Price rises in the economy from where I am is all that. It seems that when the Government informs people of how bad the economy is, all they ever do is go somewhere to sit down and conspire and talk lots of rubbish to come up with what they want to believe, then tell their kids about it and set off to intimidate people. Naturally if it was a Labour government, it would cut corners so Companies will be worth more at the stock exchange but VAT would be slashed so they don’t pass it to consumers which will extend unemployment and the period of trial recoveries, or the Bank of England will keep interest rates low during inflation so consumers can be happy and continue their attitude. So VAT rise here 20% inflation there 15% rise in fuel cost 10% rise in cost of living etc there and their habits will be slowed down-so they can see no body is telling them how to spend their hard earned arrogant money. That everybody knows that once a person makes some money, buys a car and a home, if you tell them how to spend it they will lose their temper.

The Popular idea is always that I am fighting them which are utter nonsense; I have not been fighting them all along the economy has been doing that all by itself. I mean if you earn £30,000, you will want your daughter to feel like a Princess showing her Daddy loves her by making a Royal Prince very unhappy completely with personality problems by attacking his income is a fine lower class idea. If I had been fighting them they would undoubtedly have known I was fighting them and there would be no confusions about it. I do suppose in any case the reason I have a bad temper I rarely loose is because people will go out and buy products created from broking equities with me, then make out it is the civil liberties I was supposed to have been doing but still buy the products anyway-so it softens me a bit and does not mean anything.


All I have been doing in terms of any harm I have caused them has been a function of that there is no point having money if you don’t enjoy life which should not be happening on my faith and on the Church, so that I might write my books for the purpose of people getting off to getting confused about it at the other end because they had taken it over and are playing with it.

The thing about being a celebrity is that although people feel that they can use peoples things to make money here and there, all they can do with it is make money while the owners chase them around to catch up; you cannot steal people's lives which completely dispels this idea I am suspicious of people; celebrities especially and as it were, I am Treated like a Member of the British Royal Family, I am pretty famous in the world of Popular Music and Film and Fashion don’t they think (and both the Financial and manufacturing industry)? I have come to the point where I want them to get off it because I need it, while they enjoy getting on public television to talk nonsense.

Which is where they also tell me I get rich by using people; I don’t use people; naturally if I put something out that is 20% PR for me 10% cash for me and 70% money for anybody who makes use of it, people are going to snatch it up. The problem being of course that whenever they run out of cash they think I am some bottomless hole, which is something I must stop and clearly if I tell them they will stop it-except there are idiots who have gotten involved trying to be the fathers who are creating people jobs.

I have no regrets about the Businesses that have fallen in my wake; because it does not apply that when you have bullied people into telling you what they intend to do with their academic work; it suddenly becomes the case that they can no longer operate their own career.

Update 18/11/2014 Inflation, Jobs and the Power base


I understand the case of things I have said about Military matters when I know nothing about it but most of what I say about military matters I was never aware had anything to do with the Military and Civilian divide in the first – I mean an example is the case of being convicted of Murder in Combat – the reality that has not been accepted being that those who have been have simply developed a set of arguments that have nothing to do with their ethics or training or code of conduct and this has in turn fermented into various other dispositions for them too unfortunately while they are in Uniform facing the various pressures they have to until they ended up deploying government weapons for a vendetta that does not even serve them all together and a person dies at the other end of it, be that the enemy or not. Saying what I said about it to ensure that Soldiers who do not necessarily think in a certain way most of the time find the need to take into account health and safety concerning their jobs inescapable because it is heart breaking to fight defence Industries making weapons that do not talk our language for our soldiers to fight for us with and court more problems for homeland and then having to look at Soldiers ending up in prison on the other; it is not an expression of the fact what I did say about the matter earlier on at the website was actually the hard treatment, it was far from any harsh treatment of any kind. The reality is that I have people that are loyal to me in the British Military and those that are my fans in the American and even Russian Military and all others all over the world and this is one of those stories developed around the issue of what my problem seems to be with liberal people question of which the answer is that a decade a ago it was about me and them and my faith and the need to cause me enough distress to detach me from my faith and personal life and then ensure they can crush it to ensure it does not get in their eyes which I usually saw racist do over some really complex argument but has since become the main activity we see black people do since racists these days have no reasons to be to openly angry anymore for obvious reasons that we can all see as it were – now there are so many other alternative reasons developed around it that the whole thing is barely recognisable however which the same pattern of abuse and attack and bullying persists thereof – these are the hard facts; the sympathetic bit is that they claim they are terrified of everything that moves and therefore need to move into my life because they claim it will be the place where they feel safe, but this is as far as the sympathetic bit goes because even when they are given this demand only as a media perception they are already expressing realities about what will happen to me if I fail to behave as they want and how much trouble they will court for my life should they live there until  am dead and how it will mean also that they can have anything that they want from me and so on and on and on and it eventually culminates in the need to get into and become a part of my life in order to have a say about my prayers and my bible reading and my personal life and to either get some reward from the devil or ensure it does not get in their eyes; so I am sure their Politicians can tell me the real difference between this and some terrorist cutting off hostages heads as it were that there might be no truth. As a government operative you know that one fighter on one side is just as good as the other and what people do as soldiers is go out and ensure people are not a threat to the Country by giving them a clean and quick and good death but for us the government operatives it is an eventuality whereby things such as Taliban and British Army playing football while negotiations are happening and returning to kill each other after it fails – so I have no idea why people love to think Mr Obama’s rhetoric is important in these matters considering he and others like him live in dream world as it were and have a different idea of what is actually their fault from what is reality. Hence it seems that some of them have been working in the Military as well obviously; they do say everything they do offends me of course which is utter nonsense – I mean you are not necessarily going to be pleased that people who criminally handle your possessions to wreck your finances and fight to create a time frame that resulted in financial equality between you and them in a condition whereby they are superior while you become homeless on account you were unable to continue paying your bills, have turned their attention to muttering nonsense like their wives becoming more rebellious these days which determines the basis for those their abuses and insults. I mean I can always show them how to be their own wives anytime if they want but we all know it is when they use their own to do it as it were unless they are getting some media attention with which to pretend I buy media equipment so that they might take the opportunity to talk through to me. I understand they say I offend them and yes I know I have too but they think I have offended them not just because they also think this office is a phantom and they are living their lives through it but also because they think they can take me which they cannot and we hear the boasts all the time until when they have to complain about what happened when they moved into my right hand to live there and make a new life for themselves. The office is not a phantom, it is real and I can hurt them and definitely will too. It is the reason I operate the way I do, the part where nothing I do is ever enough so they can turn up here and join in on what those who hate me because of what their whisper get up to, join in on my personal life and finances and so on and talk nonsense all over the world of which I offend them because they think they can take me and it is always all about some little soldier they will spend the dividend of their lifestyle on and then send out to fight me when the time comes as well preferable their African goons, these are usually the most popular.

We do hear of the talk of how it is impossible for people to work out what I am doing which makes no sense whatsoever – I mean try telling them to stay off my finances so I can stand up to my mother who is their greatest asset for getting rich and famous with my personality about what I want to do with my own life or try telling them you don’t want them to make popular culture fame and fortune products with your public life and personality and watch them who are your parents make sure there is sharing and equality which means it becomes their major preoccupation in a condition whereby they are superior – they speak of these people in their families who have a tendency to commit crimes and whom they put under control to do us all a favour and how my activities disrupt that but I am an intellectual Property administrator where they are of which is no position to discuss my business otherwise they create the incentive already if they are doing us all a favour, try telling Politicians about deploying civil service and treasury about the need to stifle my finances and use my personality to do small business connections with rich customers in the City centre that comes up with new excuses for abuse around my book sales and academic work every single day and try telling them to stop it. I mean these liberal idiots never got me into the zone over the need to pillage my person to make riches and fame in this way, so guess where I ended up getting into the zone if it is not the one where they tell lies and rumours to build an atmosphere above me that is maintained by prostitutes and community croons in order to determine what my personality is because they are using me, achieved by Politicians who now claim they don’t know what I am doing and every chance they get means it is all so very, very funny because they are such bloody idiots as it were. These are the facts; the way it stands on the ground what I am doing, is that when they use their own to do it we have an understanding and when they get on that stupid media we have a problem. I mean we do hear them say it is discrimination they have the right to practice on those they are superior to who look vulnerable to them but my position has always been simply that they need to discriminate away from my book sales and finances so it does not blow up in their faces; I don’t believe the discrimination part to be a problem, it’s just a reality of the fact that if they have to rip upon entire literary empire to make a discrimination and follow me around the world as though we are jointed, then that is what they are going to do since they are black people and the problem can always be that of the white man’s doing if they have wrecked my life and their own as well in the process – I have mentioned to them they might find me on the side of the white man hurting and fighting them for my part as well, they have responded with the notion I would have had to be a collaborator to that effect but of course that is looking for some of mine as well since everybody knows that having me would mean having everything and needing no more collaborators for the white man as it were, they want some of mine and will get it soon enough as well. They do say most of these matters have become a problem for me that I cannot solve to make me understand what their lives are like and come up with ways of serving them what they want, I wouldn’t know since in my view I enjoy my Church stuff and don’t like liberal people and therefore was strong enough to stay out of the zone in terms of survival and now an entire parliament has been deployed to get me into the zone around the part where they get around Nationally to build an atmosphere around me which will be used to enforce what they think my personality should be if they want to make use of me to get rich and famous or go places and become important and I am going to become the enemy of everything that causes that including an enemy of that stupid civil rights as well the purpose will be to rip up everything that is responsible for an ability they have to have me in a bubble where there are no rules and able to commit crimes that are above the law to settle a heart desire. As I mentioned earlier they like to think I offend them because they believe if I am not afraid of them then I should be and in that condition thereof everything they say and do will be the right thing and I did not get into the zone over survival and will not be cowed into it over violence, should I be we will definitely be solving a real problem in the process and they as well as I know what that problem is too. The inconvenience is one such of how funny it is when and if they handle my possessions to serve a rich customer somewhere in the City centre and enjoy telling me and everybody on media to see the expression on my face etc, the result being that the customer knows what they are doing but relishes the power of seeing them clash with me and seeks it more and more as it were; so that I was not cowed over survival by getting involved with Liberal idiots but now will have no choice but get out of Church and do the violence with that big mouth otherwise everything they say and do will be the right thing – this is the provocation and inconvenience mentioned for those that are asking. It has never once actually constituted a problem – the reality is that the damage of my finances and academic work, abuse of me and my office creates a certain crisis, items in it like Organised criminals getting a lease, petty criminals getting a fundamentalism, civil rights idiots having new impetuses and so on so any normal person can imagine what they have that is important to them which can be handled to create them a similar crisis too, after all when you do hit them hard enough the result will always be that people understand what is going on and it does not degenerate into something worse – this is a fact about me that most people have grasped at this stage except them and their invincibility. We do hear them speak of how I chased a path that led to empowerment of liberal people of which I am not in a condition where I have no wish to live with the evils I have unleashed thinking they were weak and so on but it has no basis on reality – the reality is that for everything people do about government and areas concerning power, their evils and a culture they do not have to that effect anymore always means you get another glimpse violently of that part of life that involved a condition where they all look the same size as if the devil measured them with a ruler and went off on a job that he did very well – so in terms of those who are involved with my Office because they are interested in the Community or those that are because they are interested in the Office where they fit in is some twisted evil seeking God knows what God knows where creatures along the line and say what they say to save that stupid life of theirs and cannot watch their mouth when done. It is not a crisis that has grown beyond me, I am just making sure people see my point i.e. it started with deployment of government funds and property to strewn my possessions in public because they are evil and must use my Christianity to make riches and fame in order to tolerate it or destroy it and since that failed it has now progressed to the case of how they can only be off my case if somebody is dead and when that does not happen then I will rot everyday and they will see to it and neither God nor the devil exists and it is all civil rights. We hear how the case of people doing my life for me is the hard bit which it isn’t, it is the easier bit, the bit where they have their own personal lives and their own homes and their own families and what they seek here has nothing to do with freedom, so if they are using their own to do what they want to do and a condition does not as a result exist such that I provoke them because they think they can take me on, then we have an understanding but if not then we have a problem every time they get on that stupid media. From here we see them stoop even lower to speak of how it is about taking my Royal Estate away from me which makes no sense since that is even less difficult to deal with than the bit where they are to deploy their own homes and houses and personal lives and family lives or accept whenever I see them on that stupid media we do have a problem, starting me showing the men how to be their own wives by turning up at Church regularly. I hear the story about the Church of course but we all know since last my Christianity was seeking to control the hearts of girls that are trying to enjoy their popularity and clubbing and partying and decadence and vice that has nothing to do with me unless I were discussing the gospel with them, the biggest problem I faced which allowed the so called fathers to get the better of me and locate a means of deploying their savings to bullying a younger person which will then be financially profitable was created by the Church, so 12 years after I was a commissioned member of the Establishment at present all I have done has done the Church a lot of favours too and their relations with victims of paedophilia has improved thereof neither will I ever be right in terms of what I think of the crime of paedophilia itself, so they must have reached the pinnacle so far and hence want more, since those activities were Gods work as it were. It’s the same old case of what they want to do with me – celebrities, Politicians and every idiot in the land being followed by bad crowd having an need to attack my finances and get my attention which will facilitate a process of associating those bad crowds with me to foster immoral riches and so on – so as I mentioned, I was never cowed over survival so violence is what I will get involved with so we must find out how the story ends as well the Christian whose mind is open and clear enough to absorb all their problems being used in that way no matter the cost because it is their nature to provoke people with that big mouth turning up on media to insist everyday. I mean you do not have to leave your home to get into these problems, you only need stay there and watch things unfold as Politicians point to somebody they have decided complete idiots need to get into University and collages looking upon as a hate figure and before long there is constant media support to that effect which means they are always ahead of you around your own life and career thereby having your anus and penis where they want it to be no matter how young they may be themselves and now they have the effrontery to make that noise about how little they know about what I am doing in public so I can only guess they will find out when I am done too.


I am not in any way subjected to hysteria – the truth and reality of the matter is rather as simple as the fact that I will not be bullied into sitting somewhere to condemn crimes that were committed against a group of people that are committing theirs against me on account I am being bullied by them; if they don’t like my leadership they are not needed here. It does give meaning to the whole thing all together where I was never bent let alone cowed over financial survival and Liberal idiots doing what they do best but will now be forced out of Church to do violent things – they did these things and it was more important than a day job so in the 80s and then the 90s and then the decade after that and all through that time continued to complain about their civil rights still just like they are doing presently. They do say I am worse off of course which is utter rubbish, I am perfectly aware that civil rights issues are fallouts of the wars that should have happened with what they get up to, so they are not having any of that either for my part because of course they usually meet people they do ten years on in order to get ahead of them on their career and finances such that it creates social problems that the victims are responsible for fixing as well everyday as it were in their view – so I have had this need to express the strength in democracy side of the story where their brand of civility is becoming intolerable too going hand in hand with the crisis that comes from their insults and abuses. It’s like the old case of an inability to understand what I am doing or how I have thrown away all I had which seems to be the only thing that those who must join in whenever they see bad things happening to others want to talk about before they complain about what I do and how it is designed to be such that it is never enough for them to join as well, then they can join in on what my enemies are doing, enemies they created with that popular culture and media as well – this Country used to be full of people who thought it was okay to put tampons in their anus and get about smelling a certain way but the idiots who run that side of society have since ripped the rewards of the part where they and their Politicians think they want to bully me with it – so the society and neighbourhoods is still the same except for the item of respect for me going on in them. So earlier it was the question of what is my problem with liberal people, since then it has developed into what the hell are you doing one, the bloody pricks, it simply will not stop as it were even while they complain. Hence the part where the government speaks of problems in the EU and a certain impending economic doom being utter rubbish in my view since the government is supposed to hold fast to its own bargaining power to find its way around any problems that may arise not pretend they are also governments of other Countries where people never give it a rest and we can see wars happening there and that there is sound reasons for it and that there are reasons others play those part they play to create those wars as well, I mean we play our own as well by the way when they take the story of people being lazy and evil and wanting somebody they can blame for their own problems in a profitable way, way too seriously and yes the Labour Party has heard what I have said of course and as usual want to discuss their economic incompetence alongside their superiority with absolutely everybody without rest or respite especially if they have international development responsibilities and have contributed a certain amount of their stupid salaries to it, makes sense of what my problem with liberal people is question as it were. They do say there is a problem associated with simplification of my parameters but it has always been as simple as a collection of fools whose idea of working for anything is working on those who can get it done for them talking economic incompetence and what others can do under their leadership alongside their need for superiority and then there will be wealth distribution and social equality at the end of it.


They so say I spend my time living a female’s existence which I have no idea what sense it makes anyway, last time we checked when your mother funds your ticket from Africa to the UK she owns you and all you might be in the UK – so clearly I wonder if such complains do mean they are fed up already. I mean we do hear the Labour party boast about how everything I do only leads to a calculated position at which they dominate me and damage it in order to own that space in life and deploy it as their own but there is really no such thing in actual fact only attacks and abuses and the ones they make up of which we will hear the story question of what my problem seems to be with Liberal people yet again very soon indeed as it were but there is nothing new about these things happening either – they happen because I am a Christian and therefore a moral person and we even hear it from every idiots they have gotten involved with at International development with insults that know no limits for their part as it were having a certain opinion of priests and moral people who are so stupid that instead of doing what immoral people tell them to do and thereby being immoral as the facts and figures do show that immoral people are naturally better off financially than moral people are they go off to do morals and cling to it then have a problem with the idea of giving up the immoral part of their lives which others need and should be allowed to have. So we all know when those insults take that direction my outlook is always that enough have not yet died to bring the issue to light currently as it were – so the advice is that Labour Party MPs can continue this game of places I end up in which I am vulnerable to them and they have the advantage of power about which there is no reason they should not take it as it were – they can do so everywhere and on media and Parliament too. They do claim I put myself in that position by encroaching but having said the world is an evil place and they have all these evils going on in their lives, which means they can get away with anything should they explain it along those lines, what is this part about me being shoved into it every single time they are seen doing anything in public to ensure I am covered in problems and cannot cling to anything I have worked for and what is the noise making all about if they know the difference between their good deeds and bad ones? I don’t think it is a crisis matter yet again it’s a case of the fact that I always tend to do everything I do within a prism of the various sensibilities that mean others are always more powerful than I am around what is most important to me and if I see any of it I will cut it up along with anything that is associated with it – naturally of which every time I do the result will be the deployment of the entire apparatus of state to wreck my finances because they cannot do it by themselves but while they are at it they will think they have never had so much fun. Like this old story of women bishops considering which no questions around it have been answered and I don’t know what it is they seek from me for my part anyway – I am prepared to be taught by them but I am not being taught anything for my part either: it is a privilege for people to see Gods servants and not a problem – if they don’t know me they don’t know God and I find it impossible to work out why they think most of their activities are of God anyway – those who know God do not attack me at all because they can tell that a good deed is not necessarily a sacred thing. They do say if I took up the problems I speak of and dealt with them, then I would be able to see I am not superior to those I think I am superior to which makes no sense whatsoever, either way of talking about women of which they always feel like being the ones who get the attention for doing your curtsey towards women or the other side of the story being that it is only possible by fortitude that God has provided for people to deal with their problems in those ways so it makes no sense whatsoever. They do say it is how I have damaged their civil rights that the Church will be damaged as well which makes no sense too since even if I were to do nothing about their civil rights we would still live in a world where their civil and criminal disobedience is more than just physical and hence those conditions of attacking the Christian that prayed today to disrupt the power of the devil thing being that he has no plans to start showing respect for wickedness as evil in recognition of the fact this is a modern City where people are free to do as they please – so it is not a feasible proposition that what happens to their civil rights is the reason for what they want to do with the Church. I mean sometimes I can be attacked because I didn’t pray and I should have if I wanted to be safe from their wickedness and other times I can be because I prayed and disrupted their power and so on and so you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t while they take it right up to the point where they feel they need to cause a disruption on a daily basis in your life that ensures you have no wife of Children and the bloodline of things they hate so much such as yourself do not continue and in usual fashion we see them run off to do humanitarian work in areas of the world where genocide is happening – this is one of the most outstanding reasons I handled their civil rights i.e. to perform my own brand of permissive genocide too. It is not unusual in anyway, I mean for some reason I am always the person marked out to be dominated before I complete my academic work of which when that happens I will get a job in hell after graduation, for some reason I am always the guy that is marked out to be hated by those who want to be bunny boy successful, for some reason I am the guy that is marked out as somebody to be bullied by older men that have saved up money to make such activities profitable and you can list them to the ends of the earth if you wanted. It is not unusual and does not cause me any discomfort, this is what I am and it is the way I am and if I am bullied by their problems being put into me until the personal diaries are full they will surely complain for every time that happens right up to the International Community and then return to do these things they do to make me get out of bed to say what is on my mind talking nonsense about accountability for all that power alongside it about which I have only the response that they need to get off my books so it does not become something worse to offer for it – I mean if he leaves alone our civil rights he can have his faith is a lie and an illusion – God says I need to preach the gospel and leave alone peoples choices, the devil says they need to force people to do evil, there is no such thing as live and let live and they know it is a lie but where there is a problem is the precedent created when I am made to work for things and hand it to them when I am finished – this is where we have a problem. It’s a simple case manifest of Bunny boy modern needs to ensure that he performs his democracy and freedom based permissive genocide on you whatever the cost to the wider society due to how long it is taking to accomplish it because Bunny boy will want to stab you instead if he cannot and in my view the problem is that stupid city identity as well that I have become very intolerant of and have no wish to put up with its civil rights thereof, so there is no such thing as live and let live, it is a language they do not understand. These are not things people get to respond to unless they have placed themselves in the zone to respond to other peoples wickedness so – unless that is the government is paying your Housing Benefit and JSA and wants to be able to continue doing that for as long as it takes to break you and you cannot work out what the reasons are, only try and make sense of it by digging up endless facts about those times they really needed to know what you are doing every time you sit on a computer which you do in the Middle of the night very often, they said they needed to ensure it is not about them and that you were not making money at their expense and using their public life thereof but what they find if it is not the case belongs to them with a big mouth and that is where we are, their female bishops. We do hear I try to get around with Royals and all others that I cannot fit in with and it will never make sense when we all know the reality is that they think they can handle my possessions and build up a history around it which puts it in places they can handle it again for their purposes with – if they knew there were people such as myself who really enjoyed the pressures of letting it happen so they can find out how deep the rabbit hole goes they wouldn’t want to do it until they had a tractable history with any specific person as it were but the last time we checked they were block heads playing in, playing along, yapping. They do say I do mine until I have a tractable history with people as well of course which is utter nonsense, I don’t and even if I did there was nothing they could have done about it: their sense of respect and decorum for others is incredible so each time we see them we see them wear suits and make statements about handling those that look weak such as myself for example and the reason is the simple reality that has ever been that they are making sure nobody stands between them and what they want which they see no reason to express somewhere else – so there was a time in my life I didn’t plan to make a lot of money and that was because the people around me would have taken care of themselves if all went the way it should have and so would most of the issues – now we are in a place where if I see their money making apparatus around my business I will cut it up. I mean they do speak of the problem of Mr Obama of course and it does not bother me that much actually – you understand Mr Obama when you look on him with the eyes of somebody who says that a black transvestite who lives in Vegas has a real problem understanding that you want to leave your possessions and return to find them as you did leave them whether or not he feels like rummaging your purse to spend your pocket money on his girlfriends’ tampons – I was there when he started handling my books, I was there when he made it out to be a joke based on how I was to be ignored, the bigger more powerful fellow black man thing, now as I had always said it is becoming a case of bullying all together and I have been provoked to react in ways that supply an impetus – I don’t mind either, they think they are looking for a terrorist, what they will find here will do exactly what he wants and get away with it too. I do not think it is a crisis matter – it’s an old story of property equity brokerage that should be kept away from the customers, so that we all know if they know what the source is their greed and vandalism will result in a power game but the Americans and especially their blacks and people like Mr Obama are of the habit of finding those sources of Equities they see in European Products and so on, so I had to make a show of myself and now that I have they will buy the products anyway since they do not own the markets and do not own me or my property equity or business empire as it were; customer is King when he pays up not when he is off clowning around deploying some capitalist and freedom nonsense around claims he makes that he has the right to copy your products and make them for himself if he needs them while he maintains communities that can come to his destructive aid as market. I mean I am only going through the facts and realities around why I make an open show of myself and then make sure they buy the products as well anyway so that they might tell me I am a God which means it has ceased to be as funny as they have continued to think it is when people see nice products and decide where their capitalism and freedom is and whether or not they have big home markets they can go to and create your products for themselves so they don’t have to buy it and you can only act when they had made so much money and become bigger than you thereof on one hand while on the other they had developed a habit of looking for the source and had begun to dig hard and violent to seek it out too – settle this along the lines of popular culture knowing where you stand about your property and it becomes a question of where the capitalism stops and the robbery starts; so I am here and even do my own shopping at least twice a week so it is that easy for their freedom and money madness considering they are the only ones that know what money does – Mr Obama does not scare half the number of people he likes to make out he does – I was there when he handled my books I was there when the reasons were fun and funny now it has become violent like it was expected it will become and all that while the US President was committing a crime against me with the White House itself and is now playing up a story of how scared of him I am rather than leave me alone and get his business off my books. He has been committing that property and patents crime against me when I have never signed contracts with him that either he or his idiots can handle my books, with the White House, which I am certain, is big enough to deal with the costs as well, it does not scare anybody. They do say I was lost to the Africans who are now determined the British will lose me as well – its utter nonsense because it has been a case of playing around with very stupid evil greedy women that always only get what they want when somebody is a source of progress unto a point where he is blamed for damaging society and is killed to make things better, to seek me out and set me out as the Christian who is so strong in his believes he offers an incentive to do evil things and to be twisted and bent to a point where he does in order for them to have trappings of power – they have never had me and it is impossible to fathom how much money they lost during the economic crisis and considering how much they will lose yet again to put distance between me and them and all that nonsense we hear them want to get involved and yap about women. It’s just a sad reality with them concerning those who always turn up to join in when they see bad things happen to good people being beaten emphatically – so they can turn up and join in, later on conduct corruptions of involvement into my personal life and have anything they want from it with media – turn up and join in like the idiots they are and nothing will happen as it were. I mean when they say I talk tough but have lost my mind it does make me so angry – question of whether it is a verbose reality or a social statement or something more but I do know Mr Obama does not scare half the number of people he thinks that he does anyway. We do hear our people here in the UK say that the British Establishment has set me out as lamb to the slaughter of course and it is not half of how I am treated by the British Establishment at all, most of the time of which is best expressed around what the US President does – where they say that the matter was meant to have been left to Parliament and the Government but I have completely messed it up of which nobody is preventing them from dealing with their own as they see fit anyway i.e. Mr Obama being the most powerful black man that has control of these things being given respect that is due sort of story thing – I will run my business here how I see fit and they can keep their insults; it has never been an issue and the spend, spend story about me is all wrong too, I have a problem with my temper and like to put it out there to find out what they will do and each time it is always better to ascribe my person to somebody else and help them to get rich with it of which there are ways of crushing too and it can be as simple as distributing leaflets Home to home. I have my own personal and family life and I feel as though I want to use yours to get things done with because mine is not enough and people are scared and disillusioned about me thus what they think matters etc, etc – so that even when I have mentioned that it is when they are making their statements and having their conversations and getting things done with their own that we have an understanding otherwise whenever they get on that stupid media they should understand we have a problem as well and that will be so until it stops –I mean it will stop the day I feel my personal and family life is superior to your own and your Royal Estate is mine as well in a condition where I am not actually the Royalty until I am – you couldn’t make it up if you tried but the idiots mostly work on media never the less and nobody knows what they are running from either. That I am lying about my spending habits is not actually true, it’s a problem with celebrities – they think they are in a bubble where public perceptions about me and about them are far from reality and inside it there are no rules while they have the big money ace card to play, so you see them turn up in nice cloths and so on and before the day is over you are left wondering how far not enough their own was for them in the first place – so when I get involved with celebrities and do make a case for it in public it’s always a matter of some women with a lot of money to spend on herself liking something about what other peoples Royal Prince gets up to – it is not an emotive issue, the part of society that is interested in matters of community around my office and whether or not people can get involved is always going to do so by celebrity involvement – I mean it’s a matter of facts around not being honest over my spending habits, I am, its rather a problem I have with celebrities – the side of society that is interested in community around my office does because it does nothing for their sense of belonging and they are always going to determine that involvement through Celebrities, the ones that turn up to attack me are very vile and evil individuals whom I don’t wish should end up in other people’s lives, so they do have ample reasons to hate my guts too – if their Politicians have learned a lesson it would mean they stop messing up other peoples Offices and influence especially when one such are Royalty – so it does apply there are Royalty in this World and they have an influence on global events – ta dah the big mystery. We are not talking about some Celebrity that come from say the lower classes for example and turns up to pay her own price on what she considers the incessant and abusive use of me by the lower classes for example that one is the part where they hurt too.

I mean they do say I am stuck with people I don’t like who gets to manipulate my emotions to make me leak vital information that they might deploy for power or wealth either way and of course regardless of its evil nature as it were, the reality is still the same as ever that if I have expressed great intolerance of even their Prime Minister handling my work and making a mess of it to the extent of the war in Iraq and UN crisis over it among many others right up to this point, the last thing I would have thought people considered sensible an action to engage in should have been making a mess of my published books on media where I was far from being published as it were. So it’s the same story happening over the books all over again, in terms of they and their Prime Minister around my reputation, that was a case of holding them down and using them are problem corks according to the ones they created until the problem in averted so I don’t have to be the guy that has to fix other peoples messes in order to let them chose self improvement that means they become even more decadent and those people whose lives they ruined to get to the top have not prevailed in anyway whatsoever. Now they are after the books and think that it is funny when they do it of which at this point it is always only funny on media which will allow them boast until I take that away too; it has never been an issue we are only left with the choice of becoming like them i.e. bullying the media and the Politicians which will result in conditions where they are so busy that they pay so little attention to your work and your books that nobody gets to discuss your finances and neither do you have to and then the books can become items of market and not points of peoples vandal fun; I mean it would mean stooping to their level but as we can see I thought I was going to handle the issues over a certain period and then draw a line on it and settle a closure but we can see that I am a pensioner already while it is still continuing – I mean I would like to have a job where I put a name to my face and get around provoking people but that is not to say I am as stupid as they are anyway; this is just something I say when I want to paint pictures to let people understand life is too short, we always think we will deal with it over a certain period and then cut it off and move on but in very little time we have become pensioners already, so it is wrong for people to think I am stuck with them and they are using and abusing me like they want people to think, its rather the other way round and although becoming a bully like them is stooping to their level, when One is down to the last 5 years before the three decades in which he needs to plan out his pension and his savings are looking bad while they are having vandal fun with his products and becoming breathless for it every day drastic measures are called for. I mean an example is just three days ago when even the Prime Minister waded into the story of what relationship I have with peoples wives which expresses the reality that they have no shame whatsoever – another one is a couple of hours of writing this piece where a journalist was showing that he wanted the same things that female journalists I work with have as well as if the privileges of their perverted wickedness that allows them enjoy some sense of decadence associated with a female prerogative that exists in a man’s world was not enough for them which it clearly isn’t obviously; yet they know that I provide certain equities for these women to facilitate the things they do with their spare time and that just like they have their own communities where if I were to mention every family idiot in suits feeling like handling me in a violent way they behave in that community towards every single thing that is not a part of it in that way, they know these women have those kinds of communities as well, so that my guess of why they have raised this matter of having the same things these women have from my work must have gone beyond the fact they are trolls onto another fine example of what they do because they are after those books yet again as it were.  I am not stuck with them, it’s the other way round – their community croons are wading in at this stage with a need to see Politicians facilitate accusations made against me while they handle my possessions with a sense that I am always in some kind of debt that I need to be made to pay but whether or not that does mean they keep off the books is what we are finding out. I mean if I got out of bed and resolved I will not be threatened by them without consequences anymore these things will fall apart but the question then becomes that of what I become in the process – end of long story being that they are almighty men and their Prime Minister can speak of why my finances need to be pillaged by the crowd due to my relationship with other peoples wives, while they want the same things my Court has because they are almighty men and that will lead to vandalism on the female and male side of society they can dance to on media and so since it happens every day they think I am stuck with them. The underbelly is when we do hear them say that my career and Royal property is ending up with others and that even Americans are into it as well – its utter nonsense of course, just means these foolish men do not take no for an answer if they want your possessions and hence violence and their need to threaten you with it coupled with false media happiness and confidence will work together to make that happen and it is where these journalists have no wish to go about their jobs in peace as well – I mean for these men it started off with a person that needs to be dominated by them with or without the help of Politicians because it was necessary before he is allowed to do any academic work in which he is qualified and it has now reached the part about the reality where nobody likes idiots that are drawn to power and have a need to provoke people who will be forced to react in ways that create an atmosphere of power on account they are unhappy which they then get drawn to and want to run governments and Industry with as well – it’s never been a matter of small men pretending they are tougher than they really are.


The story of the NHS is one they think they have which means that men can turn out to get rich and famous at my expense whenever they want by making kid and women do what they want while they handle the possessions of kid and women to that effect and either have what they want or become a pest that causes damages right down to family life and health on account they are getting attention and being famous but it is not an emotive issue – the NHS should ideally be the governments excuse for correcting the current structural unemployment in the Country which they are too busy supporting and fostering spiritual wickedness and evil to notice, the fact that employers have tried everything and we all know they have gone as far as temporary and part time work to help them win elections at this stage but they have done nothing in return for this either except talk nonsense about their self absorbed stupidities and a need to get more city connections and get rich; I mean the last time we checked, jobs were fundamentally dangerous things and taxes are absolutely vital for the governments income, so that when we have health and safety training coupled with compensation culture, eventually it leads back to the NHS as the citadel of health in the UK but currently when you are top GP it does not feel that way, it does not feel as though you have a career, something worth fighting to defend because Politicians are winning elections. I do get asked what I think is the rot that causes this their inability to listen to what people are saying to them exactly which we all know is nothing but a story that picked up its feet and went its own way about those who travel to the UK from overseas to flatter British Politicians who don’t care how much they earn compared to millionaires in the City hence a local business man can be richer than the Prime Minister and so on and now the result being that MPs now care how rich they are and are out there making sure people do not do their stuff for them. For me I don’t want to see them anywhere near my work or possessions because all they and their idiots that are creating the right conditions for a fight they will regret really soon especially the blacks who have a need to spend mine that cannot be explained do, is steal, damage and leave me to those who might want to employ but are careful not to take advantage. So the story of the NHS is not in any way something I am stuck with meaning there is an onus I have not fulfilled for liberal idiots to do what they like with my health through. I mean there are certain issues that did not actually work the way I thought they did, my outlook was that of a fight with liberal idiots passing around greedy people’s property handling capitalist nonsense with their threats which if it actually results in handling my account or bank account through the civil service in anyway would mean a fight they will regret too but the blacks are really special ones because they are every 24/7 seen within a dichotomy of somebody’s property they can spend, therefore I am one of those who have no respect for their kind of business and like to look like I have got it when I have not and hence when they practice some violence on me because they are spending mine and making sure I don’t come after them I take it too seriously because I feel it deeply – so for them if there were any fraud on my account or bank account it would have spelled war for them as well; so clearly of which apparently what I do is not so random after all – it’s all about men getting famous and getting rich and famous or either of the two or both by handling kids and women and the possessions kids and women own – I was rather of the impression before now that they had seen what I wrote on my twitter profile about the claim they make that I am stuck with people I don’t like whereas the truth being that they feel when they do it every day that is what has occurred. I don’t think it an unusual issue either, they do say I play into the hands of a Politicians that is giving public speech with everything I do about anything but I have no idea what it means if the NHS was streamlined with our compensation culture and basic work place health and safety training thing, how that would mean that your GP is happy to see you turn up sick when you are prick – I mean it is not as if he will not do his job but I have no idea how it could mean he is happy to see you anyway.  So when they speak of my never ending depth of disdain and spite for others we end up in the part where I have to explain that they are really vile and twisted people who have this need all the time to wreck peoples academic work and finances just so they can create that set back and get off to get qualified first only for them to turn up as qualified people to make money that is millions that was made from destruction and vandalism which had nothing to do with qualifications and if it is not that then it is doing it to set up the best the Country has produced so that idiots can turn up and count pennies around their pain and suffering thus inflicted until it becomes millions which is then the kind of success that is respectful towards the fathers and hence democratic and free but for me it is the part where they wreck academic work and get qualified just to turn up and make fools millions while wrecking other peoples academic work and finances to make the fools millions at their expense so their Politicians can turn up to check which kids are driving cars that are more expensive than that of the Prime Minister hence try and ensure people are not doing their stuff by caring about how much Politicians are paid, which creates that need to endlessly punish those who have jobs without academic qualification for doing the right thing which means they stole what they achieved and for doing the wrong thing which means they are stupid and inferior and it has become an economy crisis which they blame on others as well that expresses the true nature of their evil; even their children know where your anus and penis is because their parents propel you with hysteria, so that they need that in order to ensure you are not stealing teenage lifestyle - so it is not in any way never ending spite and disdain, it has a beginning and it has an end and when they say they will have my possessions it is nothing else but precisely what it is – an assumption. Like I have a relationship with my Bank and they say I have stolen a connection that does not befit me and was the one they had and were about to have and had already had and so on of which they do nothing with in any case anyway – whether or not businesses are their friends will be determined however by how much they are paid in kind for spending their money so that idiots like these can win elections plugging unemployment for them by creating zero hour contracts and temporary employment and part time employment, how many of these failures coupled with their need to attack those who do not run their own livelihood by being academically qualified for it and how much of these failures they are admitting to as well, not me – where I am is that they are not my friends in any way; the part where I jeopardise myself being utter nonsense of course as it is obvious an Arch Prince writes his books around the Premise he does not appreciate those who exasperate people to create atmosphere from their misery that will mean power has resulted which then becomes something they are drawn to.