The Americans feel I will only sell my books when they have held unto it and carved out all the necessary corruptions that can be had from it as they seek self improvement and elation from the destruction of all that is eternal in other peoples personal lives, The British feel I will never make money from my work until they have controlled that aspect of my life caused me to go contrary to the teachings of my faith and then made sure I do not sell any of my books until I had recovered it, Muslim trouble makers wish to kill infidels in my own lands not theirs and media trouble makers are simply there to bully me all the time and create this atmosphere to debate that will be built from doing things that are democratically inconvenient to do to others while recycling the curse through racism and social violence and is worked through ordering me around perpetually for their corrupt European socialist Politicians who discover that the only route to the kind of corruptions they want to have is a total commandeer of every political ideal there is but then find out that when they do that the distance in time between what history has recorded of the evils they have committed in government and plans to win the next election becomes very short and hence seek somebody they can simulate debate in public places with in a way he cannot answer so they can open and close one chapter after another in order to be ready (Italy is in utter chaos ruled by their hard selfish hand, The Greeks just didn't know any better and the French were a bit more cautious when they exchanged Chirac for Sarkozi), then there are those who have culture from which they can give strange powers to these people to attack me with some of them earning some visa to travel to and live in the UK to practice such cultures too which must be the success that the culture brings which shows it does work and so on.

If they wanted to be successful with these things however I am pretty sure they would not have picked on me in the first place but then that would have meant they were only going to achieve conventional corruption, so if they wanted to have one that was historic they needed to take that risk and this is where we are today.

It is not over however for I want to be the real world real life professional that makes a living from power: it reminds me of when I used to listen to an old song as a child "one day at a time sweet Jesus, tomorrow will never be mine. One day at a time sweet Jesus, that is all I am asking of you. Show me the way teach me to live one day at a time" these things are not to be rushed.

I hear them complain because they have the opportunity to appear on public television and I might be forgiven for thinking they have come to the distillation that attacking me, my work, my property and academic endeavour is a bad thing but no it's actually them seeking privileges of injustice, knowing fully their community idiots are collecting my career for them at the neighbourhoods already but the part that led to the fight in the first place is the defiling of every place I make in my own life to spend time with my God by either having sex in it or doing something indecent and obscene in it after which they get in public places and give me those insults which pose the question of whether I actually do know what they have done to me with mockery written all over their faces, all happening as though this was their own life.

The point eventually being that if they trifle with things I share with my God and it affects them they will beat me up or murder me for it and I cannot make out exactly who or what they think they are by the way anyway. So the question has always been; who is going the racism? The Whites? The Blacks? The Asians? Who? Why me? Why is it always me?

I know they are always unto me because they are worthless people who claim they have need for civil rights all the time and when it is allowed find ways to wedging themselves between people and all the own to sit back and dream about all the things they have never had in their lives over claims people have been sleeping with their wives.


There are no identifiable ideological issues in the British government's spending review of 2010. The ideological issues exist for the love of idiots talking constitution at others when they have never won any of the fights they create against people by the way usually for no reason as it were, exists among those who speak of how corrupt the civil service and its public services have been managed in the last 10 years ( some people just get off abusing their wives and children then unleash them on the world to threaten people and because people should be stuck somewhere doing something to help such women on account they cannot resist helping women when they will never raise a finger to aid a fellow man, when they realise it is not working as well as they hoped, they pretend to own the civil service or generally accusing people of starting ideological wars because if such wars happened it will be others paying the real world heartfelt Prince for the rubbish they lie to themselves about, looking for ways of personally owning the country and then permitting everybody else to live in it). It is only their irresponsible media trouble makers that bring up ideological issues in public when they know they have never won any of the fights they begin against others.

I am of the opinion that if I fail to have any necessary revenge, the size of their boasting and the insecurities it will cause my business will be unprecedented and I think this because they are moderate Nazi types doing me a favour taking off me anything of mine they like, in return for letting me live and can go to hell.

There is no such thing as wealth distribution here; I have no wealth to distribute and they know it. They want superiority and discrimination, which I will never give them because they are not important and more so not as important as I am and nobody knows who they are.

Update 8/11/2014 – Job done – being the Arch Prince


In terms of Political leadership it is always said that my case with them is not actually well explained and nobody knows what to think but it really is – the reality here is that of a recurrent problem of the Politicians that committed unspeakable evils being opposed by another who are building up their own version or did commit some before and those are in a coalition with another who are still building up their own version or had committed some of theirs before as well; so it is only a matter of time before the public are forced to think about tools with which to purge the Parliament itself since of course we all know it is an office and not a circus. People can either go into it to do a job managing the civil service with any expertise they have, on the advice of the professional and consultation with the general public they have access to or they can go there to invent and play power games – but they can be assured that the Public will reach a point where they will decide they don’t want to pay for it anymore.

I understand the claims about the part I played being left out of the story when it actually hasn’t been; I have done nothing to remove realities about my ability to remove most important tent pegs when they have realised that the story behind a certain Christian who is so grounded in his faith they can commit any sins they want around him isn’t going to pay off unless they run marathon media campaigning in order to win elections knowing perfectly that one party has as much access to the media as the other in equal measure. So it’s just something about those who need to be scared of the criminals that will be released into society and made to make their peace with the powers that be while setting their eyes on those who make people bad by being good and provoke people by grabbing all the attention with things like religion and morality that will make them good enough for it; so having been I am not in a hurry and those criminals that have been released have not been doing anything to me, this is the contribution I have made to their crisis.

They do say the true test of leadership is whether there is a way of averting this problem but I only can speak of myself as I know I am a Christian and there is a certain do or die affair concerning the need to earn money and keep a certain portion to help those that are less fortunate than I am – they on the other hand are always free to run a Government office or use it for power games. It’s about living a life with an understanding there are things you can buy, things you can bargain with or bargain for and there are things that you cannot – men live like this so people don’t assume when they do peoples own they are not predisposed to have the same treatment met out for them as well.


I know of the case of how much I am being used by fame goons who are making a lot of money; I understand there are those who want to do something about it and that is why I try to give the missing bits of information they might need to have concerning such realities as the fact the problem is that they are becoming more abusive considering they could never use a rat if they could. The reality has never really changed from taking responsibility for the fact they have deployed my work to make their social frauds that has gotten Industry people to part with a lot of money that has made them millions they never worked for but having said that, if Industry people do not like to make a public case of how those who warn them about such things simply hate the prerogatives of those who have lots of money which they want to play advisory roles on because they have got none but at the same time think others should have no place in it, then such things would not be happening but a process of them actually succeeding is making their money at my expense would only work in a world that really does not exist and I do see them become more violent and more abusive and they do show themselves in Magazines and spread it for the benefit of their fans who then do more damage to create certain entertainment that their stupid children will enjoy and so on – enjoy and make exceptions for me that is obviously the owner of the property they use whom they can also control and of course it will end very badly too. Otherwise it is mostly about things they do to create the assumption that Equity fall outs that the Video games Industry like to make use of is a route through which they can access everything else the way they want around here and it never really works because the Video Games Industry is not as irresponsible as the Popular culture industry, they declare everything they do right down to tactics displays and so on and even their customers who play games and makes videos from it do the same – so I am always informed in the easiest place to look of what they had deployed and for what all the time and that is how the Global Community works. Hence that story of how I play video games and my Royal order will end up in the hands of terrorists is only about black people who will be famous when it does obviously.

It isn’t true I am stuck in anyway – I have mentioned already the real me is that this is a rights trading business Civil rights is pure evil and that means my head and tummy and anus and penis there is a fight with black people coming up. It is how their stupidities at media and Politics and Industry has evolved into becoming the biggest destruction based problem around here, so that whilst they complain about those things I did which were supposed to keep them away from me if it did hurt badly enough concerning their clubbing and vice lifestyles in the Country it only gets worse the process of making deals with evil blaming the bad areas on me while their Politicians give them access to my finances with the use of State funds claiming it is a matter of supremacy of Parliament and a case of power, and then it gets better from there are the vandalism of my social media systems ensue, only matched by the need to buy a single copy of my book and share it all over the world, or prevent any sales when they see a preview somewhere and make out that they had their deals with evil which was supposed to make them rich which cannot make them rich without my income under control without my interference and set out to make those deal again while I deal with the filthy parts threatening racial insults from time to time, never getting off my book sales they like to rip up to get client employee jobs, seeking a Christian enemy.

Much the same as the underage voting thing that they claim is a matter of age discrimination when we all know we cannot actually tell if people who are supported by their parents are deciding what the leadership of the Country should be or not or whether they have had it decided for them by those they depend on all together – what they say is that their stupid children are mature enough to make decisions for themselves which will then affect others without interference from them that are obviously the almighty parents. So what it means is that they think voting is done in terms of Daddy spilling his little girl with my work in order to help her to some popular culture money that will make her fame and fortune and that it is how we vote but I guess it does mean they think we are all none the wiser and the fact they think that is unfathomable, still of which it does appear the age of consent will be lowered further and further and further until there is none. They do point to the Monarchy where people are born to rule but of course what we are talking about here is whether or not I have the right to leave my possessions and return to find them as I left them, whether or not fools like these are involved in a Political struggle that means if it really heats up they can grab what belongs to be and throw it at their problem because it gets in their face, we are talking about whether carving fame and fortune for their stupid girls with other peoples possessions is normalcy, we are talking about whether it is how all that voting we hear people vote all the time is done. It’s much the same with the woes of the Labour Market story; of which what it looks like at present is not half as bad as what the economic crisis actually promised but it would have been a lot better if a process where the damage that Politicians have done to it was not at least five times as bad as what the economic crisis promised as well – I mean it was unthinkable that an economic crisis created by Bankers dealing in unsafe products could only but result in actions taken by Politicians to secure them servitude from those who can fix the problem while standing with them shoulder to shoulder as it were for 6 years which has been that long because those who can fix the problem are not budging and they have to provocatively continue to make it up on media looking for trouble and now they are playing underage votes card as well to get out of it by any means. When I say the public will one of these days decide they have no wish to pay for such nonsense anymore they ask why I don’t do it myself along with those stupid insults you have to put up with from their fools in suits all over British streets who were clearly the architects of this underage votes story in the first place – I mean I know you do not sell books by reviewing peoples Equities whether they be Political or media or social or Industry, I know you sell books by stocking a product and advertising it but of course this is what it means when they throw up that story of coward me that does not do it himself – they think I am not doing it and do not have plans to get off my book sales unless the results are worse than what they are dealing with presently – they seem rather convinced under age votes is the answer for the future. I hear they claim I speak of Upper class but have never been there which we all know is utter rubbish since the real issues are that of the fact what I had done to damage their communities because of the evils there and the fame and fortune popular culture and media and vice and fashion that comes from it to target the Christian that controls the hearts of their stupid girls in a city where everybody is evil and nobody will believe his side of the story until they end up where nobody believes their own first has done nothing to deter them if they can get after my details at the civil service and any job I acquire along with my book sales and that is what is being looked into next hence under age votes – under age votes whereby morals are bad and the Church is an evil thing and Communities are useless but parenting is what they cannot do unless they have underage votes.

The story has always been that of their evil and how people like me will never survive a city where there is enough modernisation to cover the evils committed by those who have some form of strange evil they consult for power lurking in some strange corner in their culture and society which determines their behaviour and so on and we see it all the time about that my thing I show off all the time which they are confident will please them and others will own in the end, we see them in the company of football people talking nonsense about how I do not deserve to be there having not had the same problem as them which immediately switches to a story of problem man whenever they realise they are inferior to Royalty and so on and we all know only the devil talks all these nonsense and covers society with all these kinds of messages anyway. They however are convinced that the more I am allowed to feel I will come to no harm is the more they will continue to lose to me whereas I know if I cross them I am dealing with fate, when of course the reality is that they are angry at the world but it is the one man who is religious and nobody will give a damn what they do to that seems to be their biggest problem since what people will do nothing about tends to work both ways as it were. They do claim that these kinds of views are the reasons that the wealth gap in the world is so massive but of course that isn’t true, the reasons are the realities behind these views that if the period of the recession and recovery alone is considered, these idiots have done nothing with their time in this world except try to hold down a day job on one hand and chase me about on the other while rich people who are already rich do nothing with their time except make more money – so that the reasons behind it are that of the weak people that are not linked to any kind of organised and practiced wickedness and evil in cities where people are out for nothing but money, who must be sacrificed to create a means to equality between rich and poorer people – hence in my case we have already ended up with a what if question around the a process where I do not allow them have it and so the recovery has not settled in yet but we have already begun to get a taste of what it will be like anyway. It does not make me sleep difficult, the reality behind it has always been as simple as their nature – the very purpose of evil fashion and evil media and evil advertisement industry is that they get out of bed every day and get dressed in order to get involved with peoples businesses and make some of other people’s money their own, so there is method and calculations to it that means it must become a career and that they fundamentally see other peoples possessions as their right. I have never been bothered about the realities behind it since it is as simple as a case of the fact they have networks and those networks allow them to scout the entire Country for example and find talented people and once they have that when anybody spots anything the deal is to bring it to the network and expect the rewards when other peoples talents and careers are put to their names and so on, we are where we are because I have determined they will never get it off me and the result of course is that rich people are making more money and they have nothing. It is natural we see them point to other Countries and the similarities in these gaps between rich and poor that exist in the US and the UK but it is not that similar either – in the US dropping the ball like that about which I can only tell them to cease chasing me around as we are not equals and there is no such thing as sharing an earnings pot if they know what they are talking about at all with that big mouth, is dropping the ball indeed because the wealth gap issues there have no tolerance for anybody but in the UK there is always that brief dialogue which means that a point exists where it seems rich and poor are the same before it takes off sharply and cannot be controlled.

I understand Royals all over the world see the condition I live in and set out to do something about and claim my Empire systems and Royal Estate for themselves but of course it is never an emotive issue with deviant Royals especially in the Middle East concerning whose activities we it seems will never see wars vanish in that part of the world in our lifetime no matter how hard we try obviously. I mean they have an opinion about me because they have been stifling my finances and book sales making noise about their carnality and who has been doing what is actually their stuff and yet the reality is that I live like I do because it is a job I am after and I might as well be in a battle field as such camping out, sleeping rough and dressing rough trying to survive but above all the reality is that I don’t care however for them it is a matter of their actions being a function of their beauty. They say my existence is a blotch on the imagine of Royalty all over the world but of course that is because they cannot keep their high and mighty royal selves off my possessions and there is nothing new about their deviance either i.e. they know if they change their ways it will take everything they are from them and so they will play these games and play them and play them and what I am expecting is a certain point where they feel I have become indispensable to them and their need for safety and security and then they will become this slave figures in popular culture and then the problem will keep being one around which people can get inventive and never ever go away looking for a piece of me directly. I mean we all see their idea of how to run a realm is to get out of bed and dress well with the latest fashion and set out to snoop around Industry securing servitude for Industries from their subjects, they say they need to because of the nature of their subjects and how Industries do not come to their realms easily but we all know their decadence means they are ripping my Royal Estate up to cherry pick which Industries end up in their Countries because they are beautiful more so and it goes on and on and only my point being that I don’t care what their stupid beautiful ideas about me is but they can see what damaging my property and finances does in service for organised crime and their problems can only get worse especially when the insults are not ending up where they might be appreciated better.


It is never true I was marked out to be used and abused and dumped by the Royal Family and the Monarchy; the truth is that HM approves my work and that is good enough for me, what happens in other quarters is a matter of what we see in Industry with idiots who think they are so wealthy I wouldn’t mind if they grabbed some of mine happening in Royal circles as well but the problem is that I sit over a Literary empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else and nothing they do while they continue to push for a process where that becomes a permanent feature of my life on the other hand will ever please me. The story itself is past its sell by date and pushing it will lead to addressing the insults, the one about where I am supposed to be and the ones about their right to do anything they like with what belongs to me and so on they always come especially from the Politicians before we hear the complains and they point to the same treatment I get from the Monarchy of which the truth is that I find myself in a place where there are issues I can deal with so on getting a go ahead I am also given an understanding the Nation does not owe me anything and this is not a concept that applies either because what you sacrifice for it is the ability to do anything properly. I don’t think it’s a problem it’s  a matter of the activities of some insignificant individuals that frequent or are permanent features of the Royal Courts of top members of the Royal family, so for the female ones it’s a matter of certain women who do these things because they must reach that point where they wear sashes and flannels and put feathers in their hair and become decadent in  very wealthy parties which of course is a lifestyle that cannot come into being unless they had created an empire from which the moment ended up somewhere else otherwise the financial base of that lifestyle will be none existent and so the general idea is that they are so wealthy you wouldn’t mind but of course we all know these are women you should have nothing to do with and people do not want relationships with them either unless they are certain kinds of men and it will never be good relationships either and is always likely to end over the story of the women who knows what she wants and so on. So if there is an end to giving signals through parliament or by media that means community idiots that are also ambitious can pick on me then there will be no problems as we can see that if I did hit them back as well every time these idiots attacked me it would have resulted in a lot more serious issues by now and I have no idea why Parliament is concerned with them or they are so deeply involved with the affairs of parliament these days for my part either.

In terms of Politicians having an incessant need to make use of the UK Military because it will serve an expression of their power, the reality is the same as I had mentioned before i.e. the Labour Party has now regretted the plan to deploy their International development obligations as a tool for attacking me and the Conservatives have been giving it a go, now know there will be serious consequences and are doing on and off with it as well which is why it is important for them to tell the Monarchy it does not matter if the Nation does not owe me a thing but as long as I am a black person contributing to the Monarchy that there is always a problem with all black people in the world. The Tories therefore have not been able to win an election yet but have already set out these give me what I want or you are stirring the devil goons in every single aspect of government department, so before now we heard them speak of how they wanted to reform their party and do away with slash and burn Thatcherism so this must be what they achieved in the end anyway – so they keep going from bad to worse and speaking of which the complains is that of Labour but we all know Labour like to get into the treasury and spend tax payers money on idiots that want to acquire and academic do that will cover the fact they are really stupid and destructive people who want to make their habits profitable but it was the conservatives that voted for every single policy they came up to that effect in the previous parliament setting me out as the person responsible by trying to exist in a condition that I should ideally change to suit others and the result is this sense the Labour party have that due to those who have opposed those things in their party they are now the only parliamentary party in the Country with their own inbuilt opposition.

We hear them say all the time that people enjoy seeing me like that from all over the world because it is an example of how they feel they want to see the UK but there is nothing new about that – I can only ask if they think that Terrorists in the Middle East do what they do because they are naive or do what they do because people are selfish and evil and tell tales and want somebody innocent that they can blame for their problems because they claim it makes them rich. So it’s the reason for their problems in the sense that when the UK Government does its economy and diplomacy and there are certain issues at securitisation they make up stories and handle those. Where I fit into the picture is that old case we meet when we get into their culture since they are not Hitler and therefore able to explain themselves in such ways as to ensure that their race is superior and others are handing over property, so that what we hear from their culture is that you are only as good as your hatred for those who have what you don’t and so they know they are a people of an ideology which is what is wrong about anything that is wrong with this world and they know I know that too. So the big problem is when they behave at any rate and at any point as if my Office of State or my books or company are all phantoms that they are walking through or living their lives past and it does not matter what they do with on their way to where they are heading or what they want that I feel invaded and hence invade them as well especially the German and Spanish ones but most popularly the Middle East ones – hence they are as good at their personal hate figures the more important the better is the particular strand of this ideology which means that they get to target me if given approval by their Politicians. They say I like to provoke those that are far more powerful but that isn’t true, what is true is those that are more powerful marking me out in order to attack me until I react and reveal something about my fighting skills that can be countered until I am defeated because they are more powerful and it is the sense they create that my time in this world is to be spent in that way that makes me feel as ‘genocide’ as they feel for whatever made up reasons as we all know they are usually incredibly stupid and then they will inflict some setbacks that allow them academic work which covers for that and a start to do things that normal human beings never do when they are provoked and their importance is challenged by others just like they do me endlessly for the fun of it. In the end they need to be attentive to what people are saying to them and keep off other peoples government officials; I have done what I have done to my finances because they created the world we live in which makes them superior and hence do not want their involvement or the involvement of their type with any of my concerns and business – this need they have to show that my Office does not exist because it is held by somebody that does not have money to deal with people’s problems is their main issue here especially the part where if it does exist they do not recognise it and can live their lives right through it as if it was a phantom.

Here they say I feel genocidal but have no plan to stop things that might make others feel that way which makes no sense whatsoever since I feel genocidal because of what those who feel genocidal do to make me feel genocidal and it does not mean I will act in such a way in anyway whatsoever. That said the reasons they give for their genocidal feelings makes no sense whatsoever – for example they created the world and I have damaged my finances to ensure they have no part in my concerns but having a part in my concerns therefore becomes their major preoccupation everyday because they are trying to kill big sacrifice Christian in order to feel good about their stupid lives assuming lots of bad things will happen if they don’t make money that way with a big mouth. So I make them impulsively angry all the time as well to explain the fact I am a Royal Prince and they are nothing and should never address me and then the end to this will begin to show up in the horizons or they can have it their way and talk nonsense with fake confidence media.

I d not think it is a major issue the reasons these things happen have nothing to do with those alternative tales they tell it is concerned with the need to make me understand I need to do something to change the presence of God that is with me or else I will get into trouble because it disturbs them and it is much like the case of the reasons for Middle East wars being a certain land of Israel that was given to Jews by God – when we all know the way it worked when the Biblical Israel came into being did not disturb anybody in the region because they were all nomads and so the behaviour here was simply seen as out of the ordinary and at the time by the way the land in question belonged to none and all actually thought the Father of Israel was insane until his plan proved to be God’s blessing and they all decided it was okay to do your own as well if you could so it simply became a trend and not a problem – today they say those things because they are trying to kill some big sacrifice Christian to feel good about life and the story always changes when not enough of them have died yet while he is still alive. That said the reality remains I was always aware there is enough modernity in this Country to ensure people do not listen to me when I raise a concern about their wickedness which is why there is always that need to tell me where I am supposed to be because I look into their souls when I look at them thing we hear them say will lead me into violent trouble, so I will go ahead and do whatever it is I want to do with them anyway and they can make their choice on this occasion to stay away from me in order to avoid it and yes they do ask how they are supposed to return to their wickedness when I have changed everything so I win again and they know what my lifestyle for everybody or else with that big mouth would really have felt like as well.

It’s never about being slippery like they claim – it’s about being addressed by idiots in the way I am which causes other Royals to feel attacked and how I grab and rip up their societies and cultures which causes their allies and friends all over the world to feel like that too and besides which it is a story of defending yourself when faced with being punished for an offence you have not committed and the punishment is death thereof; we hear them speak about confronting ISIL of which the reality about that is that it would be largely concerned with asking them to lay down guns which do not achieve anything but of course we all know ISIL is not that naive when these idiots are able to conduct such things as violently repress people that they are supposed to squeeze atmosphere from to ell music CDs if Music CDs are not selling in millions on any given day completely on a voluntary basis and organised as hell too, so we can only imagine what they have done to create what ISIL has become and do not try to assume we know lots about it even though we do our best to try and ensure the wars have time to cool off and fizzle out in the end. But for them however we continue to have that occasion where the media hearsay will one day be the reason I am confronted by a violent Muslim over something said which has to do with me which he does find offensive and I can only ask them to be more responsible Muslims but it is a risk taken because saying so might be blasphemous as well; so it ends up being the point where it is said I encourage these terrorist activities and foster a means by which they get violent which is not actually true – I am only making sure that the media case for being able to provoke whom they like while using their journalistic status to get to know those who have killed people before so that they might be able to make them kill those who have not responded to them in the way they like into something that is a wish come true for these media fools because of course we all know they consider themselves the seat of power in the world these days on account the secret societies of Politicians is not as strong as it used to be. So never mind what our Politicians say the fight with ISIL is not might fight and it has nothing to do with being slippery or the idea they are not to be feared – much like the old case of me getting about with other peoples wives when my temper and jealousy is everywhere already because other people and not me are married; I mean they have already accomplished the part about attacking and wrecking my finances so all of society can view me as the irresponsible grown up that will not get married and settle down and the case of me with other peoples wives is something they bring up to chose what level of women I should settle down with because they plan to male prostitute themselves with my empire to the highest possible levels imaginable and I don’t mind in any case as we all know they never have sex with their wives unless they are using the bodies of their wives to fuck the wife I never married and of course the real me is the guy that is active at the Church where the deacon was responsible for their foolish wives leaving town and travelling to the City to enjoy the kind of life she wants which is how they met in the first place, so they are not heading in the right direction at all, are not remotely my type and I don’t fancy their wives, I mean there are some couples you look at and cannot stop yourself noticing they are a really nice bunch and this is what they think they are to me whereas in reality they are far from the women who know what they want, marrying one of which means condemning yourself for the rest of your life to pure misery, their case exists in a wholly different league all together; more to do with those grownups that are like Children to me facing some terribly violent couple who harass them all the time – so I have no idea where the story of how I sleep with their women comes into this anyway even though I am perfectly aware that corruptions of involvement are not alien to the West since it is a democratic society and of course it goes without saying it will not end very well too.

So it is true that Mr Obama has a problem with the British Monarchy which is not necessarily news in any case; after all it does seem to some people that not enough Africans have yet to be slaughtered so that their Politics mad populous idiots can have their psychopaths in Government Office, so US Presidents when black might have a problem with the British Monarchy either because they have got an Army big enough to look into these problems if the need arises or because of everything else I have previously mentioned in this sentence. In terms of Tabloid news about either plots to kill HM or indeed my involvement with the Royal family, foolish black men interfering with every bit of my activities to ensure my hatred for freedom and democracy greed grows and grows until we see what becomes of them as well, it is never true that I am out to ensure Parliament is ultra straight in its activities as I am rather more interested in Politicians either not getting involved with my affairs or doing things the right way when they do – hence my assumption is that they live in la la and land therefore assume nobody wants to sit around talking about the evils of fame and fortune popular culture to make a living along with a CV of what he gets to do about it to attract a crowd. It goes without saying that once I had therefore mentioned the big problem with the US Presidency being that Obama does not just want to stifle my book sales along with his black idiots to make a fight with republicans, as much as he wants to in order to ensure idiots like him are having businesses in Communist Territory which does not bother me since what has become of Communist terror outside of what contributions I have made is largely a matter of what Communist Governments have done with the tax money of their citizens for the global economy which we are all thankful for – this has in turn changed the global economy conditions in which people who want to run small product selling systems in their local areas have benefitted from as a result of increase in wages and less time needed to save money for such things, which of course has always been the mystery behind black idiots of America and their insolent secret society nonsense having an inability to understand how Oligarchs exist or come about and we are not exploring their African friends yet, that will be better expressed over my anus and penis and tummy and so on and now they understand my Client Community and why we are soon to grow into a state where I will not want them to act towards me in a certain way and they will not as I want it as well and it will be my way not their own.