I understand it is said my set up needs to be a bit more beautiful which does not make any sense to me as it is fundamentally involved with administrating badly behaved Boys and Girls of which people are usually that way, especially with respect to money because they belong in groups that make them behave in that way and so we can confident assume those groups are gangs and that is why the celebrities bring it out of people all the time, the part where you find yourself telling them if you see them around your Office and Finances and Public life one more time there will be bodies etc. They do say I mess up work other Members of the Royal Family do of course, which I do not; it’s just reality that the goons who want to get connected with their work wish to line up and punish me financially and violently one after the other as it were, so I thought that perhaps I ought to create a bit of a stir of my own too. They do say all I do is located on the Internet which practically makes it other people’s property but then again there are two other ways of looking at it and one of those is the one where I document everything and put it away in a Bank for safe keeping, in order to ensure all I do after is based on this supposed history I share with them – the other is the part where they simply let me get on. They do say it is impossible for me to get out of where they have placed me, especially with their Media power and it is utter nonsense – the reality of it is that embarrassing it might be to remind them they are all bloody idiots, it will become desperate enough for me to ignore the fact they have salaries and Cars because it is so distracting and then that choice at such a stage of pay attention to it and keep complaining or ignore it and get on will be as clear as crystal; the usual response to this position is usually that of their profitability of violence prognosis which leads to the same result of reminding them that with a background like that they might want to think about making money only via academic pursuit; so I have always existed outside of any trap their stupid minds could possibly conjure. It’s like when they claim they are always after me because they want to make me buy products so somebody else can make money – creating wonderment as per whether I steal the products I have in my home in the first place all together but is an example of the fact they cannot leave alone others and what belongs to others anyway, hence never some new news.

They do say I have become the worst night mare of Celebrities after enticing them and then betraying them but I fail to see that being the case where reality is concerned; I made it clear from day one that my equities were allowing people deploy my public life to make some celebrity money because they were chosen specified persons for that purpose but when they get involved and do it anyway, it became a matter of doing such a good job I had nothing to complain about; soon it developed into good job and extreme vandalism at the market and I had to stop them doing any good job around here all together first then stop the extreme vandalism. They do speak of the British Empire and how they want to recover their culture and how handling me and the fact they are able to is the key to that but when they were teenagers choosing a seriously stupid and useless existence in the neighbourhoods, right up to the education system and the Media, they were aware based on facts and figures of what became of other celebrities in the past, how they would end up – it’s just that they had to choose somebody to blame because they are skilled at messing up their own lives such that the only way out would have to be using other peoples own and I am never going to let that their stuff happen to me as it were. They do say they have no idea how I expect to get out of my present predicament without getting help anyway; I wouldn’t know, since I have a court of Female Journalists because they were expected to provide for me at some stage and if people are aware that they do not wish to do so, might want to stop getting involved with it; I have done it so many times, moving the Court to the background so they can turn up and provide for me if they wanted to but time and again it never really works, so I have to reinstate everything and try to get back to usual stuff which never really happens – so they need to keep out of my Court, stay away from my Books and stop trying to achieve a process of being more important than I am which encourages them to damage my property, finances and public life, so that I don’t have to ask them for help which will result in what they are really good at i.e. going home to kill themselves. It’s like that story of how they attack me because I provide everything for me and all I do by my own self considering they have needs of which is a situation where it will never run out and if I have problems or hurt people because I am feeling the pain of it, it is entirely my fault – whereas I don’t; I may have provided all by myself for Royal Commission, Royal Office and the Royal Estate and Public work Office but I rely on the Court for everything otherwise – I am happy keeping the legitimate ones who really want to be there but this is not a factual situation that will ever work for them, so I will continue to stop them working my Empire and for the vandalism they will continue to get punished, until further notice.

There are serious matters to contend with at the Court, such as people who live in the regions working sexual context abuses because they want to make you highlight their issues due to the fact you work on Media and there are also the Camera men with their own vanity and a need to wreck people Marital homes too; so I cannot keep going back and forth the process of looking into the issues, settling it and returning to find Celebrities have taken my Money or destroyed it if they cannot have it; I will keep preventing them from working my Empire and will never stop punishing them for the Vandalism. So there is this other question of how on earth I worked out how to punish Celebrities for destroying your finances and property but it’s always been the old story of how they operate; in their minds, the whole process of criminals they know from school and neighbourhoods, holding you down for them to make money with your public life works for you and for them because they will then have made so much money that they will put enough distance between you and them to allow both sides to move on – I have not started punishing them for the destruction whole sale but I have removed this distance completely as it is too cheap for me; I want them to do with my own as I want and I want them to stop the behaviour when it feels more convenient for me that they should. It’s the one thing that media idiots like to build perceptions up from my faith to let them do, looking for trouble all the time; but then again the Media idiot were always part of Celebrity culture which is about sexual context abuses and a process of putting people to work over gender inequality, pay gaps and feminism; so I know how they operate and can punish them if they do wrong to me and at all times; so the context of the punishment for now is that there is none yet, only a process of making sure they get no compromises from me whatsoever after they screw their lives so badly the only way out will be to have mine, so they can turn up to get it – they are having Children these days you see, I mean when you count the number of nonsense you have to put up with from them, they are actually having Children as well. They do say they hate my guts because I like to pretend I had it all and then lost it and am now on a rebound – whereas that prognosis was used on me as a form of abuse, I have not had all of anything save a Royal Commission from Queen Elizabeth which I have never lost; it was used as a form of abuse to make me understand I may have all that potential but they are so twisted and evil they have decided I will see none of it and they cannot listen to anything anybody says to them – it beats me all the time when I find they are complaining, it’s like another infringement on my well being when they  do so. So it is now a regular story around this case that I am becoming more of a problem than a solution to problems which is utter nonsense; it’s just pressure because people want to see you work for your money and once the pressure is there half of people who hate your guts will be those you have punished for an obsession with the idea of ripping up your work to reward celebrities because they have like in my case rewarded them to a heart’s content – while the other half will be sex idiots who like to pretend the way in which they damage other people’s property and their version of wickedness is a secret. People always want to see you work for your money and it is usually said the media manipulates me and bullies me into responding to their stupidities and then laughs about it all the time which is not really true; the Media is made up of idiots who are guardians of civil rights and at the same time the only group of people willing to do experiments that will show whether or not they can use media to keep others out of work and in poverty – don’t ask me why; all I know about it is that there is a culturally evil side and everybody keeps telling me not to do it while they are always 24/7 trying to make me do it and use it therefore to do violence that is in their interest, so again don’t ask me why – they simply don’t control me; so it’s do it and there is problem here and problems there to be impressed upon you and you will do it and do it since you have done it before but during that time you did it to spend our lives etc – every kind of stupidity you can think of which does not have a human language to describe it, hence when you wonder why their personality is detached from them and so on and why people are always telling me not to do it and so on etc.

The part about getting into trouble with people really has no basis on reality; it is the old story of Royals on one hand and people on the other; for the Royals it’s a case of a condition where the simple fact there is controversy which suggests that Royal Children should be raised at violent expense to me should mean the assumption that it is likely to become reality; take the Duchess of Cambridge for instance; she has always long before her Marriage to the Duke played a game about how I think I am more important than the Wife of the future King, at this stage of which she has let go of the Royal Children and is convinced nobody has taken note of that while I constantly have to clean up a mess that destroys my finances on that account because every idiot wants to handle his girlfriend while thinking they are more important than I am with insults that beat the imagination when they are actually not and because there is a sense that they will be protected, it never ever stops. Then there are the commoners who simply think that they want to hurt me violently to feel good about life and make progress in the really stupid one that is their own, while the Middle Class ones think that their money should mean the ability to make my Office ineffective so that they can do whatever they like, all because they feel the Christian should not be able to respond to anything thereby existing as somebody concerning whom nobody would mind or protect if anybody especially women were to feel like bullying all the time – these are all activities people engage in because they are convinced there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it which is also entirely wrong.

So now they say I encourage the Police to shoot people and it will never make sense to me in anyway whatsoever; I mean we ought to discuss it as it were and I am prepared to as well, since it is never clear the stage at which somebody who has a job to come between those that inflict harm on others and those that have harm inflicted on them, pointing a weapon at a person becomes something that should be trivialised; so I have to go by popular facts that exist at present which is largely that it is trivialised on account they have other smaller people they can attack as well and so sometimes they get handled to a point where they can attack them smaller people from where they are as it were. They do say their Celebrity security guards will get me of course which never actually makes any sense too; I mean a security guard is paid to prevent people from committing crimes before they commit them regardless of what the results might be if they do or not – the armed ones at the fatal stoppers as it were but then again Celebrities are very lazy and very tired people who do not work for anything and will never settle for minimum wage as only being millionaires will do like some kind of trend and they have taken their time to develop themselves into that stage because it is necessary to be that way as the need to make a lot of money with peoples purses and finances applies in terms of being able to make an open show of themselves because they cannot cope with what other people cope with on account of the difference in their nature and the violent ones are primarily predatory on peoples incomes and money – so although I understand what they mean, I find it difficult to locate why they would assume I have not had enough of them or indeed will likely 4end up being one of those people their guards have to stop as it were with a big mouth. It is not actually a complicated matter as such; people have to understand I have put up with 14 years of celebrities on my public life, making sure they make money and achieve an ambition of being more important than I am, so this kind of talk will rile me very easily – people are not famous by being notorious and the person who told them that they were famous must have been as insane as they are. I do not think handling Celebrities is a difficult matter, it’s just bewildering that I would lose 14 years of my time to idiots getting on public places to assume my public life and become more important than I am but the facts when considered is likely to lead people down and ugly read i.e. we are looking at individuals that are old enough to be the grandmothers of their victims picking up the public lives of their victims and going off to worst areas of town to entertain people and leave it there for trouble makers to play with everyday, then turn up in public places with money and lies to drive peoples children to the death – this is what Celebrities do; the ones I have in Court do it because we have an agreement and an arrangement that it should be how they keep me informed but never the less it is what they do and is not good for anything whatsoever and it seems they will only take me seriously when they are writhing in pain at the hands of society and community goons while Politicians are the only ones that can bail them out. However all together it does not mean they are not useful to somebody, they are; they are the idiots people who are obsessed with market and ratings use to make more money than they already have but they seem to be completely obsessed with my income which has now come to a point of threats concerning their security guards and it will not end well – I have actually had enough of them. They do say it’s a matter of what I don’t have but of course that is an old story and I can always document my property equities which have now been written into functional aesthetics for the Firm and put them away for safe keeping at a Bank to rely on whatever history I have with them to get things done, or they can keep away from my Books and never get found around my Firm any longer as it were. It is more organised at big business not the other way round i.e. if 50 billion people in 20 countries know that something belongs to you, the only way that you can start to make the possessions of another person into your own is to buy it and when the owner does not want to sell its not the end of the world – what do they have anyway with that big mouth? They do say they do not understand the scope of my business but it has always been rather simple; they want to make money by getting onto my public life and making entertainment with it to please criminals and barely criminal goons in the worst areas of town – when they are done and start to make Royal connections and Fashion Industry Connections and mainstream Industry Connections and Government Connections with my Public life, I am sure they are aware they are getting on my nerves. It is important they ask and find out what I do for a living and then think about deploying my public life after that – nobody here is scared of their security guards and those threats are heading for the end as well. They do say my real problem happen to have been members of the Monarchy which was none of their business – those are required to stem celebrity vandalism but are becoming more celebrity themselves, I only need to concentrate on what I am required to do to serve The Queen and other Top Royal Family Members, it is not that I cannot develop my own premise of disobedience by which I can violently secure compliance from them, it’s just that they do say they cannot tell what the scope of my business is and I have continued to make it clear it a behaviour is going to affect my Book sales they need to desist from it. It’s like the story of being manipulated by the Media which does not really happen; I mean we see it all the time, news reports of government Officials killing each other and the ones in Office killing the other in gruesome and barbaric ways and we wonder why when government Office was to be the height of civility – but then again if the fact you are in one means that another sets themselves up as opposition, claiming his party exists to challenge poverty and inequality and all he does is layup stages and stages and stages of a means to equality that is a function of a threat to your very existence, which leaves you with anus and tummy pain in every turn while he can get to see you when you are taking a bath and make amusing gestures out of it, on account he is showing you what happens when he and the throngs of people he is about to lead want something and cannot have it and the short cut to being important and rich thing thereof being most important; if it then leads to a condition where you send somebody out to show him what is means to study and pass your exams and get to where you are. We see that letting the Media run a while because it is said of the existence of a government that cannot tolerate dissent will already have led to media leagues with gangs and society goons and celebrities while they are at it, so it’s just clear and present facts that need to be considered, not a supposition of what they want others to consider with lots of abusive perception. They will indicate at this stage that I may have felt I have achieved much here but have achieved nothing; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it does not make any sense, only Politicians aiding their perception based profitability of violence, however which nothing has changed about the fact I may respond to it because it is simply an opportunity to point out where their problems hurts them as well so that they might make enemies – importance of doing so being of course that they exist on nothing but self preservation and destruction and even down to the sense their women have whereby they think of themselves the spear head tools of the devil when it comes to forcing people as a society to have sex first before they can exist or have a professional activity that they engage in is all based on the premise of showing others the benefits of having preserved their stupid physical strength, so it’s not my cup of tea and the conversation is never going to head in any direction around here; it works only for the Politicians – that said however what I have achieved is mostly concerned with the fact they will never get to damage my property and then profit from it as well at the same time, entrepreneurs have feelings and we all know how the fight usually ends.


I mean they have become so very fond especially their Politicians, of having conversations about people I am supposedly meant to have provoked but cannot actually handle, hence one massive responsibility for everybody after another and another and another as irresponsibly as possible; whereas what really happens is a condition where all I get from male journalists is a daily affair in getting out of bed to cover my business and every one of my activities with controversy and very violent scandal because they are unable to use my public life and peddle my personality and so they need to do that to damage my finances and be in a place where there can be comparative senses of acquired comfort that will show they are better than me as human beings and later on sell that on as prerogative to Royal idiots, Political Fools and Industry goons to achieve the whole thing I had prevented them from doing anyway but the violent provocation bit in itself will then largely have concerned the old game of culturally wicked aspects of my position which people are always telling me not to explore, which they like to try and force me to explore in order to do things for them while they get rich and famous with every aspect of my personality all the time and has now reached a stage where this supposed bullying has created a result where the point they are making is that it belongs to them and that  there are things they want to accomplish with it. It is never obvious why people are so fond of the insults and talking nonsense about people I provoke all of the time anyway, while more so this is a behaviour I get from Male Journalists and TV personalities every day. I have never thought it a problem, it’s just that old matter of being a person and having a sense of direction and a sense of aspiration etc but in their case the problem appears to be that when they have aspirations there exists a battle that people who have the same skin colour as me wage on them all the time – the truth however being that we have racism in society today because it seems to be impossible for them to do their own aspirations without other people’s lives and the involvement with me does not make any sense whatsoever because the aspirations conversation is the one where they cannot attend school without a case having been settled first as to whether they are famous or not etc drawn up from their parents all together – so I have made it clear if it will affect my Books to carry out a behaviour around here it is advisable that they avoid it, having met somebody they cannot beat, need to clear my space and shut down all conversation from now henceforth about me provoking people as it were, before we end up starting one around where their pain is and how much of that can be dug as well. They speak of the people I allow play around with me, referring that is to those who make up to a 60% interest offer in getting copies of my Books, which does not have anything to do with any of it in anyway either.   

The part of the story they love so much being the one where I am scared of the freedoms of women whereas that is the one that actually explains everything i.e. we live in a city and when you do not want whole communities unlike the suburbs where it can be a certain notorious person for instance, to pillage your life and finances, then what you do not do is tell them what your card number and pin number is and that is an end to it. The other side of the story being the conversation itself as per why people would believe that a process of just setting off the sense people should know what your card and pin number is for instance is amusing when it happens with violent scandals on media etc. It seem to have an inability to leave people alone and yet you would normally have assumed that when you tell people to stop getting involved with you and show them evidence and damage they do, they would have stopped but these idiots do not know how to, they involve themselves in another way anyway and start to get into distant violence routine which is the source of all the problems we have here since there is no way somebody will not take advantage and there is no way that will not hurt me and there is no way I will fail to hurt them back as well. We do see them show off the part especially the blacks, where slavery and slave trade was the celebrity culture of black people while racism was that of whites and that they have to be able to take advantage of me because if not, racism will occur etc and this is the part where people become scared that whatever I do is doomed to failure when it isn’t – I am not their fucking mate and would like it if they leave me alone and keep off; it is meant to be celebrity culture – lazy and tired, a hatred for work and a need for money that is at least 20 times more than a living wage which has not been worked for on a daily basis because it facilitates the open show that must be achieved at self exhibitionism; they need to leave me alone and keep off, we are not mates. The Business ones speak of the part where I get involved with peoples businesses while the Politicians do speak of the part where I leave people in pain as well; for the latter of which what they do is grab my business image and public life and get off to peddle it getting rich quickly and then they leave it for trouble makers and surround themselves with violent customers that protect them and spend money on them at the same time – so that since everything they are and do now depends on their physical strength when they live me in pain there is no way in their view, which I can hurt them as well lest I get sodomised an draped with that big mouth that will kill them all as it were; this is just me talking about it academically by the way, the colloquial sensibility will be the one where people know where my Books are and like to squander my income and destroy it on a daily basis, so as to drive around insulting saloon cars pretending to be my Fathers  – the Politician ones however like to punish all the time and nobody gets to punish me without consequences; we see them at it endlessly, it’s like when they dig up my life and find out I am a Member of the Monarchy it gets worse looking for trouble, while I then end p feeling like continuing with something too all of the time and it gets even worse because what you end up with is a process where people work for them and while the job is being done people are being punished which means that people work for them and as the day go by instead of becoming more experienced become more stupid and supposing I were to stand up and say to them ‘calm down, take it easy, the reality is that we all know what we are doing’, I wouldn’t be getting paid for it first of all and then I would end up with more problems for good measure and then it gets better at security matters when you cannot tell if somebody is stealing to get themselves into trouble or somebody is actually a serial shop lifter and as for the ones that have continued to put me in pain especially the socialists, I have made it clear to them they can always tell me it meant I was being punished all those years for behaving badly by being too successful for their liking if they do have the fucking guts for it, however all round, perhaps the reason they are in pain on my account is because they cannot keep their hands to themselves while making those stupid assumptions they will come to no harm hitting the Christian as it were – this is why they are in pain at Politics all the time. They say I speak about the ones at home but do nothing about the powers of the USA, which makes no sense whatsoever since they happy punish people all the time due to an assumption that it is perfectly alright for a business that is based in Germany of France to take advantage of British workers and where the US is concerned, an average illiterate Business man in the UK is so far Inferior to the one in the US of which they have no facts or figures to corroborate as it were and when I do these things tell me it’s all amazing and magical but immediately after the magic go off to behave in exactly the same way that leads to the results they were complaining about earlier on i.e. their physical strength is everything because of the kinds of jobs they do and while they complain about me, it pleases them to get out of bed to rip up my books in order to get rich quick and seek other various conveniences because they are telling me what to do. Then there are the story told of the Royals I do not treat like they were Royalty at all, which does not make any sense since they were meant to control this Celebrity vandalism but have done nothing except get in and become celebrities themselves and that means every celebrated idiot that knows them personally wants to take advantage of me and when The Queen Aide sends a celebrity to my Court I then have then have the task of differentiating between that and other celebrities, so that they get to tell me that the Powers of the USA is the answer but which is never really enough thereby pushing the matter straight into my personal life i.e. the celebrities at Court at there, because they pick my public life and leave it where trouble makers rule because they go back and forth and keep me informed, while their ones that are uncontrollable basically just pick my public life and leave it with gangs and criminals to give me a man’s work and go off to fame and fortune conveniences and then there are those Mummy’s boys as well who are best friends of business men who handle my business image and public life while they are at it – those must control the atmosphere of entire Towns so as to set out the sense that if any Industry needs to sell anything they are the strong men that can do it and yet we end up with a problem whenever they need to sell my Books and it’s not yet as bad because I have not yet paid them to do it too as it were – so it goes without saying we are not mates and they do need to stay away from me; I have an intellectual property administration business and my clients and associates and customers expect me to deal with them as a problem which solutions are supposed to turn up around issues of violent and bad customers; if an activity is going to affect my Books the advice is that they desist from me, or our next point of call will soon be that of what needs to be done here about their need to protect their possessions and squander other peoples own which makes me a target for their experiments all the time, especially the blacks and then this will go from Market roundup of my Business Empire to a process of Policing viciously it all together. So the part where it’s all Parliament goons on my case is well understood, it is much the same story as that of the freedoms of women that I appear to have a problem with – when these idiots are determined to practice a sexual abuse on a religious person this is what happens and they will move everything in the world in order to be able to do it while people talk nonsense about their rights and the place of their blame cultures and so on because they are playing the same game; I don’t think it’s that much of a problem, only the two matters of a way to live whether or not there are violent crowds on my door step because they have needs everyday on one hand and on the other being groomed for them by Politicians and society which is much the same as media idiots with ideas about what I should be doing to make them comfortable all the time; so they have set out me as their object, stripped themselves of the areas of compunction in their lives which are applicable and turned up for sodomy conveniences and because it hurts and I have to hurt them back as a society of men. We hear them complain all the time as well. They prolong their own suffering; on one hand tend to tell me that I encumber and hold up peoples freedoms, on the other however I must go from Royal Office to obscurity so celebrities can feel famous first before I return and start over again and it’s not clear how much of the minds of the general public they hope to abuse to achieve that and so it is something they will never have – if I were to stop doing what I am doing to them and spend time to sell my Books in order to get out and let them go free in a condition where it costs them nothing, they would have known where and when to stop along with their idiots from Areas of the world where conflicts never cease to happen that they bring into this Country and turn out to tell me I am responsible for problems created by those who have the same skin colours as me – so it is not something I will ever stop, the person who told them they were important or famous must have been just as insane; there is no way I can go from Royal Office to being less famous than every idiot that ends up in their glossy magazines at the shops, it all meant to lend me the most amount of distress and suffering they can come up with and I need that National sense of fame only for as long as necessary to sell my Books and then they can have it back. So its market round up for now, my next move can easily be that of security for the company and I will make it very vicious indeed – these behaviour are not taught at Church and they know I can transcend every aspect of their stupid lives as a result of their confrontations, from which I need to teach them to keep to their mates the insults and abuses. They do say it’s all talk and yes it is all talk; acting is usually those times when I take the Lion share and in terms of which I do not see why they should have the National sense of fame back anyway when I sell my Books, after all its only ever safe when they get their academics and jobs done because there are things they want but will never have and need to completely forget about as it were. I mean the whole basis of being told I am only talking is their ability to come between me and government officials as they do with media and industry but that whole game exists because it is a means by which they save their own and spend other people’s property claiming its their civil rights, it’s one of those issues that will be settled when I do the market security if rounding it up like I am at present is not good enough to see them pack up and stay away. I mean market security that would mean paying attention to the fact being able to get between me and Industry, government and media is designed to ensure they are able to show off the profitability of violence and importance of self preservation – to show off their stupid muscles they gained from doing no work on my income as it were; it can be Books I sell or it can be their night mare very easily but time will tell. I cannot actually believe they now think of it as reality, think of the stupidities we hear them say from their involvement with me as a version of reality but time will tell how it move on as it were – so this would be the acting part. I mean why do they do it anyway? Their parents and grandparents have no other body language save racist shit about something they need to extract from me or if I push it my alimentary canal that will support their stupid sons who want to be managers and store keepers and media scum and the ones on the right cannot keep off peoples business image while the ones on the left fail to see they are idiots rich people with companies use to get rich because they can do market dancing – I want to be allowed to get on with my own or they will come to a lot of trouble and that includes the civil rights blacks as well; so they forget their place i.e. that people who own companies pay them for their stupidities not because they do not know how stupid they are but because it has a purpose i.e. I would like to be allowed to carry on with mine and they save their insults especially on Media as I really don’t care. I mean why is it ever so funny? The whole nature of getting between me and somebody I was speaking to concerning sale of product is that it’s my fault I made it good to a point where doing so can make them money, it’s my fault I was so successful at what I know and do, it’s my fault I made it so nice etc – so at the moment its market roundup where it should not be said it was my incompetence that allowed access and then they will be able to see what security will look like after that.

It’s never really a massive problem; it’s an old tale concerning the bits about not being the best student in the class but the dunce behind you likes to bully and it has reached a stage where in your fantasy and his own, his fingers are just millimetres away from your bum every single second all day long. You know if you chase him up you will kill him and somebody will kill you back but it’s the one situation the Politicians want to create because you are a Christian from whose moral and comfortable life they must extricate conveniences or else and it has now reached a stage where they and or their celebrities will kill you for it. So when they complain about their own as well they do like to think I have an obligation to fulfil and its much the same way when they boast about it too – usually it’s an old story of finding myself in a position to save the life of an MP by checking what I must have said which constitutes resolve for a terrorist. So when I say so they like to claim I love to set out every little success I have as a means of attacking others, which has nothing to do with being expected to pay attention to whether or not a Politician thinks it is amusing to damage your finances when you are supposed to pay attention to the fact that he or she has – the result is this involvement from dunces that means their fingers are always millimetres aware from my anus all day long but it gets better because those of them that complain about the state of their culture and society are the ones that had a brush with me so far and will not quit while they are winning.


As for the part about taking on the Royals; first it was Princess Beatrice and stupid Americans, now its Prince Harry and foolish old men but it seems what they all hate about me the most is not whether or not I disagree with some Royals but whether or not these is secret paedophilia that I disrupt so they can enjoy them no more and that is why they love to make me flustered so they can make me fart while I am at work all the time. The MPs do say they must have at this stage said something about the fact I am being punished but that is not actually true – they are not actually saying it, what they have suggested is that I have had 14 years of my time messed up at the highest level in government because Christian fasts for 2 days and goes out to buy food has to result in bullying from those whose duty it is to toughen him up into a man that will do some fighting, until he develops a history with evil and the Politicians have so far run out of privileges of injustice on offer for civil rights but for the Politicians and celebrities, it is as though they want to kill me for the conveniences and relative sense of comfort that the Devine peace in my life offers me and this is something they will never get a taste of, while those who like to issue their threats are on course to find out if I were bluffing when I said the idea I cannot defend myself is wholly wrong. So they do say I keep avoiding the main challenges which have to do with wanting to be left along and left with no interference at your Court, except that Men just go away and strip themselves of any areas of compunction in their stupid lives and return in force to get involved, wearing suits like they were normal people but are bloody idiots and showing off their stupidities at me all day along with violence that should secure compliance and a name to their faces on my TV; no idea why the assumption is that it is something people cannot discuss in real language. It’s never really been a problem just a world that is hidden from normal view i.e. I may have worked hard and created packaged Equities, Companies may have spent millions developing my Industrial Colours for their use but when they actually create a product, what these idiots will do is deploy it for racial adjudication if they get to buy – the black products will be used by black children and the white ones will be used by white children; it is clearly the only way they can get along with each other but more importantly is the fact they get to stick you at the deep end – it is really, really, really stupid and really, really, really destructive and sends out a message that unless they are crawling on hands and feet while people live in tall buildings to laugh at them worrying about their financial problems, whatever devil makes their problems for them will never be pacified – so I can sell Books or I will sell their nightmare by the time it is over. The Politicians on the other hand say what I have is not a real job and it’s like when they speak of the reasons they behave in that way and claim it is because I walk around as though their lot was not beautiful as well; it makes me ask whose fault it is since we all know that at a certain stage of a business, if it is more concerned with sharing what it has than selling its products people will say it is not a real business and the owner does not have a real job. I really don’t care what they think for my part either – what I have said may be expensive for liberalists and socialists thereof but they need to think before they yap; I cannot live a life where I controlled infantile older idiots on the matter of pushing me into gangs to use my intellect to create a safe society for themselves at 24 years of age before I got into the University where they then came around with government office to rip up my academic work as well, only to grow older and become susceptible to their stupidities especially on Media t 35 years old thereby growing older and stupid; obviously it cannot possibly be their fault that I do not have a real job because if it is their position as people who challenge inequalities will have been undone and they would be left only with the trophy victory of playing up the bubble between their Offices and the Prison systems in order to threaten me and use my temperaments for acquired conveniences that will make them feel important and then appear to behave everyday as though they are going to kill me for it because I have refused to let them have it but if it is my fault then I will have to work harder and they will be caught between a Rock and a hard Case. This matter is not unusual, it works at the heart of a tale of how little ear I give to what people are saying to me but of course which it cannot be a financial problem for me that if others were in my position they would have been thinking about Popular culture fame and fortune than getting a day job without consequences as this is not their own lives or even where they live – as for the problems they are referring to, the older men will use their lives o fix their own problems or get the politicians to kill me for them so they can have it instead. Like when they make them TV shows that attack shops that do not dance to their Tunes speaking of products with Royal approval when The Queen does not consume those products, knowing well the way we British people are and how the fact they have made the films will lead to a wholly different result when we all know what will happen at the shops and what people will do in them. Then I get told it’s my fight with the media that is the root cause of all the problems, which does not bother me in any way since it is the fight the Media has always wanted; I mean no average person would see their dream jobs as the opportunity to set out a process of experiments that give them the chance to find out if with enough scandal and controversy they would have been able to keep people out of employment and in poverty but even so they seem to have lost a fair idea of the category of people they are supposed to keep out of employment and in poverty as well meaning their experimental project had to start with the destruction of my Business Empire first before it got underway in the first place – so when I listen to the news these days all I say is people chasing my life Journal which is a product of the personal life I share with a Work Court on Media that keeps me away from Public life and makes a rubbish of those stories they tell of people I rub shoulders with etc, so I really do love to pick and pick out and unpick every single aspect in which they go wrong and it seems the problem they have as a result of me doing so has now reached a point of no return; I understand it means I will be targeted by the Media even more but it is the fight they have always wanted very well served. The story by the way side being that people are terrified of what I may do when they buy books and become part of the Royal Estate Community, which is not actually a legitimate fear – in terms of whether I actually have a Royal Estate, it’s a matter of how badly I will get punished if I abandon The Queens Commission and not what any busy body gets up to, while in terms of my very self all together it’s a matter of being expected to push away those who want to get a job so they can have money to buy my Books – which puts them at the very heart to the reasons for my Office all together i.e. these matters seem like great cases but are not to me as per if people are told to abandon their cultures and societies and enterprises, somebody else will take them up and that is a competition Europe faces from the rest of the World, I am an Arch Prince because it is my duty to do the morals for everybody but these other goons I am said to have a problem with are twisted in every way and regularly shed any item of compunction in their lives to describe moral people as big ones for social vandalism, squander and violence which nobody knows how they profit from unless the very dichotomy of the nature of people who are possessed with evil spirits is deciphered publicly – meaning it is so obviously that the one thing younger people need to do is work for money, so can understand why people like to think it is amusing when I just get off and start things and then do them while heading nowhere from my position in anyway whatsoever. Those who think that the position of a writer who makes a living by selling Books to people he shares a personal space with is vulnerable to them are mistaken i.e. it is so obvious the one thing younger people need to do is work for money – if people want to buy a Book, then they need to buy a Book and really do have to stop screwing around. In the end the personal issues that make out I do not have the approval of the Queen is a matter of what black women do – some of them have now reached a point these days where they take a look at me and just go away, but the vast majority as still a no can do, will not leave you alone looking for trouble people; so the Court is all White and is quite a handful and I would be a happy bunny if they got lost (we all know it’s good when I am scandalised and abused and finances damaged so celebrated idiots can have a pick at property unprotected but that it is not when I use it to serve the same Celebrities and community goons all together and this is what they are angry about looking for a lesson that will really tell them this is not their own lives or where they live as it were – by the way of which the results of the behaviour that damaged the academic work and finances is merely supposed to be carpets and carpets of clubbing and partying and diplomatic world corruptions full of tyrants sleeping with young girls and chewing snacks spending government funds that lead to gang violence and nothing else and I have no idea which part of an Arch Prince they do fail to understand anyway).