It is not the case that I am unaware of the connection between the evil attacks on me in my neighbourhood and the things journalists do in my direction and therefore unaware that the only way to solve it will be to sit up and fix the journalists that that do it. They say I speak of the west but stifle peoples freedoms of the west which is utter nonsense too because the real issue with respect to it is that they want to find some kid who has never had sex before to abuse, preferably if he is an adult so no body would care, they want to gain access to and make use of my books to get rich and do so without buying a copy of their own and of course they want to make money at my expense then use it to dazzle and deceive me when they know I am already a royal Prince and that is how they got access to me in the first place as a result of my fame; I mean what do they expect a army at their door? Of course there will be nothing like that because I will be at their insolent doors myself – and I said it will not end well and it will not end well. First I thought I ought to keep that part of my ID out so it might end up being the case that only those who knew I was who I said I was would want to buy the books, then it did not work because of them and so I had to set out my credentials but that has not gained any respect from them because they expect me to say things like “such things happen” like I suggested I wanted to over keeping secrete my ID over my finances and I have no idea to whom I am meant to refer such sayings or if I am meant to refer such saying to myself, when in actual fact I can enforce absolutely every warning I issue in their direction against those things they do, while if they were able to enforce their insults I would have had an easy life. The absolute havoc that these things wreck on my finances which it does daily for the last decade to make me penniless while their wars of greed corruption and theft raged to make me intellectually bankrupt because I did not allow them peddle me to get rich as if we are equals, claiming these days their reasons to be other more insolent things like the fact they are a group of men who when they sit down among to themselves they want to have such respects which means that kids are not allowed in their company, then go after my books and earnings to get rich and talk rubbish about their fraternities. I do not normally raise the issue of my finances either because I expect people to answer question correctly around here; do they buy my books because they think what I have done is the right thing and or a good thing and or something useful to them or do they buy my books because an idiot that makes money by fraudulent means wants to become my competition by which everything will b decided at the polls? Do they think such games are as funny as they tend to make them out to be?

Of course such things on my income means I am penniless at this point although I have enough property to release money from and that is why it needs to be clearer to them I am not their mate and those things are very insulting and will never do the damage they think it will do. In case of which they can see they will spend all their time on their Unions and whatever and just when reaching the top is in sight I will spend it on my sights or use it for a book, so they understand what I mean. I mean for most times things do not have to be so intense to make very wealthy people penniless in a maximum of ten years, so I am not ashamed of being penniless when it occurs against me 24/7 for a decade to make sure I am, its just a matter whereby they have set a new standard and will now have to back it up as well – it is a lot of money to slash and burn like they do on an hourly basis with that stupid media. The other big issue is always that they want to get involved with my leadership and I always exclude people from it, the truth on the other hand is that I don’t want to lead them and am quite fed up with it at this point. So I ought to set out what they do for the most part which is get around with business men who have lots of money and practice things like child abuse and other abuses to create them the kind of sexual community that they want to have and so you have the rich people and businesses in the City and then the sexual part all the way down to the pornographic industry in which Politicians also have their own players and then all of a sudden once they realise the future exists somewhere else, it is time for a different plan and it is the Politicians will start first by telling the Queen to play ball and make me available which of course the media scum pick up and go on about 24/7 as if it is their own lives, playing lots of provocation by distraction from academic work and the fun in having it already so what is the point of holding out question and then is where the problem starts when I make myself available to show them what will happen in order to cut damage done to government property to find out. So they can tell me things they like to such as how I will never destroy all of it because my mind is clouded and so I would not and therefore will dither until I am too old to and then find out they have attacked my finances and kep6t me poor all along and now their lies have paid off and they can set me on their left for the rest of their lives with a big mouth especially more so when it comes from the media scum.

Mentioning it of course is the price they pay for their intrusion and the insolent flatteries of their abusive and destructive power fan fives who are no power fans of mine and certainly do not control me even if they had the biggest mouth for it in the world. The main matter however is that it is with such things that they cling to my earnings having been aided by Politicians to and now have discovered an argument for it which has to do with things I am that I should be bearing in mind there are more worthy people in the world for it.

There are no things like a condition where I say things about my work as a means of defeating enemies. The truth behind it is the simple fact that every time any idiot wants to increase the amount of money in their Bank accounts so they can count themselves among those who do not have money worries, they target me and target my earnings and target my property starting off with insults which wreck my finances and then insults which come as a result of how a Prince is trying to get into their league where he does not belong and then insults which determine the kind of prince I am meant to be and goes on like that while they spend my earnings daily looking for trouble. So the rule is hammer them and then spend those arguments they think they can pile up to ensure no body gets to stop them until they are finished. Left or right they move into of which they win anyway which is why it always becomes their new democracy and the feeding and the violence and the destruction and the abuse and the boasting will never go away.

So those public media claims I cannot keep up with their control other peoples finances spend all of it and bully them for more and more and more daily daughters is a load of rubbish. I said I am an equity and securities broker not a keep up with the big boys over the demands of their insolent children specialist. I can have my business respected by them or I can lock the fight and there will be no way out. As I have warned them before about their insults and the fact they know where my books are the one matter which shows they never ever seem to get it, they need to stay away from my market place not make noise about how credible things on media are while at the same time running all these really expensive rubbish on my income on it which is meant to be credible only when they want to appropriate my property and earnings. I have warned them about their insolent bloody mindedness in the past and they have never had any respect for anything in their stupid lives too.

The way it stands is the endless flurry of religious abuse but it is the endless flurry of cultural abuse which forms the 80% at least of the violence and I have been clear myself about what will happen when I lock that fight and there is no way out. I mean all they own exists in reality because they have insolent women with them all I own exists as fantasy with a big mouth, claims of course have something to do with how I am no Prince but claim I am which is even more annoying, as the two are connected in anyway; so what does that create then when I am more powerful than they are? So far it seems that insolent decadence will save them from me instead of a process where they get off my books and get off my market place as it were. I suppose it is when they are ready to talk about what the insults of their wives and daughters who control my finances to show I cannot get around with the big boys because I have no money and am not in my league when so far a decade has not yet been enough to get them off my royal estate and my equities and securities and off my property, especially my books and its market place, then they will talk about it as such but if they are not, then it is always advicable they shut up. Their offices are for making money, mine is for the endless flurry of things I know how to do for people and getting off or not abusing my equities is something they cannot do based on information their insolent foolish women have gathered on me about which those never rest and follow just about anything and can talk rubbish at just about anybody who does not meet their standard of greatness which creates some kind of thieves asset for these scumbags and I am fed up, completely fed up. I mean I have told them to get off my market place and income and they will definitely see what I will do to get them off it too. They cannot stop bad mouthing my equities and securities, cannot stop using it for comparisons by which they improve themselves and earn my income instead of work for theirs, generally cannot stop laying hands on my property and derivatives and their insolent women see nothing wrong with the suggestion a royal prince is trying to get into their league which of course always leads to another set abuse as I mentioned before to determine the kind of royal prince I am meant to be. I mean the simplest way to put it is that I broke equities with other peoples business but it is my equities and securities and they need to stay away from my book sales – there is a real respect problem here and it is the one they cannot see because it is convenient with those massive contraptions they earn my income instead of working for their own with.

They speak of the retail side of the economy doing badly but clearly it is a matter of figuring what promises I have made to people and how to get behind me and do things with me the other way round which brings money when they earn my income instead of their own which then shows they have had anal sex before; something clearly I should know as a Christian and for their insolent girls who get raped as well it is power over me that they were. There are retailers out there, these are not it bearing in mind of course the best part is that it does not make sense to employ the guy who fuck in the arse as well but of course the fact you fuck him in the arse everyday also means that not only will no body employ him but your part of industry takes over all his life and means he cannot work in his own or do anything else. I always think they talk too much because they are not yet complaining enough; I mean lets see that retail arse too. When I say it people tell me I give it away and so it will have no more strength when being done which of course is not reality, as reality has more to do with how difficult it is to put something on a website and then end up creating enough publicity from it to sell a book which means I will have to work hard fast and for a very long time on it to get any slight results and even then I may not even put this on my website, I will likely put it on a social networking site so that I might again have to take the long detour to link it with my site and then make it work then ensure if social networking fails the site continues to serve. I am in the retail businesses as well by the way; I am an Author and for them and their criminal get away highways it is not just about wrecking peoples lives to fuck them in the arse so that they cannot concentrate on their own industries, then having trouble employing those you fuck in the arse because it does not make sense to fuck people in the arse then give them money after but there is also the fact people do not have their lives to themselves and we are talking about the older than everybody fathers and ageist bullies here; their problem never stops until it really does.

Streets high streets and Disney land well checked with where my heart is of course, after which they set out their celebrities to talk rubbish at me on my book sales and earnings – I mean where is their supply line anyway? Then the Politicians will get involved as well and talk about my attitude so their case with me can get really personal over how easy it is for them to go home and kiss their wives and kids but return to parliament to think the atmosphere there means I am a carcass and they re animals of which keeping them out of my job means attitude because if they say so then it is, like that old stuff about how I will not destroy all of it because there is racism prejudice and discrimination in the country that will harm me and now as it stands all I can say about their complaints and the things that their counterparts overseas hear me say is simply of course that the world is an evil place and so if they wish to test their wickedness against me it is always an old fact the only thing that will satisfy me will be priests running Politics. I work in the retail business as well you see, I am a writer and those books they like to mess up and do statements to wind me up and find out how I feel for fun on media will get sold one way or another. So it is not the first time in the last decade it would have become a public matter about the part young people play or will want to play in it anyway; last time all they got out of it was the latest Iphones and laptops and a giant National debt with leadership on and lots of noise about how much trouble I am in which will get worse with a recession that will be operated to hit me hardest with a big mouth.


They say I am going through a process of being forgotten, I have no idea anyway – it has no grain of truth to it. The truth is that I know that if I stop saying things in my neighbourhood that everybody gets to hear as though I am mad which makes people confused when it serves me when I want to defend myself from Unions and the civil service and Politicians but still I am seen as mad anyway, then I will be able to concentrate better at selling my books without problems but first of all they don’t tell me what to do with myself with their insults too and then there is also the fact that I am a Christian and it is no Christianity to wake in he morning to pop music buzzing in my head instead of the last thing I read from the Bible, so I will take away their civil rights in the same way as well.

I mean when people want to have sex with others or dominate them sexually they gather their information from the civil service to make Pop music that is sexual in order to get croons to bully them because they don’t want to have sex and respect people that offer sex with their stupid old age as if sexual bullying was meant to be the air that I breathe? They think these things are above the law or any known human conversation and do it because doing it makes them feel energized and powerful, so the last thing I will tolerate is a process where they stand up anywhere in public to make out I am stuck and dirty somewhere while they are clean and important somewhere else selling things. There is no way of doing it flippantly and getting away with doing so, I will never pass up a revenge for it.

I mean when people want to get off somewhere selling things at the expense of a person which do they do anyway and besides which is the question of why what I say my books and products are about is never enough which they also find to have been funny? I am not being forgotten in anyway its insolent and stupid wishful thinking.

Any reasonable person will have been able to understand what I am saying here is that they need to keep their celebrity culture and Politics far away from me and that diplomatic front where my office and work is situated from now on, not tell me when I say so, they will get involved with me anyway out of their own extensive goodness and whenever they wish. Their Politicians like to claim I am complaining about poor people as it were in which case it is true that fascism is not something poor people create besides the fact they are poor people that can barge into peoples lives and damage things they can never create and if they were able to have will never be able to share with others. Poor people capable poor but they will have everybody believe they are the victims. As for the Politicians I have been clear I am putting up with enough rubbish from their community idiots as it stands and do not want them anywhere near my job or office anymore.

The part where they claim I move into the right to mess up their culture is that which they deserve completely of course like the media idiots that will suffer for exasperating me with such rubbish every time I make myself clear about where I stand on this matter. That part where they say I moved into the right to mess up their culture was stage one of the fact I don’t want them moving into my right hand to build any stupid fame and fortune, the next stage will be the one where one of us will depart this world for it to come to an end. Like when I say don’t ever come round here again they come round build it up on TV claim to have created new social equalities and threaten me as well.