Of course it is the norm that when people have problems and are frustrated the best things to do is pick on a black person, for the blacks they pick on a black person that is better off than they are which has served them so well over the centuries, the point being the processes of maintaining a means by which it is possible to continue to throw around the proverbial fear and wonder which a powerful combination is in order to have everything. What is not noticed as such being that it has also become the norm to pick on the civil service whenever your property and anything of your person ends up in the hands of your enemies because they keep your personal details and use it to furnish your enemies until a stage arises where they are able to ensure you cannot just ignore to tolerate them. they always say such talk leads to bigger problems and there will be racism in the civil service but we all know the only reason there isn’t rife racism in the civil service is because civil service staff have alternative ways of getting privileges from people on the sense that their jobs are the bees knees which is what all these things are all about; increased racism would not help them in any event but letting me alone would do a lot to. All that seems to happen at the civil service is nothing else but how you go there on the first day and feel that people are there to get their jobs and do whatever business they have with government but go there again in some 7 years time and it will feel as though you had a pint at the pub with the head shaven white person that walks through the door and the reason for it of course is that civil service staff have settled in on atmospherically manipulating you both; so when they speak of their rife racism I am only making a clear statement of fact about how rife it really will be and hence the question of if they will leave me alone or if they will leave me alone. They also say I familiarise with people and so it annoys them into doing that thing where things mean I can tolerate my enemies or my enemies can just get around me and move on but they think about taking that part away, despite the distress it will cause on grounds it is linked to how educated I am and other things I may do to be a model citizen, they will want to take it away anyway and have everything thereafter never the less because they have media. Then of course is how it has developed over the years where they do nothing else but live out a certain aspect of their colloquialisms which says that once they think about something it is bound and destined to belong to them, this also means any scum that get off and make them think about people’s property if such people do not play ball with their stupidities. No idea why they complain now when they maintain how important a part of their colloquialism it really is and talk rubbish about class thereof with it; I am only saying they can come and get it if they want. The advertisement these days have nothing to do with me, you, my product, your problem, I can solve it, the price and if you want I can give a discount; it is more about the Arch Prince that is a he that has taken their stuff and needs to give it back with a big mouth; it completely messes up my ability to earn money which they pass off as power because of the conflict with industry and their position of he that likes my thing and if he does others are bound to, right onto the security problem of he with aesthetics that racist can borrow so I might be powerful when I threaten people with goons they need to be scared of. Whenever they get on public media to pass around those their intimidation based insults it’s never clear whom exactly they are making their references to and more so in context of the question of who they think they are anyway; it’s my television though.


The talk of course for most of the time these days involves government sucking up to some people which holds back the economy; in actual fact of which what they are talking about is that I want it I take it and you give and there is nothing you can do insolent politics attitude that especially their young people of an adult age show up all the time mostly when male and black and a result where they jump on some of my aptitudes which are linked to my family life and others which are linked to my qualified skills, then set out to do whatever they do with that in the hope that a government will stop me from doing what I need to do with my aptitudes and skills as well which is utter nonsense because there is really no such government. Hence what they are suggesting these days is that the government takes direct steps to ensure I do not and regardless of how hard I try which I should not be doing, to detach from them the country and the economy they always find a way to cling to those two things every time they do it as well; the bottom line being their insolent laziness and of course the idea that these things are a worthy use of my time too. Naturally the talk is that of power they have that will take care of me but that can be taken care of as well in a day’s work as it were apparently. So I guess the matter remains as simple as the fact they heard me and are not able to which would seriously complicate their foolishness as well. As for their politicians and the process of disciplining me as it were, clearly of which if their wives gave birth on the day I was declared an adult by the state their children will be prepared to take their GCSEs in about 2 or three years time – so it can always continue and they can always get used to it but the insults are astounding and we have them in various categories too i.e. they do popular culture but do not think the popular culture goons should have access to their finances, only mine – they do civil rights but do not think civil rights goons should have access to their personal lives, only mine and it goes on like that endlessly to create that question of whether you need to handle a piece of meat like a Politicians or wait for somebody to tell you to do so first. I am not being disciplined by anybody and it does not mean I think deviant people should not exist, they should but should not be using me to stay alive and I really do feel like putting an end to this stupid war with them so I might no longer get disciplined by insolent Politicians and by the way still do not think it is okay for them to be able to get around the world doing all that their rubbish whenever they want, it just isn’t a reason they ought to follow me around or handle my person or work to stay alive, let them face society as they are if their behaviour is that acceptable, so we can find out too.


In the end they speak of how I want to surmount the Labour Party that had fairly defeated me for trophy power and it makes no sense whatsoever since I do not want to surmount anything i.e. it’s the public that are not learning their pain yet, that when people have spent 8 years of public payment for a public job to chase a person all over the streets, you do not vote them into office to do the job again and more so certainly not over the excuse that wealth distribution and social equality was an acceptable reason for their behaviour. There is no body trying to surmount them, the simple fact is that it is over; all that stuff about putting out policies that counter balance itself and makes no sense but then means people can play socialisation and get on to have their way with the crowd and win elections, over and done, gone. They always have their story to tell of course but we all know the issues are split into two sections both sections of which are mediocrity and double standards all having something to do with one thing i.e. controlling extremism of which there is nothing they can do about it if people told them to but the fact is that nobody told them to. All I really have to worry about is a process where each time I tell people not to handle my property they do so well anyway; in social context of which the poorer ones have a problem with the richer ones but cannot do anything about them so all they know is picking on me and the richer ones do what they do because they know what the value of handling my property is. So that in the end it hinges around stories people tell about how some people have these ideas about how people need to be famous through good deeds but the reality is that they have got all the good stuff already because they are rich and that those people want to steal their stuff; to which I always say is a nice try and they need to get off the books – hence to worry about is the main issue i.e. the combined process of the activities of fame freaks on one hand and the media sustainably spreading stories and keeping them up daily as regards he who have taken their stuff giving it back because they need to be able to take it and cover their tracks – to this I must be able to act on it over what must be an increasingly shorter and shorter and shorter period of time. Let them face society by themselves if their activities and behaviour as they say, is as acceptable as they claim it is and leave me alone. The vandalism continues and in high places as a proportion of the size of the country as it stands, we have the highest deficit in the world but it seems nobody notices as appears apparent, that there is link between the social behaviour of the Labour Party and such a thing taking place, now they feel they can tell me I want to surmount them as well. This story about how I make pictures of everything I see and then describe them to pretend it belongs to me is utter nonsense; its first of all like the part where they make out people commit crimes because they have some kind of crime skill, which is why they like to have a go at me to extract that crime skill and share it for power as it were – when in actual fact you can see clearly that a person is a person and that the anger is the anger and that he is an angry person and that if you mix the two sides in the same place it will go wrong, which is entirely normal, except that their reaction is an ill in society and will cause terrible out comes and its is not the only one we have either because there are the other ones that are the source of the really silly things media says to me like doing my stuff, those are meant to be the better and richer people who have a tendency for crime and it’s never clear why some people cannot leave people alone or indeed why they presume people will keep saying such things to them for as long as they suppose. As for the part where I describe pictures, the confusion is simply that what I do is round up some of the most evil of their cultures and show entrepreneurs how to make products that get around them and this is what they broker with me and what I write in my books as specifically related to my royal property, Literary empire trust that the businesses hold on my behalf and the Emporium that they occupy, so if people think that this describing pictures thing and no real competence story is to be their bees knees then they are very welcome. However the fact remains they need to get off my income and my profit margins and keep their activities off my work and my property I have told them to, not do it anyway and think a while will be enough especially when they are girls and so on, besides which they need to face society on their own and leave me alone if they think their behaviour is as acceptable as they claim it is. They will claim I have completely avoided the issue of racism here of course but let’s put aside the plain old deviance and wickedness issue which explains why the Labour Part dragged us into such a huge deficit and focus a bit on realities of human interaction; of course we soon end up in a condition where it continually makes sense to a collection of goons who can never be pleased by anybody because they have politics and media to seek power over a people with, to ask people and press people for things that makes no sense to give or share in life, such that although it makes no sense to give or share or ask such things of people, the whole thing will still develop anyway into a condition where they might see a person is homeless or unemployed while they have a well paid job but what they are doing to those people is still described by them as wealth distribution and social equality. There is no argument that is valid which suggests that a reaction to such behaviour can be racist but I suppose people should not let me spoil their fun either – it is a fool’s errand.  For the black goons however its much the same as it were i.e. I am clearly not as well chiselled out as they are and so they should be able to see, along with their sisters and mothers etc that the problem behind how and why they have a feeling and once they have such a feeling something has got t belong to them and somebody standing in the way of it actually being theirs is because they are deluded into the believe that other people’s lives are entangled with their own: when you earn more money than a person it can never be wealth distribution to continue to attack the well being of his means. As for me, I intend to find out for myself what those businesses and companies are good for and meant for as a tool. So as mentioned I find it easy as such, it is not a matter of easy; I just don’t like it in anyway i.e. he turns up with a suit and ten years younger than I am but maybe he has got Music TV and that is all that matters, so he has concluded it is the right and correct thing to do, to build a life of fame on the really violent insults his mother passes at me – especially when they are American.  Same old story behind homosexuality of course; their girls are always scared and it is always somebody else’s fault and the bottom line is your family life and personal life but it gets worse because they cannot stay away from culture and cannot bear to see you do something that you can do better than they can, however on earth you are to exist or earn a living if there isn’t a thing you are really good at but most of all is the fact that while you provide the family life that is needed, they control you. So when we hear them complain they conveniently leave out all these facts i.e. the idea I am unaware of the meanings of what I say is utter rubbish too since we know that the black people that do these things at school and Universities set out social clubs and secrete societies where they meet regularly and think biblical wickedness is a means to an end and also the threshold of power and when finished turn up to do these things – I am only setting out that making up ideas which suggest that when a person reacts to a process where those who earn more than he does are abusing his person and property on grounds of wealth distribution and social equality, it is racism, then such an activity is a fool’s errand; apparently they always leave out all that area whenever they complain.


For the business ones the case has always been straightforward contrary to popular claims i.e. what they make out to be a prerogative for them I have explained endlessly is my product passed off in that way by a media idiot that is also happy to use theirs to make up ideas of who has taken their stuff giving it back, like it shows on matters with respect to the need to settle the language that products carry with them these days. Hence having to publicly set it out like this means people I have at the Literary Emporium and Empire trust are not enough hence I have already been moving into their territory and loving it too. It’s like the old story about privatising the NHS; they always say it is complicated when in actual fact it is a simple story of how there are human being out there whether we like to accept it or not, who think they can take money away from the NHS to a point where they pocket so much of it that they tell us we might as well privatise it, which explains why BUPA for example is a big health service provider that gets money when people walk through the door for services but the NHS is said to have financial problems on grounds it provides services cheaply – when we all know that other health service providers get paid for the service as they get it while the NHS gets money paid weekly and monthly and annually by people who are not necessarily going out to get the services. Then they will tell me what I have said is a compelling case for privatisation when we all know the real issue is like they are the skilled version of fools who hate police officers when they are not yet dead trying to get to the stock market to make a lot of money quickly, in their case they are so good they will not hurt us when they do it – hence they claim there are political parties that agree with the idea and I am simply asking why it is they cannot get into the NHS to do the jobs they have been paid and contracted to do unless it is completely overhauled financially for them. It is not a difficult issue for me to deal with in anyway; it’s the same old issue of I am socialist and so if leaders are made to settle for less than they are worth there will be an ideology with which to steal a lot of things easily which we can share later while I abstain from any kind of employment and work and generally try to find money by saving my strength to be on the right side; as I have mentioned above the issue remains the same i.e. they need to face society without me and get themselves off my book sales and then find out facts about what it is I can and cannot do conclusively, if they are certain that is that their activities and behaviour is as acceptable as they claim it is. Hence there is always the last supporting complain that I support the armed forces when I am a Christian and the Bible says thou shall not kill; it is a rather simple matter of the fact if they do not want the armed forces to become something dangerous it would be nice if they started showing they had such concerns and act like it. This is better explained through the prism of that claim most of what I talk about are problems I have created and now feel I need to solve for a benefit, when in actual fact it is all their war on normalcy where people want information from my books but can get it from me directly, which is the sort of rudeness and abuse that normal people do not even get to imagine not to mention the fact it turns up on TV and its much the same with their politicians that can never allow anybody do their jobs at the time it is meant to have been done because they can work terrorism and blackmail which causes such people damage from beginning to end and causes them nothing but pleasure; hence we end up with people that are so different from the rest of us in the form of them, that it gets to a point where they take so much money from public institutions that they tell us we might as well privatise it, thinking that just like popular culture and the obsession with peoples personal lives it will not wind up anybody. Of course I never create any problems that I later set about solving, the way it works is that at this stage there is no wickedness they carry out which is governed by a condition they cannot control because I have taken care of all that anyway; hence when I suggest differences between psychopath, schizophrenia and plain old Satanism which they will claim I mention because there is an established Church in the UK, when of course if there wasn’t I would have said psychopath, schizophrenia and plain old wickedness, which would probably serve better too. Hence the war on normalcy and the fact they need to leave me alone i.e. 70 year old pensioner has every right like anybody to walk down any street without being picked on by get rich idiots like them because such pensioners are Christians. The part where saying such things is a process where I steal from them is supposed to have been founded on the truth fact that their war on normalcy is based on fear and people’s right to feel safe on grounds that they have got get rich fools that may want to hurt others who are religious people on grounds they are angry, poor, frustrated and want somebody to take their problems out on – hence when I say if they do not want the armed forces to become a dangerous thing then they need to start acting like they have such concerns and we are not talking about playing up on me the idea that leaner women do not overwhelm people sexually but plumper women do which of course is the mainstay of their popular culture and a process of exasperating me to do fame and fortune on my income. Hence the basis of their war on normalcy i.e. bring that thing somebody needs to get rich with and which is precisely my point i.e. they can come and get it. At this stage I would like to clear up I deeply regret and will no sooner take action to clear up the fact there is no information forth coming from this which is to suggest I am respectful of and do not mess around with other peoples wives. The way it worked was to ensure women who think men do not exist to be insulted are better off as a result of their abuses but it has since turned up on public television never mind the fact it was the mainstay of their popular culture and so because of that they will now pass those insults at their husbands who are going to have me beaten up and then it will end; I mean it’s the manufacturing of the loss of a battle for me here i.e. the men and a process where I will lose everything so they can control me, the men and the claim I belong in the world of women and they will enforce ownership of that world and now they get information which provides them with concrete proof that they need badly, that I am not playing around with peoples wives; is it what I did or are the bloody clowns really more stupid than they look? Bearing in mind more so that once they are older than people they can use peoples work to spice up their insolent sex lives not to mention the fact their age would have meant that others always want sex and they can never understand the fact is otherwise – hence the fear of losing the pleasure involved in the process of playing around with peoples wives as it were being looked after here. The part where I annoy them by getting involved with their conversations is meant to have been completely mind blowing too anyway; I do not want any part of a conversation people have minutes after quick sex with a willing counterpart in the toilet cubicle, it is traumatic stuff for a Christian and they on the other hand need to get off appearing on television to pretend they determine when I get angry or not because they know where my books and where my parents or siblings are. In the end whether or not I do them up as well and they are seductresses and very violent ones too where especially the fame freaks think whether or not you have sex with them is not a decision that is up to you and that whenever sex appears on any medium you must have watched it, the fact remains simply that everything that happens to make you think twice about your decisions and lose a hold on being able to be trusted for a job by an employer among other things, happen because of women that are professional prostitutes; they are not a good thing for the image of the country and nobody knows why some politicians give them popular culture and fame to play around with, so they can tell me I create problems I solve when I broker equities with those that are actually trying to create jobs bearing in mind they have got money and fame to get around with these days. Of course they claim these things happen because I peep into pornography way too often which is so as the staged up story continues that anywhere sex appears on any media I would have been watching it; the fact is that of a collection of men who have back stage media with which to pair me up with journalists and deploy it at advertisement industry and pornography to make money without any set out provocation which is why they make it up, hence why I feel so provoked when people say they want facts from me that I am not messing with peoples wives; it’s as though the infidelity is not as important as their sense of control and the business connections and the advertisement and the expensive cars but I think that concrete proof that a woman who is to be divorced has committed infidelity is just as important and it might not matter if I get some sexual benefits from that too (the outcome of their insolent corruptions of involvement as it were) – there is never a real evidence I have had this sex anyway as such but from my lips will never cease to come confessions that I have, so I like the sex as it stands. Some say I should have made things easier by saying so years ago; years ago they say and yet if I did some fool would have been able to move on with their stupid lives after all that violent scandal when they make out the pain and trauma to be a sign I cannot back up things I say; some have thus sought comfort in gayness and homosexuality, thus we have only the elite left now with their backstage media - the elite set in their ways as it were.