Germany is about to be downgraded; all that money Germany makes that has no connection with what belongs to Germany, which credit systems and the fiscal world never recognise as a solid credit foundation. I mean I cannot stop finding it funny; France has been Downgraded, so has the US, Germany was never going to live in dream world and lala land forever with other peoples economy was it?


So we are getting the usual stuff already. “For the glory of Germany, we must protect Germany attack those who want out” and when I ask how they are going to do that, they say something about how everybody tries to make Germany the bad guy in the Eyes of America and the Communists and for me there is a social and special case where they will make sure Americans are making films with German society and ideology instead as well and I will become obsolete. How on earth they propose people will not find these things funny is completely beyond me.

I never knew it was a Competition-I was only trying to sell my Books; stupid socialist idiots. They and their friends are just too confident; poking other people's privacy and showing off for reason of being able to explain themselves in and to the world as somebody else or the person in question, which aids the process of living up to and making good those unwarranted, meaningless and purposeless threats to explain away my income as their own.

Update 19/12/14 The State of Business and income at the Literary Empire


Of course it is never true when they try to damage work done by the Monarchy the way Parliament is treated I get all over the place – what is true is that I put myself through a lot of trouble to show what the benefits are when you are just and fair etc nor is it true that I have trouble getting served when what is true is that MPs want to see if I will fall out of favour with the Monarchy which involves making sure that the media has my work and my books and makes such a public and global mess of it that everybody has enough, while they turn out to work racism of competition with my faith which will see that I stole the blessings of God in my life from the white race – it has ended like such nonsense should at all times of course and so they do say all I say and do is a big fat lie too which is just as well since it is not what happens when I visit Buckingham Palace – the point is that I am a BLACK Prince and an Arch Prince and don’t like their African friends nor am I a fan of theirs; so I have nothing to worry about when I have taken up the trans Atlantic relationship they have sleeping with rich American women and smashed it up because they will not stop helping low life stupid girls to income at my Royal Estate through popular culture that runs into millions because their temper and needs is the centre of my world with that big mouth; so we hear it’s the capital and they are the fans of the Monarchy of course and so they need to behave like one- nobody here is interested in whether or not Buckingham Palace for example exists in their neighbourhood which means they own the area, nobody here is interested in such nonsense and if they are saying I am oblivious to what annoys me the most about them I will do them again so we can locate what it is; it’s the capital is a tale that is thus as rich as the fact they have no respect for other peoples earning margins and nobody knows what will come of this new wickedness either as well; they have never had a respect or regard for those who have a talent or service or product that is in such high demand it will make them wealthy, they have always had civil rights with which to ensure those they bother want a piece of them as well; the story of what happened to them being taken out on others has no basis on reality; I mean I have watched them screw around with me making millionaires of girls in their neighbourhoods by making sure my books and work runs and runs and runs every day until the entire world has enough of it right up to the International Community, it is my turn. I mean in terms of football people competing with me on how I stole the blessings of God from the white race to the ending that they have it and had changed my quality of life so I don’t anymore, the results have turned out as expected of course the bloody clowns – they now complain they have none of the little faith they have left anymore and I don’t care for my part either, we are about to find out whom God has approved and blessed while they are about to see how much evil they can ferment. They do say I want to be the bad boy of the Monarchy and that it has been seen before and all know how it will end but there is really no such thing as the reality is that the servant can never be greater than the master and it has to be that way for things to work properly; HM loves this Country and it has always been that way, all they had to do was to go in there and curate a few things they are required to and if they were unaware of what to do there are signs everywhere with me getting involved with female journalists that love the various areas they come from locally and from all over the world. So the story of how much I hate the Americans that are building it for me and for everybody comes into play here which has no basis on reality since it is normal for people to see that I have raised the female journalists for these men and women who have put their own investments into developing the Royal Alliance and fundamental alliance and hence the Literary empire in some way as well; so people can always attack them too if they wanted after all we are talking about people who work on media in this matter and the gay publicity will be out of this world, for them and for their girls who certainly will with those insults as well. So here is where we answer the case of sidelining Moscow which is not based on reality either – it’s just that it’s all power games as it stands in Moscow at present and these developing economy guys who have ethics that they don’t know they have and cannot develop unless they use other peoples fundamentalisms more so are here to stay on this planet, I will not take part in any of the power games. Speaking of power games of which we do not seem to have settled up that this point that Islamic societies are very different from ours especially with respect to the way they handle media – it is as though everything we get from having a two part society where one persons views and decision is scrutinised by another from an entirely different section of society opposite is what they get from having only one at a time and that I suppose is largely because of the fact the majority of them live in Polygamous marriages but what we see is that is determines what their behaviour towards media and public life and there is no point behaving as if when the problems occur and the wars take place the reasons actually did not exist in the first place – it is in the same family as this story of the Sydney Siege in December 2014 where people speak of the Hostage taker who was not in a terror watch list which is also completely pointless since the only thing that made his activity a terrorist act was the flag and his association with ISIL, the rest of which could have been done by any other agitator, so it is an example of how people clamour to expect Laws that arrive at the conclusion that when a religious person act erratically he should be incarcerated, so that they might be able to do whatever they liked and it is this kind of behaviour that ran the entire process in which the end of Nazism was managed, which is why we still end up with racism today i.e. let it run its course, set up an uneasy truce and then work some practical genocide without shedding blood and we all know Muslims will not stand for such an ending and we must look into the matter properly if we do want it to end or stay out of it to avoid creating even more problems. These are not emotive issues, we live in the western world and most of our Countries have mixed economies, we all know the biggest problem are certain women, so Politicians should learn to keep their insults to themselves and their money where their mouth is, not build them publicity and think it is amusing every single time they are seen chasing somebody they want to damage, claiming it freedom which is incredibly stupid, like that old story we hear all the time I chase women that are beyond my league when in actual fact I am not interested in such women who pretend they know what they want from life all the time and their idea of what earning money is, is perverted to a point while they have done everything in the world to ensure they are never wrong and never ever listen to what anybody is saying to them and then there is the long distance travelling for the heart all the time and of course the never ending heart ache, it has come to me because of the media idiots that love to give them publicity that allows access to my Court and then complain later when I act as well only to hear tales of me getting involved with every woman in town and so on their gay publicity as it were – I should not have water when I need milk and they think they are cleverer than they look, so that it’s been 12 years and all of that has changed and I say it isn’t hurting badly enough as well. I don’t believe it is difficult matter, we hear these women speak all of the time about some great old oppression but the reality has always been the same; I am black as well and do not feel compelled in any way to think in any way that they do and what actually sets us both apart for example is the fact for instance that they come from areas of the world where genocide is a past time and that says it all mostly since we all know racists are people that will do anything for money and due to development in law it is always somebody else doing something else sustainably to a point where people join their mad cause not the other way around; hence the only time these women are happy is when others cannot feel good in anyway whatsoever and that is not a function of a history of slavery and slave trade being avenged, it is a function of the fact politicians taking note, they are as blunt as violence itself and some will say as stupid as bricks. The men are just the same as we see on media all the time and if they feel women sing my prises when they get involved with me they want to get involved with me and acquire the same feelings as well and I might tell them to get lost of course but we all know if we ask their wives we will be informed they always get what they want and so it comes down to that old story of what we suppose women think about them as well i.e. that they are as blunt as violence and as stupid as bricks? It comes back down to the tales that are told about Thatcher for example; why did she hate the contraption called society, was she after men or after women, did she do what she did to men because men got in the way, what did she mean by the lady is not for turning, was she talking about men or talking about women? For my part however I have no idea where people get themselves all these ideas about what I am really like floating all over the place anyway, what I do know is that these matters are not alien to the UK. In the end I have allowed some of these things to happen to punish those who ensure it happens around me so as to extricate power and prerogative from a process where I am made to look into it oppressively, so that when their nature comes together with those that do these things the two will match very well within the perversions they build for the world and sort themselves out one way or the other: but for them the information here is that I have seen their type before and I have seen the poorer versions and I have seen that it is all about finding areas of Politics concerned with military activities, parts where Police shot somebody, parts where people are imprisoned for life, areas of justified punishments and human suffering that is permissible and then that will be the part where they get involved with Politics and set out doing all the nonsense we have to put up with all the time for their part as well – so these are just the ones that have made some money and prominence and it does not mean I will take that nonsense from them for my part either – they need to clash with something and the dead are never less valuable than the living; I mean it amounts to handling my possessions for their needs and helping their mistresses to it as well – they wouldn’t dare peddle that case of I have fat wife at home and sex with her is worth your literary empire they used to before they got into so much trouble it got extinct, now their Popular culture girls cannot keep their hands off my book sales nor can they with their stupid media – they made the money and now they want a piece of me too and will get it as it were: so at present it is mostly about how it is my work that is used to harm people but it’s the same old matter of violent people and petty criminals and organised criminals and twisted government idiots, so when I write books another group that want to cash into the Royal Estate and the alliances and the lives of every single person I can ask to help me with my book sales or who would buy a copy and to whom my half priest books would make sense will do nothing with their time except get the information from the horses lips – so now they get to chose and when they die it makes sense. I don’t think it is an emotive issue but when we do discuss it, it makes no sense whatsoever; what happens being that their need to address me causes people to leave my Court and company and that means they do not understand anything about my work while those who do are hard to reach and this is something their industry friends can call them stars for and deploy peoples companies to steal money for their personal bank accounts that they are share which it seems is something they cannot execute without me as it were – so whenever they turn up around my books to play their games, the result is always either I get to sell my books as normal or they have to chose, since this is a service they are performing for organised criminals as it were to show them things I do to make their line of work less profitable is the wrong thing by the will of the general public, not withstanding of which it is clear the idiots have their own jobs to spend their time on as it were. It is not true that I am fighting to prevent my decline, it’s just the case that poor people like to attack me because they believe I am not one of them and of course they are correct except entire parliaments will wreck my finances to see that happen for the fun of it and complain about my actions on media. As for the part where I sabotage my security, there is no truth to that; I simply believe in my people being taken care of so those who play power games can justify themselves – the one where no force in this world or beyond it can detach them from as it were. The claim what I do is not clear to people of which has always been rather simple i.e. I am a writer and cannot make out why people think it is so important to dig up the under belly of my books and make a mess of it to carnage my quality of life all the time and more so cannot make out what they are complaining about when they are made to chose by me and some of them play games and get killed, which is why this story comes up all the time to force me to sympathise with those that have lost their lives when it was never my fault and that big mouth continues to brag about how they know my stuff is being done somewhere, while their women want me to be in a gang of criminal activity with their women whiles and a need to handle my finances and I too have a problem with their stupid freedom and decadence and it will never end – so currently they know how to look for trouble and when done its either I am supporter of terrorists when even the terrorists do not say so or I am the only black racist in the whole world – the fucking idiots. I make a living from what happens in my head and what happens there is something the blacks need to leave well alone and it is much the same with the peace and quiet I have built around me and it does not matter how stupid they are either – it’s the same genocide in practice of their Politicians starting wars and riding it to a state of uneasy truce that bans a way of life. It has come to a point for the Industry ones where the end needs to be seen of the pretence they don’t know what they are doing – that there isn’t separation between them and their possessions on one hand and them that gets out of bed to do these things over my company and my earnings on the other. This story of black people being a problems for me of which is not an emotive one; they are not a problem for anything, they simply have trouble listening to what others are saying to them and I will never stop punishing it as well – when it comes to the problems they are the creators, their very self expression is an abomination in its own right and then when people start to chase them up over the problems, their modernity and laziness coupled with money insanity takes over and they must seek out what is the easiest possible way out for absolutely everything and that includes homosexuality and all that nonsense that moves the buck somewhere else – so that when they damage my finances and I build them gay Publicity their interest in me intensifies which then means they think I am blown away by the powers of their stupidities too with that golliwog mouth and I for my part don’t mind making my own racial slurs for my part either – let them work many times as hard for what they have already got too. This is not the 80s or the 90s and so on and by the way of which I lived through that time and have had to deal with their insanity of my life as well, I mean the part about support for terrorism or being the only black racist in the world for example is a function of the fact people are supposed to go out there and do sins and wickedness in order to know what they are talking about before they get involved with religious activity and those who do religious activity before thinking about earning money are not fit to exist, hence their activities amount to permissive genocide and nobody understands what is so important about making out every black person is like they are so that they can talk nonsense about racism all the time either. It gets to a point where you say I have exhausted every iota of time I allocated for these things to resolve themselves naturally of course and then everything you do later that will be magical and very surprising and unpredictable, especially such things as those whose relatives have been killed by terrorists targeting me, while they make noise about how I think that is not how mine was done.

I understand there is a story about emotional abuse that I have no plans to pay attention to which will be made to cost me everything by the victims and I wouldn’t know, all I know is that emotional abuse is something that sociopaths like to occupy themselves with and I am not aware that I am being emotionalised abused for my part either. So that when I speak of the fact there have always been evil people found in our Offices of state who go there to ensure their wickedness is unquestionable, then talk nonsense about separating Church from state to make things work better when they know nothing about God and have never been to Church since they were Children but have become obsessed with feelings of respect gained from making legislations that decide how Christians should behave or live, which of course I always find so insulting and is the kind of insults I am talking about; what we are looking at then is a condition where there have always been Christians as well on the other hand and they need to leave me alone or stand their ground and get off government office for it. Result being that I have digressed from the emotional abuse issues whereas the truth is that emotional abuse exists where there is emotion to abuse and in my case I seem to have become a person that lives a life I invented or somebody invented for me through a holy book giving up the one I was born with or more like half of it and this is what I mean they need to stand their ground and get off the government property as well because it has reached a stage where I need to lay down the law and so far I know best I am the boss and all they can do is complain, no more cases of seeing psychopaths and letting them be until an end is in sight for a need their Politicians have to deploy the state to damage my finances over a decade so they can turn out to be academically and financially secure enough to show off in public at my expense all the time that their happiness is therefore boundless, stealing my income with it every day concerning which it is the Politicians therefore I want to kick all the time because it is their opinions I have no wish to tolerate around my book sales anymore. So in the end they say women get the better of me on the matter which is utter nonsense; this is why I have not digressed from the issue – it seems male sociopaths really like to pick on the female ones and the female ones really like to get in touch with the Politicians that then target religious persons in these ways but of course emotional abuse happens when there is emotion to abuse my sociopaths who are clearly one of the many bad things that our society creates. I have never thought it a problem, it starts with how I am the kind of man that should be showing respect for women and letting them have anything they desire from me and then the threats will be that I know when women create wars I will get killed and they will only get fucked and then the anus and penis insults thing will follow and this is usually the last straw and hence we enter the part where their homosexual publicity gets built up for them as well where everybody needs to know they check men’s anus all the time and looking at their husbands one never seems to do them as it were, they are scared of this, the stupid witches and the complains about how people have treated them which it seems they have not worked out the reasons for that yet as it were but the attitude does not seem to be dampened either. I mean we have racism in this Country and that will be added as well really soon enough and then I will die and they will only get fucked. It is not that they have succeeded in beating me down like they claim, it’s just that I thought the part about getting them into a state where they are always in public telling people what my stuff looks like and telling their stupid children about stereotypes of people they should have the maximum amount of disrespect for was good enough but it clearly isn’t for their Politicians whose opinions I have no wish to tolerate around my book sales anyway aka it has come to a point and what happens in my head is what I make a living from, while the peace and quiet I build up around this office is where I work, so when peoples middle men and warehouses where they stack music CDs made from idiots collecting fame from abuses levied in my direction by community croons of their seeking my personal life and wanting the peace and quiet in my office for their beauty sleep faces the same problems as well, we tend to live in reality. I don’t think it is a thing to worry about; when they are passing their insults at me and damaging my business they claim they have money and are being ruthless, when I build them the homosexual publicity then they talk nonsense about my treatment of women which is entirely normal but it is the Politicians that need to keep off my earnings, they are the ones I will hurt in this matter. It’s not as if I like to tune up the online pornography for my part anyway, I mean there is a time and place for sociology and criminology texts by the way – the pornography is instant and they can talk about Christian hypocrisy if they want, all that will do is lead to an eventual outcome where the pornography is animated which will yield a greater effect; I mean it’s a line that will be firmly drawn on this matter since there is no point getting on benefits to find jobs when you know employers will be more interested in not taking advantage than they will be in getting careful to give you one job – it is what happens when you have been chasing a legal path for 12 years only to travel to the UK and turn to factory work – so far I have retrained up to my SIA badge which is in the same path of course and I really need to ensure they understand what will happen over the next fucking around the pressure points of me because they need to make careers out of getting out of bed to spend mine doing fame and fortune when I attend an academic institution. I mean the television ones say there isn’t actually prove out there that I am not stealing the careers of media managers but of course that is because they think everybody else is so ignorant they don’t know camera work is the filthy bits and that it involves a camera and a blanket on it to ensure the lighting right which gives no normal person on this planet rights of ownership to another person’s literary empire being trained on a celebrity or somebody that is becoming one – all I know is that the celebrities and journalists that I work with are the ones that think I am what does it for them when they want to show what they like about their Country as well, it only but got to a point where I needed to ensure the whole thing was properly managed, just like the many flavours of homosexuality that I extricate from their girls for every single insult in my direction as well and the touching thing that comes from lots of hate and transferred aggression; so they do say I have my connections with big Industries of course but that is none of their business – all I can say about that is that they need to buy the fucking products and it does not matter if they know me – apparently it is violent and hence expresses a respect issue going on here. I understand they say my problem is that I make out my work to be partly government property but I have no idea what they suppose it is as well anyway; I mean I have one of the best living in the whole world – a government office at my disposal, free to chase an academic work that will let me do it, Government funds spent to provide me with security wherever I may be, treated as National treasure which I actually am and so on; so that if you find the drawers in the office pulled and everything scattered because some popular bastards want to get rich and have unfettered access to you due to skin colour and other excuses like such, and then it happen again and again and again, what would you do when next you have to go to the University to carry the weight of your office along with that of your academic work along with that of them pushing your pressure points t torture you and extricate attention from you that makes you do their will, to develop lifestyle that they peddle to make riches and fame – something that will not be forgotten alone? They have been warned enough times about messing with those they know have offices to state that can be deployed to harm them but if the office is one that will exist if they recognise it their insults will know no bounds. It’s like that old story of being overbearing and it’s the same matter with celebrities too – they simply have trouble living as though they are living with other people if they can carry through their financial vandalism and insults to a point where others are sub human in their stupid minds; so that especially for the celebrities, I end up in a place where they get involved with me and attack me and use me and attack me and nobody can tell what it is about because of it and that is why I like to wait for them as well and then it will take a turn and I will kick them too, besides which it’s a matter of the many flavours of homosexuality for the girls, the sense that anything I do to make them feel negatively will be punished no matter how long it might take because they are the kinds of people that can touch others without permission being tested, and of course the loss of pop earning power being extricated right up to the houses of government where they then get to tell me mine is not a government office from a certain vantage point and of course the cost for them is incredible while I am now officially far from the insanity word – now I need to sell the books and make millions as well and then we will be even, so since the Politicians ensure I don’t have a job from which to raise the funds, I must sell it with means I have at the Royal Estate and that is why it is costing them so much because I need to ensure I have access to a journalist or a celebrity I can ask to plug my books somewhere for me and do enough work to make sure it pays off before I did that too – so it’s the old story of staying off the book sales or expecting me to have it another way around instead. They do say I am only sore that people don’t like my books but of course it is in the same family as the one about black people concerning the fact my head is what I make a living with not a place they can dump their problems and the peace and quiet I have built around my office is where I make a living not something their croons can chase for beauty sleep while they sing and abuse it to get rich and famous, these are the whites whose idea of people being handled like items helped by their Politicians just like the help the black ones get reaches a point where they need to damage my finances and trouble me with certain problems to a point where I write books about it and then they can ensure the books are never sold until I behave in a way they like – I was targeted because I returned to the UK at 21 sometime earlier and they wanted to be able to take advantage of my so called big personality that can be used to create a good place for customers that will benefit everybody and to that effect set me out for oppression that they will get good feelings with; so it’s the same old case of the fact they are yapping because they want some of mine again and ought to try and keep off the books as we are not mates and that is actually where it will blow up in their faces. I know exactly what I will do to them and the fact it will lead to one of those outcomes concerning how killing that popular culture off at market was not good enough, so that we enter the part about blacks having unfettered access to me because she share the same race and the whites talking such nonsense as being sore people don’t like my books while they continue to damage it leading straight to those issues where my morality means I am a bundle of problems at the Banks and the Media and the job market and the products market which is a behaviour they put up in order to take advantage of my limelight to make their point at the expense of somebody they are guaranteed to handle or will do nothing violent and a limelight that takes their issues right to the  very top as well – so now they are free to keep talking nonsense about the books and it will end very well again. It’s a matter of fundamental immorality and its violent nature – you can live as though when they want to hurt somebody to grab possessions that will never be you or you can accept bad things can happen to anybody.

They do say I work harder for the benefits than I work for a job and it is never true; I mean the benefits are the only source of income for example and I have a direct debit to fund a programme of study, what do people suppose I will do, work for it and by the way of which the wise idiots wouldn’t it have been better if I didn’t have to squeeze myself so much on the benefits? I don’t think I am considered with despise for being on benefits, everybody knows Politicians like to target my book sales and that as long as the books are not being sold then a process where I get after a job and people play it up to make employers scared of taking advantage there will be no jobs out there for me and I will continue to be excluded from the fact jobs are looking for people and people for jobs and the civil service fundamentally frowns on discrimination. So when they say the issue is that I mess with MPs then we have the whole story laid out for all to see, since they do know where their Country is and it is not located on my Literary empire – most of which can be measured by these problems i.e. if going to University sets you up as target, the reasons for that is good enough to constitute a means of making enough money to fund your studies privately, if Employers are afraid of taking advantage of you, common sense should show you are always better off making your own job and so it boils down to the fact when they see me in public having wrecked everything here except the benefits, I make a living from what happens in my mind and the peace and quiet around my office is not where they should seek their self improvements or community croons a beauty sleep, otherwise they can stop complaining and it is as simple as that. There is that story of black people I think I am superior to when I am not of course but we all know they had damaged everything finance here partly claiming their girls want to love and control me and partly because they are laying a popular culture empire pipeline on my personal life right up to Asia where my books have found fans because their Industry goons they secure slaves for feel that is where they must go to abuse Children without being disturbed – so nobody knows why they are always found around the books anyway which is why we are discussing this at all, although what I do know about it is that nobody here is playing inferior superior games with them when I have been very clear I want nothing to do with them for my part – obviously they like to chase my anus and penis and tummy and so on because people do it to them, the small Countries with minimum resources and their incredible insolence and are still wondering obviously why people do it. Their interference which does nothing but make public statements about how what I did was what they were trying to do all along from a superior point of which we know their only understanding of how that works is keeping the owners away through cultural violence is set to mean economy and economic recovery all over the world and the ending of each occasion will continue to look bad or even worse than we currently obtain.