Now they say I am a very dangerous person and have no wish to address the issue and that it is what constitutes most of the problem we have but then again everybody else knows that the Politicians have set me up as the person ex criminals get to pick on in order to get themselves back into the good books of the authorities and one of the reasons for that was because they were developing a cluster of Royal responsibilities for me while the other is that they were making exactly the same point; the issue here is that these goons do not have the right or authority to take part in these matters and I do not want their stupidities and problems and effects lying around here to encourage scavengers either, so they can be rest assured if I see it I will rip it up too.

The Politicians have made this case time and time again, where it seems it is unravelling and becoming a complicated issue for them to handle me and what I have been clearing out in terms of facts about it are as simple as the one where they are conveniences finding out how the trouble makers develop those attitudes and habits they worry about until they rip up people’s lives and save their own with exploration of various kinds of insults and violent abuses which make their disobedience profitable; the fact I have been clearing out is the bit where it is not mystery that it gets to a stage where people start to collect the history and offer it as prerogative to Tyrants, thereafter which only the obedient will be allowed to be the healthy and superior. For me it has never been an issue; the need men have to have fat wife at home and get around selecting girls from the various age groups that will bring something special from it to help them secure the good stuff in life while they sleep around in that way has already ended in intense hatred for me right across the world but each time these idiots rebuild their game it has something to do with hurting me fundamentally and it is not rebuilt to cost them anything. Now it has therefore developed into the case being made of how stupid it actually is to perform such behaviour on those you are at last 15 years older than, since if you spent 8 years of that on minimum wage and saving some loose change you would have had such leverage anyway and does not therefore prove anything but I do not think it will stop unless I wait for them at their retirement and handle them the way I have handled their children who rip up my academic work and get off to join popular culture after passing their exams anyway since in like manner they will stop alright but will stop in their own time, the time they feel they should since this is their own life and it was their own time to stop at their own time and at the time of their choosing with. So it’s just the questions raised I am answering; they said I am a dangerous person and have no wish to resolve that and move on and before they challenged the Politicians who told them it was becoming a problem to behave the way they did, I explained it very clearly; the source of all their anger at present is that no privilege of injustice will save them from a condition in which each time I had cleared out some main public issue on which platform I want to handle a case from scratch, they will show up and start their own new social problems to secure themselves conveniences and end up taking the shit with them to go off and get famous on Media with, where they fail time and again to prove they are my personal gods. In the end they speak of the trouble makers in their studios on one hand, while on the other speak of government operatives who use my work without paying and suffer no consequences; in terms of the former, those are people who make use of my work and ensure I work and run a business in which I am not selling products and therefore not getting paid, they are there because others have been finding out how their jobs work as well and the question every Media fool that aids them with Publicity that results in stealing my identity to make money all be it temporarily, needs to answer is whether or not I actually do have a legal right to sit down in an Authors office and ensure my Literary work is protected and why it is exactly they enjoy bailing them out of the consequences of their industrial disobedience so much all together, after which we hear the complains over matters that have nothing to do with their Media careers all together. In terms of the latter, the government operatives know everything about me in the same way the criminals who invite themselves into my concerns know some things about me and I fail to see which part their freedom idiots and journalistic and Media stupidities are playing on the matter anyway but we all know that even when it is cracked up out of my league like it is at present, they still want to stop in their own time and if that stoppage does not play out in a way which means I have behaved in such ways as soothes their ego, they will start all over again and that it is a behaviour of profitable disobedience which means they hunt people like animals to ensure that this pleasure is not being denied them especially with respect for female journalists and more so when they are behind the cameras; in the end it really gets serious when they have the girls and the money and the wife at home and are still doing it while bragging about threats they cannot back up when I make it famous for them to develop a Public life and public image with – this first things first and I must prepare and wait for them at the retirement otherwise they will never understand and they do show those their left hand side and right hand side gestures and a sense of exclusion will protect it from me, so let us hope that it does and that I do not have to waste my time as well.

They asked a simple question and it was the one about how I do not seem to be aware I am not like most people and that I am able to hurt somebody while I think most people have that  ability as well whereas the reality is that they don’t and that it is because I have not made it clear to all what my intentions are, I am always having problems; so I did explain it and when they got off to prick the Politicians who then told them they have been putting up the control mechanisms, they started another case of a twerp like me thinking he is that great and powerful and it completely goes off the mark, so I have written this and set it up to prick them as well so we can get it going. The state of affairs is still the same i.e. when people turn up in their studios because there is a problem with me, they need to keep themselves outside of it as I do have  the right to protect my literary work from those who make use of it without payment; the alternative is to refuse to do so and continue that behaviour with my property that means I come full circle with my Books and end up without an income every day, so we can get it on and make them put that Media money where their mouth is. I do imagine it all the time, whereby the first time taking exams and being somebody meant something to me was when I prepared for my SATS exams – so I really cannot image how 20 years down the line I got a dream job and then I used it to fight somebody else for personal gratification; so I need to dislodge myself from my own mind here and look after this Royal Commission and its business Empire and the state of affairs is still the same – when people show up in their studios to complain about me, they need to stay the fuck outside of what happens when people make use of my Books without paying.

So they say I am not a coward who does not stand up for anything and therefore tends to lose all his contracts and opportunities; utter nonsense of course as everybody knows it starts with the Media – handle the Media and football people get briefed – handle football people and Politicians get briefed – handle that and you end up having to fight whole communities, while they get into a habit of making you smell. It’s not a complicated matter either; they like to say that when I ask them to stay out of what happens when people in society and local communities hate and attack me simply because I am good looking and have got some fame going and they have got some problems and therefore end up making use of my work and person without paying, it is something they bullied me into; I have had enough of the Media ones and need them stay out of it like it was about somebody sitting in a Business Empire Office to administrate the assets which is what it really is and the football people have no idea what I might tolerate next when they think they have money and buy expensive cars with which to make me behave when I deploy expensive assets in broker with the businesses that make them, so that aesthetical designs and services can be developed, considering they have got money as it were. In the end it comes down to peoples loud culture as such all together and these guys cannot keep their own in their own careers – the loud culture happens in my life to develop anus and penis insults that their mentally disturbed community croons cannot stop taking advantage of while providing them with city centre and stock market sales, alongside Celebrity and media fame and fortune, hence I really love taking it away from the local communities and making sure Celebrities have too much, everybody is cracked up and when they say they are out of my league I can add that to it as well. I mean it is not as if I walk on water or something, it’s just that it reaches a stage whereby it is bullying and that is the point where people are not buying my products after they are done skewering my personality because I have written a Book through which I want to get in touch with them; it’s a matter of assuming that people who tailor their lives to their jobs are first of all dealing with serious financial problems when that is not necessarily true and that they are going to be happy people that are willing to go the extra mile for others when that is not obviously the case but now that they are cracked up it all makes sense and those who say they are out of my league have learnt to shut it, there is some semblance of peace around here in some areas. So do I tailor my life to my job then? Of course not even though I do in some areas; especially when it comes to the part about keeping Government and meddling criminals out of peoples loutish nonsense showing up on my personal happiness so they can get rich quick all the time; like I said, it creates very stupid market square behaviour which means that I am at logger heads with broadcasting corporations because they assume I cannot make a list of what their jobs are supposed to be and carry around a £20 placard that bears these facts in the City centre, right up to a point where I put an end to their global businesses and get the attention of International Leaders at the end to make my own way in the world that way if I wanted, which by the way I am clearly not doing because it would never have been successful on account of the existence of profitability of violence, with that big mouth we cannot be free from – it creates very stupid market square behaviour that does go to show that the point where it has turned into bullying is when I am dropping out of University, when people are not buying my own products etc and I am therefore working without getting paid – the stupid market square behaviour therefore that makes me mad enough to ensure that society and community people have none and find it difficult to sell things, while celebrities have too much and cannot be famous on account they smell, then I can get about testing the extent of their insults by pretending I have not a foggiest clue what is really going on; because of course the point at which it has become a form of bullying is the stage where I work and am not selling Books hence am not getting paid and there is therefore a point to working without being paid.

Apparently it’s all possible because I have power anyway and once a person has power there are things he can do; otherwise we never see them seek sex with their own mates or making sure their mates cannot get jobs unless they have had sex in the past etc – so that when their mates have now reached a point where they cannot never get sex from such persons, they resort to distant sexual context abuses which develop sense and sensations of sex which their mates have not had and somebody else will take over, which then threatens to ruin everything else that their mates are or do have in the first place. It becomes a form of bullying when 8 years after dropping out of  university they are still showing up at the Premises of that University to continue, it becomes a form of bullying when it is the reason people are not buying my products and hence I tend to work without getting paid.

So the story was clearly one of claiming that I think everybody else has the same tendencies I have and have not taken steps to resolve it – this I explained when I said Politicians did set me up as the guy local criminals pick on in order to get themselves back in the good Books of the authorities and they had a reason for not doing them as well which had nothing to do with the suggestion that they were good people – they then got off to bother the Politicians who told them it was under control before their Media got involved and I then filled up the blanks that explained why those of them who wanted to stay in Europe spoke conveniences and had not a clue what they were talking about, while those who tugged tail and ran did Brexit and won the referendum, by stating that what they are worried about is how the trouble makers do what they do to the extent they do it whereby it becomes a social problem but there are nightmares such as a process where people collect their history of suffering and hands it to the Tyrants which creates an outcome whereby only the obedient will be healthy and superior, which means the Russians would absolutely maul them; this then led to more media insults and abuses about how great I think I am in terms of the profitability of violence and I thought I had to have that fight with the Media to end for good any a process where I am handled like that good. It happens for the same reason only; blockheads with very small brains in there which says they must look for trouble all the time and I am not sure they are asking me why it happens either. What I am sure of however is that I do not believe I am doing enough to set myself out in Public and ensure I am providing a service to the masses that amounts to a level of Book sales which befits how much I have achieved and my reputation which does tend to classify me as a Celebrity, so I am now seriously starting to consider the option of getting a contract from those who can give me such a reach and this is precisely what these Media idiots and Celebrities love to steal up to a point of public, Media and social Media mockery of how I react with that big mouth. It is a private equity intellectual property administration business which does not deserve any half of the level of loudness it is forced to endure and I have made it clear every slight involvement of the men in any business concerning my Court is a level of stress and anxiety for me as a result of their disobedience which borders on insanity but it will not stop, they do it to get rich quick and become financially successful the way Men should be and follow it with a ‘take that’ rhetoric for me to put up with as well; so that when I say so and they bother the Politicians over a level of the profitability of violence which befits my size, I really did want as piece of the Media and Celebrities like something I had to have a couple of minutes earlier. They really do believe I am unaware all they and their local community idiots do with time is to gloat over my body and make me smell, claiming what I do is stupid when I suppose any normal person will see that Private equity intellectual property administration means intellectual property administration service provided on private equity and that it does not call for the sort of loudness that leads to anus and penis insults and abuses unless like it has turned out I was always destined to take the market place loudness from the local communities and then ensure the Celebrities have too much, so that it might reach a point where I really want a piece of both as well. So I do get asked whether I think they will ever listen to me in anyway, I am not actually trying to get them to listen to me in anyway; I am just making them understand and filling them in on the fact I am simply going to get on and do whatever I need to get done anyway, even if I have to do it with them, regardless of what they get up to – they are not going to listen to me because they have secretes, this is the main problem i.e. one expensive convenience way of getting rich with my possessions and personal life and public image after another with a massive responsibility attached because they need to make money and run from something but it carries on and on and on for so long that I end up losing my temper and then most important question thereafter becomes whether they were unable to see what their place in society was when they started developing that popular habit of following me around and getting involved with me in the first place, especially for the fashion people.

So they say I have no control of any of these things I do but like to think I have made such an improvement; the truth of course is that it was a simple case of making sure Arch Prince with a financial problem to resolve does not end up being vulnerable to greedy people on the left and that I got hold of culture and society people and found a way to make them sell that culture and society rather than deal with a condition whereby I stole all I am from aspects of it which they were saving up for the future; so it’s all mixed up now and they appear to live in the same existence as me, hate my guts because they have to be good and I have been there and done that for my part too.

They do say I do not control this situation either which is utter nonsense; if they wind me up I will sell it for them rather than just make them sell it again, all they have to do is blab; now they know what it feels like when Governmental accountability destroys health and people generally have to keep running after their own lives because the world is evil and moral people must work many times as hard in order to gain access to market, locate what people want, so as to sell themselves for jobs or sell goods and services to make a living – they understand now that they are the ones chasing their own lives instead and we can see what good and positive effects can come from a process where those who are fostering crime are paying taxes to have the figures brought down, whether or not other people are paying too.

It’s the story I have mentioned before; they say I have changed the world when the whole sense of violent people and greedy people being made to sort out their issues to a point where the World Trade Centre is blown up, is thus considered; that I have changed the world and thought I have done much when I do not have a substitute state of affairs to set out as replacement and do not have either strength prowess or capability to set one up even if I have a stupid idea like I always do; it is utter nonsense because the state of affairs has not changed – it’s the same one where the parents will go off to see the body at hospital after years of moral people working many times as hard as everybody else to get jobs and do business because they think a stupid religion makes sense and there will be 2cm cuts on it and the wonder will be that 2cm cut cannot kill a Child, whereas this one did because there was another 8cm depth to the stab wound etc – I never fancied psychopaths, I wonder why people fancy them anyway, old case of problem goons who think their own forms of wickedness is hidden – I like them poor; so when I have a conversation with somebody and it veers off to an angle in which my Christian sense of respect for others and Humility which is overbearing pricks his ego and he starts to blab about how it must be that his Culturally evil powers were not enough to scare me which has caused me to think I am his equal, like they did when they set me out and ripped up my academics in order to claim they have somebody they can pick on to ensure all the nonsense they will express over the recession creates them a quality of life which started the whole process where the recession was in my hands and not theirs all together so they can go to hell and rot in it, I can then start off mine on making him understand I am aware this relationship will not last, rather than fall through in the middle.

So there is that story of why I am inconsolable when I am actually not; the truth is that I was born in Islington and when I returned to the UK after being away for a long time I started out my living in Hackney and it was not the deprived areas of Hackney either and I still remember important shows like when Mel B did stars in our Eyes and there was one about a Hotel and Coleen Nolan’s Sister was still alive; some people’s behaviour means that even your Tea does not taste good anymore and then you want some of their own as well. The warning has always been to stay away from them as you have no idea and will never handle it, the sad little goons that can sulk and sulk and twitch and suck the life and happiness out of every atmosphere, always cold like fish and have some reasons to explain why they are the way they are eternally but then it becomes another story about how low exactly you are willing to go in order to stay away from them especially when it comes to matters of your body type and so on. I do not think it’s a crisis, the ones that look like we are fans of British Royalty talk sense all the time apparently but the issue is still that they cannot get free from me because of what I do with their culture and their society – it is eventually down to the old tale of being able to ensure they understand how provocative that nonsense about sharing your public image in a way that shows they understand better its value and what it should be used for, while also being able to beat you up if it comes to violence with that big mouth is very well understood by them before their parents embark on their insulting campaigns of making you weaker than they are.


So they say I have such little respect for Women and that although I have said something about it many times, the feeling persists, which is why people behave towards me like they do; the reality of course is that the only problem I have is that of women organising themselves into people that control gangs and criminals who target moral people all the time – they have their bad upbringing and when the parents are tried then the parents can say it is now grown up and that is when it leaves home and turns up in the real world to find a substitute; it needs to tell these lies and manipulate these facts in order to secure it in the form of somebody who works for money or has an ability to but cannot protect himself from her because he has made a promise not to through his religion and then when done my religion is the reason I have been pushed out of my University studies and religion was the reason somebody could not speak to another about a job offer etc and the stupidities never cease with the Men performing their vandalism to blow off their big mouth about messing with Women beyond my league that they shall now go on to have sex with at my expense – since Women that are beyond peoples league are supposed to affect people’s jobs and job prospects and peoples academics and so on and when they have done their worst in such ways, we never see them seek sex with their own mates all day long and they can never ever shut up. They will say they have personality disorders which affect their personal and self confidence naturally and that causing me suffering through a process where a Royal position is already famous but there is another idea that it cannot get on, save it is famous in a Media and celebrity way as well which is just them doing what they do best looking for trouble unnecessarily, makes them feel good enough to keep some high flying job; years ago of which it was the religion they hate so much that was the inspiration behind a process where I informed them that reaching for what is beyond their grasps as a basic form of existence will always lead to a personality disorder, since it is obvious when you have the same qualifications as somebody who is earning a ten figure sum, then you can say it is a realistic dream to get one of those rare opportunities too but if not then it is obvious that even if somebody else lets you mess with their public image in order to make fame and fortune and earn such money, you will still end up with personality problems anyway. The other story being that I never show respect for their leadership which is the whole case of that Media wanting a piece of me thing going way too far; it seems they think people did not handle Martin Luther in such ways as ensure when he thinks other peoples morality only deserves to be mocked while others make use of it and take care of him or her in order for whole communities and people to have a go, his own can be used as well in that way- same with Nelson Mandela and the rest of them; hence we have reached a state of affairs on this planet whereby they think their various forms of wickedness are actually so well hidden that they can turn in any direction and do anything they wish and it is something that needs to be clarified here; for their involvement with me and all the nonsense that comes with it; this is an intellectual property administration business at private equity and does not deserve or need that level of loudness; it is not true that the racists can be criticised while they can do whatever they liked as they love to take up my time and make me notice with that big mouth. It’s never unusual; they really are very twisted and evil people who fundamentally hate morality and religion and are always seen performing their own modern versions of it, the reason being I have a need to defile people but when I am doing it just a little bit to ensure that people do not become too holy with their religion and follow it on with a civil rights movement that encourages inclusion and liberalism everybody will think it is the right thing and the wickedness will be so well hidden that it will feel as though they are gods but it actually isn’t and I have been clear enough they are neither the government or criminals and the Media games every day is completely unnecessary, they need to bear it in mind, in case I develop my own high level habit of disobedience as well. The government now has what it wants, the criminals are under control, they are the only thing left and I do not actually think that was a situation that is as sarcastically amusing as they have made it out to be.

We hear them claim that I comply with their wishes and that this is the reasons they are encouraged to do these things; the reality is that the disposition of a Legal studies student means that if you are not off your head like I am not, you tend to get lured through your Christian humility into a condition where you start to think others know what you know, which is not actually the truth: the truth is that Journalist only knows the news and these are the reasons people must behave in ways that are fundamentally what a reasonable sense of moral judgement is towards others and the world around them, because we are not all going to become Legal practitioners in order to know what is in the law and what we must obey – this is what the scumbags describe as compliance with their wishes and I would never know why such an incredible source of distress and anxiety for others would become a main preoccupation for people who show their faces on National Media on a daily basis anyway. Of course we hear that Court arguments do not support my theory which is utter nonsense; Court arguments decide what level of punishment is due for a crime and does not necessarily mean that the perpetrators of a crime do not get punished for it; it just means that it is possible for justice to be denied the oppressed depending on the behaviour of the oppressed. They do say they can deny me justice and that it is what they want; its utter rubbish since at present we all know they are struggling with a condition whereby their communities have so little market place loudness since my anus and penis hurts because of it and not their own, that they are unable to trade – while the Celebrities have too much and are unable to be decadent and this can easily be the least of their worries too – all I am saying is that their wickedness are not hidden from anyone and certainly not in a condition whereby racists can be vilified while they can do whatever they like.

So they will say I always speak in such ways but get off to act before I am scratched which is utter nonsense; reality is, have a problem with people who get around corridors of power and get money off Politicians from the treasury to develop some means to buy big homes and cars they cannot account for and assume their bad behaviour is set to continue for eternity now that they have money to show for it and you will have a problem with their politicians and when that happens you end up having a problem with the treasury that supplies that money – problem with treasury means setting off the sense it is not in your interest for the Nation to be financially successful, hence you stay outside of that line except that they cannot keep their mouths shut either. It’s the nonsense you put up with from the Middle Class all the time and yes I do hear that question too of why I am concerned about Middle Class issues, the answer to of which can go on for eternity; all I can say for short is that the only show that you are entertained with on the streets all day long when people drive by is that they exist in a world where home is for growth and stepping outside is for academics and the process of being important which is something you must now worship as you do not get to experience the same thing, so your head hurts and chest hurts and tummy hurts and private parts hurt so that can brew even more loutish nonsense to make riches and fame with because it would be such a bad idea to do it with their own lives and bodies – so is the upper class not enough for me? Well people only need see these things in action to decide for themselves.

So they say it is the angle at which I have chosen to seek my fame that is the problem – there are however lots of people out there seeking their own fame at uncomfortable angles, the attention is trained on me because I am the enemy that they manufactured because they thought they could. I do not think it a problem, there are two main aspects to the issue; one of them is that I found I could teach other people how to keep gangs and crime out of their career and academics when I was 17, the exact date was 17 February 1997 by 2001 I returned to the UK and went into University 4 years later to drop out because peoples cultural fathers took up a notch the need to follow me around and play with me on account they were deserving to get around the City securing themselves contracts and jobs to be superior with and the Politicians had taken the part where I was to be dominated first before I am allowed to do my academics to a whole new and International level. Since then, although my Books never did them any favours in the first place, I have been groomed into a character people hurt in order to feel good and told the problem is black Women goading me into a crime because I have refused to submit to them and do their wishes in a greedy world and the white ones have gone overseas to bring more in and make deals and set me out as hate figure. The second aspect of course is the speed with which it happens in the sense that in the past; these idiots would have finished and then civil rights fools taken over and shown up all over the City to play out a game of who looks the best when stabbed and shot etc and you would find a quiet place to build a life for yourself and get on – except if you run off to the suburbs, there is broadband there these days and data flows both ways, so the problem people now have is that I have refused to continue hiding as such and the problem I have is that they need to clear my Public image. So the communities have no more loudness, right up to a point where they are no longer able to trade, as a means of preventing people from grafting my personality to secure pleasures of telling me what to do all day long in a way only they and I understand and the celebrities have too much loudness, are unable to become decadent and are starting recently to show signs of receding from stealing my work and the profit margins at my patents.

they will say these are not things they intend to stop doing and my weariness is their greatest asset to making me understand they have me wrapped around their little fingers but it’s an old story; I am not Goth but have been disturbing those and their world of Media entertainment and easy money for the sick and disabled etc because it is easy to make trouble for me in that way; all I am saying is that they need to watch the complaining as well when I feel it should not be happening in that way and stop acting as though the fact their behaviour was never a mystery to me is something fresh and new. They fundamentally fancy what they see of course and generally always want to lay claims of ownership to other peoples creations and it is a crime I prevent against me easily, only pillaging occurs with the help of Politicians and Media who already have their own jobs and want to hurt me in some way and make excuses for it. So they say it is my attitude that constitutes the biggest problem I have which is utter nonsense, just like the tale of how I think it is okay to be a passive racist – by the way of which with respect to those who like my property and love to lay claims of ownership to it, their suffering has other reasons attached as well, like when I attend academic institutions and every year I get through means that those who are passing out take the career I have not yet laid claims to etc and there is also the part where I am really proud they lost jobs at Buckingham palace as well because it was the start of that insanity where they can see I am getting attention from the Royals paying off for them after years of sustained bullying. In terms of passive racism; 50 million died just 60 years before over an abominable thing called racism but some people are still doing it and yet there are others who want me to get stuck between that and another wickedness that can actually do whatever it likes, which is nonsense I have taken from them enough times too – in terms of my attitude, I have seen people who are misunderstood because they take control; I am misunderstood because I am a humble person and am not wired for haughtiness and arrogance and ego and so on, therefore most people want to relate with me as though I am a Child and in a violent way too, when I speak of evils of Politicians giving money to stupid people so they can tell others they were never stupid if they are financially successful, the politicians will point to the part where the Monarchy does not let people feel good as well, which refers to the one where I located I could teach others how to keep gangs and crime out of their career and academics at 17 but came to the UK at 21 to drop out of University at 24 because they are idiots who deserve things, hence I suppose my attitude wise they are right either way but then again which it gets a bit serious when there is a fight and the entire communities have to get involved but still cannot win.

So there is new talk of how much trouble I have found myself in with society and culture people; not based on reality – the reality is that my mind has twisted into a corner again and it is a response to that which has led them to seek help from their Media friends who have built up ideas about how I should leave a Royal commission for a bigger and stronger person that wants to influence people’s lives without shadowing their face in Public, subtly telling me I cannot defend a Royal estate from their big mouth and their crowds all of the time. My mind has again twisted into that corner where my whole relationship with these people is one where entire societies and communities are made up of parents that really enjoy issuing one story or accusation about me after another by which they can keep a daily process of punishing me going, they find it amusing of course, except when they do stop to inform me if I show any interest in their jobs I will get beaten up. Then there are the godless ones on Media too – their insatiable need is civil rights that squanders my income and forces me to try and become a part of it and then try to make a living with it while they were there first and want me to hand over all I have to them and live at the mercy of their generosity but it has generally degenerated into something of a new existence they have built on my Public image that is concerned with a process where religion is madness and the reason I am an unsuccessful person is my religion – thus there are two kinds of people and one is successful people while the other are violent people and the bloody idiots cannot stop leaning on me or my Public image for it especially when it makes me sick to my stomach, which is how they intend to detach me from my Public life and own it anyway with that yapping we put up with all the time; never clear how it is to be of use to me when I am an Arch Prince which is what they do not have and have never had because of my religion and hence have no intentions or plans of being successful because those that are not are lost souls or being successful in a way that says my faith does not exist but every means by which to handle my possessions are based on this and people do need to listen to more of those villainous complains apparently.


The other side of the story being that I have trouble with Celebrities; not real at all – the only issue with Celebrities is the same here has always been; the Public image is not their own, it is mine – the Music is not their own, it belongs to a record company etc across the board. The exception being that I chose celebrities and create a court for them – so these are usually saved by security operatives and given to me pristine; it’s not that I have trouble locating which one is likely to make a mess of things and run away with my Royal Property after digging as much money as they can from my heir looms; usually those are rescued by security services and damaged in some way to show that they are bad taste and not what should end up in the Court. I give them all very specific roles and they are always such a source of incredible anxiety for two reasons; the first is that they know if they do not do what they should at Court I will not sell my Books and will continue to be broke, the other is that they generally always do a little to ensure my blood pressure goes through the roof and then keep me wanting and so I do need to take a step to ensure that somebody either stays in that Court or stays out of it but they always think they will not hand back my project jobs when they leave and that is not what will actually happen in the real world, outside of their fantasies; the reality is that I can always have then replaced – the selection process had to happen in Public and I will keep that running on social Media for a few more months, there are some surprises I suppose and it does not do to take up a heartache for it. Except those I started out with since 2003 are no longer in Business will I seek new hands, otherwise I will do all I can to get them back into work again.

It’s like the story of information I give away that comes up all of the time whereas the reality is that they never are i.e. White people are always being used by black Men on the left to develop means by which to make riches and fame and Black Men on the left are always vulnerable to something else; both could gain immensely from the contents of my Books except they are more interested in seeing me live at the mercy of their generosity and I have ended up channelling all my energy to making sure my work and my life benefits those who are linked to a process where I am being successful and that means read my Books or not, they will never gain from it.

So the story of Brexit has now developed into one which concerns the breakup of the UK – I can never get my head around those kinds of things but I do know about certain aspects of the conversion which led to that point to have been very annoying – such as a world where the UK is not part of the single currency and there are Countries in the Euro zone that are not part of the EU but the important part the UK played to create the institution in the past now meant that Brexit had either to be hard or soft.

The breakup of the UK issue being another case where Politicians have completely lost sight of what their job description is yet again i.e. somebody who makes documented promises and goes into government Office to fulfil a role of leadership which means that 80% of his or her followers have a platform by which they can be educated and successful members of society, such that he measures his success on the basis of whether or not the Children of his followers when ready to take their GCSEs will have been living in a world which in the best of their opinion, is one in which their future is secure. It is the other 10% that they want to discuss all the time like a panacea; whether or not Northern Ireland should be re-unified with Ireland because there was a referendum to leave the UK and the polls shows Northern Ireland Majority did not want the result that we got (???), always aimed at a single result every time and it is the one result where they go on and on and on about things that make no sense and gather crowds for it until they have what they want, which is usually a country that exists only in their heads – with respect to which each and every one of them has one of those too; Then it feeds into daily life and the civil rights along with their ethnic minorities want to have everything you have slaved to build because there was inequality and it was given them by Politicians, while the majority population ones will solve their person problems with the use of the entity of the Country and territory. After that we hear the complains from the Politicians about which part of it is the fault of the Monarchy and happens because the Monarchy beats too much; whereas all normal people will see and will know that the Monarchy beats because they are not necessarily clever people – that 18 year old will only start responding to the way the Politician wants him to respond to being teased when he is unemployed right up to the age of 30 and so they complain about beat from the Monarchy but this is still something they do on a daily basis, find amusing and have no wish to begin a process of stopping any time soon and I suppose they can always be the fucking idiots they want to be until somebody gets to stab them and end up in prison so to speak etc. What they want to do instead mostly is talk about how the Monarchy goes too far with beating them and will lead to bigger problems with a big mouth; what all other normal people know is that when others are concerned with matters of leadership, they are concerned with building alternative ideas about what could have been on the public image of such persons and when they reach a certain point with Media and local communities start to pretend that their whole disposition and means of gaining followers was not built from insolence and then start to assume their opinions and disposition actually counts or that others will or are supposed to recognise it; usually therefore when the Monarchy goes too far, it is because they are very stupid people and to add to that are very destructive too.

Even now what we have is that they have made friends with the American ones and those are telling me the UK has territory problems because of my attitude; the truth of course is that there is no such thing and if at all it crops up I have it under control i.e. the Monarchy relies on the Arch Prince in order to govern by Law and the Americans have an exceptionist way of handling their allies; so my primary objective is usually to broker means through it which is something that The Queen’s Office already exports, to support people on the ground when they are trying to move their Countries towards a more democratic and free living, the result is usually that the Americans arm rebels after making a mess which is not a guarantee that they are in control. Then we hear them claim the UK is not a democratic Country and cannot export democracy, which has nothing to do with the fact we all follow The Queens leadership doing charitable work and supporting charitable causes while One is the only that has business with Government – so what they need to understand being that it would be really difficult to tell somebody whose grandfather for instance got charitable support personally from the Queen, which resulted in a Family business that has branches overseas and has now passed down three generations that are still getting some form of charitable support or another from institutions associated with the Monarchy, that they are supposed to hate the Queen and then suggest it is wrong to share with others overseas when the opportunity might have presented itself and the situation was dire. In the end it is much the same old case of those who spend time building themselves a future on the basis of insulting those who have their hands full with responsibility for others and half of them are usually the ones that have wrecked their lives and are really good at leaning on people where people have a personal life and a public life in order to share both – while the others are the ones that use people’s lives and property to fix their cases but it does come to a point where I who does not bother people and deploy my own to do my own starts getting pressed by them and the only thing about me that they are interested in is my tummy and whether they can make me smell and so on; but the trouble with taking the matter head on being that Society idiots and Public transport operatives either control me or can punish me when I have been bad or have insulted them and the truth is that nobody really controls me – we all know I wrote a Book titled Answer to a Father’s Call five years ago and that they are the last group that can ever get to control me for instance but seem to be the ones that want it most apparently since my anus and my penis and my tummy hurts all the time and there has to be a reason and since no reason has been forth coming I have created one. I understand they say I think so but that people at the Monarchy control me, which is not actually true; people at the Monarchy are minders, it usually appears that when I deal with Public issues, I do because I have done it but the truth is that I do when I have found out where they have hidden it and the same goes for the society ones who do for Politics and now hate my guts because I have no respect for their own i.e. my anus and penis and tummy hurts and I have dropped out of University while my current employment is a struggle on account I am always being punished by this particular group of low life family heads, so there either has to be a reason for it or I am going to keep making one for them as well.

It is much the same as their Politicians and the part where the 18 year old will only start responding to being teased the way they want if he is unemployed until 30 because of them thing; it happens because they are evil and when they are evil they want to be in government Office in order to rule people. What these goons actually do with religion when  practiced by young people is not just a case where it becomes the main reason I cannot get a job for instance but also because they are setting up accusations that its purpose is to dig up violent issues and then get the older people to sort it out and what they do with that after is to build lifestyle over vandalism and enjoyment of life and the destruction of more young people etc; so people do not control me at the Monarchy, they are minders, it’s just that their own part about controlling me is only going to reveal the fact I actually have no respect for answers to Public matters which are hidden by them; it has taken 15 years of my time for me to react in that way and completely justified in my view too. As for the abuses in any case; I will do nothing about somebody’s crap on the left or right ending up all over me and pushing down until I smell and so on so they can clear a perspective and make progress because it means society people control me.

It feeds into that story of how Men handle Women or whether or not Men are always abusive but then again that is also I suppose a case of such facts are realising Women have body parts that are not half the burden that our Penis lays on us for instance and that they are particularly sexy when flustered about it. I mean I had to build myself a court system from which I did most of my trading and business at the Royal Estate and it meant that the feeling Women got from involvement with me was never developed into clothing they could wear – since it was clear that American Politicians were more deserving of that level of exquisite democratic leadership and have been deserving it for the last 12 years of my time as well; now that everybody is in pain and complaining about me as well, I do suppose it is time to return to and continue with what is really important anyway. It’s like the Industry one where Aston Martin is a Company that Brokers equities with those who want to lose an opportunity for instance and when somebody buys pigmentation for a car that runs into millions and mixes them such that it is to reflect my personality or my image or my Public work and any other equity and stores them in a vault for a car, another will develop involvement with me that means that although he does not know that is what he is damaging, it is just pleasurable to make his disobedience profitable and then make out it is my fault after and find out things about even more of what he must gain from when I speak about it too – soon after, considering they are not complaining about me presently, football people will buy the Aston Martins and expect me to behave in a certain way as there was clearly something dictionary wrong with the respect bit of the matter in the first place all together as it were. The way it is supposed to work then being Aston Model one was developed to be a show with my Temperamental and Industrial Colours adorning it – model two was my creative Equity and Model three was my personality – the three models are photos I am supposed to collect and display and then make my Books about to earn a living; except I should rather become more content with writing those Books on a platform of ripping up peoples society and culture all together and making a show of myself for it which is what I am now doing extremely well. They say it is competition which I do not mind; it’s an old story about anything Holy in this Country being chased down and corrupted by them whereby peoples religion are the reason they cannot get jobs and I am not saying they shouldn’t compete either, it’s the damage we are complaining about since that was never competition and if they do not behave in such ways until my Books sales are bottomed out at zero and  behave in such ways until I am physically sick, it is not competition to them and I too need to handle them in the same way when they are doing politics and civil rights and all those modern religion that constitutes their own forms of morality too; so I do not actually have a problem with them competing, they can come round and stand here and compete.