Of course there is no shred of truth to a claim I have made my entire existence into something society idiots can pick on at will; I know what I am doing and am not responsible for their actions should they revolt against the Monarchy, I am not responsible for other peoples actions: however what I am responsible for is my own actions and they can never have enough of picking on me because the Monarchy exists as the only way to build themselves publicity and reputation, so if they did get rid of the Monarchy I would play a part no matter how big they were to ensure they started from where they started their own and do not keep any of the benefits of the Monarchy because of what I have been through otherwise we would have a problem with justice and the way the world is supposed to work.

I am not an enemy of their freedom and civil rights, they are their own worst enemy and have this bullying that entire governments must listen to lest they revolt which is concerned with their seniority to latch onto and armed with it, I seem to be something they want to handle all the time especially the African ones with a big mouth, so they cannot not touch me, they cannot not touch my possessions and we all know they want to live in such ways as they basically are free of work and generally get out of bed to spend other people’s lives and possessions on themselves which is what this is all about but their bullying is supposed to be a measure of their violence and I have been targeted again with a big mouth as well; so I am trying to find out if we have gotten to the tit for tart eye for an eye condition especially over their stupid women as well so they can find out what I am made of too, otherwise the simple question is that of or else what?

The claim my activities do not pay off in terms of career and finances is exactly the same claim as the one concerning my being chosen by HM and put through learning to do a certain work for her of which they are superior to me because their fathers and grand fathers got chosen in the entire Country to perform such roles as it were and it therefore is closely related to the need to get media to help them to my possessions in order to consolidate this superiority that will eventually be certified by civil rights and human rights as well depending on what media makes of it. What I have to deal with is a case of me and my book sales with them in between determined to ensure my work is only known when I had passed away and the question now is whether I am equipped and ready to deal with that as well and from where I am I think I am: after all it makes no sense for people to talk about being set back on their plans for insolent freedoms that cannot leave others alone which has taken off from lies they tell about who they are and what their freedoms are with media but does not stop there looking for trouble when they had already gotten what they wanted as it were, if they feel they want to find a Muslim that lives in the most arid parts of the world to wind up until he wants to blow up their cities and kill himself too in the process, there is no point of it if they want new democracy and civil rights from my privacy and personal life despite currently complaining about what others have done to them and it is an example of how they got to the point where people have to listen and pay attention to them i.e. the number of other smaller people, large numbers of them per head that these idiots have abused in conditions where there are no rules just like they think I am neither royal nor commoner and therefore am some big prize: hence it’s a question of or else what and I have not put myself in any corner where people can do things they shouldn’t normally do with me either, it’s an old story about being a Christian and people thinking they will push me into an end where all I own is given by God and available to all for deployment – so when they move it into careers and personal life and jobs and so on and the people who cannot use their own lives and possessions to accomplish what they want lest they pay a price for anything in this world know what the state of my personal finances are and can therefore persecute me financially then they want a fight and that is what they are getting at the moment. I am not going to end up doing anything any stupid Africans or Nigerians for that matter expect or want me to do – question is or else what? It’s a familiar story about people you lead who think they have found a cliché that offers them dominance over you and in my case they say I support forms of permissive tyranny and I say they have bullied so many others that are smaller than them to a point where they think they can address anybody they bloody well wish, so that if anybody dared to broaden the spectrum of the great and the good they will fucking turn up in a list.

I hear what my case really is, is not exactly clear but I am sure first of all these idiots do understand the part where their sons are seen helping other countries to greatness which is an issue that needs to be dead and buried and their foolishness never seen around my concerns along with its media and popular leaderships of insolence with it too. However if I need be clear the reality is as simple as the fact that those of them that are rich know this is the Queen realm and not their own and the government operative wants to do peaceful things because it is the only way to detach from the Military that he also serves besides the people and hence shares a Royal order with as it were and when they enjoy their expensive lives nobody will bother them – that is the way to do it not think that they have so much money I wouldn’t mind. The others are supposed to have been the trouble makers that need to understand something about messing with the office and messing with the fact people are loyal to me and messing with the things I do to raise funds, they are the ones that need to be reminded to keep off the Literary Empire and the Royal Estate, they are the ones that need to understand that they deserve everything they get when they act otherwise – or can continue to think unto folly that they had so much money One wouldn’t mind: I mean it is never clear why anybody would feel they created a phone and that others must enjoy a piece of other peoples government work through it to give them a sense of self worth, nobody knows what the brainchild of that manner of looking for trouble is exactly, so I dont know if I have missed out anything here as it were. I mean you have to wonder who on earth they suppose they are anyway, making use of my Government work and my Literary Empire because they are so rich I wouldn’t mind – it is impossible to be hard pressed to find such stupidities commonly as it were: it is one of those things that causes people to save up an old hate. It does not matter of I shopped in Camden meat Market one day and then the next in Oxford street; it is somebody’s Government offices and that is all they need to know about everything concerning me and there is a use for absolutely everything that they see about and around it especially its public sides and publicities – so I dont know if I have missed out something. Of course the claim is largely that this is supposed to have made big moment but it does not, big moment would be when I want to resolve the issue of how this process of selling products by peddling my government office works i.e. they keep an eye on me and disrupt everything I do until they have information on it, so that for example I were a tailor and wanted to make myself a coat, they will have know everything about it down to the last thread and as well as when I am wearing it or going out and then they will pull a yarn and then that will mean once I step out unaware, they can tell me and that split second serves a process where they can get rich with my work and my people before I do and it is the sort of heart wrenching heart disease feeling burgled every single second stuff they will do nothing without talking nonsense about reaching a certain point in the life of business and Industry where things are not done in terms of going out to meet customers and settling what it is about their products people like etc – the society ones talk nonsense all the time but I think I had addressed their case earlier, they say is associated with their freedoms and civil rights and democracies and so on and feel like getting out of bed to spend mine and the question is or else what? I mean who the hell are they to keep an eye on me like that anyway and build up all these stupid leaderships of insolence their wives and children and mistresses can take advantage of and they like to say I keep an eye on them as well which brings us back to the old issue of seeing them outside of my empire and any of its market derivatives especially the ones they coined by themselves without permission that will never ever be given. What I say about items people can do without messing with is of course supposed to have been the part about where I try – the stupid bastards never take a hint.


They do say the problem is largely that I dont want to play along with the demands of media idiots that put journalists on TV for me to so what I do with but of course we all know this whole process of chasing markets people derived from mine because they cannot work for their own was their idea because they have media to play around with; it always has to be damage that is so little but so important that it distracts me from administration work and sitting down to write the books which are the actual products and must be so small a damage that it leaves them enough energy to chase the process of that superior way of finishing a company and sitting down to administrate and write the books becomes their own with that stupid media while I have to find another, followed on with lots of distant fascism sourced violence and lots of irregular heart beat TV and a big mouth all over the place about those they can take on who cannot take them on; I mean these are people are not in any position to tell me about whom I should be thankful to, they never ever do anything they are told and never ever listen to anybody whose possessions they have come across and deserve everything they get to that end. I mean I want the ladies back at the Court and I need to finish my academic work and get these books in the market and if  a business reporter that is a member of a Princes Court who helps him with his literary empire reports business news it should be clear where her status is and not a perversion that leads to an outcome in which Britannia loses out and they travel around the world getting rich which of course is why they do it i.e. they are trying to get rich and famous and should not be disturbed; enough is a word and it gets to a point as well and then I can be thankful.

I hear that I am trying to set up journalistic business that will rival them and they can see it coming but of course even if that was what I did I am well within my rights to do it because their girls never listen and can handle anybody’s company for 14 years to make a show of men that make assumptions about girls that are out of their league in the manner of leading me on to claim I am involved with them in public so that at a point where all my life depends on it they can tell people they have no clue who I am and even unleash a dog on me – it makes you wonder if you are really that inferior in their view but of course I do normally set out 14 years of my time and just give it away like that as it were; so I am within my rights in that and it’s not a topic for conversation because they never ever listen to what anybody is saying to them. I mean there was always meant to be a Court here and women were always to be in it and the Court will do what it was meant to do by their women or mine either way it will be, however it has to be seen having been they started and are now complaining that it has gone on for 14 years because at the point where I and those women they thought were their own found friendship their stupid girls got involved to get it done for them and now they expect normal lives, they want to profit from their stubbornness – mean it’s a classic water and milk occasion where they know being intimate with them will wind me up every single time and there is nothing neither I nor they can do to change that but it will become their main preoccupation which has only begun to make its purpose manifest i.e. all these uses they claim they have for me to benefit the world and to benefit women and things I can do which I will be made to get done and of course the big issue is that I still never ever seem to have gotten used to it as well. It is when I mention the water and milk issues which might explain why I am angry about them all the time that they claim I speak of it but their homosexual cultures lie in ruins and it is not clear if I have not had enough of that stuff yet but of course the big question is enough of what I am supposed to have had anyway – I mean Christians have always disapproved of homosexuality and people have always been homosexual, so I will never approve of it and I know if that changed peoples homosexuality there would be none in the world today but if they do not stay away from me things will stay as they are and they need to stop being stupid as nobody was born gay.


As for the story of all I have done coming to nothing which is a worthy news for people to create and spread as it were – the reality goes far beyond either a case of sick infantile greedy and genuinely money insane fools we Royals have never liked anyway that are always bad news everywhere they go every single time and goes beyond business idiots that have no wish to be nervous for me and my leadership when they turn up around my concerns to do whatever they like as a result of their lack of respect in view of their stupid money that exists for no other purpose than to stifle my empire to make sense of it – it develops into the old issue of what everybody in the world have seen these collection louts do with my company and what they have turned it into, not the company itself of course but the part that involves the customer, the part about what people think and know about it, the Political ones being the ones that have some form of society or secret society power that people can never cross without consequences as it were but eventually deployed for the same purpose here mentioned anyway – so people need to stop telling me it is their human rights or civil rights. If everybody had a habit of turning up to other peoples businesses to start a problem about needing the products but not buying it because they would have preferred somebody else to make it for them for example nobody would be successful enough to look after themselves let alone employ other people but these is the kind of wicked and twisted ideas that will disrupt the way reality works that they never seem to run out of and at the other end of the spectrum with that stupid media is a popular regular claim and expression that it is funny of which the media likes to think it is powerful but has no power whatsoever, only a process of making people too weak to take revenge on businesses that have caused them harm because the owners and perhaps managers of the sales are supposed to get self confidence from the process – so there is nothing about it that is their civil or human rights and one of the most annoying aspects of it is that they actually think these activities to be funny and we are hear all I have done have come to noughts when the reality is that I have not changed from being a Christian and there is no such thing: it is a simple case of seeing them and their stupid Politicians leaving alone my books for those that want it and that is not a complicated criteria for anybody to follow either as it were. All together I dont think they are that much of an issue, it is the same old story of how they think it is funny and how I think it is insulting: in order not to leave the insulting I think hanging for corruptions I ought to give details i.e. it is one thing for people to make pop music and build political career at my expense as well as attend school only when they have a hate figure that is me to take their problems out on and clear their stupid heads after causing trouble all over the place and it is quite another for it to mean they are superior to me and can control me as well as generally own me, especially if they are talking nonsense about doing my life for me which is always the best example of how far reaching into my personal life they want their deviance on account I ought to take note of the fact they are trying to be rich and famous and important and that it matters with that big mouth – it is another thing entirely however for this matter to develop into an issue of power where they regularly look and seek violent trouble because they are using my personal life and using me as a shield against their assailants who want to rip them apart and it is another thing entirely even so when this becomes a matter of daily routine where they only stop to assess if my personal life has been overwhelmed by it but it is quite another for it to mean they control and own me and can consume me like an item – this is very derogatory and abusive stuff and hence what I mean when they find it funny because they are louts and I find it insulting because they are dealing with somebody that cannot stand it whether or not it was regularly behaviour for the media in the past. I do not think it is unusual either, these are a very rare group of villains – villains who can do nothing about the bad people that attack them but can control and abuse the heroes who give it a try as well as own and are superior to them with that big mouth. So I do not think the matter unusual in anyway, only that I am not interested in their problems and I am certain they can follow a simple case of leaving alone my books and every benefit associated with it for those who want it.  I mean for every time they are seen the common behaviour is fanaticism and money madness and the setting of portions according to physical size and since their socialist idiots got into government to spend tax payers funds on them and talk rubbish about the corruptions of other parties it has really gotten out of hand but they will not accept that new democracy with my personal life can drive me up the wall, they must either be doing it because they think it does not make fitting sense to me or because they think I am ignorant about the size of their savings as compared to their lives of poverty of which the reality is always that they have not actually got enough to extricate these money based bullying they want to be able to do 24/7 none stop. Hence eventually for me it is the Politicians and their allies, business and government alike that pay the price for that one; conservatives share wealth with socialists and know what it feels like hence will try not to fuck around like that another time and likewise socialists with them so they can figure out what they want to do the next time their powers are to be deployed on those that are more important than they are with a habit of never learning from the results of passing judgements and being wrong every single time to talk nonsense about power and as for the Liberals, handling property will end very well too, it always does i.e. I am sure they can understand stay away from the books and every derived benefits and leave that to those who actually want it. We do hear the claim that I like to think I am a Christian but am not a real one and especially in light of this fact you can never feel good because socialists exist and money is everything and they can never have enough of showing people where their place is because of money which they do not have enough to do so with hence tend to attack poorer people all of the time just because it is their stupid nature and every other fool from every other stupid alternative party that is complicit with it as a means of blackmail to control those they believe their power should be used on and we all know it is always used on those that are more important than they are, then all I can say is that I really do hope the part where the devil says he will get me for this and get me for that does not lead to murders and school shootings since it is assumed they must have had their own all figured first before they set about making such claims, when we all know what they say in the first place is always a function of lies they tell themselves about me and then set out to believe because they have forced themselves to do so with their mad media – so if they have got their own figured out and there will be none of these really bad things happening so people can talk rubbish on media about how it was my own that was used to do it and so on, so I can accept that it was so that it might happen again, then there is nothing whatsoever to worry about. Again this matter of Villains who are so corrupt they need the brilliance of Heroes to get around their evil business with is not an emotive issue, we are all very familiar with it and the Industry ones have no respect for my Office at the National level because they say they are getting rich and famous but above all a time will come when this whole process of realising they will never get what they demand from me will give rise to a condition where they realise their mates and others who never had a chance have got ahead of them and everything will depend on the need to get it at all cost and that is why Company Markets must be prepared to extricate Book sales from it at all costs as well, such that it shuts down the whole thing; in my view if successful I will be doing the world a service and they can keep whatever piffling money they have out of Industry and leave me alone: it is the good old issue of Political fascism as a means of getting by which these goons always deny in public places every time but forms the majority of everything they are seen doing in public, as if I was born into this world to wait somewhere to have things done to me by them as it were with a big mouth and of course we know I can get attacked for reasons that are made up as people go along for years on account they are trying to ensure the cover up pays off but we all know that also means the biggest problem they have is the aesthetical aspects of my life where I sit in an office to administrate a Company; so if they worked for their money they know they would not have had the energy for it and they will touch neither myself and or my possession no longer as it were and this of course is where the matter is supposed to come to a head and then they can deny their fascist activities rather than stop and get on my book sales every day and the blacks, the civil right mongers of them deserve everything they get, not up to me to ensure they dont – in the end it has always been important to remind them of where their limits are and on this occasion even the resolving of the economic crisis or the worsening of it was never within their power. The need that these individuals have for access to my personal life is only measured by previous successes concerning a greedy corruption of anything they believe to be religiously pure and recently occurred claiming it is freedom and civil rights which creates the need to shut down every means they have to enjoying or replicating the proceeds of such things and as for the girls and women, they are supposed to have been the most insolent fools who find derogatory ways of profiting from those that are greater and more important than they are to whom their stupid power always applies with respect to jobs at stores and historical of hospitality environments but in the end for them it’s always a matter of issues taking their course in time due to benefit of ignorance because we soon realise there is nothing more important than an insolent manner to enjoying life and that is when it is time for them to put matters where they are meant to be.


I hear it said I have views about homosexuals that need to be stopped but of course I do not have a view about homosexuals whether it be stopped or not – the reality is that it is either homosexuals are homosexuals because they like to have homosexual sex or because they are homosexuals on account it is one of many dispositions to adopt which allows them to have an altercation with me which ends with a process where they get a privilege of injustice and I am put to derogatory work that improves their quality of life for as long as they live thereafter because of my arrogance and a certain success that gets in their eyes and we all know that if followed from that path the fact homosexuality is born out of great levels of wickedness will have become very obvious. I am a Christian and will never approve of homosexuality either and the reason for that is that I can neither change the number of homosexuals in the world in terms of the negative or positive if I did and they will simply have to live with my blatant condemnation of it – it’s like the old story about racism and various other forms of evil in the society; especially for white girls there is always a sense that they need to sacrifice me to be free from the problems black people attack them with all the time but when it really does come to it like these homosexuals as well the question is largely that of whether I am responsible for other peoples actions and of course if they realise how big Africa is and the number of people who live there that I have never seen in my life. My point is that these idiots at the end of the day will claim to be freedom fighters but in the end the reality about their nature is that they love to get up and from no particular direction at all just homogenise millions of people without reason or purpose: so at this point I have been labelled the biggest problem that the world that common people forged for themselves after the second world war faces but of course tabling it as a complain does nothing to bring about progress in the matter when their society powers people should neither mess with or mention when it messes with them means they want new democracies and freedoms from and with my personal life and I have only one message for that as it were; so when push comes to shove, nobody was born gay and the process by which we came to that will repeat itself again if I see any of their stupidities around here. The point is that whatever comes of these things is a matter of the stories they spread about me which are never really true just because my temperaments are noticeable and they will make use of it whatever the cost on account their wickedness means they have no limits and can handle anything they want; so the problem is that when they get to a stage where they believe the same lies they tell, in my mind the story of when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not has reached a turning point: I mean it can be measure on one hand by such realities as when you watch Winnie the Pooh and you do not want to serve or be served, usually the kind of thing you let yourself go with respect to all that happens around you when you watch but when you watch the news you feel normal and it is okay to act normal and accept children will not like it as much as you do – these fools however know nothing more than to ensure I am always unhappy 24/7 so that when they see me and get nervous in that condition it means they know where the gangs are and where the success and a place away from the problems are and need to control both in order to make a head way in their stupid lives and of course I am not a gang or in one and can get wherever I like as expressed by my confiscation of their sense of National fame so I can find out how their stupid children will do my stuff for me like they love to claim will occur – in the end of which their stupid Politicians approve of it at the highest levels of Government and expect progress in the matter when and if they complain about my activities at any stage or at any rate or in any form.

It is never true I am one of those who thinks terrorism is a function of religion – I mean there are two aspects only to violent wickedness and one of them is betrayal while the other is a process of putting people out of their misery – the question here is what those who want to get into me and betray me and a basic form of existence are doing without the fight they are supposed to prove themselves with and why they cannot shut their big mouth to that effect – especially for female politicians as it were the story has always been that when I want their own and I want it the way they are offering I will fucking ask for it and then they can give it the way they give as it were but for the media and popular culture fame and fortune idiots its much the same old case of what they want and those they can manipulate into getting it and have come up with this idea of an ever increasing size of crowd swarming my earnings and my personal life to extricate the energy for the campaigns they need and I have no idea what they are scared of as well for my part either. We all know apart from this, it is as simple as running a company and staying away from their deviance, never taking things because when it doubles up on you, you eventually start to attack your friends instead of your enemies that will continue to grow stronger and stronger as a result because you are not paying them due attention – their part of society is no longer something I can get involved with as a matter of choice it is a part of my life enforced on media by their Politicians while my life is something they can always get involved with if they wanted and I am going to break it for them as well – no point complaining if they get support at high levels of government and some Politicians continue to think they can behave in any way they bloody well wish – hence when it is brought right up to a man to man situation which then makes perfect sense of all that madness. The state of affairs where I spend so much time attacking my friends that they have grown stronger and stronger has been a perception I have created, it does not indicate that old case of any stupid threats they pose to me. The story of me having lot of republican fans which is also a problem for democrats in the US by the way is one that makes no sense whatsoever, first of all which I think the financial markets is the biggest farce in the whole world because people still end up sitting at a table to discuss selling companies to each other anyway – I mean it is a world where people use their own lives and possessions to get done what they want to do as it were but it does not mean I have going to have republican fans, yes there is the part where what I achieve is admired by many republicans but it is not as simple as having large republican fans – it is not an emotive issue either, it does appear the biggest problem that black republicans have is the Democrats, they say black people are never republican of course and that it is all in their hands and it is all very well but each time I see it around my book sales I make their leaders and President lame duck in revenge as well because we all know these are the two largest parties that basically run the Country and when people do that around other peoples finances they are being really evil. However where I stand in my own right is where the big idea is the big idea i.e. all these things are concerned with a group of men that get into league with me as a result of my work and how it supports them to get around their own concerns, who have deep ties with the UK – on account of this the trouble making Germans and their fans all over the world now know where I stand on the destruction they cannot seem to be satisfied with and so do their trouble making Americans know about where I stand and what I can get up to as well, so they both need to keep their stupid fans off my concerns and stop pretending they have changed the world the other way around. Eventually this is where the whole issue of their lives being something I have the choice to get involved with of which the reasons ought to be that I dont want to or that they dont want me to, not something that I am barred from because they have extricated a process of getting involved with mine 24/7 and making sure therefore that this is the way to keep me out of theirs on account they know where my books are, have problems and are generally frustrated with power to throw around and a big mouth along with it – so that is not what is happening presently and I am not going anywhere until I break it as well.