It always happens around claims I sit somewhere and expect people to do things with me that are respectful when they are better than I am and I have just been given something I can thus insult people with by the Monarchy. None of which has a bearing towards reality since all I am doing is recovering my Empire which they thought they can break up and make theirs while I was concerned with matters of state at an international prognosis. I cannot sell my books if I don’t have my empire back and they will give it back. I mean they love to claim when things happen to me because of what they do it is my fault when they are the ones with the wrong publicity and also think these days that they control my life. So all I have gotten from them is that insult about the boy who thinks he is more important than those that are richer than he is. Same old story of wreck my finances over envy because of my Royal standing and then set off to make my livelihood and business some personality war that they want to end with a process of stealing my personality of which I don’t see myself doing the same with their livelihoods yet and really as such do wish they and not others were responsible for their own insolent salaries so I can start from there. What they tell me is that when I get to their homes and see the kind of expensive things they have, my anger will dissipate because I worship them and so will my sense of equality by which that stupid anger was possible and it is not going anywhere hence becoming more and more infuriating everyday. When no anger around here dissipates because they are no body they get on media to make it up and try to force it on me all of which takes time while they hold onto my empire to continue to get rich with, which is such a good use of my time.


What I don’t understand however is what they want with my market I built with my own hands anyway. Last I checked they were the real men that owned the girls that always know how to destroy other peoples finances, while I am a cunt. Now I had to go round the long route of the generation gap, where each time somebody helps me they fall out with their mates i.e. them, each time somebody buys my wares they fall out with their mates i.e. them, each time somebody gives me a job they fall out with their mates i.e. them while they get on media to dominate me and all they have done to achieve this is get rich people on media talk to them and go to their homes to drink tea with them or something maybe sleep with their wives or daughters as well for those of them that know their stuff and know what to do to build up violence they can attack me with later when I try to resist. Now they barge into my market squeezing out, destroying etc and when I ask them about it tell me they have got power and there can only be them as men who are actually real men, with a big mouth. This occasion of the fact I want my empire back of which is not the first time anyway.

So now I mention it they tell me that I have been forced to deal with matters of Equality around the world while they get rich and “cum.” With this I just intend to see what they think about my assault on that libidinal rubbish they think is part of any economy and will be developing it further from here too. In the end I do need to breathe the free air that they have the luxury of not get choked by idiots trying to grab pieces of me to peddle and get rich like the light on my face etc while I sit somewhere to suffer to provide them with comforts with their stupid insolence.