I am not worried about violent Liberalism by which I will lose my virginity for example before I can ever get a job. What I am worried about is the present state of global politics and what competition in the Business environment means to politicians and what I will and can do as a result of it.

Where we are at the moment is the point where they have begun to use those things they call dark forces which main purpose is the powers of their Liberal aspects and therefore evil societies by which they ensure they are able to work other peoples to death just because they are successful and this balanced against the violent greed of their illiberal counterparts who cannot exist except they are discriminating and tend to show a lot of evil love for communism and the process of manipulating work force to make profit, which if settled on the issue of the attitude of employee abuse of other people because employees belong in Unions and therefore have lots of power, means we have a very explosive situation on our hands.

At this point where I am is the point where their leaders have taken my studies from me so I cannot serve the British government in a wholly professional capacity at the moment and then felt it is some kind of international fun especially the Americans and in America-where they then unleash those fools they claim think less about their action and rely more on how carnal they feel about themselves and what they want and the violence which is a product of their feelings on me, which also means I have begun to tackle the problem called the USA by making sure women who destroy my work and business because I am not doing what they tell me to do have to deal with society through the pervaded sections of media and liberalism for which they hate my guts by the way but that is perfectly alright because I cannot risk them losing their businesses and people losing employment which is not good for the global economy by the way, hence once I get to a point where I give toast on all these people whose importance mine surpasses that will be the end of the whole story therefore there are the warnings available at the moment.

My next step will of course be the condition of deciding what I must do with my life based on the fact that they have begun their dark and wicked powers thing and republicans have begun their game of working the only person that can fix it according to them to death in America and democrats are still insolently holding onto the old idea of telling me what to do to move into my securities and comforts in order to order me around and get me to deal with the republicans, thus move on with the rest of my life from here by having absolute control of it in such a way as will ensure they cannot harm my markets and my work and my finances so I can move on, while they get used to whatever it is they are getting used to. 


It is always only through violent discrimination against people whom they just carnally feel have no right to exist and other things like Fascism that the process of detaching people from the professionalism of their jobs which is the only way they can earn money from it, is possible; thereafter they fight to keep it open in order to do stupid things that make no sense to be known and be rich with and the persons fight to close it up in order to earn a living and thereafter they make economic conditions worse as they fight to keep the persons they have caught in their games from having any alternative means of raising funds that they need. I on the other hand have simply decided to see how much of this their societies and cultures and community ways of life can take. The rest are just supposed to be their insolent stubborn victims who have a problem with people’s morals and cover others who can handle themselves with errands and problems with the use of media just because the source of their power over those they govern is morally recognised as a higher wisdom knowledge and authority. Which is where they get the confidence to provoke me all the time on account the consider themselves to be in line with the will of the majority and therefore incredibly democratic.

Update 31/10/2014 Women and the Global Economy: Communities of The Arch Prince's the Royal Estate


The part about pressures and a certain constant need to discuss sexual and child abuse with and around me is very well understood but the main issue remains the same i.e. the process of being told by a collection of goons they are fed up with people who don’t really know what they are doing at any point in time in a world where they are required to live tolerably with people they hate and it is indeed very annoying stuff: now they know what they are doing as a result for their part and it is they that are being put to the test.

They do ask me what my views are on drugs considering my attitude towards important people but I have no idea what it is supposed to mean either, I only know they are incredibly stupid people and until they especially Politicians face that fact they will not be able to deal with their problems – however on a more specific basis there are realities to the matter such as what it is exactly they expect to do with all these states of affairs they build up concerning how they expect me to back down when I clash with them and yes I do put myself in their shoes to imagine what I would be doing with my life and a state of affairs I would put myself in to locate a certain Christian that will not fight back because of his faith around whom to build a state of affairs that gets global concerning how if I clash with them they are to back down. So it gets better when their foolish women must also have their own states of affairs of rumours and lies and insults and contempt to that effect as well because channelling that need for violence in my direction as transferred aggression makes them feel good so they tell a whole world of lies and intimidate people all over the place to maintain those lies in order to have it. The question they are asking now is about their condition and how they are doing drugs and I have no idea what I am supposed to know about it as a matter of expertise either.

I do say these things are not a problem for me and they do think it’s a brave face put over somebody that is cowering under them of course so I had to fill them in on these facts – it is not as if it does not affect me anyway; I mean 9 in every 10 women I meet are likely to be their women and I have no idea if what they expect from that is more drugs anyway and yet the more serious aspects are an inability to find jobs and keep them because people are busy using my life for that. The reality around it in a more celebrated way is the old story of success that the fathers will find respectful which allows the Politicians their tales that facilitate a means of damaging mine and putting me on a pedestal that will allow their idiots to turn up to count pennies at my expense until they become millions and it is respectful because it does not have to know everything but this is an example of the pit falls besides the fact they do nothing about mobility of racism and other forms of extremism for example when they are finished with their examples of wicked things people can do to others in a socially organised way and so on – hence they are talking about drugs. So when I say they are really stupid people I am referring not just to the fact they have come to a point where they expect that a relationship exists between me and them which does allow a means to propagate by which when I work for things they threaten me and I leave it for them which serves to enforce that reality even further as well, I am referring more so to the fact they have never achieved anything in their lives save the need to have an education and a top job which operates along the lines of being able to express their nature as pricks on me and at my expense that will allow them shift their problems to a set corner and pass an examination that will make such jobs possible; but here we are again long after they got the jobs and have since done nothing to reconcile themselves with their stupidities on the other hand therefore are asking me about their need to take drugs as well. So I am saying the problem with drugs is that they are incredibly stupid people that have never achieved anything in their lives because civil rights along with claims they fought for the one that I am allowed to exist in gets it done at other peoples expense for them and an example of what can be the result of that is such realities as somebody from Popular culture seeking career competition with another who has a legal career because it is a matter of making him respect his mother – entirely what can be ignored of course if the Politicians that are now asking me about drugs as if my time is reserved for them have a say in the matter. So whether or not they fought for my civil rights, they are still so stupid that they have never really achieved anything in their lives and will not continue to falter over every little question I ask as much as they will continue to resort to drugs by which when they clash with me I back down.

It’s an ongoing issue with their idiots making me the female person in a gay relationship every single moment of their stupid lives, so this is very provocative stuff especially along the lines of how much time I have for important things because of the MPs but that they are asking me about their drugs taking is something else all together anyway and yes they do say the reality is that they have forced me into an endless fight the Christian who blames others for his involvement with deviance that was forced on him by Parliament because he has since decided he will control their lives and his as a society to make them do what he wants in terms of securing proceeds for moral society, that eventually leads to the story of how it has been a case of wrecking people’s lives and putting them on benefits so they can get off to make money and pay taxes which will give them right to attack those people for being on benefits the way people do them, for the privilege of Politicians which makes me wonder why they want a conversation about their drugs taking from me at the same time as well since it is my own view as well the one about opening the Bible read about the activities of Politicians are evil I should not be a part of or approve – so that it leads to the point where their activities towards me goes beyond religion and ideology to contact and crime and I will not seek redress at the Law Courts because I can handle it myself and then people can have need to make me the female partner of a homosexual relationship which activity functions best while I am working on something or studying and then pretend it cannot possibly cause provocation the stupid civil rights and assumption I do not view them as exactly the same thing as the racists they complain about all the time – which does bring us to the point where I will again have a revenge for making me justify activities racists carry out which even they do say is a bad thing but a necessary bad thing, while I then justify it when I am not a part of it on account they want me to be on the side of their enemies so their nature which precludes activities like seeing somebody’s car and going into an office to sit on a computer and do something about it if at all they do not get worse from them might yield a financial benefit and then their drug taking discussed with me too while we are currently living in the same life where they do what I want having been they have no plans to keep off my finances.

I hear they say it’s a matter of my behaviour exposing people to those kinds of abuse, which is utter nonsense as it is peoples need for transferred problems and aggression at me that is responsible for what happens to them but specifically in terms of my Court where it happens the most it’s a matter of abuses and attacking occurring to a point where I have to put myself in their shoes and wonder what on earth would make me want to get involved with a relationship a journalist has with somebody else because I am their camera man or manager or employer in that way and then it dawns on me that it is largely about people that are out of my league so it is difficult to work out what they are complaining about as well but on this case of my behaviour exposing people to things we are looking at the females for the most part – those are members of my Court if they want to be and the result will be that I will try to make a living with it and then they will counter that when I have spent everything with their own realities about the fact they don’t know who the hell I am and that will teach me a lesson about getting involved with women beyond my league – so that I cannot seem to reach the point where warnings about never returning to find my possessions the way I left it because of them is going to make sense to them so that like the Political ones that are allowed to make money at my expense because they claim if they make money that is good enough to support them they will not be involved with criminal activity but have a plan B is which how we end up talking about their drug taking as well, their case is a matter of the fact that each transferred problem and transferred aggression will result in me and them sharing the same existence for a few years and if the time frame we deal with the issues do not run into years I will make my own mess to ensure it does as well until it does. So they do say they have seen my type before and it is utter rubbish as they have not seen my type before and are simply messing about all over the place and I for my part do not worry about the insults and abuses and festering but touching and contact and making money at my expense then seeking contact with me for power as my personal gods, is criminal which I will not seek help from the law to resolve because I can handle it myself and do consider it in light of the reality that they think that they are women and not a lot of attention is paid to their behaviour therefore it can take whatsoever form it wishes. In a larger sense it is not a difficult issue; it’s a case of me and employers or Industries and customers and a service I provide and the fact their case of sexual abuse and tales of sexual inequality is filthy and always builds up an atmosphere interfering with everything, until that is the contact and the handling of person and possession starts to happen as well – so we have reached the point where equities and equities of market and equities of property are no longer touchable by them and it will gradually get a lot more serious just like what I say about my female friends and allies applies to all women in the world – I would have to be of a certain level of demeaning behaviour and opinion towards others to do that. We are not dealing with an usual thing here it’s just the opposite sex side of the case of when they complain it’s never about facts that reveal realities to do with how because of them I am always on plan B or plan C never ever what I am actually doing – in this case we are not just looking at drug taking having something to do with me as well, we are looking at those times the world takes its eyes of women because they do maternity and babies and so on resulting in something they can put together and develop financial crimes that can stay above the law – hence we hear all that yapping; we have seen your type – sexual abuse – there has to be a female version of all I have and nonsense of that sort everywhere. I mean I know jumping from one of other people’s problems to the other every second is no way to live don’t get me wrong but these things are being imposed by the lower classes every time and media is their salvation to that effect as well and they are making it out to be what living means too – perfectly understandable but keeping off my books is the answer to their problems and we are not talking about those who claim I have destroyed everything that would have galvanised people to support me either – in terms of that we are looking at peoples sense of what can galvanise behind me on such issues being a factor of allowing every fool on media to gorge themselves on fucking the wife I never married by stalking me to wreck my finances and make the single older man people are attacking because he does not want to find a wife so we can find what he wants easily out of me because they are busy getting in my way for years: hence all the way to fame and fortune popular culture and pornography and everything else, the relationship professional men have with girls will stay away from me or fear me and I will always end up with a reputation of ripping up all that stands in my way when I want to cut it up as well. It does not in any way mean I have a problem with women, I don’t; I just don’t need their type and involvement with them along with all that noise about their money is the only thing preventing me from making my own money so no normal person does it. We do hear them speak of the Christian becoming more material than everybody else when I mention it’s a case of making sure I don’t set an example by working for things I am so cowardly that I leave for others especially if they threaten me but of course I have already done the running the other cheek part which the Bible commands and we are now on the part about the would you could you question surrounding the behaviour towards me and my possessions which can upset anything that is normalcy and anything which suggests that one person killing another is wholly and entirely unacceptable – so I have set out where I stand and made it clear to the public life is available if they dear bearing in mind all that noise making about freedom and they have decided they dare alright and I have decided that is perfectly okay too – the reason it is said not be far reaching enough is because of men teaching me a thing or two about women and in their case it’s a matter of media being available if they dare so they can tell me they dare alright and I have decided that is perfectly fine as well. One must take responsibility and I am taking mine hence the need to take from them those fame and fortune and fashion and decadence and especially those stupid peace offerings of sexual corruption. I hear they say the question is whether my experiences with women are bad which of course only serves as a means of showing me I have been spoiled rotten and that it is not something I can control anymore. It’s the same assumption that I think that everybody should be helping me when that isn’t true whereas the reality is that this is the city and when it gets in my way while men and their relationship with girls does whatever it likes it is compromised as well and I have not got a clue who the hell they are, so where it is said Politicians can do whatever they like of which is an occasion where I will be said to have capitulated if I mentioned something about who has the sense of grand leadership between me and the Politicians because I couldn’t claim I was Lord over the Country but of course telling them about their insulting women perforating my House all the time so their stupid men can get privileges and how I will use their wives one to lace my legal career is the one I currently have time for as far as I am concerned.


I understand the claim my activities make no sense but it is still leading us back down where we started from i.e. they are already required to live tolerably with people they hate and now they must put up with those whom as a result of their insults never really know what they are doing – now the bloody idiots know what they are doing in the end and it is certainly they that are not being put to the test here. The story is much the same one about how they need to ensure when they clash with me I back down and so on, so that it is worth asking if they will give me the chance and time to spread my own nonsense about them and mess them up and round them up like animals so I can spend their time and health on very violent frivolities before they throw punches as it were or perhaps we simply need to settle up on the fact they just love to provoke people with a big mouth. I know of the one about coming to their Country to make them uncomfortable but there are always three sides to it and one is the one they mention the other is the one where they are to stay off things I might need when I leave their mad Country and the third is evil work devised by negro race idiots with a certain greed that they want to complete. So it creates wonder if they do feel they will satisfy a need for violence in others should they push it into confrontation as it were; it has never really been an issue its always been about their nature and we hear they can only follow their inability to tolerate both those they hate and those who never know what they are doing with the claim I cling to the history of their lives – the reality being putting up with their stupidities is something devised by Politicians in order to ensure that I am tortured in that way while they seek self improvements on account I am an obsessively private person of which nobody really can work out who inquires about the history of their lives anyway, although I have to say I handle it all the time so I can pull their feelings as well, which is what this is all about – that is their person of people pulling it and exasperating them to develop these accusations that take up their time so that they can always respond to those that are trying to bully them and they will simply have to deal with it too. I mean there is little point talking about their need for freedom anyway since it will only lead us down the path of new civil rights if they have spotted the right personal life. Of course they do say it’s not just the whites that hate my guts but that was always predetermined, the old story of greedy black women who have a thing for loving money and certain men the world will always turn on its side to help them take advantage of as well – very stupid individuals of course that think others are interested in what they hate and of course perhaps if they didn’t have all that incredible arrogance going for them there will be nothing left it all but the other remarkable side being the one where it is said there are Politicians that will not let it be and for those it has always been simple as the law setting us out as adults and if they are not paying my bills cannot decide if I the kid can do Politics or not – they do say they want to talk about it not in terms of when I am being used when people manipulate my feelings and don’t want me to manipulate their own which is wishful thinking but in terms of what I really am thinking is the most expedient way to deal with it but it is nothing new anyway, not that getting to what lurks at the bottom of my mind does them any good either: I need to pull their feelings so I can have debates but beyond that is a matter of the need to give money to idiots claiming to have witchcraft power when they attack me so they can make out it does work and that it does make them rich, so it is a warning when I do mention they are not paying my bills and unless they are need to keep their pricks to themselves and decide what happens to the political activities of their stupid families instead. I have simply for my part reached a stage where I need to be prepared and by that I mean calculating the age gap and settling up on how much savings they might have within that time and how to ensure that particular amount of money or an estimate of it is not a problem for me having reached a point where parliamentary vandalism has led to a condition where I have nothing to lose and I am doing what I have doing because I don’t want any goon to push me into anything and need to do it when I want to only.

I hear them speak these days of charity work and Reporter ethics and I will never know anyway either for my part; all I know is that between 2001 and 2004 the most worthwhile thing for them to do was to secure the protection and financial assistance that Bush and Blair could offer to the effect of savaging my finances and helping girls that will later become abusive women on account there are poor people in this world while supporting racism which is also beneficial if used to attack and abuse me and use me for all sorts of purposes, while they used it to ensure those who are not part of their social or Political groups had no charity activity anywhere in the world so they don’t financial dependants that may be desperate which will facilitate a process where people can challenge them, in return of which they have theirs and regularly tell them to deal with the guy that bothers them each time they want to attribute his life and his life’s work to Political leaders and Politics populous. Between 2005 and 2008 we found out this was never enough and that the whole reason it became important to keep off the female journalists that were too moral to take part in such activity which morality was in the first place what propelled them into a career where they put names to their faces and tell facts of what has happened around us because of course what they had lost from women that did not belong to them was how powerful they could get if they secured the violence from poor white people too using all those claims I sleep with their wives and so on and it developed to a point where I am a black racist and the Church is the source of the evils of this world and on and on and on. Between 2008 and 2012 the realities became that of how they need to keep their need to defile people and get involved with community goons that will spend their time among prostitutes with which they can mess up their lives and then publicly clean up somewhere, running threat based accusations on target victims while attacking their finances to ensure those they incite to a hate crime can reach them too. By 2013 to date the realities have become those of how they must finish their charity work so the ladies one too in order to find out exactly what the scope of what they have been up to is. So at this point the story is usually that having taken care of all these problems what do I suppose people ought to do about the fact women really like to target them; I have no idea what it is they expect me to do either since all these facts do indicate that when people are young people being successful then the entire purpose of their lives will immediately switch to the things they do with high level civil rights fraud ending with an academic sense of how the proceeds of civil rights is their personal and private property with the incomes and market places of young people firmly in their hands and pocket as may apply but for women it’s that one about involvement with community goons that get involved with prostitutes so they can mess up their lives and that of their families and clean it all off somewhere; so I don’t know what they mean if they are asking me why some Jeff Jefferson is a reporter kind of characters are always a target for women – especially the ones that have to do their make up for them or handle the camera while they report the news and so on.