I have no idea where the thing with black people became a complicated matter any way; the reality is rather simply that I do not like them in anyway whatsoever, I have mentioned before there is nothing wrong with them talking nonsense about their populous leaders all over the place but not staying away from me will create something else entirely. It has come to a point where every white Witch can sit down in some God forsaken village and rely on me to do things so that they can sell their wares and get rich. I do not think I face a big fight anyway for my part; I have played the liberal game and allowed them use my work to get rich and famous in popular culture but that was never enough, they think that a process where I need to protect my personal life and sell my books at the same time is a fight that they win as it were. I mean the black wickedness has created its own effects in this world as it stands without a doubt and needs some reckoning in its own right anyway and I cannot make out where the big illusion I might appreciate getting around with them actually comes from or maybe it is not an illusion, it is just that they think they are untouchable. So that the Bible for example is all written out and yet when they get involved with it do their own, if your work is being a Priest, all you ever do is messages and teachings with your followers but once they walk through the door since the Church doors are open to anybody, then immediately things begin to go downhill, especially on public perception of what is going on in there and so on and for me I have always mentioned that the books will be their undoing and it seems it will be indeed. Getting beaten up by white men over apartheid does not necessarily mean every black man is grateful for their existence and I have always mentioned I am not innocent in the matter either since getting hold of a collection of fame freaks and making them into icons of problems that they have set themselves out to be does not make you innocent in the matter. I have no idea where they have developed the concept I want to spend any ounce of my time in their company and more so where they have built it up from anyway. Most people know they are evil each time they declare themselves civil rights heroes and so on but they simply usually do not know how evil they are and therefore mostly cannot put it into words of description, however when you are royalty like myself and they call you names regularly, doing such a thing is not difficult. Apparently because of cultural behaviour where their parents are likely to turn on them and arrange to get them into trouble that is too big for them and may even cause their death, I am a typical example of how hard they can fight to get rid of such a culture and indeed why they like to give themselves names that may suggest they are royalty too. We are not having a conversation at this stage, I am issuing an ultimatum; having been we have already talked about social civility where if I had the best apple tree in my garden and never before plucked any of its fruits that come into season and fall off and rot, people will only pick it up if they want to get shot as it were since I am not supposed to be scared of enjoying the fruits of my own Labour as it were, so any normal person would have been able to understand what I will be after if they turn out on my case again is the issue of those who must copy how to get rich.


Here in the UK there is talk rather of how my actions have indicated it is possible for people to exist without government funded access to justice; I have no idea how a process where I get steady publicity from a collection of journalists on one hand and another steady publicity that is aimed at preventing me from ever selling a copy of my books by Politicians on the other and what I have done with respect to questions about who owns the books and has the right to decide what happens to it, since it is impossible to understand how preventing people from selling a single copy of their books can be operated from giving them attention for their books from the highest levels of government and of course the fact I do not have any plans to seek my redress in Court either since I can always handle them over Intellectual Property instead. They do that never the less being almighty politicians while the books themselves were written over the issue of criminals handled by me during an economic crisis and while the popular culture criminals will set out to ensure they get jobs in companies and managerial roles in businesses from where they can mastermind a process of seeing me broker equities with another company and turning up to wreck my finances until I am forced to broker the equities with them as well, which each time they do sees a process where my finances bottom out occur, they the Politicians are denying me my sales and I mean totally as well, not even a copy because people will get into trouble if they do, from the highest levels of government office but then again how this has some link with access to justice is something I will never know – no clue whatsoever comes to mind. We will never see these idiots with that talk about powerful discrimination, run a business properly, what they want to do instead is expect you to open up your personal life and business to them so they can use what they find in it to go somewhere you have never set foot to sell things to a large number of people for a lot of money and of course I simply do not want my livelihood to be handled in such ways and do have a right not to be attacked by the idiots that have gotten elected and complain about tax evasion regularly while they do such things at the same time as well; I have mentioned before that Politicians should always give people what they want as it were. I know they say I speak in such ways and especially mention my plans to crush this sorts of competition around my affairs but I continue to handle peoples business and make sure it does not grow or develop as they want, when in actual fact the issues have been clear that I have not given them permission to handle creative and creativity equities that belong to my Royal Estate and my Public Work and my Company and have made it clear I will not seek redress in Law Courts either even if I can simply keep my books out there and live off a life of court appearances and compensations. The fact of the matter is their regular showing of how I will never sell my work unless I hand them all the money in it and the equity assets in it as well because they want to be rich and only they understand rebellion, wickedness and greed; so my prognosis is simply a case of whether they have declared they are armed with cultures that can wreck my finances with a snap of the finger and if so whether they have in any way made any statement or gesture or act that has channelled the actions of such a culture or indeed incited it in my direction and if so then they need to stop complaining. Yes I know these things do get to mean Politicians want to build their careers around me but I have no idea what it would mean anyway, since I am not of the opinion that they are good people necessarily and therefore regularly ask the question of what makes them so convinced that a Christian as a matter of fundamental Principle wants them to build their stupid careers around him – bearing in mind all above mentioned facts and not to mention that we have the most insolent Politicians in Europe and they can deal with the problems while I hold down those that cause them i.e. they like me so much they stifle my income in order to build their career around me, hence the question of what makes them think a Christian as a matter of fundamental Principle wants them to build their stupid careers around him. They seem to have these plans and people they have set out to play their games with in specific conditions that will lead to manipulation that will create them wealth, bearing in mind the last time they got close to the treasury and there found money the memory of which has since driven them mad and more so mad with a desire to have some of it disappear into their pockets and I own one of the property they want for such a purpose of course; reality is that they have secret societies where they plan these things and I have my own thing with royalty that is a secret society as well although we have to be accountable to the Public, hence when I ask why there isn’t the gap and the respect there that there should be get response where they talk even more nonsense as it were; so I have no idea which ones they are scared of anyway – the fact that we cannot possibly successfully police and economic and financial crisis without heavy involvement of the Police Force in Industries and Business Communities or the fact there is something out there call the MOD or in fact that my book sales and support and plan for it are orchestrated from Government office.  Of course I have not been manipulated into any such nonsense as doing what black people want; a process where what has been done with me or I can be forced to do is determined by whether or not I shut up or am made to can always be interpreted into many other things but it does not do those who do them any good since they are not fairing any better over things they think their lives depends upon as well of which they can be made to shut up as it were and not to mention the fact few people will listen to their black nonsense unless it is educated and very well informed, while I can say whatever I want. In any case the real issues are matters of relationships and the process of saying yes or no according to their Politicians but in actual fact the reality is that it is convenient to wreck my finances being confused about the fact they wreck the lives of their children and then sleep with them in order to hand them an inheritance and so the problem is that they turn out in public to see me and get confused about what their children are supposed to have looked like and hence the stupid children get to tell me it is my stuff that is being done for me and it is so very convenient for wrecking my finances everyday like that. The reality being of course that plebs never do anything about their problems because it is always better to take it out on somebody else; as a Christian I must then take time to handle it like a Christian i.e. recover what they have taken from me and use it to rebuild my life and then launch an attack to destroy their own and sit around squandering all they do to recover, especially those that have access to my personal life and regularly attend church to cover their tracks and ensure they always, always get away with things; hence when I say it is my thing that is being done to me which is what I want to find out as nobody has ever given them a lead around here on relationships thereby creating the need to say yes or no. So how do I know all these things? I do because I am a go getter; a royal estate I have of course so that sort of creates a royal go getter as such – hence we all know that there is no day that goes by without a process having existed where we have endured a process where people who having been confused about what we are about have treated us unfairly; we have done it to somebody once every day at the utter most minimum and experienced it being done to us at least once at least as well, it is when this is compared with the activities of the Labour party and these sort of individuals that we realise they are very evil and very destructive people as well. Hence there are really three kinds of people I come across everyday; the one where I have to do the thing about avoiding older people and deciding for myself if I want popular culture idiots to use me for a plaything, the other which are go getters that are easily judged as bad people when bankers for example are very nice because it is part of their job to live a customer service existence, then get rid of our savings for us at the other end and have stories to tell about business operations for it as well, then there are the third which are the evil people and the story is always that of coming across them and having to ask what on earth their problem is, with the usual response of the fact they have got jobs and therefore more money than you obviously have of which nobody knows how they came to such a conclusion anyway so you have to tell them to get down to it and pay the bloody taxes while they are at it too and when the Politicians who think if they have two lives and two jobs it makes them powerful feel like your finances are a plaything, then you relax and leave it for them and they have to contend with tax evasion and various other evils as well and then get rich and famous while they are at it.


Now we hear them talk of Government surveillance and Privacy breaches and there is also mention of how I do not wish to say anything about it; I really for my part have no clue as to why anybody would have wanted me to say anything about it at this stage anyway; we all know that when I make mention of the fact I have government provided security behind me and my affairs, it is the precise point at which people want to mess with it and put the security operatives into overdrive, pretending they are the world biggest party freaks with a lot of power who cannot keep their hands off the cookie jar which is then funny as well. I mean we know that they are popular culture criminals, they know that we know they are popular culture criminals, they know we know the bankers were popular culture criminals and the financial crisis they created led to cuts in security budget so people there do not necessarily like popular culture criminals due to the level risks they have to take during their jobs and the number staff proportionately available but when they see books written by a Prince on the basis of work accomplished over war, crime and economic crisis, it becomes their major preoccupation in media as something with which to anchor absolutely every single little thing they do there which completely destroys the sales and the job itself while another group of fame freaks have become obsessed with getting on media to claims ones reputation as their own in order to get rich and that is of course one side of the story which involves some fight they are to win while I am supposed to be in two places at the same time i.e. protecting my fame without being physically present because I am busy looking after my privacy. The other side of course is that it is never enough; so imagine what the security operatives will think about that. I mean they have these evil wicked culture they cannot detach themselves; the fact it affects them badly and they complain about it wittingly and unwittingly winds up a certain group of people in a specific way, the fact they use those evil cultures on people who then complain about it all the time winds up a certain group of people in a specific way, the fact that the government does not approve of it while they do it anyway winds up a certain group of people in a specific way but soon enough they are on media and nobody has a clue where it will lead; what will the security and Intelligence operatives think about that. I mean I would never get myself on it if I do not want surveillance to be applied on me but even so would never get on it whether or not surveillance is applied on me if I have something to hide; if they chose to do the contrary I find it difficult to understand what they are complaining about – I mean they can always get on it if they have nothing to hide and then worry about those who do not like to spend their precious surveillance time on idiots in order to find out what it feels like and if they do not wish to do contrary to these things need to stop complaining. The reality is of course that lower class idiots and the plebs they are never ever deal with their own problems; what they do with the problems is find people to take it out on, it’s much like the populous civil rights idiots who complain all the time but feel that they are untouchable when it comes to handling other peoples affairs whenever they want to. So the way they work is basically to find somebody to take their problems out on and then wreck the persons finances and life and sit around to deploy everything the person does in order to recover as some kind of progressive social policy towards wealth and importance because they will not work for anything in their stupid lives either and of course in my case since I am not a murderer or a villain, what I do with it is the Christian way in which it should be done bearing in mind my writing leans more to the Church than the state because affairs with the Church is a matter of facts and then the fact we both agree but from the state its facts and what must be done. Hence I like to gather up everything they have created from those activities which then provides them with money to become a pain for me and use it to repair any damages done here in order to recover, then wreck their finances and lives and sit around to use everything they do to recover as a means of running a business, so that somebody does not come across the same harm but guess why this is not working; but why of course the media who complain about surveillance from security operatives. About the company and how people can possible avoid not using my books as freebies that make a way for them to reach people and get in contact with people or have media conversations or get people to co-operate with them over something etc; the reality is whether or not what they deployed to do whatever they did was equity belonging to my Royal Property or to my Public work or to my Company and if the answer is evidently yes then the fun stops and such a venture has no right to progress any further and so we can spend more time or killing off the media nonsense that ensures it does whether I like it or not and continues to stifle my products and my work and ferment the crimes they like so much which is not in the interest of the general public – now there is something to think about as a fun activity. I mean they do say these things happen because I provoke the media and it is impossible to get your head around it, except taking into consideration that when people love to wreck your life and finances and the things you do as a Christian to handle the matter does not have any effect whatsoever, the media is at the heart of that looking for some of yours all the time. As I mentioned, I would bug the security services if I had nothing to hide but then I would have to worry about those who don’t want to spend their surveillance time on me and will do what they can to get me into trouble if I were a normal person and not so if I were the media – hence that big mouth of provoking them when they think my books should be used to make way when they want to secure interviews with celebrities and government operatives and should be used to make people feel good when they feel pity for people and should be used to build peoples self esteem when people feel they have not got what other people have got which of course bottoms out my sales and income absolutely everyday but seems to be fun activity for them never the less and hence will not get off the book sales while I provoke them as it were. So what is my favourite phrase anyway? Let them do it I will hold down the bad guys and am not giving back that stupid left hand side and the stupid fame and fortune and publicity in order to make that happen- that stupid average lovey lifestyle on the left that means they cannot stay off your income and try to be self respecting idiots at any point in time in their foolish lives any time soon. After all the sanctity of the state does not matter when they are around because they must get involved with businesses and be rich and famous and even so cannot stay away from me and leave me alone to that effect, hence the other story they tell of how I am scared of them when all they need to wait for me to return to the UK and from the Air port on arrival start off over my personality and make up what they want people to think has happened between me and them every day until they have their own alternate reality and then people can be scared of them whenever they want as well on account they cannot let other people be by any means whatsoever. They will take it up and do it now; I will hold it down for them and supervise.


Now the reality of what the claims about how I have no clue what I am doing and others are out to teach me is never really very far off, I mean they have not taught anybody anything all their lives, just me and the fact I exist basically. However the truth is that this is what I do for a living and it is what I do very well indeed and in it I am very good and a 'go-getter' and have never once failed any expedition; but it is the same old issue as I mentioned before – when people speak of civil rights primary prognosis is that they are very evil idiots but most people do not know how evil they are and hence will basically tend to work it out because they cannot describe it but if as royalty you get abused by them all the time, it is rather simple to describe the nature and purpose and content of their evil and wickedness, the truth being that my friends and allies hurt them all the time, so they think I am the weak link they are supposed to get their own back with which is rather a farfetched from fact; hence this is what will play out to the fullest and is currently playing out already on global media, so they keep their filthy insults where they belong; it’s all divided up now and I must only tend to watch the American ones have sex and put it on video because they are the most beautiful and the best of the lot.