As for Tory discrimination and the process of labelling me for it, which operates under the prognosis of don’t change that your life in which my position gives me lots of privilege because it belongs to me otherwise you will suffer at my hands insults they have American friends for; I am supposed to assume they are infamous for it which therefore means none of my warnings mean anything to them as it stands currently.

The fact of the matter of course is that if I am to spend my property on celebrity culture the main point should always be those who help me with my work and the tendency is always middle classes educated in the Arts, not stupid get rich quick Tories and I am serious when I say they should not tempt me over it, with all that rubbish about holding people back until they are set up so when they want to demonise people for discriminative violence it might be scary. I have had enough of my precious time wasted by stupid socialist that have clearly seen the results I warned them about and cannot make out why that is not enough deterrence. It works only on the black ones who spend most of their time defending themselves in a way that idiots can murder them over racism for. It serves them right at all times because when they were young people they were immoral, when they started earning money it became a time to be evil and when they had families it was time to be selfish and now they are older than everybody it is time to be stupid and when asked what they are playing at, then they are busy affecting the way the culture works in their favour. I am warning against all that rubbish about first of all the advantage of being older than me and then the advantage of the fact I am cash strapped and then the advantage of the fact the onus is on them to or not to stir gangs against me with their big mouth; I have had enough of it.

I mean things like media idiots tussling with me over regional matters at my work because there is an aspect which involves selling books to earn a living. It’s the sort of thing they expect me to forget, such that when I tell them it seems when they are finished with their games they will want to do something useful with their lives the Politicians think they will get special treatment. There will be none, they are my prime target and should make friends with their stupid old men and leave me alone; so that it might the next time they want to make all that kind of noise they made during 9/11 and the Iraq crisis for example, they can see with a clearer view what justice exactly looks like for me not get confused when I want it. As I said I have had enough of my precious time wasted by such foolishness and will not take prisoners.

I mean each time I try to get books sold around here those responsible for and have access to it will deploy free copies of it on the newly created market, with which Politicians can then be asked by them to tell the world it’s a slaughter, while they go off to enjoy the high life. They need to keep their friends with their idiots now and leave me alone and I need to make this line visible as I did warn them the previous year they are going down the path in which they will rob me off the wrong way in this one. Considering these things are approved against me from high places such as the White House where it is done even before people win elections to occupy it, then they can get confused later on as well to do my stuff for me and look for provocations that they expect will end in self improvements where they do something useful with their lives, as they expect.


With respect to public transport it is the duty of the government to supply the kind of public transport that is comfortable and operates properly, so people might get out of their cars. Not force people to use public transport because there is need for it. If these people who complain all the time were serious about it anyway, they know it should have been done during Labour but they would not say anything that will demonise the party that fights for the people. So if Labour invested in Public transport and not the welfare state with all the money the UK had, they would have become more Tory than Labour hence the problem. Labour thus went out with the mantra of making it more expensive, subsidizing it a little, encouraging more criminals to use it and then forcing people to use it when the criminals and trouble makers had taken over. Now they complain when they vote for it without being blind folded. Then some complain about my problem with other people’s ability to lead which is utter nonsense-they would never have a problem with their ability to lead if they led those who voted for them. I did not and it has nothing to do with how the Monarchy works either. As far as that is concerned of which their lives are always built around the process of destroying the best because based on what they have seen of people’s lives and what lives like those have created from history, they can ensure that the best amount to nothing and as such live a life of suffering and then when they complain their complains become a means of corruption and insolent threats of violence and freedom fighting as well, then the stupid can take their time and go from pennies to millions because it is never enough. Here in the UK the result is always that just because the victim is a writer it must affect every writer there is, if he is a city worker every city worker must be affected lest he finds a way of getting a job making a living and shutting that violent extremism door down. So when people have enough they give such persons fame or even noble property. What I am saying therefore is that I was not elected alright but I was chosen and cut off from every other means of making a living but what I was chosen for by the same people who chose me, so Politicians can have it somewhere in hell if they want. It happens like that all the time because they are the world’s worst envy freaks.

So am I caught between the conservative party and the Labour party?  Well it does make me wish people would tell me something I don’t already know when such matters are raised. This time however I am not looking for a way out-let them fight, I have warned them enough.

Update 18.12.2014 the Industrial Alliance, dirty intrusive tricks, theft and media


The story of Politicians having settled on all the needed parameters to ensure there is always one back breaking work for no pay that the powers of men and the Politicians and their secret societies can push me into along with their media idiots have no basis on reality whatsoever; what is reality is that these their idiots and every activity they engage in does not pay bills, provide shelter, provide clothing or even protect anybody from anything and as long as the Politicians continue to feel their access to my details at the Civil service and my public work and book sales should be a prerogative for them to make money and appear to be all knowing and never wrong, it will never be settled and we will continue to see these kinds of stories come up again and again and again – which clearly does show they are tired of working for the idiots who clearly will sleep with anything to have their upper hand over the government and bully it into doing what they want. It’s much the same story with Mr Obama or the part where they think Parliament is where they run to when they shoot their insults at me to a point where it winds me up. Mr Obama can simply decide nothing else matters except wrecking my finances and holding my books down for these idiots to do whatever they like with and now he thinks he has come to an understanding of what the purpose of my books are and hence will not accept that purpose and move on after years of this activity whereas what is going to happen which already is, is a condition where I do the same to him as well so that I might be decadent too, the ones here in the UK have gotten a fair idea of the fact I have not got the time but can still dish it out for them at least three times a week. We hear them speak of the government of the US pulling off a system of freedom that involves these idiots having their version of freedom set out on other peoples possessions and getting away with it and that it is the Kind of country they want to live in, none of which is based on reality at all which is rather that the US Government has killed for the same idiots, killed on behalf of the same idiots and the US Government has killed the same idiots but nothing whatsoever has changed. The Politicians here in the UK however are only found in a place where the tax payers will have enough of them soon enough yet while they brag about oppressing me, considering they have not got a clue what they are doing anymore. I don’t think it is an issue, it’s a matter of somebody’s kid from God knows where got elected into government office and want to be able to set out one means after another by which he gets to exercise the ethics and aesthetics of being me alongside spending my income of himself and so they turn up here as stupid as they come and a mind that thinks within the pros and cons of personal growth and development that a bad thing that be good sometimes, to govern us, having therefore just like their idiots they have for celebrities and media scum, a sense of how far their minds have wondered around their career and all the possibilities of things that can be harmful to them which beats the imagination that anybody will want to explore, that they want to open up and have me shoved into, to experience, so that they can feel they are above the law and so when they speak of this sense of work to oppress me with, it is always important they know the houses of Government are not their possessions and that they are pushing their luck, besides which I can always fuck those their stupid minds for them again as it were. I don't think it a major crisis either - it’s just reality that I have to wonder if there is another way save the one they are moving to at present i.e. write a book about shirts and trousers and end up dealing with so much nonsense in the morning until the little market that opened up around shirts and trousers matters shuts around you and the Politicians and rest and think the trivia power they have seeing you broken when you need money badly but have not got any is really amusing; the one that fits their size is acting first within the need to look into civil service bullying that runs along the lines of dishing out violence for them until they spend their stupid salaries to secure protection from you and you can dish it until you start to make money from it as well - otherwise seeking out the worst that the society has ever produced that spend their time smoking Class A drugs or sleeping with girls that are as useless as they are, seeking other peoples income when done with bloody shot eyes and an impudence that knows no limits will no longer have access to me because of what Politicians and their media idiots turn out in public to say every day. I am just concerned that the choices are becoming thinner and thinner with respect to a process where Politicians regularly feel like making a statement about my public work or my books when they do not have a copy of their own and of course when I have not signed any contract to such an effect as well for my part; they say I started the provocation which means that Mr A is journalist and travels around the world to do her work and met a charity in Thailand and regularly gives money, is involved with various other causes as well and because she is doing it by herself brokers equities with me to look after everything i.e. every time they try to cash into it I write something on a website which then provokes them, so he who can judge should tell me I am wrong when I explore the one that fits their size as well – apparently going to my office can be provocative because the office exists if they recognise it with that big mouth.

We hear those insulting tales I have selective memory for example when it is all a matter of insults I don’t want to pay attention to which Politicians give Publicity to because they want to get rich with my possessions and so on and when I remember the ones that really struck a chord, it means I have a selective memory – I do suppose at the end of the day they will eventually keep talking about it until they put their hands up and show themselves as the people that get after my anus and penis all the time and then the story will change into a different tune as well. They are the ones that play these games of damaging peoples finances in order to sit about working out how they will be leaders as well when they had chosen who leads based on how much money they have, which means he that had has nothing and he that had nothing now has everything and the world is perfect and stays that way permanently as well. It’s like that old case of how republicans thinks I would never have been mad enough to table my view of their political position before them and it is always so annoying especially so because it comes up at all because of the insults of their media fools on account they are likely to bring it up that way too, the need to see me broken and in pieces before them at some point to fill them with a sense of power but of course the reality has always been that of the problems being a matter of fundamental immorality where they think what is most important in other people’s lives is actually what they want and so it becomes a matter of threats of violence or worse very easily for them too as it were until they become republicans and end up killing people and have to be killed as well. So this story of never being able to table my views is another example of course as it were, they say the rest of us live in a world of delusion where nothing ever gets done but of course if you slice a tiny spectrum in the piece of the pie and examine it you end up with a condition where it is not as if ways of communicating with those that are older than us which means we don’t have to handle them like they are pals when we are trying to convince them we are honest about what we feel or say or do for example has completely disappeared from their part of life but the rest of us know that if it is not there every time an older person suspects you are not being honest and you communicate like they do it will send people off the cliff right away.  So the pricks think there are views I have of them that I would not dare share in public places with a big mouth that we are all used to as it were; I have never considered it a problem, I am Royalty and they are not because the Country gave it to me that way and did not give any to them, so the reality is that there is every chance they might be standing right by my Royal Estate talking nonsense like these which of course amounts to looking for trouble, which brings us to the same old problem i.e. if Politicians do not work for them we will not see them anywhere near the Parliament in the first place. So obviously, I win again.

I hear it is said everything is so lose as a result of the fact I have trouble with following rules which is utterly untrue, it only leads back to the same two issues associated with the matters immediately above i.e. it’s all very well for people to do their fundamental immorality and talk their violence at the British and do their civil wars in faraway lands but their behaviour will not be tolerated by those who copy it here at home as well anyway – much the same with the old story of Asbo which we speak of as something we think about when talking about young people whereas the biggest problem the neighbourhoods face is the older Adults; those are the ones that have bad children and are having a dilemma to keep their bad children away from others on one hand while on the other get society to pay for the price they have had to pay for society to have what it wants or needs – those are the ones that do harm others because there is an onus on them as agreed in their company of friends to do so i.e. I for example really have this problem with fat boy types and their tacky shopping channels and it is actually global no playing around whatsoever and of course we all know the only reason for it is that they have a drink with their friends and doing those things is what they view as an onus on the ones that attack me, so that if they do not do it the onus may be filled by others – so I never see them being made to obey rules, I never see them levied with Asbo and so on and I am not saying I have trouble following rules, I am saying when mentioned it is a test of how much of it Politicians follow which means they are unable to see these things happening – after all when these goons are done the worst that can happen is that their block head children become the millionaires of the future, who had a few thousands at a point where nobody noticed them and high society paid no attention either, so that by the time it did they were millionaires and had enough money to get around to anything they liked which is the kind of success the fathers find respectful save the problems which is something others need to be made to take care of as well; I mean I am not saying this is a problem either since I have enough women here that need their freedom, I am saying that in terms of rules Politicians are not it, in fact they are very well known for attacking viciously and violently illiterate entrepreneurs especially when they are young people.


I understand this really intense need to show people the conception that I am a good person is wholly wrong and that I am evil beyond belief but I have no idea what they hope to achieve by it anyway, all I know is that those sort of conversations are born out of the things I do to them as well and as long as their stupid evil Labour Party and its people do not turn up here to wreck my finances and stand around having a perspective that means they want to know what their stuff looks like then I will not have to cut anybody off financially so they can turn up in public to tell me what my own looks like as well which is what they are doing very well at present. These are very twisted and evil people who like to brush their true nature up and cover it over with money and they love to think bugging me is amusing especially when they display how amusing it can be on Media for that purpose as well and this is not their lives, they need to move on and leave me alone. I am simply going to keep saying what I can about the anus and penis and tummy and head and abusive insults until it leads to the point where I will need to see their own anus and penis and tummy first before they can get a job and then they will become prostitutes and start to get poetic because nobody wants to pay good money for their services and I am aware they are perfectly aware of it too which is why they are always in such a hurry to get rich and famous so quickly. Of course it is a familiar tale these days that the issues that need to be resolved is the part I fill in being instrumental to the problems people deal with today which didn’t previously exist, I wouldn’t know, all I know is that when people write books others buy and read them not ensure the books reach highest levels of governments for the express purpose of making sure they never get sold; what I said I was going to do about it is broker equities in public so when I tell them to buy products they will buy it whether or not the products were mine and that is what I did. I understand the tales they tell in that they need to be certain of what people spend their money on and that some people put together contraptions they name books but others are going to spend their money on something that makes no sense which makes it a fraud; which part of either writing or selling my books was any of their business I will never know but then again it has taken 5 years and they have not been able to work out what any single part of my books is for – so it boils down to that old evils of theirs that will ensure I am famous and have no money to buy myself security so that somebody will turn up one day and say hey I am a fan and give me a hug and I will be so tired that it will be the day I fall down and faint and end up dead in hospital and I am quite happy thereof for people to see my books are a means of creating problems for themselves, I am only saying I don’t create the problems myself even though each time I find them at it I will give them their hearts content for my part as well.

I have no idea why the story is so popular that the case of wealth gap between rich and poor is where I fall down all the time – it is not, the reality has always been that the idiots who bring up the topic feel the world can only exist if they are complaining about what others have which they don’t and other people who may legitimately have such problems are unable to, that the world will exist when such complains pay off and they are rich and others are not because their own has not paid off and ultimately the world will be allowed to exist when and if they are rich and their money is in a place where it cannot be shared. I have no idea why it is so difficult to see it is not the rich that attack my books and that they need to get off the Public media and prove their points somewhere else. I understand they say I will provoke them into stealing my career and it has always been a load of nonsense too – the reality being they were not born that way and do not have parents that way and do not have siblings that way but it is currently their own stupid lives because they are trying to be rich and none of it is being done by the rich either for that matter, only they are doing it, complaining about the rich and pretending the gap between the rich and them is something I fall down at all the time which then becomes a means of getting back at me when their heart desires anything they cannot have. So I wonder if they are talking about wealth inequality and poverty that they create working with their stupid Politicians who feel the public appearance that public office has afforded them should be a means to watch certain people who will create products and do the market research only for them to destroy such products and insert their own, to get rich and connected with rich people. I mean if you let them have their way when they talk nonsense about wealth gap, it will lead to a process where there is a company and you have products to deliver but the result is that Politics is the way things get done and if you let them have their way around that like I did, then the story will change to the one where you are the guy that turns up to show it is easy to get successful in their city and if you let that have its way then wealth inequality is where you fall down all the time and by then they have more resources for it than you do – I allowed it because I was after something else; have had enough of them and each time I see them around my books the result will never ever fail to be a case of those problems they never knew existed getting everywhere to their hearts content.

The part where they say it is a problem is largely about the bits concerning how I am not the one that gets out of bed every day to get inside another person’s personal space claiming the way he reacts is both edifying and thrilling and of course we know this is the reason black women and black girls feel there are people they can do and undo with and simply never take a hint to that effect as well. I mean I cannot have a relationship with my own family and siblings and so on because they are using it to get rich; these are the savoury aspects of my character – the part where they set out people they must pick on if they feel oppressed and must be seen doing something in public to ferment provocation of leaders and bring about oppression of course is just when they are being strong but for me the personal bit is that they were there when I was born and I can never be a Royal Prince and it will end very well too seeing them around my Office and books as it were, for their existence must be mystery to me and therefore new as well. We end up having conversations about it because of the things Politicians do to make their characters acceptable to the rest of us, except that they don’t want to live with the financial bottom line as these idiots are supposed to find them the taxes they need and then they can bully my Company Family for civil rights and it will never be the one where they used my possessions to do it either; right now their biggest source of history with me is renting property with them, so these are the kinds of behaviours that lead to an outcome where people have tenants with jobs as it were – turning up on that stupid media all the time, to gain something more after getting Housing benefit rent.

The part about how deviant my living is and how little attention people pay to such a fact is very well understood but has no basis on reality; it’s the same old question about an idiot standing up in parliament to say things I used to think about when I was a teenager who believes I should be made to give up my possessions so he or she can serve himself. So they said that all people like me can do is become so desperate to make money with my religion that I build a church to that effect that they can get into and corrupt and that is what we had put to the test not a case of me being deviant i.e. if I cut them off from their culture and force them to get out there and do something useful with their foolish lives thereby giving me a break from their stupidities, it will be because they have power to dominate me and that it is what they expect I was a Christian put in the world by God to do anyway so it had to be followed with wealth distribution stories lifted from them to ensure when they achieve I share to wipe the stupid mockery off their faces; I mean a general lack of respect for me that costs me financially and academically because they cannot be by themselves, over a period of six years is something that cannot be made up even if you might have had the imagination to, so as it stands, if I see that culture I will cut it up for them again, whatever kind of culture that is supposed to have been anyway. They turn up in the parliament everyday to give public media attention to their idiots whose activities do nothing but destruction whose main daily engagement does nothing to pay bills for anybody let alone themselves at my expense and cannot seem to tame those insults to that effect, reason being that they are always looking for some way of knowing rich people and having products they stack away at home and sell off really quickly to make millions and believe it is not possible to do it unless people are out there attacking me of which anybody that does is given some media credence that says they are super stars and it is this kind of commitment to making sure everything here operates in a violent way they have no plans to discuss if my deviance so called can be a sweeter topic instead, they always say it is a  matter of the kind of Country they want to live in which makes sense of it all as pound for pound item issues i.e. if you are British what is your earning potential as a person none of which gives them the right to get on public places to desire and demand other peoples possessions as violently as they do and they do complain of what I do to their culture and society too which prolonging their presence around me will only see them tout a lot more intensely than they are at the moment; it’s difficult to figure out what sort of insult propels them, what sort of Politics and that stupid need to pile up products and sell them and get rich that makes them turn up at Houses of Government to sit around pretending we owe them a debt or something; we are not mates as it were and they need to leave me alone not discuss the extent of my deviance with a big mouth. I know they are always asking if the whole matter is going to become a problem anyway – I wouldn’t know, all I said is that they want to talk about what rights their Country bestows of them which means that they can be financially well off than the Citizens of most other Countries in the world but what they show they are really after if my Royal Estate and I am saying they can turn up at my place to get it and cease all that nonsense I have to put up with at Media and Advertisement and the Parliament and all over public places as well; there isn’t a single successful person out there on this planet who did not at some point in their lives take these their activities to heart deciding it had to be dealt with in a very intensely personal way and I do not think I will be unless I do that as well. It has never been a complicated matter for me, what I do for a living is write and sell books I write and so these are examples of the fact they will stop at nothing when you have not done so yet – whether it is the education system or the civil service or the parliament and especially the media where they can pretend you loose everything over everything you do because they dominate you and so on and until it leads to the part where they touch you and it has damaged lifestyle and must pay, or they handle you to make you sad and filthy and ugly so they can make comparisons between that version of you they have created and the real you they know to extricate good feeling that attracts customers and you will stop at nothing for revenge over each occasion as well – then it will get serious and yes they tell me they invade my personal space so much they regularly hit my anus and penis and it is the reason I never feel good but of course I like it when the price is right up there too where we will hear of it as well soon enough. It’s an old case of men playing power games which I have made myself clear about the fact I want no part of it in my affairs, they however have decided power games do not feel good unless I am taking part and so they handle my finances when I tell them to get lost, it is never true that I am one of those people that have massive vanity that causes me to pick up things I cannot do which I will mess up and leave for others thereof; so that when they do make out it is amusing the part where my chest is about to explode goes into overdrive, considering the supposition that the bit where they handle my finances to ensure I cannot escape paying attention to them is the one they think will become an everlasting original provocation whereas I however intend to do the same to them as well. I do not think that much contrary to what is spread on media about those who know these individuals are evil but must turn up to hurt me for a while and wind me up and watch me go after them again and again and again; unlike me wherefore the question is a matter of the fact if I see any of their stupid cultures, the  Scottish National Party and goons from Northern Ireland and Labour Party idiots trying to give me things that are already mine, I will cut it up but for them it’s a question of whether those that are dead are better than those that are alive which in my view lies before them to be answered and I will never discuss it as well, this is just a passing remark. The bit about how it is all the misfortunes that befall those who pretend to be what they are not being perfectly understood of course but then again entire Governments that target and savage one Man’s finances can only lead to an ending whereby such a government is full of idiots that are financially better off than the same after 15 years of it happening every single day. It is never true I am a busy body that likes to get involved with things nobody is asking me to do; it’s a two part story of books written to be sold by equity brokerage is just as good as products stacked up somewhere by idiots in government buildings that are planning to become millionaires by investing their stupid government salary – so it is never really clear on the other hand what is so special about me that causes people to feel they cannot get unless they get off and say something in public to build up a state of affairs that is to be used to oppress me and bend my will.


They do say the problem is that I am a thorn in the side of businesses but it is not something that cannot be explained; before now, it was a case of any appearance in public and Royal Provisions that affect people leading to businesses locating something new they want to take advantage of to get rich and peddle to have the lifestyle they should be selling to become rich beyond imagination and the results was that they handled my work and public work and set out to create an economic crisis – they said along with their Labour Party Politicians that I have got it and that something will be missing from their stupid lives if they didn’t spend all of it; they had their piece of the pie and it is my turn now. They are trouble makers you see and can just decide from absolutely no point whatsoever to seek the personality and aesthetics of a Royal Prince, they say they are being competitive, I say that is where they used their own to do it and its now my turn having been they had their piece of the pie as it were with respect to that too. It is never true I am being taken advantage of by civil rights idiots either; these are supposed to be some of the most twisted and evil things that our society has produced and currently the signs that every condition whereby they express themselves is an abomination is covered by their Politicians talking nonsense about how the UK is no longer a religious society having been nobody takes them seriously anymore in light of unfolding events that neither God nor the Devil does exist but for my part the story of their homosexuality and decadence and the ability to do anything for money and the broken dreams stories and the already done by somebody else careers and everything associated with this social gathering of this sort and all that emerges from it is something I will not tolerate and intend to put my Christian views out there in the extreme and enforce it as well – this is what I mean when I say we are not living in the 80s or 90s or late 20th century anymore and if I see any of it I will not stop until I cut it up as well for my part – it is never true I like them any half as much as they love to get on public places to claim that I do anyway and it seems they have never taken anything seriously in their stupid lives and I am paying the price for that and so am certain that they bloody well will in my wake as well. I understand it is said that my chasing the matter does not tally with government office or that the part that does is not clear but it is; here in the UK we keep money in the Bank and what businesses do to maintain a history with us and sell us products is clear, so what we do to seek work is clear as well and what the regulators to do keep standards high is equally clear, in fact the Admiralty has way more than just the borders to patrol, so we all know the last thing we need is idiots with power and money they don’t trust the Banks enough to keep in the banks and have secret rooms that even their wives do not visit and so on turning up to do Popular culture with these civil rights idiots – it is supposed to show the ultimate expression of their evil and wickedness as far as I am concerned, the part where they need to handle peoples possession and get a high power to decide when it becomes their own, the part where they need to do the civil rights and freedoms and liberties to ensure that their tracks are totally covered while they are it and it is something I will not tolerate since this is not their own lives as well - Their Politicians talk and talk but nothing changes, they say they hate the British but they do it again in a heartbeat It’s all very well when they have reached the anus and penis insults aspect too; they cannot make advertisement unless their stupid girls are appearing on short videos making reference to me and I cannot say enough times how difficult it is to get things running when a Journalist at Court has charities to attend to and people she has met all over the world depending on the securities I provide, whenever this happens, but we all know it happens every day and is full of mockery and a call to crime and lots and lots and lots of very abusive insults, so I have no idea why their Politicians like to tell me stories over the matter anyway when we all know that given any chance they will say they hate the British but are off already securing servants and slaves for big business which is why they turn up here to wreck everything financial that happens here on account of the level of dividend that will come from me if I was slave to big businesses and I have watched them screw with me for years now especially the British ones, so it is my turn now – no such thing as being taken advantage of by them in anyway, they can always get some Scottish National Party and some Labour Party and some Northern Ireland goons to stir up things for them to start their game of cultural violence used to secure slaves for big businesses with of course while the rest of us become disillusioned about what reality is depending on how intensified their activities get but it does get to a point as it were.  Of course they say nothing changes about the fact I am being trapped somewhere while the freedom and democracy need to share my possessions and due to my lack of co-operation have it somewhere, I will not interfere while it is being shared, while my secretes are being taken from me but it is difficult to work out what they were expecting when all they do with their stupid public office is turn out to ensure these idiots are able to work their sexual abuses and sex based abuses on me, so that if I am not taken by it those other idiots that were sexually abused must clean up here and get a new life until I have been and then fail to answer my questions for my part about whether the dead are better than the living or the living better than the dead hence when they do these things and hope it will pass without claiming their lives so they can boast about their stupidities being powerful and as for the ones that clean up here for a new life, it clearly is my share as well and not enough have died yet too; so it creates wonder as to how they suppose it gets done when Mr A picks a knife and stabs his neighbour to death because the neighbourhood has been hell – sexual abuse and sex based attacks and abuse of sexual context by which secrets are stolen and used by get rich quick idiots with needs and selfishness that is enough for the entire world; they do these things everyday and regularly come up with these stupid questions about addressing the matter of being trapped somewhere to have my secrets taken from me, I have asked them about their need to support every stupid ugly witch in the land and wreck peoples finances to help them with their sexual attacks and sex based attacks that they make out to be their dominance as they furnish it with publicity, if the dead are better than the living and the living better than the dead hence parliament exists to protect them until somebody else dies and they can boast about being powerful and yes it seems to have shut them up but I can assure if it happens a few more times, others will copy as well and we are not talking the bit about my small Royal Estate those stupid insults where I am only aware I get involved with activities concerning paid employment to raise funds to sell the books and look after a Royal Estate which I can get prostitutes that were not born that way involved with as well since it is mine and not their own as it were but of course small prince doing small things in a great way is their new watch statement. Being attacked by Americans is nothing of the sort of crisis for me that they love to claim it is; it’s the old freedom people from America and Africa who will take your possessions somewhere else where you cannot interfere and damage everything that would facilitate a process where you are able to if they want to have it and use it in ways that it should not be; so they continue because it is a matter of ignoring little damages done to my person and property with their civil and criminal disobedience of course until it all adds up but then I will certain when I start to take it to heart the results will determine the kind of global economy we will end up with as well. It’s like their friends here in the UK being seen to talk nonsense all the time about how I an unappreciative black goon is being put through his paces to do the things the British used to do for the world, having no basis on reality of course since we all know that during the recession the UK was one of the poorest in Europe despite its considerable status as compared to other poor ones and would have been again if not for HM master stroke of recruiting me into the whole thing – it can be nice of them if they do keep their filthy mouths here it belongs as well. I understand their case for my insanity but all I say is the same i.e. are the dead better than the living or living better than the dead which means they will always do it and hide somewhere safe while it blows over and others get killed? They will die and I will watch, all they need to do is continue in the path, the stories of my insanity; there is nothing new about the story, it’s the same old case of nobody willing to accept it’s all a huge big trouble about really stupid women having a desire for sex with men that are beyond them most of the time and so we all know what they are like and how it can become a matter on which basis something occurs and somebody picks up a violent opportunity, it’s just reality that I must take my own matters into my hands and make it clear I can live with it, however which when their Politicians are building up the Publicity it is rather complicated and out of the hands of the victim mostly. So the question of how much of a problem they are for me comes into the story and of course they are not a problem for me in anyway, what I need to do is sell books and you cannot sell them successful when you allow ideas to run around that men and their girls and popular culture runs your affairs, I am not doing that, it’s just something the media wants to do for me and what we have between us is heading in the direction that it should as well along with their Politicians – they call it spin, I say I have had enough as it has been years of them around here – I am always asked to acknowledge I paint an apocalyptic picture over this matter which of course it isn’t, it’s just reality that when men and girls and popular culture idiots are not running your affairs it is not the end of the world, they can live their lives and you can live yours but this is not what they want because they think they can handle me – they do give their excuses but the truth is what it is i.e. somebody picked on them and I am the guy they can pick on well and I have had enough of their nonsense too. We hear of the part where I want something and I grind and I get it and so on but I never grind at anything and have no idea why people would want to use such terms in my direction if they are not insolent black people that know me and understand I can never be royalty to them looking for trouble all the time: the reality is the same as ever i.e. that what we see people do to them is because those people understand exactly what the nature of the wickedness they have wrought is, all I know is that they go through so much detail and so much trouble to ensure somebody else is a chosen target for it. So that the entire neighbourhood may not be able to sleep properly for 4 years because a stupid really ugly black idiot with an opinion of herself has got her eyes on a man way beyond her league whom politicians speak of in terms of somebody being trapped somewhere with all his secretes taken from him and so on and then rather than stop it what we find is that there is culture that says she is peoples personal god and that her victim understands that culture and it can never stop until there murder takes place but during that time she will do nothing else except ensure somebody else is blamed and targeted instead while she continues and then when you realise that this is what the issue is, you usually find yourself at that point where she has recently had an idea about how you ought to put your life on the line for her whom you know nothing about or women in general and then you will say I am so angry about it myself thereby justifying the actions of those who hurt them bearing in mind they are usually the ones first on the case who know the true nature of their evil and wickedness which they justify the actions they take with. So I never grind about anything, this is simply the nature of evil and of course there is nothing to it save the fact you should be selling your books except the Politicians will wreck that for you and pay you housing benefit which sticks to your mind so she might want sex. The part where they claim I pretend the Country is mine and that this is the problem is usually the finest indication they intend to suffer more, and have not been insulting Politics and media and Celebrity listening to anything I have been saying thus; I am Royalty and they are not because it was given me that way and not them, nobody likes to see their wickedness manifests in such ways as result in outcomes where they live in one direction and their lives pick up its own feet and goes another while people chase identity and make up their accusations as they go along to savage finances and get rich at the same time no matter what they have already got looking for trouble all the time. It is the same old prognosis behind whenever they are trolls like they are at present i.e. through their teens and 20s it was always a case of staying up late for drinking and so when they are in their 30s they have already worked out they want the piece of Country that came along with the fact somebody else exists, pretending government buildings exists to help them share and confiscate and own my personal life as if their vileness is news to me. It only but sticks to the mind why people would chase another person’s identity in such ways but they are not to make their lives better or chose any stupid self improvements here if they want to make less and not more trouble; what I sell is books I write not privacy or personal life or being rooted in the land thing.

They do say government rests solely with Politicians which I have no idea who contends with them around here anyway – the reality being that a sense of regard for an author here cannot be recognised, so the part where I am way off their league and that respect will cost them for every need to get involved that they think they will with power more dearly than it could ever be imagined, more so since I have no wish to tell them what I write and who reads it is none of their business, bearing in mind more so that we have been there before, the part where they pillaged everything to make popular culture fame and fortune and turned up when they had the money and wealth distribution was no longer the main argument to attack me for power as well because they are my personal Gods in their view. I can only remind them they hate the same books they love to use and abuse so they might be famous and that the disrespect will become ever more increasingly costly as well, after all we face the same challenges and need to pay bills and look after a family and they know insults are insults and there is no middle ground as well. The part where people need to stop playing around and beat the kid is very well understood, first of all of which the main issue is that I am way beyond their league and although my Christian beliefs does not tell me when I am not getting respect for those I have done better than I am supposed to take it personally, their case with their stupid Labour Party gets to a point, then there are others like the part where they are involved with my African culture and I want nothing to do with it because I want to displace them and take their own, which does mean that their place somewhere at my African culture serves as something they are sure they can deploy to dominate me and hence makes a rubbish of the existence of his conversation at all in the first place but as for the part about beating up, at the moment the case of things getting really violent for the insults and then confusing whenever we are done with the violence being on account people like me are always unable to protect ourselves so we beat our assailants or we get beaten others gain and not us is their mantra does not seem to have done anything because government exists to shelter them and give them access to me with which to decide in public what I have done to them or not – so this matter must move to the next phase and we all know as it stands those that want to be terrorists are having their fill of it and those that feel they are leaders of communities and can handle me are having the fight of a lifetime to do me the favours they are so good at doing with their power – so talk aside we must assess this Labour Party threat one more time and so when I handle them and their stupid women and children they teach all kinds of nonsense about me again, clearly it is obvious the need to get somewhere public to tell stories about what my stuff looks like will go from National where it is at present to global but for the MPs I say one or two more opportunities and then I will toss into the flames the remnants of codes that prevent me from launching an assault of my own such as the fact it’s a parliamentary party and people will say I am in logger heads with a generic way of life if I do for example – one or two more opportunities and I will show them what people do to those that like to threaten them for my part as well. I have never thought that this is an issue for my part, it’s a simple case of a Political party that is full of idiots that have no qualified or quantified sense of what they see belonging to others if it was not their creation, doing what they do best. They do say the issue is still that I handle their culture and their society and it is always a bit confusing of course since I am the one with the job to provide service daily for Church and State, not them, so I have no idea if it is my Royal Estate culture they are talking about or their lower class one but if I see their lower class one I will cut it up again and if I see them around the Royal Estate one there will be trouble again. – I don’t care if they now have a problem returning to their stupid culture on account of being entangled with me either, they had fun when it was fun, and it only got serious. No idea why anybody would get about chasing the identity of others like that and to that extent anyway but this is not unusual, I have always made plans for it during the recession because of what they had found out since the last recession, what technology had afforded them and a new found resolve they seem to have expressed; we have continued to allow them their civil rights by keeping things secret, not anymore; I will broker equities in public and find out what it is exactly they can do, they always get away with it but this time they are messing with persons that think their stupid self expression is an abomination. They say I fight on behalf of the Tories and it is utter nonsense as there is no such thing – the reality is that it beats the imagination that MPs should spend their time raising publicity for the evils that attack somebody that they have seen, they say it is because they don’t believe in God and can do it and stop at their own time and like to brag it is their power to take away the quality of life of those who don’t respect them by giving them what they want and I too have a problem with freedom and democracy, now they are telling me to align myself with communism if so and I think if I must align myself with anything they will find me at Church and can cut me off from them as well like they currently make noise about especially the Africans, if they want. So clearly it does matter whether or not they believe in God and we are talking about damaging the aesthetics and the personality and the thought process of a Royal Author and his need to hit them until they can make the connection between each time they do that and the results they dread so much; they need to keep away from me, we are not mates. They need to make the connection between when they touch the anus and the penis and the tummy and the head and their Politicians build publicity for those fantasies and wreck finances to ensure those they target with it feel it and what happens to what they call a job and a business as well – make the bloody connection like the idiots they are, since we all know even when they had stolen to make the popular culture millions they will now throw it away over some stupidity they claim is power and that is precisely the way it should work as far as I am concerned as well; I mean it’s the old story of how the question is how good people still get by when the world is full of evil people that have the upper hand either way, the story has never been a magical one but rather the reality that some of us are actually endowed with talent for establishing normalcy and it is time in the west the end comes for the secrecy with which we protect their rights as well – they are too fond of sleeping with Communists to do us up and drive us into war and too fond of sleeping with us to do up the communist to create the same effect but my part piece is the bit where they not only have no principles whatsoever and are loyal to nothing but themselves but also especially the bit where their idea of what they see is that it is theirs if they want it when the reality was that it belonged to others if they didn’t create it. I understand it is said they have their copy of my literary archives and I will never be free of their needs but of course the reasons I put it on the University Computer was to ensure the story of a mystery around me was curtailed, the result of which was realised in the end anyway i.e. their bone head children passed the exams and chased the best jobs their gay publicity, while I failed mine and they set out to confiscate it: - I did set out in any case that they had the copy of it anyway and I did set out they gave some to the British Establishment in their bid to climb social ladders of course but in the end it is the same old case of fat idiots betraying me the same way they see celebrities do when they complain about paparazzi to sneer those who pity them – so the question is whether fat bitch is that good looking but at the end of day I was built my renaissance by HM and she built me some alliances as well to that effect and I am to use these things to get refreshed when I get down to the duties, what they will do here is get after the one I had before she got interested in me in the first place to a point where I build up one that will refresh me when I feel like kicking them all the time; so of course they have copies of my Literary archives and I am blown away too.

The story of trying to tag along with royals when I cannot even tag along with rich children is of course much the same as the other matter of how my existence was opposed by a large number of people but things get done in the UK without consultation which nobody knows why it is such a big lie they like to tout anyway; they did make me royalty, push me in the path of authority and legitimacy in the hope I will occupy a position in the world that I am too weak to look after then I will be removed and they will occupy it with a big mouth and more so as if the fact they have needs also means that I am an item, so others did give me a Royal position as well and it is clearly the one where I like to be around and be seen around all the time as it were which is why I am obsessed with serving them too  and I have done that to a point where they feel dispossessed and it is not my problem either; it does build up the question of which Royal exactly I am trying to tag along with as it were and poses the realities around why the world is such an evil place but good people get by anyway homing up the facts concerning how some of us have a talent for establishing normalcy; they seem to be convinced that when they screw about with things they know nothing of I will give them some rebate for their part but their need to look for trouble and provoke others is still completely unbridled as it were; they can sit about with their money and seek some competition over aesthetics and personality with me claiming I stole it from those who have the money I have not got and then in the end wreck the money anyway but these days they want the money I make all together as a Royal Prince that is talented at establishing normalcy because they feel they need it as trophy to tout before customers and become exceedingly rich when the customers are addicted – so they do look for trouble and their need for that is immeasurable too. For my part they created an economic crisis and had their piece of the pie and it is my turn now and I will take no nonsense from them, besides which I have warned them endlessly about their attitude and the need to keep away from me too as a function of it, they never change it or watch it, what they think they want to do is get in touch with their friends that set up villages in every beech in the world and are out to pillage other peoples possessions because living in paradise does not come hand in hand with working for money and that is why we see all that noise making from them and their American and African and Caribbean friends clearly of which have not learned any lessons yet and I can only remind them further that I am still everything they hate and there is good reason for it.

It has never been unusual, only the reality that as soon as the Obama election was done via one of the filthiest campaigns in the history of the US at my expense, they were off to the legalisation of homosexuality in American Military and from then on can spy on me and get up to anything they liked and so they simply cannot imagine that I make a living from my personality and my presence and my books and my looks and will likely damage do to them as they do to me as well depending on the anus and penis touching and so on; it makes no sense continually handling this matter as if they have not got a clue what they are doing. They do say all I say falls into the hands of tyrants that have set up shop in the UK of course and I can understand but what I say and what the tyrants listen to will depend on their tiresome insults, otherwise they can let me be and I can feel when I travel to Africa I will not be messed around with when I travel to that part of the world – next time of which they can get off to South Africa with their International development responsibility of perverts to speak to Nelson Mandela who will make me behave the way they want, run off to the US to campaign against Aids and turn up to mess with me as much as they like – changes nothing of course if messing with the Royal Estate culture constitutes gay publicity especially for their insolent girls and fame freaks who cannot stop shooting one off at me endlessly depending on what they want to use me for with a big mouth, after which I have such a great time turning out in public to prevent people from doing pornography and being homosexuals because it does not go hand in hand with my Christian beliefs – cannot stop punishing the behaviour obviously as it were. So when it does come to it I really do love cooking up this matter all together for my part and as for the tyrants that have set up shop, I am just happy to tell them anything they want to know. I guess it is said my actions do little to allow British people feel their own pride but in terms of that nobody can tell what their problem with the rules seem to be as well and we all know it’s here and there handling peoples possessions damaging peoples finances and complaining about wealth distribution setting people up as slaves for big companies and so on restlessly until they are face flat somewhere crying their eyes out which is what is happening at the moment; it all amounts to the things I do to ensure they work many times as hard for what others get by simply being themselves, so they can handle my work and damage finances to make me flustered in order to work successful discrimination as well as racist from there – we have not even started selling the products in stock yet and they do need to get off my books or I will write it for them again. It’s the same old story of vile bitter children have grown up hence their incessant prognosis that my case will never end and hence the basis on which I am supposedly being bullied and I too have got a whole lifetimes’ worth of homosexual publicity to build for them as well since the financial damage and insults amount to nothing but. The female journalists are holding out their position well enough and like everything else anything I see done to resist their work will be challenged with shocking resistance; we all know they have their Politicians and those know that the reasons their existence is about provoking others in a condition where peoples possessions become their own is that they know it does not make a living, so now that they have helped them with money from government funds the question they have to answer is how these idiots will ever be wrong but for my part we are not keeping it private anymore in order to preserve stupid civil rights, I am doing Intellectual property administration and property equity brokerage on the worlds public so we can find out what they can do and the part played out where I am responsible for giving them the incentive but any act in that direction will be met with shocking force.

They say MPs do these things because they are asking for help but we all know they are not a wife of mine and if I had one she would never have been so keen on seeing me involved in something violent by getting herself into as much trouble on my account as she possibly can – so I believe it is clear if I see them and their problem around my books they will have their hearts content of it as well. I hear they say I fight with the use of my personal life like I am other peoples personal gods which has no truth in it whatsoever since we all know it is their hatred for morality search for easy life and quick millions garnished with competitions of contempt and insult whereby they never feel like competing with their own mates due to a lack of incentive. The rest love to speak of my discrimination and unfavourable view of those who have alternative lifestyles which has brought me to this point and of course their behaviour and decadence and theft will earn its enmity here too really soon enough – it is apparently a civil rights fraud that is now being used for violent purposes, levied on those that are too old for it to extricate financial destruction of the lives of people that are not their mates here and it is always that way before we hear the other complains that are more serious. I mean its not difficult to see why people take everything from them and we wonder what civil rights mean generation after generation so they can get stuck into it in order to ensure everybody benefits as well.