The Matter facing economic leadership today after the bailouts of last year will have to be on one camp the arguments for the continuation of bail outs and at the other camp arguments for the cutting down of international collective deficits.

I am going to try to be as objective and as fair as I possibly can, even though I particularly favour the arguments in favour of cutting down international deficits on account that government will have no tax money with which to continue bail outs if the private sector is not doing well and the Private sector will not invest or do well if it is pouring money into our own political and now developed into economic deficits.

However this is essentially a problem of allocation and insurance which needs to happen in exactly the same economic conditions twice for us to know that we have attained and or completed an economic cycle and thereafter are really out of the recession politically as well.

On one hand we know that if the government continues bailing out failed businesses which means people do business on subsidies just like agriculture which unlike other businesses enjoys government obligation to provide food for the world, people will continue to have money to spend on the retail and manufacturing sectors of the economy however the economic crisis will sting us all many times over a long period of time but on the other hand if the deficits are reduced and businesses are able to operate without pouring money into a black hole and on account we have one world unable to escape because it is happening everywhere, then it will be possible to have healthy currencies by which governments can borrow money from the world bank if they want further bailouts to boost demand and businesses will be able and willing to invest which means more employment but the economic crisis will sting us however do so just once. Thus proving that risk taken cannot be insured. It perhaps has taken another form or shape but since it exists outside economic condition where it is supposed to exist, it is likely to return to economic conditions in the wrong place or return at a later time which means it qualifies as waste.

So where does this apply to small scale writers like myself and the fashion and Auto Industry and retail and investment banking etc?

It applies as per the political issue which I tend to summarise as a question:


Does doing things in moderation with full understanding that we are all grown up adults and certain excessive behaviour which are rather more common with teenagers on our part whether or not we wish to be rich and decadent on our culture invites and encourages violence and extremism influence or change how much money we have or indeed what we spend it on or intend to use it for?

There are a certain behaviour in our societies which promulgate a sense of market control and this is where all the bailout tax payers (no asset no Liability) funds that should have remained in the banks circulating in the economy to help it kick start once things have begun to normalise have ended up.

The prognosis is that some people have dragged us into incredible amounts of debt and just before the economy recovered rushed the job centres to grab all available jobs in order to gather up money from employers and keep them in their own homes because they do not trust the banks.

It goes without saying that financial leadership must be a lot stronger than it currently is and I am happy to say the UK government is currently doing very well on the matter.

Personally I am of the opinion that if somebody has extracted the intellectual value of my product without buying it so they can save their money, the money they are saving even though is a bird in the hand for them is technically mine and not theirs and so will endeavour to get it back one way or another-generally because we need to support our governments if we want to return to economic stability and success.

Update 23/10/2014 Politics around the Creative Equity Empire


Now I hear I antagonise Labour Party Politicians of course – the reality about it is that they are people that are at war with themselves and with everybody else; so in the past they were given their benefit of doubt because they got into government office and considered a job in its merit and did it with sense, understanding, discernment and a clarity which meant that there was a set career behind it which could never have operated without its own set out rules, so when they speak of having their way with the crowd to get into government office you kind of relax and let them have it; the fools we have running around the corridors of parliament these days do not deserve such an accolade and I am not prepared to have it bullied out of me either. So for example what I do considering we are nearing election time, the most popular being to start having conversations about those of them who have a tendency to switch parties if they think the one they switch to is going to win the election so they can stay in power and the result will be a Political system that is unfathomably rigid and polarised. Some people do say there isn’t a career to be found in all these things but that is not true, there is a career and it involves protecting people from them while they think the way to destroy that career is ensure all I am is available to everybody as usual – so it is an old case of we know how to damage finances and destroy people’s lives so we are here to chose who leads on the basis of how much money they have and who does not lead because we have taken away all his money and so we end up with their Politicians trying to implement that to the effect of me speaking of 14 years of my life that I normally just slash up and throw away without reason which means there will be no consequences for it; I mean there was a system in a place which meant that they could do that to me and in five years I would go my way and they would go theirs but their MPs got rid of that chasing my academic work and finances with public funds personally to create the effect and then we see the women pretend they are awesome bitches with a sense of insolence that has no discretion and the men become absolute arseholes as well and hence the sense they will get what they want by making you afraid of them with a big mouth, so there is a career involved. It is interesting to note they think their actions really does determine what I think i.e. when they spend most of their time being fame rascals, instead of spending mine making sure everything that constitutes weakness in their lives is dug up by me and explored and a sense of loutishness is created from it as well so as to ensure when they start to lose jobs because of their playfulness too, they understand what it feels like of which if not done will lead to results where they never ever understand and tend therefore to do it in every turn, every generation, every single decade; the reality is that they are fame rascals and what they get up to does not in any way influence what I think – it is the American ones that have brought me to this point where I think their villainous fame girls will have to stay away from me otherwise the next time they issue their threats at me, we will see them turn up to get their culture back so we can find out how too: it is possible for them to make the music videos about what happens in their world and not mine and it is possible for them to sing their songs about themselves and if that is the case we will end up with a condition where I am not so concerned about what they get up to, a condition where their insolent villainous girls keep their hands to themselves and stay away from me. In the end they speak of my antagonism but they did hear me tell them I will be offended if a condition where they moved into my right hand to live there was achieved, it did not happen in the real world so it did on media and despite that is not a base for daily fundamental threats and dominance as well just as expected. So obviously they have names, they came from somewhere and are going somewhere and their celebrities I will handle and address according to their names to deal with this matter so that when it becomes a fight which I bet it will, they might not claim they were not warned. It’s a simple matter of looking at it from my point of view which is mostly a case of evil people doing Politics and society and government, me trying to get on with my life without thinking about their existence and a process where they always seek out places and positions and disposition to target me with certain feelings their wickedness creates inside of them and the condition in which I get to a point where I start to do something about it; so none of it is unusual, but they would think it is and that the story of me pushing the boundaries of religion which also allows people to push the boundaries of wickedness has not been addressed by me and it will never make sense anyway, reality being that they say that but want the Church out of their Parliament which is their personal and private property claiming that it interferes with democracy whereas in order to prevent anybody who has an experience of God from setting up a new religion the Church must be able to control those sort of things in the first place – so it is an example of how I get to antagonise the Labour party. As for the part where I have a need to keep them out of my life, it is an old story that is measured very well by the Tories and their conservative villainy they will not put an end to no matter how much they get hurt by it i.e. they and their idiots like to make out that I need to be taught the consequence of British Empire and at the same time travel off to Africa to find problems that will overwhelm me that I am  supposed to solve for them to progress with which by the way is not the only occasion in which they think they must target me violently because they have problems and I can solve those problems and they must build up enough to control me with and move into my right hand and live there to threaten me with violence and make me deal with it – so we end up in those conditions where I bend them up over the facts of the things the British Empire got right so that it might be done again and the story of the guy that turns up to detach the Indian Community and Caribbean community from their connections gets better and better everyday too and as for the Africans of which they claim I live like a peasant and I always think it is not hurting badly enough as well and they can chose who leads based on money he has and who never gets the chance because people decide his money is for something else.

So there is a career involved in this and I can understand they say the reality is that I am incapable of  being a happy person, of which I am happy when I am around my Church stuff and certainly not when I am trying to settle a score with celebrated idiots, so much that I need to round up the industry and work out every fool involved with it by name and warn them about their vandalism and abuses, in case it leads to more serious matters and they end up claiming they were not informed in due course – nobody would be happy with that anyway. Hence apparently when I say so we have normalcy for a few seconds only but as I said, they do claim I hold onto their life styles when they are the ones who started with a case of how it is that or nothing for me as well due to their power until I did my big Church programme and we ended up with this conversation concerning which they think they are really tough and I am likely to get into trouble soon – no plans whatsoever to keep their villainous girls that will only make money with how I did not take my clothes off or have sex with Industry idiots away from here because we know it always involves getting money off them fools and turning up here for a chance oppression.

The other question is that of which part involves government business if the career bit is so well settled and it has always been as simple as the need to develop their Popular culture empires around my office and anything that has to do with domestic and or foreign Policy around it and will settle for nothing else either, so that it becomes the American ones that issue threats all the time and will issue the last the next time they do as well. They do say I have no means of backing myself up but currently I have had nothing to eat all day at this point and am a bit nauseated so I get a fair idea and do not think they should be bothered about being dazed either and then we can find out if I can take them on or not. Of course we are always familiar with the other part of the story where it is said I am a busy body that cannot leave alone those who do not want people to stand in their way thinking I can handle it but of course we are not talking about women and their playboys that will threaten me for the last time the next time I have to put up with it along with their villainous girls doing a chance oppression with industry idiots around here, we are talking about my Children walking around safely and peacefully because I have a story to tell of teaching them a lesson they will never forget as well and then I can back it up the fact I am a person and some things people do will annoy me while others will not and people can fail to have a respect for that every single time while feeling like getting involved with the most intimate of my affairs every time too.

I understand I do not deal with these matters in a manner that give the government of the day sufficient confidence that I can handle it but of course it’s a simple reality of the facts about men and their Asian connections turning up to fix things around British domestic and foreign Policy which are not broken, obviously for temperamental reasons to allow the evils they are practicing to take hold and so on; so I have that culture and we hear them speak of people being prevented from enjoying life and having some pleasure in the world that the British have built of which they have to do better than that to build their popular culture empires on international and foreign Policy and more so especially around my office too; so it’s the Yankee doodles who think they are macaronis that like to pretend they can issue threats all the time and the next will very likely be the last one as well. This does not mean I am working for parliament either; its government business yes and people who work in government can deploy it as well is correct but having said that, give it 6 hours and return to find out if you will ever recognise it, when the MPs are served. So it comes down most of the time to whether or not I can justify my reasons for behaving in these ways and it is as simple as the fact that I am responsible for making people behave the way they do and I am responsible for the fact MPs have not got a clue what they are doing, the system does not work for them where they abuse me to make fame and fortune and eventually go their way while I go mine, because they want power and the tax payer is paying for that time too so it must be worth their while; so it is always assumed I am not happy for the fact I am responsible for the way people have been behaving. I mean we are talking about people taking the axe to your livelihood and ripping it up without reason, except you decide the part where people apply three layers of lip stick and five of eye shadow and ten of the latest toner means they follow everything fame and fortune and are liberalists of the highest order living on the left hand side with a hatred for those who do their church activities thing – this of course is where you had decided another thing you need to be happy for causing should be a society where people do not know where they are heading either left or right anymore, so that you might end up in a place where it I said you never stay silent which has nothing to do with anything. It’s like that old case of how I flirt with women of course when the truth is that they have been making it up with their community croons that my physical appearance and temperaments are a function of the fact I am flirting with people and these are people who would not like somebody that loses his perspective of life if he abstains from church for a week or two as it were, these are people that would not like to keep a family with somebody that does not like Sunday lie in so much, these are people who will not wake up at 5am to do a family prayer session with something they claim is flirting with them. Then of course it’s usually the point where they say nobody really understands what my case with women is and if we do put aside the part where they will make up what they want to believe and run with it on grounds all I do with women that are older than I am is sexual when everybody knows if you put it in a sexual environment and imagine it, it would never come together, the reality being the issue of men and whores that can get them to have a go at people until people start to gain a resolve to do that thing about beauties as well. It’s like that other story they tell too about how the way I talk puts allies at risk but take Indians for example and you end up with peoples need to speak of the population size of India somewhere around British International and foreign Policy then start to pretend they are not making enemies especially the ones that turn up to fix things that are not broken around here all the time – so this is how I never stop talking, I know I am responsible for blurting out the lines between left and right and so am I for the bad behaviour of Ministers of parliament but you have to put it in my view as well i.e. people take up some bad behaviour organise themselves and rip up my company over a period of 12 years and in the end I have a story to tell that will benefit everybody and it becomes their prime prerogative to read the books before they are published and or sold in order to change their behaviour so as to make the books irrelevant – this is their idea of investment and how civil rights tells them that it works and so it becomes important that it is only the celebrities that have not troubled me with the societies and communities of media, which they love to provoke me with all the time talking nonsense about what I say and how it ends up in the hands of the enemy which means I am being made a fool of as well when I am simply making sure their society and community idiots have both theirs and mine and hence nothing to complain about and it is the same with the need to put women up on the pedestal because of it and use them for whatever purpose as well i.e. when I speak of the need to see them lose jobs for their playfulness before I feel this is over, the one about the women is that they build these societies that ensure whores can do whatever they like with you and then when they had made some money need to be free from it and the personal lives of the ladies will make that happen but if mine is juicer they have hit the jack pot, societies and communities thereof that respond to all their incitement and need for servitude that industry idiots crave that survive my wake when I have blown my top too. And I do understand the part about the excessive nature in which I handle matters which obscure their purpose of which it has always been a case of giving yourself that five minutes to think of what you are doing right and the goon next door is doing wrong which causes him to seek wealth distribution all the time – they do say it’s a matter of going up against people but psychologically instead, I wouldn’t know since it’s a matter of usage and whether or not there is an abuse of my leadership going on since they knew better which was why were where we were in the first place and this is something Politicians never understand; that in one way or the other you will give something up to somebody and the sense you are wealthy because you have stolen all you have from somewhere is completely needless but however that said they are now full up to their necks with problems and are talking about whether or not I have delivered for my office which has nothing to do with realities around my motives for my actions in anyway whatsoever. What does rather being a process where I may have some clients but in about 24 hours a guy from EC2 or who lives around will turn up and hunt them down and have sex with them and make a public show of it on media or social media wrecking everything – so it’s a matter of reaching a point where I want it all as well and the case of the American ones is always so annoying because the guys that do those bits are mostly old enough to behave better and sometimes married themselves.  I hear the complain of how I only have activities to carry out with women of course but it is largely a matter of my activities being something women are drawn to not a factor of female clients as such – if people keep their fame and fortune outside of Royal Estate Business and Office business and all other engagements going on in my world, there should be nothing to get concerned about, if it is a no can do situation we are talking about then I will accept that as a good decision and go along with it too myself. I have maintained when people put four levels of eye shadow on and five of lip stick and 10 of the latest toner they are certain groups of people who ought to let me be or accept I will be the reason for a society where we all live the same way and they get to win every single day like they are presently. The arts make us happy with our lives and they are supposed to stay out of my Royal Engagements, if they can accept that is the case they will have no worries about why they behave in such ways being factorised by my actions or indeed how my penis causes people to be the way they are as well and it is all so easily avoidable as nobody is interested in what the recognise or not, where they shouldn’t be in the first place. They do say I don’t push them hard enough to convince them on the issue so I suppose I ought to rephrase i.e. if they keep their concerns outside of what happens because of common people or other royalty or Politicians or even journalists and celebrities in and around my world and what happens because of business and Industry people in my Intellectual Property space of creative equities which is what the Literary empire is, we should have no problems at all whatsoever – so I suppose that should be pushy enough to make sense. As for the part where I am accused of blowing so much heat I wither government issues all the time, the reality about British Politicians is that I have worked so hard to achieve this system of equity with governments all over the world which means they allow me a bit of hospitality in return for public place equities that they might have need of and each and every time we always end up with Politicians talking about a goon having ideas that the whole thing has become so deflated that another group of trouble makers have come up with ideas about how the British have stole so much from others they are now scared of their own domestic and foreign Policy and even economy because they believe it will make them enemies when they are seen flaunting it – yet we do not see the Politicians show any signs that they are responsible for this either; being the old story of chasing playboys and when asked why they do they will claim the playboys are chasing money and not long after we hear tales of clashing with Americans and Africans who want to chose who the leaders are based on how much money they have and because those two groups have in insatiable capacity for destroying wealth also decide they will settle who cannot be leaders because their property is being deployed for a different purpose and then I am suppose to get off my academic work and deal with it all the time while they think it is amusing too at the other end such that it is the amusing bit that they amuse which actually does the damage to everything because they are one of a kind.


It brings us to this issue of the great story of the European State – I cannot understand why people speak of it anyway and although I can imagine it is a school of thought they are arguing with, it does not make any sense whatsoever when a Country is actually such that those who live in it exist together because they agree to disagree easily and everything that attacks that can be deemed criminal activity and the EU is made up of countries that are as different as suggesting that Greece is same as Spain because they have bull fighting in their cultures when we know that even in terms of Bull fighting itself the Greeks seldom express theirs while the Spanish have one ever so often, so that they are the same in every other respect here that I cannot contain my optimism that they will agree that they can be the same thing thereof as it were. What I am saying is that the nature of differences between the Countries is such that it is not as if it is a bad dream to dream of an EU state necessarily, it is simply fact that it will never ever work because the differences between the Countries are such that you cannot take the relationship between them beyond treaty stage i.e. the similarities only exist in terms of Politics i.e. each one has a centre right party, each one has a socialist party, each one has a liberal party and the differences between them are only largely semantic because each one has a history of Monarchical government; the dream that was the EU has brought so many positive things into the world, it has even been the crucible in which east west relations are broken down and understood better and that was a big plus as well, I am not suggesting I am not thinking that the Politicians will play games and get together to get rid of it for the rest of us either. As for me what I think of the EU is the same old case; some people driving things beyond their pace all the time and it is never clear what they are after either – maybe they are after a condition where everybody leaves home and then the question becomes that of what happens when they return and how much of home as they know it that will be and so on. For my part I always say I have put myself in the company of people among whom I will find it easy to get jobs and those who do not allow it to be had better not complained about my actions as well and they will say that is amazing coming from the most discriminative goon in the world that is me whereas we have lived in a world for some time now where the purpose of all they do is the gang up attacking of the innocent people with personal lives everybody should be having in the first place, so that when they complain about my discriminative response to things and how I get away with it, theirs is clearly hurting as well and not badly enough yet too; I mean it’s like the story of sexual abuse and me and how I always go from sympathiser to the guy who is almost a rapist sympathiser – an old story of it is good for business when women want to take advantage of you that a member of your court lost her part of the village she exists in because she met a guy who did not like her very much in the Course of her job and then there are all those sexual things I have to put up with as well to make it even better, so at some point of which they want to discuss sexual abuse with me too and of course I suppose they can add new offences to every occasion where they failed discussion of sexual abuse with me occurs, so we can find out if we ever will too – here so ah ha, theirs is hurting as well.

The real face of these behaviour are best displayed and expressed around the need to feel they are doing my job as well in order to feel that way which propels them to interfere with everything I do and perform a sexual context abuse while they try their media power at making me do it again and share with others and that will not look what it really is because of their civil rights arguments until it reaches the stage where I want to get around everything that looks like the vulnerability in their stupid lives and create loutish nonsense all over the world with it and then their expression of ownership of the city and the spending of money to get out of everything I do starts to show how much of an intensely destructive and violent squander it really is when they start to show it is the conventional way to get out of it.