been holy necessarily but people cannot decide when they want to make perversions and radical sectors out of other peoples personal faith in order to get rich and important of famous with it in a condition where the owners cannot control what they do – that when they spend tax payer funds on it they will always have the means by which they can have it. So in terms of this proactive manner of going out to seek conquests I am accused off there is no prove of that whatsoever and all that attitude from Politicians waste time and resources. Just like the respect issue that we are never going to discuss if we can settle instead on what happens and what does not happen as a means of working out what will happen next – so that when they are done with their insults and it becomes a matter of what I will do for them and do for others next which is entirely classic about idiots like them talking about their mothers if they are not talking about women, wrecking peoples finances to get ahead of them in life financially and academically and then finding it difficult to stop talking so much nonsense in public, and the phrase get lost does not have its normal effect, then something else will have its normal effect instead as it were. I understand when I say so they will claim that I am resisting government business but of course there is no government business here not even a hint of the system, it’s all them and their Political parties talking nonsense and not even the slightest hint of civil service independence to it and these are the kinds of vital items that are missing from their government business concerning which as far as I am concerned they can go to hell with it. They do say I want civil service independence because I want to be able to do whatever I like: the reality of course is that nobody ever can tell what that means either when we all know its a matter of civil service independence affording people the means to be a Christian that picks his own finances and goes off to help those less fortunate than he is without getting into trouble with socialists because nobody is paying attention for it – they look for trouble all the time and should never be saved from finding it. I hear they say its a matter of lower classes getting involved with high level government business and I would never know what that means too either: what we do know however is that I face the same daily challenges that every adult faces and that includes them, for which reason I don’t have to respect their stupid jobs that they do for their gratification and are paid for their own benefit, as I have my own time to chase my own concerns as it were but it is not an emotive issue especially when they say the matter needs to be settled comprehensively, its always been a case of grooming me for violence which I will do nothing about and one more step from it meaning the point at which I will start to take them on.

They do say what I do with myself is completely pointless but it isn’t, its a matter of what people want to be complicit with i.e. since I am being groomed for violence publicly, I have become the person they want to abuse to make fame and fortune because in their view there aren’t better ways out there to seek money and importance as it were. So there is at this point no need to feel light headed as they always knew what they were doing and so do I what I am doing too. I don’t think it is an emotive issue, its always been a matter of a certain group of people that will happily get out of bed and get dressed to go out and walk about checking the streets to find out how people are doing their thing for them – the sort of idiots that would  think if a Nazi government existed here for example it would have been the best thing ever to have happened to them – so its generally a common no need to feel light headed occasion since they have no wish to leave me alone and are not heeding the case against that their freedom nonsense: its just that point in time when a generation has become fed up with the kind of success the Fathers are comfortable with which means that the best must be held down somewhere and pillaged so that idiots can turn out to count pennies until they become millions at other peoples expense to facilitate a process of being naive of what is happening around them and thereby paying no attention to secret societies of men who can therefore do whatever they like.


The idea I am being manipulated into doing what I do so that I might be pitched against and made to take out other black people like myself that are damaging the UK has no basis on reality or fact; what the idiots who claim such things are really doing is dealing with problems of their own associated with the fact that even those that are teenagers like to think they are really schooled in the process of handling peoples flesh and using people to do things a society of power and cannot do absolutely anything in their stupid lives without leaning on others which then helps them with some stupid insulting arguments about superiority of which nobody is asking them a question around here either as it were: this is what they are dealing with not the process of manipulating anything they have not got the means to handle or manipulate. I understand they say the reasons they like to hit me all the time is that I am trying to patch up a career that is damaged and should give way to them who are fresh and ready to go and it sits in the same par with being manipulated by white boys as it were when the reality is that they never stop attacking anything that has a chance of being successful because they want to steal the success over claims it is their Country and those they know should be prevented from spending their money on a product which means they automatically create a market for anything they want to do and become a greater and ever growing problem. However in terms of taking up my stuff and doing it, there is no surprise about spending a decade of my time to get at all cost a process of damaging my finances to get ahead of my life academically and financially and sit somewhere to be civil rights idiots that take up everything I do and do it themselves at a point where they will be famous, all of that was anticipated here – what has come of it is that there has not before been an argument that takes care of a process where a lazy celebrated idiot feels like targeting your finances all the time as a matter of the fact nice people are never successful destroying everything in the process all the time and now that I have created one the process of hitting each and every one of them that does it will as far as we can see eventually likely develop into an outright conflict as well: so its this dream they have always had and has never actually materialised. I need to create a condition where they no longer have access to my chest and my heart rate, that I will live right up to my 90s and the stupid Political bullying with the use of the treasury that is their possessions as it were which the Politicians like to do so much – like irregular heart beat TV and civil rights idiots doing my stuff: clowns obviously. Hence in terms of my behaviour of a lack of respect for the health of men around me, the reality has always been as simple as the fact that celebrity likes to attack my finances and everything I do at my business and send out her big boys to grab my career for her to do her stupid fame and fortune with because she wants a piece of me; when they want to talk for them and the society ones are not down talking for whores who know where my anus and penis is either, they think they have created a state of affairs, have completely forgotten that and are complaining about something else entirely. So don’t I think chasing such things is a bit too low? Of course not, not when we are talking about celebrities monitoring my every move and taking steps to ensure I am weak against them, something they say about being on the side of the most powerful Nation in the world which means that every stupid idea they have about how the world works plays out here and either way I lose they win with a big mouth, so people can turn up here to talk for them as well. It’s a matter of this prospect of being dominated by celebrities which is unheard of and it’s a daily affair too for that matter anyway and it even involves such things as preventing me from stopping them from having a happy married life after they savage my quality of life and pillage my finances because they are linked to the most powerful nation the world, their link to the most powerful nation in the world of which was responsible for the process of asking me for access to my life and career in the first place bearing in mind what they can do if I refused them – people should talk about that when they want to talk for them and then they can keep their health while I keep mine too and do not have to get to work bearing the burden and being made to deliver through blackmails and abuses of peoples prejudices and problems, whereby asking me to speak to everybody I know concerning products they offer which are cheaper and more cheerful than mine but offer the same effect as mine is something they do because they are linked to the most powerful Nation in the world, which then lead all the way down to conditions where they think every experimentation I do with my work will always result in financial punishment met out to me on account they have that access of insolence for defying them so - hence when they had reached a point where they tell me I have a damaged career and need to stand aside for those who are ready to go it is clear we have reached a point where they need to find out what I am capable of as well; this is what people can talk for. We know all about warnings on the Nature of women story but the way I see it is that when fools want to stifle my finances by making sure they get ahead of me financially and academically through a process of seeing me get jobs they used to when they were students, they always think the nature of women that is something they can discuss with me as a result of edging ever closer to success at fucking the wife I never married is the reason.