The suggestion of interference in other peoples leadership on my part really has something to do with the fact that if people find information about my work and my books and go off to use it to get rich or even more destructively choose to find out what the market for what I am creating is and take it over or even do both of the two, they always feel they have arrived at their power to oppress, selfishness on other people's property which should make them more inferior the more they protest and violent discrimination but in actual fact what they have done is use my work to create a business and if they were listening or paying attention to the nature of my job, they should have been able to see I sell securities and equity I create from my own estate and intellectual property for a living. Therefore it is an accusation that exists in the proportion of what can be termed as defamation and everybody is equally aware that it is a form and means of violent market sharing which costs me my right to privacy and personal life, peace of mind and security as well at a stage where the law cannot come to my aid because it is done with the sue of society and may all exist through protesters.

The truth about their pervasions however is that protests do not just exist, people have to be a part of a decision making process, only to have tabled a perfectly viable answer to a problem or a perfectly good reason why a decision should be reached as will not harm other people, only to have such a decision taken away from the board by a few people and reached in another direction entirely-usually opposite to what they tabled most of the time to the agreement of the majority, usually because of strange interests. People in such position are always going to react, obvious self improvement liars that make peoples private property public property and get better off than they are because they are being superior to the owners however is another story-it’s a democracy.

So when Politicians know such people and feign on one hand ignorance of their acts encouragement of violence against those who have had their property cordoned by these lairs and prevented from earning from it because they are making themselves rich and famous with it while pretending that if those who are genuine protesters throw eggs at them, they will fear it as blood trickling down their bodies hence they have been cut and thus feign the ignorance of where the violence and cutting of people is likely to come from, when they know such people are not likely to be violent even if they wanted to etc and create a stir or outrage: then if those people throw green custard at them over climate issues for example they will claim to have been happy to take on the pressures of the green revolution not have it thrown in their face (e.g. Peter Mandelson MP).

How this gets to mean that we must do something as a country because such liquid is acid etc like the former Deputy Prime Minister (John Prescott MP) is said to have suggested makes no sense. "We" who; are to do what? It is Politicians that destroy people's finances in order to ensure that those that keep out of trouble have handed over all the life they have built for themselves in the process to them and use their administrative powers with which they ask former gang members and violent people to redeem themselves for rebelling by attacking people, in some cases to tie them down in poverty so that they can get into a fight with perhaps a racist who does nothing with his life. It is not ordinary protesters that are so ruthless.

In any case, to the matter of we "must" "the police must", "the violent person whatever form they may have taken, may have punched and harmed but what if it was a knife or a gun?" nobody is "we" with any silly Politician that are sure to speak of so much nonsense when people deal with him or her for robbing them. They always see themselves as people in a corner, a privileged corner while the rest of use work for and come up with something upon which they can provide leadership and this ensures some things like climate issues are never taken as seriously as they should be because they realise if people die they will be the ones taking decisions and so if people don't let them take decisions they will take actions that will ensure people die and they wish to extend the privilege of this insolent expensive curtsey to some of the worst elements there are in society to extend further this power.


Matters of interference as pertaining to me do not exist; this is a free market and what people do in a free market is stay out of trouble because they have something to loose on account that they have built something important; so that they can build it and get credit from financial institutions protected by the National government which security is funded by the tax payer to invest it. What they never or should do is allow themselves to be forced into a place where they let violent people into a world they have built for staying out of trouble just because such people pay taxes and a socialist government must control everybody else's means, then make up excuses along the lines of racial divisions and believe that with violence other people have come to believe their lies just because they do that other people’s property or fame or business acumen or indeed equity has become theirs. It is a fact that the only economy that socialists do know how to manage is a post war one, where everybody lives on rations and then the rich can fight back by showing that nothing in society really has changed and their the political careers of socialists ill continue.

They have no real sustainable arguments of interference for the things I may do because of what a group of people have not been successful with wealth in their lives do in order to destroy others who have, just because they have been from what I gather from them the laugh of the town;-only something selfish people will likely find ways of encumbering my finances in order to get pleasure torturing me to be happy with.

They already have huge interests in destroying other people's work and making them the laugh of the town just to get them to feel the way they feel which will go contrary to any form of economic progress and while they are at it of which people are and should be neglecting important work and duties they should be performing for which people may be losing their lives in some cases which is by no means the most important problem by the way, if I should be optimistic as I put myself in their shoes, the "most important problem" is that they are very insolent, seek familiarity with everything and everybody and are obsessed with the secrete parts of people’s lives for the purpose of making sure that people experience the harsh behaviours of society at a time in their lives when they have been able to achieve enough to put them beyond it and clearly do not have the health to put up with it besides which they have already been through it (especially those of them for whom nobody knows how they found their way into the business community and or into doing business and then being successful with it after all that institutional and organised violence of many forms and therefore hate my guts as it stands), which means that when they are funded and supported by Politicians, such politicians must kiss goodbye to a happy family or private life (I am a prince I have no retirement: if somebody gets into the personal life of other never mind the fascism they stir by so doing after which they blame it on their victims as well just so they can destroy their education, health, finances and set them back on all that is important until they reach the age where they should be worrying about their pensions contributions and retirement so that they can set about teasing them all the time in public with the use of powers over the civil service especially-why would they want a good retirement at the end of it when they stir fascism and do so in order peoples name while telling them to fight extremism even when they are not white? How is this possible) and yes how they react to this is provocative which is entirely normal-after all we have already fought the wars to end all wars in the last Century and there is no reason in my view why somebody's morals should be a threat to gangs in this day and age just because politicians are setting them up for their evil people in society to get community feeling or have new communities by practicing their sadism on them and if this is the case what has the world been doing while I have to endure it even as a plaything for the media everyday for the last decade-getting governed by evil politicians because I am a Prince? Even now they will not even when they make use of my property against my wishes to get rich do as with respect for the future by making sure it is something that the evils of society disagree with hence the need for me to shut it down and the illusion they live out every day that they have a god given or human right to be rich and famous etc.

It was always possible for me to say these things long ago but if I did, it would never have been sporting. Things do not work around me like they do in the normal world-too many people with history, inheritance and something to lose.

Update 14/10/2014 – The fact that Company Bosses and Stock Market Operatives think the condition of the economy is a game is still rife and so is their desire for alliance with socialists and conduct of financial vandalism


I mean speaking of regrets, I do regret those times when I allowed it temporarily those stories about being careful with the gospel lest I damage peoples culture and yes I did snap out of it when it weakened me and ensured their master the devil gave them the go ahead to attack me endlessly which is what they do to this day considering that sharing the gospel with others have nothing whatsoever to do with what the idiots think or are thinking in anyway whatsoever. So it seems they have no plans to leave me alone and conduct their affairs on that stupid media differently and I have no idea why they are always bringing up conversations of another way to avoid trouble either.

 I hear it is said that I am having my personal growth an d development stifled by them which they spread around and deploy insults in the neighbourhoods to maintain; it has no basis on reality and is just as annoying as it sound only – the reality is that Muslims and black males live in a world where they are used to leaning on or making use of the meaning of other peoples existence and that is why my public life is never ever safe, the reason for this being the great old story of a world where boys can make use of girls and what the world thinks about them but both Muslims and blacks also have a habit of taking it to the extent of controlling how it works for them i.e. deciding who looks at their women since the perspective that is created in the world therefore belongs to them as property and the result is that when my Christian appearance and temperaments are better, they lean on it for everything they want to do and exert the same behaviour they do on their women and claim it to mean freedom and this will not do. Where we start to consider them as a threat is the point where they throw up tantrums and the basis is that Mum and Dad have never ever before said no to them on any occasion but had also failed to tell them what the price of attacking other people can be and this is where asserting their will on me thing that leads to the problems starts to come into its own. So some people do say I go about looking for trouble but they keep doing it – bang the doors of their cars on me, start their engines on my feelings, be seen telling tales of things they did with me in which they were the boss, abuse me violently while their politicians make sure I am always chasing after finances and my pension so that can use my introverted personality which is what brings it on and from it they regularly extract the good feeling that is necessary to face the day when they could always ask me so I can show them how to attend Church regularly and make their own thereof which will help to prevent problems. The neighbourhood ones always think they can never come to any harm and for that reason when they cannot make use of something they can attack and destroy it because it gets in their face until war breaks out somewhere in the Middle East.

So the British ones do claim I create problems for them too and am no different when they are the ones that like to think they are aesthetically proficient at covering other people’s lives with violence, along with their black friends who do it with civil rights and causes which they say is not an indication they are evil: through which I know what I want to be aesthetically proficient at doing too and the Politicians these days are doing government work not government leadership so I am making progress on the matter so far. But when it really comes down to it they are the financial support for every eventuality that results in a condition where my life is covered with so much accusation and transferred violence for good and for bad that I am forced to cling to women and women the same so they are forced to cling to me in order for them to build up stories of our infidelity, which I don’t mind since I simply view it as a challenge as well and have no idea what they are complaining about with that big mouth throwing up insults about how I have done what they were planning to do for money and power yet again, showing clearly that we are settled on where this is leading i.e. war on media.

I mean I can say something to my employer with the result that media picks it up and my employer ends up with product problems and it is not clear exactly how many times a person is expected to issue warnings on this particular behaviour either. They do say I provoke them of course but it is the same old freedom problem i.e. deploy my public work and public life to make fame and fortune and then make contact with me after that and pretend to be my personal Gods looking for power; nobody really knows what they suppose the things they do as a result of access to me created from the fact they will never recover their culture and society ever again and not least from me actually does indicate anyway but everybody knows what their hatred of my Royal Status and property does to them and where in hell indeed they will make it their own like they did clearly make my faith so they can pervade and destroy it at will and ensure it does not get in their eyes and then get powerful.

Of course I understand the tale of CEOs doing better without me – it’s the same case as it has always been that these are very stupid individuals but we spend so much of our time finding ways in which we can be afraid of them. I am perfectly fine with this, it’s always been a question of whether I am a victim of their vandalism of a victim of the power of their stupid money and now that CEOs can do better than me I am setting a stage for what will happen when I continue to see them and media idiots anywhere near the leverage of my Company and Royal Estate. It’s always impossible to decide what they can and cannot do with your possessions and the Labour Party is the seat of it all full of idiots talking nonsense about party progress when they cannot get off my career as well in the first place and whether or not what I say matters will always be best displayed on what I do with the careers they have too.

I hear today 14/10/2014 as progress from yesterday when this paper originated, that Parliament is in talk over devolution of Powers to the Scottish Parliament and the discussion of English only matters; so of course my plans have been overhauled with respect to approach on this issue – so it seems the case of how I am out to ensure everybody else’s record is beaten has no basis on reality but rather the fact that the reality we live with and try to do so is about the fact that what bullies do is bully and that is why they are called bullies and their actions are called bullying. The big question now mostly is whether it is right for Ministers of Parliament to target people and bully them not whether I am out to break other people’s records? I understand there to be reasons behind their actions of course but the process of it being about vandalism, media attention and explaining themselves away with all good aspects of my work just to exist, the only reason there is, is that they are always out to find how much evil there is in the land based on what people are most afraid of, in order to build some good of their own for it and chase trappings of power – likewise the same with how much good there is in the land based on what people love, so that the reality when it really comes to crunch time is that they want to be able to build themselves a reputation of being strong and indomitable characters which is concerning but not necessarily alarming, it becomes a problem when it reaches that stage where I start to get a whiff of being persons of a certain persuasion from them: most of the time it does not get my attention because of the fact I am isolated from it in a world where I am Royalty and fundamentally required to breed in order to preserve a Royal Estate and others exist in a world where civil rights can determine who is the man and who is the woman at any given point or stage or condition, hence I do not get involved because everybody will turn on me instead, which is not to say that I am not taking note of their activities. So we are speaking of issues around devolution of Scottish Power’s because it does appear that a sense of technicalities has been lost i.e. after HM issued a statement at the end of the referendum to Unite the Scottish people, we were openly made aware this Country is home to two mistresses and one is where she should be while the other never is and we ever only discuss it as a Nation when and only if we are being lazy, so a simple measure of powers and withdrawal of that which does not fit the bill as the objective here being lost must in my view have happened because MPs have lost the technicalities on this matter yet again – so here is the reminder: they are supposed to set it out so that the arts can do what they do to make people happy with their lives and devolve power that befits the Scottish Parliament and its scope, nothing more complicated than that in anyway whatsoever – otherwise we are facing realities about what they are happy to spend tax payers money on yet again at the arts and maybe it is about such things as their UK Film Council for example. As for me, the plans that have been overhauled here is mostly concerned with the fact that if they had failed to do so, I would have drafted some of my own people at career to the arts in question to look into the issues and sort it out which would have created inevitably one of those conditions where they will get it off me later somewhere in hell as usual: I don’t like them you see, not very much and people have not yet been punished for the economic crisis as it were, as this is not as amusing as they would presume that it is – the situation of their behaviour described above and the bullying that accompanies it spreads from Politics to Media where people want some of mine every single day to Industry where they think I am completely unable to take them on and the regular outcome of turning out at my concerns to get my attention will have only the result of people being officially punished for the economic crisis bearing in mind we have not seen any remorse from them for it – the CEOs are still as lazy as they have always been and are still so much in love with the vandalism of other peoples work, the media idiots are still so much in love with the same vandalism and alliance with those who have money so they can do other peoples career which is inevitably likely to be what the CEO’s will lazy love the most and their problem with women has become a social juxtaposition in its own right (time and again I meet them and it never is a day until they had fought and defeated me temperamentally claiming they have money to show for it and are successful, test them a little and you simply find where the wars that are coming to this Country from overseas are coming from for example and various other problems coming in – they clearly know what they are doing therefore, have got enough to take me on too by the way and most of all have still not got their perspectives right that what they are asked to do is a bloody job which in actual fact has got nothing to do with me and my Royal Estate in anyway).

I understand they say I try but I live in squalor but I find it is impossible to locate which part of it is their problem anyway – all I can say is the same old story I bandy before them all the time i.e. nobody controls me; it was always going to be squalor when it is impossible to release funds from the Royal Estate as a result of the activities of a collection of socialist idiots that run only in three directions – vandalism of property, media attention gained and of course explaining their activities away with the work of their victims, which I seem to be hit with without fail every single day – however which at this point they have spent tax payer funds to prop themselves up and build businesses and have their own City centre connections where they make money and I am at a loss as to why they cannot understand if they wreck Royal Estate or damage anything that belongs to the allies or friends and so on that I am break their own as well and every bit that works for their entire party as well, so that it does appear that it is when I warn them not to screw around with my job that they assume they have seen a state of me that constitutes the worst of their worries which is actually not true at all in anyway, I mean they are beginning to see signs of that but are not taking it seriously hence have mentioned my financial state because they are off to that stupid media yet again as it were and it is the sort of thing they show no signs of giving up right down to their community croons, asserting their will on me with rumours, lies scandals – getting media attention for it – explaining their actions to the public with my work and it does not yet occur to them that somebody One might be too busy and things might get too urgent for them to enjoy any further tolerance for it as well. In any case of which by the way they have their own problems too and need to leave me alone – I mean by this that I do explore the wickedness that can be invented by the Middle and Lower classes whenever it avails me to but that does not necessarily mean that I have been able to say and more so confidently that they do reach a point where they run out of ideas for it.


Where we have ended up therefore is a world where top business bosses that have no plans to do the job have been paid a lot of money in advance and making them do a simple job they have been paid to do, in order to ensure people understand what the state of consumers is and how they must employ people in activities connected with payment in order to create more employment and therefore become empowered enough to control both deflation and inflation where it is within our means and or power to do so has become a struggle but it will not have meant that I am thankful to stupid popular culture women and girls either, those have an inability to stay off the diplomatic front of other peoples Royal Office, which brings us right back to where we started on the war on media and bullies doing what they do which is why they are bullies and we can keep going round in circles if we wanted. Of course the community relations of idiots that enjoy feeding them the servitude they want onbehalf of the entire society when nobody gives them the right to is largely developed around chasing me all the time because they want to be friends, when we all know that given half the chance they will get as far deep into my life and concerns as they can and then start to find people with whom they can make deals with that disposition - the problem now is that this behaviour has reached an obsessive state complete with features such as their need to eat my food, obsessive thus with their need to speak with people and converse with others about not changing things about their ownership of me continues, looking for trouble - the culture and society they will never get back from me anyway and can always rely on industry idiots to give them money and make them feel like it has been paid for which money must never be allowed to gain leverage lest the Economy be perverted unless Politicians are still being silly enough to provide them with that too which by the way does not change anything for me as equally as it changes much for their children and yet we hear the Muslim ones speak of their stupid children being radicalised however which the behaviour of asserting their will on me and dominating my finances as insolently as they possibly can continues and it is much the same with the rest who do not display it publicly anyway, none of which I mind since I cannot understand what they are doing around me on one hand and on the other wonder if they do think this is the 1990s as I always warn.