The claim I have sex with other peoples wives has no bearing with reality. The truth is that they are a group of idiots that do nothing but fantasise about sex with younger slimmer and more beautiful women. So in order to catch these women mess up and attack my finances to set me up for the violent attention and after they had the women, set out to stage two of their plans to keep their extra pleasures which had to do with controlling what their wives fantasies were and that meant of course claiming on National Television everyday that I have sex with their wives and then following it up with gang based threats to make it real even when they know it is not. So I had decided they need to live on the edge and one false move will see me take away the family and the wife from them all together, besides which I intend to make them pay severely for the insults and those are not up for conversations either.

The women that always know more about me than I know about myself on the other hand are not that much of a problem; obviously when you mention you hate the idea of women who cannot be if they do not see a young man stuck in one form of hard work after another while they mock and laugh it is exactly where you will end up. So they want to be able to make people bums when they wish and one of the most provocative things they can say in my direction as a result is that criminals are better men than I am. Again those need to keep their insults to themselves as well and it is not up for conversation too. I know what they do for power and will invite the rest of the world to share while I manage too.

The whole sex thing is to be seen within the public light of what happens when they complain I cannot let alone the music and popular culture industry etc but their attitude towards my earnings about which they have rights as it were has a lot to do with how they feel when I refuse to have sex with them because I can easily masturbate instead. So to them at this point I am being pushed around and bullied and we will see how it will end up as well.

They do nothing else with their time excepts teal, cheat, lie and try their hands on the impossible endlessly i.e. telling people what to do with a life time to suit their purposes without saying a word about it, knowing the response will always be negative and spending other peoples earnings on their pleasures of life and so carry out all sorts of nefarious activities around people who clearly do not want them to, depending on how intense that desire is and how much they want it. Not once therefore do you hear them ever mention something about how it is a evil an activity it is to peddle people that are being messed up by those who are uglier than they are, which no body notices except them that is and of course not once do you hear it despite the fact that the real issue around how they start is a process where you buy a home or rent one and the first two weeks are okay and then it goes downhill very violently from there because you think that you do not want to have sex with people on account that you can masturbate hence are not welcome in the neighbourhood, which always provides them the necessary disposition for their witchcraft as you sleep, no matter how many times you tell them never to do it in your direction, while the others get off to be popular and rich and famous with your work property and earnings and brag about it with a big mouth as well.

The twisting of my means into cultural games will never pay off in anyway actually, the truth is that I last came to a decision that they never change their ways with regards to their insults and familiarities, with respect to people who are more important but younger than they are and that there is no way of reasoning with them, when I was about 19 years old but at the time I simply thought that when I move somewhere else they will institutionalise with something else instead of me, obviously as time goes on I have been proven wrong and they have become more determined than ever. What I am saying is that I intend to beat out of them a process where my means and livelihood is seen as a persons property and not something that enables them to break rules and own the world when they want. For now they continue to live with those their incredibly stupid lies and fantasies on the basis of children that know more about culture than their parents who were seniors on my earnings, which they expect I have no choice but react to, so they can make use of such a means to save themselves and stupid children from really evil things they do to other people with culture in order to be popular and will continue that way until it becomes as bad as it should be and of course I am not giving back that stupid culture or society anyway; it will help me to measure out how well they can move on to get rich with their own cultures through abuse based copycat wickedness, each time I save cultures they know nothing about from being used by them to get rich on account they claim to or actually do have as they claim, means to manipulate my finances that their Politicians helped them to gain. In the end it is still the same old issue; their roots have been completely moved as it stands from their own lives and planted on my property and livelihood with claims from them that is how they have decided they want to live now.

Of course it is naturally an extreme side of the wickedness of destruction and never will the Politicians that endorse and fund them mention anything about the fact it is the biggest problem the economy has, what they want is a process where I protect my earnings from them while they show off their ability to create questions about whether or not there is a God and or whether or not he can save anybody from their witchcraft and what they want to use their livelihood and their entire lives to do and or accomplish with it, in fact before the Political idiots talk rubbish in public or the international scene they think it is funny the way I writhe all over the place. After which they then remember that a Country needs taxes which in order to avoid being labelled as bad people which is bad for elections try to choose how they want it to be by which means they can have a go at their own version of witchcraft as well, which in any case the general effects on the economy surprises only them as well. All the while are people voting for it on claims they are all powerful as the electorate, as though there are no such things as community organised wickedness, destruction and laziness and that is does not come with consequences - poverty being the most desirable and favourable of the lot of course. What they really genuinely believe however being that this will be measured by the things I own which I am made to give up to them for the sake of equality and justice and social inclusion and democracy.


They love to claim that I complain years after about things they have been doing which I have taken steps to spoil and the way it affects me and so they can decided to give me advice on how to do it so they can concentrate on the needs of their hearts; what they are really referring to is the things they came round to know about the way I live my life while I am a writer and the only business I should have with them is whether they buy my books or not, not whether they want to extract information from my life instead of buy the books to conduct robbery that is too insignificant for the law to do anything about but is really worth much at the market place, the kind of things which enables them to come round here to dump and heap their stupid problems and afflictions on me because they have never really thought that they are responsible for all the problems they have and now it really takes the biscuit when they tell me they are giving me advice about those issues I am trying to deal with after I had destroyed those that did. It takes up back to the more popular complain that I stifle their lives which of course I do but more importantly is the fact I want to bend them up the other way as well like those insults that always suggest they are something of a parent to me - bend them up like a statesman who has no money which I am, which is incredibly funny as well. They have laid down the gauntlet obviously, I mean the question: if I needed to learn how to be insolent enough to do these sort of things to others on a daily basis, exactly how far do I need to go?

So the popular talk that I always speak of poor people but never do anything about the rich is not actually true. The facts about the rich is that whilst Politicians have not been spared over marking me and then getting off to look beautiful on the left as well as doing it as well with my royal property all together with their stupid girls on the right, businesses simply think that they have become more bloody minded. I mean I cannot sell packaged equities and securities when somebody else is using it for something else apparently but they have other ideas about what they want and I am to be damned, so they earn my income, have a big mouth and forget their place all the time; ending with a process where they claim I say things which are really not in their interest with respect to the US, about which they know I am armed to the teeth and completely unruly and everybody knows and thinks my actions are not necessarily in the interest of UK/US relations but they will use my stuff to do business in the US without even buying the books then blame me for the problems they create. So it applies therefore that the problem basically is not just those their stupid invincible media scum who will make this matter become really personal but also the facts about how we human beings are wired i.e. I know I can break up those stupid companies and peddle the equities for my purposes but I have not done so because my work had to do with selling books and it will therefore profit me nothing that I do not already have but as it stands we will get no improvements from the situation yet. I rely on them to gain the access they have to my work without paying for them as they normally do with sipped up lips, otherwise I will take matters into my hands as well. I do not think it is a major problem; its just the businesses here and nothing more - four year now I have been published but my books make it to National Media daily and I sell no copy and each time I do something that creates a break they take up and smother it with Advertisements and make noise which range from culture to handling their business without permission or even getting involved with them when they know nothing and there is no means by which such a thing would happen. The last time we had conversations about how they were not richer than I am in anyway and need to get rid of such talk for the sake of the economy - this time it will be a case of showing that people do not just wake up and play with the Title of Queens Arch Prince and Golden King in this Country or indeed anywhere on the planet and I am going to bend them the other way round as well like all the others.

They say I can never do any of the things I brag about but what I said I mentioned was a warning bearing in mind what they really mean is market Isolation and they have enlisted the help of Pop stars and Politicians and the Media to Isolate me at the market and have not even been able to achieve such a thing, now they are telling me what I can and or cannot do. I mean I need three days to gather up the equities and securities of some strategic firms and set out to break up destroy of peddle them slowly over a period of a week to effect market isolation and the rest will be easy meat for most of the time. The problem as I mentioned before is the jobs we do and the nature of our product; for me those are books and so for most of the time that people buy my products they do on the basis on regardless of what most people think and for most of the time that they enjoy the products there are no other persons around to enjoy the products with them, so I do not really need to show that I can do such things but it is impossible for me to sell my books when they do not behave and the idea they rule me is utter rubbish, more so because what they really mean is that when I take such action they will take steps to isolate me at market even further and I do wonder how anyway.