In a world where we have preferred to play a game of 'I like to damage what belongs to others and then somehow end up having it instead probably one that is better or even more popular, just to see them go without' for which we don't know when to such as when there are good economic times and not when there is a recession, my job become more important, more conspicuous and should I say somewhat more difficult.

What I do and have applies to the circumstances is concerned with the fact that this is a recession: for every single created product, at least 40% of its value and expense to do so will be lost on mistakes and experience (in a natural condition without leadership). If somebody else either shares the rights to this product and more so seek to do or even do so through market share or any other means, then over all leftover productivity has been slashed by another 30% which works out as about 50% in the market as a total (40% of 100% at production level+30% of 100% + a rescued 20% or more through human effort-the price of which is unemployment for example of the remaining 60% in the real market). I do not want this, therefore I am here to protect those who are original owners of ideas and those who are good at stealing people's ideas naturally will never accept or like me. My opinion of them stays the same, if they feel that they have stolen somebody's ideas then they should run to the politicians whom I have noted quite cannily spend most of their time trying to ensure that after the recession has weeded out waste and inefficiency in the economy which means the loss of bad businesses, some strategically placed good businesses will have felled with the bad ones (the same way they mix people up in the public services most notorious the Employment service for the purpose of protecting and preserving their career benefit claimants), so that in the next economic cycle, the bad business dealers so to speak can hook up to these and get rich again especially when the economy is healthy, founded on the sole reason that they will never be employed by anybody because they are too superior to be.


All of which means that Political leaders can afford to look as though they are creating jobs and progress which means also that they are looking after their careers in the process. So if people are not therefore the original owners of ideas in this chaos of economic downturn then the most logical and correct things to do is go away and prepare to become employees, not steal it and fix whatever price they like on products: nobody on this good earth has the power to control Inflation.

I am at this point expecting the meeting between the American President and British  (on the matter of what the biggest economy in the world and the economy with the biggest financial system in the world want to do in terms of bailouts) to produce is a follow on from the outcome of the meeting in Europe, which is that this is a global problem which exists in this form: the problem is not found within the goods market-the goods market on the other hand is suffering because although it is not value for money for people to patch up and continue the consumption of old goods rather than buy new ones, people are doing that because they do not have the credit or the jobs to sustain the credit to buy new ones presently. However, if this continues even more jobs will disappear.


The problem is found within the Money market which is a credit crunch based recession, therefore the governments of the world I say would buy up toxic finances and Print new money into the economies of the world immediately after, but above all, this needs to happen within the next two weeks of the G8/G20 in London-reason being that this present point has shown right across the United States to Brazil and Europe to the Communist blocks over 90% of bad businesses have been weeded out by the recession hence its Natural course is about to come to an end. However if not,  I will progress still to take steps to work on a level economic playing field globally, which will ensure that inflation does not result from the action of Politicians and their followers. The downside of this is that businesses affiliated to them which are likely to because they create inefficiency and waste will most likely be torn down in the process, which I must say will suit me because if the Politicians must keep up the jobs of those who will never be employed by anybody because they are too superior to be, then they must assume personal and financial responsibility for doing so.

I will still never be willing to sit down in any talks with fools who interfere with other people's businesses, find shareholders of theirs that they do not appreciate for some reason whose personal lives they can search as they seek secretes and then refuse to respect that they are the cause of all the economic crisis that there is but seek secretes through insults which will enable them to kill off businesses and create ones of their own, which from my point of view is completely baffling but will never be as baffling as their obsession with calling in business bosses to their public committees as an expression of their position of power where they can ask them for apologies for the size of their pensions, for which they have not told us the public when these pensions were settled since they last Nationalised the institutions that they the government have come to manage.

Update 11/10/2014 – still making sense of Enjoyable and time consuming evils - the Political vandalism, over work and what the benefits are supposed to be


Getting to deal with Obama’s war here would not have started where most people would expect it to, when in actual fact there are such realities as people become more obsessed with talking about Tory austerity ruining the Country than they are about Labours black mail with the welfare state that they pushed and pushed the nanny state to a point where it was not just true that you sign a Contract with government to get financial support and yet you have the legal upper hand in the contract but extended far and wide and deep into the fact that people could vote tactically on it, so when another party is in Government and the stakes are so high and they feel like breaking it up, we cannot just lay the blame at their door and call it a day because people want to be able to take advantage of those who know more than they do rather than give respect where it is due and follow those that lead. It has always been this way in the UK, only change is that they want to bully me with it on one hand since they are stupid enough to gamble like that while on the other hand expect somebody that will make a deal with them to offer them privileges of injustice, which if added to the fact they are always in a group and are always threatening those who have what they don’t and talking nonsense all the time would mean they have become oppressors as well.

The other story is the one we hear their media goons go on about which is mostly concerned with parents sitting down with their children over culture and religion due to terrorism, when there is really no culture and religion involved in terrorism but the process of creating problems for others and making sure they cannot avoid even a posture that means they are being offended by these idiots and adopt a different one just to stand somewhere on a soil and so on; so that with the ISIS Militants it’s a simple case of seeing him or her do it and sit down somewhere to boast about their powers and looking to see therefore how ISIS will fix the problems or what kind of a mess they would make of it, of course we all know when ISIS comes round they are going to kill him. It is simply important that people avoid these kinds of entrapment because they are just one of the most important complexities of that war on going but for these fools to speak of culture and religion over terrorism even more so claiming ISIS does what it does because of Islam hence expressing how much they know what they are doing which supports their theory they are superior to others is one of the perfect expressions of their insanity.

Time and again we have to deal with that Obama’s war on me of course but the reality surrounding it has always been as simple as facts about how no other US President has ever had his tourism idiots beaten up as much as his own are, so that they can be celebrities proving nice people never get rich and famous on my income every single day because they are linked to the office to the most powerful man in the world and are making use of that power to cover themselves which is precisely the sort of nonsense he is likely to approve to and talk even more nonsense about religion which he knows nothing of as it were. I mean it is one thing for these celebrated idiots to live like that at my expense because the powers of the White House is covering them and quite another for them to continue to keep an eye on me and drive it onto a state where they start another story that is concerned with how I never let women get married because they have spent all their time getting rich and famous b abusing me and my personal life which has in turn earned them a really bad one for their part as well, which then needs to be changed when their big boys do something about it. The big boys who do nothing with them time except check my Company and locate equities being deployed for product creation around the world, which products they can buy for what they want to do within and for their own space in the world to get rich and to dominate which then means they are always after my book sales finances endlessly and that is always before Obama’s war has kicked off against you hooray. The republican ones claim I make enemies of them of course but it has always been the case their attitude towards my possession is an endless sense of desire which is expressed by claims I have taken up their stuff and done it, getting to a point where they get on media to express it because they think they have built a community around it and can talk even more of their insults about where I think I am going which I am not – clearly of which stems from what hurts them as republicans and they have trouble seeing that if it hurts me as well we have something in common – all they know is when I do them as well and they want an enemy. The democrats as I mentioned earlier claim they own me and I have set out this conversation arguments as a result of their celebrities having a real difficulty leaving me alone and it will soon develop into conflict as well. They do these things all the time and the biggest problem my property equity has is the fact that it is property equity and they have bought a product in which some brokerage with it was involved and all of them are the same such that it is either I am being made into a plaything for community croons or I am being made into a plaything for certain journalists and when I consider that these two groups never ever stop until it becomes something serious regardless of how everybody else might have stopped the fighting, while they themselves make those stupid excuses of how they are not responsible and it is all my fault, then I take steps to ensure I tolerate them but it is getting to a point, like Mr Obama’s war on me: he has no self respect whatsoever and a typical example is my books where I say that the celebrities are one thing but these other big boys idiots and their attitude towards products associated with my Company at the Global and Local Markets tend to mean that unless I am prepared to re write my books for each and every single customer, then I must accept that gutting them to acquire and keep them customers happy has to be the way things are done but then again I have to think about spending money on publicity and going out there to speak to people and satisfy questions fans ask which has exactly the same effect before he gets off the white house his problems all over the place and nothing done about any of it, to talk nonsense about doing my stuff so his idiots can make noise all over the place about his war on me. I mean while this happens on one hand there are other matters like a 50 year old millionaire that has bound herself to me, is American and has had a string of British Boyfriends before and is saying she wants to find a husband and settle down – now there is a question of what I do say to people like that if I let fools like these do whatever they like around here. I am sure they have heard that the life expectancy of an average America has dramatically increased over the years since my books got Published more so; there is no dooming anything to failure around here and I am not as interested in Mr Obama’s problems be they persons or things like he and his peeping toms at the NSA and black idiots community assume that I am or am likely to be made to be.


We understand Africans maintain I like to think I am an overlord of all but am actually subject to others as well and still have no idea what they think is the way I should be handled; I have no idea what they are talking about since I was given my Royal Commission by Her Majesty and still deploy it in her service even though she does mention I should not be doing that otherwise people will grab it but if they are talking about insulting black men spying on me with eyes of abuse and so on then if they know of anybody doing my stuff they are free to tell them to turn up to my face and do it again themselves. I mean I know my Government provided security used to be in the hands of Women at the secret service but is now in the hands of some men who like to talk nonsense all the time about how I am petted and allowed to get out of hand and every since they got this responsibility it has continued to appear they are about to kill me with it anyway and if they are the ones doing my stuff I do not see anything wrong with them turning up to do it to my face anyway, so these idiots can shut it and go away as it were.

I have never thought of them as a problem like they love to mention it’s just a series of matters they raise all of which are concerned with the fact spending mine is so sweet they must have a habit that ensures they are able to every single time they want, so there should be plenty of that around: not that I mind, we all know about the habits, examples like the period of good race relations in the US until they messed it up and since then have done thing but get other people’s children in harm’s way to get them killed and make them icons of civil rights but we all know what was rife before the period of segregation in the US was clubs and bars and swinger hotels and interracial sex on demand until it blew up – same old case of 7 foot tall, twice the size of a normal person, seriously deviant with no sense of morality and an insatiable need to lay his burdens when done with his filth on others in order to get around chasing wealth at their expense claiming that feeling is called freedom when it is actually him extricating and owning other peoples personal peace of mind if not claims laid to other peoples personal lives and an ability within his disposal to peddle it if bothered for example – these have nothing to do with freedom of course and they have heard me mention I will be provoked if they move into my right hand and I have mentioned contrary to those claims I try to avoid the freedom story because I am weak in that part that the need to hurt me and extricate my Christian peace of mind at the end of which a bad memory of their behaviour towards me will create a sense of hard life transfer meaning freedom will not be acceptable here but as ever they never listen to anything anybody says to them and saying I don’t want a thing done with my person or possessions only means it becomes their pre-occupation, so these their humanitarian scum having a go at me from some poor country and so on has to be the watershed on this matter: I used to think the part where they target people with obfuscation until peoples bits and bobs can be everywhere and touch people all the time on account if you are desperate and it affect them they will make sure that your stupid desperation does not come anywhere near them ever again which will make it many times as worse only that you have to move out of their company and bother others with a problem they created for you and kept outside of your mind and then kept you that way permanently, same old story about how well they feel they are educated in their ability break down people’s minds and spirits and use them to do things and I have continued to inform the white ones as well that they seem like they want to take the issues up and finish it for me since they cannot keep their nose out of other people’s business and like to pretend they are not the same thing as these. The part about white people extricating slavery from me if not solved by facts about the period of good relations in the US for example before the race relations fall out in the last 50 years; every single one of them wants to be able to settle what part the side of society they believe in played in making the world which will then serve as an exclusive space from which to savage my possessions and make quick money, then claim it is freedom, especially the part where they do it exchanging feelings of a difficult existence with the peace that my faith affords me and build it up quickly on media as new freedom found and so on which I seem to have be made a fount of it by them and how they never listen to what anybody has to say about it to them necessarily and therefore have not listened to the fact I will be provoked hence it has become their major preoccupation. 


So we understand that these things happen because people want to be able to be so deep into the personal space of a Royal Prince and their women want to feel well by wearing him life a garment, something they do over there, whereby they can finger his bum when he is not co-operating and touch his penis thus, claim everything he says about it is old fashioned nonsense against their modern greatness and therefore a life he should denounce, all garnished with the need to lean on an existence built from teasing a Royal Prince over every single thing they do, which of course always comes before they speak of their civil rights or which is one step closer to having his sperm which according to their schooling of wickedness can make people rich and so on and it has now boiled right down to their little humanitarian work twerps having a go at me, whether for advertisement or any other reason one more time as well, then we will put their stubbornness alongside the need to spend mine all the time to the test as well and find out if the excuses they make for it especially the civil rights one does hold as much as they do try to set out it does endlessly, especially when my bits and bobs are everywhere because they have created their own perceptions about them and can make up their own rumours about it and in which way the rumours get to stick and cannot be repelled which I should mention is a function of spending time with the Ladies in order to suffer with them which will make sense to whatever we get up to next as well as the facts about the lessons they will learn soon about their inability to leave alone those that want nothing to do with them. As for the story of settling my case with the Labour Party, there is nothing there to settle – it has always been a matter of Mr A goes to college, graduates and takes step two of going off to get ready to face the world which never gets discussed with anybody unless they are me and Black people have the same skin colour looking for trouble and thinking they can stir racism and deploy some blackmail and use my health to feel good like their MPs, then stage three where they chose a Political disposition and for some people it is conservative, for others it is liberal, UKIP is a new phenomenon and Labour is entirely all about cherry picking bits from other peoples own in ways that will inconvenience them and create problem sharing and then subsequent equality and wealth sharing too and if we leave the economy for them it will be run in exactly the same way too i.e. five millionaires in the Country, they will deploy powers of tax man and collect a million from each and use that to create some three other millionaires and when you ask them about it they will ask you back if the wealth has not been distributed anyway but it is when you ask them about the truth that you begin to see their true nature starting from the Politics they are skilled at which is about having their way with the crowd, and the many things in between, right down to those who are not giving up their own being responsible for plummeting MP confidence and it is much the same as when you tell them you will be provoked if they do it and if they move into your right hand, if they use the fact you are single and the fact women and girls exist to do it and they set out to National and global lies and rumours and regularly try until they do it anyway, at which point we hear them claim it is freedom one moment and the next speak of their alliances with communist leaders, at which point they start to make even more senses everywhere to people about the things they are getting used to irrespective of whether or not you have been provoked and cannot understand when people want nothing to do with them concerning which I have no regrets they are stuck on account of me too. It is insufferable putting up with both their insatiable desire to be seen scrounging poor and deprived hell hole neighbourhoods as a means of sharing my Royal Estate and talking nonsense an expression of their powers of media of the trouble there will be if it is not that way permanently alongside what their stupid salary does with my book sales and poor people all over the world when they point their Camera where they like. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either; I regularly offer means to those who want their own in the manner of a pervert as well, I am saying it is insufferable: I do not in any way seek injustice, it’s just that it would not matter, it would not matter if the purpose of driving their cars was to exasperate me and tap into my energy so they don’t have to ask me and get me to show them how to create their own by attending Church regularly, if wouldn’t matter if they chased me around and wrecked by finances to ensure that energy is available to them until a point where I can no longer return to myself as far as we can see, it wouldn’t matter if it carried on to a point where they finish off by keeping my finances in that way permanently and start to play games about passing me through generation to generation which extends to a process of moving into my right hand and living there for the 21 century as people whom I should not offend with my books and if I do I might get killed for, when they never wrote my books and have no plans to get a copy of their own and should not be seen anywhere around it, ultimately of which it wouldn’t matter if I was offended by them, all because Royal Prince makes a living writing books and it has become their concern.