Statement of successes gained

There has now been sufficient stability created in the West (The Left) for me to tap into and make use of and the benefits of this has been the administrative security that has been created for the Queens government in the United Kingdom after the intellectual and administrative security mix up and wallowing in sweet violence in Iraq, for which those who were responsible are still paying the price and paying for the damages they caused me and still continue to cause me with their insults and boasting in public places today and earn my wrath for threatening me as well while they have no intentions of apologising for it.

There has now been sufficient stability created in the United States of America (The Right) for me to tap into. Although I am not at liberty to discuss what I do in the communist bloc as it is some of the innermost sections of my Crown duties, it is fair to mention that the ethos of my global intellectual space as the understanding that we want to have our own minds and that Tyranny is not that which happens as a result of demagoguery but something that leaders agree to do as a function of agreeing to be told what to do usually by idiots who want leaders to steal for them and steal from lesser people for leaders which is never enough anyway. I have not encouraged people to defy their leaders, we have always strove to catch up with what our leaders are doing so we don’t get left behind which will make it easy for people to hurt us.

I am aware of discussions being invented that people do not know what the value of space travel is anymore because I exist. for without it I cannot do my intellectual space management so that men can claim they have found a Mad boy, a small god that they can inflict sustained continued and committed abuse on to feel good and rich and foolish young idiots can presume to tell me what to do with their wickedness because of how long and how much they have searched for love.



My big question hangs in the air still; the goods market is stale, the financial markets are stale, the governments of the world are thinking about what they need to do including printing money, I have  declared to release equity into the global economy in a bid to sell my books, which will ensure there is no cascade of currency devaluation if they do but the Politicians have not freed up the civil service or indeed the job centres yet-especially after all those years of the creation of counter employment services through the private sector and inflexibilities in the world place which I have come to note is meant to manipulate my future to demonise anybody else that is elected into public position who is not socialist which of course so far only Labour voters have been able to overcome while the finances of the government is so tight that the coalition government does not have the chance or ability to manoeuvre and they have never worked for anything in their lives or have any idea that does not have something to do with taking what they see which only exist when somebody else has created it for some other purpose other than giving it away to them.

The confusion is that I am confused and this is actually created by those whose idea of ambition and go getting attitude is grabbing what others own to force everybody into ambition as a sign of respect for bosses that have all the money and I have been patient with this sort of this for the last decade and can stand it no longer especially when they are female which is very bad for my health. I am not confused, there are simply people out there who like people to appreciate them because they have got small businesses which are not making any progress while they look over everybody’s shoulders with and have strange sexual practices to go with it.

On the contrary there isn't a diverse number of things I care about in this world except for example my people whom I had put first before me over my importance fame and work because I can take care of myself which I did because they are seen as weak and even if they were not weak the level of disrespect could lead to a threat to their lives, in return for which I will sell them my books and my Court that are women who report the news globally in my interest and thus help me catch on with certain very important causes I may have fallen behind on thus helping me to manage my empire, the rest of what are care about are in this Order my Job with the British government, my friends and then people who may want to do business.

I have always assumed that the answer to this question of my confusion has signs everywhere on the entire planet. Has the world changed simply because some people have destroyed all they own, driven themselves to the wall and threatened others to share what they have, which therefore means that the update of their wickedness and or violent greed over what is not theirs has been established?

This is not unusual, I am a very different individual just like those who do these things; they are immoral people and everything they create is meant to serve their purpose, all the products they put out into the market was created from their immoralities, it was meant to harm people, so how do they make the money they have, because specifically from the point of my Empire Hollywood is making Movies and I am not supposed to have been the Golden King of the UK because I have got my own global intellectual space?



We do hear tales of the men getting after me of course but nothing of it is ever new in anyway – I mean one moment they are that way and the next it’s a story of how I am a veteran with scars all over but wish to have my cake and eat it but the pain of violence is clearly something they love at my expense and that is only possible on the basis of me fearing them, the fear of which has been built from media campaigns following a long period of unemployment and threats of homelessness i.e. any fear will do and then they can attach it to themselves and claim it’s my fear of them and I have to imagine what they are if they are happy to send a message I will get hurt from and as a result of that too, while they assert their stupidities on my finances which is the very behaviour that is creating their complain at present. An inquiry of it will duly inform people it is about freedom and their love of it. I hear from them that my activities have caused economic down turn but I have no idea what that means since the facts around the matter have always been that I share this literary empire with none and their civil rights idiots have gotten into a thousand and one troubles by going along with every nonsense they devise by handling my books to extract empowerment from my body so to speak with that stupid media; they cannot pretend they have not been made aware that the idea I either share it with Politicians or the Country or that the UK at my watch place is surreptitious about its economic position or International diplomacy because it is encroaching on other peoples turf has a sting in a tail. I have no idea which part of it was supposed to have been a difficult question anyway when we all know it is a case of men making it clear they have always been wanderers and in my life and that of my Court is where they will find what they want in life: we live in the west and it is not a new corruption in anyway, so I am aware it is the most destructive fun they can devise and will be prepared for them as well, so far of which it seems what I do to them only leads to rallying calls and social media instigations of more attacks on grounds they have come to think it is their right to do it. I mean I have asked the question before of considering that their behaviour towards women has become some juxtaposition in its own right whether what they want us all to believe now is that they have no clue what they are doing and that its violent effects are being felt by those they target with it, never mind meeting women that think having their bits and bobs thrown around so others can control when they are eligible for violence like the idiots think they do me is something they must consider normal? I have made it clear I expect them to finish their stupid wars so we can find out how they are doing it – they have referred talking nonsense about their conquest mongrel girls at whose availability they put their bounties on us and our personal lives by increasing their pocket money in return for it.

I mean I can be said to be stuck in some civil rights nonsense from which I cannot get out of course but there is actually no such thing; it’s a case of the fact those who want to talk for them civil rights idiots have no wish to listen to what I am saying i.e. they wreck business without reason or purpose or point gained just the fact that I look the part of owning things I cannot protect and when finished get after my health as well after all that big mouth yapping about things I own which I cannot protect – so I always use them as a measure of whether or not it is a matter applicable to reality that being accountable to those in your life and world whether or not you are to the entire world as well with their big mouth should cost you your entire health just so you might look weak and inferior when you are democratic, it has nothing to do with negating the problem so others can take care of it for me. I mean if we explore it we can ask their women why they attack me in such ways and we will never fail to get the response it is a matter of hell having no fury like a woman scorned and that the scorned bit was that they sat in their stupid homes and thought about having sex with me which has brought them to a point where they want to feel powerful. Hence the fact they hate my guts and tyrants hate my guts and Politicians hate my guts and what I think about that will be displayed over my intolerance of their disco lights diplomacy is a start. The reasons are plenty when they devise them of course but the truth will always be that they do these because they think they are evil in the direction of money and greed and I have been clear for my part as well about what I don’t want done on my possessions while they have decided there are various reasons they have every right not to go along with that including the fact I have the same skin colour as they do or share the same civil rights disposition of the oppressed like they do, so if they have got it and I am inferior to them it is still unclear why the idiots need my possessions so much and it is going to end badly too.

I hear they extricate where I stand on my views about sexual abuse and paedophilia but I have no idea what it may mean either; after all if we think about it there are better behaved children and there are badly behaved children and none deserves to be sexually assaulted; however there are some it should be recognised that treat sexual assaulted the same way young teenage gangs treat asbos, but those who mention it need to be very clear on the facts of what they are saying and not just use it as a means of dealing with the activities of a difficult child that has had their problems compounded just because they have decided to push beyond their age and get through life by being sexually assaulted. It’s a matter of whether or not a person feels they have something to gain if they were sexually assaulted because somebody they hope to target for some fringe benefit will be targeted as a result in the process or as the case may apply they have a fantasy of being taken advantage of but when it actually happens because they put themselves in harm’s way the deal turns out to be too bad for them to cope with and they need to ensure somebody suffers as a result of it and so on – there are many other forms, so it does not really mean anything when it is said somebody put themselves in harm’s way to be sexually abused but those who say it need to be very clear about the facts of what they have mentioned which does not either way detract from the fact that the occurrence is in itself a crime. The matter of young girls being given their space is very well understood but that is neither in my hands nor theirs, it is in the hands of media idiots and industry goons they play with because they want to see moral and religious men that remind them of their parents and why they should be good people suffer; I can only do my part by setting out the idiots will not have it their way being paid a lot of money to manage large companies and then turning up to seek my literary empire and books as sacrifice to make the companies profitable and this will play out in every single country in the world where they go to annoy me along the lines of that context as well. As for the young rising Industry stars; those understand every time people have block heads like them what they want to do all the time is pass them through my Royal Privileges so they can feel good and do academic work and pass exams in order to become idiots with money at a later time – so they understand what they must do if they want a piece of me as well since their assumption continues to remain that I have not had enough of them too for my part; it’s not a wild card that they are, I am a wild card and they are block heads and know nothing about it. There is a difference between street paedophilia and Industry paedophilia and these behaviours are some of the most telling differences between the two and street paedophilia picks on vulnerable progress while the industrial one is a bit more complicated and works along the lines of contributions people make to attack progress and civility claiming the poor get poorer and rich get richer is their forte and then at some point turn on the Industry people because they need their space which is how they beat both sides of religion and industry to create and keep their personal space that others are responsible for taking away from them.

I understand they say I never give thought to the fact all these games as a need to involve me with sexual assault matters is people with a desire to assault and abuse me but I don’t see how it matters since sexual assault is not a game and I do not see that what society idiots can do or not is relevant when they cannot protect others from abuse in the first place anyway speaking of what they can do in context with that big mouth; the reality is that 12 year old emulates her teacher because she feels it helps her deal with the world around her having had a difficult child hood and it predisposes her to sexual abuse which actually befalls her is not her fault, 12 year old with a fantasy to be sexually abused because another will be attacked for it only to find the deal was not as she had thought whether or not the person is and the pain she has suffered therefore is something others must pay for is something he predisposed herself to but those who say it need to be clear about that fact first.

The part about me being abused is not an emotive issue, most of it is largely a matter of stupid black men that are fundamentally terrified of a condition where I expose them to using their hearts and minds to save themselves from violence because they are big enough bearing in mind I am so good at it I am immune to virtually all the pitfalls while they are so tall it will take away their need to be seen on media and fame and fortune nonsense from them even if they survive with their stupid lives but even then they are abusing me because they are off to the trappings of power which is what the nature of these things are anyway, in any case of which the fact they have sacrificed footing and I have done their own fundamentals for them does not scare them in anyway yet if they can tell tales of how they control me and I have an inability to escape from problems, not of unusual it is of course it’s just the reality behind the assumption every single dispute we hear them blab about is a matter of their civil rights. So as it stands I am being abused due to fundamental hysteria, the idea there is always an insult to accompany absolutely everything I say and every move I make and that has become an asset to them just like sexual abuse is but we are now in a condition where I am beating them up for chasing my anus and penis and alimentary canal as it were, so it’s only those that assume to be tough enough that have a go these days anyway – the rest of them thinking they do because they are using me to deal with those that dominate them and the assumption they control me will continue to be their made up reality until they are dead as well. The reality of who is in control of this matter is that I have a total hold of their social issues and can fix it for them whenever I want so it is fair to assume the next step I will take is ensure they cannot show their face on media or popular culture to get famous because they are busy using their own hearts and minds and lives of big tough guys to deal with violent issues in society instead of what is convention and available or maybe Political or even cultural and everybody knows localities are always violent for them while they will get that culture from me somewhere in hell, they have only the part where they are the ones that are tough enough to chase my anus and penis to latch onto because I am immune to being abused in such ways until they dismantle the hospitality of my Royal Estate and talk nonsense about victories for civil rights and equality in order to extricate freedom from my personal life which of course is the provocation and abuse that started it all in the first place only at that time they did it because they needed it, now they are because they are fighting somebody that wants to kill them so we are making progress anyway. Of course I can stop but that will depend on whether they want to decide who leads by clinging to my finances somewhere where they live and come from and not here, keep their insults to themselves and not address me on any occasion for any reason whatsoever and then that will be a start. The Popular culture idiots I have under control as my Christian faith also blesses me with a means of avoid the violent processes in the first place and then perhaps I might deal with the other issues themselves if they clear that space. I mean it’s simple i.e. it has been their daily motivation on a global scale so to speak to locate me because I am a Christian and chase me about for a cause I should seek through which I should die for their progress and their race on account that I am preventing them from making use of freedoms they have extricated from abusing me and it has been that way for the last 11 years already every single day on National and International and Global media too; you don’t say things like that to people in the city centre without expecting evil matters in society to bellow death at them until they are killed by a fluke so to speak but I am not dead as it stands and not enough of them have yet which is why the abuses continue – so this whole case of chasing my anus and penis thing it seems will only stop when I kill them too as it were: I mean they do say the threats I issue are not credible but we hear them ask those who want to expose them if they are using their own to do the social and political violence, so they will without a doubt chase my anus and penis and continue to get around the world with it as acumen for no reason expecting that my threats cannot possibly be credible since everybody believes every noise we hear them make is a matter of their civil rights and not the fact they are trouble makers that never give it a rest, getting round to their own as well.

It’s like the story of Ebola and how I never come through with what needs to be done about it when we all know that it is absolutely stupid to transfer Ebola patients to other Country from points of infection when we all know that the disease has wiped out entire communities and villages in Africa and then Isolated those that survived for years after that as well creating ghost Towns in its wake, so this is not the stuff of Aids where you have to have sex with the infected in order to contract it like they love to compare. The Americans did it with disastrous consequences and so have the Spanish and only the UK seems to have gotten away with doing it as well. I mean I have no idea why we are having the conversation anyway, it’s a case of the Health ministry deciding on what is public health risk and what is a danger to public health and transporting Ebola patients into the Country from overseas not a matter of whether I think some lives are more important and valuable than others and in my view this particular Ebola incident has shown the Health Ministries in the Countries that have taken that step are not worth their salt. I understand the story of what I eat and how that results in a case where my health is being chased up to unknown levels as it were but clearly of which going down that route and making out it is  my fault is something people assume I will not revel in since these abuses of a sexual context and of a sodomy nature affords black men only the opportunity to make out I will never be allowed to settle in the UK because I belong to them and they own me – so that when what I eat which they do not get to eat as well drives them and their gluttony to chase Bush meat in Africa and get massacred by Ebola which is one step to staying away from me, I have no idea why the assumption is that I will not have liked it that it occurred that way. The reality is that the idiots cannot have anything and simple things like food I eat which they will never eat is an example and then they can ensure their desires whenever trigged are met and their villainy controls me somewhere else. I do hear them say they will get Ebola into my food chain as well which is an example of a lack of understanding that the biggest issue with not being allowed to settle down and get comfortable with British food after 14 years and not even allowed to decide what I want to wear along with that stupid Labour party as well is the parting shots – whereby they come in and start trouble and when I have them as well, it goes all calm and then they do the parting shots and have the last word, which soon shows up on media and Politics to piss me off and create another provocation towards results they will complain about again; but I thought I did give  them an assignment on this matter and food coming into the UK is checked by food standards anyway otherwise it will never be sold – their assignment was to do charity work in poorer countries since they enjoyed savaging my finances so much; it is the system that exists and can only be replaced by something else not a condition where things happen the way they like it i.e. they do charity work in poor countries and pick on and abuse court of female journalists who do charity work in poor Countries as well to find out what is going on especially with their popular culture fame and fortune industries and so on.  On the matter of Ebola they speak of Political issues that influenced their decision when in actual fact it is the same old deluded goons with a flawed sense of where their enemies are doing what they do best and it is likely they will point fingers at people that have no plans to get an education or be actively involved in political behaviour, however which if those people told them to fill in the purpose they fulfil while they do that we would have another civil rights issues for an entire era that they will claim is my problem. It is at such occasions I will be told my strongest point is an ability to thwart other peoples search for historic justice but of course the reality is that they are evil and do nothing but find ways of preserving that evil and making it sacred as imposed on everybody without them knowing it, while they use the lives of those that might have known because they are the real leaders as cloaks and veils pulled over people’s eyes to find their way around corridors of power and I don’t think I owe them a debt for my part – this isn’t half their problem half their problem is that if their search for justice and Politics and government does not run along this line then I might be able to ignore it or offer support, what happens in an otherwise condition is that they get a stage where they offend people and turn up at the law courts to revel in arguments that cannot bring about absolution while they keep the original provocation and the law finds a middle ground for both they and those they have attacked in some way and it is fundamental blasphemous for a Christian to operate in that way as well and the biggest threat to mentioning it is civil rights fraud.


I understand it is said the deal in my books are being justified but that is difficult to locate in any case as the Books are packaged equity and impossible to understand what deals people justify with it when they have not paid for a copy of their own – it is not a use it and get rich and then pay for it system, it is a case of live equity deployed in the process of providing Intellectual property security and administration for a venture which the creator has made with a garnish of lots of creative equities that will ensure both consumers and producers are able to stimulate each other without actually laying claims to his work all together otherwise the books will cease to exist as marketable items: this time wasting and financial damage will eventually have to be stopped anyway, I am just concerned with something else at present. I hear they say it is a prestige issue that I am published on the web but of course the last time I checked I was self published and they are suggesting I am meant to travel off the US to visit the company directly so that I might not use their website and lose face in the publishing industry which is none of their business. The other case they make is about my websites in which I have placed my company equities of which if evaluated the equities and securities and intellectual property administration tools that will be collected and made into comprehension and stored in a bank or somewhere in a safe house for me at some stage, it is worth at least 20 million pounds which does indicate they are not in any way better than I am but the point is that they are completely irrelevant especially for the Politicians in this matter and if I cannot be allowed to carry on with commitments at my Own royal Estate and my own job from which I raise funds and at my own Office, I will never let them carry on with their own as well and this time wasting and financial damage has got to stop, especially the sense that there is always one part or another of my work that I am sharing with other people such as themselves. In the end money is good and people ought to have an attitude towards earning their own, not build new Industry on my Empire and kill off my book sales to a zero level with their popular culture idiots seeking power then expect not to be disturbed when I change or move something which apart from contacting Publishers so that I don’t lose face is another issue to which the or else what question is attached in this matter. It’s nothing new, an old case of staying off the men on the right and the men on the left and they are still here without giving me a break as to why there is always sexual conquest between me and their girls and why my Court engages with Industry primarily around Leisure, Advertisement and Insurance. I will not be suffocated by them, it has already led to a complain involving a condition where I put equities out in public to extricate a condition where people cannot make use of what sticks to their minds because of course it was simple before then i.e. when people write books you buy books to get involved with them.