The Big idea is always the notion I have somebody to blame each time I talk about stability in the economy but in actual fact if people are not to blame, then there would be no reasons to blame them. Some are just so powerful because they are stupid and know nothing of the afflictions they cause others with their ignorance, violence and obsession with the trappings of power, to extract strength and beauty from others by frustrating them over their achievements. Do we seriously believe that the most hardened fascists for example do not see people do these things and approve of them in quietness, while they stifle people academic work and force them into entertainment to do it and claim it is the process of dealing with rejection in order to have a story for example? What is it exactly that had created the notion that it has become some kind of normalcy and some people, intended people to be precise, have gotten used to it; media? Everybody knows those are evil people all together with their Politician friends, they are primarily the ones that make the world an evil Godless place to inhabit, all of which applies that nobody has the power or intelligence to get them off their incomes or the jobs and means by which that is possible.

Recently they have woken up to the fact that the tax system exists to ensure rich people pay more tax and poor people pay less tax, not hit some and favour others; telling everyone else that doing so is due to the large pay packets of company bosses while they have the tiny ones they have to settle for by which they bear the brunt of the economic crisis but at  basic one to one level of which the money does not belong to them, as it is and has been a means by which they commandeer other peoples means to manufacture work they can do for the devil and for evil and pay themselves for it; where nobody can take the money of them thereafter because they had worked for it, hence separated people’s minds from God, which if it actually has not worked on the fact they have taken peoples means, is never enough as they will proceed from intimidation to violence and even murder. It does not change when they feel they should lead and everybody should be kept in an unproductive situation, as they try to do things the way they want to do them; so with their stupidities they name power, place embargoes on everybody over their income and the Economy through the means that stupid jobs they were allowed to have through the last socialist collection of trouble makers who feed people information they know nothing about and has nothing to do with those they feed it to, while they take their time to find out what is what and select people to bully to ensure they are being told all about it without any interference with their prospective fame and importance, which for a lot of the times is never possible except through betrayal of the law because they have to do these things to those who are more important and more powerful than they are to know what is what do it how they want and not how the law stipulates, lead and make a history of it; then make out ideas those whose lives they want to usurp with their damned if you do damned if you don't evil wicked economic progress that needs good people to start being wicked as though they cannot come up with that themselves, are responsible for things not going the way they should, while other trouble makers feel that once they had discussed it and made a legitimate Political argument out of it, it is everybody that will accept such arguments have the right to exist or hold any kind of stupid validation-as the old issue continues to remain in that they have no respect for other people’s problems because they want to get themselves into positions where if they don't get anything they demand from people the alternative of who and what they will give it to will be worse, for the purpose of pushing people into violence and crime which of course is always completely relentless.


 For what the endless drive to use the spiritual process by which we human beings come across impressions on our minds to have slaves and drive people with work based enslavement and work based oppression with their stupidities which have brought them poverty based powers, worked with the drive to copy and commandeer other peoples income, followed on with the health, success and competence based effects this causes, of which I am rather their Prime target for serving the Church and the State is worth, who else are strangling the economy and doing so while they know they are doing it?

If I say I am not too bothered about it I mean it; I had long come to the conclusion that there is no point working out a time of work and a time of rest in my own life otherwise I will still be serving them and getting oppressed for it mercilessly without reason or purpose and the destruction of my health of which has come to mean I am inferior, I shall share their lives;-there will be one peace of mind, one work, one rest and all these from all angles are in their custody of their Men, there shall be one clarity of thought one normalcy and all these are in the custody of their women.

The idea such as until I explain what I mean by renaissance and how I could possibly have one is just supposed to be an expression of incredible levels of disrespect, which actually does not bother me at all since they are not my responsibility; they think they can stifle the sale of my books with society and media when I say 'renaissance' and somebody else says "my wife wants to have child"; it meant nothing in the first place, until they got involved because their insolence is legendary, using claims I have suffered dishonour and until I fight or clear up what the issue that has existed there is, they will continue to attack my books which they feel means they have got power to control and manipulate me. It does not do anything for anybody that Household inner Royals like me and top Members of the Royal family are raised and bred to have a renaissance. Like the foolishness the media is more interested in these days which largely involve the UK as a Country and Enterprises which thereof comprise of those who have all the money in it-as though people do not know what the UK is and therefore cannot make a decision on whether they want to stick with us during troubled times or go elsewhere. The purpose of their discussions always seem to be exploring somebody else's job to earn perks with their own or on their own with it; which is about a quarter of the problem, for the rest is incredible levels of intellectual waste (a product of an evil power they think they have derived from selecting people who should be driven into the worst of their cultures, lying all the time about the importance of social corruption and the value of holding some people down for and in it or pushing some people into it, while their faith which helps them pull through it is spent on perversions every day until they can no longer do so or defend themselves, so people might never stop mocking them to get rich and friendly with rich people:-claiming it is either they are getting people to know their culture or that they are making sure Royal like myself know the Culture we are leading, which because they have been unable to do such things to my faith has lasted a decade and continues every single day and every single opportunity they have on public television; speaking of which it but of course it always begins with the vulnerability of those who need civil rights or more of it and how they make out if you deny them they will fight you for it) there after which it is all about the attitude of telling the world the UK has got it and if people want it they can have it in return for giving them news become the regular order of the day, while the Politicians that support them the most claim they are making the economy better and the people support them the most have ideas about who is responsible for their problems, which is something they do each time the government takes important decisions on the economy, so they can yap all over the world as though they know better trying to earn perks. Considering that the entire world listens to those stupid revealing for no reason questions, conjectures and answers they offer to them as well. I know we don't as compared to other countries in the world necessarily have an attractive tax system but we have other things that draws business to the UK, so it is not clear why media trouble makers cannot stick to their job or the facts of their news; and then again why should they, they have become very expensive city slickers and media bosses and Tycoons have been employing fascists to black mail their select victims and countries with all full confidence they will get away with it.


For my part I have come to the point of decision over their discussion of the tax system, especially so because it is always followed with insulting me on public media because they have very recently not gotten the news report they wanted for example, among other things they want all the time which I am not necessarily aware they want but is always my fault whenever they cannot get-knowing full well that racists and violently discriminating people with stupidities and laziness as power are watching them do these things to me on public television and there will be as escalation following it. It is always followed on with attacking me and then creating the idea to local people that they are heroes who save and rescue people, looking for and seeking insolent privileged sex that will offer them the prize of a great man, which deceives them on very important issues all the time and gets me to that point where I cannot set them free and they must imagine a new civil rights if they want to have one, of which the process of earning perks on their jobs with other peoples jobs pushing them to unemployment and drinking violent champagne over it all over the place but waking up to start it all over every single day settled.

Update 16/11/2014 – The Business Empire Security at Popularity, Politics, Media and their Gang Badge Bullies


It is never true I have a problem with the Labour party and do not wish to see it elected by the Public of course – what is true is that the Labour Party has become a small business progressive Union effectively and has no platform for government work all together – sp the way that millions of idiots who have not got a clue what they are doing trying to make money and finding beauties so called that they can trap to that effect which is supposed to ensure they are rich and immoral and their insults are profitable rather than what they need to work for getting an effort from them operates government is to find people such as myself to cling to with violence and abuse and because handling me is so difficult they now have to explain to the tax payer that what they are doing with government funded time that they are paid to take up for a job is concerned with wealth distribution and social equality which then also means they can do whatever they like with it if they get to explain their actions away as wealth distribution and social equality and so all there is left of this is the case of the part where people say it is all my fault and I say it is as well so it might all be that way permanently too.

It’s like the story of what my case with Americans really is which makes no sense whatsoever – after all Obama does not attend Church in his life so I find it impossible to locate what he does suppose he will discuss with a Christian anyway who by the way does not want anything to do with him. In effect we should not be having conversations about why I am stronger than my adversaries but instead what their problem with me does seem to be in the first place, otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever but at current conditions I personally think the conversation they should be having with people is not what is wrong with a certain picture that has to do with me and my books but rather the fact they are block head bullies. Reality is still therefore the same old case of people doing things I had already done in a condition where they expect to roll back time and create a condition where I never did them in an atmosphere where they are superior so that they can ensure that I never got to do them and it is not the first occasion I have to put up with insults from idiots talking nonsense from the really stupid other ideas that existed around things I used to say or said in part considering the ones I wanted to keep to myself or think about when I was a teenager but was either too troubled that people might not listen to me or think they might suppose it makes no sense whatsoever. In the end it’s a matter of the fact those insults do have an effect and they should never complain of their own effect as well while they are at it since we are all adults and we face the same challenges and have bills to pay and what it considered popular problems do not apply to me like it does to them because I am actually better than them and then a little respect will allow them to make use of me as well otherwise they can power and they will burn and I will watch.

They are not a barrier for me, only the illusion I continue to have that I must get a job from them to raise funds to market my books becoming more expensive. There are those things they do like the movements on my webpage to ensure I feel they watch me every second and confiscate anything that comes out of me and therefore own me with a big mouth only and some homosexual culture they will very soon never see again as well as it were, then there are others like a certain problem with a picture that would contain me and my books and then there are others like screaming people over anything I write on my websites which means that if they cannot hit me with a fist or a weapon that is what they hit me with etc but these are the things they have no plans to discuss with others as it were, so I am just passing through them as it were; never mind complicity with evil against a Christian with wealth and a big heart and how all their stupid plans in their stupid lives in based on it hence the things that are my fault which I as I mentioned continue to support that they are too so it might be that way permanently.

I understand here in the UK when the question of runaway train devolution is asked the big issue immediately moves to that of me who does things without thinking of the consequences all the time and I have no idea what they hope to achieve with it either – all I know is that I have been the better person and allowed them damage things here to play their games of He that had hath nothing and he that have not now has everything, I simply cannot tell what further they want from me anyway when we all know I know more than they do because I am better than them and this can only be available to them the day there is a little bit of respect coming to that effect as well. I mean if they do not want to live with it they do have their popular culture and Politics by which to ensure things happen by the decision of the majority and not what I want, instead of talking nonsense about thinking of the consequences of my actions of which nobody will ever be able to work out what sort of insults those are anyway. It’s like the story of Mr Salmon and Scottish Independence of course where he says it is not all over when the case for it had already been answered and all we have left is the question of what Scottish responsibility in the Union is considering that they now have devolution and that much change has occurred – the big four have always had to work together to look after the other smaller three and it is important that we know where the Scots stand on the matter, no such thing as questions about Scottish Nationalism exist in this Country anymore. I write books to serve women and more so those in my world here and everybody thinks I live the life of women and that it is who I am and yet they themselves have never won a fight around here either for their part like thinking about the consequences of my actions. As for the story of my relationship with other peoples wives, the reality is still that the problem of confusion comes because my relationship with the women I am involved with is not close enough in a public way, so I am not so sure I can ever bring myself to take seriously accusations of sleeping with peoples wives when the problem is that I am not as close to them as I should be in the first place with respect to which I am trying my best presently too.

So in terms of the matter of Politicians showing us along with their foolish men how far they can go when they need to steal careers and futures as it were on one hand and Journalists and Popular idiots with their louts on the other; it has always been a case of peace and quiet I have worked really hard to build in the office being messed up and what happens after that and nothing like what they make their claims about with Industry trolls getting rich with advertisement and media and we are not talking about claims of paedophilia epidemic while the fingering of the bums of those who want teen life style to help the society fathers feel empowered only gives way to war between pedestrian and motorists that traffic lights controllers and pervert CCTV monitors I think will enjoy watching when I am done with my part of it as well so they can drive their cars knowing where my anus and penis is instead of where the fucking roads and their steering wheels are, these are the kinds of problems everybody faces but they and their media idiots cannot handle which makes them everybody else’s superior and leaders and Nationalists and Republicans. I hear the Politicians say I need to be scared of what they are doing about me which makes no sense whatsoever since I am always aware of what they are doing about it considering how predictable they actually are; so what we are looking at here are a collection of idiots that are wrecking my finances and making sure they are getting out of their offices to make trouble around the world claiming it is so that people like me can be sent to war. I wouldn’t know anyway since I am unlikely to see myself as or become the kind that gets out of an office that is being paid for by another to ensure I am doing a job that pays me my living to attack Politicians but we can see why they do it considering their employers are the people and therefore lesser than they are, hence never really my problem in the sense that it is up to the people to decide when they want to stop paying for their time to be used in such ways, however of which I can confidently say nobody here is scared of them. The worst they can do is get around with things like their CCTV perverts so that the result will be the kind of social outcomes that will make them eternal judges and thereby give them proper reasons to be really busy, such as the whole need that motorist have in the UK never to find it within themselves to keep their hands and eyes off my anus and penis and on the roads will become one such since last they decided they wanted to change rules to ensure that form of bullying can be used as a tool or weapon, it will develop to a point where what I do on the roads will convince motorists about where their hands and eyes are supposed to be and they will watch on their CCTV and get their jobs done for it too and there are others too like the one about their media idiots and the results that will ensure they have to decide what happens between us both either which way it goes; so that when we consider the being scared of them story, then it will mean I have not actually taken up the part about their violent discrimination and communities built on it so that if they want to get fear out of me they can guarantee that they will and then broken it to bits before them yet because that will mean dispossession, that said however an assessment of being scared of them and more so if they were to fucking do it themselves means they are currently not busy enough yet as it were. They do speak of taking me up at my challenge of course of which I have no idea if they do have anything bigger than socialist girls with a need for evil fame and fortune popular culture and media and fashion making sure they keep relationships with community idiots who own small businesses that are not going anywhere so they can keep an eye on their mates as it were with a big mouth seeking servitude for big companies, so that they might wedge themselves in between and ensure what they do with my income cannot be dealt with because I will either have to deal with the problem of slums or I will be beaten up and then they will have ultimate power as it were. I don’t think they have any bigger arsenal than this the last time I checked for my part so it is always advisable to make those noises about people being scared of them at all times as it were. It leads to the old question of what my view of people really is which is not an emotive one i.e. they are all good people half of which are more concerned with Communities around the Office while the other half are more concerned about the sanctity of the Office and both have a forceful way of pushing and pressing their point – if Politicians can spend their time talking nonsense about how people are scared of them instead along with their men and girls stealing futures. They do ask these questions about the reasons I do suppose they are always attacking me which is largely a matter of what I do about their threats to see what becomes of them and that big mouth I have to put up with all the time and it can be anything ranging from some Project on going with a Journalist which is uncompleted and interaction between me and the Journalists and how they feel when they come into contact with it and it can be just about anything else beyond this example.


So I hear my activities means consultation becomes impossible the popular culture and media get rich quick vandalism on a roll getting more and more violent as kids learn more impudence when they are not selling enough music CDs due to people not behaving in ways that ensure the social conditions that makes it happen are made to behave in that way which behaviour from them can then be extricated and such conditions can then be achieved using National and International media advertisement bullying. I hear they say my reputation is questionable which makes no sense for it always is when people do their own as well; I mean we will chase you up over your Christianity and ensure that the gospel is shut up inside of you and builds up like an atmosphere around you that means that we can do whatever we like with your feelings and then it can get violent until we get to do it with your person as expressed by a need we have to see you unemployed until the frustrations are made up into ideas we want people to have about you and happens for so long people believe it, besides which the outcome will be that any part of that frustration affecting us will get you into intolerant trouble while we want to see ourselves around your possessions all the time supported by Politicians because those possessions are preventing that from becoming reality – it is as though I owe them money or something worse. They do claim they are creating jobs when the last time we checked they were provoking me in order to control my feelings and mess it up all the time while making up their own idea of what provokes me about them and planning to get violent about it at a later date and the result of this is teenagers turning up to make music CDs abusing me so they can handle my finances and attack me each time sales slump as opposed to money they would have actually worked for and the part that will push me over the edge is not what they are doing with terrorism and pretending it is my problem, it is the part where they keep records of what I write on my websites so they can do it again – that is when I will feel they have taken their fun with it to a point of kids in the neighbourhood who regularly think turning up at my business premises to break windows and vandalise things on account it is supported by Politicians way too far for their own good but for now I would like it if they create jobs cleared that space or when I am out of here and still find them there I will clear it my way.


They do create that question of how I am able to justify my activities of course which makes no sense as we all know that wars happen and there are ways to prevent killings; one of them is to take out leaders that create war, the other is to handle social conditions that can degenerate into violence and the third is to ensure the conditions do not exist in the first place by making sure popular culture idiots do not make use of other peoples personal lives – the easiest of them is to prevent popular culture idiots from not making use of peoples personal lives, so I don’t mind putting a bullet in their heads myself as it were, just want them off my earnings to create jobs somewhere else. I mean it’s a case of how much they want to Industry trolls talk about how I am getting into trouble with HM when the reality is that they do not feel anybody should challenge them if they want to wreck my life and sell products and do adverts and popularity and media to get rich and when they are have a small business that supplements their income as they turn up on my Media equipment to show off and exhibit all kinds of nonsense of themselves – having said so of which it does appear the problem seems to be with my own small book selling business that is designed to deal with the issues they have created here while I look to my Office and academic work. So we here are discussing it because they cannot get their head around the idea that they have been challenged and told off by someone. I have never really thought it a problem for my part anyway since I know their nature especially the really powerful civil rights idiots; it’s just that these are not the things they actually wish to discuss with people if they can make it all about my concerns and business anyway. We have ended up in a place where if there is a definition and categorisation of my Capital there is also equally a definition and categorisation of the one they have as well. In the end of which we have come full circle and back where we started on the whole case of their involvement and when the entire process has been done and Company built they claim I am an insane assumer who thinks they know me when they don’t after which we hear them speak of a problem I have with other peoples wives at the end too. So it is said that my position on Politics causes a lot of confusion but an example is how ED insulting Miliband thinks he cannot run his campaigns without slight comments in my direction laced with connections his party has with my parents who can make me behave for him and one of the most telling issues around it are things like the privatisation of the NHS of which a normal person would speak to the Conservatives about how much exactly the Government is paying for the NHS and whether our National Insurance contributions are actually treasury money the last time we checked, which means the government funds the NHS and it is free but the Labour Party will want to speak to the conservatives about the purpose of a party like their own which is defunct while people are voting for it, around matters of NHS privatisation which can easily lead to a condition where people press for such things as well – so that the last time we checked it was Labour Party appointed mangers that presided over hundreds of deaths in the NHS through entirely avoidable mistakes and sat in the meeting room making jokes about how the report is not to end up anywhere near the media or the public at the end of the inquest into it of which the most senior of them turned up on media to make even more jokes about her position as the victim that was hung out to dry by the others. My point is that my position does not make things confusing about any stupid Politics when every single thing they do about Politics contains a certain dichotomy that evil people want to take advantage of to make themselves better off without changing their behaviour and they have continued to set me out as the guy that is the most attractive target and handle my finances to ensure that I am which is enough to annoy anybody into drastic action if they listen to what the media wants to that effect for 14 years like they have me so far and like to talk nonsense about it regarding my actions. So I was set out like that to be somebody that Politicians can do such things to in order to satisfy some narcissism but the question has now become that of whether they will do it away from my finances or take it to a point where they own me like an item which they really cannot back up as it were. They do say I am the one that cannot back up what I say of which my complaint as well is such realities as say some example when people are selling Politics they may say something about Political power meaning the power to decide if war happens or not and somewhere around the power to decide if people die or not is a little teenage idiot that is still sitting on his mother’s lap who knows where my anus and penis is and will not lay off it until I kill them so that if I don’t they can flush my life down the toilet and raise their stupid children in such ways to turn up in public and talk nonsense about those who are stealing teen lifestyle etc just like their politicians make up new reasons that can sway people in their favour to target me with those things as well. I have never thought the matter an issue and we are not talking about what I have done either about it – in terms of that we are hearing it and we will yet more still as it were, I am only answering a specific question about my activities and behaviour creating confusion around Politics of which in terms of what I said and can say to another party about anything be it the NHS or not can be justified if Miliband first of all cleans up his own household as it were. As for the part where I cannot back up anything I say, I always say not enough have died yet; since each time we see their idiots just like their foolish children, they are endlessly without fail after problems that are too big for them and this is what facilitates their intense wickedness as well and the lies they tell which creates the assumption absolutely everybody will go along with it too; so they say I cannot back up anything when I say the real question now is whether having been set out as somebody Politicians can bully with these things for pleasure which they can do without getting anywhere near my finances, we must now know if it is pleasure they seek or the need to own me as though I was an item – I for my part say not enough have died yet so far as it were, unless they will turn up here and do it themselves and then I can start to avoid the fantasy of thinking about getting myself into a place where I need to forge a habit that is part and parcel of my nature which involves hurting them every single time every single day as well. They do say I am in a place at present where Politicians have got me where they want me to be and I have no idea what that means for my part either – what I know is that it is an extended process of the reality that they are evil people who are always seen every single moment of their time doing something bad and covering it up in some way especially one that has to do with hurting others – so it is the same old case of big puffs at it again and what they mean have me where they want me to be is the thing about my anus and penis and so on which will mean I become as filthy as they usually feel most of the time of their lives because of their nature. Hence when I mention I will do them again as it were and it does not seem to be clear, one such occasion does serve as an example reason that is easy for the general population around us to grasp as well. The problem here is a book I have written that I will not sell because they have an influence on me that means I am scared of them and will use it to ensure the books offend them and need to be banned and so on – so that having been I was picked out the reality about being free of their celebrities and media and corridors of power idiots is to ensure I get out of bed and spend hour 1 to hour 24 handling them in ways that hurt them violently as well – otherwise the reality is that this is what I do for a living and those who cannot do without it buy a copy of the books, stop being such idiots and show some respect. The power part is that of their stupid party low lives and everybody can see they are lazy and that is the reason they are poor and so on – so you know if you get into the zone each and every time you handle them will result in a victory every single time because whenever they attack you there is always something else they should have been doing with their time to make themselves better off, always, unfailingly – I do not look upon these things as misunderstandings anymore, so when I say those who cannot do without it need to buy a copy of the books and show some respect too it applies in conditions where I say something about myself and it is not as important to Politicians as what community low lives say about me, so they always chose the latter as the basis for every single conversation they want to have in my direction; hence they have not gotten me anywhere they want me and are simply pushing for another condition where I feel the sanctity of this office is under threat again. They speak of teasing me until I give away information and then they can use it to perform tasks and replace me at the Monarchy – it will never make sense since the only thing they are doing is to do with how they have never seen one so big and I have so much property they can waste that they are catching their breath from fooling around with my property equity market and finances to a point where their lifestyles are improving as if by magic all together when I never answer them and they make up their own purposes for these activities, hence had me where they want me with a big mouth only – reality being that tax payers are the only employers that are smaller than their employees and therefore they can do whatever they like with the time of the tax payers if they wanted. On one hand they speak of letting me be which was the easier option while on the other their media idiots speak of me being a victim of terrorism of which the last time we checked there were Muslim goons that are just as stupid as them sending colloquial messages all over the place when they see me on public transport about how they would be able to hurt the society if they became suicide bombers at that very moment, so I wouldn’t know about being victim of terrorism just yet at the moment.

I hear they say I think myself the pal of every world leader which is what annoys them and it is utter nonsense and does not surprise me since every one of their saloon car owning idiot in this Country feel I steal aesthetics from peoples jobs and have the effrontery to make a point about it which may even be violent as well after all the damage they have done here and lies they tell themselves for it which I don’t mind since it’s about power and they are doing very well too with that big mouth we are very familiar with all together. However on this matter of being world leaders pals, the reality is that of such facts as considering Russia for example, you know if you have something special going on and you do not declare it to the authorities especially if they have approached you, then when the problems affect the authorities they will find a way to nail you because of it without reason as may seem, however when you do declare what you are doing then once you turn your back there is a knife in it straight away, so there is a way I must play it for my people in those parts and it’s not my fault I am able to look after myself in any case by the way – so that I am always out to ensure people leave Government to be government and then people can be people and the two should not necessarily be mixed up and then we ensure bad things do not happen in that way and anybody who changes that situation at our expense is looking for trouble and will get it too. Here in the UK we are talking about Politicians and a need to ensure I am not selling my books because I am afraid of them and that means people cannot trust me to look after my customers, while they push such nonsense to a point where my books offend them specifically and need to be banned and that is why they end up where they end up presently too. They do say it is largely a matter of what the Monarchy says to the Politicians about my activity and that it is provocative but of course the problem is still that of such realities, not just of Politicians and media idiots grinding teeth at you because they need to be rich with their laziness but also celebrities speaking of Royalty they will recognise in order for it to exist and the result of all that dangerous fun is behaving as if peoples Royal Offices are Phantoms that exist if they say so or they live their Industry troll lives through it which leaves you no choice but to get hold of them and bend them up the other way as well. I mean the society and community idiots said the same things as my books provoking them specifically so it can be gotten rid of due to my Christianity putting the light of good in their evil eyes – now people simply cannot work out what the nonsense they say means anymore, so I find it difficult to figure out exactly how Politicians are going to pull off their version as well and all I can say is that they need to stay out of my Office and work and this is not their lives, no such thing as being their pal. It’s like the terrorism issue which is really annoying; the US is a country that is what it is because the people in it want it the way that it is, so when people think of killing US infidels they are effectively making war on the entire Country and this is something in the Middle of which should sit the concerns of a Black Democratic party president unless that is he wants my Literary empire for his idiots first which he has no way whatsoever of getting. Here in the UK it’s a matter of rights that have been entrenched for Centuries and you can come across people who believe it’s their civil rights to play all day long and in a couple years when you return you find they are doing well financially with it too, to your utter bafflement – so that if you had decided to curtail them when they said this was their right and they had the right to have it without fear of violence or discrimination, then you would have ended up with bigger problems. Beyond this is entirely a matter of when people wanted me and the things I did to ensure nobody else has them instead – a leader does feel that those who spoil or damage his followers cannot have them, it is not unusual, it depends on the nature of the provocation all together, so when it does go quiet I will pick up from where we stopped; for now the story has always been that either the ones that get involved with my Office because they are interested in the Community or the ones that do because they are interested in seeing the Office fulfil its function, they are all good people and the rest is other peoples problem which has nothing to do with me and it is the fact I will never respond to it that results in the violence that later leads to Political and media insults and so these are some nonsense that could not have been made up and Politicians along with their Industry trolls need to keep their insults to themselves and stop pretending I buy media equipment so they can get through to me trying to get rich with their laziness. It does not bother me as much as they make out since I already know they are always to be seen doing some wickedness about which they are covering their tracks so people cannot do it to them as well or prevent them from oppressing somebody with it in order to feed their greed and all worth not – so this victim of terrorism story came about as a result of terrorists killing British Hostages and what I wrote on my websites as well – reality being that they are not good people, only enjoy picking up money and going into war zones without working out what they will say to both sides first since it was a tourist attraction as it were; so that The Police chase the terrorists and then they chase the media and the trouble makers who ferment terrorism and then they case those who pick up money and travel into war zones because life is all about them – I mean a cleaner who clean for a living can feel resentment when people make a mess in a certain way. They have never actually been a problem for me, it’s just reality in my  view that when they keep records of my work on my websites and set out to do these things all over again when it has gone quiet is when I will put their evil nature to the test and turn a corner of my own too – I would feel they have taken their loutish vandalism of my finances to another level – so I do get asked if I don’t feel they have already gone too far at this stage but of course not – they have made their point about the loss that causes them to attack me to be the fact they cannot use my life and possessions to get rich and famous and I have made my point about how scared of them I am hence what they propose should have been the case thereof that the loss I feel is that of the fact the Government is not going to make things like homosexuality illegal any time soon, so we understand each other very well but I will feel provoked in a physical way if they copy contents of my websites and do these things at a later date with it. I hear the part where I am not Royalty of course but it has always been a matter of a personal life that I have and now one I must sort out for them as well to suit my purposes – the Industry trolls – question being how much money is enough as it were with that media and popular culture turning up here every day to tell me I am kicking at the thorns trying to make history through getting rid of them.

It is usually conceived that I speak as if I am buying them off my case which is not actually true; I am not buying them off anything – it is supposed to work in a natural way i.e. people get after my Christianity and make music CDs abusing me to get riches and fame, decadence and lifestyle with the peace God has blessed me with leaving me with loutish nonsense after making me frustrated over money for years – so that when they make the money and move to another area of society that would mean they do not have their eyes on me anymore unless they are the type I am talking about who go through so much trouble to back track and get involved with me on a power basis now that they have the money, so it seems that we live under the illusion that dance routines requires energy and that it may be classified as work but for something people do for a living it leaves me too much energy for it to be, leaves them more energy than if they did just go off to get fid at the gym and so there is method to it but the reasons remain the same i.e. the need to make money they have never worked a day by over powering the persons they want to use for that end. It’s like the other story of how I almost lost everything and had to scramble my entire life to save it which has no basis on reality as we have only come full circle i.e. years before it was let’s get involved with him until he builds his company around us and then we can say in public since we are famous and he is not, that we do not know who the hell he is and that will be the end of it, the process has repeated itself over so many issue while it is one of those things they have no plans to discuss if they claim I provoke them instead, now it has come full circle as the company has been built yet again and the reasons for claims I sleep with peoples wives have still not gone away hence; it’s a Monarchy anyway and I have always known what their nature is; so the problem is still that they have to plans to keep their opinions about my work to themselves and I am beginning to feel that if I don’t get off to harm them as though I was a bully myself there will be no sense they are so busy that nobody gets to talk about my finances and neither do I. I mean I do say those who cannot do without what I do need get a copy of the books and be nice but it is not that I do not know it is their money anyway, I do, I am faced with a condition where the attitude I have towards earning mine clashes with the attitude other idiots who think they have me in a bubble where there are no rules have towards earning theirs right in the middle of which sits books I have written which will never be sold because I am scared of them on account they are insane with that stupid media.

The reality of their big problem here is that every single time they handle my work and my books within that never dying dream they have to wrecking my finances to enable others stand up in public to get more famous than I am with my own public life, there is a crime committed and it is impossible to actually fathom why people want to run public offices in such ways or why they want to be famous in such ways and what kind of celebrities they are supposed to have been. Where I am however is the very simple matter of the fact that I have not signed any contract which means that they can handle anything that belongs to me and every occasion in which they do is therefore a crime and it is not clear why people would get out of bed to that kind of living anyway, all I know about it is that if they were asked to give the contents of the books to the frugal we would have another story but they cannot be caught dead needing it and buying a copy of their own as it were if they can talk nonsense about how they were oppressed and need to have somebody they can oppress instead. They do claim it is because I interfere with their power and that it is tiresome but the fact that each time they are seen in public, seen saying anything or doing anything in public they must be seen doing so t help any idiot that wants to wreck my finances and go off to get media help to be famous with my fame in a condition where I can no longer have it, this is something they think is not tiresome or a process of messing about with somebody else’s power, a power they see as inexistent which if they deploy such things as being members of the largest ethnic group in a Country would mean they have everything they dream of and have no plans to work for. I mean the anus and penis insults usually start out as claims I look like a paedophile in the making because of how much people like to abuse me and need to understand beforehand what a victim of that crime feels like or looks like but now it has become a means of wrecking my finances, holding me down which are all crimes of course in order to help idiots to my fame of which there are no other ways they want to run public offices or become celebrities, yet when you look back at the paedophile epidemic what you see are people that loved to attack those who were older than they are and wanted teenage lifestyle until it got to a point as usual and somebody grabbed them by the scruff and took them to a corner and sodomised them; in the end of which a crime is a crime but I am not going to sit here and say what things here and how they were supposed to be in favour of those who are committing crimes against me either – they have no plans to live their stupid lives in any other way and the books have been published and patented so each time they do around it, they are committing a crime and that ought to make them not famous period. I don’t think that it is a crisis matter; it’s about how they have never seen one so big and this behaviour around me has become an obsession but it is still incredible never the less that it is getting violent too. I am not a celebrity and that question comes up as regard what kind I am because they cannot do anything else with their time but talk nonsense about crimes that were committed against them as they take up my books and put them out of context on media to get famous and rich with its market – I mean it does beat the imagination but when I say they are people who are seen doing evil every single moment of their time and covering it up with a counter evil of which the day they will be free of me will be the day that the cover up no longer affects me and more so drastically and provocatively, I am not making any exceptions; when it comes to it, the paedophile lives in that way and so does his victims live in that way and the politicians live in that way and so do the celebrities live in that way and the Industry trolls along with their media tell lies all together which they get to believe themselves every single day. When I say it is not a crisis issue I am referring to the fact that it is something they do if they perceive that I have possessions I can lose to them and exist in a condition in which they can overpower me and as long as that exists it will never go away so Politicians can play around and talk nonsense about being tired as well – for my part I have no idea who told them they can overpower me anyway, their anus and penis insults is about the fact they are slender and cannot stop farting when nervous in the slightest so when I handle them too we expect they will be complaining about civil rights and World domination. I mean when I say the reality of it is largely to do with people like these who think they have a capacity to kill whose existence Christians are always wary of doing these kinds of things with their secret rooms their wives never visit and stories of how you sleep with peoples wives that they then start to act as if we are in a place where things that should never happen are happening but of course we all know that they knew I would never pay attention to them and so using the bodies of their wives or any Journalist they train cameras on to fuck the wife I never married by making me an over aged single man with their inability to be seen anywhere else except around my book sales and job and hence finances – so it has reached a point now where we need to find out if they usually get away with it because Christians are the weak link, just as the abuses and scandals have been fun for them too; so I don’t see a world existing where I am in fear of their politicians as a result either anyway, everybody knows they have taken up a decade of my time because they feel as though they want to be the persons that are criticised in Books that I write and are now pretending they will get away with it too. It’s all about having somebody I can be afraid of so they can grab anything I own when they want to – all else is meant to waste my time and yes they do also get to speak of what seems to be so important to me about money as well and it has never been as much as the problem has been about what their stupid ugly women that do not even know anything about themselves do with men that have no money especially when they are good looking. Terrorism however is that which they have taken right back to the way t was before Osama Bin Laden but without the Collateral damage they hoped happening.


They do say what I say about terrorism is unbecoming but I have no idea what it is they expect me to say about terrorism for my part either – we all know that America has suffered suicide bombings in Asia and in America itself and in Africa and in the Middle East and that these people tend to chose resorts and embassies as their targets – so why they love to volunteer in Syria and pretend it is somebody else’s problem is another example of how they like to spread themselves around; of which the best way to proceed would easily to writing a letter to the person that has to negotiate for their release if they are kidnapped and when they get a reply they can get on with it. It is not a matter of fear or cowardice it is a simple matter of the fact that America is responsible for the war that is happening there and you are meant to take that into account when you go in there to volunteer for good deeds too. So when it comes to the story of what I think the Governments should do, it has always been simple reality that America does not have a legal disposition which says that if you leave your possessions and return to find it changed you have suffered a crime of theft in a circumstance where the assumption is that those who are responsible could have foreseen in a reasonable persons shoes that the current results will be the outcome – what they have instead is a legal disposition which says that if you are caught with possessions you cannot account for, whether or not the owner has been located then you have committed a crime of theft – the result being that they become unwilling to be prepared, acting like it was power to operate in that way, for an occasion when people have capital and think they can do whatever they like with others when we all know the wars are inevitable thereof. So where Moscow is concerned is the one about socialist idiots especially from Africa and a certain making people fundamentally filthy insult concerning anus and penis and lots and lots of civil and criminal disobedience deployed around the need to handle people’s property – I never discuss their case because I didn’t write my books for them and the books is where their problem seemingly as we can see will be settled, so until then they can keep fighting too as it were. The European ones are the Industry trolls who speak of the need to make me work properly of course which is utter nonsense since I will work properly soon enough when they bring back the Money they took from the stock markets of which the two ways they can is bring it back in cash or get off my finances and book sales. The loss they feel with their capital and civil rights idiots who own my body and will make profit from their terrible habits is that they are becoming more frustrated that they are unable to deploy my life and property to get rich and famous claiming it is freedom – they like to act like they want a piece of me and will get it soon enough as well otherwise it is fair to assume they would be keeping their insults where it might be better appreciated. So it’s always been this simple; they took money off the stock markets and were planning to deploy it as leverage and capital for wealth and power, they were supposed to bring it back to keep off my Livelihood, they have instead turned up to do the reverse of that claiming it is the time frame that was supposed to happen to my finances in order to create inequality of finance between me and them that they are now fighting for – so I can only assume they think my Royal Estate literary empire is their property to stand up on it and make stupid statements I am supposed to suffer listening to all the time.

They do say it is what I say and where I say it and how much of a problem it creates for them but in my view largely a matter of how many times I have to set up a book shop within that problem of their celebrated involvement with my affairs only for them to make a statement as soon as the book shop is completed that some idiot is making assumptions he intends to make money from that when they are nice on media it is all about him and how many times does that have to be the case because of the bad company that follow their fame and how many times must I help them out with that bad company only for us to come full circle back to square one again and again and again while they tell me they are famous and that is the reason? It leads to such results as I have mentioned above especially the part about idiots with capital turning up to fight against my finances in order to secure that time frame that allowed financial equality between me and them to occur. We do hear I am a coward that cannot go out there and make things work for him but of course I can make them and those stupid criminal disobedience that creates fathers who records in the community that my very existence is breaking and therefore needs to be prevented that is later used to pillage my company markets with fame and fortune popular culture as well talking nonsense about justice and slavery and slave trade and having an inability to listen to how people do not want to be treated by them usually if they share a skin colour and what people do not want happening to their possessions usually if they are modern. Point being that I can make them and if they are the guys that do something about those who are such cowards they cannot go out there and make things work for themselves I still don’t know what that means anyway: they are the older adults that out aside a savings that can help them target and bully younger adults obviously and it is not hurting badly enough yet to pay for the damages they have done here so far.