There is still talk of my position on sexual abuse not being clear of course which is not an emotive issue; if we have to be blunt then the reality is that when some people have suffered the misfortune of sexual abuse, what must be done with it is to learn and find people whom they can abuse so cleverly that it cannot be discussed and justice can never be sought over their version of sexual assault and that is where all that shenanigans concerning what my position on sexual abuse is for we live in such an evil twisted world that people simply have to behave in such ways. When I mention it, they will immediately revert to claims that I have condemned sexual abuse victims to their poor history of sexual abuse whereas all I need is to ensure they never turn up around my Book sales ever again but that is clearly never going to happen while sexual abuse is still such a trendy news topic. It is of course a world where disobedience reigns supreme at all times, so the start of the day might have had something to do with how they need to clear their heads in a beautiful place alright about which I used to be that place but am now history but we soon find that trendy sexual abuse replaces it very quickly. 

They speak of the Books being something that causes them an inability to carry on with their lives and it will never make sense to me either – all I am aware they do with their time is get involved with Communities of people that rely on my leadership in order to make them homeless and use us all as spare resources which is the single biggest reason behind why I cannot sell my Books and when I say it the Politicians will tell me about things I cannot do because they have me under control which makes no sense either; since we all know that for these fools the only control there is, is that of a taste of inequality that Politicians have spent tax payer funds to give them over me which now determines if they did it to find out whether or not I can carve fame out of them, the reasons my books are stupid and I am stupid and their women want to be in a position to discipline somebody without reason all the time for which I have been chosen and this too is entirely dependent on whether or not they turn up here all of the time as well. As for the Politicians, they were always going to say that but the story is still that old question of how your literary work turns out to be useful at the highest levels of government just so that the income can be destroyed which was only the end product of claims they make that people who are always seen writing something are probably extracting millions writing things about Politicians who are killing themselves to serve the Country but if they search the lives of such persons and do not find any such thing being written then what they find has automatically become their property – so it is fair to assume it will only lead to a process where I bend them over again and they have to get around campaigning for elections looking like that too, all I said before then was that their goons should not  be seen around any of my concerns unless they are there to pick up a copy of the Books of their own. I hear that the Politicians are usually disobedient because it is a world where doing so is necessary for their survival but I would advise anybody who suggest such things to suggest it where their finances are on the line or when they are talking about themselves because as I am aware their disobedience are a function of 3 people, one Christian and the other two unbelievers having an argument about whether or not God exists or is worth believing in and there is never a real explanation from the insults I have to put up with from those scumbags in the Houses of government which go on and on while they complain my actions dent their confidence to rip up my book sales and allow the public to run with it to a point where I cannot sit with an employer and answer questions correctly anymore; this however is the manifestation if it, the reality is the same old story of the fact they are evil because it is their civil rights but half the time they are seen dominating the general public ranging from the fact prostitutes don’t like those that are not prone to think about sex which is why every fool that drives by you, needs to grab your anus and penis as they all appear to want to do it both for reasons of your being good and reasons of deeming you to have acted in a bad way, right up to the bit where they are making me give up my personality because it gets in their eyes and if not they are seen persecuting religious people violently, so I suggest those who speak of their disobedience as a matter of survival speak for themselves. For my part however I have been clear if they turn up around my Book sales again there will be trouble and their Politicians can issue threats too, so we can find out what will become of it as well – nobody should be unemployed for decades because others do not believe in God.

Of course we all hear they say I talk but there is nothing that I can do whereas the truth is that I have not yet taken revenge for the fact the reason my tummy and chest and anus and penis hurts all the time is because they have secret societies all over Europe that I am supposed to be sending correspondence about the effects of their stupidities on this Company everyday – for that I will need to investigate them and find out where their meeting point addresses are first. This is usually the point where they start to tell me I refuse to address the main issues which of course would blow the mind if you think about the fact trendy sexual abuse over my Book sales is done by their the sphinx that they get to fuck as it were talking nonsense about a fight for freedom that is mine because I am naturally in need of it but then again if we speak of the main issues we will still be speaking of the fact they want to build their own small businesses that supply large companies and the connections with big businesses and that means I cannot have my equities and securities business in any kind of peace and quiet because it has been targeted as resource for getting that done – this is the bit we deal with in a professional way and they are not hurting badly enough yet either so far as it were. It’s just a bit violent when I bend their own over as well so they can contest elections looking like that – as violent as that their big mouth.

They do say I think I am completely above competition and therefore feel that I can do whatever I like and these are people who do not buy Books to broker equities no matter how much they have; the Books is simply too much trouble but the problems those in my race create for them which I need to solve is for instance a breeze because they have no plans to work for their own money. I am not completely above competition – their part was the one where democratic con artists wanted my Books as a means of developing a sense a profit can be made here and there, so that whenever they need to go to the stock market on account they have run out of pocket money they might be able to use my Books to get some cash but since I withdrew that and they started a campaign of killing off my Book sales along with their block head civil rights children, it has long become an intense need to buy shares in companies which broker equities here; this one they are complaining about is my part as well and we hear the tales all the time even though everybody knows those tales always come first before the complain do whenever the Christian who doesn’t care if or not they do not believe in God wants things to happen differently from what they have determined. In parliament they claim it is a lack of respect for government on my part whereas the truth is more about the fact if they return to their own jobs I will be willing to let go of the damage they have done here over the last 15 years but if not I will bend their own over as well for a start to ensure when they do stop they stop in my own time and stop my stop not their own stop – nobody lives like that, not even the richest man on earth.

Even now it seems after working on the above issues, what we are left with is a question of how much equities I have left at the Firm to handle any economic crisis that may arise, do I still have; so I suppose they are thinking I don’t pay attention to the fact if the company can no longer perform such service it will have failed in its purpose but it is an example of how their disobedience is a function of their need for survival, bearing in mind more so they are the ones talking wealth and social inequality but it will not have been the first time they destroyed my money to seek money sharing around the world either. It’s an old tale of how I get to make them understand what it feels like if at all I am doodling around the prognosis that they don’t know what they are doing or it was not pre-planned or they are not aware of the effects – so it might be a world where disobedience reigns supreme which is why my tummy and chest and head and anus and penis hurts all the time but it always comes first before the complain about the actions of the Christian that is not interested in whether or not they believe in God and they have not been able to cover their tracks on his case so he gets them every single time and intends to keep it that way.


I understand the tale that I have simply refused to acknowledge what my problem is which really does not exist; I don’t want to see any stupid culture or society around here and if I do will completely destroy it, I don’t care if that means they will be using my life to make fame and fortune as per a fame and fortune that will be the kind that is not conventional and is unacceptable to the general world of fame and fortune but I don’t care as long as they pay the taxes as such which is what it is all about. As for those who like to use me, we will soon see how the world will explode when there is a reckoning over that nonsense of bringing the pain to make their fighter fight and the question gets answered as per who is their bloody fighter in the process too. They are always guaranteed to have Politicians that will be happy to spend tax payer funds in some out of parameters of law way to help them make that new fame work and that is why they are always certain that they are untouchable too and I am have enough of them – so been there and done that on the culture and society bit now it’s the matter of whom this guy they bring pain to in order to make him fight for them is meant to have been – perhaps it’s me, maybe they are bluffing but it is a question that will be answered soon enough too especially for the Negros. They are having a swell time with Politicians and Media that like to bank roll their stupidities and need to stop pushing it, we all know what that bragging about the pain I have to put up with and how it bends me into doing their will is all about. It can be something as simple as the fact they are not deaf and can see too what the distress it causes me is, when I bump into things because they are really busy most of their time making up tales of doing things with me in which they were the boss but it soon gets to the pain they have already inflicted and ones they will add to it every day while the main issues must have shifted to entire societies at your door over what it is said you made use of; so they know they are riding the waves of Politicians and Media fools that bank roll their stupidities and nothing more than that. I understand the case people raise is that I am not making any profit and yes of course it is possible that if an entire government and an entire Political party and an entire National and International media gets pleasure from making sure a small book sales company makes no profit, it is possible they can make that successful but it rather does prove their superiority in any case all together. And we all know that if the less either the neighbourhood abuses and hysteria seeking witchcraft that needs such things in order to operate, or indeed the government or indeed the media or indeed the entire Political party, they will lose – so they need to keep all going and keep all together, tell the tax payer it is wealth inequality issue when they are asked to explain what is happening to millions of pounds in paid time that has not been worked for, just to stay afloat enough to make perceptions on media operable enough to sustain a self confidence and they are still unable to see that direct damage is criminal, they think tax payers will pay for that bit of their stupidities too. So I am not making any profits and we all know what is responsible – it’s like when they say I copy the Irish so I can get lucky but it makes no sense, it’s the same old tale of finding my finances so as to explain my thing away as something that a racist should have done but didn’t do because he or she does not pay attention or feel any need to get off a temper, so this time it is the Irish. It’s another aspect of the story i.e. the destruction of your property is to make you poor and angry because what they think you really should be doing is being bullied by society into beating up people to make them comfortable, they say it will suit you and that makes you so angry as it were but they get into a habit of getting used to that, handling your possessions to make a wish and have a laugh – so maybe they continue to hang around me despite what they have lost because they think they will find somebody that will get me beaten up, so we shall see. It is never true I am scared of them; at some point when all hope is lost over the guy who has a Royal Estate that they don’t and needs to be in a gang fighting to make them feel decadent, they will take it all up themselves and then the conditions will change to that of how they do all the inventiveness and I do all the revenge; it’s never unusual – I mean it’s like they are taken straight out of the pages of the history books of the war of the roses and were the underbelly of the Tudor Dynasty or something, all rolled into one and they really love money and are into sales and like to make Pyramid scams and target me obsessively; all I am saying is that one day they will become tired of having a go at others and turn up by themselves and then will have to do all the ideas and invention of violence while I do all the revenge. Its generally all about self preservation and nothing like those tales I am scared of them and now scared of their Politicians as well; self preservation and money where they don’t want a living wage if they want fame and fortune out of you as they preserve themselves and you don’t get to do it for your own kids of course so the only way it will operate is via those stupid threats which for me always set the stage for what I must decide needs to change. It’s like the markets where it is said I am desperate for any profit which really isn’t true; what happens is that fanaticism among Royalty all over the world brings me violence and if you were asked to come up with an imagination that allows you to conceive the idiots responsible would be doing it, it would have been impossible to do so basically – so on the other hand the problem with the markets isn’t an absence of good management and CEOs but the wealth equality problems politicians create i.e. we all think markets are about some big responsible rich person doing something to get rich but it can be about a goon who has a thousand pounds and wants to raise five more for next week’s party going to the London Stock exchange to gamble his fortune – the issue here is why they like to target me, a recession that hits me and anything of the likes hardest, a problem with my book sales because I will not tolerate their kind of mobility establishing a route across anything I do and of course black girls and their insanity with a need to finger my bum looking for genocide that will make them members of a victims club at an International organisation.

Now they speak of this great old case of Conservatives getting after me on one hand and then on the other we also hear talk of how my career is being taken away from me which we are not so certain is the actions of conservatives which does not make any sense – in terms of conservatives being a threat, the matter to lay to rest has always been as simple as the fact this whole issue was begging for somebody to teach them a lesson at some point – the bit where you work with them or for them and get sacked, work for yourself and they sack you as well by destroying your business and cannot really explain it only put forward a gut feeling of a fear for their lives over their violent deviance all over that stupid media and pretend it is their right while blaming others for the various religions they believe in. The other issue is mostly all about the fact that this whole world is an evil place and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is nonsense I have to put up with around the most private and intimate and successful parts of my life, destroying everything here due to an assumption that people cannot do anything about it and we all know it always ends really badly indeed too.


So we have to put up with claims my actions foster paedophilia around here all the time from the media and it will never make sense anyway; after all the stupid parents we have in this Country really do love to teach their children how to abuse me as a basic requirement for existing and it is not just the insults concerning which that name they call me is the one bone head parents gave to their bone head children as it were but also the fact if they want their foolish daughters to have their first sexual experience with the Christian Prince then that is how it is going to be – whether or not he wants to have sex only with somebody whom he names a spouse is irrelevant and quickly becomes a matter that is put to the test – so I can say it is all mixed up and their stupidities are coming home to roost. The really valuable part of the mixed up being that of the fact it is the BBC that makes these reports most of the time – yet I am not so sure anybody would have been able to point out another paedophile dream world save the BBC for my part anyway either; you might have thought that the need to abuse an adult instead of a child in order to avoid trouble with the law which has now given rise to a process where journalists clean up on a day and turn up on TV to sit about feeling filthy all day on our National television was the worst they could do but just try and protect your Royal Career like I do  and see what comes up; so I am going to clear out these bits and then the next time we hear any such nonsense about my actions encouraging anything, the results will be hard for them to believe all together as well. Now we cannot be free from a resurgence of that talk about a justice that has never really existed since the end of the second world war which of course always leads to an expected justice of copyment that will make them feel the same respect as those who pioneer things and it is always the finest example of their very twisted and evil nature especially for the Politicians and nobody knows why they bring it up and want others to argue with them along those lines either – they would like to think rather that their loutish stupidities will save the day if it blows up too. In terms of the part where I am hailed all over but my tummy tells a different story however – it’s an old case of whether it is chicken or not i.e. they have not yet noticed people follow me because of an ability to protect an office from their squander on the left with media that they feel they must wake up to everyday and of course on the right popular culture squander acquiring links with rich people and the industries, full of stupid boys issuing threats and media scum playing it out all day long; they have not noticed that people are hoping I will get to pay them to sell the Books for me and I for my part do want to sell my books in other ways and would like it if the fools do clear my space as it were which is not to say the bragging can always continue because they think it is not be punished, so guess where I learned how to take a stand on peoples businesses and rob them of their health as I chip away at it to make myself financially better off every day, bearing in mind they do not teach it at Church as it were; so yes it is all talk and hail but his health and tummy says something else because they think it will not be punished. I do not think this matter to be a problem, it’s a simple tale associated with the fact this is an Intellectual Property Administration Business and the problem has been clearly set out, the solution offered clearly set out and so has the customer service been clearly set out but the part where I will take a stand on their livelihoods and punch their tummy and chest and head and grab their anus and penis as I steal things from it, will obviously happen when I have learned it from them to the fullest and it all has to go somewhere; it is not because they are not getting superior education in the UK.

There is a blockade to skills and growth they like to speak of all the time – none of which exists as the Country must have at least 40% of its population seeking to be a certain 20% of its population destroying everything that exists just because it is there to be spent, that is if we assume that the destruction of their societies is any of my concern in the first place and of course there are some of us that have no wish to allow anything we own make a contribution to that too but if we want to speak of it academically then it becomes a question of why my humility and the fact there isn’t a part of my brain that says I need to show off and make a scene and stand on a pedestal means that I have to be used and abused in such ways as means people want to have a go at doing what I do as well and make me sit down and watch while they do in order to make me understand how they feel when they don’t have what I have and of course why it has become institutional too. I have to express these fears I have for what I am capable of because if 20% of the population led by them wants to be me who leads another 20%, then all 40% will be lock in while the economy dies and the government cannot get its taxes where it expects that it should; so it is not their boasting and threats and inventive nature that they claim means they are dominant which makes me do it – that part is their twisted and evil nature at its best; the bloody losers have been beating people in this Country since the inception of the Labour Party hundreds of years ago so we all know that. There is that bagging story of inequality and what I don’t deserve of course but of all the reasons that will make sense the fact work for them makes men turn into women and hence they must find people on whose back to come  up with complex lies and preserve themselves with is a fundamental nature of their Politics and socialism, it was always there right from the days when the druid Kings of England converted to Christianity and left them behind, they have always been a mistresses we have no idea how we brought into our lives and these days with help from the Americans are really taking their problems global; in their defence they say I speak like that but complain about women myself but that would refer to their women whose evil nature is developed around squandering people’s lives and property and that is why they love to take their problems out on me and make up ideas it makes me take care of them on media so they can get into a crowd frenzy of doing it and the threats they issue as a result will be the undoing of this seemingly big issue, nothing like a sense I think handling them is a trophy.

They speak of a threat they pose which really does not exist as what we have is the fact others cannot sleep or rest or do their academic work because idiots are trying to ensure they don’t get hurt but the reasons they are doing that is to ensure they rip up peoples finances and go into government office to practice some repression and they are simply making sure that people cannot hurt them because that is what they want to do to others. The part about their Politicians taking up from the insults of journalists to move into my right hand and gesture me left has now become something that will not resolve itself all together. They say I claim they are not a threat to me but they really are which does not make any sense as the only threat they can come up with is deploy entire cabinet and entire Political party and entire Parliament to ensure I have money worries which means their society gossips and media abuses can have a meaning but it is the second part of the whole thing that creates real problems i.e. it is in my interest that you do not get a job and it is my democratic right to fight for my interests; so they don’t get to gesture me anywhere and hope I will think it a self resolving issue, for them it is not anymore. It’s like when you worry about your living budget because you are on benefits the Labour Party freak Landlord for instance and his neighbourhood thinks his stupidities can do and undo with you as he can see you are concerned about his power; it is the only threat they can pose and it gets to a point where you will not tolerate it any further. They speak of the skills and growth that the Nation needs but we all know that no skills and growth requires them to carry out an insults and abuses they can sell onto to Industry idiots who invent a problem with me in order to cash into my Company by controversy or by what they describe as a right which they really don’t have and I could really do without all that abusive violence I have to tolerate as if it is what my sense of tolerance existed for in the first place; it’s never an emotive issue – I mean obviously celebrities are fundamentally stupid, so doing your Intellectual Property Administration business to serve them is a hopelessly lost cause, so I have to go back to my roots where stock market traders and bankers were playing hide and seek all the time because they were after something here but each time I do, a simple case of congratulating a journalist at Court that got married will result in their need to sell a product and by morning the next day has given way to trendy sexual abuse of which my views of where I stand concerning the victims have not been cleared up; a social networking sites have now existed screaming get down and get lost celebrity but they have not taken the hint yet as it were – no skills and growth what have you demands or requires that they do these things.


The part where they can still hurt me at will is utter nonsense; that is actually not compatible with a complains they make about people chasing their own private parts as well – so it’s always answered with the other question of what it is exactly they are complaining about then, after all being hysteria is so important. It has never been a complicated task – only the same old tale of Politicians have wrecked it, he does not have a body guard that can determine how much access people have to him and now I will get off and do it for him with popular culture; when I don’t want it done, it is as though their middle name is disobedience especially the blacks – when they start to create the idea the reasons for my financial problems is racism and then it starts to get violent, then it has become a problem I must take very seriously indeed – when I build an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else because of their familiarity and insults we have a problem; they do claim my actions are provocative but more normal people would think it is a reaction because of course the boasting and threats continue while their Politicians ensure I have financial problems to create the fake sense that is to become real through inequality with a big mouth, that they are important: if I did that to others I would be wondering how they get by, not these idiots, they are wondering how much more important they can get stacking celebrities on me; at the moment they like to brag and their Politicians are helping them push the point they want my public life to stand in for their skills and growth and we are hearing nothing about the Politicians whose public life gets used in that way yet so far as it were. I mean I have a system here that says all insults from them will be paid for by the various things I want to do to change them as well by changing that stupid society but for the Politicians, they are not done complaining about the things I say and the problem associated with where I say them yet, they want to offer my public life to these fools to stand in for their skills and growth. They speak of threats I face but I suppose that relates to the security staff that let them do these things and talk nonsense all the time about having ill feelings towards their Political idiots that they have private security sector jobs to protect, so its money back where the mouth is apparently and we have to do the reality stuff all the time as it were. It’s never a losing battle in anyway whatsoever; it’s an old case of offending evil people and when you do they don’t like being beaten, they just like to beat you for trophy and when you asked them what happened to tax payer funded time for which they were elected they always answer it with wealth inequality stories. The self seeking high government position idiots that like to arbitrate between me and them are starting to get what is coming to them as well and that is why we hear it all the time that I am in a losing battle which primarily involves them picking up my work to swish, swish, a fight somewhere, lose and return to tell me that is how my stuff is; it’s nothing new, I know I am propelled by God and those who like to say neither exists in the Houses of Government now need to tell what they are propelled by as well – I mean I understand for my part that it is impossible for the devil to allow them rest if I live in the same neighbourhood and they will tell the lies of the world to ensure they can hurt me and that I am not in a place where I can hurt them as well, so those who claim it is their civil rights to either have those evils or practice them now need to explain how those rights work – it’s not a losing battle for me. There is that talk of how I can never escape those of them that attend Church of course which is utter rubbish; whether it be politics or government or even philanthropy or charity work, its purpose is to gain access to me in a condition where their behaviour cannot be questioned and they know I know that so the Politicians will therefore help with the cowards access – same old story want faith but not the rules, want my life but not the leadership on and on and on – it is not a losing battle for me, they are only getting warmed up those stupid insults; I have not hidden anything about my intense distaste for their tendency to sell the gospel of Christ for a living, so I have no idea where the louts that talk nonsense and complain later then issue threats immediately after saw a similarity between me and them which allows the handling of my Books but that is not an emotive issue either, it’s their own flavour and we all know their case isn’t hurting badly enough yet too. It’s as though I am still letting prepubescent idiots mess around with my emotions and feelings – which takes the get down and get lost celebrity rhetoric to a whole new level. There is always that story of how I have achieved nothing but of course it has always been a matter of how they could never do anything I want them to do about which they have located somebody they can manipulate on whom they can preserve themselves and have no wish to earn a living wage doing so if they can become famous millionaires from it instead looking for trouble and yet again another disobedient idiot will do it when you don’t want it done too don’t ask me why; these are the ones that like to say it’s the same way I do the Royal Family when they don’t want it done and never clear if that is their family too as it were or whether these kinds of tales change such a question. They do say I claim to be Royalty when I am not of course, reality being rather that when I am done kicking them, I will return to a monastery that bakes my cake and spend the rest of my days being an Arch Prince in his correct environment and then it will stop being so funny; for now however the Royals get attacked for being fans of the Arch Prince that does not need solace for his contribution because it is inbuilt into his world and life because I am living their own and the Royal family was theirs as it were the one we have to find out all the time – so here we go normalcy again and we have to do that all the time. it’s a matter of the driving force behind my activities; this week latest can be that the King of Brunei was impressed with my work and the next might be the King of Jordan but I can never be allowed by these goons to be myself and carry on in peace if they could have ideas instead and so it plays out that it’s the personality they are after, music CDs and advertisement every day which says something about what they would do if they had it and then I have to deal with the damage of my websites maybe because they want to delay me at a certain point so as to get to have my personality all be it for a while on account they need it so much and it is a fine example of the reasons they can turn up here to get that culture and society if they think they are up to it as well; it is as though every fame seeking prepubescent fool can still mess with me as much as they like, so far of which the social networking sites are not helping; the one where they want to kill me and I want to kill them and the part where they actually got to do it becomes the main issue - so they do say I need a Father figure and have not done so with a calculation of what the consequences might be too, since at this point they are not spending enough times abusing their stupid children into an inability to forge an acceptable level of relationship with others that may want to or already have employed them, so I simply have to conclude the case continues still considering the part where a Court became the helpers and not the fans was actually forged by the corruptions of involvement orchestrated by the Fathers, I do have it settled at this stage however where some assist me when it comes to the renaissance and some assist me when it comes to the Company itself but it was the Fathers it should be noted; I mean it can start out with something as abusive as never meeting my Father, not knowing my name but having the effrontery to tease me the way my Father does, which does mean they know how my Father teases me or it might be that their insults and abuses that I am not aware of really know no limits and has now given birth to something else and then it will go places from here and get global even if they wanted, like they tease their stupid children that way - so it has ended up being discussed and I have not played it out to lay to waste that stupid fame and fortune popular culture so I might be asked why I did it, hence they live to tell the tale, it has already led to anus and penis insults from them by the way but they still think I need a Father figure and with that stupid media too - which is a good point for their foolish women to start their share as well and I simply have to imagine we will be talking about their own soon enough too - the Books hurt they say but they want to be found around my literary work showing off their stupidities too for good measure, at all times (of course its all a big lie - there is enough respect for many life times over and that is why their wickedness that could have been the only thing to replace their stupidities deems me to be such a target).