It seems we have now come to a stage where people want to discuss the matter of how I cannot stop using people wives properly; I for my part wouldn’t know anyway, there are features in the matter such as the fact they think they are so modern and I am so archaic the only thing I want to do with my time is wish for a smile and a look from them and it becomes so serious I am dodging homelessness in order to tolerate it and cannot believe I have over the last 14 years and yet when I actually take steps to tell them not to do it, only then does it become a main preoccupation as a community of people all together and they really, really love to get involved with and damage my Court which is why I have not been able to write a Journal for my Books in over a decade, makes a wonder who they think they are anyway but I don’t think it is a serious matter all together; the reality they are facing is that each time it happens and especially so because they are taking up my time for their sex and romance nonsense, we will find me respond to a process of being labelled an alternative that insolently by keeping them permanently like animals as well. They do speak of Popular culture Celebrities that will come and get me which is an old story but the last time I checked I wasn’t the person complaining about handling other peoples wives, so we shall see how that turns out too; the story is a familiar one of handling peoples income with a sense that if they kept it to better themselves with the risk is that the owner can claw some back, so they destroy it all the time and squander what they can on their needs in order to move on to another victim. They do claim I expose myself to family bullies when I do so which is utter nonsense as that has to do with men who want to be free because I am single while they squander my finances to keep me so and chase my anus for homosexuality all the time along with their families; I do not think it is a serious matter, it’s a case of being bullied and bullying them back as well for it and they speak of the reason it happens when there is only one of those i.e. they want to feel as though they can do whatever they like, want to feel as though they are so great and important, feel as though making me angry and naked and ashamed is the hall mark of how important they are and a sign they can do whatever they like and I like to show them who is Royalty of the two and therefore can do whatever he likes and this is usually the point where Politicians nosy in.

I don’t think the matter is a major crisis, it’s just reality that I consider the whole abuse from these people; the men and my private parts, women and my money, their stupid children over my public life as things I take into account when I look after myself – so it’s like when I am all done up and want to look after myself I know where to go. However there are serious matters around it like the fact I have always had a personality that people want to deploy for media and entertainment and merchandising and they have never ever listened to anything anybody says to them about feelings, more so if they can tell me it’s a matter of equality and a Royal history of mine that was actually their own all together. The blacks on the other hand especially the women hate my guts over the results that came from the tale of how the world does not do well with Christians and all their bullying amounted to parents stirring me in the right direction of leaving alone morals and going off to enjoy life while they steal it to do Politics an treachery, so the next reason to hate my guts will be the one they get to leave me alone and in their case unlike the men who are about perspectives on the left because they will not clear my space unless I make them, theirs is largely about people they have sex with and whether those look like me in the first place which is something I cannot believe has ripped up my finances for a decade and a half so far. I mean it’s not an unusual matter – they do like to make out they are supposed to behave the way they do because I write a certain kind of Books and therefore have a certain people I need to control to look after my market and they have decided they want to turn up and make trouble to make themselves into the people I need to control as well having their usual stupid fun, they say the reason is that there is something I am meant to do to serve Americans; so I worry about playing bully of Media role but  doing things everyday which affect my Book sales as a state of affairs has been toned down for the first time today 21/12/2015 but its only toned down and not stopped, which is not good enough.  I do understand when people are concerned my activities amount to an insanity but we have to see the root cause of these destruction by these people to be that I have prevented them from using my personality to do entertainment and merchandising - so they are beating and whipping me all the way to financial success in revenge, which if allowed to proceed as planned will end with an expression that will suggest I robbed them of their rights by doing so and runs along the tune of doing my stuff pointlessly when the outcome was always predictable all along and it is a problem that somebody needs to gut them for as well.


They do like to make out I think I can conquer anything but I have no idea why that is ever such a pleasurable conversation when what really happens are those things they do to take me from somebody who protects himself from foolish men that want to drive him into violence and gangs so as to see him use his intellect to beat people up and make them feel like women, to somebody involved with a titanic battle as to whether or not he has a right to a job and to have an income selling his Books. The reality as it stands being that the idiots are fighting for their lives as we speak having travelled off to Africa to find trouble makers there which they can add to the racists they knew at school and turn up in public places to attack my finances all the time talking nonsense about what a member of my race did to them, seeking to become the idiots politicians send out to enforce work and keep people off benefits and cannot feel as though I have the right to have what I have eaten stay in my tummy where it has ended up, having bought it with their own fucking money as it were in the place thereof, which is why they drive around insulting cars in this Country feeling as though others need to feel naked and ashamed all of the time. The part that really annoys me being the reality that I returned to the UK from Africa in 2001 and what I noticed at the time was that they really enjoyed getting into government Office to seek self improvements from other peoples personal lives especially those who cleaned it up with religion by which they corrupted peoples children and pushed them into crime and then rehabilitated them and chose friends for them from the criminals they know in their stupid Politics and so the way it applies to me therefore being that they will work on me for 14 years and counting because it has not been successful on account they have vanities and feel as though they always get what they want but above all is the fact the reason they like to target me all the time is that I am a Christian and unlikely to hurt them back as well. So that they tend to speak of the other part of what I have done to show disrespect for Politicians as well; meaning that I now need to set out the clarity around the matter i.e. whether they blow off that their big mouth on a regular basis of how indeed they want to beat up a boy that messes with aesthetics of professions he knows nothing about because it is a big mouth that they really can back up as it were – since it is not clear if the part of equation concerning the respectful Christian that people are sure isn’t going to hurt them being treated worse than they do their stupid children at home thereof is removed, what the purpose of such activity being pleasurable was meant to achieve; the bloody idiots are fighting for their lives now as we speak, talking nonsense about how these things are the powers of the state and how it controls wrong doers, of which nobody knows what makes you a wrong doer if you return from Africa and get yourself a job in just three weeks of arrival – so that the reality here is that, I gave up that job after six weeks, since I got it in the second week of July, on arrival from Africa on the 1st of June of 2001 because matters got complicated around the work place for me and got another one by April of the following year but it has become the centre ground for popular culture idiots having found a personality they want to deploy for entertainment and merchandising supported by Politicians of which my employer can only therefore keep me so long and I was redundant after 2 years at the job – returned to study a year later and they got into a frenzy from there and brought their celebrities to my University and so on to play their games – dropped out in four years and have not found a job since, while they have gotten used to sending out idiots they travel out with to meet trouble makers from Africa and bring them to the UK to add to the racists they knew at school and throw blame nonsense at me – which goes without saying if I see the stupid culture again as well as the society I will sell it up again to find out what it is in the world they can do about it as it were but they can continue to appoint themselves people to enforce work on me to keep me out of benefits until they wind my own up and find out what I can do as well. The process has never changed i.e. wreck my finances like these, whereby I become more concerned about idiots and their bad decisions ending up in government buildings to take up my time about settling reality that informs them of a bad idea of getting into a fight with me that they hope to get out of in the most cowardly way imaginable such as shooting or stabbing me etc instead of my studies, so they can deploy my public life to do popular culture firs t before they think academic work is important considering that twisted evil popularity background with all its spiritual corruptions which they have in the first place –all so that Politicians can go off and shed compunction from their lives and turn up to heap violent and painfully personal space blocking encumbering on me that will offer them self improvement and personal glory and get off to talk nonsense at me about how I feel I can conquer anything – which explains why the involvement of the Church is politics is always according to them the evil of the world all together, having had it all planned out as it were; thus have I conquered everything and wish to find out when I put this piece up what it is they are going to do about it too. I mean we do hear them speak of the part where I do not mention my problems and I suppose that refers to foolish men wrecking my property with their help in order to exasperate me and find it amusing concerning the things I achieve for myself which they never did for themselves that encourage them to attack me with homosexuality based violence and complain all the time knowing that it will lead to a result they will want the Politicians to listen to every single time it dares to occur in the first place; it makes sense when their own problem gets highlighted as it were, conquering everything – the bloody clowns. It’s not a matter about which we can find ourselves going round and round in circles; they have always been fond of playing up the bubble between them and the prison service that allows them strip themselves of morals to work a perversion that spends the good feelings of introverts and leaves them mentally disturbed at the end so they can extricate self improvements that also bring about wealth from the process; it’s just that they have met somebody they cannot break who will cut up their clubbing and popular culture lifestyles if it turns up in the face any time they want as it were and we are not talking that stupid false confidence they build up on their stupid media that allows them open me up an dump their problems, we are talking about dump and back up condition here if I see it anywhere around my concerns as it were, not hurting badly enough; there has to be a part of saying I am a Christian which they understand and there has to be a part of saying these things are distracting for a Christian especially during academic work and when he is trying to work, which they understand. I am better at that game they play than they are and it is the reason I am happy with them to build up their self improvements from me like I were their fucking mate, however I am keeping their twisted evil history and it will turn up in front of politicians on a regular basis to show I am not being discriminative at some of the actions that I take against them since nobody really knows what their problem with my Book sales income really is in the first place all together anyway. So I have conquered everything and the one thing left which I have not is the profitability of violence and especially the American ones, they can turn up to prove it if they have the fucking guts when they feel like it – otherwise I am hard pressed seeing which part of it they find amusing like they show all the time and why they love to do it so much and so often everyday; they can shut their mouths and carry on like everybody body else, acknowledge there are things in this world that are great and lofty which they will never ever have because they are not good people period. We do hears them say it’s about how I spend other people’s lives and I do not spend other people’s lives in anyway; what happens is that they are unable to see that people employ them and leave Intellectual property administration for me to do, they think we are equals but above all they are more than I a m- so that when I work for them the big idea is to get into my imagination and keep their fingers millimetres off my anus at all times and it’s all very well until they show up on media to make capital out of it and then there is a problem and a feeling I have that I am going to cut it off one day. They do say when I speak in such intense anger I stir their psychopath thing but so do they know I like psychopaths when they are poor only as well i.e. it is the way that you make sense of your Christianity, the only way people believe with evidence to show, that when you say they are evil, a condition must have existed where you have lived to the full and so have they and everybody can see that to be true; no country can make any progress in a way that means it loses 40% of its talents and resources to these idiots, so that these heightened sense of nonsense they thrive on might exist; we have an arrangement between me and them here whereby every aspect of my Royal work benefits the Middle classes the most and it is the middle classes that are cynical about it while they make use of it at the same time the most; so they need me to redo it over every single thing I do to sell my Books and regularly damage my finances and go off to corner me at the markets for that purpose, I need to ensure they are creating these problems for themselves while I am doing no such thing as well; so I would really have loved it if the goons that enjoy messing around my problems and spreading it to affect the Queen cease to pretend they are not playing with matters that can cause a bullet to lodge in their stupid brains any time soon – since what I have not conquered here is the profitability of violence however, the fucking idiots can turn up any time they think they have mustered enough guts. It is the fact they are older than me and have a family which then becomes the biggest point of bullying for me likewise the fact they have a family and I am a single man to whom they can apply violence as well being the biggest problem for me that has made me so vigilant around the case of that my personality people want to deploy for entertainment and merchandising. It is the fact they are older than me and have spent more time in the work force than I have to create that money they disobey all my wishes around my person and property with to ensure all they have to say and do is concerned with my tummy and anus that means they are always showing their faces to Politicians all of the time. We do hear them brag about their temper and I believe they would have understood what it feels like thereof and need to get off mine. They do speak of how I have not settled the main issue but I believe I have made it clear the case behind having my work ruined so that either left or right might become important so they can decide which part to way lay me with popular culture and talk nonsense about their needs being met and religion being shut down; it means they need to get off and get themselves some news or some popularity by which when those who hound them do in order to make them famous and they end up committing suicide tend to pretend that it shows how massive the fame in them was and therefore a badge of honour and so on and stay away from me with those middle class insults and cowardice. They do speak of the lower classes as well but it is the lower classes that are responsible for the reasons we are here in the first place – the one where people know I like psychopaths better when they are poor and like to be in a place where they can wreck National Financial system and Industry but cannot tell when others employ them and leave me Intellectual property administration to do claiming it’s a matter of their stupid psychopath and so on – it is the lower classes who are always making sense of their stupidities and the fact they might turn up with their friends from overseas to fight for something but those who are so poor they rely entirely on the fact the Country actually exists that are responsible for what makes them stink which they like to take out on others and pretend that doing so is an expression of taste and attention to detail, the lower classes are responsible for the way they live their stupid lives with that money that constitutes problems for everybody else as it were and I would like it if they stay out of my way as well lest I end up in the list too; by the way of which the matter was already resolved around getting government to understand the security issues so that people can travel out and see the world and cut down on that stupid wealth inequality gap nonsense.


They do speak of the way I conduct myself making me prone to every trouble maker which also creates problems for them but I wouldn’t know since the reasons are numerous and chief of which is a Court on Media that my Spirituality and Temperaments transcend and is therefore the only way we get in touch – Celebrities and Journalists alike and so are the Films made in that way too, a lot of the times of which they regard me as Father figure and their mode can be anything even unto sexual relations; so it would be nice if I cleaned up my living area and took up residence at a decent spot preferably a hotel where I will not be troubled and then they can have their lives and National sense of fame back and I can carry on with selling my Books. I understand it’s a story of how I cannot stand being cued but I am not; it is a problem I solved at Royal Office to earn the cynicism of the Middle Classes, I am not supposed to solve it for every single person I sell my Books to, I am supposed to make it worse as I sell the Books to people as it were – there is no way I am losing 66 Chronicle Books I put up on the University of Greenwich Computer system, a Royal Estate worth , since they were keen on achieving that process where every single person that graduates before me owns my empire with the aim that I leave University with no Empire to own or run with my qualifications – so I did put up there to find out what they can do as it were and there is no way I am losing that asset. It simply never made sense to me since these are people whose parents keep an eye on whether or not they are famous first before they attend school or even get a job, it was impossible to locate the point at which they did get so close as to as it were; it’s something they regard as their colloquialism and can keep playing out their destructiveness too to find out what I can do for my part as well – I am simply not losing that asset. They have not worked out why I hate them so much yet as it were; it’s the great old story of thinking your Dad who is obviously not a saint was going to be bothered by them until he died a fairly young old man but they actually took the step to murder him but before then the story was that those who follow you around and wag their bottoms at you a violent sex and those who finger your bum no matter how young thereof were the ones fighting your battles for you in the first place; they need to leave me alone as we are not mates – I mean they can understand I like them better when poor and get off to attack me and use the Banking system and Industries as a shield which does make me think I am dealing with some very clever people after it turns out that those who employ them actually know what their characters are like and do make statements about people behaving in certain ways that allow them turn up to get a promotion that did not deserve and entitlements along with it, spending other peoples fortunes in that way but they are actually not clever in anyway, they have simply been fighting for your civil rights before you were born. It’s not a great massive issue; it’s the neither God nor the evil exists thing, where I grab and sell up that stupid culture and society and they go off to start their fight they will find a cowardly way out of and set off to tell Politicians I am a moral man because I grab all the attention and make others look bad so as to ensure they cannot get jobs and money and their wickedness is a matter of their imagination like my morals is a matter of mine and hence I need to share; they can continue to follow me around as well fighting for my civil rights if they wanted – it is not the profitability of violence I have conquered here yet as such and it will end very well too with their colloquialism of destruction which we will put to the test on the occasion as well thereof. They do claim it’s a matter of people like me who are obsessed with feeling more respected and feeling better than others but it isn’t; the women who wag violent bottoms an anal sex at you in City centres for obvious reasons and the stupid children that chase your anus are a sign that they rely on their physical strength for everything because of the type of jobs they do which if they didn’t have would mean they would have had no money and I have no trouble explaining that either – everybody knows selling that stupid culture and society was the start as it were, we hear them talk about the pleasure of sodomising me each time I step out of my door and how they can get away with it because their stupid society has homosexuality in it thinking nothing whatsoever will happen as a result of it thereof, so they are looking for fresh trouble and the warnings are rolling off to that effect too. they do speak of a matter of friends and not enemies that I have no respect for but I want to be left alone as it is much the same tale as Members of the Royal Family I have no respect for as well – what these guys really do is curate the business of Court Members back stage and that is becoming a painful affair on account they need to have their own Royalty they are connected to in order to compete with those women and win as well making trouble for me and dashing my fortunes for the sake of the dream jobs they have already got – so the prognosis that we would get together and inflict sexual punishment of them that has to do with watching them have sex and observing what the effects are on social evil of the kind that has been keeping Northern Ireland divided and did cut Ireland away from the UK was always entirely predictable – I on the other hand have made it as simple as the understanding that if an activity is going to affect my Book sales they need to ensure they are not doing it. We hear them claim it’s the matter of getting me to play and have fun and it’s the same with those stories about how I am supposed to behave when Members of The Royal Family are on an outing; I am the Arch Prince, I am the Golden King – the question is says whom? I do not have to have any fun, I need to be left alone and to pay attention to that my personality people must deploy for entertainment which stretches me out limitless and then the merchandisers later who talk and do everything using my tummy and alimentary canal like they are relevant as it were – says whom? I do not have to anything and will do them again as it were. They say I am very arrogant which I am not; I am supposed to have a Court that create me children and I am sure the homosexuals are aware people who inform them of being displeased are their wet dream as it were; so I am not supposed t go out and have any stupid fun, I am supposed to go out each time I want to find out who has grown his stupid beard and turned up in public places to tell me which one was my size and capability when it comes to having women who create the children thing as it were – it gets to a point and their hands cannot stay by their side if I have private parts. They hate my guts, especially the American ones at popular culture and beech side neighbourhoods who like to offer support for the European ones; I am the Golden King, I am the Royalty not them and by the way of which when they are done with their insults and spreading around the problems we do not see them anywhere near terrorism solving any of it, we see them antagonising me around playing with children at popularity again, winding me up and talking nonsense of how much I cannot controlled being cued – I mean if I cannot I can always stop it bearing in mind their girls have only recently recovered from reeling at hitting that my chest where my temper resides in order to make fashion world and Industry connections c’est sera sera having had it all figured out as it were. It beats me that they are unaware I am after them after all that popularity and gathering kids and girl friends they can popular culture secure holiday money for on account they know where my Books are in America, chasing my private parts to talk nonsense all over the place and save their fat bottoms from terrorism by doing nothing about it – it’s the little Kings issue – the one where they currently hate my guts was concerned with selling up that stupid culture, now it seems I must keep them off my State Office as well; I am the Royalty, they will never know, little kinds of what have you and violence, they are nobody, they are nothing and will never know, I want them off my case; I can stop myself being cued if I wanted to at any time.


So I understand they say my activities amount to a processes of punishing people and it will never make sense but if then again I didn’t do it I wouldn’t be human; I want the games they play with my Books stopped totally and not toned down as though they have interference with their incomes toned down as such; I still have six of the seven day ultimatum to exhaust and then whether or not I want to be somebody that bullies the Media on account of journalists screwing with my income to find out if they can become writers after they are done with their dream jobs or just generally messing up the sales because it is amusing to share with people and make connections. It’s the lies I cannot stand, then there is the part where it is all about bending people’s minds into thoughts as per whether it is a matter of left hand side or a matter of right hand side and when they bend mine in such a way as means I don’t think that way but it has become a problem, they complain about what I do about it and seek privileges of injustice as well – I want it stopped not toned down. The part about teaching people who come to their Country to teach them a lesson is an old tale; it is not what it is about at all, it’s about no God and no Devil story – somehow people you gave never met tell you on the first instance of meeting them there is no God and no Devil but have a problem with the number of Hours your spent praying and they get eventually to that stage where the story of how there is no God and Devil applies in the sense that Religious people actually cannot see what happens in their own spiritual circles better than those who serve the Devil and then first make assumptions it should apply to everybody and then start a campaign of attacking those to whom it does not apply and that is how you end up seeing them dress in fine suits look so civilised but think messing up your daily income is amusing and a regular fun they should have to keep up group spirits. The thing is that I see very well what happens in my own spiritual circles and the one I have done so far is prevent them from turning every abuse of my person into a norm in main stream living that is connected with whether or not they can handle other peoples possessions while the owner is in a place where he or she can do nothing about it in order to ensure it all pays off financially as well – so I am not fretting about matters as such, just answering a clear question and making it obvious what I want; stopped completely the games over my Book sales, stopped not toned down – it’s not their Book it’s not their own lives. I still have six days to decide if I must be a kind of person that bullies media for it – we all have limits and I do not do Gods work for him, people should not be dimming my light by forcing me into pain and anger and sex in order to tone me down and ensure the light of God is dimmed, then talk nonsense about problems religion causes in the world. Again it hinges on their games with my Books i.e. I want it stopped not toned down: I mean he is an illiterate so he must be meticulous about his work, so that gives them license to handle it all the time because doing so will cause some damage and so the toning it down bit is like another level of play and it is not welcome in anyway whatsoever.

I understand the close shave with Politicians story but there is really none going on; some Politicians are silly about it but a fight with Politicians is the answer for everything as such and never really a good idea – I have inventory from the days when they started chasing me around to confiscate personal life of introvert with the help of society because they are animals, I have inventory of them playing up the gap between their Offices and Prison services, I have inventory of stories they liked to tell people about how they have no more confidence to be MPs on account of my lack of co-operation when I have never met them; so it is indeed the answer to everything and that is not because I relish getting into a fight with MPs but because that is the truth. I mean you are in Government to fight your corner in life generally and the people that are responsible for all your problems work there – it’s a wet dream and they do need to stop pushing. As for the other side where I am said not to have resolved the case of my stories about Princess Beatrice and her Lover, that is a case that will hardly be resolved since the story of how One was to marry an American had to be developed around how He was flying the flag for Americans but specifically to ensure that Americans marry into the Royal Family first before a Black Man does; so it occurred to me that especially around how he gets married into the British Royal family and I become Gay as a result Mr Clarke was an idiot and I had to stick him and so I did – I mean he has ripped up everything here since 2009 when it all began as it were, although his people are not all over the place, complete with problems unique to the American Political system fighting for their lives as we speak thereof, it still does not rectify the financial damage they have exerted their stupidities to do here: this is not what my main concerns are – my main concerns are that people need to cease all things that provoke my People at the Monarchy; a Soldier can get angry to a point where he or She feels that if pacified it may not be possible to get angry enough to do their jobs and I suppose when they had become rebellious because they are not facing backwards for anybody, these fools will be tough enough to stop them too – so this is what I am concerned about and if they push my case further I might have to take them on myself all together. I mean they fight for my civil rights before I was born, so it must mean they are getting corrupt with it too and those who have more will be leaders while those who have less will be followers, so it just adds to the number of invented nonsense that take over other peoples times and make them into idiots as well and each time I talk about it, their uninvited involvement and disobedience means it is not a matter of selling Books but what I do for them because I am scared of them and therefore serve them and it is the same way they never give it a rest with publicities that suggest my Empire is being run for me by those who are important and have some real money and everything I do is a function ot showing how it is being done for me and how appreciative I am and this deadlock will never be broken unless I take clear steps to ensure anything they and anybody that is interested in the stupid way they live does not affect this Royal Estate any further or indeed secure my attention, in their defence they do say I bring it upon myself for being skilled enough to get all my tasks done of my own accord.