The link between religion and economics is said to be none existent but I have already been in the fight of my life to save what is a part of me from trouble makers who demand to use it for the purpose of talking to people in a sweetness that will ensure they are incapable of reaction.

The connection between morals and transaction is said to be a set of the most stupid contraptions human beings have ever come up with but nobody would put their millions after all that bragging and reckoning with other people's religion in banks they don’t trust.

How can you be rich they say, when all you really want to do is become a priest? it's not abusive to them at all and so when they are finished, they are supposed to be rich and successful but I have never seen a single item of economic importance or purpose exist outside the spheres of human relations.

you need power, you need to push people around you need to do something wicked for money before we stop destroying your finances but I have never seen anybody make millions by being rude to their customers, speaking of which rather than mean they have reached the pinnacle means I must defend myself.

The most interesting central characteristic of a tyrant is that they have nothing but wish to appear to have much, enough to share extravagantly in fact and this is always tempered with a sense of incredibly vicious application of fantasies about the things they would do with what they don’t have but they all think this is never clear to people as they require capable leadership because they think of nothing else but their Carnal.

So the central question of self protection, intellectual protection and or economic recovery lies at the heart of why we must follow tyrants even when we know they have nothing, even the soundness of thought to offer us any human relations that can facilitate economic success and of course what will happen when those that are not tyrants refuse to give what those who follow tyrants demand.


There is much debate about right and wrong and how nobody is to say what it really is but I have had the experience of leadership and know the difference between the leadership of an Adult and that of a younger person like myself: the fact that age is said to be the bench mark for the presumption of knowledge and experience does not mean older people do not make mistakes and the fact that older people do make mistakes does not indicate that their leadership is not distinct, thereby the reasons modernisation excuses us to claim there is no knowledge or right and wrong. In the end it is just a very harsh judgement and the economic effects of it always comes to play somewhere at the end when idiots and fantasists have all the money for which there wasn't much of it left in the first place, at least collective experience bear witness to this so there is no denying it.

So am I bothered about my morality and how it stifles my ability to make money which is an immoral thing?

of course not, I am perfectly settled on the fact that all that is left is the fact that when I create my products and put them put in the market somebody sets out to create publicity which gives them power over my product and what his problem is must be settled not a condition where some people are so irritating that they become a hate figure and fools therefore become rich. It does appear to me that they have learnt nothing from the economic crisis we have just suffered and that if people like me did not have enough modern technologies to speak up there would probably be a world war 3 by now, in which case I am imagining they would be beyond death.

Now I will be hard pressed if somebody told me that my morals will make me poor.

Whether or not by the way I was struggling for my freedom without a source of income in order for me to be acceptable by a group of people who fantasise what I do or own being available to all with me as leader in the centre of it. Being required to hand over the peace I build is of course always where the fantasises have become evil. So I will be hard pressed to share anything or allow anybody get away with anything they have gained from me through an uncontested source and means.

Well it is as serious as the fact I have a reputation to protect when it comes to people claiming they are the beneficiaries of all I do in my market because they don't want their consciences to prick them when they destroy things and as such cannot stop missing me because they do not wish to repent of their evils which is a condition they hope to get out of at my detriment by claiming my experiences which are the basis for my books are an experience that has happened to everybody which is a condition they shall create by being democratic bullies.

A completely aged story of course; my experiences have not happened to anybody or group of goons and fools who feel modernisation excuses wickedness and decadence with other peoples hard earned funds and market (while they consider themselves to be nice clean people who are very respectful of those who deserve respect) in anyway.

Update 27/10/2014 City Centres Industrial Ethics and Morality


Now we hear the Politicians speak of hundreds of people working for low and underpaid wages line by the media and it will never make any sense since it is they and their Politicians that changed what we had before i.e. a country where you were paid by the Hour and technically those who were paid by the Hour could always make more money than those who had a set salary with only the cost to their health and well being on the basis of the hours they put in to worry about; these spin doctor government idiots on media were instrumental to changing that, the rest were also there at the Parliament voting for the Policies of the Labour Government which changed it over a decade so what I find so annoying is their need to get on media and poke a conversation and debate about it alongside some fake violence that will increasingly get real if they wanted with a big mouth. I mean even the fact that this state of affairs in the jobs market meant most civil service jobs went to women with their child care and maternity and all that stuff is being used for power and domination these days and when I speak of that being the case due to an environment where you can ask your friends to cover for you while you pick up your kids at school in two Hours they speak of discrimination in order to exasperate me when it is clear nobody would be terribly happy with having to work with a former banker who has the same qualifications as a mother of two on the administration of child benefit for instance and so the former banker will hardly get the job due to his lack of vocation. I don’t think this matter was a problem or has ever been one it’s just a case of what Politicians change and therefore can change back and as for me it’s a matter of the fact I am an Arch Prince and when I feel 3 in 10 religious people complain about their stuff being taken up and done, it is a crisis as this is where the buck stops and now as a result of my actions they can get off and tell them again about that their stuff they show off which others are about to take up and do as it were – this is not what we are talking about, we are talking about things they change and how they can change it back or offer something else not poke violent debates that create fake violence that becomes more real as time goes on with stupid spin doctor governments that do most of their work on media, when it is clear that start and end of week days always begins and ends with a condition where I get out of bed to check the media and the local communities and the civil service and everything that moves to ensure nobody messes up or damages things I own that help me find a job and keep it or bargain with an employer successfully. Thus of which there is hardly time for such things considering more so that they are the ones who have a job of getting it done. 

I hear my activities are very frustrating for the Politicians but so does the insults and fake violence which mean black women can ruffle my penis and anus as well, it gives them power and this is my way of getting mine as well and it does nothing to change their need to be the self harming Political bastards they are too. I mean if the Prime Minister makes use of your work as a student, you have inadvertently made a contribution of National importance, unless you are left a plaything for civil service idiots with a need for self advancement and still cannot work out why as well and then until the obsession with using your work ensues so you can understand what power means with a big mouth. It was always going to be the outcome that when a spin doctor government sends its media idiots to talk nonsense people about those things they show off that others will take up and do, the result will be that these kinds of things are possible and it brings us back to the realities about the self resolving nature of Political power which means that you do not want to offend the Politicians lest they make you a plaything for the immoral side of democracy but we can see what this level of intrusion and distraction and subsequent abuse of having your work used and finances damaged by the shameless prime minister who then makes you a plaything for the immoral side of democracy claiming it is power; I am not here to help them out with what I can hurt them with which I then refuse to deploy to my aid as well, they are a bunch of self harming idiots who need to understand the true cost of their activities so they can better appreciate it as amusing – I mean we are looking at realities like a theatre and some small business part behind it which makes the costumes and the story of conversation I need to make about the fact black people know they are harming me by their insulting activities which makes no sense whatsoever and Political women all over it and their activities having something to do with privileges for big businesses and more often than not the powers of the US President as well and so on but of course we are all aware peoples insults can get to a stage as it were and this is just one of those. And for the US President it has always been a simple matter of how he does not think the British have any right to be proud of anything and certainly not their Arch Prince as well, so he is always after my books, after my finances and his insulting women after my personal life and intimate dignity making excuse noises such as not being a religious but a Political person and the case of my anus and my tummy and my penis and so on and those kinds of nonsense we hear them talk about that are such a good use of peoples time – so I have twisted him up and his stupid white house career as well and his people are really proud of him too at this stage, not least as he is going to explode next and it will be news that he has. The price for having it such that people around the Literary empire and its intellectual space emporium and systems are energetic and happy around their concerns is Mr Obama’s dignity as well especially that of office, so the outcome of these things are not news to me,  I mean they do speak of how much of a problem they are for me last time I checked but everybody knows I am just a bit off completely destroying those stupid business communities that stand between my empire and its earnings and the Systems of global intellectual space and infrastructure all over Europe and the rest of the world and with regards to it because it is cheap quick easy media money to work the vandalism that they do, we are now waiting for the final provocation somewhere around my tummy and my anus and my penis as well and then I can be propelled by hysteria and they can be proud of Obama too with a big mouth. It’s a would you could you question of what you find out about somebody whose government office income can be affected by your insults, so yes they do assume they have seen the worst of me yet with that big mouth as it were – same old stuff spying on me while I play video games which is followed by noise making about how I have stolen things they should have done if they were allowed to grow because when they made those video games the issue is that they assumed they were the best. The case of Armed Forces people not feeling the UK is home as it should be, its largely a matter of how this plays out in that I have made things really, really, really fuzzy because of terrorism and African idiots and American fools doing all sorts all over the place, so this creates energy but I do think about it too i.e. remember the days when Brook Street was popular and how it would never fit into today’s setting.

They do say I am speaking out of abject fear but I wouldn’t know since the reality is that of a matter of doing something about things I do not have the time for such as a gun in their hands and one in mind with them talking nonsense about being tough Americans, so the outcome is that if I see that stupid culture or society or media and or entertainment I will cut it to bits again. I mean it’s a matter of the fact when you engage in such activity and on account it costs human lives too you have to be clear about the reasons but in their case they cannot tell anybody what the exact reasons for attacking me all the time really is and for that reason there is this sense that if they do there must be people who throw their lives away on account of me to build up those reasons for them and it is that second or perhaps third phase of their expression of power and need to assert their will on and dominate me because there is financial incentive associated with doing so, that I will decimate as soon as it begins but of course when you talk about it and do nothing it exposes your allies to the enemies of the US and this is a responsibility that you must take and why they enjoy their insults so much. So it has come to a point of counting the bits i.e. for example India is okay and doing well except there are a group of idiots with a need to stand up somewhere around British domestic and foreign Policy to talk rubbish about the population of India and what it should mean to the entire world and the same is repeated of that nature in Africa and so when we link the dots we find Political women around our cultural systems doing damage to get rich, stupid men with small businesses that serve as tools with which to provide large companies with needed servitude doing their best and their God somewhere in the white house that cannot keep off the Book sales and income of an Arch Prince making noise about being a Political person until it become something a lot more serious than that. It has never been a problem for me, I mean it’s like when the UK ones speak of their ability to harm me because I have continued to mess about with this issue until they involved their stupidities and block head nonsense around all my affairs to cause damage and place me on benefits for five years so far which does not change the fact they can turn up and harm if they want and try not to stay off my books too so find out what will happen with that, but for the American ones it’s a matter of insults and the tit for tart of the payment for it and noise making about how I insult he US President myself and so on to cover their tracks and feel that I am a given human being with a big mouth which is the same behaviour he gets out of his office to exhibit towards my books and pretend he is calm and in control while I am not – whereas the last time I checked it was my inability to tolerate them from Africa and from the US that held the biggest sway. So we do hear they say I say these things but that the US President has been helping me which is utter rubbish since it’s all about the latest from a black goon who thinks he is God’s gift to the world from the west doing his bit about pulpit leadership, money and general behaviour to be an upstanding person and I simply cannot work out why they cannot see I am beyond their league for my part either and why they cannot see the damage their involvement with my books cause. So that in the end we hear them say I speak of these cultural systems they damage but in the end they are the ones spending money on it, the reality of which is first that each time they hear I have been involved with any issues anywhere in the world they will do nothing but spread news on media violent and abusive about their heritage in those areas of the world and move in to wreck everything I do talking rubbish all over the place about their God somewhere in the White House but above all is the reality of what their problem seems to be with what people do at the Royal Estate to provide them these entertainment they enjoy so much and why they cannot be satisfied with what they have paid for and this is where the problem will be settled around the next time I see them around my books seeking privileges and prerogatives for big businesses as well.

They do say out of the effect where these abuses tend to mean they exist in a place where they can easily locate people and damage finances with their involvement and after that help idiots to finances and make them leaders through Politics means that I exist somewhere in a corner where I always wait for things to happen to me which will benefit others with a big mouth and of course the consequences as I mentioned before is that I cannot stand the Americans and the Africans and feel that they pass the insults they do at me so the British Political idiots can find a way to and means of telling me that they have the capacity to harm me, that nothing I say has an effect on the Political peoples of the world and it will never make sense to me as my aim is never to have an effect on them because it is filially destructive and irresponsible, the reason I never do Politics or share any good word with them and their Politics and freedom and the evil that operates with it but of course the real issue is found within the reality that it is largely a matter of the fact that if you agree to this and give it another 1 hour to cool, the outcome will be that their celebrities will be yet again chasing the fame and possessions of those who hear things all the time – those who are so nice and so obedient that everything others do has a meaning and everything they see has ulterior importance or purposes and even meanings as well and so on and this is why this kinds of insults always more likely than not end in a process where I get hold of them and damage them yet again and this is where they are stuck of course as it were, where they are going nowhere from me especially for the insulting idiots at the local communities that help them with a sense of disillusionment I am supposed to have around my actions and possessions with very intense and personally intrusive insults.

They do claim I am facing an uphill struggle and that it is an issue all together but there is no such thing – it’s more like the old question of me and celebrities being a matter of respect i.e. she is a slave for example but she does sell 5 pound music CDs in 50 countries and owns very large mansions in 20 that she lives in when she is doing tours in the area and so the question of whether celebrities don’t get punished by me when they go wrong and that is always largely a matter of how it is said I spend time with ugly people and take it out on others at the end. They are drawn to me on matters of looking after their families most of the time and the ecosystem around the office in which they occupy is entirely separate from everything else unless the media decides people should think otherwise and then people will think that is not the case, generally of which I don’t have badly behaved celebrities around my concerns anyway, the only unusual way they behave is concerned with a sense they have that they can do what I do as well and so that I always allow to run its course. It does not mean I have a problem with people, it’s just their insults and the reality that those whose contributions to your life you feel you will fight to have even if it means fighting them are not your great servants, although I understand this is behaviour put forward by people whose strengths are an ability to manipulate others and extract an income from their purse, hence they need to be able to manipulate you when they have a need and they are not something the Church will get along with here either, which I am not of the opinion will help the matter either because it is clear when they have a need it is paramount, so consequences that matter to circumstances must be the way to handle it, I mean even consequences for the sake of it is not enough for their civil and criminal disobedience it should be noted: so when it gets serious its usually a case of the contributions I must make to their lives being a life or death issue while I am their great servant at the same time who know so much he does not need to be prompted to do their will and act in ways that make them feel comfortable – the reality about Political characters that are never nice people and are always ruthless and evil and selfish and greedy and self centred but above all really don’t know they are incredibly stupid until it gets to a point where we can all see what the pit falls of Political characters are when somebody else is Royalty and they are not and it affects their self esteem and there is need for exhibitionism and even change of person to cope and so on – so that when it comes to it, to achieve these things in my direction it must be operable by financial dominance with the help of their god in the White House. This is usually the spot where they say all is to be done around my life and theirs through violence because that is where they have the edge over me which is where we are certainly having these conversations as well as it were. It has never been a complicated matter for the most part it’s like those questions we hear them ask about whether I think the US has not got enough money which has nothing to do with anything as such, except the fact that every small and medium size business that is not a friend of Obama must be decimated all over the world including the US itself because they are Political people and as I have mentioned before what I have not destroyed about those business communities of theirs and that stupid media with which they turn out to wreck my finances and seek prerogatives for big industries that will later benefit them is now awaiting what will be described as the final provocation on this matter, so they can turn up here for it all the time again and again and again and nobody knew or knows how they did or are doing that recession and financial problems bit and therefore everybody thinks nobody should be punished for it as well. As for the story of problems I create by mentioning it, that is mostly to do with media bosses who are convinced that they are supposed to protect their lazy third world fools who sit on their sofas and watch BBC all day long at my expense and do so by destroying everything as well and it will end very well too, since it does seem when I tell them off my book sales I am in their view bluffing as it were, so I say what I say so these their idiots they look after who watch BBC or even SKY all over the world might know more: having been they want some of mine and will get it too; measured with the sense that journalists have no spouse and that they can control the lives of journalists and control mine too with a big mouth only.

Of course it’s never been a crisis; I have already told them I am aware of warnings they have issued to small and medium sized businesses and their communities over the destruction wrought on their world so far because it is not hurting badly enough as it were, especially so for the ones in Europe and the East which are allied to and drawn to my Company and have created a place for themselves at the Intellectual Space emporium in one way of Industry means or the other of Popularity means, so I had to tell them where their position is and how the big industries understand if they mess with mine I will handle their equities for it, while they have sensed a fight that they cannot win but will be financially worth it, so they need to know they will get no quarters from here as it were. So some do say I have made use of a world they created only to treat them in that way at the end; I wouldn’t know for my part anyway, the reality is that it has never been done before the pillaging of a person’s personality to a point where the aptitudes connected with personal and family life are done and the blue prints of a company that exists in their heads have been pillaged as well, so it is hard to actually work out which one is their own they are talking about in the first place anyway. From what we know they are here to secure the servitude that large businesses need from the smaller ones and it is entirely voluntary more over of which in the end they will still be the heroes of the economic recovery for the incentive that comes with that with a big mouth. What I don’t like the most about them is that they take advantage of other peoples possessions if they envy it to breed tyranny saving up money of their own and perpetually seen having conversations with others sweet as possible concerning the proportion that is befitting for peoples size and it is this sense you exist somewhere to be handled by them like an item and have nothing to do with your time that really creates that sense you might physically touch them for it too – there is nothing about hating people concerned with it. I hear they speak of UK/US relations being damaged by me of course which is utter nonsense since it’s a matter of the same old story of Political power being a self resolving issue i.e. Politicians speak of how you must not mess with them lest those who speak of immoral democracy make a plaything out of you for the rest of your life because your finances had been damaged by Politicians but of course women want security with that and make accusations are priests with it that they comply and act with like they can give to the frugal, so that when the immoral democracy people start trouble and they start to speak of how we must again live in a world where you do to others as you would have done to you, then 12 years of hunting with spin and total decimation of your finances and academic work in order to extricate such things for these stupid women and community croons because self improvements there are to get from your personal life becomes the main question and with those insults following you soon find yourself telling them to get lost on the outcome of weighing the benefit of doubt. So that in the US it is even stronger than here in the UK where the Church is part of government – for me it has come to a point where I walk around a port and see containers that are no longer used in the immediate and when I ask which businesses used them, they will all be businesses that were warned by these idiots about the decimation of their world which will not be forgiven – warned by the idiots with small businesses that are not making any progress so they can wreck people’s lives and secure large companies the servitude they want, warned by stupid women talking revolution, warned by stupid women at Politics, warned by popular culture and media idiots and so when I count which were operating around my emporium and Intellectual space and it is quite a bit and I issue my own warnings as well we have this kinds of conversations. What they do not recognise and what I have stolen from them is largely a function of insults designed to create doubts and as for black people especially the Politicians the fact they are harming me with their activities and they know it as well as I do is no longer good enough an argument that prevents a condition where we do not get to talk about their existence, so issuing my own attacks will soon start to occur as well. They do say this case with black people is an example of how I hurt people that care about me but in 2001 the thing with black people was concerned with whether or not masturbation on my part had created me joblessness on their part, in 2014 they had not institutionalised their equality and Political power and it has now moved onto hurting people that like and help me and its all that violent games that they have kept their own finances safe from and until it results in job losses for them as a function of the playfulness it will never stop.

We do hear them say it is a battle between good and evil but media attacking me and pillaging my personality to a point where aptitudes of personal and family life just provoke me and a company that exists in my head belongs to them was never what it was bearing in mind I could not go from being filled with the Holy Spirit to being possessed with a demon so that they might be powerful even when the Politicians had deployed the might of the state on it. They say they serve the devil and know that my relationship with God does not actually give me the kind of authority I wield but of course I hear what they say alright but I am still the one that enjoys most of the proceeds of the benefits of what the devil does anyway and not them and they always say that is not true but I have no idea if it is a contest anyway and on whose finances they were supposed to have it but I do know they need to keep their stupid hands to themselves. The problem is realities such as Mr Obama gets elected and will do nothing unless it is done on the pretext of the dignity of black people based on some need do things to the public that is fundamentally violent along the lines of the assumption they will get used to it and besides which there are people that will make them feel good about themselves on their way to doing so who need to be sacrificed for it and it is the same issue with the Eastern Part of the world where you might declare your venture to the Government so that they are not in the dark about your activities but it still means the leaders cannot do leadership and let people be people – so this is the problem and the question is what these idiots suppose they can do on that stupid media anyway – I hear they say it’s a matter of their need for power and need to control both moral and immoral sides in order to feel they have that power but it is still the question, the one about the fact they have problems and need to off load it somewhere inferior which exists side by side with how they cannot stay off the finances of a Royal Prince so they can hear him say something to somebody else which hearing changed their lives and cause them to seek revenge for it and the question still stands i.e. what is it exactly they suppose they can do on that stupid media? I understand the case of the story of dissatisfactory service happening between allies concerning my part in UK/US relations but there isn’t any going on – I mean the promise of capitalism is that wealth gets round but do people see themselves in the US as individuals that get out of bed to find activity linked to paid employment which is supposed to allow them locate people and ensure that large corporations and industries can get the demanded servitude from them? I don’t think so but this is something these women do as a basic nature and form of existence and cannot leave religious people and priests alone for it as well; I mean you do not have to work for the big businesses with your own then do you? So that when it happens because it is voluntary, you wonder who the hell they think they are anyway. It’s the same case around why school shootings happens in the US, I mean around it I have done the things I have done so people can tell the difference i.e. they turn up and take up young people’s own and do it for them to show that they can which of course is fundamental villainy, then move into people’s lives and make it their history and it cannot stop nor will they go away unless the result is that they shoot dead a student or get cowards like me to agree to petitioning for anti-gun laws in the US and its much the same with some things I am said to utter which Royals don’t but I don’t believe in doing anything by half measures, it is fundamentally dangerous. I mean it is not as if I do not know how my finances are damaged i.e. journalists on the left preferably female and black, while there are deviant Royals from Europe on the right with Political connections made up of idiots with a need for media appearance and explaining themselves away with popular music in order to ensure they get away with every single stupid and evil thing they are planning to do, so that having had everything around my ability to be a person by having feelings pruned so they can do whatever they like with my possessions and my books as it were, it has come down to that case of reaching a point where I decide if people will do things with or to my possessions I have expressly told them not to, then stand at another end to mock me with their own made up versions of how I have done the same to secure a violent response or not – I have not gotten to that point yet but am pretty close.