It is only natural that my views and opinions be needed about rail fares of course as if people are not aware of the reasons they go up and up they stay i.e. the business model of rail operators is to place investment in it whenever economic cycle comes around at the precise point where inflation will affect them in some way and then charge customers twice as much if they are being nice but for most of the time far, far more than necessary but what is more concerning is how the government does nothing about it but offers the rail networks more chances for privatisation, while the politicians are happy to chase around Tesco and Next because those are not playing their game as well i.e. it would have been possible for the government to work to control inflation at point of delivery for these vital service through diplomacy and trade relations where they can secure better deals and offset equities to reduce their purchase costs during procurement but that does not apply to the rails where the manager’s take home pay is a millions a year so he can celebrate Christmas every year like he has won the lottery while people are made to fund it because their business model is to work with inflation due to the fact that people will never believe that they need to pay more for their transportation. My views are always needed of course because of what these idiots have found in my personal life – most of the time they do not want to tell anybody it is about women who attack me because I practice a faith that people can use to harm them i.e. me a barrier between you and God concerning which I want people to help me control whether or not you can get employment and then me wants your penis because you practice a faith that can be used to harm me and it must be destroyed or stopped – while the men think they have located somebody they need to hurt and attack and harm on account that it is the only way that they and their stupid children can get to pretend they are clever until they better become so. They never tell people this is what they find in my personal life and that the reasons I do what I do to them come in three dimensions first being the insults of every idiot that rallies to their cause which means no matter how small will see me exact revenge on all of them around the world because I have paid too high a price to tolerate it, the other being that they cannot keep their filthy mouths and hands to themselves because they are planning a republic whereby they do not like Monarchy but it is their major preoccupation and as such need to ensure if I lose my royal commission I will not be able to do any other job or occupation with what I know, so they can feel superior and as such tend to feel genocidal all the time around here with that big mouth, the third being that they enjoy barging into my royal business and rocking my boat which is why I confiscate everything that brings about that stupid freedom and maybe the democracy as well – their version it I will not tolerate for my part and they know if they tell people what they have seen in my personal life I will do them again, so as usual the point of seeing things in my personal life is meant to exact self improvement based abuses the proceeds of which they can share with others and for it I will hunt them and never stop doing so as well; I will become their worst nightmare and at this stage I also think I am due to exact that in and at the industries as well and now they can control me in the name of the Monarchy as well like nobody knows the media and music industry has access to my personal life and does through parliamentary idiots and will never stop provoking me to that effect and will see an ugly side of me before it gets better too. They love to claim I have no regard for what I do to provoke people of course but in actual fact what I do to provoke people is take a journalist for example; the fact he sees me and he needs to show I want to rub shoulders with his job thinking I know what I am doing when I do not know anything and so it ends in violence that comes to me completely unexpectedly without any reason, purpose or is going anywhere as such and happens all the time everyday too, the Politicians on the other hand create a condition where I can be getting on with my own but bang it happens and it is total destruction and the reason for that is that they feel as though they want to get involved with me through other ways but the fact I am a career writer and so these things are trophy victories they extricate which they must now preserve and I am not giving back that stupid frontier on the left so that they can as well. As for the part of the things I do to deserve it however, the way it works is that it started ten years ago when I considered I needed to get into some kind of employment for three years or so before I got back to the University because I did need the funds to find my way around things even though I knew I would get student loans as well – the result was a process where they had located somebody with a brain for inspiration that everybody needed, who had to be stuck somewhere doing a different job so they can take over what is in his head to my their personality based career go places and so by 2004 when I had returned to the University the idiot had already gotten used to extracting inspiration from my life and career and personal life and were bound never to show any regard whatsoever for my assignments and dissertations etc and that is how they pushed me out of my academic work and into crippling student loans debt which they have not refunded with their big mouth and the things I do to deserve it, so that by 2008 when I first got my work published , they were already 8 years ahead of me spending my career and income on themselves. Bad as it was, nothing would have come of it if they had any respect for my right to earn a living but they didn’t on account they own me and if I earned a living would worry about nothing and hence provide them inspiration no longer and as such my actions are not hurting badly enough yet; so that it is now clear when I say this is just the beginning and people think that is an understatement, what they have not taken into account is that you sit in front of fans to read extracts of your work and discuss them to sell books and sign copies and that you run publicity for books in order to sell them and that you sit in front of fans to sign books in order to sell them – it is not at all an understatement that this is just the beginning. Yes I know I would be of more use to Africans if I stopped the games and put myself towards getting rich so that I can share with others but I do wonder if Africans, especially those that are related to me and know me inside and out are finished with their organised squander and insolence yet, I do wonder if they are through telling people they know me inside and out and I am a big softie over money yet, I do wonder if the pre-paedophilia abuses have reached their limits yet, I will not be told what to do and we have been there before as it were and the idea of the continued attitude of behaving like all I am and own is the answer to all the problems of Africa will only lead to results that will breed a new name to rival the cold war relics stories. The rest need to keep their business and plans to get rich outside of my personal life so it does not blow up in their faces and move on while they still have the chance to do so as well like I have told them to, so they do not have to become a major issue when I am out there with a public life i.e. their Politicians have never before done public work without being paid, I am just because people know how to scare my fans and customers with public and violent insults and we all know behaviours that affect others are things people can stop in a jiffy as well. So I am a government operative that does public work without being paid because of a behaviours and attitudes people exhibit towards me that can be stopped in an instant if they wanted to with a big mouth; the reality is that these goons are unaware of course a world I share with my Court and my Women is not shared with any other and this is something they will understand yet when I am off to the next level of my work here as it were – they want my left and want my right and its all that rubbish all the time and they can stop in an instant if they wanted to and I am on some kind of education on things they would do if they felt nobody would do anything about them if they did. We hear the black ones claim I try to make a living from near death experiences of course but it is only a while yet before I had put into overdrive that faith they claim I practice so that people can use it to hurt them and then we will find out just how near death I really am. They always say I say these things I say because of my desire to control people, hence I want to stop people from having attitudes; the reality is that nobody gets to stop others from having attitudes, what happens is that they turn up on media to attack me until they get a reaction because getting attention from the Christian or in his capacity as a Royal Prince is the answer to making a lot of sales for the day etc – they will do no jobs and nothing else with their lives ion waiting for a process where somebody walks by them on the streets and they had a relative that works on television, when they use you to get rich will not settle for a living wage when it is up to making you work the millions for them and for my part therefore I will elect and pay for publicity when I want any and they are looking for trouble too. They already know work at my office is split between church and state and what controlling them in the real world would look like from my point of view.


Of course we hear all the time that I think little girls ought to do things to serve my purposes but we all know as it were the story is very different from that and more a matter of how little girls they have brought up very well of course want to make me work for them so they can be rich and famous with the help of idiots that fancy themselves bullies such as Simon Cowel for example among others and we all know that while I will work for their fame and fortune they will not settle for a living wage either and bad as that may be the reality is that the insults never stop once they have it, so anybody in my position would want to put an end to it as well which is what I am going to do. The realities of this is that nothing I have as a venture can ever be respected, anything I have as a business is not a legitimate one because they gossip among themselves all the time about how I have stolen their stuff and turn out on advertisements to express them and earn my income instead of work for their own and these things I do are what the consequences look like which will get worse the worse they get, I can only continue to implore them to get their stupid selves off my books and off my Industries as it were. The men always say I support the existence of religion but do nothing about the fact people die because of it which I find hard to believe since they are always around places where people die on account of religion but do nothing to ensure it does not happen and generally think therefore I should put up with their public media stupidities as such since it is supposed to have been assumed by their think minds that it will bring back those who are dead which of course are the people that should get the attention they are using for other purposes at my expense as well. Hence for them the story is as it has always been; they do it I hold down the bad guys  - so some people ask what the real scope of that saying really is but we all know that there are people paid to prevent people from killing other people and there are people paid to protect children and women, there even people paid to make laws and guidelines by which those who do these things for a living operate but I must be the answer to their problems on account my own payment comes from working my Royal Estate – hence I don’t mind holding down the bad things while they do it since these their insults are things you get to church regularly to ensure you do not have to know but they must get up and force a knowledge of it on me thinking it is a plan to get rich which I want them to keep outside of my personal life as well so it does not blow up in their faces, bearing in mind everybody wants to earn money to pay their way in the world as it were. It always works really well for those women that are too wealthy to be chased up and protected by those who are paid to protect women mostly and then those insults about how I insult them by getting involved with them while they continue to handle my books and earnings really makes sense when people fuck them and fuck them up if they have enough in the circumstances and nobody was around to ensure it does not happen – for of course we all know the definition of abuse is not when a woman is raped for example, that would be the definition of when the woman is abused not abuse as a word in itself. I mean some people will tell me I solicit the abuse of women by the backdoor and am likely to get into trouble with them for me but of course we all know I can walk down the streets and see this guy that looks like a gang member but really isn’t and he starts to copy how I handle women and I have to say he has not been through what I have been through to get there and on the other are another group with whom I can get into trouble for mistreating women but I don’t mind anyway, I know if they touch me it will lead to a very serious outcome indeed either way. However I stand by what I have said; the definition of abuse is not when women get raped – now that does not mean it is justified since it should be seen that human beings never recover from internal injuries but the reality is that when it happens the part where it does is not really the definition of abuse itself and this is something women might want to bear in mind especially when they have disposable cash on them and are convinced they can behave in any way they want and I can be abused and taken advantage of which is entirely a myth, since I myself know what I need to do to kill older women who break my heart and am therefore not in any way something they should play around with and or abuse like they love to most of the time but of course this is a matter of US idiots surrounded by powerful men who can do anything and this is not the 1970 where they get around diplomatic circles, sleep with tyrants, chew snacks, steal money and generally do whatever they like after they had done a few songs at popular culture to make fame, very far from it and I will not tolerate any rubbish from them either; makes sense when people see Princes that fancy women who are older than they are because they want men they can use and control – it makes no sense whatsoever and the continued threat they pose to my freedom as a person will not lead to expected results in anyway whatsoever. Now on being tough I am really tough contrary to popular belief and can handle anything that is a pain in my backside; like in the UK where their children have an interest that involves a process where I have no earnings because when I do I will cease to work fame and fortune for them with their media idiots and the women simply want to control me by controlling my finances, I have confiscated female society to send them a message about abusing me in such ways, I have never expressed invited them or their American counterparts into my affairs to mess with me in that way and it is dangerous to keep doing it too – this is what reality really looks like and the African ones are not worth my attention. If people want younger men they can control, rather than turn up to have an interest that says it does not favour them if I have an income, they might want to think about picking kids instead, when they want Prince charming, leave the real Princes alone – its all I can do about it. Now its like the rail companies that say I gave an opportunity for them to work with the government to handle costs in order to save the customer the pain of rising fares and now they try to I go back on it; the truth and reality of course is that while I said something about a fixed cost that is expensive but constitutes up to 80% of the business in itself, my position of the environment has now been used against me with respect to the supply of timber and that is not the only thing rail companies are up to, there is also the fact that planning their business around our pockets and putting the products forward in a statement which suggests a certain percentage of our earnings belong to them and they can increase it whenever they want is terribly rude and next to stealing but worse still is the fact that since it is so capitalist all round we should all be able to get around the business community of rail companies to claw back a few pounds here and there doing services that may be needed in order to help our employees with travels costs but that has been completely cleverly planned off and shut down in that they do not put any investment into the system unless inflation is around the corner. Now all together I guess the main issue is that their families are involved with civil rights when anything I work for which involves dealing with them is to be taken away and spent; which then means that I have been messing around with the big boys who have since spent time working out unscrupulous means to profit and are now knocking on my door from every angle including the housing market but we all know this is looking for trouble since what they do is criminal and what I do is a function of handling my public and royal work and as if that was not enough handling my business as well – so it is the issue at the heart of how and why I get threatened with racism all the time i.e. when it is job done customer pay they do not get to make any profit and so they need to ensure they are not working for it because it does not pay when they do, have strange relationships with money with their mistresses who like them assume I buy media equipment so they can talk through to me. So I have a problem with these fools from every imaginable corner and they say they are knocking on my door. So this is it for now and there will be more economic issues and more issues about rail and housing.


Of course we immediately and predictably move onto the issue of my being hounded by black people and Africans but it is perfectly sound too, since that whole process of oppression and counter oppression, suppression and counter suppression with nothing or a salary that is not enough for two is what I was born into this world for and of course it also shows the white man is the problem that black people have as well. I do not think it a major crisis and never have in a decade, this blog is at this stage four and a half pages and it needs to be seven pages wherefore even if it is tomorrow is another day and I know their strengths as well. It is normally said most of the things people do around me is something they do because they give me opportunities and I toss it back in their faces but of course we all know that what really happens is that they turn up to do things to or with my work and especially the emporium in order to make profit which causes the media to behave in a very destructive way towards my property and they have read the facts, they know what the emporium is really all about but they will prefer to set it out as something that exists so people can sell things and get rich, realise they are doing such a damage but become a lot more interested in preserving their new found means to unscrupulous profit making. I cannot just allow people to do things to my business which causes the media to behave in any way that is destructive to me, this is all there is to it but not for them, they chose to be bloody minded all the time and yes I understand there are business models that work in that way but these goons are not business men and women, they are people who have money not to buy things but to steal them and like to make out I talk like I do because I am having a ball on the welfare state but all that does is give me a mindset which says I can be successful if I want to and apply myself to it if I am interested and hence do not have to go around hurting anybody when what gets sold and what doesn’t no matter how much of my market people steal depends on the decision and choice of the consumer – unless that is people plan a business around owning the consumer or indeed around the consumers pocket. So its a matter of the major difference between a royal Prince like myself and business men who need their space to be poor when they start out, in order to make it to the top or need some healthy kick start from somewhere when they start out if they are at the top – as royalty even if you do have a global thing going on it will always still remain a knish market or arrangement, so there is a certain kind of destruction they exact when that bloody-mindedness and an inability to leave me alone is operated around how I am a service dinosaur and they will work with plebes; of which we all know it does not do to call poorer people plebes when plebes clearly do not solve their own problems because they want the problems they can preserve as power and find somebody that has not got any to pick on instead and then create hierarchy by so doing too. Without the welfare state no body and I am not understating that either, nobody would get eight years ahead of me with my own career earnings like they have at present – the downside of the welfare state is of course that the government does not support you mentally when they wind you up every day to drive you mad and make it impossible for you to study or work, it does only when you are broken and need care, however the unemployment support does do its job if you are working on it anyway; so it is never really all rosy and easy like they make it out to be. However these idiots specifically are not just getting around destroying my property of which if we check into it they have their own media support for that business model they have which then means they will destroy me just so they can start me off where they started in order to be the millionaires they are today which is not so cheap as they think it is as well – they also want to build a life around messing me up so badly they change my quality of life by changing the state of my mind and then from what they will gather as fact about me and it build one of their own like that for themselves, so it is an old story; they have money to steal not buy things. Generally therefore it is not a crisis; even if they owned the entire general public, all I would have needed to do would be to kick their arse so that I can sell my products and then that will determine what the size of my market becomes and hence the welfare state does its job and anything I do still pays off and gives me access I need when I want to and have worked for it and in that sense of things depending entirely on consumer choice it does tend t preserve democracy in its own way. All I am saying therefore is that they have the facts and they read the service I am providing and what the products do for the most part and so the decision to use the product for something else is looking for trouble; I mean they do it all the time and my emporium is no place to find a rare thing with which to do successful sales man as it were – its like when I say the blacks are like the blacks and the whites like the whites and the Muslim ones shit where they eat and think it is somebody else’s problem, all the time a cup of violence just for you and we are not talking about antics of the poorer people that causes some useless goons that have money to spend to describe them as plebes, we are talking about bend it over and use it for something else. Of course when I mention such things people tend to say they now know more about me but do not know the half of it i.e. one of their most important question is why I never care what black people get up to but first of all we know civil rights goons exist because they have somebody at their communities who exists solely to spend and waste your property making millions, the reason is that when you look into it they get to spend all the proceeds and benefits from doing so and thus hate members of the royal family so intensely because whenever you kick peoples arses, it always eventually comes down to family issues due to the nature of this kinds of arrangements they have; hence its a simple case of I don’t want to play with black girls because they like to be humiliated and if that does not do it I can always humiliate them, naturally of which there are the complains of course but I do not see them act in ways that suggest otherwise at any point whatsoever, big small rich and poor alike. I am not talking about the Muslim ones – those are actually people that are terrified of something its not the same.


Now I am actually fed up at this stage with their perverted news reports for the most part, I mean about Gibraltar for example they want to report the matter is about sovereignty and or about road blocks but it is really all about disputed waters that actually belong to Gibraltar that can do whatever they like with it, except that when they do since the Spanish like most Europeans have great ideas about real men and real leaders and things do and ways people live that fundamentally provokes them and requires them to have fantasies of leading them like a huge penis and so on, they have decided to devise what the cost is to their fishermen and their fishing economies when Gibraltar Government dumps concrete blocks in the sea to secure development of sea life and have decided to apply those costs at the border where people from the principality travel into Spain for work or business etc – so that is their own way of doing things in Europe for the most part and most of them are insolent in such ways talking nonsense about being real men and real leaders and threatening people all the time. Now the question people ask is why I am bothered but for me it’s like having a toy to play with, this ability to ensure the media do their fights without using that of the Armed forces or the Foreign office etc – I mean when Spanish Media attacks British Media, British Media attacks Spanish Media not use the foreign office or Gibraltar to do so and hence when you put it into perspective that they want to live in such ways extravagantly and at the same time I am just being bullied by them and called strange names like little shit which is good for the furthering of their TV personality careers, you understand what I mean. Hence the question always comes through of how people have behaved differently but my position at my websites about the BBC still stands; so of course the truth is that BBC diversity Policy is not just an affront to the fact I have the right to exist and to have a job and a quality of life because every idiot wants to see me and get in touch with their relatives on media to make all I am them so they can be famous and they differ with every fool that works there specifically to bully me for a living. Hence they are not suggesting I take anything down so these fools can make connections with government and cause me to do things I don’t want to do as well are they? The reality is that sky for example is entirely media business and they rotate interests in each area that is doing better than the other like sports, Magazines, news papers and TV, in order to ensure all the various arms are doing as well as each other for the most part. In the BBC it is a clear cut matter of straight license fee paid and straight information business which I enjoy more than I do sky or the others but of course its diversity Policy therefore means something else and I will not be bullied by those idiots either, quite fed up with being told the problem cannot be controlled too. The last time I really had enough of it was in 2005 where they made a programme that ran for about two weeks about publishing at the end of which they said they had a website where they will try out and find out who will win a chance to get published – hooray, something I can take part in no matter how badly I lose in order to have an experience of some sort in the eventuality but when I went to the site, it was about publishing schools, endless links to lots and lots of them and book clubs telling you to join one in your own area; so that was it for me, so they can get involved with people in their own area as well and I can keep my head and get a job done. Another example of these kinds of matters is that of students; they are not only the biggest assets diversity perverts in the BBC have, they are also deeply rooted in the land than I am because it is what their parents tell them, even when they can see I am older than they are. So it is an old case of tall tales they tell and no respect for my personal space each action to do so of which is followed by an accusation I don’t like their city identity which is quite true and a problem they have not yet resolved with their insults but also threats that will ensure I cannot get my personal space back from them. All I really can say is that people need to keep them off my public work and my royal work and my books and their media goons off the book sales and the industries not give me a conundrum over my commitments every single day which I actually not getting used to no matter what they are for their part and any academic work I engage myself in since they are all one whole and not doing so will see us find out who is older again at the jobs market, where I will be waiting for a repeat performance. The invasion of my personal space and telling tall tales and follow on threats however is a matter I am too busy to get into at present, all in its own time as it were. Technically I always say it is not my responsibility this process where the Negro Prince must now be responsible for the fact young people in developed economies have all together become more lazy, more stupid and all together more destructive – I always say it is not my responsibility to draw the line for everybody however I have done my best making sure developing economies do not view small business sectors of developed economies as cash cows, however if the Monarchy does say it is my responsibility, they are in for it as well. Hence I can only say they need to stay off my book sales so I don’t have to do the who is older routine at the jobs market again, we all know it will be a global thing anyway. I am not actually playing a game to find out if others can steal my career with any media and popular culture industry idiot, I cannot say enough that this is not the 1970s, however the reasons they think I pay a lot of attention to them is that they have won a great class war victory but in actual fact that does not concern me at all since the process by which they have done so is criminal and suggests they are later planning to give people back their lives by creating their own version of normalcy, either way of which it hands me a license and as it also applies in the UK the foolish Politicians especially alternative lifestyle ones for the American ones, tend to think that I owe them some sort of debt of going through it so they can take over and deal with the trouble makers, what really concerns me is that I cannot seem to get it into their thick skulls they need to stay off my book sales.