I am not saying I do not get warned about messing with the white race, I do, but it is largely a matter of the fact I can no longer have a relationship with my parents or indeed with the British Royals so I am stuck with abusive greed that only needs to detach you from your academic work and then every single part and orifice on your body will be game because they are taking it; so the full album will be that I am unable to have a relationship with my parents, unable to have any with the Royals and unable to complete with academic work because people are idiots with jobs on media and they suppose I have done what I have done over an assumption they will never become racists when it hurt badly enough for them to be. So I have got only one condition i.e. they need to fix the finances like we were mates as it were and since they have no plans to allow me fix the damages they have done here with their violent involvement, they need to do it by themselves and stop issuing threats they actually cannot back up as it were and then when they do I will be free of them and they will be free of me – otherwise they can keep trying to find out what will happen when they blow off their big mouth where it really matters. I mean it was fun when it was – the precincts of the University because I attend full of society idiots having fun with my temperaments meaning that stuff they do about detaching my potential from my academic qualifications and making sure the two never meet to seek out mobility for extremists at the Industries at my expense with that stupid media and the Politicians that run with it had followed me there and characteristically it developed into a story about how every single year I spend there will mean somebody else graduates and grabs my career and my world from what they have found out in the process leaving me with the possibility that getting academically qualified will become a problem in itself and nobody knows why they never attended colleges instead where these kinds of behaviours will not damage anything in such a far reaching manner, so I have to assume they turned up at the Universities because they saw me attend. It’s the one and only conditions here, fix it fix it fix the damaged finances, I intend to teach them a lesson they will never forget. I know of course of an accusation about how I got off to hoodwink people into a service for Politicians that I never performed so I might manipulate people – it will never make sense; firstly of which we have circular societies all over Europe for example where people exhibit frivolities just like they do but in essence it exists because people are comparing themselves to the trouble maker celebrities they have got, so in my case it simply has to be that their frivolities target me because they think I exist somewhere at their level – there was no hoodwinking, they have always assumed Politics will last another couple of centuries and Royalty is on borrowed time and I will not tolerate any rubbish from them right up to the international communities as well – they need to fix the finances now and stop making so much noise of threats they really have no means to back up.

It is never true they provide for me in anyway – it’s just the fallout from a process where writing books means that an idiot on media has already read it and finds it so amusing he sets up entire communities around me all the time to troll me and make his media job more meaningful to others which has now over time given way to people being organised to extract information from my personal life instead of buy a copy of the books as per that is where their fame and fortune lies and I have no idea what I am going to do to them for it anyway. I know it’s possible to say to another person that due to his behaviour I have been writing these books for some time and last 24 hours met somebody who thought I was messing around with careers I know nothing about due to the fact what I know manifest in my physical appearance did not show up in my pocket as well but these fools have not had a meaningful conversation with another human being for decades, there isn’t a soul they meet that has not ended up telling them the current relationship will not last. I understand they say it’s the fighting bit that is hard for me but it isn’t, we are living with a media today that cannot get past any second without passing a violent insult at me, reason being that my property which they love to spend will never run out and I first need to kill off this perception that I am star struck and wish to get through life sharing all I have and then I shall develop a campaign of abuse for journalists and then finish it off with consolidating my selfishness and hurting them seriously for any further usage of my work and career.

I hear what they say concerning their culture and society of course but it is to stay with me until the Books are sold and the job is done, otherwise I will be disrupting the activities of organised criminals to secure facts for books one moment and then the next I will be undercut for frivolous excuses that do not make sense and get made up as they go along; it’s an old story about what the purpose of the culture and society is i.e. I am nature and they men and men always pound nature, which is why it is important to them to ensure I am rounded up at my exit route when they help stupid girls and women to fame and fortune by handling my Royal Estate and Public work and the general illusion is that they are in charge which is a big fat lie. They need to fix the financial damage they have done here first then issue threats. I hear them when they say I have problem because I attack the interest of those who fight for me but we all know when it is a job they can give they want to give it at their own time table, now that it is my business they want to lift that whole process and set it up on it as well and we still cannot work out what their problem with the respect part of life really is, all we can do is assume they think they are in charge which is a lie, just like the problem with the Politicians and the European Union where people get into government office to sit about talking nonsense about their private interests and those that have possessions they wish to own and the Germans basically run the EU which is a big fat lie as well.

So I hear I think I can use and dump the media whereas the truth is that they love to build publicity for me or my work and then sit about making sure it passes to somebody else and there is no tearing them away from suffocating me in that way – the reason of course is that they primarily make their profits by selling goods and services for big companies and that is why I as a person do not matter to that extent; having said so it’s not impossible to see that whether or not they are doing this, if I actually speak with a customer about my products the customer will not decide what they want to do with it, but then again they are off on a tangent around that too to secure power all together, so it is not that I am painting an apocalyptic picture as such, it’s a case of imagining a Company exists and it may build history with a community where it is based, to locate which ones are its loyal customers, then imagine another organisation run by very abusive greedy idiots that leave you all sexually filthy and defiled for every point in time in which they engage with you, imagine an organisation that needs to build such a history and is actually a sales company; so it is possible for goods and services to appear on my media without having anything to do with me and for each time that it does they are on borrowed time with their big mouth to be backed up as well – this is advertising. The private broadcasters like to think they are the ones with an ability to take me on a wild goose chase which has proven to be the case time and time again as it were but it is the public broadcasters that show this behaviour for what it is i.e. when products are advertised at your expense it is because we can beat you up if we wanted to; I am in my thirties, I have seen advertisement in my life time as it were and it is possible to have my normalcy back too. I mean it is as though nobody knows that every occasion where you wake in the morning to a tummy ache that is a function of community croons that stare at your bedroom window to a fault and do not have a jobs and each time it happens and you check the entire neighbourhoods it is some kind of laugh that their evil mob justice is having, that is primarily originates by some subliminal message that is sent by the media, when they issue threats assuming they will be the ones to do the murdering as it were; like white people are having trouble with a relationship concerning their parents and its all your fault playing with fire considering what we have used our media to do in Africa and Middle East is not hurting enough and will therefore get worse – I have told them enough like any human being can about their stupid threats and why they need to be seen staying away from my Book sales. I hear that I am being manipulated by large companies of which is utter rubbish – it really doesn’t do for people to pretend others like them when people really don’t; I mean large companies know what their liabilities are and that each time they tell people to sell things for them the result will be that of 20 guys who are done smoking weed that will be out there today ripping up my company for reason that they are sales men getting around the streets to do their jobs, so the question is why some people are always so keen to ensure my work and possessions end up in that condition only to issue stupid threats at me at the end; I have made myself clear, I have seen adverts before and can see them again too. I am not saying I have never acted in such ways as deserves the threats but it’s a matter of new small businesses of freedom erected all over the world to sell my Royal Estate and Royal order to get rich by freedom freaks led by Americans, so when they have none of it to bother me with the situation will improve too; all I have done have been done on the basis of making sure people had stopped attacking me, I have not yet gotten hold of the liars and mob justice idiots to bend them into an unnatural corner to show them how people provoke me yet and I am certain its small businesses of freedom that will present the opportunity for that too: it’s never been an issue, just reality that in the US you can easily tell people you believe in witchcraft and that it is how you get to become an elected government Official and people will decide it’s what your flavour looks like, they believe I have got the stomach for small businesses of freedom abuses of my finances and what I had done before with their democratic fraud and robbery is not hurting badly enough yet too (the democratic fraud and the need to handle my aptitudes and company in order to make money at the stock markets was the first time our paths crossed - this time they are doing the one I told people was acceptable i.e. small businesses that rip up my finances to exist and issue threats at me to make profit and that is going to end as badly too - it started with the economic crisis, where the Bankers will be informed that there are those who think they are having a laugh when they claim some billions just disappeared off the stock markets and then such persons will have to deal with all that distant violence, to find it is coming from democratic fraudsters who like to claim they want to live in a free Country because it is the only means by which they can when they need money put some tools together and go off to gamble at the Stock markets - its ever such fun and beats the imagination of course except for me it got worse with their big mouth over my Books of which nobody knows what their case with seems to be).

It is said I am one of those people that show Europe is becoming more African all together due to the activities of these freedom fraudsters but I really do not need to go after that which is why I never discuss it along these lines; what is real and true is that the insolence of main land European man regarding their fatherliness is off the scale and when the last time I checked I had a penis as well it makes me wonder why I cannot be one too, however time to put my foot down comes when this Royal Estate is mine and not their own and their behaviour towards me means my finances get damaged and every fool can grab my work and toss it somewhere in which they can go to claim later on and I simply have to let it run its course, when it hurts me they hurt too. It does not mean I don’t get support, I do, when I am playing the part about helping them out with peoples violent and destructive frivolities that encumber governance while they spend time standing up on platforms of government to push their own interests to ensure people want to do more and more of it but then again there are those of them that really like to play up that nobody knows who you are when I ensure you have to deal with the image of your company everyday as I threaten you to get rich because I am dark and violent thing of which their opinions have never been required around here as such – so that is what is going on not Europe becoming more African; the Spanish really love to do it but it is the Germans that play up the ugliness that brings a curse on everybody routine, what I mean being for instance that of Ireland going to a referendum to give equal marriage to homosexuals, which of course is something that can happen because Countries do behave in such ways and it is the likelihood of using it to mess up the affairs of other Countries which has a tendency to create war, but the Germans rather like to think they run the EU which is a massive lie. It’s nothing new to me, only Europeans and their societies and secret societies and how walking down the street could leave you fucked all over by a narcissist your crime being that he fancies you of which nobody knows why narcissists would fancy those that are not anyway but above all you never gave consent and yet you need to listen to their civil rights idiots complain all over the system about things the government cracks down on when they are done by consenting adults – there is no Europe becoming more African. It’s like the story of how I spend my time giving away my work and then blaming others for it which isn’t actually true; what is true is that people should get involved with an author to buy his books and no other reason – two worlds have therefore emerged and one of them is the one where I put my priceless information into a permanent state and people can partake for an insignificant cost and the other is a world where people have an ability to split others from their personality or temperaments and share it where they are made to find out everything about the contents of a book and are now being forced to buy it anyway otherwise others will buy it for them, so that is how we save ourselves from being turned into Animals by these fools – a bit of very violent Book writing.

I understand they say I am out of my depth but I am not out of my depth – this is all just a bit of work on the matter – the community croons are 24/7 all about chasing my anus and penis to do serving celebrity for money routine of small business selling me to please celebrated idiots and telling me its revolution that will finish off my Royal Estate and the men are all about some man pounding nature routine of which the ones of the left are complaining because I am at large in their cities and the others that like to play really tough are complaining because we are getting ready to listen to the gongs of poverty, it is the Politicians however that ensure that when these activities lead them to financial difficulties they get tax payer funds and find a way out and this is where I have to pull out all the stops and do a bit of work i.e. it is ever so difficult to make me into something a prepubescent psychopath wants to stick a knife into because he is curious on account I am an adult and will ever continue to work on my finances and ensure my work does not fail me but even being elected into government office is not as important as getting it done and then we get to the bit where they have to explain to the public why they are not doing their jobs and wealth inequality story with a need to chase around my personal life comes to the rescue – so they soon realise they have not worked out how to pay their bills and that I have written books and they want to plug a product into the market to get rich serving celebrities to chase my anus and penis all over the place and this is where I have to put in some work and deal with it, it does not mean I am out of my depth; as for the Royal Estate I have warned about a distant relationship I have with a Court of female journalists being designed to ensure the doors and shutters are firmly locked except that is not working and it will end very well too as nothing whatsoever justifies their need to rob my Royal Estate to help celebrities make money that they get to share later on – they say they don’t like being laughed at but it’s really difficult to locate what it is exactly they are going to do about it now anyway. So the story of how much I chase my desires to grave and great consequences is very well understood but of course we all know there is no such thing – these goons are the ones chasing their desires in such ways, I am not the one that gets on media to build another person a filthy existence which I then force on them as my version of how they should live and exist as it were and there is still the big question about when exactly I will feel pushed around enough by them to do it but then again clearly of which I am neither the person doing the murdering or the person getting murdered; I mean why must the claim I get around chasing my desires to the result of unbridled violence be the truth anyway, because they say it and because they say it on Media? Same old case obviously of pretending I buy the equipment so they can talk through to me rather than do their own jobs. It does not mean I am a victim, that is not what I suggested, I am not the victim; they love their tales from the world of homosexuals and drag queens and boys and girls screwing around with others at the discretional funding of their parents who will make profit and self improvements from their activities at a later date meaning their victims can never have respite from any of it at any rate whatsoever, they have only just come across somebody that can revoke and inspiration and withdraw a freedom being that if I want people to make a big show at my expense I will approve them for it and if I don’t they will not make any in hell. I am very clear about the reasons I punish them i.e. they don’t see me get out of my home to chase women and have sex and because of that it will make no difference if I have sex or not and will cost my academic work and job and finances and business to ensure I am getting out to fit in and have sex and it is the sort of nonsense from a group of people that you could never devise an imagination to make up but is not quite so surprising that they are always criminals or violent and organised career criminals, now they think they want to control me too and I never said I was the victim in the matter either.


Where the story of my hatred for Pentecostal Christians is concerned I couldn’t make it out since I do not in any way hate Pentecostal Christians but having said so there are things they do which means we can never get along i.e. it begins in the early days with a need to allow me an opportunity to address a crowd for five minutes which is then cut short while I am doing it, to 3 minutes time and time and time again, so that it becomes obvious at some point that they need to do that to build an atmosphere that allows them do whatever else it is they do and I had to move on. It’s something about their willingness to sell the gospel for money which they will not give up for anything else in the whole world; I used to hate it when I was a Child but as a grew up I realised they did it because it was a state of affairs they needed to impose on the world around them which will allow them win every single argument that they have with every single religious group – having said so, it is not my choice that they are making either, so I never really take it to heart; except that the stalking now ensues and alongside it the need to preach me instead of the gospel of Christ, which then leaves me with unemployment that causes me to keep working on a business until it becomes an empire while I realise then that the stalking had developed into financial stalking and the money and market has ended up somewhere else but when asked why they do it, the response they give is always mind blowing i.e. other children need to be taught how to be me and I need to stop being so selfish; so it is obvious I in no way hate Pentecostal Christians but the insults from them are off the scale. It is not true I have trouble protecting my property either; these people are simply being as ungovernable as they possibly can make themselves and we see though that those who like to issue direct threats especially the celebrities can never be free of complaining about me as well – so it’s all media salvation and further yapping with them and I it seems will have to make time for it again as it were; they have to keep off my Books and remember nothing in the world justifies their robbing of my Royal Estate the way they do, so maybe I will not be killing anybody any time soon but a promise I can keep is that they will wish they were dead never the less. I have never thought it a problem as such – they are very evil people who like to boast about getting the better of me with anus and penis sexual abuse insults all the time but in the end where their evil finds destination is a sense they have achieved the left, achieved fame, achieved my public life – so that when I ask them what level of human rights abuse their involvement with me and its destruction is supposed to have existed in, they become more violent and more intense with their stupid activities which I don’t mind; celebrities like to rob my company and Royal Estate because they think they are pretty enough to marry Top members of the British Royal family, so we are talking about how or whether or not I can look after my Empire because they talk too much on that stupid media of theirs all together as well. These are the scum you learn to handle when you wish to know how to manage your own money – always happy to do racism and always happy to collaborate with racists to kill somebody that refused to share something or another with them. I am only mentioning here that they think I cannot protect myself or my possessions but I think they are tools I get to handle when I want to learn how to manage my own money – obviously we can see their entire personality is built upon an inability to have a conversation with others in a clear and honest way, built upon getting out of bed every day to spend other peoples own and save theirs. So the claim is that my actions and the way I manage matters do not offer my victims any respite whatsoever which of course isn’t true; there are two stages to this and the first was the part where they have made themselves ungovernable so I can be by myself as well but we are now talking about the second bit because they continue to persist, the second bit where I handle them to learn to manage my money considering he incentive is so irresistible and so accessible on media, it is at their finger tips and there when they want it to be and when they don’t want it to be in equal measure, they were warned about this but the warnings have never made sense at any point whatsoever. So this is all the facts there is concerning what I can protect and what I cannot protect i.e. there is my Royal Estate and a button on media which gives them access to it right in front of them on their table – it is there when they want it to be there and it is there when they don’t want it to be there and I did not put it there for them myself.

In terms of high profile and Industrial trolling that picks up its financial and economic growth from this however, the whole case still needs to evolve even further on how threatening me is the way profits are made and that stupid culture and society they have to do it with as well – same old case only difference is that although the final destination of their wickedness is money, they have got quite a bit in the bank to rely on and so it will stop being a source of insecurity for me which is in their interest such as the fact I do not deserve a job for example and that will be really soon as well. It’s the issue at the heart of why we still have employment problems at this point in the UK – on one hand their socialist Labour party is not going to build a policy of institutional unemployment with those who do not want to do jobs that their party is full off, on account they are trying to ensure the welfare state and NHS are not privatised, while on the other are such things as zero hours contracts which are for manual labour people a case of I have one room full of boxes and the other empty and you must move the boxes from one to the other and the last time I checked it takes an average person 48 hours, so this is your pay and your commission, agreed – sign; if boxes are moved after 48 hours contract is void, if boxes are moved before 48 hours you can take your money and go – so that if it is a desk job we are looking at phone rings at 2 am in the morning and it’s the boss and he wants you are the Office to process inventory for a firm that needs their delivery a little earlier due to emergency they are dealing with and you have to be at the office in half an hour. So there is always therefore that crucial item of the fact zero hours means people can work their way out of working zero hours and those extra unusual hours always come with more pay, so it is likely the job for the business’ owners or some friends they have gone into partnership with but it is also open to any random person they might want to employ as well; when these two items of the chance to work out of it and those extra hours leading to more pay are lacking it is exploitation and not zero hours. So for these fools there is a button in front of their desks and pressing it robs my Royal Estate – that button is there when they don’t want it to be and it is there when they want it to be on account I have done something to offend them and it is there so after all these years of making them see why that button should not work in that way and they tell me I cannot protect anything that belongs to me as well with a big mouth. It is never true I have a problem with those that compliment me for my work, I am not a professional compliment taker, what I do is write and sell Books and so is it not the same that black people have made me sorry – its anus and penis insults with them and when asked what it means claim I have been sexually abused and sexually assaulted for my insults which is a wickedness that always ends over when they have money and fame which they never will. As for the case of me making assumptions about what people think about me, I don’t make any such assumptions; nobody gets tied down by a group of socially organised idiots for 15 years to make him look an ideal target for criminal violence as if they personally did create a society in which such things were taken care of to benefit him in a direct way which they are trying to exclude him from, without consequences – they need to fix the damages they have done here and can try and blow their mouth off where it really matters too if they have the guts for it; it’s the same old story about the anus and penis insults, the laughable bit is that they are doing my stuff for me the serious bit is that I am being sexually assaulted because my very existence insults them and for what it is worth in any case, people do this and people do that and people move into their right hand to live there permanently to bully them and I need to be thrown like sheep to the wolves with media to those people so they can be free but the easier it was always the part where they had stopped bullying people – I for my part it seems have realised they are always happy to stop such things when they have money and fame and have seen it is possible to create it by using my personality which is why I am being targeted as such and these are the two things they will have in hell too – I know what makes them tick. They do say I speak of these things so others might do it for me of course which is utter nonsense as nothing in the world actually prevents me from setting up my own media organisation that deals in selecting specific journalists that we want to abuse and attack for every given week; they will have fame somewhere in hell and that is a start – they can always go to some Industry that will do it for them, it changes nothing about the fact they bring it out of people the bit where they get told another event in which they are seen around an Office will lead to bodies being found and its much the same as black women playing the role of my mother none stop because they cannot hold it together for me with their big mouth. Of course I am aware it is about peer pressure concerning sex; they always say it is that simple until people find it impossible to believe you are unemployed until you have sex before they can leave you alone to carry on with the rest of your life – they are as such making themselves ungovernable but we are here because there are instances where they take themselves too seriously, for now the state of affairs is the one where I damage their own when they damage mine i.e. their entire lives are all about finding something to steal for celebrities that will make fame which is then shared with them and some small contraption that looks like a business which helps them facilitate the sharing; so they damage mine and a bit of it that makes them understand how I feel about their civil and criminal disobedience disappears too – nothing justifies their need to get on that stupid media and rob the Royal Estate the way they do. It’s the same story and has always been when I get a job; the need these idiots have to sex me have sex while the supervise to ensure I had given up a place in the world they can sell to celebrities that normally buy food from their restaurants and pets and toys etc from their shops and so on is unimaginable – so whenever you get a job, they have that need to get behind CCTV to fantasise your bum while you work all day long and there is nothing the boss can do about it because the celebrities are usually the biggest customers, these days they are branching out stifling my literary empire confiscating my Royal Estate in bits wonder whatever world they would ever have golliwog achieved it in the first place, so there is that need to devise some fun way of playing so hard black people lose jobs and get killed otherwise there will be no way to reason with them and that I have been doing very well since the last time a really good job let me go over the matter: it is not an issue I cannot handle, I want to be left alone and I am perfectly aware the group of people that will not wish to understand why it matters for government work and Office is popular culture and Media, so the first part has been the bit where they make themselves ungovernable, they are steadily moving to the part where they take themselves too seriously, there is no world where they achieved a condition where I begged and pleaded with their stupidities to get books sold - so that it is always said I have got it all covered but then again I still have the problem stronger than ever; its all an illusion, a function of people making sure there is an opinion I have somewhere in a condition where others can get off on media to claim they came up with it, so I need to breathe as it were and they have already been making themselves ungovernable but have no plans to move on yet so far - when it started about a decade ago it was a matter of a state of affairs they have built up all around us that makes it possible for them to communicate clearly in a subliminal way that my personal life belongs to them and their need to make fame and fortune with it, so if I do not want to hand it over need to bring them a white female journalist one instead and the only thing they knew about me at the time just like them white trolls that these female journalists have to deal with, was that I shared a skin colour with them and nothing can top the anger that comes from being factorised in that way while it seems every time we see them in public they want to see what I can do about it then complain and seek privileges of injustice from Politicians (these are the tools as it were, they do not wish to deal with racism while they spend all their time on trolling others in this way and those celebrities are not going to survive for too long on account of me as well: they do say I am very unappreciative of being taken up and shown the world and it puts it all in perspective for me as all I really want to be shown is where my Holy Bible is, all else is people wrecking my job and there are no laws in this land that says I have to have a cash flow problem because I am a Christian and so I am confident those celebrities will not last very long on their account and on mine).