Now there is a new Phrase in the mouths of our political leaders. It seems to be all about the "digital economy" and how to protect it, which I choose here to deplore by way of my introduction.

The central issue seems to be around protection for the Music industry and it goes without saying that the question really is "if you download etc music from the internet at etc condition at etc time, you will be committing an offence that is punishable by law" whom are we serving?

  • The Music industry is about general entertainment and therefore a function of what people appreciate and follow.
  • The Music industry is culturally and socially very destructive because it is very irresponsible and takes responsibility for no body or anything ( by means for example of the fact that unlike the writing industry where people take responsibilities for their work, in understanding that sometimes parents do tell their children not to read certain texts or books, only for the child to grow up to remember that on the contrary, they did pick the same texts or books hid themselves under the blanket and read it-which puts the child in the hands of the author) and those who run the Music industry are something virtually of gangs of the professional world; pirating the careers of those whom they deem are worth doing so and torpedoing the careers of those whom they think want to spend their talents on some kind of formal education in order to ensure that others do not get to share it, in order to make a living; hence destroying lives which makes them even more irresponsible when they have become famous.

It is fair to recognise that it is not true that when people have obtained a downloaded copy of a piece of work by legitimate or illegitimate means, they are likely to divulge it, or indeed allow it to forge an auspice by which they do not purchase the legitimate work from the market; a CD and a download are two very different things-people download things for very separate reasons from the buying the copies at the shops, which means the taste and satisfaction of the two are very separate and different things. Hence that somebody has a downloaded track does absolutely nothing to prevent them from buying a copy from the shop; it is much the same with books.

These facts however are not the issue. The issue is that the Music industry today is Crowded with trouble makers, full of the complaints of families, young people, women and Home makers. What this means is that there is already an overwhelming amount of people which are still increasing in number, that have not made a single music in their lives that has not been based on the money they gather, the society they make friends with to go behind the lines, find facts about other people’s lives, careers, work, projects etc in order to extract the bit that makes money from it and make the money before such people have gone public (the only reason I would have been said to be speaking from personal experience being when people have refused to recognise that I take the risk to speak at all because it is affecting others and has made them vulnerable to and victims to it as well): Thus the policing of the digital economy seems to send out a very powerful message on their behalf "if you retaliate, you will end up on the wrong side of the law-thus there is nothing you can do, we are all powerful" for there are no other reasons why people will buy a music they do not like, even if they have got a downloaded copy and there is no reason people will not buy a music they like, whether or not they have got a downloaded copy but I know however of one reason for all this to change and this reason is the search for empowerment by those who have been robbed; somebody will want to have an illegally downloaded copy of a music they like instead of a legitimate copy because and only because they want to be empowered for reason of being robbed by those who made such music-so it never makes sense for those who court themselves trouble to bring the government to bear on the entire internet. It is very well the case that there are those who make a living on the web without getting hurt, It boils down to respect that has not been given or gained as a result of some people getting rich and even so respect for people’s rights.

All of which means that whether or not those who destroy peoples career to extract the bit that makes money to make music with to get rich and become a celebrity very quickly have their own contingencies out there conducting illegal downloads to criminalise everybody: it settles down to talent at the end of the day; when you have talent you know what is acceptable for you to do, what is a risk for you to avoid or take and government does not have to interfere with the digital economy in anyway.


personally, I am so open anybody can take whatever they want from me and the more I protest the more open I become and the more I don’t protest the more media fools protest for me; while it seems it is their wives and their wicked old women that are supposed to sexually abuse me are the ones protecting theirs from me, with whom I clearly don’t have to have any stupid sex with in order to have access because I already have natural privilege and political access. Naturally they hate my books and I don’t like them talking such nonsense like they have leftover money from what they stole from me to buy it with, in the same way I don’t like their treacherous evil wicked tribute Pop songs designed to ensure they are delaying important things and making them counterproductive.

Update 22/10/2014 the Company Status


Now the story of playing into the hands of the men is not a new one, it’s the same old case of men complaining but the state of affairs remaining the same i.e. they never learn and keep doing the same things of turning up here to fix things that are not broken and cannot listen to what others are saying to them either and I am simply no longer going to tolerate their need to savage my finances at the patents margins and get between me and the sale of books to other Royals or the sale of books to journalists or the sale of books to celebrities and so on and I am not talking about their fellow villainous girls at fame and fortune that are the reasons for their activities either. I know they say I am likely to get into trouble but I hear that all the time and everybody knows nothing ever changes about it i.e. they lay popular culture pipelines in your personal life and build popular culture empires and for that reason they will see a criminal who sells cocaine that they now have the money to buy and are buying in good amounts as well, speak of how he wants to create a customised Gun that will make a statement and so to prevent that I make mine to ensure nobody deploys my equities and securities to give him or her any such product except in hiding if at all and so the purpose of the popular culture empires becomes that of making sure Royalty cannot pay his bills because he will not kill somebody for money and even when they see what statements organised criminals make from the results they are still doing it every single day because they are keeping up the financial damage. They are villains you see, the stages are them as villains and then the barely criminal fools waiting to commit a crime if they do not have what they want and then the criminals that have committed some form of crime or another and me and they are not mates for the sort of contact we seem to be having all the time and they have not yet worked out it is their interference with my book sales which propels me to extricate complaining from them by deploying the relationship they have forged with criminals they know in order to share some of their money with them and keep the rest in those secret rooms their wives and kids are not allowed to enter because they do not trust the banks, which is also responsible for the fact the way I am and what I say and what I do which is none of their business in anyway whatsoever seems to have been something wrong which must be punished as well – I say it all the time but they never listen; if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it and nothing happening here is any of their business either while as far as they are concerned my women and their villainous popular culture girls have become one and the same thing when in actual fact I do not feel that way at all and need them to stop throttling my company as well. I have set up social networking where everything that is happening in my world and not their world can be displayed but everybody have seen what they have been doing with that too currently as it stands, so this is not a joke and they understand exactly why I always want to make money with the relationship they have with criminals in order to keep their money at home because they don’t trust the banks, they also know I am no fan of their servitude of industries which makes their wickedness and vandalism financially profitable and do not want them sticking their nose anywhere near my book sales even though they think they can do media and popular culture empires nowhere else looking for trouble. So this is the old case of playing into the hands of the men conundrum. The others at the Monarchy consider themselves the worst sexual perverts ever and in their case complain mostly about loss of relationship with every little woman there was, however are still getting about fixing things that are not broken even when they have lost their relations with HM as well, only to tell me either that they have bullied me into giving up my secretes or that I don’t know how things are done in their area and for my insults will never find out of which I have no idea why they are so convinced I want to know anyway – the going round in circles. I mean I might look like somebody that is predisposed to taking advice all the time but that is because their society of villainous and violent idiots who want my bits and bobs on the streets every time while they are busy fixing things that are not broken in my world and not their own, always feel like telling others how to live to make themselves comfortable and yes I like to take their advice until they run out and start to talk nonsense and complain all over the place as it were, it does not mean I am interested in anybody’s or anyone’s idea of what I should learn anyway. So all I need is my Royal allies and my Political allies and my Journalists and celebrities and I think people have a fair idea of what is happening in my world and not in other peoples world like they profess on media to provoke me all the time, so the conditions are improving and they can improve it better by changing their behaviour not that I care if they did anyway. As I have said before: look at it, it’s all damaged and ripped up right from the 50s to date, so they can make popular culture empires. I have mentioned  before the issue of their villainous women and how it is impossible to decide where one stops going – because of course an example is that I am interested in the financial vandalism of women and the Labour party which if not stopped will convince them they can always screw around with my health after they are done with my finances on account they may find it amusing at some point but it seems what I am ‘supposed to do’ is get interested in the existence of black men who have strict codes of conduct for their stupid daughters and then respect them in order to get by and there is one such nonsense for each and every single step I take every day before the men complain that is.

It is not a matter of social and or Political polarisation, it is a matter of not messing up anything that happens in my world and in my world as in, not their own as it were, since they do have their own lives and things do happen there as well last time we checked – I do give people invites when they are invited to do anything with what happens in my world and I have not given them any. Apparently they are content with behaving like that because it exists only when they say so and hence is a matter of what they recognise and I don’t mind since the language here had long changed from the respect issue to what happens or does not to determine how they behave, like their community people now hate those who take too much advice as well but can neither keep their insults to themselves and show a tiny bit of respect for those who are more important than they are and therefore have more responsibilities they should not be made to suffer insults based tiredness to carry out. They do say I have been chasing frivolities to a point and now wish to take it out on others and make a good deal for myself from it and that they have seen fools like me before who always claim everything they do is not their fault but of course if it were my fault like when I play around each time the ladies are serious and it costs me endorsement and book sales, I will never ever say a thing about or discuss it – this however is not my fault it is because of the fact that they want to see people caught in the difficult parts of their society where they have power over them and can assert their will over such people and they would like it if those people were important so they consider me a pivotal point in history and this whole thing has happened this long because The Labour party spent tax payer funds on them to help them with mobility when they are unable to listen to what people do not want happening on their possessions. It is a prime example of the fact they are their popular culture girls are high level villains i.e. they live in a world where it is what you have failed to do for money freaks that makes them the money they have and will come to bite you in the bum some day, so they fundamentally need you to exist in a place where there are things you have failed to do for Industry fools and money freaks because you do not have enough respect for them – right down to sex for money and homosexuality etc – so I have had enough of that and they are beginning to understand what I mean by that as well and are beginning to see their behaviour is not going to last as a means forever. I hear the part where it is never my fault is raised by their children but of course we all know that is what they want to be able to talk about in their popularity communities, not an issue – where they provoke me is when they start to claim I have raised the bar compared to the older generation in my world and so they deserve to raise their own as well; it is where we have to decide if it is an evil pop stand and must be blown or not; I have made myself clear about the popular culture empire anyway for my part. I hear they say it is some things I do that results in these things which I refuse to recognise but it’s an old story about their villainy i.e. I beat myself up so they beat me up as well but if we look again we are talking about things I claim are not my fault, so they are people you simply have to hate because that is how they are made and to cover their tracks they invent their lies and hate first and it becomes an oppressor scenario for you if you let them – but in this case we are talking about their women leaning on me and my faith with the worst possible behaviour to extricate their beauty sleep and progress for their tiny armies they can threaten people with when they want money and of course what we know about it is that it is an experience they have suffered at the hand of somebody who has shown them the meaning of some high level servitude where they had to work murderous hours for money, I for my part can always decide when I no longer want them to lean on me but on this basis, sometimes it is pity that holds me back to my detriment as it were, which does not change the fact they are villains and will always be up to no good as well. The reality is that their Politicians are happy to spend tax payer funds on them to help them get people they target into these thorny areas of their society and trap them and have fun and abuse and them and soften them up to feel like touching them where it hurts all the time, soon enough they remember they are supposed to pay their way in the world and that is where they start to test peoples penitence to the limits.


On the matter therefore of the Royal Hospitality and the Governments all over the world, the reality is still much the same i.e. I am said to have no respect for other peoples matrimony: the reality of course is that they must make money with what happens in my world and in my literary empire and in the Global Intellectual Space and in the hospitalities that are used to serve Governments in treaty and Alliance  the UK which as I had mentioned before is where my Court gets its job to work the hospitalities they allow us spend so we can leave them with vital public place and International equities but above all must make money as a result by stifling my books to build popular culture empires on my Office and anything that is British domestic and foreign Policy thereof. So I have no idea why it is always important for them to come up with conversations about it and why the Americans cannot accept they want a piece of me specifically and it is not up for conversation as well. I am doing my best managing their celebrities – their villainous celebrities that will make fame and fortune with nothing else but things I wouldn’t do to serve rich people such as taking my clothes off or having sex, which continually develops into a state of financial oppression and more so with media too all the time, besides which the British Parliament has Marched more days than I can remember around this matter of sexual abuse which is most endemic and forms one of the biggest collection of unreported crime as a function of the fact when women have no wish to work with them to pillage offices and finances they get sexually abused, so I wouldn’t like them to push my boundaries any further and those stupid threats will lead to a process where I kill them and then they can yap from there. It is never clear exactly what propels nobodies like these to get off and tempt me like so every single day anyway, that is if I remove the story of them living in the most powerful country in the world from the equation; so I hear they are complaining about their culture of course and I am determined that the next time they come around here or issue those stupid threats the purpose will be to get their culture back so we can find out how as well. I have never had a problem with it contrary to their claims, there will always be stupid villainous playboys and girls chasing money at fame and fortune popular culture but it does appear there is something about me they like to target, so I must wait for the next time they issue their insolent threats and become surprised it did not end the way they expected. It’s that confidence of being able to charm people, buffet them if it is not working, bully them if they are stubborn, in order to do what they like with people and make money and show off their psychopath good looks and get away with it, so media fools can speak of them as the stuff of our dreams even when they see what the poor ones are like, so I have to take the culture away for my part the being targeted, so we can see which dreams people still have of them as it were, apparently we can see they will fight for it, so conversation out. I mean they do say we now live in a weak world of peace at all cost due to a leadership of cowards which makes no sense because in their world an altercation with a neighbour can be resolved at Parliament by the time it is over so that lots of bloodshed might happen because they got into a fight, where I am happens to be the part where I am the guy that is always picked on because warring sides find something beneficial in doing so on grounds I am the person that has never been involved in any process of offending people – we are here because the idiots are being made to think about putting their money where their mouth is on finding out they are not dealing with the weak link. It is practically an invasion i.e. this is my lifestyle and you are blocking my perspective, meaning it’s my lifestyle for you as well or nothing with a big mouth, so when I run my big Church programme the world must give them privileges of injustice and I am a leader of cowardice when they get into trouble for games of thank you very much in handling anything I have done to ensure my livelihood is paying me, with that stupid media salvation they think is everything and offers them opportunity to believe such things are amusing, having been they have created their own version of what they suppose other people should think about them as such and therefore absolutely everybody is supposed to think they are not full of shit. I have reiterated I want to get out there and sell my books but they will have another reason for me to get out there anyway and we shall see how it goes too. They do it then talk about leadership of cowardice when you kick them as well and yet every single thing they do in public might as well mean you are gaining from something they are doing on grounds they want to make use of your possessions and get away with their theft to seek dominance later with what money they have made from it, which means this debt they owe when they lose over the need to abuse others in Sodom and sexual context that is going to have its day around here as well. Clearly of which what they find out about me and what they get to block continues too, so they can tell me tales of what I should be doing with myself to bring progress to their stupid race as well which we all know is a story that cannot go away and will measure how the sodomy and sexual context abuses will end too, so we can affirm what the wealth state of Princes are like for them to accept and recognise the ones they want to with a big mouth. I hear I am one of the biggest resistors of change but I wouldn’t know since nobody around here is working for change while they find it so convenient to set out a means and a carefully thought out plan and a statement and an argument for attacking, hitting and having a go at me which will allow them get away with it i.e. if I don’t hit them back it means change but since I never let them get away with it I am attacking change. I have never considered it a problem, I mean if you think about it in the case of 5 to 12 year olds in school for example, whose parents and teachers have set out statements of hatred in my direction that causes a good feeling that they are beginning to emulate right down to the skewering my cat flap routine, for my part I may say good children, now you are distracted from what matters and even so will expect to go home and sleep along with your stupid teachers and parents that have taught you those kinds of behaviour but of course they have worked that out by leaning on me with the worst habits imaginable which only they can cultivate as well, not a problem as such since I can get them off it whenever I want too at an opportune time. I am only saying they speak of change that they have never worked for and so in reality we should not be having anyway since nobody has worked for any as such. Its largely the same old case of the men feeling as though they want to abuse me in a sexual context all the time so that my bits and bobs will be on the streets and what they can do with that is ensure every single thing they do to feel some form of power and privilege results in attacking and hurting me, right down to banging the doors of their stupid cars or blowing the horns, it’s just the case that it is the children who listen to the wives that have a particular problem with the presence of God around me that speak of change – none of which is actually new in any way since we all know they do it because I am the kind of person or more to them a thing that they hurt and abuse in order to make fame and fortune and for each time I open and read the Bible they fit the bill of that particular group of people that are good at grabbing people and trapping them somewhere to make them possessed with demons that will ensure they tell other peoples fortunes whenever abused for it, so idiots like them can become merchants and so on, playing stupid games with me endlessly; so that for the Eastern ones I feel like I want to find out what is going on behind the windows of those stupid city centre buildings all the time and the Middle East ones want a piece of me and are getting in phases so they can go off and fund terrorism. The first part of these attacks and abuses and persecution which got them into trouble was the bit about men like me thinking we are really tough when they do these things whereas their wives and daughters can beat up any time and so the wives and daughters speak of an impulsive process of falling in love with me against their will endlessly which means I must change my very existence and the result has been the UK becoming a place they do not feel they can live in anymore because of me, so this is just another aspect of the story of their bullying of course and it is about change and this is not the only prognosis of invasion I have to deal with of course – there are others more practically based on their stupid needs such as how the way I live must be stopped because it sets out the idea working hard is good which means those who want to see them work hard demand more, as I have mentioned before that their playfulness is to cost them jobs as well before I feel this is over since I cannot keep leaving employment for reasons that appear complicated, there are others like the food I eat causing them tummy movements and being met by a sense they have they want to touch me hurtfully because I smell of food I ate and so you tend to understand what is to important about the wickedness that consumes the benefits of holiness that we see them practice all the time and make civil rights names for because it will buy them enough time for it to have guaranteed success all of the time if such names are made for it but for me it has come to a point of touch me and suffer for it since the only consumption and obliteration of the benefits of holiness they can make happen here is on media and I am human with feelings and it gets to a point, the fame rascals (I mean it is clear at this stage the Ladies at the Company Court mostly have no plans to get married and settle of course, complaining about girls and I cannot do anything right except share shoes, so they can find out as well so to speak; yesterday 21/10/2014 I was busy searching the web for news of Kelly Brook all day, today is a Journalist called Allegra Stratton who goes by nick name of Allegro 'o', so I am doing very well for my part).