Now with respect to which economic ideas or ideals are the best, here in the UK people love to speculate that the Labour party had the best ideas for the economy. I should mention that this is not actually true, although it should also be cleared up that I am perfectly aware that the coalition has not once taken a single decision at the right time in which it should be made.

Now my view of these matters had always remained that of the incompetence of Politicians that we continually have to put up with i.e. whilst I agree that that Labour party has done a lot of damage to the economy deliberately aka this is not a global crisis in a globe that the UK exists in, this is a crisis in the UK in a globe that is already in crisis, created by the Labour party when they were in government, it is also true that the coalition government did not need to stress that fact by doing their own damage to the economy, they only needed to be Politically sturdy enough to hold their own position. I for my part of course would have mentioned it before now but it is also important to see that things happen in the Political arena by debates, which takes time, however that does not detract from the fact the failures are incompetence anyway.

Its like the old issue where I have to remind people what we say and do does not get to change who we are or what other people are.

For the rest of the people and the way they play out their own failures, a typical example is when it is suggested I say and do things which try to change what people are; this is actually a perception that people like to bandy around all the time, it is not actually true. What it true however is that people love to play around with my work e.g. somebody may know that there will be little reprisals because he is an upstanding citizen, if he destroys a company and pockets the billions while others are jobless and homeless as a result but what do others feel is the reason he does not do it, the fact we have ideals in society or the fact that there is another side of the market which provides balance of thought; in the sense that I for example may know everything he knows and write books for a living while he may be a big company CEO, it is such a fact that really prevents him from keeping £10 billion to himself by shutting down a company, which may get him into prison for a period of time and accumulate interest over the years but as a result of which will be worth absolutely nothing in the real world, not even the fact that he will end up in prison and the government will size his money is enough to deal with this issue is the other fact that never gets taken seriously by socialist idiots for apparent reasons.

So it really baffles me when people spend so much of their time seeing books written by a royal Prince as something they wish to make use of without payment or purchase; it leads to those kinds of questions I feel in the air and measure with growing disaffection expressed in peoples activities that I then begin to chase around everywhere so they can pass about insults in my direction on claims I am serving them which always makes no sense no matter how uninterested in laughing at their stupidities I may be but it still never gets to change the resulting facts that emerge when the good guys begin to attack them over what is going on downstairs in society and the bad guys begin to wonder who on earth they support they play their naught games with exactly, no matter how hard I may work at it. It becomes even more amazing when the purpose they do these things as confirmed by them, is to create protest and the need for it.

There is no such thing really as social democratic (nonsense) to my actions, it is a matter of the hidden aspects of capitalism i.e. for every single big business owner out there, there has been years and years of slavish work over really, really difficult work to make it happen but you cannot carry the work around with you because it is madness. Now when I say such things it gets to express so much about my real person and draws a line between capitalism and socialism but sometimes it needs to be said. In the end it seems that socialists understand why they go around gathering lots of degrees and qualifications to themselves after messing up peoples lives with plans to dominate them for it and then tend to carry those qualifications around with them everywhere they go; it is mind blowing for everybody else of course, unless you are aware that it is what socialism is really about: your entire life is all about work.

I had made myself clear over the matter on other occasions; I had made it clear they need to run their affairs without wrecking my book sales and we are not talking about copyrighting some aspects of their lives in my name because they like to interfere with my fame or confiscate it so that when I had finished working on the books I have more work to do over the reputation and then they can go after the books and once finished with reputation do the books again and make their day. We are talking this time about running their affairs without wrecking my books sales and referring specifically to those things they do which they think is really funny and gets to do things to me which see that my Hay fever is worse than that of most people, about which when I mention they wish to go into extensive conversations about a black man that talks about witchcraft in the UK. I am referring to the part about channelling their stupid hate in my direction, for which I have never given permission nor have I for their sadism and narcissism as well and that is before it progresses to becoming a means of informing me whenever they have taken class A drugs on that stupid media.

They will need to stop it, full stop one way or another and I do suppose running their affairs without wrecking my books sales or thinking thereof that when I mention it, public statements, provocations and stirrups, with stupid media and more so around my intellectual property is acceptable and we are not talking about notions raised that I think that once I say a thing people are supposed to act in that way; that has more to do with the fact they believe absolutely everybody thinks that what they say about human rights is based on facts. When they get involved with people the products come to roost i.e. an inability to do academic work even when you have been unemployed for years and not months, an inability to get a job or keep one that you have gotten and so on, before long they expect you to put up with the violence as well and you are simply human.

Its as though they are retarded, brain damaged at the point where their minds should think with intelligence and consideration for people and like to believe they care a lot about others, having stupid opinions about people all the time that is most of the time violent and concerning. So in this case it sounds like some violent thinking on my part that when I say something people are supposed to act in that way and they need to understand not everybody thinks what they say about human rights is based on fact. I think I have made myself clear for my part; they need to run their affairs without wrecking my book sales (Some even get up on National Television to create problems for me which of course is their media power, claiming they want to get along with what I have done as I had openly invited people to but met with some resistance which set them up for my problems and created a condition where they had less than they already had in the first place; but I sell packaged Equities here of course and this is what people get involved to buy; you need a consultation with a Legal practitioner which you pay for by the minute to get an affidavit for an item which will cost at least £15 each but what I sell here is 290 pages at least not less, more, of packaged equity, which people get an affidavit for at purchase at a prince including Pand P of £25 to £35 for Paper back and £30 to £45 for Hard back - why has it just become so complicated because they are criminals and know a thing or two about facts in the law profession among other things. This is what I mean an end to playing with them and warnings over how they need to run their stupid affairs without wrecking my booksales). 

Its all very well for the mode of my reputation to be based on prognosis of things I do not have the right to do, which if an eye is not kept on my activities, I will get off and do but considering matters such as the UK being said to have recovered from an economic crisis as a result of the world wars, about which if there needs be recovery something similar is required; it is not as much a matter of the fact that the cold war was a function of the Soviets seeking to dominate the US because it was the bigger country while the US was trying to become super power, as it is the fact that Media is full of socialist idiots that media bosses deploy to bully people. Now we must supply facts by which they escape from it, as though such nonsense will not offend God because of the nature of treachery against all that is good and acceptable on this earth thereof and we have not even begun talking about the issues associated with damaging my book sales by running their own affairs in such manner, which is concerned with purchasing products to deploy equities from them instead of consuming them, looking for trouble and then telling me its my fault as well. Like the old issue of how I distract them from their insolent work of being leaders when they actually feel they are animals and like to hee at me about which they are predators and its all about domination and the violence happens all the time and they never use their ears when I tell or warn them not to dominate me - which tends to indicate they are unaware they are violent and not necessarily expected by me to be stupid as well.


Now they say I completely miss the point of what happened in Colorado USA on the 19/7/2012 and claim that the reason to be that I am looking after corporate interests and therefore will never mention what really matters but I do not understand how it will serve their purpose if I were to tell them they got hurt because, people spent so much time, money, equities and securities in huge amounts to make them a film they can watch at the cinemas but they wanted the events in it to be real; it was not enough, nothing is ever enough. I still stand by what I feel about it i.e. I don’t see the irresponsible adults dying enough yet.

I see some of their politicians have come up with stories these days about how we should not hang bankers for the crisis but in actual fact I should mention my part when I say we should not pursue bankers on this issue, my part had more to do with the fact most bankers are actually simple nice bank workers and nothing more. It is the main guys and the investment banking goons; pre-crisis their state of affairs was that they saw financial power shifting to communism after their games with their Asian market idiots and powers to bully people into disillusionment and so they informed no body and took on the communists by their casino banking apparatus and this was when they were being nice, after the crisis things got worse in the relationship. So first of all we worked for money and handed it to them and it ended up with the communists, so we now have to borrow from the communists to start all over again and that is not all because they have in the UK for example now decided they do not wish to lend bank of England funds at market rate because they are international businesses and can lend it at business rate because when the banks are more productive public feelings about them will not be so bad, so they do not lend quantitative easing in the local market or local economy because it is better to lend it somewhere else. If you say such things in public the results can be worse than you expect but I should mention that people do feel like killing them seriously because if they are not doing all of the above then they are taking millions of pounds in personal bonuses and love to lend money to small businesses that need the custom of bad parenting claiming it is capitalism, which has always been the problem in that they want the capitalism but do not want the rules so they play the communism as well.

Its like the punishments I dole out when the ladies prang things, most of it are a function of the fact these guys expect them like those community croons expect those they have fingered on public Television to be targets to use their beauty to create popularity that others control to be rich and famous and so giving it to him, sex or otherwise just because he stands behind a camera while you work on Television is unacceptable; my book sales depend on your not doing so (I already have to recover the so called beauties from the problem creators at the communities and these women are famous people should not be obliging them such rubbish to extricate fame and fortune and popular culture and music industry with). I have no more to spend on it and we will now get to the bottom of the banking issue, especially the inability to get money from china thing. I should make it clear I have not run out of means because I had to spend in the first place; issue was that I was not yet ready and the other was that I need to keep things up until I was. Hence now I am and I have run out of means of spending on it which is as I planned it as well – so I welcome those that wish to add some luck to me too.