The faults with proposals of a New banking era in the world promised by a group of politicians in the British Administration that have Nationalised a good number of banks in search for somebody to oppress in their own right and their human rights in other peoples lives in the UK are numerous but I intend to focus on that which pertains to my Job.

As far as I am aware of the last time they were onto this plan the most vicious and ardent racists and violently discriminative people within the political system they run began to hunt me down to give up my estate empire and global intellectual space to them.

For which they have gone one better, to telling me to make agreements with them under community duress never to set foot in certain places because they are trying to be known in such places with the use of my career, which has led to the problems they have with their societies cultures and community relations today, since no body can just get off and split my empire between me and them, while I continue to work for both as they spend my equities with no plans to pay for it on their vanities, which is how they intend to preserve their superiority; by getting me to give them anything they demand from me without question on account asking me will be humiliating for them, making sure I never create jobs and thus get to employ them as though their opinions were required and in order to ensure that I don't give them something second rate, they have absolute control of my entire life with lips meant only for boasting has just been updated.


Which behaviour they have transferred to the attitude of making speeches in public places which demand other peoples personal lives in public places while those of them in the media plan to be very posh city slickers who get paid to give speeches for things they know nothing about because all they have is what they learnt in school which others have the right to pay their fees and learn as well hence always want to do it with peoples acumen and equity of the daily basis by which they gain access to the equities in the stock market which are as delicate as that of banks and financial institutions in their great plan for equality and the vanities that the Politicians are trying to satisfy which no body has the power to convince them is incredibly stupid or tell them to stop so they propose a new global banking era in the worlds G8. The manufacturing sector where we have tangible goods in the market which equity only works if the company as a whole gets listed in the stock exchange are struggling really hard with this hard regime but they will rather propose a new global banking era at the worlds G8 than stop it.

Therefore I am funding at great expense the structures and mechanisms by which people are able to run vital Economic institutions such as Banking and Financial Systems where they do not necessarily keep the monies or assets of good people where it does not surprise me in any case that their advocates have worked too hard to make such a statement at my expense, both in America and in the United Kingdom, without asking me the question of either based on my ambitions or for security reasons of for example desiring these institutions to have their Head Offices in the UK whether it is in my interest to make such statements thus i must confess that I find it very insulting the suggestion of a new global banking ear as though i either share my work or my property or indeed share my job with them.

Update 8/10/2014: The Evils and Wickedness that must be


I hear it is said that black people are responsible for all these wars in the world but I have no idea anyway, I only know it is a story that will sit very well indeed with the fact that black and African people understand each time they screw around with me or damage my business and then my health as well like only they can which is something that is second nature to them to do every time, they also know their cultures and societies are in trouble too – so if the Arabs and the Asians and the Whites want to finish the job for me they can go ahead but taking it out on me is another story since all together they are hard of hearing and there is that sense when they think they can get their hands on my possessions that all of them are not exactly the same kind of scumbags; so maybe they bring this issue up because they want me to say something about the fact not enough have died yet, so there I have mentioned that too and they can blow their top. It goes without saying they need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were – where The Court is concerned is largely a matter of recent checks I have made because of what I am doing with my books and company about where they stand and so in terms of a meeting with me they were all receptive but in terms of noticing whether or not I am borrowing some man thing from the men and hence the clash of our understanding that we share, they did to an extent and got fed up and I have chosen this point thereof to hand it in so people can leave us alone as well if they are interested.

It is incredibly irritating when we have to put up with the Politicians making so much distracting noise about deep seated problems the Country faces that has not been taken care of because I am free to do whatever I like and the reality of which there are no such deep seated problems anywhere; the reality is that when you refuse to take a career seriously, what happens is that you mess it up and then everybody knows about it but these fools have found a way of messing up somebody else’s own while they screw around and play games and so I have reached a point where I set up structures with which I take the Country and run it for them on a private basis and never ever will they get it back as well and yes something has come of the story of how it can never be done and they are stuck as well. The problem has always been that they have no respect for anybody – I mean I am a human being sometimes things happen and I have to hold my breath and we are not talking about their stupid girls and boys targeting me with a need for freedom and telling tales from somebody to punish for slavery and slave trade whose livelihood they can do whatever they like with and then progress to his health especially black girls who never know their degree until you put them in it violently as it were and we all know it began with telling criminals to attack me to recover their position with the powers that be as a means of taking advantage of my strengths to defend myself in the process by which I can then prevent them from committing murder as a result with the end product that I am moved out of my introverted existence and made to hurry after earnings and career while they move into it and it is these kinds of deep and far reaching wickedness in a condition where they can handle other people’s children and person as it were that they have not addressed if they can talk as though this person that is to put me in order so they can have control of the Country really exists having been they find it impossible to shut their gawb.

I do not think any of it is an unusual matter – it’s a description of one fact only of the many kinds of wickedness the lower classes engage in because they want to be rich and famous or important. I quite understand when people think I have mentioned a big thing but I in my view live in a world where there is much, much more than that anyway; it’s a case of the specific question of the big problems in the Country because I am allowed to get out of hand as if the person that will put me in order really does exist and yes we understand they will create one yet again as if hunting him down to nip him before he gets anywhere with his silly life would have been news – nobody wants to be their damaged goods in this Country anymore and they might want to take my proposal i.e. leave me alone stay off my Office, shut their mouth and leave me alone. Of course I am not in any way manipulated and control by the insults of black and African women and girls; that part is more concerned with how others always want to tell their story for them and refuse to accept the reality of my case here i.e. they wreck livelihood and book sales and when finished wreck health as well, it is not something I provoke them into doing, I have found out it is irrelevant to chase what propels them to do it because the reasons will never run out and the outcome will be for example that what they have put me through has deployed the filthiest and most difficult of their experiences on me and created social equality which allows very evil people such as themselves to make some money and prove a fact wrong about how society looks on the way they behave, so the deduction is either that they are insane or it comes down to realities about the fact it happens because it is in their nature to be like that and behave in that way and saying that is what they do is not difficult for people to grasp as it were and hence talk straight when they want to tell their story for them or stay out of it.

I mean I know the reasons for these things are that they are pure evil and they have reached a certain point of wickedness that means nothing is interested in them – so they need a millionaire whose money they have taken away and through whose experience and nature that they can do nothing to deny them, they will make money and then get people interested in them while they keep their evil nature and the reality about that is a question of what point they make enough of such money to put those evils in our lives whether we liked it or not, when the prognosis had become that for the world to survive or exist, they must always aspire to the fact others are better than them financially? So I am aware if I said such things it would be mentioned I am insane myself but I know this is the reasons for their behaviour and their nature; so that when they tell me it is easy to steal from me and I tell them to go get the Politicians first because I am pressed for time and the Politicians deploy office to state to help them steal from me, then they have a problem because it gets a point and is largely a respect issue. I mean it’s generally a matter of what nature we suppose people are when the basic fundamental basis of their outlook in the entirety of their existence is founded on the need to have a millionaire who made millions and had it taken away from him so that he might make his nature in which are his experiences by which those millions were possible available to them through some process of equality which is the only way to ensure he can never hold back on them or keep anything from them from it if he wanted to, so this is what I mean those who talk for them being informed that they wreck livelihood and get after health when they are finished and that is very important when it comes to how they want to settle my problem with very nice black people. I don’t think it is a difficult issue, I am talking about it like I am presently because I have finished with them and as the case applies with Politicians that they think nobody can take up their job which is to run the Country and do it for them, if most of these things happened when I was a teenager I would be lazy about it and their boasts would have continued without an insults issue arising, for black people and Africans, I have finished with them at this stage and am talking about it like these because I am making my way towards moving on – point made about the fact that anything that is important to me might happen to have been a toy for them as a society to mess about with and their white friends never listen so they are always at the forefront of a story about how it is a matter of civil disobedience: the civil disobedience of which best measures their old case about how I mess with their relationships and community relations whereas it seems that there is always a third person between me and my Court it that figure can easily range from foolish women who get pleasure from abusing me in a sexual context, to the men who bang their cars at me because I have been prepared for violence and hence know that those things are likely to hurt and that they are the very nature of conflicts but like to think they must have somebody to force their will on in order to exist as a result of their needs that far outweighs their potential, largely so due to their laziness – so when black people mess with me they know their communities and societies are in trouble but I fail to see which part the whites and Asians and Muslims play in the matter except that they are there to ensure that when black people mess with them they can be relied upon to pretend they are not all the same thing and take it out on me to gain their self improvements; so as I said, not enough have died yet as it were and nobody here thinks that they are not aware of what the effects of those their distant violence are on others and they can get their media to talk nonsense about civil disobedience all they like – the reality is that I am the one being prepared for violence and I will do nothing about that while they will go no further unless they are tough enough and that is how The Queens peace for my part and around my existence will remain i.e. I am groomed for violence and when they bang their doors and cars at me it hurts and they can from a distance hurt my tummy and my penis and my anus if they wanted any time they like and force themselves and their will on me anytime they wanted and that is for them, for me, I will do nothing about it but if they go any further I will kick them again i.e. they love to pretend they are not all the same thing and that people are ignorant about the fact they know that the effects of their violence on others and forcing their will on people like that as a community makes the women promiscuous and makes the men unable to keep their worries and problems to themselves which creates a ghetto environment that they think they rule as the devils in it while a boy is trapped with a big mouth: so they know that grooming a woman for violence means that she will become promiscuous the more they force their will on her everyday and for a man it will mean he cannot control what his bits and bobs do and is always getting into trouble and then the most intimate of his concerns will become a social and community plaything and in their view people think they are unaware of the effects of their activities because it is simply in their nature of behave like that. For me it has become an issue because I see women behave like that as well i.e. when I have bits and bobs it is perfectly okay – I mean no it is not; do you suppose they do not know what they are doing?


These facts are all especially for the Politicians because they need to be informed by that they have not got the people that will put me in order so they can have what they want i.e. facts they needed on what it means when women talk nonsense about power every single moment and why men treat such women the way they do – what is left hand side and what is right hand side etc; so they can have their facts glasses on and watch their insults as well. I mean they do say when they are done with me my quality of life will have changed and I will have been cleansed of all my privileges physically and mentally and equality will have been achieved – it suits them to come up with these various purposes and benefits of their wickedness and evil of course as it were and I am wondering if these are the ones Politicians will send after me to make me behave; the Americans say it’s a matter of pussy, dick and arsehole. I understand my big problems to be that I refuse to accept the level of antagonism towards me by others Royals, British Royal family and beyond but I don’t actually care what they antagonise – I mean for the men it’s a matter of dominating me like the commoner I am until they find out I know everything about them and then they are broken because of course I have a book shop and a company that manages my equities and they say it causes distraction but all it does is serve The Queen and the Church and that is the end and none of getting into activities concerned with paid employment makes me any less royal than they are only richer since I deal with the same mad National mistress like they do, until they dominate me like the commoner I am which is creating problems for everybody and touch my love handles and make me into a plaything for older fool’s errand civil rights idiots then cover their tracks by surrounding themselves with stupid celebrities and fame freak commoners none of which never really works which then means they start to become frustrated but for the women it’s a simple case of the fact it-is-perfectly-okay not to like the Church and religious commitment guy: they have always known they cannot make me homosexual by loving me and going off to marry another they can tour the world and be famous with but they never stop trying and now they themselves are beginning to kindle the part of me they have been wary of and have not been able to cover their tracks after all these while of fighting and trying. So it is not something I think about, it’s just that somebody else likes it, whether or not they do never was a problem to me and that is the end of the story.

I am simply clearing up certain bushes here because I want to settle down and trade my books and have no wish to find out my money is being spent on matters of idiots getting involved with me; they did not write my books, they have no wish to buy copies of their own, my books do not belong to them and that is the end of their story – if they wind me up I will get my money’s worth, hence I am being as helpful as I possibly can. I understand the story of messing with people’s hearts and minds but that has always been a matter of you were bad the other time and it counts as a function of the fact none of my ill feelings should be pricked or there will be consequences which creates people sense of a right to teach others lessons and this is what they now have to be concerned with; I believe the fact they did not write books and have no plans to buy their copy and the fact it is not their own and they should not be seen around it or seen around me is good enough for everybody but I will take nothing back from the fact people want their blood as well and then they can want me like that endlessly: I mean it’s the story of my parents and sometimes when my siblings are being silly – they want their own like that as well and so we have an understanding and it tends to stop. The fall out in wider society is understood but I do wonder what people are up to anyway as it is still the same story I mention over and over and over and over again i.e. they believe people are not aware they know exactly what they do doing, such as when they target people and groom them for violence until they have their minds subject to it which makes women promiscuous and for the men ensures they cannot control what their bits and bobs does and hence rumours can determine what becomes of them and so can first impressions always be the bad one – my question is whether I am being bullied since having been I feel nothing like that they must be doing something wrong, especially for the Africans but they all think my world revolves around them as it were and are getting rather close to a point where we will see what their own looks like too. I hear they say black people control my every action and all I do are things I do because they goad me and hit my anus and penis into making me do but I wouldn’t know, those want to ensure somebody shuts the women up about power so they can take up and have the muscle to back up what they say as a result but apart from that we do not live in the 1990s as I have mentioned before – nobody really controls me, they are only trying to deal with somebody that finds it impossible to live with others targeting me and telling their tales and stories and forging Political abuses and financial setbacks that will enable them to move into his right hand and live there and since that makes me angry as hell they know my only response to it is that they need to be seen outside so it does not become something serious and I am not using it well enough as well so far nor is my actions hurting badly enough yet as it were – I mean imagine you are 7 foot tall and three times the size of a normal person, then imagine that you put all your energy into enjoying life and being deviant and feel like deploying hat to bother a Christian and having sex all the time  – it is not civil rights, has never been like they got people to think of it in the 90s about which if they do not leave me alone and stay outside of my right hand side and personal life, beating down that stupid fame and fortune popular culture will be the least of their worries and I will not stand for any of it especially the freedom bit; so this is me and I suppose the case of why I find it a show to live with these things: so that it is the same old case of the assumption that people are born into this world to be touched by them because they have hands that must touch people and handle people all of the time –I am not being controlled by black people, their insults are things I am very well aware of and none of it is civil rights to me. It’s never been an issue, it’s one of those issues at the matter of the problem with women and how you don’t have to offend them to be detached from your traditions if they can target you and ensure you are groomed for violence so that their rumours and stories they tell about you might stick in the impressions of others every time, hence the only crime you commit for that to happen is to walk down the streets and be seen by them thereof; so imagine you are 7 foot tall and spend all your days being deviant and want to deploy it persecuting a Christian with sex and abuse and freedom, and spending people’s lives to enjoy yours, this is what you would look like and it has never had a thing to do with civil rights. It’s the same old case of tyrants and women and Politicians issue in my world and these are the three groups that cannot find a reason to let me be as it were and I am not saying they do not have a reason for that but consider such provocation as the above immediate and they do say it is the way the Country and living in a society works which is utter nonsense as I was there when they targeted my right hand side and whatever would have not been the best things to do with my possessions became their main preoccupation with popular culture and this is not the first time they have felt my wrath over it either. It is nothing new and neither will I take back anything I have done to them as well – it is seriously uncivil the tyrants and women and Politicians issue, I mean it’s like the way I live i.e. being a Christian and being used to people extricating their freedom nonsense by cutting some of it and taking it from the heart and all that nonsense: that it is a T junction for instance and somebody’s house or premises is located inside the junction and to get to the other side you have to deploy his front yard for it – it is uncivil if you think about it in terms of what is civilised, it is uncivil if you think about it in terms of battles being fought between the person and those who cross his front yard etc and uncivil in every sense of the world, so just use the bloody pavement and you can get where you are going a lot faster than if you spent time thinking about whether to cross his front yard or not – these idiots are not wired like that and I don’t think anybody with a brain would take lightly what I have said about beating down that stupid popular culture fame and fortune as the least of their worries if they do wind me up any further; nobody moves into my right hand and this is not the first occasion either.


I do get asked what annoys me the most on a scale of 1 to 10 but of course the one that does is peoples seemingly insatiable desire to get between me and my Court and find out some mystery there – they can see I am a very different man from what they are as men and that when they have a chat with me people tend to ask them who the new girl friend is which means I need to change but they cannot leave me alone and before we know it they think getting after my finances would make it better. Then there are the older ones and the fact wife wants them to be men all the time with their eyes and hands firmly fixed on my books and income and the need to use my personal life for something and yet the truth about it is that they enjoy the marriage but regularly without failing are seen shooting out some intense wickedness that only their fellow man counterparts could imagine and this is supposed to be a daily issue without fail, all of the time, hence it is a simple colloquialism that no normal person should miss that wife wants them to be men. I mean they get between me and my Court because it is all about sex and in that condition of which they think of themselves as penises and think of me and vaginas and penises must be inside vaginas all the time as it were – so when it comes that to it and they show a result the question is largely whether anybody asks them to be the inconsiderate bastards that they are. I never said I am innocent in the matter and that is not a picture I am trying to paint – the reality is that I have taken up the lives of girls and women and men and made a career out of it and now my Court looks after my going out and coming in and I am sorted and they are angry about it but ask them what they do to lift their mood today and they will tell you they whacked a Royal Prince over the head and you should see the look on his face when they fingered his bum as well and that brought about so much equality; so not enough have died yet either as far as being innocent in the matter is concerned – I have been groomed for violence by them over the last 14 years and that is where they stop in every respect which way progress any further this matter with them was supposed to have taken, especially on the problem transfer and equality bit. It does not in any way affect my desire to do humanitarian work, these things are done by these idiots because they are evil: I mean it’s a matter of what you know only the devil would do i.e. the part where you are dealing with human beings and then suddenly jolted into reality by an activity that suggests you are done with your conquests which mean that their desire for touching and distant touching of others is unworkable, now you are here doing mercy humanitarian work – so they always need the media in order to make money and be beautiful because they think that is the way to keep their evil use others to make money and change and idea about how people think they should be treated. To which they will say we British and the history of colonialism has shown we have no sense of right and wrong as well but of course it does seem the colonialism will happen again – I mean I can help here by telling them it’s a Royal Office and not a Toy but they have made their mind up that it is a toy and the case will apply at some point that I will hate everything about it right down to the Agricultural economies. I mean culture is good but some people have ideas about it as something hard and unforgiving and unrelenting of course and it can only continue until they have a new complain for a new century – this is my private war and nothing I have done is hurting them badly enough yet for starters. I hear the part where there is too much of Britain going on in my life but I have really difficulty working out how you could have been adopted by HM without there being too much of Britain going on in your life – they however think that if I am not allowed to be by myself they will eventually cut me off from all real friends then determine what women I get married to which is important for sharing but when you ask them about it, the why other persons are items they will tell you it is all civil rights. The great card of recovery seems to be that old matter of how I am stuck in a condition where I will have no rest or peace or respite – makes no sense whatsoever of course since I am only being myself i.e. dashing here and dashing there and making women feel good about themselves is not an uncommon behaviour for somebody with a Royal Office that he owns independently. The story of my unpredictability simply being a case of being loyal to a person before you deploy something as serious as their Royal order: none of these matters are serious as it were but if it is not the same old Politicians, women and tyrants enmity thing – they do it and claim they have no idea what it means i.e. travel off from a long distance a business that has nothing to do with over 95% of what matters in the way I live, to get involved with me and express a hatred for everything that is good about my life and the way I live right down to the personal life then start to talk nonsense about going off to live either an improved or a normal existence as well.