They speak of a process whereby I am dominated by Media power which is utter nonsense; its an old story about being persecuted as a result of wealth inequality while I have become a part of a system that fosters inequality; reality of which is that they will never get jobs, they will spend most of their time persecuting moral people and anybody who gets jobs in establishments set up by moral people, pretending any wealth inequality issues done on such a basis is a problem, and will never attend school unless they have a hate figure they can publicly bully to keep their heads right – the outcome of course is that they continue to screw around with somebody who has the hands full with public problems and do not wish to deal with how he wants to handle the culture and society as well, so we see each time they rectify a damage to it, the whole behaviour of their civil rights meaning that others do not have the right to own what really belongs to them starts again where it stopped because their disobedience is powerful and makes people sick, they screw around with somebody who has state provided security while they have no wish to be part of the system that provides it when they had been identified as a problem but continue to show up around it never the less, hence the outcome is the part where others who do not want to get into a fight because they are already wealthy get involved with somebody who has state provided security to fight for him and the state provided security wants to get some money off them by providing some security thereof, thus the outcome becomes a process where my job is to collect companies about becomes rich and powerful, while their own is to continue to avoid getting jobs, talking nonsense on media with any opportunities they get. The idea they are one of my main problems is utter nonsense, I am usually relaxed about handling their need to gamble that stupid civil rights over me as though my position concerning the fact that their freedom and democracy usually means that people do not actually own what belongs to them is quite clear on a global stage and I am hated for it, is because every time that a case comes up where I have to talk about my Books being written by me and having my name on it and every publicity it creates belonging to me and people seeking their equities not from my Estate but from their savings and mortgages which is the work that they actually did and the money they actually earned, there are Politicians who have provided leadership that has sent them out to make trouble for me – so it is usually apt to give them some mobility that allows them to get into the Houses of Government as well to make cases out of themselves for not having government funds in their families just like I have with Media where people do the same things as well knowing they do not have the power and therefore relying on their insults to get them out of every situation whereby they leave something to be desired. It does not mean that if push came to shove it will not turn to a case of what you did in school when somebody walked up to you and performed a gesture whereby he or she grabbed your penis to follow up a process where they are always disciplining other peoples children over their stupid civil rights, that is supposed to end in an outcome where he or she makes a statement about how you walk around as though you are important when he or she really is important. We are adults now and handling people because they are stupid is a slippery slope as a society, so we tend to relying on saying that suggests some things never change and most of the time it becomes a case of the foolish husband not being able to do anything with their lives because the wife is messing with me, while he beats up the wife and the wife starts off some women's revenge gimmicks that ends with me trying to beat him up as well. Every time they end up saying they could get the benefit of doubt as they did not know better, it creates even more anger because before then they spent all their time getting on public places to tell people with public office to treat them differently from their mates, while they provoke angry people all over the Country; so my method is that it is hurting what I have done with that stupid culture and society for now and they assume they are a big problem for me because I am never going to get worse obviously – leading to this case where I need to stop controlling people which will never happen; they are always abusive and threatening because they need money and since it is therefore not up to them to make the money according to Politicians, I will ensure they are making money so I can have some security; none peddles my Faith and none peddles my Public image and none peddles my Personal life. Mostly its just plain evil, sometimes its impossible to tell if you would have functioned without its existence even though you dream of paradise all the time; the evil you face in the morning just before you pray and prepare to face the day and the Politicians are the ones that take it into government Office, where they pretend they are able to do anything they like, with such outcomes as making more laws on homosexuals having the right to marry in Church, making more laws on how Christians should be made to behave towards everybody else but facing the prospects of the entire world burning thereafter on account that their stupidities is unable to manage immoral democracy and then we see a repetition of this same stupid behaviour bullying me on claims I have the solutions. They have not wrecked my life as claimed; what happens is this media problem and politicians and civil rights idiots, so the main case is a need to interfere with what happens between my warehouse and this Office when it provides a service for clients and if I set up a social media profile and spent £20 on it every month I would clear the problem out in a couple of weeks but where the fun bits are concerned is where the media squander needs to mind the stupid insolent disciplining its mates job in hand first of all. As I mentioned, we have seen them show up to get some training off the British Military so they might go back to their Countries to make themselves better tyrants and it will always be the same case of Men creating themselves a world of male and penis benefits that are also financial at other peoples expense along with those stupid civil rights insulting money madness women, it will rather destroy everything I have than spend £20 on a copy of my Book.

So they say I need to give the Celebrities a break, makes no sense whatsoever as it is a matter of their interference with my Warehouse and my Book distribution systems of which no normal human being thinks about doing. It is becoming a serious question regarding what they understand about a condition where property does not belong to them and does not have their name written on it but they do claim that the main case is that I appear to be everywhere and involved with everything, while reality of course naturally is more a matter of the fact that it is an intellectual property administration business and so their question is how I am going to protect my own Intellectual property when they do not want me to and so this adds up to the theory – the part that really gets to me being that they spy on me and also raise publicity that I am scared of them too; what they then use it for is that no equity I have developed for trading lasts up to 24 hours while the ones they develop to sell things and make money and get by in the world a wealth inequality campaigns need to run for weeks in order for them to operate at a market; once I have fought for or created it, its gone already and then it will run and everybody will get a clear idea of what I am doing but I will make no money and usually left wondering what sort of disobedience and or wickedness works that way; not that I am too troubled since each time I get hold of that culture and society my actions are usually meant to ensure that every part that has formed a base for insulting and abusing me is completely wrecked, which lets me ensure their equities are never mature before it is deployed too. We even hear that I am a woman's underwear which is not to say Women's underwear is a bad thing anyway, probably fits better than a Man's according to what we know but it is an example of insults developed to let them build male benefits that I will be made to work for and generally what will happen when they tell me to my face is one of those things I do to ensure they understood it was a slipper slope to start living in a society where people were tackled because they are stupid and of course they can always continue to get involved with me as it will not give me access to their trading equities as well, considering we are not progressing to a stage where people will lose jobs for addressing me all together over this matter. They do say this fighting for women thing is my latest trend but I have no wish to let others enjoy their own trend too, which is utter nonsense – what happens is that people attend Top Universities for the purpose of securing connections, which connections are to do with rich people, which leads to connections that have to do with rich people in the entertainment Industry and therefore the means to lose the virginity to an A list star – the problem being that when that Celebrity gets its hands on my Equities, there will be so much incompetence she has to deal with and so much complains that affect me that I will never be able to sell Books due to the practical jokes and these practical jokes are always such that they pick up neighbourhood criminals and the criminals in peoples families and set them out as photographers who take pictures of those celebrities all around my concerns and then some will be good enough to constitute a collectors item, which is then used as a store of value for money laundering. So I usually hear I would not dare to address those that are out of my league with this whole women are human beings and can fight their corner but what happens is that they have strange opinions about husbands and boyfriends looking at some stupid women and go to work to earn 50% less than a Man for doing the same job i.e. its always back to square one for them while society idiots rip up my finances and trap me then tell me they do not like me and at the same time feed through to me what they want me to do about women which is not really a set of nonsense based on reality – that women do not like people to fight for them so those who do the habits can get to a stage where somebody is mad enough to give them a real problem, unless an entirely normal person wanted to punish themselves that is, that I am all good if the idiots do not think that being a CEO means putting naked Girls on a Super Boat and ripping up my property when I broker Equities with Companies they were actually squarely paid to manage, so theirs is a theory. We do hear they want to teach me lessons all the time and its an old story; all is good as long as they have those things they can blackmail me and make me breathless with without making the stupid mistakes – otherwise its just Books I wrote and all they need do is purchase their own copy. Of course it is not true I do not know what I am doing and make it up as I go along at other peoples expense, its like when I wrote my Books and it was about protecting myself and others from constantly being bombarded with abuses which claim I sleep with peoples wives, implore people to ensure I am dominated spiritually before I can complete my academic work and has now developed into muttering which jobs I take that the daddies really should be getting and why I need to stop complaining annoyingly thereof. Its a problem I seek to resolve which concerns the recession; something about knowing what to do and what the Clients want but doing it only when required as requested, reduces waste and back-tails, protects efficiency structures and allows us to hold and develop a set out sense and dream of what the economic recovery would be. Now I understand that it is said I live in a mental state that suggests I have a battle to win all the time which I am not; what happens is people who assume the right to discipline other people getting completely out of hand and at the centre of it all are Politicians robbing me. In the case of the latter, it grew into a point where they said I was trying to make a living from the way that their business empires have affected or changed the world and so that took some years to clear up but once it was, I became their main target on account it was my fault that they spent their time on me and not the business empires that got to their heads. The Politicians however are the ones who start this whole business of disciplining me and they are supposed to do it so abusively and intensively that I become some sort of spectacle that set the stage for a dummy they can use as a tool to show their children what consequences comes from bad behaviour and then at the end of it this would become the Family legacy that their Children inherited too, at which point it is a problem and then it progresses further to the stage where the fighting actually begins i.e. the Industry goons have spoken to them and assured them there will be no economic recovery until they had me and they have complied with this, so I simply need to ensure all was ready such that they could come round and get it if they wanted too. It does not mean I am at war with the world, its the very annoying things these people do; somebody can stand on the balcony of a House and look down on a village and suddenly decide people in his position somewhere around the UK are usually Dukes and Princes and so he dubs himself one and starts some Political instability with a blame culture for whom he really thinks is to blame for the insults that I am not pushing towards his career and his personal life and his finances and his family like he is doing towards me like the Politicians are all doing. Then there is their involvement with the rest of world being all about violent, savage and abusive and we are here because they simply will not understand that it is not my Cup of Tea. An example is the gender inequality issues which I planned to get involved with over a period of no more than three years, at the end of which I would have built something worthwhile to help contain or sort it out, now it has taken up my whole life and everything I say is being interpreted as some kind of strategy since it is about security and welfare of Women and Children, then they say it is what my mind has become as disobediently as possible. I do not think it a complicated matter as such i.e. be it the community croons and the neighbourhood trouble makers and the Media bullies and the Politicians and idiots in suits making out they are clever people, the truth is that the abusiveness is about the level of male benefits in my Books which they feel will not be fully extricated for their conveniences if they read it by paying for their own copy and I need to ensure that they are not longer able to screw with this Office and my Warehouse especially in the US and on US Media. Its similar to that story where they say they have gotten me to a point where I want to leave the Country; which I never would under another persons terms anyway but I think it is better they understood that it was more profitable for them to spend time looking after those ill gotten gains than to assume they will get me leaving the Country, since they do not teach anything that looks like their insanity at Church and I am ever so grateful to give them years of my time to learn how to have my finances crippled while they built up publicity to make the bum image that they want to create for me operable with the stupid crowds they mix with I suppose (I would really love to grab some of it before I had left, break their stupid heart).


The Politicians are so irresponsible that we regularly time without number so to speak, see them show up on Media to explore the details of how they provoke me, which is beyond their understanding as well and it was never that complicated as such i.e. the good old tale of people playing up practical jokes on me which distract me from something important and when told off, they resort to insults and abuses which then locks everything down at a process where it is said I came to the UK to take opportunities from fellow black people that were in the UK before I arrived and then I am left wondering which is the distraction in the first place anyway. They do confess that its about making me deal with their enemies and that the process involves doing what is done to them to me, which is nothing new; its dressed in suits but possessed with demons and if I did allow it maintain the wickedness at the neighbourhoods bit I would be suffering bad things to do good things to them fighting for my life as we speak. It is the reason I am also resolved that their equities will never mature before it is deployed, such as the Politicians exploring how they provoke me to have that stupid tribalism they cannot afford financially wasted right here, soon it seems we will be talking about the bits they perform to facilitate trading in city centre underbelly and then will progress to the point where people will lose jobs because they happened to have addressed me and of course that culture and society they can put in my face and then blame me for the results of doing so. It is the same conditions which caused me to drop out of University as it were; when it shows up to drop off its children it leaves only after it has created me some setback and now I am not only fighting to keep my public image from its stupidities, I am also fending up the stupid people it has spent tax payer money to make famous as well. So it was the old business of the Community Croons and the Society goons and the children whose abuses indicate money put aside to support big businesses who want to crush small ones or to wreck peoples lives and careers with popular culture, now in a position where they say I have stopped their fame and it is where enmity with me develops while reality is rather that they think I owe them a debt to see they built popular culture on my public image, made money to secure some overseas accounts like rich people and blabbed off similar demagogues they have heard rich people blab in my direction, which debt I clearly do not owe any stupid socialist and liberal goons who have found out what I think about it the hard way as well. It is working like it should, with Industry goons manufacturing some fame for them, so that there might be lots of complaining at a later date for it too; as we can see, when I talk about dropping out of University it feels as though it happened a couple of Hours earlier because the habit has not changed in a decade and I am sure they understand when I try to complicate the financial difficulties that are a product of tolerating their habits around here as well – we can see the one they obviously did in order to keep the gangs and criminals off their career and finances, about which when I do mine I am deserving of a lifetime of punishment, incredible stupid people who appear to just need leadership all the time even when you were willing to supply it, playing foolish games with human beings as though they were the best things that happened to the Country all together. They speak of a driving force behind their behaviour which is an old story; there has always been only the driving force of industry idiots who say it is not the trend to establish relations with consumers in order to recover from an economic crisis but to bully and tell lies about small upstarts instead, so when the fools in government buildings had promised them anything they seek, that is when we have to deal with the insults of their media fools and it is the same sorts of insults that rans completely wild when George Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 which eventually led to me dropping out of University in 2008 and then we hear them claim it is what war does while reality is rather that it is what shows that the heroes that go off to fight for National security look like them. Its difficult to tell what the opinion of these socialist and Liberal fools in government buildings with respect to a condition where property does not belong to them and does not have their names on it really is but I am completely fed up with their trash. So for the Celebrities I will definitely stop the fame again, as I owe none a debt that should see them make money and secure some overseas accounts that allows them to feel they are in a disposition to talk demagogues that rich people talk; it will destroy everything I have than pay £20 for a Book no matter what it earns and then tell me I got off to complicate the lives of lazy Politicians who are bigger than I am as well and that I am driven by my anger. The truth of which is that I was always happy to complicate the lives of lazy Politicians who avoid culture and society trouble makers their offices are suppose to make the laws to control but are happy to spend tax payer funds on them over my public image at the same time, then tell me it was my fault for having the talents and the resources for good measure, followed by junkies talking rubbish on media to make excuses and handle my property everyday – as for being driven by my anger, I am rather driven by the state of affairs they set up such that there is one of me and then another running around on media making all kinds of trouble and now it has reached a point where I am stuck with their own personal life problems and being bullied into getting around some violent activity, while racists have marked me out specifically but then of which they will not show up on the Public places to get on with the Jobs without spending my time exploring how they provoke me which is then something that is beyond their stupid understanding. I am not trying to stop any of their dominant positions from doing what it does best; rather their empires consist of community croons and celebrity vandals and society goons and idiots in suits and we are getting to a stage where there will be consequences for handling my Books without paying for it or my Public image without authorisation. They speak of how I am only complaining about the activities of the world powers that are bigger than my Country which I have always been aware of anyway but does not fit into any issues I have around here; however by itself, such things only affirm that I am a Government Operative and not a Celebrity and they need to handle peoples diplomacy frontiers with a sense they have no interest in creating people local conflicts, on seeing that somebody can pick it up and play some practical jokes with it and then their lies on media and social media a habit that ensues when they do not get what they want for their insults will not be enough. I personally for the British ones have no idea why I am always ending up with a problem to do with rich people and white people and famous people which somebody else needs to take up for me with his media career lest it gets wasted: except I explained that its to do with young gentlemen chasing me over problems I have that women can solve and a coward picking a fight with the way society works – so my view of popular culture has always been the same i.e. mostly socialist idiots who want to have Swiss Accounts and an ability to talk demagogues like rich people not that stupid wealth inequality that will not let us breathe and it should work like it works i.e. they wind me up, complain and get money from idiots at Industry building narcissistic canopies that will facilitate sales to help them make money they can spend attacking others. So I understand that I am embarrassed of my diet which has no basis on reality as we all know The Queen does want to find out what I am eating, the case being that it is used to create food for Politicians as well and so since that part began, I have been consistently persecuted by Media and Entertainment and football idiots who have had something similar cooked for them by an ethnic minority – I am only explain such things if I said I needed to take precautions because I was a person people loved to hurt, otherwise it cannot be explained, not least because my meals are not really African, they are things I have invented with English ingredients to help me gain any ingredients I have not had for a while since I grew up in Africa, so edible water lily for instance has an English cousin which is the Spinach, both would not taste the same if cooked in the same way but I have to find a way to get my missing nutrients anyway; so we hear that my so called diets are being used to help racist Politicians which is understood but so have I been prevented from integrating in UK by black idiots with practical jokes that say they own me and now even though I invent and cook my own meals, I am always having my anus struck by excuses made to do so, while I am being prevented from eating what I want, it does suggest they complain too much themselves. So the outcome is therefore that with Media idiots who are always confused about the standing feud between them and the Monarchy getting involved, everything I do about celebrity bullies and society criminals, just somewhere off something I would have done in a very dangerous situation to go down in history as a hero, is being set out for me to do again and again and again until I become a freak by idiots with media jobs who fancy themselves to be amusing and I suppose the end product will be a very acrimonious media divorce that will end with outcomes whereby they will lose jobs for addressing me. Its like we hear my involvement with the Royal Family taints it as they have done their best the last 15 years or so, which is the usual story of Royalty, Politicians and Common people; so the Industry ones are a perfect example of what it is about, they now own Empires that are all about community croons, society goons, celebrity vandals, foolish Politicians and idiots in suits but where these empires are located these days is on my Estate frontier, my market place and my public image and it will rather destroy all I own than part with £20 for a Book. Its like when it makes sense each time we hear them say that I have not said anything real about Gun Laws in the US of which the case was ever the fact that over 80% of those who carry Guns do because it is part of their job; the way it works is that its usually pointless to carry an AK47 on your shoulders for personal protection while somebody else can have a sniper rifle in a building, so it was better the Gun you carried for protection was not on show but if that was the case, then you are inviting people to show up and get killed and hence you need a lifestyle and to know what you are doing – for those who use it for security at home, you would have either seen a display to suggest they had one or the House would flow in a certain way; CCTV outside, and the corridors work towards a certain end, so if anything happens the children can slip off to safe room and if you are standing in front of him with a gun in his hand and cannot explain why you are in his House, he will pull the trigger; the other small percentage of people who have guns they cannot carry around with them are usually people who have it for recreational reasons and you go to a park and everybody there has a big gun and they are shooting at a range – so the other side of this story is something we see often on the internet, young liberalists whose parents have not heard about them in decades getting together in huge numbers after having put together some money to big a big House is an abandoned Town and they all have at least two military grade weapons and are playing around with drugs and money – so it should be obvious to people that any who carries a gun without the right behaviour for gun owners had made himself into Police business, what we have instead is a group of people who behave similarly to a horrifying situation that is usually found to exist between paedophiles and their victims, the inane need to discipline other peoples children for self improvement privileges pointlessly and without reason or purpose and so they believe there are other people they have problems with that need to give up a public image to such Children so somebody does not get hurt and we cannot ban enough weapons to prevent that from happening. Just like we hear them claim I am responsible for killing people while what happens is that they set out those eventualities where somebody will get killed and it was mandatory and I hate it so much and God gives me strength every time they put it in my face, so what get killed is either themselves or something close to their hearts hence they can always put it in my face. Here is an example; a child shoot another group of children at school, so it is not the fault of the Child who shot his mates and his psychology and those who put it there, it is the fault of the government and the fault of the NRA. The reality has always been that their leaders and Politicians are in the business of evil, I know this because they are always trying to show me my faith is useless and my morality is pointless and if it achieves anything there is a more evil power out there that can do the same thing but better but it is the part about the mentally disturbed people being used as a tool against others in order to ensure they are rich that really causes public security problems just as much as their need to drag me into it. They do claim it is all because I trap people and ensure they cannot get on with their lives but we have not been able to secure justification from them for taking from me what I do to make myself less appealing to racists and civil rights trouble makers, what we know is that they use it to give me a wild ride and ensure I am never able to control what my tummy does; the assumption being that I cannot give them one if I do not have the money that they have and we see their media and civil rights idiots pick that up as well, where I am the trouble maker because I am being bullied over wealth inequality by those who have more money than I do. The Politicians claim it is justified of course which is incredibly annoying, so I suppose mine is questionable then as it were; the only way I can make sense of the Politicians bits is to stand up on a stage and say there are stupid people in the land, who go into Politics where people make a career gathering information to help make laws that ensure those who have already had some do not have twice as much, to bully other people because they are afraid of those who have already had some and then the Crowd will laugh and the curtains will be drawn and I will get paid for a change. They do say I will get into trouble talking like that which is so annoying as the continued warning about their habits, about the fact I have already given a decade of my time tolerating them is not going anywhere – its a matter of being friend of those who have already had some and blabbing at them promises you cannot keep, then going into government office to ensure people are unable to make you feel embarrassed for your completely pointless position, for my part I do not have the power to decide who has what like they have mentioned my position on those who have already had some not needing more leads me to think that people should not be getting involved with Politics when they are afraid of those that have already had some – besides which those blabbing at me will continue until I appoint myself and find out what they can do when I literally decide who owns what. Otherwise what I have said is figurative; not everybody who shows up near justice systems needs justice – we know some have already had some by means of money, we know some have already had some by means of culture, others my means of society but it is the people that have not had any who need decisions made to provide them support. It difficult to understand why they keep getting involved with me when they had failed to fully grasp how my mind works but I can say they clearly do not need justice as it were, they have already had some; hence the women issue comes in where they say I am only making them vulnerable which is utter nonsense – I for instance look back at my 37 years in the world and am thinking its not satisfactory unless I do something about society goons and community croons and celebrity vandals, along with the kids who put aside money to crush small businesses over consumerism or do peoples career with popular culture in order to look after the Public image I cannot seem to deter them from getting involved whenever another group of idiots have got Media jobs – women do not know this, so what they do is chase peoples bottoms and in like manner if they cannot keep their hands off mine, will progress from giving me reasons to giving me closure too. They always say its about historic crimes that this race or that race has committed which is utter rubbish; its about their insults and the fact they are very stupid people who actually do not have a regard for those who are providing the proper kinds of leadership, in order to ensure that they have injustices that work in their favour and are not treated the same as their mates, talking rubbish at me and telling me its reasons are justified, right up to the 8 years of Obama onslaught, concerning which Trump is the problem. We see them at it all the time; when they say I speak of security for women but am complaining about women, they are referring to insane community croons that tear up peoples lives so they can pick up some success where they did not work for it, which was the main cause of instability in the Obama onslaught in the first place but a lot of the times we see the one need to leave their problems in my life and jump on my property to make money that will help the forget that I exist which is basically impossible to accomplish since I am Royalty – we have many forms of brash in the matter bust people such as Simon Cowell really stand out and has his own excuses too which suggest its all my fault and points out things that the black idiots who are like him but in a more violent manner get up to. They always like to brag that nothing I do makes any progress and it would only work it seems over the one that involves a process of making a plan that will ensure all that money that Industry idiots that spend their incomes making trouble for others is no longer a threat to me, otherwise striking my bum is not how people buy Books and if they want me to tolerate it need to stop talking rubbish on media over it as well; I am trying to concentrate on very important matter around here and they need to read Books. Very stupid individuals obviously hence my bottom hurts because Obama gave them some money and when they do that I do not make any progress while they stole all I did to get rich and famous and can only continue until that stupid money becomes a person concern all together as well; otherwise I am making progress and they need to show up around it only when they want a Book. Its about the whole thing of Royalty, Politicians and Common people degenerating into violence with respect to black goaty beard bearing type popularity goons that really enjoy handling me ; I know I am making progress and they need to stop screwing with those who want to buy the Books. I am not facing any challenges on the matter either; when they have irresponsibilities it plays out on other peoples lives all of the time, and when they push people into the lives of Industry idiots and white race goons, they think they do not have to worry out the outcomes going against them; so they do not have the two to throw at me any more and we are getting to the point where it will lose the job for addressing me. I do get told I need keep an eye on the violence bits but its an old case of the same popular culture losers violence, where lets up to it when you have that thing everybody is talking about to lose being groomed for years by the Politicians, otherwise it can only show courage in the face of the issues of this world because it is showing up to exact the punishment that your mother has set out. Same old case where they wreck peoples lives and have babies on peoples public image to pass around the insulting subliminal message that suggests one needs to find somebody and give them a hug, hold them tight and disregard the anal sex bits; so its what I am really like as well and I am not the one complaining about it, bearing in mind it had happened before but at the time had more to do with locating a man who will be gay so black women might feel sensations of dignity and power on account they saw me walk into Church.


The talk of me being some sort of Mr Top it character is one that should not annoy me but its the way they put it as though I am likely to get into trouble; difficult to tell what people think of conditions where property does not belong to them and does not have their names on it in that way all together but at the end of the day I am still at a loss as per what I need to do about it since it is quite clear that if they persecute me over money I will start to have a problem with the lose change they put aside to support consumerism and how it develops into a need to make me provide them inadvertently with overseas accounts, fame and the means to blab demagogues that rich people do. So being Mr Top it that will get into trouble is another very annoying instance of a collection of really stupid people doing what they do best when they have developed the sense they were superior. We see it all the time; I have friends who become a group of people that could harm me but take various steps to avoid it, what it then means to them is that I am some process that causes people to hold back and that they are not the type that does and the same behaviour applies to my Court, same behaviour applies to everything I get up to in public places, right up to this point where they are starting to blab about popularity loser violence that will involve a process where they are up to it if I am about to lose a Royal Estate but would not try if their lives depended on it when I am about to tear up that stupid culture and society as well. They speak of the reasons it happens but there has always ever been only one i.e. I love my criminal children parents and so we see that even while my Mum probably wants me to become one so that she can express love for her criminal child, I have made a choice not to, so that I end up in this position where we are talking about people keeping their hands off my bum and to them selves, people staying away from my Books and people keeping their community croons and society goons and children who have tribalism money put aside to do peoples lives and careers keeping off my Public image if they have no wish to get into trouble with Mr Top it as well, rather than continue and pretend they can predict what I am capable of. They do speak of being fearsome but we all know its the old story of Mr A who has a big shop in the City has a child that has turned to terrorism and as I said, my mum will be happy to love criminal child from the looks of it but they do not see me go off to do such things, showing up here to blab nonsense at me all the time, being confused about the fact they are incredibly stupid people; which they would say is political talk so what I really mean is that if I got into a fight with them they would do what they had to do because they had a frustrating existence to deal with and I would because they are fucking idiots, the world would then observe who could dish the most violence that way. Their excuse is always this case where I am nobody but like to think I am important which has no basis on reality that is more a case of picking off what happened to me between 2003 and 2014 where whole civil services and parliaments and National media tried and could not push me over, therefore since resorted to ripping up my finances and helping them to gain some money that facilitates all the nonsense they perform in my direction – usually of which it is what they want to do with their time but the insults really are getting out of hand. Of course the abuses will not stop especially with respect to my Books and public image and my bum and so we shall continue to deal with their public complains about what state provided security gets up to; the first occasion was the one I did which had to do with them claiming I am the character they usually deploy to get things done, then set off to have a bath and get dressed and step out of their door being decent persons, so its all adding up. We see them at it all the time; one moment they have seen a very special character that really should not show up around their part of society and in a couple of seconds they have started a community vibe about being superior to me and so it seems I can only have some semblance of normalcy if I had a personal problem not just with that stupid persons' civil disobedience they have going for them especially when they are motorists, but also with that money they put aside for popular culture and media, to do my career and public image; I have no ideal really how difficult it can be for people to just keep their hands to themselves anyway, we are not talking about things being handled here, we are talking about human beings being handled as it were; they do like to say I would get into trouble with the law naturally but we all know they are the ones that have a reputation for that. Speaking of the law of which this matter gets serious every time because they spend their time making publicity from claiming that it protects weak people while they are being prevented from enjoying freedom so I have ended up with an intellectual property administration business where I can give some financial advice to my clients or stock market advice for that matter as well, while the purpose of their existence is to strike my bum, complain about having their own whipped by state provided security and issue stupid threats that can easily cause that fools civil disobedience to become one of my very personal concerns; I mean at the moment its a matter of being trapped like chicken, like I was less than human because they have needs and I shall never prevent them from building popular culture fame and fortune on my life and public image, so I am wondering at this point why they have not been able to pluck all my feathers after plucking everyday for the last 15 years, but so has it becomes a question of whether or not they and their politicians understand a decade of nauseating financial complications dedicated to tolerating their habits – what happens is that my wife will have strange opinions about me staring at the breasts of those stupid women that support them at my expense and then she will go off to work to earn 50% less than a Man and find herself back to square one, so they need to stop showing up here to make trouble for me while the society ones have also got a problem that women are making, pretending they can predict what I am capable of a Mr Top it. We hear the case to be that I control and restrict peoples freedoms which is true I suppose but the reason of course is that what happens is them showing up to set up business for instance like the Muslims, which run on the basis of having money, being a merchant dressed in Islamic clothes with soft arse shit people stuck under their trading tables telling their fortunes and so we find the Imams have no wish to start to controlling this because they are corrupt as well, we hear them call the occultic behaviour people exhibit around their mosques radcialisation and we hear them claim it was the fault of the government instead but all can see that it is not Islam that is British Islam and now it has its own backyard separate from the Country with things coming out from it to kill people on the streets which it cannot control; so the purpose is not to control people, the purpose is to make them conform. As for the main trouble makers, that was an old story where we count it all; from government to civil service to Industry and private endeavours and we do not see them counted it because they have their own self made systems of tribalism that is separate from the rest of us, where they come from to conduct career and financial raids that gets violent all the time and the assumption has become that their abuses is what my reality is while the real world is one that says if I handled their case again it would be about that blabbing over what passes on their left hand side and right hand side and how it will be completely spent on my account. So I have been trapped like chicken in their part of society, when I say they are wasting my time, they resort to the violent bits and find it amusing, so the government is hearing about a trouble maker because I set up a writers Office on it and have become really curious to see what will stop my writing being successful as well. So mostly while all those insults abound, reality is that they say I am the talker and not the doer naturally while we all know its a question of being a responsible human being who supposing her saw somebody attack a vulnerable person and could not take the attacker on himself, did something that ensured somebody else can do something about what he saw and then made a lifestyle that looked like it – I have already set up shop in their society of I love my criminal children thing and these three rules will be enforced by Mr Top it too; they need to keep off my Books, stay off my Public image and keep their hands to themselves, keep their fingers off my bum; obsession with the things that can be deployed to make them feel hopeless because others are more endowed will not suffice. We see the same around the terrorism issue too; when I say I hate every goon that goes off to join the terrorists they make out its just a saying; reality of course is that it goes beyond the fact that when the Country needs to grow the people who have the means is what terrorists love to kill i.e. scholars and women, then the scum who dream of women being punished to make them feel good all the time will join the ranks and we cannot tell where people suppose they are to stop these sorts of behaviour anyway, we cannot see the one they planned as well, we cannot see how they have chosen to live, we do not see how they have chosen to marry, we do not see how they have chosen to arrange their furniture at home, we see them kill people for the way that people have decided to work it, we see them destroy something and so this is the part of my psychology they claim is a mystery and claim they fear at the same time; it destroys something, destroys it and pretends it can predict what I am capable off, labels me Mr Top it. So it comes back down to the main problem i.e. refusal to accept the leadership of those who are providing the right kind, in fact the abuse and attack of such persons is to them the means by which they ensure they are not treated the same as their mates – even when they find that seeking success and fame in such ways leads to processes that build up to conflict as people are able to make sense of their insanity to the Public on the image of those who are successful, it will continue to be the only thing they spend their time on, while complaining about me. So we find the Media ones will not give it a moments peace until my personality gets involved in a gang fight that builds those things they can report to feel safe but the more annoying bit is that when the gangs fantasise stabbing my blobby body and I their cracked up out of my league arses, I will get into trouble with the media because they were chasing the bottoms of those who encouraged it, even though I will be getting into trouble later, which is utter nonsense all together. So the main issue is still the proverbial Goldman Sachs Managers characters so to speak, who earn vast salaries but their world of community croons and neighbourhood goons and idiots in suits is what my own business empire is, the bit where they have made male benefit out of it and will destroy all I have than part with £20 of that vast salary for a Book as it were; then the scum at the shops will tell me I have not got a business empire and show up on media later on to express something about having underestimated how I might have reacted. We are all conversant with bragging that this is all Media power of which if it was there would have been a contention naturally with the people who handle the Intellectual property for the companies that the stupid media people work for – to see if it could not be controlled in that way, but it isn't, it is a habit that has gradually grown over the years, it has now gotten serious that my Empire is global male benefit because the fucking idiots have got media jobs. They always say I do not have a chance but we all know the irony of their insulting media jobs is that people may work on projects for years, on the day they talk to others about it, it ceases to be their project – we hear the excuse is the amount of money spent and they are already full of what I have done to them so far as we speak. They do say they get the better of me and it is utter nonsense; everything I do and say is simply being subverted with media to facilitate their stupidities trapping the Prince to make him fight for them which will make them feel like Princesses and so we find the other black ones talking about their civil rights alongside what I am supposed to do about it which is an old case of their insolence that gets involved with me to escape being handled in the same way their mates are in order to access privileges but its stupidities do not work, its ideas are rubbish and it will show no respect or regard towards those that are providing the right kind of leadership while its followers will describe me as a bitch because that is their language and so on, needs to stop getting involved and start getting as serious as I am too. The one that tops it all is the Media operatives whose insults are just a habit and very slippery, every time I want to address which one they did not sign as what their jobs can be used for through the employment contracts, I end up stuck with Politicians and Public matters but it is becoming more serious that I always have one insult replaced by another as a continuous process of abuse as though that was my share in this world, especially for the ethnic minorities.


I understand people who support me are at risk and it is utter nonsense too; when I am on my own its about their evil and wicked nature, when I am with others it becomes a hateful nature that they have, something that is avoided by having a disposition where the people who support me exist, it is the reason they are always proposing stupid and abusive questions.

So they say I have fallen out of favour with The Queen which is not actually the case; what has happened is that the same group of people that love to play up those gimmicks about the future being a man's world are off to it again, so what they had to do in Central London was to look after the Official residence of the Monarch but what they did was effectively sell Buckingham Palace and now we have a situation where each time Celebrities are given Royal Honours they make new investments but the part that causes the most problem is that they continue to do the insanity routine, they do it to a stage where society is now split between criminals, law enforcement officers and the rest of us normal people but have not let up in the slightest, now what we see is a process where I am said to have lost a Royal Estate virtually everyday. Eventually they say I am the Arch Prince or so I claim but most people at the Monarchy think I am the worst thing that ever happened to it because I do not spend time with Royals; reality of course is that I do not spend any time with Celebrities like they claim – what happens rather is people playing with me which then adds up to National interest which I have to see to, while they claim we are operating in team and whilst I have even had to make a statement that my state provided security are handled by women, these activities continue to feature as their idea of what team work is. Hence its the case behind the reasons people hate my guts; on a personal basis, I love to do their coward stuff and make them feel they will have to peace until they got involved with state security business and got shot at by the enemy doing my stuff at a limit – what they then do is pick up the whole thing and create such a perversion out of it that facilitates even more of their madness stuff on media while they send some Soldiers that are fans of Celebrities to die over Russia and so it is making a real mess of my business here, so that the point of doing this, so people can do their crime and drugs and deviance especially in the US then deploy my Public image to make money because I share a skin colour with them might continue like they suppose it will never be stopped. So with respect to which I intend to take it further making sure every time they do some civil rights and some equity based activity that will facilitate school or work or business it is spent as they get it the way their insulting involvement with me spends all of mine and then wrecks my health as well telling me what to do, it is my way ot making a statement that their idea they need education on the effects of their activities only works on the delusional and I am bound to continue to a stage where addressing me will cost jobs and then only I suppose will people think they are suppose to do their chat shows another way. I am the Arch Prince and there is none other, what they are doing has always persisted i.e. get about chasing my finances and building doubtful statements concerning my position, so the process of fighting me these days is something to do with finding them doing something that rather looks like selling Buckingham. So they say I am not really in a good footing with the Monarchy which is not true; I am simply not keeping to some of the Queens rules like I should and that means I must never let up on certain duties because if I fall behind when things happen I will not be able to manage them; what I use this for is a process of making it possible to show that all the abusive and excused vandalism we deal with from Politicians on grounds of what they are lacking as a society has a perfectly logical explanation – like wealth inequality for example; where it will never get a job, so when companies who are full of people he can bully on media and social media get involved with me, somebody that is providing me state security sees an opportunity to sell some security and get money off rich people and then rich people will become obsessed with the idea of getting involved with me and my job will be to collect the companies while theirs will be not to get a job and that is why each time they address me or handle my public image especially the Americans, they must be made to do something brave until they squirm – thus we are getting nearer the stage where they will address me and lose the job especially the Media ones and we all know they speak of social issues as the reasons they do not get jobs and speak of socialist and liberalist politicians that will get me like Blair did, if they are not getting after my Books that is all together. The biggest confusion naturally concerns my authority, which is said I have delegated because I have journalists and celebrities and socialites and fashionista in a Court but that is not the case at all. For me, I have no idea why it is so difficult for people to understand that no matter how bad it gets, the probability is that Royalty does not need their assistance; what I am now faced with as the reason things get out of hand and my finances are in tatters is that their activities add up to a process of imitating me – so from the time I published my Book in 2009 the Books were fine, by 2013 the damaging practical jokes of the Media especially Liberal America had a result where anybody who got near it could feel the tummy churn and now that my empire has become male benefit I feel like I want to teach them a lesson they will never forget as well, so it is all starting with the need to keep them off my backyard and my Public image. The story of being prevented from enjoying what I have is utter rubbish of course; what happened as mentioned before is that I wrote a Book in 2009 and since then they have continued to turn a source of daily bread on Media into building up practical jokes around it that is meant to lead to outcomes where prejudices can be communicated to me over my successes and now it has reached a stage where my entire empire is a male benefit; something people can call on the male community and get especially if they have beards and wear some suits and I am getting set to tear up their media and civil rights too. It has always been about what these idiots want and how little work they intend to do with it, also about the discrimination which ensues after they have it and we are here as ever over completely trivial matters i.e. all is well save the fact every time a goon picks up something I have done and want to claim in public places that he did it, a fool whose daily bread is provided by a media job will offer and assistance and spend even more time telling people its all my fault; I have had to explain the reasons they have something to complain about as well is because they chase me around like I am some animal, they trap me and then after wrecking the academics as well inform me I am soft arse shit and that they do not like me, then its quickly followed up with a process where I am constantly insulted and abused and then monitored and prevented from just letting go, which produces an outcome where they can say I am an outcast who has problems that is affecting other people but each time a writer steps outside of his door for some fresh air, he ends up doing things especially when bullied by public transport fools, which they can claim they did and a fool with a media job can never listen to what others are saying to them but is now happy to pin where they have ended up on me as well. The foolish women who support them are all good naturally save when they are done with those insults we see them show up on media and social media to exhibit around being able to make a Royal Prince work for them, they will assume after that the stories they tell the Politicians will suffice and just like we see the male ones described above exhibit the same behaviour around the high street shops because it is linked to criminal activity, we also see them boast just as much that they are the kinds that do not end up in a situation where a Law Court Judge complains about them too. We even hear they want to control me and use me to ensure their children can have a future that comes with equality naturally, like a big dirty arse in public that I must have sex with and become friend of the revolutionists after I had dropped out of school and they have had everything in the world they had never done days work for and so it still appears a joke when I say I will tear up that stupid civil rights too but what I want is a process where they show up here and buy a Book if they want a Book without asking any question, without asking any questions like we see them give their own to the frugal. When I was informed I had written a Book which causes nostalgia and should never have been written I assumed it was a joke, now my empire is some form of male benefit that men can call on each other to help access it has gotten serious and I intend to maintain the reputation whereby I am not the one complaining as we can see it is stupidity without limits. The story of me wrecking Media jobs is apt of course, as we can see I am the one wrecking jobs since the last time they decided I need to be reeling everyday from a process where they have set out that they want to go from talking job to writing job and have a few people in mind that want to replace; we see them boast about it endlessly whereby telling them off each time they do it and also claim I was warned that messing with the Media will lead to outcomes where my Job is lost, it develops into one about how I talk but they are the ones will real neighbourhood powers where goons can teach me a lesson for doing their jobs or trying – these are very stupid people who know nothing about writing of course, so it has already set out my own as penning a story in good English which he wants to replace with his own story naturally, blabbing of a damage to the job in hand as well.


So we hear eventually that the UK Labour Party has agreed a customs Union with the EU and I am set to eat my heart out; at first glance there is no reason I should be angry at it but the details I will supply as follows will justify the reasons I may be i.e. we are talking about National economy, not some private business where we have to wait for these idiots to do what is trendy and then maybe at the end write their own text Book, so that others who want to run the National economy can follow that in future but in the mean time we have seen such stupidities as delaying quantitative easing so when they finally do it as soon as their Political capital had been built up the answer to the problems they have created was to have scapegoats while they have given tax payer funds to the same group of bankers that created them an economic crisis, with an economy on the ground that has nothing to fall back on. We have seen those very insulting processes of fools from Government buildings telling me my empire will be sacrificed to bring about the economic recovery for the future and will never stop building narcissistic popular culture canopies where they give money they spend fighting people to idiots they want to make famous but in like manner have I never heard of a customs Union with the EU affecting somebody else;s Book sale business. So the way this nonsense of custom Unions put in my face works really is a process where I write a Book and have an Office where I manage what service people get when they buy it and Politicians have decided to build a future on wrecking the warehouse; it always has to be a mess and always has to be very important and nobody knows why it is that their stupidities have never done anything without making plans that involve the 25% that tax payer contribute in this Country while every one of their activities affects adversely the prospects of more of such contributions being made anyway, why it is that there is Political capital attached to their stupidities that mean I am not productive and they are not as well while spending time winding me up. What is clear however is that the matter is developing t a stage where there will be a fight between myself and the Politicians which usually is the answer for everything; a mean of controlling their Kleeneze style sales pyramid arrangements that facilitate the vandalism of peoples property that we see on Media everyday, simply by making them scapegoats for my personal problems too. If these fools cannot run the National economy the way it is written in the economic text Books, we are going to go from being somebody that does not spend time thinking about how to make the treasury worse off to a fight with parliament because I have had that bit figured out. It still boils down to the very simple issues I have mentioned before, about which I was resolved their equities will never mature before it is deployed so they might understand the damage they are doing here i.e. run off conditions that mean there is always information and publicity which leads to outcomes where each Political idea they have is out there while it is still being discussed with allies, so they have to go public which means they serve the allies and the opposition and lose their career the same way I am losing my Book sales over their stupidities – I mean it is not clear why tax payer funds is shameful supporting the entertainment Industry these days as though we were lacking in talent; while I have met people who want to bully me because somebody who looked like me got the better of them in a really big way and they think I am the walk over, that apparently being the entertainers that were supposed to fall flat after running five miles or so; it is a shame the Labour Party will never understand naturally and it seems we have bigger crisis in this country save the part where the Civil service and NHS is starved of funds by Tories who wish to ensure that when Labour comes back into government Office even a 12 year squander will not be enough to do damage to the way the economy works, nothing like the damage Blair and Brown caused which these idiots now want to build on. If their custom Union is meant to protect their jobs that would be fine, if they put it in my face to follow up that nonsense about sacrificing my empire for the future, there will be more trouble than they are dealing with presently. They do say my Books affect them adversely but we all know they too understand a decade of nauseating financial complications dedicated to tolerating these stupid habits, it was never an act of stupidity when I wrote a Book that depended on them; I now have to work fast building a friends Court where people can stop blabbing about me claiming to be Royalty when the title I chose to go by was approved at the Highest levels in the British Monarchy, not that the fashions ones are faring well for the insults anyway, about which I keep a record of it and then it ends up in a blog after they spend precious publicity passing it around my case, serves a better alternative for all that talk of beating up women that is running wild because of the way they target me all the time; so I can manage a friends Court where I get good information on how people are doing theirs with respect to the way they want to have sex and run a family and build some finances around what we are doing, ensure my deal with beautiful women is looked after which ensure I am not acting in ways that leave people with desire and cost them everything including their families perhaps and so on – details here supplied so those who want to get involved understand it is a Royal arrangement that can cost the day job of those who do and that there are Children along with family legacies involved. So I do get told I never do anything until somebody had paid a price which is not really the case; these guys are playing practical jokes that are very destructive and its always all about their disposition as very proficient Gold diggers – what happens is that I decide I have issues with people chasing my bottom for instance and when it happens because of Journalists which decides exactly where I can put them so I might have an organised existence, I will get attacked and bullied by culture and society fools bullying me and making me do what they want, so the result is making them do it for my part and then deciding they were the bigger problem I could put in the media to get an organised existence – so it seems I have now got something for everybody and its a bit of a recovery from a behaviour that does not seem to let up. Eventually it does play out as a process of supporting people while handling the Politicians as we can see all of these problems are created by them and their laziness; getting into Politics when they do not wish to handle culture and society trouble makers unless they are wasting peoples lives to do it, at the same time have become quite obsessed with power that bullies people with talent talking rubbish about using those who can get things done. So we see the ones from overseas cannot stop passing insults at me and trying to make me work for them while the British ones cannot stop making out I have problems they can solve with respect to media and celebrities; of which becomes the old issue of Villain/Hero Conundrum which is always reality that the biggest probability is always that both know each other very well, so I have no idea which part of the fact that no matter how difficult it gets Royalty does not need their help that they have failed to understand, never mind their involvement coming through with its own villain/hero gimmicks as well. So the Politicians say the reasons for the activities I am complaining about is not that I dropped out of University being bullied by them, so they might continue to nurse the hope of confiscating my business empire to create new world markets, they say it is what my Books do to their Politics, which Books were written after and not before, written to ensure that their equities never mature before it is deployed as well, in order that they might understand – I do suppose it is getting to a stage where it will wind me up enough to rip up a whole Political party all together. They always say that there is nothing I can do about them but we know the reality is that if I did anything I would get away with it; we all know they get into Politics but are too lazy to work on culture society trouble makers, then get about deciding how hard others should work, we can see how it adds up on the matter of the fact that we do not hold their inability to handle culture and society trouble makers against them, beside the fact they are stupid people who would probably get killed if others became obsessed with playing up crowds on the door step abuses that is followed by getting on media to mock the victims and make something of their reaction like we see them do, which by the way is not in me to do like it is in them to do as such and that they have not got any leverage since last the economy recovered from recession and the business of setting people up on a pedestal of abuse while getting money off goons that spend their own to fight people and looking for a premise for convenient abuse and repression fostered by abusive sales goons that have helped them make connections with society so they can build warehouses and get rich, which I responded to by making them keep the money here in the UK and spend it on products knowing if I wanted to recover any lost property or market and wanted to restore them all I can do it; wherefore this business of watching my empire get smaller and smaller was not meant to happen, not part of the picture, not real: What is really meant to happen here is a process where I sit down and watch what will happen with this not lose what I have on daily – I am rather certain they know if I did anything about the Politicians I would get away with it. They always say they are trying to better themselves and climb social ladders and we all know they are not climbing anything; what they are doing is destroying productive people, allowing criminals get out of hand and getting money off those who spend money to fight other human beings without reason, they are not even paying taxes for all the people whose lives they have wrecked anyway, hard to see why they think they deserve to run the Country. I do get told I am suspicious of everything which is not true; the reality is that I am behind every time when people express affection in my direction, so I have to work hard to respond – it does not men I respond to everything as well and such realities are an example of how abusive these skilled gold digger behaviour can be; I respond for instance is somebody gets involved with me to support their Dad, I do not respond if they get involved with me for the sake of it. I do get told I prefer to blame people rather than just get on with it but blame is not the main point; main point is that all Gold diggers consider themselves to be masters of torment and it will carry on for years wrecking everything because the angrier you are is the more of a fight you put up and if you do enough fighting no matter how much you may resist them, some of the fighting will be happening to make them comfortable anyway and it says nothing about what happens when the enemy is better off save when it wants to blow off its insulting big mouth about being more important. The Politicians side involves the things they do because they must in order to feel as though their jobs are things others do not have, which can then be used as tools for influence but we have seen this to be a problem after and not before their cars were more important than God to a Christian in the public mind, after years of abuse over finances that do not belong to them. So it plays out around the Politicians whose last iota of sanity was spent on money and therefore the thing that their madness clings to as a reason for their abusive and destructive activities and the choice of scapegoats for it as well, claim I am in trouble with them that I cannot escape: the reality of which is rather that for each of those abusive insults that their Media goons follow up as well, there are other peoples whose last bit of sanity was spent on sex waiting to pounce on good looking victims, which situation I am sure they are aware of, like we hear them say I am on the side of racists and need to be made to behave all the time while it is rather remarkable to note that racists do believe that hurting somebody else no matter how inferior is a bad thing to do, while the fools at Government Office and Media hurt people for sport; I mean, this is an example of me sending out warnings first, wondering what their point is, wondering where they are coming from. They do say I need to do something about black ethnic minorities getting out of hand of which I do not need to do anything about the effects of what they have brought back to the Country when they got overseas to chase their British Political businesses interests and we can already see a picture emerge whereby its them and their fools with tribalism that those who invent such behaviour cannot afford, doing all those vandalism and abuses that does not affect those who do not pay attention to it too much, so that every scum who thinks he or she wants to do their bidding by handling me risks a process where I will find them work that they will not fancy for their case as well. So it always eventually boils down to how I need to desist from stopping people fame which I don't and in fact want to find out what will happen if I do not as well – what they will do if I do not comply, the proverbial 'or else what?'. So I am aware its big victory over those who stand up at the shop floor or parliament to talk nonsense at me but it is always nice and quiet before they start and they have never once supplied a reason for doing so. Its never a complicated issue with the Political scumbags just the part where it gets violent i.e. Church stops racism, so they want to own the bit of Church that stops racism but want nothing to do with Church and so on, don't ask. In my case I am the Christian about whom they want an obsession that involves how he has sex outside marriage blabbing nonsense about avoiding a process of stopping their fame which gets them fucked as well as it were. They do say I accept I am getting fucked which is not like fuck physical fuck as such anyway; a physical fuck with be these fools having their worst fucking nightmare in the bedroom once they are done complaining about him becoming as beautiful as a woman for grabbing all the air and all the good personal space to begin with, which would really have been a case of putting a stop to the question of whether I am their toy all together. So what we have is done fingering my bum and keep your mouth off my public image otherwise it will be a good start towards having queer society and all the problems that come with it, as for me personally, it looks like with the spate of female insults I am set to become even more beautiful than what they are complaining about. I mean they do say I am obsessed with power while it is rather a case of what they create i.e. they do not have a good history with their enemies but every time it is nice and quiet there is money madness opportunism that ends in me being punished and the media making something out of it, so they are now in a place where the log in their eyes causes insanity as thy scramble to see the speck in mine, while the insults of the Media which nobody think of using a dream job for leaves something to be desired for racists and extremists all the time. So they say nobody really knows how I do what I do but its an old story that is starting to get real and serious all together i.e. I have a Royal Commission, so what I work for with my Commission is Equity but now I cannot release money from it when I want to pay my way in the world because others want to own it; they no longer seek their equity from their savings and mortgages that they worked for and it seems there is something I must do to ensure that get off my case and do so when they need any all together as it were – the fun bit therefore was when the purpose of their fame was to build my public image on media so it can be ascribed to other people, what we are dealing with now is how serious their insults have gotten since. They speak of some things I have said and done with respect to South African leadership naturally, like we see it goes beyond boo boy Politics of insolence and becomes far more serious – the bit where Nelson Mandela runs my life while there are so many languages and people I would have had to come across if I travelled from West Africa to South Africa, which I know nothing about and have never heard and would have set me in a situation where if people wanted to gang up on me and trade me as a slave they could do it without question, so many, such a large and vast area to cross full of it, before I reach Nelson Mandela's Country where the local dialect is like alien talk to me as well, running my life. They are certain that the racism and civil rights stuff homogenises everything but the reality is that it does not and their problems would not be as bad if I were selling my Books to make the damage they cause less, its just another way of expressing their narcissistic bullying to prevent that from happening and its all going to end very well, that big mouth blabbing I need to avoid stopping their fame if I want my problems to go away, I need to avoid stopping their fame so they do not get off my Public image and get fucked as well. They always say its a very small matter I have blown out of proportion and yes it is; only a case of Media fools playing up a gimmick where they provoke me and people believe their side of the story while I go through hell just to be heard but they talk too much and issue too many threats, they blame it on me while the purpose of those abuses is to triple their media salaries, just like we see the Politicians blame the fact I say anything anywhere and it ends up with anybody at their expense as well on me while I have gone from dropping out of University to being unable to sell Books because of the tribalism they have not got money to afford showing up at the high street shops to talk about my throat and tummy and pass blame culture at me with violence. So this has progressed from a simple case of telling them to get lost over some strange ideas I will be tortured into giving up to them, that will show them how to obtain Swiss bank accounts, through a case where I must avoid stopping their fame while they screw around with my public image, to a case where they simply talk too much and discipline their mates all the time. They do say I need to make it simpler which is understood save I am not sure they will fancy a process where I mentioned that talk of how my problem is that I never had a Royal Commission is brewed by their stupidities and some descendants of the deceased Tzar of Russia which lets me spend it before it has matured and therefore win again as it were but the main issue remains the same case of the fact they have built a narcissistic popular culture canopy and have set out an abusive media and now the process of being happy when people are suffering will never be controlled, it will then go on to make them more money than their imaginations could have conceived and I needed to make it clear they will feel mine again if the racist tickles me; so the first time was the one where they want me to avoid stopping their fame when we know what happens with it especially for women is that people get sexually abused before their whole lives are then saved with Popular culture money. Eventually is the talk of how I never mention a thing about my own State Office, which is all very well; its the bit where every popular culture goons do what they do as a result of the activities of Politicians who are learning from me that the money they spend on celebrities is gone for good and they can always show up on my case to talk about recovering it at my expense if they have the guts for that too. Just like we hear them claim that judges make laws in the land making it impossible to study when we know the text Books say otherwise and the reality of getting into trouble for messing with supremacy of parliament is obvious, while this case of getting into trouble for deciding a case law that is indicative of an act they would have made gets you into trouble as well is always added up as a process of looking for trouble; I mean media insults because I am made to suck up to the civil service for benefits and suck up to Landlords to pay them housing benefits is not necessarily a determinant of whether I can beat the shit out of them. They speak of the matter being resolved at this stage but I would like to see them explain to the 29 year old standing beside them, why an existence came to a stop from the age of 18 so Politicians can play up get rich quick gimmicks with society goons who never integrate with the rest of us and have a tribalism they do not have money to support – they always have to create these problems obviously, create them to add to the ones that were there previously as though they are running out of work in Parliament; in my case it has become an issue of getting them off my Public image and when I do not have my Office to myself while they strike my Bum it seems to work as a process that ensures m Books do not get bought by other people. Now we are listening to them complain about Far-Right Terrorism going on, which is an old story where what we had to manage was a process whereby those who have separated themselves from the rest of us do not have a means of hurting people, what we have been grappling with being instead that every media fool with a job wants to compare the incomes of ethnic minorities that do not co-operate with its stupidities alongside that of a racist in a ramshackle home somewhere in a dilapidated neighbourhood and then fail to tell the general public that racism itself is a lottery and some things people suppose is safe to do with it actually isn't. In my case it has become a matter of attacking me whenever they need money and what I do to solve my problem being a process of making sure they made money while I supervised and saw to it that did not become a problem for me too; they always say when done with stupidities that mean nothing else is important save money, that I carry out no such activity but likewise we have not seen their goons carry out any killings as well, perhaps they have done some secret killing and likewise have I done some secret supervision that means drugs are no longer as profitable as they used to be, so we now have to grapple with the scumbags working alongside really stupid Hollywood Film Producers. The media ones are ever so keen to show I am now a mess which I am not; what happens is continued abusive and insulting processes of talking to people over me and they have a problem with my Books because it cracks them out of my league as well, so whilst we do not fancy each other, they are unable to do anything without making statements where people should pay attention to them and ignore me complaining about an unacceptable way in which my work and public image has been handled by their stupid selves. The other side of it being the so called feminists and those do nothing else with their time save the attacking of religious and moral people, nobody knows why a twerp need to support stupid men who then make some money and facilitate a process of holding people down for them to screw with in order to make the same money and call themselves feminists likes to think that when they fancy themselves masters of torment as well it is largely amusing, so when the victim describes it like I have, its all funny because they nearly got away with it while there is nothing I can do on account they are more in tune with the power aspects of my African culture than I am with that big mouth. But I know they are not feminists as that is usually about women who are leaders and because they are treated like great servants who find out what needs to be known and then tell others who provide the leadership, it comes to crisis point where they decide they need get out or breakdown and get out is usually the main option, so they wear a feminist badge and do not wish t be bothered by the male population – these other group of fools are insufferable oafs who spend most of their time saving their stupid men and destroying other peoples husbands about which it is getting nearer a point of reckoning for the Politicians over their need to handle my identity and Books all the time as well; so now they can see it usually is not as funny as they make it out to me according to my description – the point of feminism that is supported entirely by Men that are stupid beyond normal imagination, so stupid they have never before had a normal conversation with others and none has been free yet from hearing them blab insults about who should be keeping his mouth shut as he is told how to exist, just before we hear them complain and we have not even started on the homosexual stuff that is usually created to bring about homelessness so that their community croons might be able to pay attention to peoples bedrooms; hence now I do not sound ridiculous any more. We see that when I write Books about bad behaviour, they start building publicity it is really me and we find them deploy it to pass around insults about my throat and tummy and that when they want to build popular culture on my public image they use the fact they know where my anus is and how to strike it to make a point about how hungry they are and then each time I slip into a mindset that suggests to me that what I have written is who I am, I am physically sick, about which time it becomes their preoccupation to keep me in such a condition, so its not just physically filthy as we can see and people should not spend time trying to decide other peoples salvation or indeed the time for it either, hence what happens with Church is that the men end up there to complain about how stupid their wives are and women who are usually married to the goons that they support end up at Church as well and then due to the extent to which they practice it, for no reason, I find myself dealing with a life threatening problem. This whole business of Lesbians chasing female lovers of which was in the first place one of the main contributors to my botched academic work a decade earlier by the way and its all played into the times I was a younger person and did not think it mattered whom I Peached the gospel to adding up to a process where I am grown up to accept it was not a good thing to do and must pay for the rest of my life with a big mouth. Apparently media divorce is a good start but its not enough to start assuming it will be enough; but when they are cracked up out of my league talking over me with other people endlessly and laughing at the bad smell that is costing me everything as far as they are concerned, it is a good beginning. There is this talk right beside it on the Trade Deals issues facing the UK after Brexit and the European Trade Deals that currently stand but we do not really face any such crisis; what crisis we are facing is the same old tale of trust in Politics; so what we see is a process where they tell us what we should do about Chemical weapons being used by a regime in Syria on the basis of the fact they have got warehouses with sales pyramid goons working it for them by ripping up other peoples lives i.e. if there was any military action in Syria it would deepen and prolong the war bearing in mind they have been facilitating a system where people have time on their hands to keep shop that helps them look over the shoulders of the talented to get rich and make some extra time to buy weapons if they wanted; where it applies to me of course goes beyond the physical vandalism of my equities that we see all the time – its the bit where I attended University and got dragged out to sit around reacting to their stupidities in the Houses of Government and on the Streets, then I got a Factory Job and that was not good enough for them, then I got a Security Guard job and that was not good enough for them and now over my Books I want to know what their next plan is because it has a tendency to develop into something they will need a whole Political party to handle me for and then it will get a lot more serious as it is rather obvious when I say they will need a whole party to handle me, they already assume they will win as we can see that if I am the guy people bully for ideas that will make them rich without work, it is difficult to locate what their plans are when I cannot attend University because I am being made use of and hence when the current stock of what I know is finished there is nothing left for posterity, hence the idea I think it a crisis situation being one that exists only in their imagination. They do speak of the Powers of Communists but that was an old story where Communists have now reached a stage where they realise they are engaging themselves in these activities that add up to economic interest hunting which sets to put whole Countries out of National Employment so to speak but have refused to back off due to their ego and it becomes some sort of diplomatic situation that needs to me managed, whereby the trouble makers relish their stupidities but people know that the level of Military capability in the West does cause the Communists to become disillusioned about what is the right decisions to make, so there is need to provide leadership on both sides as such. They are not a problem the Communists, Americans are; it spends time with boys in the hood, grows a goatee and because it has the same skin colour as me, it loves to make a mess of my public engagements and get involved with me obsessively, not the sort of situation where people will get killed by the state apparently, its disobedience has always served its desire to get rich most of the time and I have no idea whom they suppose is playing with them anyway – we see the same with respect to China where we have a trade relations and they need a certain kind of media to avenge some historic injustice that involved the British selling narcotics in China until people ended up with a public crisis. The media of which is one of my favourite bits, the people who think themselves squander Captains and masters of torment, the same who cannot stop running off their gold digger irregular heart beat TV on me violently every day; the media divorce I have set into motion here does not scare them the last time we checked, so we are getting nearer the stage where they and their civil rights goons will loose the job over telling me what to do or addressing me and that way they can get rich by avoiding work and then the riches will save them from work as well. This is what it takes, just a little bit of it, when people want money, when others get threatened because people want money: it is a situation where we cannot rely on these scumbags who have already got a job in hand to behave in a civilised way if companies displayed all their manufacturing processes in public, even if it was done so that goons can get on the financial sector to tell lies about shares and make themselves rich by building financial black holes in the global market, we cannot rely on them to behave in an honest way and media divorce does not scare them either as we can see. So we edge closer and closer to the point where journalism will be regarded as a proper profession after a long time and then people will be able to chase their school run for instance without having to worry about more than is really their concern and if any scumbag that is not complaining about me enough wants some more, they can tell me to deal with media again and see if I have any ideas left for where to put their own problem in this Office. They do say its all talk and no progress but it will always be the same process of spending time around my Books and sticking it at me by feeling something and then spending money on another Book; so it gets to the stage where the bank account says what the balance looks like is what the idiots are really doing and I need to stop talking about career and big picture, start talking about which one is self and which activities add up to damage and what I can do to ensure it stops happening. Its not that I want to putting that stupid culture and society n my face and never seeing it again or getting on media to run see saw on my property with community croons, want to do something about them in a big way, I just want them off my Books, I want them to seek their equities from their savings and mortgages which is the one they actually worked for – we all know the threats are good but the last time I first time I had to tolerate them before they got complaining about me as well, they were ripping up my books and putting me between them and community croons because they were selecting their girlfriend as though they needed to preserve their genes; so it obvious they have got their own jobs and need to keep off my Books if they are complaining about me as well. They do speak of the way I damage the culture and society being the main problem naturally but the need here is to explain where I am not complacent for thinking these stupidities do not add up to a threat i.e. walk down the road and meet somebody and its an insult that can change your life followed by what passes on their left hand side and right hand side which is very amusing and then some 20 others will join in because everybody is keeping an eye on your personality and public image which keeps you out of school but we can see that chasing the Books as well is below the belt, just like their women start those threats when I make an example of them because a writer walking down the streets comes with a risk that people make use of me and not the Books, make an example of them so that their communities might see I want to be used at a limit. The rest are the media led fools to whom the same conditions about their behaviour towards what does not belong to them apply; its fucking me even when I am stopping the fame and I suppose it will fuck like that in its bedroom too; it did start out as a process of convenience seeking scum on media making a mess of me every time because they enjoy my reaction to society and culture trouble makers and when I wonder why they do it I end up finding out the reasons which make me angry enough to deploy their sense of convenience to pay for the damage, now its become a bit more personal and personal space than that all together - its fucking me while I am stopping the fame and will fuck like that in the bedroom. They do speak of technical facts meaning nothing without Political arrangement and its an old story where if I sack their own as well my empire will cease to be some kind of male benefit but the stupidities of the Politicians really is what sets out the facts on how to run your business as though they were all over there and to know what you are doing when you pull them in but the Media and fucking famous idiots whom I have not yet made fame from the relationship they have with their parents as well keep playing around with my Books and I had made dormant the part of the market they mess with, except they have also decided it is not in their interest for me to have money because if I did their lives will be over and so we end up with a group of very provocative and really stupid scum who are always undercutting me over the basic aspects of my instincts which plays into those gimmicks about how all I say is wasted, which I entirely expect i.e. every local fool wants to get involved with me due to the insults of the Politicians and Media and what I do is stuff their heads full of what I know to curb their ignorance and the violence that comes with a lack of respect for those that are providing the kind of leadership they and the rest of society need most, they can be free of me when they do not wish to have ears any more, I could not care less for my part but here we are over a group of media fools who have found a way of gaining from it while using it to hurt and control me at the same time. They even say its my fault since I got women to take over the media; reality of course is that I have a Court of Female Journalists and after 15 years the benefit to their families and children is not clear, reality is that my public image is free for all to use at popularity, reality is that my Court should be available to everybody and I need to stop discriminating; so reality will soon be that addressing me will cost the day job, then it will get serious . They have not really explained why they did what they did at the University, where each time I set foot in it, that is the right time for people to disturb everybody with practical jokes that involve their cars, it will be time for a certain kind of student to follow up those practical jokes and chase me around and the kind of black girl that can bully a certain kind of man to transport herself to the next level to find him and do whatever she likes in the lecture rooms and then the abusive bullying due to the bad smell that ensued after, they have been getting involved with me for a decade now abusively, insultingly, telling me what to do and how to exist but an explanation for this has not come yet; so we see the Media have started tell me there is nothing I can do as they do have my chronicles that contain about 60 Dairies which each contain about 11 Books and so it is assumed that this is why they do it, which takes the matter from a process where my Books are written as they are so ensure the scum pay the bills as well, to a process where they are done painting my public image so when they deploy it, I would come too late to act every time while they do what they wish with my warehouse, it has come to the stage where I need to build their own as well of what they really are and start a fight with Celebrities and Media personalities. I do get told I avoid the easy aspects of everything and invent problems for myself but nothing really works that way; what happens is that I have no assurance it will not become a practical joke on media that somebody bought and paid for my Book especially from social Media; it started way back in 2003 when they built up my personality on media and were seen asking George Bush stupid questions over the invasion of Iraq all the time so they might secure somebody to ascribe it to and since I wrote my Books in 2009, the fact I have Books to sell but am not a writer as far as they are concerned while hosts of people now know I have wrecked their careers as their Politicians help them turn my empire into male benefit and a toy for gold diggers at the same time have become the story of my life basically of which it is not my problem that they have put themselves in a position where they are now dealing with depression, they just think it is my liability to help them look after the job that got to their heads creating all the problems I have here thereby and I have given them their exit more times than I could remember, told them to keep off my case as we are not mates. So does it mean I wreck jobs? That I do is not my liability, they just ended up stuck with somebody that is far stronger than they are, now they believe that because I have more I can with the right forms of pressure be made to accept liability for the fact that each time they want to return to their lives, it goes back decades but for me, my interests lie only in the fact they have not explained to me why they did what they did to me at the University in 10 years of showing up all over my concerns since I dropped out. They speak of the fear of job loss of course while the University was always an environment where people learn a skill in a way which means when they work for others, they are contracted to work or they do the same job but work for themselves to supply those who would have employed them if the department was available at the Company – I have mentioned it before, the fact they enjoy those insults at Industry villages while they know nothing about it, that they never integrated into the work force properly and their practical jokes set out clearly they have become very confident that others will be made to pay the financial price every time: so have I mentioned when companies mechanise their operations it definitely has to be a process of absorbing the bits they were born with and grew up by, where they attended school and had childhood friends, mentioned the fact the Media goons need keep their practical jokes away and mind own business so people can protect property with own pocket money; “there is a time and a place for everything” – the saying goes way back; obviously when people have run out of Jobs, the jobs of the Politicians and Media become very attractive indeed. They do say that as Royalty I am a waste of space which is understood but we can see that this whole business of clearing out some issues to set the stage for equity broker, some stock market information and advice and some Book sales does not have any guarantee that if people buy my Books on social media, the fact they have will not become another persons practical joke; so it still comes down to the old case where they get off my case and mind their own jobs which seems to be the last thing they wish to do as stupidly as possible. As ever I may be said to go too far using such words but we can see what the main issue is i.e. I am in great distress and suffering because people are hurting me to get good stuff off me including the money they feed themselves and pay their bills with and the reason of course is that they are really stupid people who also have no wish to recognise and respect the leadership of those who are providing the right kind, have problems that are taking them closer and closer to a relationship with the prison service but when they handle your person and property to solve that problem you become a tool, less than human, a thing to be consumed, with boo boys talking nonsense on media all the time especially over the power of their Politics. So its how it is supposed to work i.e. I think they are stupid but it works for them and I do not care, do not matter to me in anyway, needs to spend time with its own mates and let me be. They speak of the money they have of course but it was an old story they chase money without regard for what it is i.e. in an ideal world it would be a case of working for somebody who then gave you a certificate and you get to the Central bank to secure a representative who takes you to the market place to buy what you want and so imagine we were doing it at such a basic state and somebody was making their own in a way that is a threat to the general public, crushing families and splitting up lovers to create happiness that helps them make a lot of it and more so a Police Office is aware too. So its important they show some regard for other people, nobody is instructing specifically to be so inconsiderate; for me its all terribly funny how people create problems for themselves and become convinced to a stage where they end up getting into trouble with the law, that somebody else was responsible but I have not actually got the time to make myself a career for it as a stand-up comedian. The only thing that is causing all these problem is their need to stifle other peoples breath so to speak; it will show up with problems and a crowd on my door step suggested and its all about nothing save a condition where I for instance am torn from my half priests environment and gotten all stuck with their lives that involves chasing deviance until there is no way to be themselves any more which then makes it another persons fault as far as they are concerned; so it reaches that point where the assumption is that moral people could never do it as well because they only have a Church full of unarmed people who preach peace and love all day, until they meet the kind that wants them to loose everything they have and then start a fight that way to show how brave they really are, like I do where it concerns the fact I am not necessarily unwilling to get killed by a gang but they need to make me wait for years before getting killed while they build up savings at my expense which they can put their head on in prison lest they smell when they realise what they have done and how it has defined their whole lives (no idea why any would expect others to give them such things anyway or indeed why they expect to get it from me; we see them repeat the same public control effects as well – go into government office and target people who are 18 to 24 years old and once done ripping up their lives start some stupid survival of the fittest gimmicks based on who had the energy to work for money and was therefore superior, but then again we find they cheat all the time, provoking people and setting off media insults that ensure community fools beat people down for them to secure losers violence by and we see them pick a fight with people they have never met all the time). They speak of my inability to show regard for other peoples challenges but it is still as simple as a process where they are three times my size so the reason I am handling myself well is because I do not have to deal with the gangs and racists that are their size and they have that right to handle me and tell me how to exist and discipline me: the reality of course is that there are wealthier people and better looking people than they are, who handle me with the respect they think I would perish if I did not get off their media selves all together and I have no idea why I ham discussing it anyway, supposing apart from the show off need to clear up a reality where it is said I have no regard for other peoples challenges as a whole. We even hear I would be better off getting along with them which I would not; al I need do with the media and celebrities is stick to what I do – its the unwritten but terribly strict rule of show business, if you have not made any money, be patient, not change what you do; most of the time of which incredibly silly, media mad, self harming Hollywood producers exists in another world entirely anyway. Now the main reason of recent I am said to be rubbing shoulders with Royalty when I am no one is yet again the last 18 years having my bottom chased and being distracted from everything important traced to somebody making a relationship with the Daughter of the Duke of York; they have such a way of exchanging their stupidities and the ones from overseas are about a violent experience and manipulating me into conducting some revenge against the gangs who caused it or caused them to witness it especially if it happened in school or an academic environment, the British ones are the ones that do the bottom chasing proper and every time they want to marry into the Royal Family this is the nonsense I have to experience; so its never true I am robbing shoulders anywhere, just going to twist them into such a difficult place they will take up the violent issues and have it done by themselves. It feeds into this idea I have a difficult existence while everything people get up to around me is a matter of something I have said or written, essentially putting them up to it and so what is happening now is that I think all will work better if people only had specific relationships and arrangements with me that involved specific roles and ultimately we can see what happens is that when people who do not fancy religion get involved with a Royal Hermit and cannot even explain what their involvement was about, here a Bookshop gets destroyed, finances are wrecked and academic work is pillaged; time and and again you see them get lined up – this is worth 50 million and that is worth 200 million, so time and again they compare themselves to an Arch Prince and then get off on another stupid publicity stunt to make out they were better than he. Its never really a difficult matter; just simply clarity that when something does not belong to them legally in public, what it means is that the property and every publicity ascribed to it has to do with he whose name is on it as the legal owner, besides which when they need equity, it is so important they sought it from their savings and mortgages as that is the one that they worked for and built up. They speak of how a lot of people have never heard of equity but so do I speak from my bedroom and assume everybody has heard a warning as well; this is more a case of an assumption every wicked act is operable at government Office which is actually not their private property, just as we have a history that says the community croons are usually relentless and they know about it too.; the case where their foolish children hang around the culture clinging to my finances to play jokes while threatening me with nonsense about how the last time somebody spoke and worked like I did a friend got killed by racists – so the wicked thing I never did was to get them dealing with the racists all together as it were, now we see that their practical jokes and the media friends and the boo boy politics issuing threats at their mates means you cannot sit anywhere near the culture and pass exams in school because they were very cultural people. Like when they speak of my insults and it becomes such a debated reality as per who started it; who had media job on which to build up the public image of an Arch Prince that was younger than they are, in order to get about securing guarantee that they do not have to show any kind of respect towards him – apparently if they are complaining it does mean we have come full circle fighting for their lives as we speak; what I have done being said to be heavy handed of course while it really is not – I am a person that could never really get along with the civil rights behaviours and the partying and grooving which came with it but now I have to deal with people in my adult years, who will not lay off my finances and public image because DJ really is somebody with the mind of a murderer who has changed and wants to give them something more important in the form of a groovy lifestyle and so they need be aware that the story of insults will only lead to conversations about the aspects of the wealth inequality stories they do not want exposed; for instance how all this energy would have served me better if they deployed it to get better at their jobs so they do not need to handle what does not belong to them legally and make stupid comments on it with insane media on grounds they need to get by. Personally it got serious and I could stop at any time if I got the assurance that when people bought my Books on social media or anywhere else for that matter, they would not be dealing with the practical jokes – it got serious obviously, from the time I do not fancy people moving into my right hand as it will drive me insane and I will drive their own as well and they have always preferred starting a gimmick about me stealing personality from the Men that are actually able to do violence that will keep everybody safe.


Its always either I am told that their power comes from the US where down trodden people go to rule the world and people like me do not like it, for every time I have to get out of bed to confront their insults and practical jokes because they cannot keep it shut or they say the UK is punching above its weight in the world while reality is that they think Diplomacy is a given and even if that were to change they would then need to manage the fact diplomacy is not a given with the fact they will be taking advantage of the British but cannot get out of the need to get involved with the British on the basis of which is bigger and superior power; so some might say we could have done the just ignoring and leaving alone the fact the Germans for instance are very good at the I am here and you are scared of me and have something to lose leadership from the front thing could have been done without Brexit but I think it would have deepened the crisis all together. I do get told my activities risk war and that the animosity with the Europeans has always stayed with the British, which is an old story naturally but the war is what I am not risking because I know what I am doing and how not to let people pick up arms by doing nothing and that is why what we find out when they abuse me and put the culture in my face is whether I get killed if I destroyed it, since we can see if they were spending all that energy that cannot function unless it sees a hungry Priest on the streets with a Bible on personal development and personal assessment at work, I would not be dealing with inane insults and stupidities designed to handle my Books when it does not belong to them and does not have their legal name on it as well. So what I decided before this point is obvious that it does not matter if they were ugly, since they will not stop moving into my right hand to drive me insane and do popular culture and celebrity with my whole existence, their own needs to look the part as well and no amount of declaration they make for the benefits of being ugly will ever save them from me as well. So it builds up to that case where they say I make out those who handle these types of problems are stupid, which is because I cannot decide each time I am distracted by these fools who never listen to what they are being told, sharing my personal space to develop character they can keep appearances with at work and in public places and churning my tummy every time they sense I am doing something important which is what happens at the Office constantly, I cannot just decide it is about to develop from a process where I use their jobs and lifestyles to run the Office and shaft them at the gang violence because a goon will shove me in the deep end and start another gimmick about my bum which he builds an insanity from all together: so what they have now found out as a whole is that people have always watched me on CCTV as such, I am an unusual human being and so I tend to stick to their minds when I go by the CCTV, it was fine until somewhere around the early part of 2011 when their insane selves started handling the CCTV as well, so we got serious eventually and are heading towards the part where people will lose the jobs for addressing me. They do claim I am a weapon the British government has built but I am just an Arch Prince and most of these things are not taught at Church anyway; so what happens is that I earn equity when I work my Office which I can write and sell Books by and that means people get involved with me to support their parents who own local businesses and I have to give some support especially when I want to sell Books as well, so I am making plans on these people and supporting them with the big bad greedy neighbour thing that the big powers love to throw their weight on and if people bomb it, that will only get me assuming that it is how they would fancy their own to be handled too and am definitely going to repay it – I mean if there was enemy on the door step and you furnished people with equity that helps the morale there would be no problems, if you do furnish them with equity for the economy you end up on deaths door. Here they would mock me saying I have said everything I needed to which I have not, as we can see apart from the need to function by having a hungry priest with bible standing in the middle of the streets which means their main obsession is to insultingly make one out of me with that big mouth that blabs about war and does not wish to turn up and stand in front of me to blab its stupidities if it wanted, there are still realities such as what equities are left with hand crafted Toys businesses if the background issues that have led to this conversation is considered in terms of what I have resolved here; I am only saying it is where they have been as it were bearing in mind it is usually better to have hand crafted Toy talents than to have eccentric criminals. They say I play into the problems and then out again which makes a mess of everything but it is how to do it when I have had the academic work taken from me by Political fools who must build popular culture on my public image at any cost while making sure I do not get to shut down access to it by means of an academic achievement, if I do not do it so, I end up with market separatism and so the normal case would have been an intellectual property administration business whose clients were selling products to the intrusive and insulting trouble makers that only knew it existed when it had sold enough books to draw their attention but the recession threw all that into a cauldron and now it has become a case of relying on them to behave in a civilised way or making them without creating conflict. It never really makes any sense why it is done anyway but for me its as simple as a process where Politicians are relying on somebody half the size of the person that is backing them up for the power and domination to come up with the answers for the future, nobody knows how those answers will continue coming if the academics is taken away, nobody knows what plans they have made but we know the way it is working sets a future that will cause me the most amount off suffering and distress and I need to cause their own as well – hence we handed up with a question of why we are looking else where as a Nation while they are the ones with all the Muscles that can work us out of poverty: there is nothing they can do about this save set their children on a road where what I do to them, their children will do to me as well which is obviously the future that they want. This is the way it is, the troubles begin when they threaten me because they have needs; so we are left with this process where I need to allow them a run on my work for some years, then bring them back to square one to teach lessons about patents, which they say is a matter of opinion because the main thing is power, so it will lead to a finance based war with ethnic minority Hollywood. So there is the story of everybody complaining about my tummy to worry about as well but I have always had the tummy issues, its the lifestyle I need to ensure it is not disrupted that is being messed up, I do not shake myself after a meal and I am supposed to get into bed every time I am experiencing a fever, having botched academic work is that I cannot have a job that allows me to to relax if I am having a temperature while I work and of course means I shake myself after having a meal all the time – its reached the stage where every society fool with ideas is about to prove what they are made of when they cannot control the community croons that shake me up but want to handle me over the bad smells, bearing in mind anybody advised them to start, start with sharing my personal space and chasing my bottom every time they can sense that I am doing something important and nothing will deter them, not even a process where I find out what they are using it for and deploy their own to make the Office and Bed chamber a good place to live when I need to, that is rather usually an example of what happens when people take careers from me i.e. I show up to take it back looking for trouble. They do speak of this issue about Russian threat and there is no Russian threat; what we have is this nonsense with Politicians and Media fools clinging to people with practical jokes that make me for instance vulnerable systematically, to the civil service and to every goon in the land and even left behind for racists and gangs to play with too, then tell me they do it because they love me which is incredibly annoying – so I never respond to Russia threat that easily because it is a good tool for punishing them as well. However the Russia threat in itself is just a group of goons who want to impress Mr Putin and so its those cases where if war breaks out and people owned warehouses from which the Nation was getting it supplied and the Government took it off them and it was bombed by the Russians and they felt something personal but for these goons, there are no such rights, they have no footing, they are just looking for trouble, love to build something that adds up to a threat to British people who live and work in Russia and will not accept they are complaining as well because those who think it is not fun enjoy putting their own on social media as well, so eventually they even tell me that there is need to know if what I say is just a face to scare my enemies or something real but I wouldn't know anyway, all I know is that those who invest in this nonsense or give them money for it are not doing so for a good reason and that all I have to do right down to the violent bits is to ensure they do not recover at my expense. In the end Russia is not a traditional trading ally of the UK but there are people living and working there, so when they start such gimmicks, they do need to stop underestimating the insanity of British service personnel that want to prove something to their American allies whose economies are being assaulted from all sides; I have done my best to control those all together for my part as well i.e. Russia is not traditional British ally but British people live and work there as it is peace times. Sometimes we even hear them say that my position as a conservative Negro is a betrayal of all that none black civil rights people had done and yet we see that their friends from Africa where I hail are always conducting an assault on the immigration system where things can prevent them from fulfilling the one ambition in life which is to travel somewhere else that was wealthier, of which I suppose there is no reward for helping preserve the rights of white Liberals from overseas anyway. Every time I give them a bit of a lease we are back where we started with community croons threatening me with mortality over the need to get their children making money from peddling my public image with popular culture at all cost; so these are the things I resolve that popular culture people like to latch onto and we see they do and make money with music CDs and then I drop out of University, which is why that part has to stop as well. Like the talk of how I think the future is female and people have a problem with it just as they hate the fact I have the same problems homosexuals do but hate homosexuals which is not the exact fact i.e. homosexuality is not at act of bravery, it is cowardice and what it does is make deals with the devil and get used by evil at a limit but that does not save the soul either – what it does is pillage what happens when one looks at ones wife's breasts for example and it was never a matter of fun of which there is a time and a place for but a matter of something more important, so its difficult to locate why exactly they think I'm supposed to serve homosexuals with my activities too. As for the future being female; its counterproductive to spend time with males as a talented male; we see it all the time that people cannot be free from being informed of how stupid other peoples wives are and then there is trouble when I point them to women who have to deal with husbands that sleep with feminists who wreck peoples lives and have babies on the public image of their victims. Eventually I get told I am making enmity with everybody which is utter nonsense; its just reality that they always tend to have these ideas where somebody is meant to work for something and leave it for others; so we find I am not selling my Books as normal any more, I am caught up with goons who do not fancy religion getting involved with an Arch Prince with a loutish behaviour and a sale army and a need to marry princesses of which there is no connection between marrying one and myself in the first place, stuck with them telling me I do things the difficult way because money is a toy in their view apparently – so like they build me up to deploy my work and tell me I provoke them by returning to pick it up and hence the entertainment would already have been sold and there is nothing I can do, I have to build up that image of boys in the neighbourhood sitting on the fence and grabbing my lunch box character of theirs in case it develops into a wear a mask and go out to fight their celebrity stupidities situation. I am not making enmity with everybody and the bits about them being a threat is only a case where they are not as important as the local politician or the parliamentary politicians and certainly not the Cabinet one or indeed the Prime Minister but have come to compare themselves to an Arch Prince with fundamentalisms people pick up to run the Country by so often it is becoming a problem all together, so much I cannot sell Books and pay my way like everybody else – the reality is that the answer I get for every occasion they make out my Trust system is free for all and I ask them if they are running their business in my interest then is that its about the abilities of world powers, so I would fancy they were all in; Americans and Russians and Chinese and Germans and Japanese etc. so it might become obvious I am a government operative and not a Celebrity and that the business of sending out popularity goons to wreck peoples finances have never been better expressed by any other group save Liberal Politicians from the US who are also compulsive lairs, which is how I end up writing Books that help save the mind while people save the Body for the Jobs and then not end up having a body saved to sell it with over money issues and we see it all the time where loutishness and sales army means pregnant woman has no real rest for the 9 months of Her pregnancy and the blow out was my liability in their view. They are all having a great time making me this promise that I will be wasted and at the end wickedness and evil will become trendy at my expense and so I intend to run it and push my position until they are clear of their gull so to speak, I intend to run it until they are all fed up too; the Politicians complain a lot but they lead this nonsense from the front anyway and I have no idea what they are complaining about for my part anyway, its the wicked activities trend they have wanted so much and I have endured so much for them to have anyway.