It is always said that I Court problems for myself that are a danger to my life because of the world I hug the world’s attention. The truth is that I am not; I have just not been allowed to earn a penny from my job for a decade by men because they are really busy getting round to honour themselves ever since I committed the crime of growing into an Adult-they have now also claimed which must mean these their insolent abuses are not enough yet in their view, that I have everything and nobody should buy my books and help build thereof an increasingly unfair world, where doing so will get people into trouble with them (this did not begin when I got a Royal Estate and become a Royal Prince, it began long before then and intensified to the point of a cash flow crisis one and a half years before that) and now to attack my Faith further while having powers to bully people and get rich through pervading it which also includes attacking my matrimony, they are now rounding the world using the way people respond to my books at the market.

I am only protecting my money, an income I have not been allowed to make myself comfortable with while I serve a Country because some people think there will never be others that will be more evil than they are and serve the devil with more spare time of theirs than they currently do.

If I happen to be in danger of anything, I am in danger of people who like to hurt me all the time. I do get to wonder why they do it and sometimes think the reason to be that they have a set of believes that I interfere with being such a great man that lives at their level in life so their Politicians and business men can get rich making me suffer to serve a country with no earnings in the Office of a high diplomat while they work even harder to make sure I cannot use powers of my office to defend myself instead of serve the people who elected and pay for their services and the use of the time they spend in such ways; so I get to think I am interfering with what they do not want to change about themselves for which hurting me is not their right but protecting such things is. The truth however is that this is not the case, the truth is rather that they are very evil scum and this is just a provocative way of attacking me because they think I have no right to exist which involves starting off from fighting me over their private lives when they grab my property and claim it to be their homes which become a habit of prerogative to them and they do it all the time with the added outcome of robbing people of employment if they react to it. Nothing but a campaign for all that is wicked and violent, evil and vile in this world and I too had come to the point where I don't want them doing any of that their stuff here.

A place really does not exist on this planet where their stupid children could have been superior to me.  


Doing these things have become pleasure to them; which is what their Politicians really want-they only end up thinking about attacking my income when they have been doing it and it has taken up so much of the time of their stupidities they have not been able to and have not made plans to earn money for feeding and other of their needs in their lives and also when Politicians are not paying them for it but talking rubbish about who is to blame for their problems and have got the property and possibly the security vulnerabilities they also claim to have created to be blamed with. All I want to do is sell my books and that is the end of what it is about.

Oh on the contrary saying these things do not make me vulnerable they clear out facts so that the excuses, lies  and the transferred blame they use through their frustrations to do things to people they don’t like and do it the more they don’t like it because of what they want to have in life can be dealt with as something nobody or law will interfere with (just like being a staunch Christian is an opportunity to restore cultures that imperial powers had destroyed because they serve the devil with their spare time). I want my revenge clean and crisp and if they tempt me I will share this with the most violent tyrants on this planet.

When I walk round the city and see idiots in flashy suits know their level I will understand that this job has been completed and that their lower class jobs have stopped hurting me. Until then as long as they feel they can get into an office and use my property to do the kind of jobs their bosses will have no choice but pay bonuses for which is a nice little earner they have created into my own life as their property they are still likely to continue getting all over the place. Of course they intend to fight me over it, this is what they mean I suppose is getting violent community relations idiots involved, who are not missing me currently.

Update 2/12/2014 : A challenging Promotion for the Firm Founder – The Black Race, Modern Churches and Religious corruption, Financial violence attention seeking games


I hear there is this story of what I have done to damage other people’s lives endlessly which is not that much of an issue here either – the case is that they need to keep out of my Court; they really have no reason and purpose to be there, from here their position cannot be explained i.e. they have their own families they go home to once the days job of making ours a misery is done, so explaining their stupidities away with my work should not necessarily apply instead of a condition where they leave me alone if they don’t mind – the other is on their part where we are currently as though we live in the same life on account we live in the west and the western corruptions of involvement for the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s have past their sell by date and they continue to pretend with media that it is the new normalcy and I need to breathe with that big mouth of theirs; I mean they are not the husbands of these women, they are not in any way related to them, they simply work in the same company and environment and that means that the whole process of targeting me over their evil nature due to the need to express that men are also frail and need security and hence something glorious and pure they can pervade to brew the power with which to  bring it about which must cost me my faith thereof has gone to a whole new level, of which if you asked their wives about them they will most likely tell you the idiots always get what they want and they are beginning to piss me off around their direction as well for good measure. So the first stage of this problem has been completed where I am not inferior to them otherwise I would not be playing with female journalists to blow the roof off their media establishments all the time without them being able to do anything about it, the other issue is of course the story of their cultures and societies of which the reality has always been that getting your gay feeling and gay privileges from out of others costs and that big mouth about protecting me from selling a piece of my history that they are a part of when it really does not feel that way to me can only lead to a result, especially over the noise making about making me get outside so they can enjoy the feeling of indoors and security as well – I am not talking about the US CIA and FBI ones, those are supposed to have been the black idiots with white friends and connections all over the world right up to fools that work in UK civil service and black landlords I rent homes from who will co-operate with them and the assumption they have continued to make it that this is all about them anyway with that big mouth. This matter has never really been a complicated one for the most part; it’s a simple case of seeing them keep off my House and keep off my Court and then there will be no trouble or they can continue and make all kinds of noise about the inventive nonsense they come up with and drum away with media to pretend it has become part of life in order to provoke me, which can only continue until I take up the challenge as well and yes we all know it is a matter of confidence not of whether or not we can put to the test who will hit hardest which is not what their evil nature wants to discuss when they start but the confidence to actually say what I hate about the west and do something about it without getting entangled with Politicians which I am sure they know I am too clever to be. There is nothing new about these goons, it is the same old story of people setting up a church and ending up in a place where they are involved and there is a massacre because men are frail and need to be looked after like women too; so it’s been 14 years of my time with them and I am beginning to get angry as per their activities in specificity so we need to be clear getting their gay stuff from others costs and when I am out there will cost a lot more than they are blabbing about at present and if they want to see how I intend to protect my women from them and their stupid children only need continue – after all we all know it is about simple greed like the need to know their newly acquired fans with other peoples work are where they want them to be and hence they do not want a religious person getting about causing a mess with that stupid media they like to show it off with and experiment on whether or not they have enough power to keep people out of jobs with – they are not yet expressing lots of stories that can be told about the evils of religion, a new one on my account yet so they have no plans to move out of here yet so far as well; the Industry idiots they solicit understand these facts better than they do which is the importance of their insolent speeches all over the city centres of this planet and their inability to stay off my books with that nonsense about being so wealthy I wouldn’t mind. The CIA and FBI ones are much the same old case too – I have immense power and am a black scum who thinks all you need to do is bend over and enjoy the ride – they think they are talking in the US or something and one of these day I will travel to that Country for my part too.

We do hear this case of problems I create for others as well and it will never ever make sense – I mean nobody really can work out exactly why people I have never met before and don’t even know want to be seen to at least have a sense they have moved into my personal life and are living there in order to feel good about their existence and that there is some higher power enforcing it as well but we ought to see that when they are using their own personal lives to say and do what we see them say and do we will have an understanding otherwise we have a problem and they know it; there is nothing new about this matter, it’s the same old story of industry fools with mature businesses they do not wish to make profitable by looking to their attitude if they can rather get hold of my livelihood and break it up in order to collect the market like trophy and use it to make profit while getting involved with gangs and gang badge bullies in order to enhance their customer service and I don’t know them as well but they are convinced they are so wealthy my feelings about them do not matter and are sorely wrong as we can observe. The young people speak of how they are not in control of their own feelings when we all know what they want to do with a writer that is me, is exasperate me to hear what I say and feel good instead of buy my books and when I ask about the reasons they want to do that we hear them speak of problems I must be made to protect them from and so it gets to that point where I ignore them and they make those problems so many times worse in order to secure a condition where it affects me so much that I have to do something about it either way, of which any normal person would make them chose as well which is what they are doing at present. It is impossible to explain the reasons they feel they cannot let me be, otherwise I know they don’t like me and that is as good as any but rather are convinced that if their cars are to be important to them then the reality has to be that it is as important as God and the Church and that is a very violent affront to me as well that they have no plans to admit to and there isn’t a provocation that brings it about or a reason that explains it save their big mouth talking about power and the need to overturn oppression which tends to convince others that something is being achieved when they are oppressed as well. So it comes down to my books having made them uncomfortable but before the books were a people whose fathers were obsessed with the idea of dominating me first before I can get a job which was to be enforced by the Politicians creating this bubble of involvement with me that will allow their civil and criminal disobedience work unfettered around all I do; so if the books make them uncomfortable they were not written for them and the reasons they are seen around the books really cannot be explained too; so it is the same old case of the fact I am Royalty and they are nothing and they always recognise what I am when they mess about and organised criminals think they are wrong. The story of my Office not being recognised is not an emotive one, that is all about Royalty that are always seen somewhere around the corridors of the Mansions of Celebrities at all times – once done of which they return like in the UK to extract gay feelings and gay privileges from HM Duchy and pretend I am scared of them as well, which is how we ended up on opposing sides i.e. this is mentioned because this is a point where I have felt it is significant enough for such attention otherwise I would never have done so for my part either, their media fools have consistently had a habit of getting up there to give messages to gang badge community idiots that will attack me and my Policy of get out and get lost is not an emotive one to them either – their celebrities say my books are so expensive and the public can always do with something cheaper and better because they simply cannot leave people alone as it were. I mean at the end of the day if they are as dangerous as they say they are, nobody knows why they have such an intense need to round me up globally first before they can dangerous anyway and by the way it is much the same with – they build up their hardness and build it up and build it up some more and use it along with their civil and criminal disobedience to rule those they like they say and it will never be clear why I am such a problem then anyway. It does not end here either – there is the other case of their celebrities having a knack recently for taking advantage of HM Public functions to have a quick word with One off the record about me, when done and I collect them on twitter to fulfil their part of the bargain in terms of the culture they offered they falter all the time and it has now led to a state where I need to take steps to ensure they don’t wreck my finances anymore – I mean its only on twitter and not all out there yet as it were, since it must be so cheap and easy, ever so easy. I didn’t realise people needed to protect themselves from certain Royals when they got copies of my books anyway – I was under the impression a simple respect and leaving alone my finances would have set out the reality that it is my problem and not theirs. As I have mentioned before, it is not that I do not know that those abuses because I make things up as I go along which is what I am supposed to do to lead anyway are meant to be abusive; I indulge them for the thrill. We all know it is rather very difficult to be free from this stories they tell about what I do to ensure my Royal work falls into the hands of black people to rob them of the power to get on media and give signs I need to be bullied so my income can be earned by somebody else on one hand and then on the other cause their friends that are racist trying to prevent black people from getting involved with their heritage to get out of hand but where I am the reality is that HM is fan and supporter of everybody and everyone, so it is really difficult to work out exactly what it is people are so interested in when they are called up into service with One that they seem to have lost the very thing that pique HM Interest in them in the first place but these idiots didn’t just lose the own a very long time ago, whilst they cannot watch their filthy mouths they depend on their parents own and we can obviously see why as well as we can see what they are saving their stupid energy for as well. The blacks and celebrity ones that work in or know somebody that works in the secret services along with their fools who work them seem to be convinced I will need to be like them to take them on and it is this that gives the idiots the disposition to take all these risks as well.

I understand the case of how little shelter there is for me these days and it will never make any sense either; I mean these are people who actually believe I need shelter from being beaten up by their media insults I suppose at the end of the day – so the facts have always been rather simple when it comes to this old matter of the fact when I was a child the story was a matter of the need to get what must be done finished so they don’t turn up or even if they do the things I can say to them is preserved on account I know they never turn up anywhere except for evil, giving way to the ways of a man who thinks he is doing them a favour by the things he does and if the bad things happen they will suffer as well and that he knows best which is what this is all about and will remain so as well – giving way to the realities we face on the matter presently. They love to claim I turn my back on racial issues but everybody knows it’s a matter of parents raising stupid children the way they are so others might not get on with their lives in such eventuality of which racism is a problem in its own right just like they are and hence do not get to tell me what to do unless they are looking for trouble, feeling so strongly about a need to push me into a cause and then ensure they deploy media to make sure all my causes go down in their name that towns and cities are burning, to turn up here and tell me what I am not supposed to turn my back on and follow it on with other nonsense about being ruled by me after their parents were ruled by my superiors. We have to listen to that nonsense of getting beaten up by them all the time, especially the one that stems from the much loved Prince who will be safe if he does not get between them and what they want, while their sense of what they want is his income and personal life as well – the great old story of the fact they are terribly irresponsible and regularly turn up on media because of a need to make use of somebody else’s responsibility where they needed to be responsible which makes no sense since cities are burning and people get hurt because being irresponsible is so important to them 100% and that is why we now live in a democratic world of a hatred for me on account that I have done everything no stone unturned to ensure I am not used by them to make money in anyway – culminating in this case of Industry idiots turning out to give money to popular culture fools and pretend they will bully me into a state where they can deploy my business to make profit with their support, now finding out they will have to sell their products to them stupid popular culture idiots too for good measure and can only be free of me to that end when and if that market is not mine; so while we hear the story of somebody getting beaten up being something they believe others will let them have remotely in their stupid dreams they are not actually winning this in anyway, unless the Politicians help them out with some false confidence that they can go to the polls to make up ideas it costs me thereof with. We do hear it is a matter of repressing those that are inferior to them which is why my sense of the fact we have nothing in common is tempered with a need to mind my concerns while theirs is tempered with how my existence messes with their freedom –  but of course we can see the right to have my inferior little hole I call home and inferior little possessions I call finances without having both discussed for any reason is clearly what we will talk about as we shoot bullets as well when it blows up or they can continue fighting against the loss of not being able to make use of me to get rich like the things we hear in the Bible about Jesus Christ clearing the Church and or rescuing possessed young person’s telling fortunes for merchants from the influence of the devils and so on. For those of them that speak of my actions putting them at risk, I suppose they might want to tell their stupid celebrities about threatening me as well considering they work on the front lines at the secret service, by the way of which these are not serious matters in anyway, only a case of staying focused on my work and out of this zone which is impossible when people know where my anus and penis is and defiling a Christian is a power that is in demand, before I get beaten up by them on my television where they are supposed to go to work for somebody that pays them not talk through to me as it were. The story of what I do with women always comes up as the rescue on of course for when I spend a little of my time to support women I get about with – their industry idiots with a need to be seen with gang badge bullies and gangs, so they can use media to confiscate my business and combine both to improve their customer service instead of check their attitude to improve customer relations must have located a new preoccupation while they start to pretend I am a woman – so that if their point is that they want my income and my personal life and I will be okay if I don’t get between them and that I wonder what is so special about those their companies which they think I cannot touch as well. We do hear them ask when I suppose it will be over which it will be the day they don’t do things according to their feelings, such feelings created by media into industry bosses as suggests that my company belongs to them which they turn out to claim as well on account they have an ego, while the Christian does his things on the basis of what is the right thing to do because he is afraid of them and inferior – otherwise they can continue to assume nobody here thinks that this whole process of bending them up unnaturally so they can understand what a fist fight when you have reached the top from a government office looks like to get involved with will not give way to somebody that becomes an individual they will touch if they have the fucking guts for the last time in their stupid lives as well. An example of what these idiots do to provoke me for which I currently need a shelter will have included a process of their stupid psychopath children thinking about having rock bands with logo that is about angels and runs on my half priest personal life that I stole from them, never mind their football idiots competing with me to have the same personal life as I do on grounds of religious piety I stole from their race so they might have it at any cost and their black idiots building up hardness they can use to rule privileged people like myself in order to dominate and be superior, which are just examples of why I cannot stand the sight of their stupid city identity and it earns my wrath all the time as well because of their corruptions involvement that makes their civil and criminal disobedience powerful and rich –we have to put up with me being beaten up by them story on their stupid media every single day.

We are not talking about the men – that would be a case of the things they have a personal obligation to deal with because it annoys them, such as religious people who make their children love sick so they cannot concentrate on academic work and job: this then propels them to the things they do because they are responsible fathers that respond to such things in a violent way and then it leads to a need to control my finances so that there isn’t an incentive that encourages that Children to see things my way and it goes on and on and on before we hear talk of me stifling peoples freedom of which when I mention the fact it’s not such a bad thing to leave me alone and steer clear of me they speak of damage I have done to people’s right to happiness because they think they can take me on.

It has always been as simple as Royal family and Church and State and my books for me – they have only continued to assume I will not grab their companies and run it for them as well; so that when people tell me I never deal with the issues decisively, the issue remains they cannot see there is nothing decisive left to do about them anyway. They have these cultures and I have taken it away from them and their response to that is that everything I own and do is something they claim to be theirs on media and I particularly like the part where they sack my property equity business earnings by realities about how however it ends the outcome will be that they have used my faith to make products and sell things and get rich which yet again will take this story into another dimension if I put up with a few more times yet – their inability to keep off my books is where the crucible for this problem will be decided as it were; I do not pay or ask for the publicity they create for me every day so they can be dishonest with the market which has now enabled them to think the books will be sold if they want it to be because they like to provoke people.

I hear they say they are watching my slow decent into madness and that it is all playing out on social media too but I am not slow descending into anything, what is actually reality is that people can see I am more mentally sound than they are and all normal people can see that and the facts around it is that of that culture being their answer to economic recovery and so I have warned them enough that I don’t want it around me because I don’t want to be shoved into that zone but they have decided it is just another point where their civil and criminal disobedience can play out to its fullest, so they have lost the culture and regularly turn out on media to give signals to their community croons to attack me while every time they feel that loss follow it up with claims of ownership made to my books –this then requires work in the form of following up the taking culture away from them bit with a sense of making sure they know all I know unless they want to blow off their ear drums and be free and everything they do simply becomes Publicity much needed that a Christian can gather for his Godly work, hence for me a bit of work to catch them all, politicians and media and celebrity alike but for them it is a hard work to counter every publicity built for me by every evil act channelled in my direction and that means in order to counter a sense I have won, they have to develop their own evils and levy it on me when done as well which only leads to reprisals and a need to trap me in a cause that favours them over civil rights and ensure they use that to oppress me too. So it’s all a bit of work and does get tiring as well but that does not mean I have to stop when I feel it is not done – so that they might speak still of this zone I try to avoid when I am not insane whereas what they are talking about is a condition of letting them see me when I am angry or sad or in pain so they can do all they can including fear and intimidation to keep my mood that way permanently and set off to make riches abusing and exasperating me hence their claim I am descending into madness in some sense of positivity that they are making progress which I can assure you is incredibly annoying; so this is the zone and the Politicians and the media and the celebrities have no respect for me and have no plans to stop handling my possessions or being seen around my details at the civil service to put me in that zone which is why they get my wrath all the time as well – everybody knows everything else that matters lies outside of this zone so it is nothing new but the reasons it is important to them is that it can be used to overwhelm leaders so they might try and be leaders as well – they always say I provoke them when I say such things but I wouldn’t know since I think it is ever always better if they are compulsively angry as well right across the planet all together. The other side of this story is that I chase women that are beyond me and more so belong to others but the reality behind that is of course that of the Princess of York and Her American Lover of which the challenge was the public face of twisted evil day time television and shopping channel greed such as Kim Kardashian chasing every single thing I own along with their stupid mother to rip it up and get rich quick and teach others how to be celebrities, an example of one of these fools that need to protect their secret service idiots from me while at the same time using them to intimidate, spy on, attack me and savage everything I do of course, then there are the others that like to boast their money will never run out and there will be no way they listen to anything I say about their activities around me and what they do to get richer and help others to some as well – so it only got from this to a case of finding out if I am the lover that was ditched by HH who then married an American leaving me to be gay, so having been the case of my position on this activities by the immoral sections of society is not hurting far enough which then allows these kinds of things to happen and wreck everything around here that was left of what was done by another group of idiots when I was at University, it seems I am going to have somebody to play one out on and make a public show of it too as it were:- so The Princess of York remains my girl friend and not that of some Dave from the US and that will be the start as they do have trouble listening to what people are saying to them as it were and it is the same with their modern Church idiots all over the world; the ones in Africa are just really good with their civil and criminal disobedience because of a skin colour I share with them that gives instant contact point – gay privileges apparently cost and it will cost a lot more as this becomes a major issue around my public life if I start to address people on a podium; ultimately their wickedness was never so complex they had me in Africa and it simply got worse when I moved to the UK, on the contrary they are perfectly aware of what they are doing, it is the reason they never ever interpret the Bible correctly around money and women issues, so we are back again were we were 14 years ago and they are still the same and as predictable as ever and of course talk too much – all of it lies. So they do say nothing I do constitutes a process of winning in a real way but what these things have created is another of those world powers past their sell by date story that leads to an outcome where I have to get into a charm offensive to show American investors bearing in mind this is a rhetoric that is guaranteed to be led by Americans, that we are getting it as they are getting it here, nothing to hide – so technically that is not winning perhaps if the Politicians do not prang it so I will have to rely on my book sales to ensure it has not been a wasted venture.


We are not talking about the part where HRH Prince Harry now has lot of friends and they are eager to talk about their weaknesses: I mean to suggest that these idiots get out of bed every day to help people pick up parts of their lives that have been lost to them as a result of spending all the time they have working to earn a living is ridiculous, they are culture pricks that need lots of help from industry idiots who will aid them with a process of getting fans to serve them what they need to be important while buying their music CDs to make them rich in order to consolidate whatever mess they have made of my work to save their lives that are being ripped to shreds in the course of their activities; it was always a mathematical certainty that they will have these weaknesses – it’s like their industry idiots making me angry all the time so when they meet me and get  nervous I must pay with a big mouth which is something they have never been able to enforce, especially their community idiots who have never said a thing that others can understand in their lives save have an intense need to sit beside somebody important and famous in the University when Politicians feel like putting them there to talk nonsense about social progress, which again we all know does nothing for anybody, then get into parliament to complain about the abuses and make out I have a mission to complete so they can confiscate a royal estate with a big mouth. We do hear the Royal ones and the Industry ones and the Media ones and Politicians say they have done nothing to offend me which has resulted in actions I have taken against them as well but that isn’t true – what these idiots own is the black women that control and get the better of me and what those black people do is get gay privileges from me very violently ad strewn it outside thereof every single second in order to please them; this is never been a problem either since the same black women now need them to play ball so that they can secure attention from me on a daily basis which is clearly not enough as it were, since it’s all very well the story of their problems until these threats are put forward in the form of a case of having found a Christian that will be made homosexual so women might be powerful, then you find yourself paying attention. We do hear them issue the threats but of course I don’t mind the threats – after all in terms of the Royal enemies, it is clear that the fact they don’t like me is not the same thing as the right to handle my possessions – it’s been more than a decade of it while even HM decisions does nothing to change their will, so now they know what will happen and what they are going to do will be determined over the book sales and to be exact therefore about what they do to provoke me, it’s a matter of the things the law and the patents do to protect market for my book sales that they want to take advantage of without success only to get on media and built up a feeling that they had such things and cash into that feeling, then turn it into an industry and bottom out my sales whether or not the law and the patents are there which is quite a distance to travel to look for trouble before you start to speak of how you did not offend somebody that has offended you and your big business, for my part I say their inability to listen to what others don’t want them to do with their possessions will lead us to a place where we have royals and politicians and industry idiots with their media on one hand and an author that is tired of their slight comments and insulting body language that wrecks his book sales and prevents others from listening to what he has to so on the other. So we do hear them speak of how it is my own people that are my biggest problem which makes no sense since it is difficult to work out what part they are playing in the matter of idiots who share a skin colour with me and need it as a contact point I cannot change in order to ensure they have access to my valuables at all times in an environment where there are no rules, especially the relatives but I believe I have been clear for my bit about where what it is exactly they can do will be tested.

So do we hear all I do is futile because it only offers self improvements but there is no such thing – people can keep their body language and their slight comments and statements that affect my book sales and public work in any way to themselves or realise that making them clear in public will affect my book sales and court my wrath; I understand this is an unreasonable position I cannot back up which is utter nonsense since it is as reasonable as reality itself i.e. we have done the bit where people prevent me from antagonising them as per my faith is my choice and now everybody knows there is no choice for them because they serve the devil and he will never let them rest in any 24 hours unless they are attacking me in some way which is why when I say such things they say whatever happens the end product will be that I keep out of their homes while keeping their eyes fixed on my market numbers as well – their homes where they serve the devil and he gives them orders to seek me out and have a go at me everyday being what they are referring to as it were.

I hear they say it is a complicated issue but it isn’t – when I was a child, the Politicians need to get off his evils and ensure that some goon regularly gets off his marijuana to sit beside me in a University lecture room was to be followed by a need to get things done bearing in mind they never turn up anywhere for a good reason, so that my statement about what I really don’t want might be clear but as I grew into a man and these things show a signs they can carry on forever while excuses are made by them to destroy the one thing that ensure Christian is not in a fight with Satan’s servants because of what he gives them orders to do from a secret room where even their wives do not visit, which is something we are always aware of when it comes to making a living and so on, it meant that my message changes to realities about the fact I am the boss and I know best and I know best for me and for them and can and will enforce it as well – this is where we are – they can have neither freedom nor power and it is not a bad thing to leave me alone and steer clear.  So in context I hear of the things they do to solicit for power and as everybody can see they need my power for that in the first place which discredits it but because of the level and context of abuse, people tend to think it has meaning which is why I have to do these things: it is not that I am not covering my tracks either, kicking their women and looking after young people – I am covering my tracks. I understand they say my books are written to ensure I am being provocative i.e. I need to ensure everything they do with their wickedness is unable to put me in that zone of Christian v Devil worshippers that are provocative by nature and expect Politics and society and modernisation to cover for them unless they have a footing they have never fought for, unless people want to talk about their modernism and pretend it is not happening which is why they need to stop pretending they know more about me than I do about myself and stay out of turning up to make decisions about me but that the books put people in that zone directly but that is precisely the point i.e. if the insults of their bone headed children and community croons and the abuses of their politicians are so valuable they make people rich, I am sure that if I make the deepest recesses of it available as a market item there will be an explosion of demand, apparently that is not happening so that is the way it will be until they turn up here for a fight and tell me I talk much because I am a coward and hence we can throw punches when we are Journalists and Statesmen and until then it is up for sale and when they are not buying we have a problem because others want to; besides especially for the industry ones having been this evil zones must be avoided by making sure my book sales are not killed off, and they are the ones that want to steal my personality with some personality contest that means they want to put me there permanently as well to confiscate something and get rich instead of look after their insulting attitude to build customer relations, there are simply some things they do which are provocative in a general sense and do it they do to an extent where the book sales re damaged as well – hence they know what exactly they do to provoke me and what I mean when I say what it is they suppose they can do will be settled around the book sales as well. None of the behaviour they have in my direction is good for business they have simply built it up through media that make claims of how a business that exists in my head for the time being of which they have spied on the blue prints on my computer belongs to them and so we must find out if their insults and attacks and abuses especially for the greedy and ambitious Politicians is because I owe them money as it were – we hear of the ones that work in the security services of course but that is what happens anyway – they go there and then they pick up a job at the secret services and the bosses there will at some point decide to put them on a mission and set off a state of affairs which means having been when I play video games it disturbs them because what they saw can be used to better their careers, something about the video games play have changed and then we have this condition where we cannot seem to witness the end of their celebrity idiots getting off to all sorts which is where we are now and the same principle applies; we have come to a head with these threats I get from them and I am waiting for the next wrong move as well, just like even HM decision does not dissuade them with that big mouth and it means they cannot leave people alone. They are as I have mentioned before very irresponsible people who need responsibility for every aspect of their stupid lives and that is why they need the media so much with which to take advantage of other peoples responsibility and when combined with the talk of power and dominating me in order to solicit for world dominance among Politicians that see things their way we have this problem where I don’t want to see the Satan in their homes that they claim I will stay out of when the fight starts otherwise I will cut it up again and don’t mind killing for the process of doing that too either; I hear they say terrorists don’t like me anyway and I never said they did, they simply understand that it takes something to raise women and then benefit from the things they do to improve a living, so when they kill mine I feel I have lost a piece of the future – all very well that these idiots do claim terrorism actually has no purpose and is wanton violence that is not actually true but they are the ones with the guns and the onus is on them not to lose their vision – when they do it, they will never win. All together it gets to a point with these people that can kill for what they want and the media has spun up all these things their Politicians and industry idiots can play with to handle my possessions and issue accusations and live in a world where they are guaranteed to have whatever they want, and it is building to a head as well – for them the day I will want to rough them up the gangs they get themselves involved with because I don’t let them turn up on public places to make use of my responsibility will be asleep and it is not as if we have not been there before either. I understand it is said I never finish off anything because I enjoy these fighting as well and it isn’t true, I don’t; I never finish off anything because it will mean these idiots have time to have a life and that will encourage them to behave in such ways in the future as well, so it needs to carry on and on and on otherwise the need to get out of bed and get dressed and get outside to implement the will of the Satan you serve in your own home against a Christian will continue and it will continue to be the one where he should not be killed but just detached over a period of decades from his quality of life which can then be ascribed to you and then you can cash into in order to get rich as well stating wealth inequality and setting out an original provocation that is to be enforced by insulting statements and body language all over the Parliament to keep it going until your aim has been attained; it is normally assumed the neighbourhoods did not operate in this way in the first place and that nothing will happen when they had decided they want to bully me with it as well – so yes I can say Politicians and Media and Industries, I am the boss I know best and that would be the end but they would say that can never happen whilst they need to handle my possessions and use my own work and property to fight me just so as to make a statement that gets people to see them as the oppressed in the first place. If such statements as the right to feel their money makes them superior to me is not uttered or run and more so on public places then we would not have had a problem because it is these kinds of statements they build up on media to cash into my market with from getting feelings that are made up of things the laws and the patents have prevented them from doing with my possessions. They on the other hand claim it was okay for me to get all popular with wrecking the businesses of drugs and gang Lords and am now complaining for it as well, which is utter rubbish; what happened is that they started first along with their media idiots that want people Royal Office to end up in their area so they might never get it back looking for trouble all the time and so I do my government work and they do their drugs and gangs business and both meet in the middle and that is where the drugs and gangs became unpopular enough to lose them money but they will not clean up and go straight if they have Labour Party idiots and other socialist scum like them in parliament to play games with and so they turned up to lose that and making statements like I have a super yacht and that must be superior to you at least, I have a right to is one of those things that mean I cannot sell the books because they are doing popular culture fame and fortune and it will not do; besides which we are only dealing with Books that were written for 2001 to 2010 decade and the ones for 2010 to 2020 will be sold on this same planet as well and so will the ones for 2020 to 2030, all of which have been completed anyway – so it is not a bad thing to leave me alone an steer clear as it were. I hear it is the way I behave as though I have been beaten that gives incentives and encourages these things but that is never actually true; the truth is that of realities around the way The Labour Party behaves in the House of Lords – I mean it is an unwritten constitution and anybody keyed into the correct thing will notice when the minds of the people is being divided asunder and people and their families are being broken up and broken down and so on and the institutions of government are re-organised to help that happen; it has become the only state of affairs public statement we hear from them – that your thing that gets in their eyes will become somebody else’s, that you career will be collected and handed to another – yap, yap, yap 24/7 lies that are tiring which is what creates the confusion I am beaten as it were; they will tell these lies using the Church if they can and when that is not enough they will use the Media and when that is not enough they will use Politics – yet they can always leave me alone and steer clear as this is not their own lives; they have not given me back my £30,000 they ripped up at Greenwich University playing their games – it was by the way supposed to have been the reality that marked the end of the Child that wanted to get things done to preserve his statement considering they never turn up anywhere for a good reason.


The story of how I am one of those people that chase culture and try to do something about it which is completely pointless processes of trying to rule those that are better than me with a sense of what is right is utter nonsense; I have made an example of this matter and they have had 14 years of my time to show how much they hate those who turn up in a great City like London to chase religion and morality instead of enjoy life and everybody has seen the primary prognosis is to leave no stone unturned when handling me as violently as possible to ensure I am out there having sex and generally doing everything that is immoral in the books, the question therefore is that of funny or not, power or not, how much more of my time they bloody want before it becomes something a lot more serious than they give it credit for? We understand they always turn to the story of how the business and community that emerge from it are jobs I couldn’t do but that is because they think I don’t know these cultures exist because of sales men and that all these problems are caused and created by them and so it seems they too think people are unaware I have history with the manufacturing Industry as well and understand the kind of jobs I am good at are very, very rare and even more so in a condition where they are able to do whatever they like; we hear them all the time and even the Politicians and the media and the job centre staff are interested in nothing but perforating your bottle so they can enjoy themselves with their civil and criminal disobedience talking nonsense about how I am insane for example and when  get home of which it makes me so angry and what is happening with that culture the rest of it that is stemming from the issue of doing moral things in great cities is collateral damage and they know it too – it will remain that way until the day they turn up for a fight; I even have this conditions I have marked out for female journalists where their communities are areas of comfort that people can play their games with and that was because of that other game of the Royal Estate in the hands of the children of rich people who use it to ensure that play time is educating and rewarding on account they have those sales business and that media nonsense going for them; as I said of which it is not that I am not covering my tracks kicking their women and looking after young people and black women who invented this whole love thing to persecute me using their culture hence creating this bubble around me where there are no rules resulting in my business becoming an empire while the money ends up somewhere else and they claim its racism to cover theirs as well are not doing so. We all know what Industries do is create products and sell to people and maintain history with those people so they can sell them more products but they take these things too personally on themselves for their part and I have no place for those cultures or their stupid big mouth that I bet they will one day turn up here to prove considering they have no plans to keep off my book sales as well. Hence it’s a matter of the Royal Estate being things their stupid children play with when play time is rewarding and their communities are things that the Court can play with to make play time rewarding – the blacks mostly come from smaller countries where black race people live of course while I come from one of the largest so I know if I wanted a Community that will work with me to ensure each point where they touch my possessions is dealt with through blood chilling means, I can muster enough to ensure I win all of the time too, so the Court playing with the Communities which also includes sexual playing is for now the best way forward for all.  It’s like the story of falling living standards and the way the economy is developing of which is largely a matter for the Politicians; the day they decide bankers can do their jobs and Politicians can do theirs is clearly the day they will be able to control anything around here or they can continue on the same path with bankers as the demy Gods who are the points at which the entire country starts to get rich before it trickles down to everybody else and whine all the time. I for my part understand this is an unwritten constitution and he can turn up here with his fat belly and fat cigar to give his speech to his minions, there will be no time to lose in chasing him right down to his organised crime products like his class A drugs which he buys because he has enough money to look after a health that can cope with its effects and then come out at the other end feeling invincible and at the tip of his performance thereof; after all if people like these end up with Court cases then they might win them and create the new Judge made laws in the Country but if I play my part, then it means if I can just end up in a Court room with the richest banker in the land then everybody will understand that my books have been unjustly messed with.