What we may wonder is intellectual vulnerability? My answer is a bit more of a question: do you ever feel you are being stalked because of your creativity and after it has been damaged, you suddenly get convinced that it was entirely your fault?

When we talk about intellectual security for most of the time we are defending ourselves from people who work in the same industry as we do but the truth about intellectual vulnerability lies at the heart of people getting into an industry where we work and the reasons they do so.

I wonder if I am beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist. If I do, do you mind if I beg you not to take it that way? What intellectual vulnerability in a microcosmic sense really means, is the ease with which somebody can pirate a career that suddenly becomes incredibly easy to do because it naturally works as an incredibly easy work to do, after its owner had done all the hard work. It has something to do with losing the part of a job which is priceless in the course of making money from the part of the job which is not. Sometimes you lose it completely if you are experiencing an attack, sometimes you may lose some part of it which means you lose your market, sometimes you have to choose between continually devaluing your product-until it becomes valueless itself, then you have to deal with a valueless product in a Priceless intellectual property and then begin to bargain it away, in a bid to make ends meet but the most dangerous of them all, is the feeling of alienation that comes with the territory of intellectual attack that you may get on your property.


Which leads me to the matter of financial vulnerability in intellectual creativity which seems to function around either a lack of funds with which to protect your work before you have put it out there and yes in the digital age the problem has more than doubled, for good creators in actual fact have no funds and in the Manufacturing industry, it is all about an uncontrolled uncertainty that plays on your optimism-expanding your market against your wishes and causing you to spend to cover this gap so you do not lose your market and therefore your business, until you actually become bankrupt or go burst.

However the problem to me the way I see it, having dedicated time to researching this matter and working out the simplest possible most inexpensive way of dealing with it that could ever be devised does not seem to be the finances, there is society and the Nations we live in, the culture and the way of life which exists and a very versatile authenticity of our person to protect our literary and creative and inventive works. The issue of course is how to use it in order to defend ourselves from the attacks; but we also have something called copyright at our disposal and the displacement of the power that this offers us, by spending most of our time on those who are already in the same industry as we are increases our vulnerabilities. Whereas in an ideal situation, if we were to look out for each other’s copyright rights, then we will see easily that those who work in the same industry as we do can be our allies and not our enemies in very many ways. These are things that problems and attacks which stalk intellectual creativity are afraid of, which since the beginning of the 21st century has gotten worse and need some inventive leadership and creativity for it, without which our work become as impure and as unexciting as the very cultures and perhaps attitudes which critique us over them and we become even more vulnerable to mass produced vandalism-paraded as the ultimate power of the digital age, which the same vandalism vehemently hates.

It has got nothing to do with anti-discrimination laws; those do protect people from being ravaged by "get rich quick freaks" as well anyway. It is the vulnerability of the small scale creator that must put something out that is bound to last eternally in concept and in kind and at the same time venture to sell it for a price that is not intellectually dishonest.

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I see I am being chased around by matters of sexual abuse and my view of sexual abuse must be ascertained all the time because it ensures there is at atmosphere in which I am predisposed to being sexually abused; I wouldn’t know what it means when they want me to take a stand on some case of the treatment of women when we know these are thieves anyway seeking to extract an income from my possessions – reality being that only a very tiny aspect of sexual abuse involves those who are perverted and generally go out to attack others, mostly it is a matter of women at sexual conquest, conquests which they lose. In my case I seem to be a target they enjoy locating so much claiming the way I react tends to surprise them with goodies and this is an example of the reasons you are supposed to be concerned about sexual abuse and the treatment of women as it were instead of crimes people commit and whether or not they are punished for it. I do not mind most of it since it is not unusual to see a celebrity make a show of how much she hates the media because the outcome will be that she attacks mine and destroys everything in order to go off and sleep with the Camera men and women anyway, it’s just the conveniences, the sense that the issues I handle around my world are things I am able to do with problems to indicate inferiority to them, which also means they can take a proceeds from me with the help of their big boys at will - so how this means I will be able to help them on sexual abuse which is why they target me with every single occasion of a story they hear of it, I will never know but clearly we can see its very well planned to ensure they get away with it and cover their tracks to see that others cannot do it to them as.

That I have been beaten and battered and power is now is the hands of the older generation is utter nonsense, what people are complaining about currently is the consequences of their insults i.e. I am the Royal Prince they are nobodies who like to think other peoples success should depend on their age except for their stupid children and so it’s a matter of the Royal Office their Fathers held and Grandfathers after that which prompts the lack of appreciation and insults that have gone global so far as it were. Not that it matters in anyway, I hate it whenever they address me and it is always a case mostly of taking their problems out on other – like when they are being nice which we cannot be free from seeing i.e. they woke up late because they binged all night long, they scoffed their breakfast and that was not very good for their tummy, so when they get to the Train and smell your coffee what their tummy does is your fault because nobody did see them binge all night long wake up late and scoff their breakfast which makes that blame and attack all the time because they smell your coffee and it’s the bloody train perfectly justified when you on the other hand know all about it because it happens to you are all and the insults are insufferable but when they are not being nice of which it develops into so many things right down to their celebrities that are as famous as the amount of attention you are made to pay them because its 24 hours playing and very violent and abusive and destructive playing as well for that matter which I think will never get better or cease to be a means for addressing me and pretending I am not allowed to be successful unless this playfulness is costing them jobs as it were.

These are people who have no plans to be concerned about their own society where the men must control popular culture girls and make them famous in order to be wealthy themselves and the women must support criminal activities of the younger men because it gets back at their fathers which then becomes an industry – growing and growing to a state in which society men generally support whores that chase the penis and anus of those who are religious on account it will one way or another create attention that helps them sell their bodies and when you react they all gang up with a big mouth, while the young men are supported by Industry and twisted homosexual idiots who think nobody knows how they work their own evil and service for the devil which is why everybody these days is thinking of opening the Church to them. What they are interested in is whether I am beaten and battered and power is in the hands of the older generation which is all we see them do, play time 24/7 violent and abusive and destructive because they seek equality and they seek power, hence the mention of such things means they will turn up here again soon enough like ferrets and clearly meaning those who mention it have started again as it were.

We can never be free from the claim it’s all my fault of course when everybody knows that I have to offer reason when I break the heart of make allies by withdrawing my work and usually of which the reasons were that it was meant to serve me but such facts are lost because of them – then there are the women as well and nothing about what happens between me and those can ever be clear, ever. Now the story has shifted altogether to the part where the case has always been and should always be that nobody wins and that what people do to attack me is therefore justified but it has nothing to do with who wins or not, it has something to do with where peoples sins and beset and frustrations of sex end up i.e. in their communities or in the Royal Community instead specifically around my work of which I have my own Royal Perverts to chase after especially the female ones as well and have always informed them that a need to move into my right hand and live there will provoke me while they have always been determined that they were devious and lie quickly and seek leverage and privileges of injustice with which to apply starting with media and then moving very quickly to Politics which means they were going to set it up on media and have it anyway; the reason for this being they had some time to work for their money and have had some savings and a pension and it should be a weapon against others because they must always be able to childishly take their problems out on others. So that what happens is that after years of setting me out as the one with enough inner happiness to be sacrificed for it right across the west and built a global campaign to that effect as well pretending it is not about crushing my faith which means I should crush what motivates them too, hence I cannot make sense of why they complain when they have no plans to leave me alone and move on with their stupid lives, if they might stop talking nonsense about power at my expense that they find amusing when they think nobody is watching. Where we are at present being an example i.e. that I am done kicking them and so now I am off to chase money like they had time to, it means their money must come to play to the effect that it is their time to get done kicking me as well since I should have been chasing money while being kicked by them so they can get away with it on account they have their own money already – so they look for trouble all the time and they know it and I for my part am fed up with their playing and fun and have begun to feel it has to start costing them employment otherwise I will never be left alone by them. They look for trouble all the time especially their Politicians and I am never going to shut down and negate anything that means I can deal with them for my part as well – I mean take a look at it from the 50s up to this day, every time that happens whether or not the story is that nobody ever wins, they evolve along with their criminality wives who ensure Politicians can work the criminality of barely legal fools who need laws that favour them, while they ensure young men like myself are always targets that the law treats as outsiders with a big mouth, decade after decade after decade.  Apparently these are rich miserly evil fools who have no peace of mind whatsoever because of what they fear might happen to their money and so these kinds of power they seek and all those things I may get provoked by on account they attack me because my very existence has changed something which has nothing to do with them but happens to have changed a settled state of mind they have is for that reason, the problem with it is that their foolishness damages your own money and we have seen the media and Politics and popularity popular culture and industry perversions, what they are capable of doing with that too, never mind the criminals who notice it and the criminals they have deals is in order to ensure some of their money is safe chasing my anus and penis and doing fame and fortune with the process as well thereof. I have the right to decide when to have sex, when to deal with issues and when to chase money and they are in cloud 9 for now along with the criminals they have deal with as it were. None are unusual, it’s one of those matters that surrounds what we see i.e. you may set out some money to build a big Hotel that will employ 200 people but you have to put up with so much nonsense from them that a structure that may have been completed in three years will be in ten years and somewhere around the 8th or 7th you realise the market is no longer viable and you need to move operations elsewhere leaving dilapidated community and half built structures criminals can develop their issues with – I am not building structures here, I am writing books and those who want to talk for them have no plans to talk about somebody having a bad day because my existence changed things which allowed his enemies to attack him of which they have warned women about some stupid things they do and nothing seems to change about it for example, but above all have no wish to talk about the idea somebody must pay for their problems meaning they always love to damage my property and finances and get after my health after that and as for the Political idiots of which I have been clear I am not the same thing as the existence of the British Establishment and it would be nice if they cleared that space not hurting badly enough yet. They do say I am no Royalty or the process where they spend their money to make popular culture fame and fortune attacking me would not have been powerless against me to the extent where I deploy their lives especially when it involves security to create a writing career as well but it is not the first time I have warned them about being seen around my books and company markets because their insults stifle sales and create the sense to criminals organised that I had done the wrong things as far as the population is concerned which is bad for Law enforcement as well, not the first time they have heard that my Royal Office is built with equity and sustained with equity and paid for in equity, even now of which I am not for one moment imagining that mentioning these things will change the behaviour of their media, criminal children or indeed their own for that matter either for obvious abusive reasons and what people own as a result.


We do hear those tales people are more concerned about whether or not I am comfortable where I am employed or not and I don’t mind anyway, all I know is that it has always been a problem associated with never being able to settle exactly why they employed me or why they let me go and the reasons they consistently give because of women and the Labour Party is that it is complicated and this is something that has to stop – so if they are going to sit somewhere and talk such nonsense a lot they had better been prepared for a fight as well, otherwise it is good as it currently stands, that unless there are job losses among them because of their playfulness and its destructive corruption of involvement it will never be over from where I am. I hear this other case of people saying something in public of recent about the reality that has over time developed to confirm that what Neo Liberalists mean by what must be liberalised is simply what must not exist because they do not want it but I have no idea why they think it has evolved at all, they have always been like this. I mean if you look at them and their public activities you might think they are fundamentally made up of what you hear them say but for those of us that are wiser we understand that when you consider their activities in purpose you must look at it as per Neo Liberalists’ believes and values and Neo Liberalists as a group of people and then it becomes obvious that there never ceases to be a problem in society that they are dealing with on behalf of everybody which then automatically puts them in the position and gives them the right to be everybody’s leaders; I mean the EU is now split between Euro sceptics and Europhiles because they have gone too far on the matter of Politics government and a certain right they have to control money. So I have come to a point where every time they target me will see me hit them hard as well since I am not an extremist this problems they have been solving for years now while it gets worse and those who do not co-operate with their needs are responsible for the outcome, my disposition being that it is not a piece of cake or a walk in a park of a bed of roses like they think it is and they don’t come into my life to tell me where I am supposed to be unless they are prepared for the consequences as well since I have never been deterred by the complains anyway and of course if it is as easy as they claim all the time they ought to get the Politicians before hand and then when they start they can understand in that right that victory will be guaranteed. I am only just surprised that people think it has only but come to light that this is their nature and yes they do ask if I am heading somewhere with where I am going with this and of course I am; it’s the same old story of the fact they play too much and are unfathomably destructive and intrusive and a lot of the times they tell me they have the right to address me whenever they want and however they want, it is always because they share skin colour with me or there is some problem of theirs I have been lumbered with which I cannot get out of and hence stuck somewhere to have their problems taken out on me with no chance of escape, claiming that it is what they have suffered in their lives which justifies the actions they take, makes no sense to me of course since I now find myself in an ‘oppressors must die’ condition hence their problem. Then there are other realities such as the fact that these problems they claim exist was created by them and they spent the most sacred of money to help these barely criminal trouble makers to explore their civil and criminal disobedience with i.e. tax payer funds and this is how my intolerance of their opinions and sense of social control is to high but of course it does not end there because we are talking about it already on grounds that the conversation is developed around an activity they have carried out of recent which means that they have yet again developed certain things on media which they can do to ensure that having finished by job at the company and been satisfied I have done all that needed doing, a little thing they say or do on media because they have so much information on my daily activities to scheme through and settle on the most disruptive, everything about it will be thrown into doubt which can then be used to control my clients and my sales and my finances and my job as a whole and this is where they have a problem as well because they need to understand that when they are not employed by others or sacked from jobs and so on because they are too playful and too disruptive and destructive and that I can make it happen, this behaviour will stop and for me this fight will be over as well, otherwise they think I am being bullied and I don’t feel that way so they still have a lot of work to do.  They do say something about the need to ascertain the kind of lifestyle I have of course and that there are social reasons for that but I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that I can say there are women I work with and they are older and married and so there are some things they do as per I spent all day thinking about you today for example and so the behaviour must change and hence there are those various pressures they build up with applies at the office as something that needs doing or I can say it is pointless to start setting out the various points at the way I live which means if people mess with them I will be provoked as a person because they have never had a respect for my personal life and need to leave me alone and of course it is at such point that the insults and abuses simply become activities they are mad about with their media and lies and scandals and rumours, I am only concerned thereof as such about the part which means they have assessed that if they are evil people there are things others do to encumber them and keep innocents safe and alive and their actions towards me are designed to cover their tracks if they are because there are those who talk too much nonsense about doing my stuff for me on the other hand, so I always prefer the latter option. We are in an oppressors must die scenario here (which is something I heard in a video game of course and not in the real world but I have mentioned to convey my idea) and so when it comes down to it, it’s a matter of the way you live must be crushed and forgotten for some reason, usually because they want to sell you and complain about slavery in order to get rich on account when they have to go they have to go and their ability to control themselves is far lower than that of a normal person and to that effect they have finished with this public sense of our lifestyle or nothing and how people like me are supposed to be hunted down and made into tramps and bums and homosexuals so that they might become important and this of course is the part that is never discussed hence my total disbelief that people are rather interested on what has become public obvious about their behaviour at this stage. They speak of the things they do which every fool that stands to gain must make their own ‘fucking contributions’ but at present everything that is a functions of my work at the office which as a result of my talents builds up a certain group of arguments that people like to broker with me because of its creative content now lies in complete ruins at the Intellectual Space and Literary empire, so the extent your publicity vandalism and scandals and distant violence must go in order to destroy such things are obvious, the problem being that when they are done they have no idea what enmity means as well; these realities are all facts I am only just really miffed at how surprised people are of which has now been publicly expressed about them when in actual fact they have always been that way. It’s a matter of a small business a run at a certain corner of the Royal Estate that involves a certain create equity that builds up from the nature of my work and Royal Estate which people like to broker my me and those who damage it will never escape from a process where I must get my hands on whatever it is that puts a smile on their stupid faces as well. They do claim it’s a matter of a hold I have on them of course but there is no such thing; the reality is that they think I am being bullied and there is somebody they can make a mess of and do whatever they like with whose energy they are absorbing to become more energised and empowered and important and to achieve more and so on and so forth and I actually don’t feel that way anyway so they have to work harder on it; what I do feel however is that of activities concerned with paid employment i.e. because they have this publicity they build into their history which is their lifestyle and is untouchable, it means they can do whatever they like with me and with mine for their part as well. So that eventually in every company the outcome is always the same i.e. I am for example experienced in manufacturing, I know the nature of the industry sucks up the fame of its workers, I know I must bring something into a company to work for it but they feel always that they are more worthy to be there on account of this popularity they have that is untouchable than I am and as a result of that there is always this subtle bullying from them on one hand and me on the other and the job in the Middle and so I must do something historical about it and have come to the deduction about the prognosis of my hatred for women and the Labour party which must mean that their playfulness leads to job losses among them otherwise this will never be over, the fact I don’t know where they live or how they live or what their neighbourhood is like is a weapon, as well. They do say when I say these things that I should ideally keep secret and make a lot of money from as if this equity property being put into writing is for sale and not more so copyrighted as it were, that I expose myself to them but we all know that financial restriction these days is a function of men working with whores and women working with socialists especially the feminists who have seen my type that helps women because I have female friends and allies and that my type always becomes homosexual or a bum or some man women and do and undo with and besides that on this occasion we are talking about the popularity they built up for themselves that is untouchable because it is their lifestyle on one hand and then on the other my life and work that can be disposed of, having denied them the access of which has resulted in a condition where they have declare it the meaning of life itself giving strength to what I said about oppressors dying and so on etc with a big mouth. The Point being that they do nothing else but tie down employers and deploy their companies to play these games and I will never rest until they lose jobs for it too: I mean the most recent one happened in  Bakery, it was about pushing me into health and safety mistakes on being located as the guy the socialists and the women use to make publicity for themselves turning up to get a job when he knows people like him do not have a right to jobs – yet we all know health and safety mistakes if seen can result in the closing down of the factory itself all together but it is an example of the kinds of risks these ‘and still keep the job whatever I do people’ take to have their fun and so it eventually all developed into that point where it was a case of a cold I had and long after it was gone I was still having it because I must eat before I get to work and they like to pick on baby for attention and turn my tummy upside down all day long, sometimes it’s considered those who do on the trains and so on do not matter until those who do it at the office even when you know them show they are in a different league and so I always end up with a sense my tummy is full of vomit because my food never gets digested and I cannot seem to stop this process of having everything I eat smell on my skin like I robbed myself with it happening, while they are on a roll with such issues as whether or not I can be controlled if I must be employed, no matter how much dessert I have and it is only that way when I get to work or have done little to prevent them from having their way in such manner. So after that I am allowed to go – I mean on this event my contract was supposed to expire in 4 weeks which I served and at the end was released but there is nothing wrong about making an impression on your boss so they can call you back again for a Job, except you have been bullied into health and safety mistakes and of course this has progressed further to publicity about your health and safety mistakes in a company where they are keeping the job still – I mean having a cold that is not going away because of their bullying is not going to affect a product that is prepared at such a high temperature that is designed to take care of such possibility or health breaches but it is not something you want to discuss with your clients, so I have no idea why exactly they built up publicity for it as well and must ensure they lose jobs for that sort of behaviour too, so that when I leave a job it might no longer be for complicated reasons, people do have the right to exist whether they are stupid or not - I cannot keep leaving jobs on complicated reasons even more so because I am not the kind of employee that easily gets permanent contracts.