The matter of feminists being regarded as bigots is not a new one, everybody knows that feminists are bigots and most of them are violent and vicious as well-this is beside the point; the point is that most feminists do not actually declare themselves to be one, the ones that declare themselves are actually women that cannot hold together a career and a job and a family life like everybody else and are out looking for men to destroy completely armed with blame cultures and ignorance worked with excuses that vary only for the purpose of preventing people from having recovery-while the men who promise to serve them and do violent things for them always want all of the world once they see somebody else's income.

 So it is not correct to mention that feminists are bigots; but simply to make sure whenever one is about to get too close as there is no known human argument to reason with her or somebody has caused intellectual vulnerability which is what has attracted them, all of which is to be operated where it is impossible to reach her let alone reason with her at all, so all damages that need to be done can be done, then something must be done to make sure she does not destroy because she will completely. They cannot hold their own together and will completely damage and destroy absolutely anything they get their finger on to draw attention to themselves then make out it is cultural power as well, which then sees to it that they cannot be stopped and of course it never has a reason. I would be accused of telling other peoples' secretes on this occasion but clearly the distance between my job from which I write my books and the rights I have over my work and my job by law is still both publicly analysable and debatable.

Even now they speak of fairness, equality and Politics but in actual fact not only is it true that keeping people cash strapped in their Prime which is done with awesome levels of destruction, usual excuse being their faith is competition with the beauties of women which their men who want the world for themselves deploy them to do, that the law can do nothing about, so that other people's personal lives can be deployed as a plaything for power and money-always money, which was institutionally discriminative in the first place, hence its ability to keep people cash strapped in their Prime at all. Female friends are not allowed, Female colleagues are not allowed and even if I am a Prince, there is such a great degree of lucrative insolence in the circumstances that it is then impossible to get together and look after each other as friends and colleagues:-the discrimination against such relationships is to terribly violent and publicly so sexually, financially and otherwise, that people always seem to get confused about what the point of the entire issue was in the first place.     

Of course if I mention that the reason they hate me so much is because of the damages I have done them on account of the lucrative insults they have passed down my way to get rich with my equities and serve stupid men who can get violent while making them rich so they can have excuses regularly to attack my work and then my income as well only promising to be satisfied when it belongs to them, then I will be exposed to media trouble makers and Politicians taking away my tolerance suspending my market place and income with the use of the bigotry of their Politics in order to collect me as a trophy because they want to have an evil world which I fail to see what it has to do with me anyway. So yes I have had a brush with feminists it is the reason I have a cash flow crisis; the reason was that first I was the boy who taught the word of God and was therefore so insolent he thinks he can tell people how to live, then that soon progressed to the fact I was the man that wanted a job while a poor women with many children after being used by men has not got one yet, then it settled in on the fact I am an able bodied man seem to be living on State benefits while some women that has to put up with all the problems men create has nothing, this they do everything in their power especially in the media to keep up and try to legitimise it as much as possible just because I have got a livelihood which if I am stopped from earning from people can have money through me (???). Naturally I will hurt them again.

I always rather prefer to talk about it from the point of view of a matter of respect: i.e. the issue of men and women who have so much disrespect for other peoples livelihood because they think they should be deploying their own lives to do things for them such as fight enemies for them on account they can for being so successful etc, will always eventually lead to a disrespect for my right to be a living breathing Human being and not a dead one.


So far I have completely crushed the businesses and the enterprises and now that I have I intend to sit back and watch where they will find the money to arm feminists they deploy on my income and equities on a daily basis based on lies they imagine everyday either about how I sleep with their wives or their daughters or even with them, after which we will be talking about average Joe and what real economic ambitions look like and in which I will come out on top at the other end of it.

A typical example is when I mentioned after years of businesses especially House Hold manufacturers got to create use and move into my intellectual space and manufacture products in and with it, that my outlook on business and enterprise is climate change (which I expected should have sent a very clear message on the matter as the reason climate change is not considered to be important is that although somebody can do monopoly with it to get rich it is not necessarily a Godless thing), the result being the security and continuation of the inspiration and various other intellectual advantages of working with my equities for businesses in it and as soon as I considered managing it for money I realised that it was them cutting me off from every other source of financial progress and because doing so will require all my time, they kept me doing it and moved in. Now delay has progressed to denial and they have progressed on evil wisdom and riches at my expense and created me an economic crisis with it which they use to crush me with public media everyday and of course I am being stripped of physical beauty as well, which is the same way they get on public places to demand and move into my personal life because I have female friends. The question naturally was that if people do not want me to have female friends then it does not make sense why they have followed on every bit of work with destruction and public places character and publicity based assassination, so I can be cash strapped between my 20s and my 40s and therefore plan a family for a very long time that somebody else can take up and have a certain kind of sex with; their mid life crisis was due to immorality and wickedness, mine it seems will be due to their covetousness and the reason I should do nothing about it is that Americans and other men in the world will not be happy about that.


Their main fascination recently has not just become using the things my fans do by use media business and politics to try and force me into becoming a celebrity to hurt me all the time and set me up to do something about women who have them all the time; just like they spend other peoples own not because they want money which clearly they are the only ones that do but because they are powerful and must get even more power.

Therefore get to think that their argument that they have the right to be whatever they want to be has successfully supported the notion that the British Monarchy should be removed from Office, whereas in actual fact the only way this stupid argument operates is if they turn up here to be held down to royal commitments so they cannot move on with their lives like the fans of mine whose lives and secretes they love to dig into do to me. 

The whole process of grabbing my stuff, tying me down with abuse, violence and destruction of beauty to make me wait for years and years and years in order to keep it somewhere beyond me and make money with it every day on media and public places, then set out to get their children things that my children should inherit from me and better than what my children should inherit from me thereof, which is then bragged about in public all the time is not scary, it just shows what all that rubbish about more freedom is all about-just really provocative. And for a writer like me mentally destructive as well, worse is the process of climbing on public places to send me on errands and insult me all the time with the use of media; they are supposed to find other ways of dealing with their middle class problems away from my income and I am their Arch Prince which is not up for conversation.

Their most recent forte for now is a game of exchanging places whenever I come up with anything through the use of public media adverts and it seems that a lot of the time when women get off on public places to exchange places with me when I have what they want to exchange, there are men making sure I have no funds to market my work and they always do it on an unfair basis then return to grab what I have left after all those public place lies by which they get off and use my market to sell themselves and sell all sorts of worth not, so it is an economic crisis to me all together in its own right and will be treated like one.

Don't say I told you it is operated with an abuse of my privacy; which is how it applies that one moment a group of people are the women who rule over men of reason by right because they are weak, the next they claim to be feminists, expecting apologies from me for being Christians by which I will renounce my faith and let them have sex and children that will be insulting on it. Therefore I reach the aesthetical point of all I am good at so I get my personal life searched through stupid excuses-including claims over my sexual habits, I start a business thereafter and I am automatically the one that is the shield against all risks the first that gets nowhere, so their violent idiots can choose self improvements and never change habits that do not do them any good, for those who want to be rich; the starter of things, while those who are more worthy are the finisher who own and do the money aspects. By the time I find a market place for my books, I am detached from it put in a corner with media while they place my market elsewhere and sell something else in its place getting rich quick, then set about abusing and attacking me all the time with the same media, which is destructive to my mental health and therefore my writing career, when I find another market for my books they get on the same public television and exchange places with me with the use of adverts; I mean where do you get that sort of stuff anyway girls dormitory?

 Now I have built an empire but I cannot extract a penny from it because all the money is going somewhere else, even moving from this to getting a job is somebody else's business is impossible-so they will pay the Price for it a good and worthy Price.

Obviously it will get terribly serious before it stops.

Update 20/11/2014 Governments and Their need to Pillage the Company with Public Policy


In the end its just reality that I will not stand for it when people go off to check my products at the market, handle them and feel them and go off to ensure nobody they know gets to buy it while they pillage the markets to make their own riches and yes I understand when they speak of cultures I take advantage of and the people in them that I sell products to in order to make a living but that does also mean they should never have handled the products so I can pack up a business if it is not feasible in their stupid countries and get a job from somebody else instead. The slight comments we hear be it more so because we will not do Politics and media and professional activities on the basis of whom is scared of whom led by Politicians will never do – they are involved with marketing and sales as well for what we know and need to stay off my numbers.

So it is said that I never really honour a promise I have made in anyway – having set out Communities that help to spend the hospitality of world leaders in order to push them in the direction of beauty and better behaviour in return for equities you leave for them in very important and strategic locations; the equities by the way are there and the Communities are there too but when the Politicians mess it up it is then they have to take up the problems and deal with it themselves. It has never been an emotive issue, people find out what a writer is up to by buying themselves a copy of his books and not by seeking out insults that mean they become vulnerable to things that he deals with and set out means on the other hand of honouring their popularity Politics of psychopath friends. So they usually bring the issue up because the economy and its problems is the fault of those who know what needs to be done and should have done it I always say that they want to peddle my personal life to get rich and I have made myself clear about where we stand on that as well, starting with their top of the pops popular culture homosexual lifestyles and communities and societies and cultures and so on, so they can tell me my career has already been done and I am a broken dreams one otherwise they will never get on; it’s all what happens when I am educated to NVQ level in the UK and others are educated to the same level in Countries that are bigger or people are more savage than they are in mine.

I understand it is said there is a parliament question I have to answer which makes no sense as there is none; I mean the Prime Minister is more interested in the best interest of his Banker friends than he is in the cabinet and in governing while the relationship I have with my own bankers then becomes some connection stolen of which if the bad things happen to my finances the bottom line will always have been what they didn’t fucking know and could do with being informed about. It has never been an emotive issue just the reality that the only way to keep my livelihood safe from the vandalism of the Prime Minister’s Banker friends is to keep my business out of theirs but if the Prime Minister is making sure the part where I cannot do anything about them pays off the question has turned to that of whether or not it was in his manifesto and the Public therefore voted for it which thus makes for the old case of me and a parliament question. They are not a problem, it’s just reality that doing evil and covering their tracks, I am not working hard enough on bullying Politicians and therefore should not expect the proceeds that come from that if I did do it at this point and hence the question turns to that of the fact the abuses and violence should not make them money but who is putting me in the zone – with hindsight of which I was there was the parliament issue was fabricated and I was there when I never responded and I was there when they needed to act to make me respond which has brought us to where we are today – if it was in his manifesto he should declare it but if it is secret because it is power the point of this conversation is defunct.

I mean they do say I can never back up a story about bullying Politicians of course but I never said I can, all I have said is that I have not been doing it and therefore have no right to expect the dividends of doing it to turn up here and aid my cause – hence the question for now is that these idiots should not be making money by insulting and practicing violence on me if they offer trappings of power to others, so who is taking steps to handle me and ensure I don’t ignore them and get on with my life in order to put me in the zone besides the Politicians I clearly cannot bully with a big mouth? I don’t know why people like to think the doing my stuff story is a credible threat anyway; the one that would make any sense at all would have been the part about how I have driven all I have to ruins and now sit back to presume a right to handle matters that are beyond my authority but of course there are perfectly sound explanations for this such as the fact there is enough respect here for these rich fools that show up all over the place, around the premise of them being some of the richest citizens of the planet which is something I have not been able to do as well so far according to my work, or that my Royal Personal life is very privileged but chandeliers in their bedrooms can buy a car and so on but they always say that they will take what they want from me if they wanted and thereof will get compliments from me when they ask of it denying them their prerogatives and that is why they will turn up here and take it too since they are stupid.

I am HM servant not their own as it were; so it does come to such matters as Scottish Nationalism for example which is wholly and fundamentally racist, the story being that they have been ruled by the English for centuries but this idea of a black idiot from abroad is the last straw – which I don’t mind as long as people keep the cultures that are evil towards me away from me and if they don’t get to tell people as well that all they know is killing people because it will not end well here either. I am here in the UK involved in some work with the British Establishment and when cultures and societies are not nice to me, they stay with those they are nice to or turn up around my case at their own risk and there isn’t a thing anybody can do about it. Much like the American ones as well, we hear those have strange opinions about me but I don’t mind in anyway whatsoever, the problem begins when they believe they want to pillage my finances every time to express them as a result of their confidence and reliance on the lies they tell a lot of people coupled with a relative comfort they offer them by popular culture riches which means they can pull a large crowd at will and continue to think they can take liberties with people like me which then results in incentives they give to organised criminals that actually thus hate my guts most of the time and then we end up with a problem and I end up with a case where they have sides to chose as well as it were. I mean it is the old question of what the problem black people have with those who look harmless seems to be – apparently it is because of power and the fact they have problems and it is my point that one form of genocide is just as bad as the other: I don’t like you so I will chase up your finances and ensure you never get married or have children because you are not availed to in order to ensure things like you do not come into existence to continue to piss me off, is just as bad as I killed somebody because he was not the same skin colour as me – I am not going to pick a side and nobody can make me either. All I can say is that I really have trouble working out what seems to be the problem black people have when they see peoples well looked after husbands and well looked after children and well looked after wives – it is only when they are bent over to have their way with the evils of society and culture as well that we find they cannot stop pillaging peoples finances and cannot stop getting shot at by both Police and criminals but does that then mean that the Police who do the shooting are bad people? Of course not, it is ever so easy to brew a hate idea, to brew a hate campaign as it were. It’s like the Politicians that spend tax payer funds which is not actually their money on those who are so greedy and lazy they will do anything for money but then spend so much of their time being and thinking about greed and doing anything for money that they have no energy left to work for the money which is actually what people do for money and yet the tax payer funds was never their own personal finances; so she gets up on media, female journalist reading news, dealing with the issues on a personal basis, some multitasking and so on and when she has an opinion you say somebody needs to relax and sign a contract as what is happening is protest from those who are used to get things done – the chest will feel like exploding of course naturally and then when I do keep an eye on them too, in no time they will handle my possessions and blow one off at me like that too which is why we end up with the complains, because of course it is their own that is used in that way as it were: relax and sign a contract business as usual, it is those that are used to get things done. They do ask what these so called issues are of course but it has been nothing more serious than the villainy that continually suggests I have possessions that are not definite which has reached  a point where those who work it appoint themselves to approach HM over my work as well with their media and then me over HMs demands too and use their media and society abuses to play the two sides they have created with publicity too – the one about getting assurance that what I am doing belongs to somebody else, or that what I am doing is done so others can take up where the money is involved and so on as we cannot seem to run out of variety on a daily basis – I mean these women are cleaning up their own bloody mess for goodness sake such abuses; now they know what my own looks like as well and have never wanted to push anything so further in their whole lives. It beggars the question; if they did it for power, then what is their point? The black say I do what I do because I have been bribed, until the part where your people are always preparing for death is paying off somewhere else, while the whites say it’s those that are used to get things done and rich friends need to continue with business as usual.


They do say I think I can take on the powers of the majority when I don’t even have enough flesh on my bones to prevent me from perpetually being scared of my own shadow and it is the kind of rhetoric that results in a condition where I need to drag them out of their comfort zones to ensure I put the same message through to them in a condition where they feel it too – the result is always that of the claim I capitulate and do their stuff for them so they can feel good about life. Just like their Politicians tell tales of a losing battle I find myself in, wherefore I don’t think I am in any battle as much as they are always in one – the problem being the ease with which they make it up and fight it all in their heads whereby they will tell me it is made up with my life and work and heart as well. The American ones say I am supportive of discrimination and segregation because I am a coward which has no basis on reality as the real issue goes far beyond the fact that their interpretation of a condition where you are uneducated is that uneducated business men Americans trump uneducated business men British and so we end up in that process where I don’t want to see their top of the pop homosexual culture around here along with its violent need for competition anymore, it goes far beyond it and into the realms of the fact that they are now workers of racism in its own right and nobody knows how they forge these relationships with racists whereby racists will kill people like me to get back at them because I am such an impetus for a lot of trouble and goes far beyond that too and into the realms of the fact that they think they are more important than I am but are not getting enough respect from me which is why they feel like attacking me all the time as well. I have never thought it a difficult matter, it’s always at the background of my life until Politicians provoke me by putting me there, that black people are very organised people when it comes to communal wickedness and evil – so in terms of me it’s a matter of the fact that is an extreme good guy like me is killed by an extreme bad guy like a racist what will be left in the middle will be their ability to do whatever they like but it never really means racist are 100% bad either, so when they say I support segregation and so on I cannot make out what it means in anyway; in the US it means that the police are racist but of which the days of counting 50 officers of which 3 are devils incarnate and pure predators is over and yet we all know that those days did not come by mistakenly as well; hence when they claim Police are racist and on that basis I support segregation when in the US for example the only thing that interest black people is how to attack those who look like they couldn’t hurt a fly in order to ensure those kinds of security belong to their girls because they got to look that way by being cowards all of their lives in their view and as a result have no regard for things like founding Fathers for example and are always seen doing their version of democracy that involves talking liberties with people’s lives and property as violently as they can with intent on legitimising it as a community; so when a Police officer sees a white person breaking into a car, he assesses the atmosphere and thinks they don’t normally look like that and that it is all a prank – somebody setting up a new state of affairs that he will have to explain later and if he does continue will eventually lead to a point where he will have to realise there is a state of affairs surrounding him as well but when a black person does it set up an atmosphere of somebody going too far right away because they already have a community of organised wickedness that means they can mobilise a coward that is naive about the truth and reality and at the same time exists within a comfort zone that has been fed them for generations as well, it does not mean they are racist, they simply have no means of policing in a specific way the organised and communal wickedness that is the only condition that black people want to live in. Where it applies to me is not just a case of the fact that if an extreme good guy like me is killed by racism extreme bad guy they will be left with means to do whatever they like, it goes far into me being seen as condiment for something they are cooking up all the time which does tend to stage that sense of cannibalism endlessly around me before we hear the complains and when it becomes a social complain is the part where it progresses onto a point where some of them turn up to handle me and then it turns out they didn’t do it properly and others turn up to tell them off so that they can do it properly and so on – it’s always there on the background until Politicians put me in it to look for trouble – they always say it is something a Christians should expect for messing with the evils of very bad people like them but when they had failed miserably we hear the case of segregation that I support instead so they can turn up to try again which behaviour is not alien to anybody. The reality is that even when a white man thinks that the way to go about dealing with problems is to work on human beings instead of things, it is always because he has a black people community background – here in the UK these kinds of white people are always seen going overseas to brings their friends to the UK to help them out with Political power and we see them try to take over jobs are shops and security industries and so on everywhere asserting themselves until they decide to make a case to me about how they don’t have to have a crime committed by me against them for them to attack me and then I will have to ask them why they are here in the UK which I usually do by assessing how difficult I can make it for them to make money and be successful here before they get off to their stupid much freer countries they speak of all the time, the blacks do it because it is their nature – The Police are not racist in anyway and when they do say such things I do suppose I know what they mean too. I understand they think I am in a losing battle because I really cannot tell people what my case with them is but of course it goes beyond the part where they like to say that if this was Africa they would be superior to me, it happens somewhere around the part where they are here to fight a loss that has occurred because they have not been able to democracy and freedom deploy my life and work to make riches and fame and this is an example of the method behind their behaviour that involves working on people instead of things whenever they have problems. It does not mean I am being beaten or bullied by them as such mostly – these communities of organised wickedness always remain at the background, so I wonder who was asking them in the first place. It is never true I am desperate for Book sales – I find it so annoying that I wrote a book about which the context platform was built around an inability to stand or my disdain and contempt for men that put aside savings with which to bully other younger men and make progress with their stupid lives or just generally exasperate them to build an atmosphere they can be drawn to calling it the power to do anything they want but they happen to be the same that are seen around the books all the time trying to sell it for me – I wouldn’t know since I have shown several times that I can put the books in their hands and push them until they sell it as well but it does not seem to deter them anyway – it’s like the blacks who are fighting against the loss of not being able to deploy freedom and capitalism to make use of my life and work to make riches and fame, it’s just really irritating and really violent and annoying. We are never going to achieve our much needed respect for life when these guys can continue doing these things and there will be no economic stability in Europe when they do it on the basis Europeans have  debt to pay them – in my case of which they do it because they have needs and I have things and they need to steal and they need to damage and they need to leave me for those who want to employ but are careful not to take advantage and yes there have always been only a certain group do reasons for these; neighbourhoods, prostitution, vice and nothing more than that – of course they do speak about Police racism and poverty and frustration but it does also mean it should be seen that those who have succeeded stole from them unless they are consulted over the success, so they are determined to ensure their organised wickedness is used as a tool for power and domination. In terms of neighbourhood, relationship, happiness, normalcy, recovery, dare I say sex-daily grind & popular culture fame & fortune opposite, it is the same old case of Americans and others within the Fundamentalisms of the Empire doing what they do and the case of whether I still feel hitched to Africa which will be problematic at the Middle East and Asia but I have no such problems in actual fact since everything Africans do is designed solely to ensure my heart is not free to serve God and this is why when it gets to the part where they save money to bully me and make better their lives it leads right away to resentment and spite that is always publicly expressed as well.


They have this need I can see, to discuss the cost of my Government security and support and I wouldn’t understand anyway as it were – I mean when I say that my work is supposed to pay for itself because I designed it that way it would never have been because I am trying not to depend on the tax payer like other members of the Royal Family but rather because it was the best way to ensure it operates at optimum level, unless they are doing their stuff in which case they pay and not the government and if they want to keep paying need to keep getting involved. I understand their point but I have no idea why they have continued to assume anybody is stupid enough to see that when men are nice they are busy damaging other peoples possessions in order to enhance the importance of their own and then set about building systems that allow people to creatures structures that can foster the means for job creation around them as well at the same time – I mean the Politicians get involved so they can damage and steal and leave me for who will employ but is careful not to take advantage in the first place by the way and get involved everyday so they can do it every day on account they find it pleasurable to – so yes I do believe I have done a satisfactory job indeed for my part as well. I understand they claim the part about building structures around women is the idea I stole from The Labour Party of course but this is not an emotive issue since we all know that it is the citadel where men take root and group and regroup in order to do all sorts of evils in this country counting centuries back right up to this very moment but the question has always been a simple one i.e. if the rule was that men go out and bread win and women stay at home and home make, how on earth do they explain how the Monarchy is all about men? So that there seems to be so many socialist and male nonsense arguments that can be made around this matter to allow any kind of involvement which is always ultimately to result in the ending of stealing, damage and leaving me to those who would employ but are careful not to take advantage. I understand the claim of how much damage I have done to the world of men which is an example of the reasons they do what they do but I have only one thing to say to it i.e. the academic work is there and they can damage it if they want – after all the last time we checked they had a temper to go with the fact they are block heads.

I mean we hear them say the response to fascism has continued to remain that of silence or blocking like they block my books and leadership of course – which of course is not everybody’s responsible since some of us known racism is something politicians are supposed to deal with – I mean you do not expect your citizens to get out of bed every day and do the things they need to do to check the media and the civil service and the local communities to ensure people are not messing up what they have done to make themselves employable and to keep the jobs they have found while at the same time pretending that you can have a different Policy towards individuals that have a certain greed that borders on a medical problem which they can deal with those blame culture instead of seeking out medical help. The rest of us know that it is impossible to explain to people how metal tanks that kept getting bigger and bigger blew up the oldest trees in a continent, just so they can drive through to blow up human beings on account their race was superior – therefore it was one big confusion, a breakdown of civility from day one of fascism to the very day that it ended and hence there should be a reason to see it again. Racists are actually very lazy and greedy people that will do anything for money and these idiots are exactly the same thing only that they think the rest of us should make an exception for them especially when they damage our property and pretend to have power over us with media which they cannot make me do because they had started it but are now chicken and had become cowards along the line – not everybody has a block it or shut up Policy about racism – it is always ever so easy to start as it were. I hear what I say is a feeble way of dealing with the issue which solves nothing and that is utter nonsense of course because it does i.e. this is not their Public life, they were not born this way and were not raised this way, need to get off my book sales and nobody is doing my stuff anywhere with that big mouth – I can do equity and Intellectual Property administration for big businesses and declare it in public and still get them to buy the products without any problems whatsoever, this is not their own and they have at my expense done that popular culture and made money from it but we can see it is not enough, so when they are scared of racists we know that the process of bullying them until they become so distracted that neither I nor them nor anybody else sees the need to discuss my finances becomes a less attractive option – however these questions arise due to issues around the blow out that comes with this method of handling the matter. The part where people cannot work out how I found the justification to say such things is very well understood of course but it has been three or four years or so of their parents saying I need to be dominated first before I am allowed to complete an academic work being transferred by them to my books and in this case involves media building up the markets and the business contents of the books for somebody else to claim and now they are sitting around damaging anything that makes money for the business while using media to complete certain things in it that works for the benefits of peoples civil rights in order to be famous and to do my stuff winding me up – so it is the same old case of men and their need to be rich and famous and the criminal things they will do to no known limits to have it and I am saying that if the Politicians do it then the reality is that I am not bullying the Politicians yet hence the reasons they always want to put me in the zone of reaction to the evils of their society, so I am just sitting somewhere expecting the dividends of bullying politicians to turn up around me as if by magic and it is the same with them too, I am not doing it, only sitting somewhere to expect the benefits to happen by magic and to that end they are blabbing as it were making out that their many cover ups have paid off. They do say I have been forced to use my own position and disposition to solve the same problems I created of course but I don’t know if it means the children of disobedience have won a great victory either – if I am doing it of which is because they are stupid and only know how to create the problems they cannot solve and if that is their power I am sure they know they have started again. Yes I understand they are quietly confident they can take me but we all know when I handle them a bit they will get the entire Parliament involved and when the MPs turn up they will be here to ensure that I am not a threat to important and vulnerable people that they are until they get under my skin and when I ask what has been achieved from it after a decade of wasting my time we realise they were powerful and want to be rich after that as well, hence the issue of that parliament having a need to seek people out and join in when others are hurting them as it were, now developing economies are not developing for Industrial extremists - so China-Japan relations reset point being men have lost –I mean for their girls especially the other most popular engagement is the stealing or destruction of other peoples personal lives to feel good with comparative sense of privilege with media – it is how they handle the problems they create and the ones they get themselves into in order to get rich in the first place, simple things like personal happiness being dealt with through problems transfer lest they look like they are not it and it is not hurting badly enough for the ones that happen around here so far yet as it were, they believe they have more threats in store and I will be around for that too for my part.

I am aware of some problematic case of me making racial slurs against white people but of course I am not going to be made to withdraw them either because it depend on their attitude too – I mean it’s not okay it’s just depends – like standing on a Bridge in a British suburb to make expressions about a guy from another culture that you keep hearing things about from your fellow idiot knowing he is crossing a danger zone if he messes with your industry connections for example and then the property equity brokered for simple household goods will mean customers cannot have peace of mind looking for peace of me all the time as well – never mind the part where even my friends are a problem and the way they are treated is not okay, it just depends, or the part where I build an empire and get hounded by the parents who must dominate me before I finish my academic work and if they lose a fight get their children involved to express what their view of me is and has resulted in building an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else so they can always get what they want, this kind of treatment is not okay, it just depends. So I am going to make their own permissible as well so that they can get all over the place covering it up too; just to show it is not everybody that gets to have their minds all fuzzy when they do these things for my part and for their part how much they can give to the frugal if they have got it, like an empire where the money ends up somewhere else, so others can get rich with their majority population with the market and keep the power they will have made in the process for future use as well. They made the money with all that popular culture but it was never enough for apparent reasons and they like to handle my property to act as though they are the only ones that know what money is about – I have therefore to express they cannot do anything mentioned it several times because I am determined to make their own permissive too, worse case is that they have their corner and leave me alone – they are into sales as well and know it is all about numbers. It’s not my opinion that it is something we need to discuss again and again and again – I mean if I watch videos of a beheading by an Islamic group in Somalia and it affects me they will pick that up as another gap they can dig for power and perversion in my life an innocent adult that is not covered by child molestation laws and is being abused for a distance which of course is always not okay every time but it depends etc, now as we can see the reality has turned up as expected that what they do with it is my fault and that was entirely an extension of that sense they have all the time that there is nothing I do which slightly tickles them that will ever go without punishment no matter how long it takes and who I am or become with a big mouth. So it’s nothing to worry about – when I say I will make their own permissive too, it’s a case of assessing whether the HMRC and the job centre and the entire civil service and even the media and the NHS right down to common agencies of recruitment that give you a job for to do for others so they themselves can be paid their commission have a policy that says the one crime that can never go unpunished is discrimination, so I can build a company in which the property equities and profits end up somewhere else – I mean how does peoples company property equity end up somewhere else anyway? They do need to keep off the book sale market and stop being so stupid – by the time they had done anything about me I would probably have become rich from using racial slurs – so here they are; white trash – niggling nigger – paki – and I will pick them up as I go along as well.


I hear it is said my life and work was confiscated and is still being confiscated, it is utter nonsense, nobody is confiscating anything they are simply being dragged by me and all that public opinion corruption that beats the imagination as to how people spend time being clever enough to get corrupt with public opinion, so that they can make a decision to stay out of my Public service or stay in and face the consequences that will come with that eventually. They are not confiscating anything – I mean it is not that I think it is funny but you have to admit the things I do to the Industries and the Celebrities and the media is rather amusing in its own right. The Politicians are a story of their own anyway: they will simply inventively create a condition whereby they want a debate or a conversation and after it has cost so much to get you into that position when you are about to have the conversation they change the entire disposition which is exactly what their civil rights idiots know how to look for trouble seeking to do with peoples earnings all the time so they can set others up as Industry slaves to become millionaires of the next generation as we all know but in the case of the Politicians it is something they do in order to have fun and it can only carry on until there is a massacre in Norway for example while the ones in the UK continue to behave as though what is required for their personal safety and security and that of their stupid families is in my hands all together. Of course they are not confiscating anything and those stupid insults can only continue until they lead to a place where I decide I want to be a normal person whose tummy others are not churning up all the time with such things anymore, by making sure nobody threatens me or digs up a certain original provocation from somewhere they have spent tax payers funds to build around me and get away with it and then it will become as real as what happens after fashion idiots and celebrities and Industry fools make those noises about being so rich I wouldn’t mind or that I will never do it mainly because I have not got the means. I am not saying this is a serious matter I am saying I am not having anything confiscated in any way around here whatsoever, they love to make all that noise they make for apparent reasons that is such that the Public has been given a choice by Political idiots to cast votes around the trappings of power and then show off their idiocy around certain individuals whose views and ideology they hate when nobody has ever actually put up their hands and said they can understand what the idiots are talking about for as long as we have seen and known them and as long as they have existed hence those opinions around my concerns need to have a limit too as it were.  I hear they say Members of the Royal family as a problem for me but I will do nothing about that but there is no such thing except Prince Harry who likes to please his friends by making out I think I am above the Monarchy and he is around to make me serve and so if Clarence House thinks his behaviour are a problem they will decide what to do with it, it’s never my big deal as a person – what is my big deal is the fact I have done these things so often that people have made art work for the results and the best example at this time is what is happening with Mr Obama; where he says he has set out some violent competition of those qualified to vocational level in the US versus the ones in the UK because he is sure of his super power status and some revenge he wants on the British for slavery and slave trade – now he is stuck in a tug with me that he cannot get out of lest the Chinese and Russians do his stuff for him – so I might find it amusing of course but while I am at it, it never is; I find it impossible to work out what these celebrated idiots really have become convinced they are confiscating around here. They do complain about the one I have done to their culture and society of course which of course I have and am glad I did, so I can have debates with them – they need to end the noise making and carry on the fight, they are not confiscating anything. I mean it’s always the cheap quick and easy and far reaching insults that is used to make use of me and harm me at the same time by the same groups of people until I have to ensure people do not dig up an original provocation that was built by an idiot somewhere around me turning my tummy every single time so I can breathe this free air and then that will be the more serious parameters for sorting out what their problem is: otherwise it is always the case that they are very ugly people whose ideas are always being done by somebody else because it is base and others have always been better looking than they are and so in terms of the business ones they can handle my sales numbers and equity of course if they wanted, all I will do is walk down a street one day and have a look at their establishments and find such practice happening i.e. that book that was published had the market taken up by a DJ who did party with some very rich people for example and people are paying his music to inspire them to make sales being none the wiser and you cannot get a job somewhere there either because they will always see something about you that completes the benefits that are supposed to come from their vandalism while the Politicians and media get involved with your business operations to damage and steal and leave you for those who would have employed but rather need to be careful not to be the ones that are taking advantage etc and then it will be a case of when I am nice I will recover those equities and stifle the sales associated with it and they had better not made it a main part of their operations of course since I will rip up all that opposes me as well and when I am not then I am going to start doing the other stuff where I assess the percentage of loss they have caused here and make plans to inflict the same on them too. They do these things everyday with an assumption that a certain Royalty whose public office and public service they love to handle has no plans to deal with the need Celebrities and fashion idiots and Industries to be seen touching it forcefully. It’s a simple case of the fact that when Celebrities and Fashion idiots and Industry goons and businesses had deployed your public work and kept it permanently then you have lost a piece of a Royal Estate and you cannot therefore guarantee what your children will become as such which is vital for the Country and the people – so they keep doing it as if I have no plans or even fantasy of handling them in a forceful way for it. I don’t believe it to be a crisis at this stage still – an example is what Obama gets up to for example; his is the biggest state capitalists vandalism system for get rich quick idiots who need a leverage on the entire planet – so we have all these large Government funded companies in the US which is because they say the need to preserve Jobs but we now know that I constantly have to make it clear they need to leave my possessions as I left them or I will assume I am a victim of theft whether or not they live in Vegas and have a need to rummage through it and secure funds for their girlfriends tampons and cannot listen to anything anybody says to them because they are trying to be rich pretending people assume they don’t know what they are doing and or have not made method plans for it as well. In my mind it’s a simple case of the fact that they say women love to play out the part where men are supposed to be used to make violence that will see that they are safe and secure but as far as I am concerned of which it is a self resolving issue that has nothing to do with physical things I do at this Company to sell its books which black Americans and their African friends have no regard for until more serious results emerge from that behaviour; I for example do not necessarily have a lot of business with the goods and services and commodity industry but regardless of which I am still heavily involved with them in terms of property equity and that means that once they are done and recovery is complete and they had moved on, all these women stuff will be sorted out at the Entertainment Industry – so they might want to mind their own bloody business, vote when they are asked and stay off my book sales. I mean it does not mean that you cannot make a living while there is property equity brokerage and economic recovery going on, unless that is where you are speaking of black Americans and Africans who clearly have no respect for you but it does not mean that it operates that way normally and I have no idea what it is exactly the fucking idiots are confiscating anyway with that big mouth we cannot seem to be free from on our media equipment endlessly.s

The crucible always develops around youth politics where we hear them speak of young underage voters which makes no sense whatsoever since young people are hardly going to vote for anything more than what their parents say and a process of being suffocated by twisted older adults and what they do with younger adults – however the idea I am bothered about my own skin is not something I want to discuss either; the reality here is that once marked out as somebody on whom they can practice their misogyny then the entire world will applaud your activities while your government at home will hit you and ensure you are unhealthy and unhappy every single day for no crimes committed – they say it is because I am a disgrace but I am simply somebody that is not academically qualified for the business I own – having said so of which being attacked because I am not academically qualified for my business is one thing and being groomed to be a Christian virgin hated illiterate that exists in a bubble where there are no rules over a period of a decade is quite another – so when they send out their media idiots to demand co-operation from me and I think they are having a laugh it always tends to mean they get more serious, for my part they had their own and this is my turn since ten years is enough time to get academically qualified twice over; even if you study the sciences of physics and maths and Chemistry and so on, you can get into the University with these GSCE Science subjects and study for a legal degree and graduate with four more years to spare with that sort of period of time for grooming a hated illiterate. The other part then being that it is done because it is what black women want but I don’t talk to black women and do not get along with them and they know it; nobody knows why they cannot leave alone the racists and why they cannot leave me alone, they think that racists should have made their ability to threaten young men available to all women but when they make it available only to white women they are being discriminatory, so it is always better if I don’t talk to them besides which I didn’t vote for them and will not take any crap from them black women either; I mean it’s the same old case of walking down the streets to meet five men in High visibility working and then after meet them again next week and then the same encounter for the five months they had to lay paving in that area, so that the question becomes that of whether you do not think it has reached a point where it is something important enough for you to do something with and their assumption is that they can handle my public life wherefore without any consequences like they were born or raised that way – so it is important enough and they can go to hell. I hear of the part where I support things the Monarchy does and get all over the palace when they get on media to do their own as well – for me it means they now understand the true nature of my job – like celebrities doing the public work of the Royal Prince they bully with a big mouth – it’s like when I write  my books they touch (they touch because they are extracting money from the man they own with their stupid greedy lazy tourism economy backgrounds where they do nothing but drugs and crime and an assumption they can address anybody anyhow they like pretending I want a word with them because they are involved with Government when my votes never got anywhere near their way the last time I checked, they touch so people can get after the person that does the job they have attempted ineptly while they run away with the money and pretend their voodoo has become important – so it goes without saying when I mention I don’t want any crap from them and yes we can understand their Politicians have a need for Political paedophilia as well because they do sense in a way that if somebody touches me physically I will fucking kill him - in which context I can play with their stupid dangerous nature as much as I like, all I am saying is that I need to see it and the needs of their stupid Politicians and Public Policy that will be made to usurp my literary empire earnings so they can run freedom and capitalism business and then it will happen for as long as I need to break those stupid public Policies).