I have heard this new story that I am psycho-active and I would never know anyway but the insults are usually dictionary proficient; I am not psychoactive, it’s a story of trendy wickedness and new evils on account the UK has an Arch Prince, of all the things people could think about spending their time doing as a matter of culture or sub culture – so it produces the worst possible form of popularity destruction and greed which is then fostered and funded by Politicians and set on my finances to play games on a daily basis; they always say the reasons are clear and that I myself know what those reasons are – the rhetorical ‘why’ question but everybody except these fools recognises that there is another side of society that will bother me for doing nothing about it until I lose everything as well and that it is the ace in these sleeves – easily explained away as terrorism and a game of how the State has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. For me personally however, the whole thing can be tiresome since it has to be done when it shows no signs of stopping and this is where the problem of psychoactive begins – where their community croons have seen me exert myself and become tired and need to keep my state of mind in that way permanently until I agree to have sex with them, which does put into context what I mean when they issue those insolent why questions when I never started the conversation about being psychoactive all together myself anyway – more over of which it is usually the best opportunity to corrupt my state provided security setting states of affairs on media that can help them run irregular heart beat TV, wreck my Book sales, chase my anus and penis to ensure people cannot punish them for the destruction and allow their community croons to continue with the sex based abuses thereafter which of course we all know starts every day as early in the day as they possibly can make it and we all know they find it amusing too.

It’s like the story of there not being a right or wrong answer about terrorism when we all know there is a right answer about terrorism i.e. an end to the original provocation that brought about the conflict in the first place and both sides deciding on the basis of a loss of life that has resulted, how their attitude to the provocation is going to change – period. These fools on the other hand have decided the conflict will end on the basis of the provocation of those who refuse to go along with their wishes cause by behaving in such ways as a result of a foolish media that they can run around with and I have no idea what they are waiting for if they are powerful enough to end the conflict without settling the provocation anyway, we can all see the Terrorists are not asking as it were. Point of call being that they know the provocation has created a war at present but it is a provocation they have no plans to stop if they can get off to Middle East Countries to enjoy holidays practicing the provocation that people do not know they find amusing because everybody likes to think they are useless and that those provocation actually cost them their whole lives to come up with. As for me, they say I never speak of my own problems but that has always been a simple case of being seen around government buildings setting off some nonsense about being superior to me and yet every little thing I do about pulling a plug that brings all plans crashing seems to work every single time as well which then proves their point to be correct that they are superior to me; resulting outcome being that they cannot catch me and it will take years to make contact and I will take years to make contact with their stupidities too so now they have to deal with what they cannot see but this is actually where they think they know how to look for trouble and that other people are supposed to come up with an expense to foot the bill for this process thereby providing them a short cut to having the trouble they seek and I am not one such person, they will drag me out of Church for it at full price, nothing less.

So they claim I say these things but pretend I am not mentally disturbed but it is a matter of the fact that because somebody knows where your livelihood is and a controversy over it is possible, then that will become their livelong preoccupation and the purpose will be to see how much fun they can have with a combination of accusations, blame and lots of pity , running along the lines of whether you refuse to have sex with them, refuse to let them do whatever they like, use some freedom and democracy corruptions of involvement to get involved with you and your personal life and so on and it all eventually comes to wasting your years and finances and making you a useless person you need to be in order to talk about civil rights like they do because they are working out how to be important and pretending it gives them a means to practice their evil without punishment, like the destruction you will not pay attention to when civil rights has become more important for instance and when I round that up and make it a comprehensive issue, it never ceases to be a point of black mail and threats and it never ceases to be something I am doing to harm those who work for the interests of the Monarchy and the Queen when I am required to do anything – simply cannot leave people alone as it were.

It’s not a complicated matter for me to deal with me – I mean take terrorism for instance; what happens is that somebody is targeted by another who rips up his life and makes his family pay a heavy price for existing and when he tries to find out the reasons he discovers it is because he is too moral for the liking of his assailants, but every time he turns his back he hears them laughing because they feel it is amusing he thought that was going to be a difficult thing to achieve; so it is always funny until somebody gets shot. In my case however they will join terrorists and kill people because they tried to sell things and make money and became frustrated on account they failed, now people are picking on them as though they owe a debt and on the other it is the fact my activities simplify markets that I am being targeted on claims that belongs to them unless I can defend myself from their power. So people die and that is the reality that causes a snag here but at the end of the day the facts have to be remembered and I am starting them off with the price of stopping it, which always turns out as a price that whole communities have to pay as it were and the bragging about making money at my expense is just a matter of their gang based criminal disobedience and its distant violence towards me; they know I will comb every economy on the planet to ensure the fools that give them lots of popular culture money to play around with do not recover the cash at my expense; it is the source of the confidence that when people make use of my faith they will believe in God for it one way or the other lest they spread an alternative gospel with my stuff.

I don’t know why people do it anyway; western economies are hopelessly dependent on freedom of speech and free access to literature and all that stuff while communist Economies are not; if I told these fools especially the Americans and mostly when female to stop solving my problems as it is far bigger than they are I will have pricked their ego but never the less it is the truth but all together I do like it when the price devised is one where the behaviour gets to stop like whole communities paying prices as it were so people can decide for themselves and stop dishing out crowd justice for those they know will likely harm them for it. They say I mess around with peoples businesses of course which is utter nonsense; equity brokerage led to opening up opportunities that their stupid children should have owned because they work in the Companies applicable and for those who have a special place in my heart, they specifically got off to buy shares in those companies in order to earn the footing to confiscate my Business Empire with a big mouth and so the insults just came to a head especially the ones from their fornicating popular culture wives and kids who must pay for it with my public life too as it were – they all have their own aptitudes especially the idiots with ideas about what I am to fight for and the media fools that give them needed exposure and I am sure that can be handled as well (it's one thing for their adulterous and fornicating wives and kids who enjoy popular culture on peoples public lives to extract money from it and pay for the effects with other peoples fame and public image and quite another when they buy shares in companies to confiscate my business empire – they are only starting to find out how to build one so they might give to the frugal when asked and for a start have their own aptitudes and should be handling that one). The part where the Politicians are the problem is an old story; half will complain about civil rights and the other half will complain about persons such as Margaret Thatcher for instance but change nothing about their behaviour but the US is usually a clearer example i.e. a certain time will come when it is Mo Town and sex galore and then after that civil rights unrest, it depends on which one the government wishes to tilt the general sense of justice in favour of due to their current behaviour – in the UK we do not have that, the Prime Minister can do both at any time, so I need to find the tools and they will stay off my Book sales and clear my space one way or the other.


It’s never true I am losing the industry fight at all; it’s the case where the world will not detach these goons from wickedness they must feel is in place when they drive their cars into the garage but when done, see business that belongs to a Christian Prince and make ownership of it their main preoccupation; no rock bands or pop bands these days for them anymore even though those are playing both sides all together anyway, which does not change the fact what I have said is still a valid argument anyway. They say it is the disillusionment I have caused that is responsible for my misery but clearly of which the literary empire exists to sell my Books and my Books alone otherwise it’s a problem on which I should draw up an objective and set out plans for fulfilling it. They do say it is a fight I am going to lose of course but the reality is not just the insults of lower class older men but the fact things like integration and social cohesion actually hurts their sense of being special and a one off human being and having enough space around them to breathe, so they mess it up and come up with a way of integrating so as to ensure integration hurts others and not them and lies they can tell to ensure others such as white people are the ones that are hurt by integration the most which means they are the ones saying it is a bad thing and that results in a process where they can never be told it is wrong and when told can lead to trouble or they never have to comply – it is not a fight I will lose, they will keep off my Books and public life my way or their own. So on the story of whether or not I gain anything by saying such things on the other hand, the case has always been as simple as the fact it is more a matter of the insults of lower class men especially coming to head, not a case of what I gain from what I say or do – the Politicians and the adultery and the community croons and the getting on government Office to do nothing but rip up my business – just some of the things they really need to refute as it were.

The Politicians of course express their violence around here the most around a tale of my role in Government being that of a stooge but we still all know they have never actually properly described their own role anyway all together so it is easily assumed that they like all these stuff. I mean that if politicians like to threaten me, the suggestive is that they want to know what it feels like to be threatened at home constantly – so if One is not ready to take the plunge unwilling to do things that will show how badly Politicians can be treated there is no need to put up with the abuses which apply a sense that they feel One is a piece of meat and that government Office is quite possible their personal and private property to rip up my livelihood with everyday. So it is immediately terribly amusing and exciting too for since Tony Blair in 2001 government office has continued to mean adopting a disposition that allows you to find out how rich you can get, complete with a process of securing a means of making those who would otherwise have not complain about your stupid successes. So it is always also said it is never clear how Politicians damage my finances but what they do actually is tell Local gangs and gangsters to follow me around being a nuisance in every way especially career wise to a point where their need to extract an income from my Office and Market has become a habit for their stupidities and its popularity culture, it has become the point of the entire body language of the Politicians and a major way of life for these destructive gangs but it is when they claim it happens because I rub shoulders with them that I really lose my temper and stirs that sense I really need to make them drive around those insulting saloon cars in fear too.

For it happens ever so often; where I meet somebody on the streets and because he is wearing a suit and wants to take advantage of the benefits of my faith, his ageism reaches a point already where he clearly wants to beat up a boy and will never talk like that to his stupid children so as to prevent a condition where they become inferior – this is what then develops into government and turns up around my Company everyday with Politicians at the helm. Same old case that it seems to be fine for the Politicians when they have these destructive gangs but bad when others have the killer gangs considering they don’t threaten or take lives as well in the first place and it gets worse because they cannot stop touching people and neither people who are not in gangs nor other gangs are allowed to be, so excuses are invented and people targeted and stories told and lies developed around how much of their activities amount to leadership and then I get pushed by them for rubbing shoulders at Church and Book sales at the Firm, while the cleaning up stupid lives using my Christian temperaments and personal life in order to become criminals that exists outcome of the grasp of the law itself instigated for them by Politicians continues with new ones invented all the time alongside media friends: I am mentioning it because I need to set out the facts that justify why it makes me so angry when they claim it is punishment for rubbing shoulders whereas we all know it can be started from something as simple as the idea I expect them to be democratic lest I come to harm while they provoke me by claiming my role in government is to be a stooge first of all; the benefit of putting it out in public being that they know what their responsibilities are now and whose actions they are responsible for too.

Now the story of my needless friction with businesses is fairly told one but of course we all know that besides the poor parasites that are like the reasonable sectors of the clingy gangs politicians unleash on people especially when black and feel like calling on the crowd over you all the time like some male father figure whore; the reality is still that it is the things I don’t believe are worth paying attention to in my life that are the reasons for the destruction of everything else on account people have an ego – so I am going to start paying attention to it and they need to get off the Book sales and clear my space; there are many reasons for it naturally such as my finances having been checked out and evidence seen there is nothing I can do to defend myself but my personal favourite is that they are so wealthy I wouldn’t mind; so the part I don’t think is worth paying attention to is the one that is responsible for ripping up everything else because people are using it to get rich and the reasons they behave in such ways is that they have already got their own pensions figured out and there is no existence that works like that, not even that of the richest person on earth; they always say I am not going anywhere with it especially the media that is full of real trouble makers that want to be able to lay claims to all I say and do in a very violent way and start to hunt me like I am an animal; so they can keep off my Book sales and let the market decide or I can build them an economic problem custom to that stupid establishment that gets to their heads all the time too. Their business is tucked away safe and mine is being used to determine who is richer and has the most power and this is what they mean I pretend I am dominant to those that are richer and so the need to get off on media to claim what I have done for themselves in order to satisfy a feeling of doing so has led to spying and media based violence and continues to get worse as well – I am not prepared to pay for that short cut that lets them have the trouble they seek, they will pay full price here at all times. It’s never true I have been hemmed in all around – what is true rather is that I am hemmed in for as much as I desire to use others to get my information around and if they want to keep the bit where they turn up around my concerns which of course not doing so is the only way to avoid doing my bidding and at the same time avoid listening to what I say, they will have to blow their ear drums off. It’s still the same old evil reality whereby if they are not busy with a process of making sure Christian wants to say things to people that will improve their lives but cannot until they tell him to and they will when they are in a position to gain from it the most leaving him with mental illness as a result, then that would have given way to the Christian whose finances they have a problem with because it is the only way to hurt him at the faith which has now given rise to a process of showing up on media to live on the outcome of these abuses that allow me to be split away from my own personality so others can claim it and their Politicians can move into my personal life and own it as it was meant for a more important person; so there is no way their disobedience can avoid doing anything I want considering I have their culture and society to that effect. They do speak of my manners and a problem with it but there is nothing wrong with my manners; they assume way too often the right to touch people – I for instance am a very excitable person so it is easy to just go around making me angry all the time which when mixed with my excitability creates a ridiculous character and then that can bring an ill feeling out of people when it is completely needless so I can get touched and punished all the time and this process of making sure they have work to do at all times telling my story is just the start of a resolution and then they can gossip and tell lies and chase my anus and penis with it too. Then they say will say I could do this but allowed people to get about bothering others and wrecking people’s lives but these are all parasites and I cannot distinguish any from the other; however the security is mine and primarily exist so I can ensure a Court behaves otherwise it’s all counterproductive, we are here because politicians want some as well and I think they have the salaries that help them to saloon cars to and from work so they don’t have to walk the streets and allow people the access and levels of it I have to put up with because of them, so firstly they don’t need it and also because its mine and I don’t have to share.


They do say I am so tough but worried about the touching which is the same old case – if I did take that seriously I would be unemployed for another couple years on account I am a threat to the safety and security of entire communities but for the time being I am being groomed into looking like something a teenage peach will want to stab. They do like to say I am mentally disturbed of course and I bet if I stood up in the middle of a street to single out certain homes and sort out their business about distant violence in my direction they would say the same thing but by the time the resulting campaign makes them stop they will be the ones becoming mentally disturbed at the other end because they cannot think normally as a result but for now it’s all yapping and then again as I said they are all parasites and I cannot tell them apart. They do like to say they have all the dominance and I hear that but all they do is insults and violent abuses and a media with which they maintain an atmosphere comprising of my reaction as trophy, when I think about doing the same too, I think of it in terms of their societies and communities and Politics and the Politicians in it considering the effects of their disobedience and the anger and financial loss they cause me every day, hence the advice they need to stay off my Books and clear my space. It is in no way true I never take violence and killings that are happening all around me seriously whereas the truth and reality is that I do but the problem is first the Politicians who do not want me to sell my products because it would have better served a relic that is kept at home for their personal security so because they have it they can do whatever they like and not get killed, that was done, so now I am dealing with random general public instead – imagine a goon who just walks up to you to say that for instance? Yet they could always have bought their own copy and kept it at home as relic instead. They would rather say this is a case of people telling me my Books are too expensive but that just makes me so angry because a piece of affidavit from a Legal Practitioner would set them back between £15 and £20 and they are getting some 300 page packaged equity from me for the same amount including my Autograph which is pretty much the same Affidavit a legal practitioner would give them over what happens to have been their own creation; so it makes me so angry indeed and I am therefore doing the right thing by making sure each provocation is resolved by a means in which they pay the full price for the trouble they want to find, no short cuts – next time, they calculate it better before they start. As for the being asked to help story; in terms of black people the Politicians are now having to deal with the parasites that want to attack you because they are able to find their way around Politics and it is your loss that you cannot as well – while for the whites it’s a matter of getting Christian to turn up at market with products nobody wants to buy failing woefully and now they are holding down my finances again in the most provocative way to explore other options; it is as though they are the ones with power to judge my first impressions and like to pretend I can go somewhere and the touching will wait for me until I return there one day to get touched because of the first impressions that I created there and so on, so now that they do whatever I want alongside the lies and gossiping we have made progress so far, I don’t know how my attitude when I am asked to help will play out but I will make it excruciating too. They say I talk and do nothing and the talking wrecks the reputation of the Country and damages their fame jobs but everybody knows that stopping abusive comedians and celebrities especially the males from showing up at the most expensive neighbourhoods and restaurants in London to continue their spree of abusing me to get rich and pretend it is in their hands to judge and determine my first impression or hold out on ones that I have created in order to punish me for it and determine my behaviour, is not going to sort itself out by itself and I did warn some week ago the guys want a piece of me and they are going to get it too. It’s a matter of travel to an area of the UK, your way of living ends up changing things for others in a positive way in a place you have never set foot in before, so the impression you created will wait until a time when you travel back there again having completely forgotten about what happened the first time and then you will be punished for changing their world; so they do brag there is nothing I can do and cannot stop showing their face at studios where they do my public life or TV where they mock me for it with a big mouth, so that is what I am about to find out as well.

It’s the same old case we have always dealt with i.e. I know if I became a singer I would be rich but of course whilst I don’t want my public life done for me in that way other peoples need it and the blacks are just doing a social service so it becomes a major preoccupation; then there is the accusation of how I change the lives of women they are supposed to dominate as well which excuse for dominating women is largely a matter of conducting the service of helping them on social problems with kids  by helping criminality idiots to fame and fortune with my public life doing all sorts of talent rubbish on media for whole Nations every single year on it looking for trouble; I don’t want it done and that is simple enough. I really don’t know how rich people have to be to make complications for me which suggest this literary empire exists to serve their problems and not sell the Books anyway and I don’t know what I must do to keep them off my Public life and Royal Estate either as long as they have these accusations and a media to run with, so we will just have to put it to the test too; this empire exists only to sell my Books and for nothing else whatsoever and I understand they say I handle their companies too but it’s all good however which they have their own aptitudes and need to handle those considering the equities I handled were their own the last time that we checked it as it were but again this is what it does and the name for it is bullying and this is how bullying works and my reaction is amusing. So like the story of being taught how to be men by Americans which conflicts with a society built on feminism that still does not appear to have educated them what it means when it is said an English Mans home is his own Castle, they do say it is a fight I can never win and I have no idea for my part how rich people have to be to create me and get away with a problem that means my empire exists to serve their needs and problems rather than sell my Books anyway but I suppose I have made myself clear the piece of advice is that they need to get off my Books and clear my space.

There is no getting into trouble with society people happening anywhere near these parts like it has begun to emerge because they are planning the stirring of some extremism on the basis of what I know and how their foolish children can be challenged by it rather than go off to Syria, then when challenged enough with their twisted stupidities, go off to Syria anyway. It will never work since we all know the story of taking up my time with their violent insults to secure privileges that are a function of their age as compared to mine is not something which happens because they are clever people and we all know there will be weeping and wailing really soon down that path they have chosen as well. I need to be left alone by them as we are not mates and contrary to their obvious belief that people can never have enough of them; the truth is that people do really quickly as it were. So far where I stand is that in the US is my inability to tolerate their freedom and social democracies, where Communism is concerned is my inability to tolerate their criminalities which communists do not look into when investing in whatever God forsaken hell hole that they live in most of the time – I need to have them leave me alone as we are not mates. The American ones like to claim I change my story every time I am about to be dealt with for messing with the US but I don’t know why people feel that a story needs to be changed or that a person thinks that changing what he is doing in order to appear to be doing something else will change his lot in a Country where there is a wise saying that suggests that wise guys finish last – the difference with me is that I live in a Country where there is a wise saying too that he for whom the bell tolls should not go outside and if they continue yapping I will start to number their own for them as well really soon. The only reason I would change anything I did would be if I saw it does not have the right effect when I needed to clip industry idiots making profit from a market they did not work for which is actually mine – they however can kill their civil rights scum that will play their games on media to the fullest but crossing over will lead to results as mentioned above. It’s like sexual abuse where the investigations and process being ineffective is perpetually pinned on the Police whereas the reality is that sexual abuse appears to be one of the most prized bully practices of every idiot that turns up in public places or simply has a need to do so in the UK – the result is that those who have been wrongly accused will suffer such mob justice that the crime will be committed many times over, hence you cannot have somebody behave towards you in a way, then go into Court and find out if or not it is sexual abuse because the person’s life will be so destroyed that they will end up suing you and then again if it was sexual abuse, then something has to happen to give you the courage to come forward – I for my part think I have made myself very clear; I don’t care who was fucked as a child, if they threaten me they will open up a whole new kettle of fish and will have their fill of it too. The talk of discrimination that must be settled on my case is simply a grand old story about when you want to end the whispering and gossips and destruction of your public life by twisting them into a corner where you decide what they are thinking and therefore what information they are spreading, their stupidities always means they want to do the same to you as well and start to develop their own ideas about your career but at the end of the day the important point still stick i.e. I know if I become a popular culture idiot considering the nature of my public life, I will be rich but I don’t want to be and don’t want somebody else getting that done with their stupid music studios but apparently once I had made that clear, getting it done will become their main preoccupation which puts a response to forced friendship under the guise of discrimination which is claimed to be one of the most productive activities of social in doubt.