So that tale of whom I am scared of fits right into it – the part where I stand all my time working on what really matters to me and it seems what really matters to them is to build up muscle and turn out to threaten people for it is on this fear their successes depend and the Politicians therefore of aid them with access to people lives; which it has so become thus a matter of whom and or what I am scared of because little has been done about it on my part i.e. the part I have been most concerned with is the one where anybody whose problems have damaged by business and or makes up a problems that remotely does gets a piece of me as well and we have now come to the very pinnacle of that where the story of what I am scared of feeds into activities of CEOs and so it turns out that only popular culture that acts with corruptions of involvement first and then violence later to retain what they have located from people’s lives and personal history especially for the women, that has now reached a point where they are no longer a danger to my Company while it is the Politicians and the Media and the Black people that are the next target and which I will hit really hard indeed and as for the CEOs apparently we now know that it is out of the ordinary to get off and buy shares in companies and make up your own ideas about what the job or business of those who broker equities with them really is, to make up those ideas and then get off to buy shares in companies so that you can take advantage of them as it so on and I have said it before – what remains as it stands is that the racism and the cultural evils and the violence they have built up are things they will handle for the various companies that have employed them as it were and it has nothing to do with me whatsoever, besides which I know my own crowd and they are not it – far from and as for the Politicians it is a matter of a right to work alongside them without having to deal with the evils of their society because we all know they spend international development funds to find trouble makers all over the world and bring them here, then we soon find out the purpose is to set out that a problem created by a black person should be handled by a black person so they can target me but having said that get after my book sales and destroy it – so that these same race and inequality and employment issues are things they are dealing with at government Office for a price of a very handsome pay out but it is the same they have laden with me and have no plans to respect the fact I have to make a living while I deal with it as well hence this idea that they alongside media and black people now exist in a place where going to the Office means hurting them, all appears for them to be some kind of a bluff – I mean it reaches a point where you might take responsibility and when everybody is minding their business including the racists, they will start a story of how those who do not give them what they want need to leave their country and start a game of an amusing engagement of wrecking peoples academic work and finances to run away and keep their own, this is not where the problem is of course, where the problem lies is damage to my Book sales – that crosses a line as it were. More often than not the reality is that they say I make up tales that they sleep with peoples wives which I don’t care if I did but apparently these women who work the system to ruin people’s lives for them by making sure a process where they stand up at public office results in an outcome where other people’s property belongs to everybody that is a member of the general public without reason must have some sexual incentive thereof to give them that sort of loyalty – so neither these fools nor the government office they handle nor the businesses they destroy actually belongs to them but they think they are other peoples bosses and it’s just like their media fools who get involved in the leadership I provide for others, to make out it is a point at which they gather spare resources when they have not worked out properly how to pay their bills, which has eventually driven it to this point where it is a matter of what happens and what doesn’t too. So they do say I think big business is on my side whereas it isn’t – like black people are finding out what it will feel like when I use them to get things done, to this point where they now think they are connected with the Monarchy at my expense; I really don’t care whose side big businesses are on, it is ever such a bad PR when they make use of my products without buying it because they have the money to many times over, at some stage however this behaviour becomes an incentive and people want the products because big businesses need it but are not paying and this is where their fight with me and destruction of my property begins and I think informing them in a grand way that they have their own aptitudes and need to handle that instead is a good start; all together it takes us back to where we started i.e. nothing in the world justifies damaging the Book sales and none of these problems and issues would arise if it weren’t happening. So they speak of my Government duties and it is rather difficult to locate how they detached that from this anyway; they are dealing with the problem including that of Pimp president in the US but I am the one that is not being paid for mine while they are the ones getting paid by the taxpayers, so I am sure they understand damaging the book sales crosses a line as it were – it needs to stop being amusing, it has to stop being amusing. I don’t want anybody doing anymore media and popular culture and politics and slight comments around my public work and anywhere near those Books anymore. They do claim I speak so but take advantage of media and peoples security at their homes and neighbourhoods and even Politics and popular culture to get through to those I want to reach all the time without any payment but everybody else knows I need to protect those I broker equities with from their corruptions of involvement and its insulting corruptibility when if the insults of these kind were not happening the spike in anus and penis insults and a certain pimp president in the US would not have been possible, speaking of which I am not the one complaining when he spies on them – good for him as it were. So there is that tale of course of course I always get about seeking problems to solve concerning which they have enough on media, which does not matter to me in anyway; the next camera man that trains his camera of a journalist in my Court, then abuses them because it is better than taking their job away is neither their employer or manager and most of the time has not got a foggiest clue what he is doing – so it is as though the anus and penis insults can run wild because women have not got their own as well and we need some time for that too all together – these other idiots travelling around the world to find me poverty problems in Africa, war in the middle east and economic issues in Europe are just the same category of shit bags. I take responsibility for the bag relations I have with people around me alright, after all it’s  a  matter of whether or not they have found a Royal Estate to mess about with and cannot keep off the Books even when I tell them messing with that too will create statements for organised criminals. It started off in the usual way and is becoming what it was expected to become i.e. their problems are a function of others having more money which means if they have money too they can do the same to those who don’t have it and ever since they did have the they have not been able to do anything, so it’s one story after another about squander and I don’t want the popularity and the media and the Politics and the culture to be done with reference to me or my public life anymore, it’s just not cost effective and nothing excuses damage to my Book sales. I do understand the part where there is a bit of controversy around my position concerning racism; I have no idea anyway – all I know is that when people see useless people in their Country they fundamentally feel I ought to do something about those because somebody is a politician or works somewhere that ends up being shown on my television, so that it seems this game is their own form of stupidities that they might find amusing too as separate from the racists and none-racists which we could do without especially the part where I might have mentioned they will soon pretend it happens because I wind them up by looking like Royalty and need to be told where I am supposed to be. This is not a matter I would advise I be pushed by them further; what I have done to them so far is a matter of the sense we are either at war with CEOs or we are with Politicians or we are with the Media and of course if I did take some extreme measures with the CEOs over the violent abuses that become the answer for everything, then I will lose the part where they are meant to fight their corner as every idiot that wants to spend money on anything they find is abusive towards me gets to feed the lot with their misery and this is the only reason I have not take extreme measures, it is an acceptable gain but they need to fight their corner and leave me alone far from expect me to take on CEOs while they check their decadence and distract me from my academic work to get famous. The narrative was always quite simple i.e. it was bad in that whenever you create a business, some goons will gather all over it to deploy your creativity to build up some conflict somewhere, so it seems when people broker equities with my Royal Estate they only end up employing CEOs that make things worse, so that it might be a gain in the sense that every fool that wants to spend money on them can do so and build a little conflict they themselves will be caught up in but those abuses in my direction that have become the answer to everything will one day blow up in their faces if their community idiots and society goons and media fools who form the backbone of their sales men and women cannot take a hint. Normally it is not a problem as such anyway; the reality is that either as a corner in the class room which is the typical way to draw attention to the issue or indeed the media, the reality is that they feel they are a law unto themselves and have the right to do things to my body and my feelings and when I voice those concerns it stops a while and then starts all over again, rip up my academic work and ensure they came to no good and kept their eyes firmly fixed on what I am going to be forced to share with them because I have got it; I never pay attention as it is something Politicians like to throw money at all the time, so that it generally exists because Politicians throw money at it but soon they will say I am targeted because I actually look like Royalty which winds them up for they don’t know where to find Royalty if they wish to see one as it were and this is the point where they need to put their money where their mouth is and Politicians need to realise this issue can be handled in the cheapest way yet known to man as it were; so I know that reacting to it gives them more and more and ideas on how to get worse at it rather than stop and that is why I do so; the story about my position on racism endlessly and there will be two aspects to my life and one will belong to somebody else; with a big mouth. I understand when it is said the problem is only getting worse and worse the more I look into it but it isn’t; the reality is that for instance when men live in fear, their idea of dealing with that is to have somebody put through the extreme fear of all fears and probably his bloodshed as well so they can see physical evidence that somebody else has taken care of it in order to feel the inner effects, none of which actually gets rid of the gear as a whole; so it is just a bit of work to ensure nobody whatsoever picks on me and gets away with it because we all know that when you do strip away the semantics and speak to them like human beings about the hurtful nature of their behaviour, it immediately turns into the two ways of getting involved with you, first being nice so that when they tell civil rights tales people will think you are doing the wrong and then leaving with extreme violence and pain for you to ensure you are deterred for chasing them up on anything they have taken from you including your public life and it has got to stop, they are having way too much fun for their own good in my direction and their foolish women are just as guilty, it has got to stop as it were, it’s not a problem that gets worse when I handle it; the rest about making them rich before I can be free of them or getting rid of the Monarchy story they tell etc is collateral damage, that is not the main issue; they are twisted and evil and there is a reason that like to target me that has nothing to do with Politics but has to do with faith and religion, I was always the preferred target whenever bad things happen to them, the target to take transferred aggression on and so on and those tales they tell about my work is indicative of telling me that being strong headed with make things worse with that stupid media salvation that is never going to be enough for that big mouth as it were. So we all hear of the story I mess about with peoples wives of course and it is utter nonsense; first of all when it comes to the celebrities, it is the early days when they are being nice that I will take my price, after that they can turn up and get it alongside their boyfriends if they have the guts for it – the rest are more formal issues like female journalists that earn more than their spouse, whose spouse then have an ego and behave in ways that damage their business especially with respect to me and eventually get to break up the family or relationship and claim I am responsible too but it is the same old story about women who earn more than their husbands being told that their friends will be curetted by their spouse and as for me, they will decide who my friends will be as well and as such they have found out what they should be doing with their wives on account the faces of their wives appear on my TV; the facts and reality is more detached from this fact which when unmentioned means it can grow into something bigger than the idiots who invent them i.e. when we see the abuses camera men levy on female journalists you may even think those are their bosses or spouse but in the end their bosses are the ones they have signed contracts with and would never use such abuses on them more so because it would lead to trouble – so it never before has cast a good image for the Country which is why I opened a section of Court for them considering their husbands are not interested if they can tell me whom to make friends with instead and find out what they could use wife for because I am involved, of which none of it matters as such because they will never ever stop – they will never ever stop being men who make living painful for others in order to make it easy for themselves as cab drivers or as bus drivers or even as male journalists and or popular culture industry fools and I am wrongly cast as somebody who is doing something he will get tired of at some stage as well which has no bearing towards reality – hence I would fancy they keep their insults where people appreciate them and as for their girls, the popular culture vandalism has never really been enough, my Court is still free for all and that will end very well too – we hear lots of noise making about threats in my direction from celebrities these days and I cannot pretend I do not relish it myself too anyway – it gets to a point. I hear they say it is an unsalvageable problem, which of course it isn’t; as I mentioned before what big businesses do generally is make use of my products without paying for them and then eventually people realise they have fallen short of their perfect little lives and others can afford it by buying my products and then the need to ensure I have no income ensues – so that is how it plays out at market but in the real world as a whole the way it plays out is more of their money taking them close to the Royal Family which means no respect for me i.e. I may have come up with a product but what they really want to make use of is my Royal Estate and public life, so they think they are complaining about me at the moment but should imagine what it will be like when I build a public life on it and sell books that way. It’s not a complicated issue I stressed the point that spending their money to ensure they make use of my products without paying for them is what they want to do with their time and their money but when somebody else is interested and they claim the person is not in their league but will now rob shoulders as a result of my products which means I am not entitled to an income is usually when I want to know if they got rich by being so stupid. They like to say I fundamentally avoid the main point which is that Politicians and Media and Black people have a problem with a condition where I am committed to my finances, they always want to put a stoppage and always want to keep an eye on me and set out a distraction and it is all getting more violent too; so now I have mentioned it i.e. everything outside of this Office is the stupidities Politicians spend tax payer funds on and everything inside of it is me being committed to my finances, the next move is their own.


I have no idea why people have become so fond of statements about what Politicians are getting up to and why a reaction that makes me inferior to them is so important; I have continued to make it clear it is not important to me if the government resets the culture for its conservative voter base and it is not important to me if the government cuts benefits, what matters to me is when the government is rather crazy for spending my possessions on the problems of its society just to ensure I am dealing with the same problems for which they are getting paid, then take out my Book sales with social and media vandalism while it chases benefit cuts; I have set out the warning clearly that it creates the idea that getting to the office everyday fundamentally involves hurting Politicians and Media and black people but nothing about it has yet improved and it is rather impossible to make sense of the aspect of it that they may have found amusing. I am only saying it’s all gimmicks and games and fun and I don’t want to see it around my public life and office anymore and have no wish to tolerate the stupid celebrities doing things in its direction as well all together – after all when push comes to shove, the recession is over and they have not paid a penny for the products anyway, what we hear is that I need a mandate and that makes it even more annoying as it shows they understand my point clearer than most ordinary people do i.e. if I saw homeless people and helped them it does not mean the government doesn’t help homeless people, just that the government likes to spend my property helping homeless people to put me in a place where I am dealing with the problems for which they are getting paid completely free of charge, then set about taking away my income with social vandalism and media by damaging the Book sales to ensure I am not being paid at all for the actual job that I do and this is why the gimmicks are so annoying i.e. it’s not just damage, it’s a process of spending my possessions on the problems first which ensures what they are paid to do is the same I am doing for society free of charge before they take an extra step to get after the income and damage the product. I have never said it was a problem for me, they mentioned something about what the government is doing and why I needed to react – we all know rich people like to set out the wrong impression about my products by making use of them without paying for them and then when people see they have all the money but think payment is not worth it, they follow and then when somebody else thinks that buying this stuff puts them in the same degree as rich people, the fight starts, leaving me with the prognosis they got rich by being so stupid and like I said I am fed up with seeing the gimmicks turn up around my Office, products  and public life

The story of how nothing I do is heading anywhere is of course pure myth; it’s the ability to sit down at home and protect your public life from block heads and their celebrities where are an example of the stupidities Politicians spend tax payer funds on. I am now doing so well I don’t have to contend with their violent backbiting and gossiping because they are more spent out there passing around my information instead and the only way that they can get out of it is to burst those stupid ear drums. It’s like that gimmick of how I get to interfere with businesses that belong to women; where no matter how old and how much of a family creep an idiot may be, she still gets out of bed to find men that will collect my career for her on being able to scare me into doing so and shows her stupid face around my public for it at advertisement and wants to do it every day, thinking she is famous too; apparently the Politicians and their goons at Industry and Media have not been making profits after investing them for this and we have not heard the end of the story or enough of it as far as I am concerned too. So we hear I have been constrained which is utter nonsense, there is no such thing happening – reality is when Government has to perform an act of positive discrimination and the usual way it happens is that none whites lay down popular culture pipelines on peoples personal lives claiming there is poverty and when the government does positive discrimination the fall out leads to racism and murder and the government has to do positive discrimination for none white communities as well but in my case they have just started positive discrimination against the moral and law abiding which means that criminals and those who practice criminalities as second nature to ensure they can evade the law get preferential treatment and bad as that may be they then decide they want to spend my positions on the problems they are dealing with and take the extra steps of wrecking my finances, then turn up to show their face in public and tell me I will get into trouble for looking into their status as a nuisance which is what criminals and those who practice criminality do and this is a fact that needs to be set out because what I will do to them will look nothing like the idiots they like to mess with get up to.

So it is always said I am very unpredictable for the Consumers and Investors which is not really the case - the truth is that people are just really destructive towards the markets for the Firm and love to garnish their activities with excuses such as those at the top feeling the pressure but we all know its villains locating a nice little earner they can abuse for quick millions and its rather difficult to settle why exactly they need to be so destructive: it’s never been a problem only that every brokerage makes less sense for each public appearance because there fools are making their money and have got people with problems all lined up - hence the story of me being unpredictable for customers and investors alike and the real issue being the question of why they are so destructive and more so with their stupid media and civil rights populous politics after which they brag as soon as they get rich enough to sit somewhere and sip expensive drinks and enjoy nice Holiday scenes being as abusive as possible to pass on the baton to somebody else looking for more trouble.

Now they do say my problem stems from my lack of regard for homosexuals which means I get into any issue concerning them to look for trouble and there is no shred of truth to this attached whatsoever; I mean what have I said about homosexuals anyway, that they have always considered having children to be an added complication to an already complicated life that pushes them into homosexuality to overhaul society and seek an easy way out that allows them to feel decadent and so on, that they have begun to seek out IVF methods of having children because they are looking for trouble and it did stem from the fact when I say I am not homosexual they do not think what I say matters so they get the feeling anyway, such that when I get Christian feelings from them and make a state of affairs out of it as well they want children to escalate it after going off to get the Politicians to update their gay pride for them? That the fact they are having IVF babies these days is probably heading somewhere? That saying these things is getting me into trouble?

The way it works is rather far more complicated i.e. you have to set out leadership that means a new person comes into the world and ends up behaving like you for a certain period of years and when the time is right set out another leadership in which you aid them and watch them go out to be their own person in the world and besides finding the money for all these things you have to do the school run which is part of it and pay the fees which is all part of it and have to fit all of it into 18 years which is all part of the most difficult bit but when you are a man there is another leadership to be set out for looking after your wife and then when you are a woman another set out for looking after your husband; so it is very tough out there and all these variables homosexuals bring up like everything concerning the games fools like these play to ensure they are seeking easy life at other peoples expense is very provocative – I always wait until they think I have got more and set off to manufacture their own complications besides the ones they came in with uninvited and then it kicks off and will never end until I win my bit as well.

They however say the provocation lies with things I do alongside women that are older than me but that is a matter of supporting those women who then support me while I complete my academic work and look out for my office and people have to have such a low opinion of others to deploy it in their own right on one hand and then on the other spread stories of people having sex with older women when it is about the leadership of their victims instead. Another part of the story of how I provoke them of course being the bit where I get the local communities all very well informed about absolutely everything I get up to, which makes no sense whatsoever; yes I do get the local communities that like to respond to their media gossips because it is full of stupid people that they love to deploy to threaten me, informed of all I do because it is an insurance Policy; when people gasp as to why anybody would allow them deploy his public life to get famous and I have to show myself as the goon that is clearly responsible for that and it turns out people see physical evidence if they ever had a doubt that the person who does and says the things I do and say cannot be any older than 40 or younger than 30 years of age and it therefore makes sense about their stupidities when it comes to career piracy and so on since the younger ones will take it over when they have had the training and the older ones will take it over when they borrow the youth and strength to from somewhere.

So that when they tell me that what I say and do have nothing to with major Political business such as National budget statements by the chancellor it does not make any sense whatsoever; these are idiots that go into the education system to play out certain things that you would never have imagined if you were given a sense of imagination to in the first place i.e. the Politicians set out their idiots who are lecturers that are more interested in telling students they prefer the way things are done in the US to the way things are done in the UK rather than teach the bloody subject so people can pillage my aptitudes to make their own career and they can get to mock my grades and improve a socialist standing and lifestyle, then you have the students that had worked it out pillaging my academic work just so they can qualify, have me drop out and end up in depression pills while they go off to become professor escorts and whores, the result of course being a Labour Party that says the Government has planned a budget that is scarcely credible because the budget has been designed in such a way that it dismantles nice little earners built to rip up the lives of young people to make socialist idiots rich and what they mean by scarcely credible is that it does not do anything for their part members who own such nice little earners, the Conservatives on the other hand are happy to allow a certain fraction of what they do benefit the Country as a whole, so where what I think about the budget was necessary will never be obvious but we all know their perspective of the way things operate and mine are very different in the sense that they are happy to go into Universities to become professors that work as escorts for business men in the Hotel and Leisure Industries while I end up in the University because I want to secure a qualification that allows me the means to make myself financially comfortable along two premises, one of them being the process of working for somebody else and the other being the process of working for myself and if I need a qualification just for a job there are colleges, one for every borough in the UK there are as it were – so that people do not especially when they are black and stupid as can be turn up at Greenwich to rip up my academic work on account I was studying there and they were attracted, only to turn out in public places and blow their big mouth at me all the time without consequences, I am only going through the facts since we all know what the outcome of the first occasion was and they need to be briefed about what a repeat performance will produce too; it does get to that stage where you have to decide anything that makes them so prickly need be no more  - all I can say for my part however is that the way it works is that if you sell Mobile Phones, what a customer expects is to see a nice cut suit on a well trim fellow serving them and it does not matter if your wife died the day before; you have the products and they are there to be served and the environment has to be right and I intend to ensure the ones I build for my books are maintained as well especially secure from black people as it were and they might want to lay off the anus and penis insults bit lest it makes things a lot worse than they could possibly handle; reality is that they are stupid and not a lot of people get to tell them that, reasons of which I can understand but it is becoming a problem for me all together as well. My problem will be settled when it has become a way of life that not everybody was meant to be rich or famous or both but people will still have to have jobs and carry on anyway never the less - the party is clearly over complete with features such as an economic crisis and I will make their journey there are painful as they make mine in every way offered up - I do not see how their professional deviance and tourism backgrounds have more to do with the Budget than anything I have said now or said at the Office and of course the part about living in such ways as tends to suggest to people I would like to be homosexual is something their Politicians help them with when they are done complaining about civil rights to rip up people’s lives and possessions to get rich and become a fully paid up part of the shenanigans.

Of course I understand I am in a state of poverty which I refuse to accept is caused by those I pretend to love which is utter nonsense; these idiots and their secret questions about their wickedness are the only damage to my livelihood which is happening here and it is all broken into three areas – one of which is my lack of commitment to my finances right up to this point, the other which is their politicians and the need to deploy treasury resources to wreck my finances and the third is their corruptions of involvement with popular culture vandalism-squander and decadence – how I could be labelled impoverished when all three have been unable to destroy my finances all together is not exactly clear but what is, is that I have now taken revenge for the state of squander and destruction of my finances which ensued because I went to the University and the next time I get off to that we will see them show their face again and the story will be very different indeed too. I don’t mind how I dare them to things which make them do bad things with that big mouth either – it’s just another assumption everybody has time for them or a boundless ability to tolerate their loutish lascivious nonsense.

They do say I court a lot of trouble with my attitude too of course and I wouldn’t know anyway; I cannot breathe around here because my living and livelihood depends on the next answer I will supply concerning a wickedness that has been done me which I do not yet know, as reported by the media who basically claim they own and control me: so what I am saying is that the CEOs that are friends of theirs think they should provide public leadership which means people can make use of an deploy my Books without paying for them when their exist route whereby they leave me alone and keep out of my livelihood stares them in the face all the time, their explanation is that they are the ones with enough money to get around with the Royal Family hence they are expecting me to sell it to them at the very least with that big mouth – while for the media, I can run through a five hours speech about how their activities in the last 12 hours has completely destroyed this year’s stock and revenue for my Books and once the speech has ended they will give me a ten second break and start again only with a different journalist – so this is the trouble I court as it were and that is why I like to explain it too by drawing from the analogy of kissing wives and kids goodbye and getting to their stupid offices to do these things, which is the best way to measure their double lives. I hear all the time I am in an uphill struggle but it isn’t – the one that comes to mind the most often is the part where their children are stupid and then given time to go to academic institutions and understand investment to mean playing out stupidities of theirs on peoples personal lives to make popular culture fame and fortune is what actually indicates they are getting a lot of respect – as for me, the way it works is the one where my version of success about which they need my earnings more than I do is a sight they cannot tolerate and then a stupid girl will walk behind me and finger my bum as a fantasy that is so intense I can feel it and walk past me looking like it has no clue whatsoever because of course the next thing she will be able to do is to get into an academic institution and collect knowledge from there to make a living with which these idiots will consider to be respectful but the problem is always when they cross their own lives and start to handle me as well because they do not have to respect any of it – they simply have to do it, and if they are older than I am it is almost like second nature; so Americans might be tolerant of them and their social democracies and social freedoms and all that crap we have to put up with alright for a start but it does not mean they can mess with me and get away with it either – it is not an uphill struggle in anyway, they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak. What we hear from it endlessly is that it’s all the common man working his disobedience on which his survival depends but on one hand I am a Christian and therefore know they have a strange relationship with money and the usual outcome is that they become so frustrated that they are unable to gather their strength and work for any which is where how it was a problem for other people while they get violent was invented – damaging my Books and my Public personality to chase these dreams of theirs crosses a line all the time and my actions are not hurting badly enough yet the uphill struggle with a big mouth. We all know it reaches that stage where they need that money so badly but cannot use their own knowledge and their own lives and their own personal lives and their own public lives to do it because they have got mine to play around with for instance and then there is the connection they want to make with media and with top industry goons and with celebrities and with popular culture by it which is how the story of me in an uphill struggle comes about and of course there is really no such thing. So far lesson learnt is more about the favours they do me keeping their stupid violent kids under control which is an insult that never seems to locate its level as it were – so they now know worse case will be that those goons become gangs who steal money then buy produces from my local grocery either way like all other legitimate customers and I know they will assume grocery cannot hurt people as well so the bragging will no doubt continue not hurting badly enough yet as it were. The media ones say I sit about getting used to learning about other people’s way of life without permission and now I think it is a job as well but that is actually the idiots living with the misery of getting everybody to think all I own right up to personal life and aptitudes actually belongs to everybody, the fall out as it were of all they have had to do to that effect – so the problem now is that great old story where all I have will be shared and when I am on the left then they should own what is on the right and when I am on the right then they should own what is on the left none of which will end as well as they have claimed it will too. I am not at all nudged by it – it’s the same story; insane and money is at the heart of their madness, so they have to deploy my public image and person and family life, they have to deploy my work and what I know to make money – with it they can then make connections with popular culture and media and celebrities and politicians; so they are fighting for their lives as we speak and need to cling to me like so just to survive and it is as I have mentioned before the importance of telling these lies they tell i.e. their lives depend on it so they have to keep telling more; it’s like the story of all I complain about being a function of what women get up to when they feel like hurting and bullying me but it’s the same old story about black women with men behind them that can have me beaten up so a girl that needs money to feel comfortable can have my career – they think I have been groomed into something that will never think they should be dead like the last person they messed with, whose case they are trying to get out of in order to get involved with me whether I like it or not with that big mouth; at the end of the day you can never do well academically when you spend time sleeping with peoples grandmothers in your neighbourhood, so if it is inflicted on you as a made up story at the highest levels of government it should be alright for the lower classes to just leave me alone and it does not matter what they think I am or not. It’s like a day ago I came across this article that mentioned something about a question as per whether women should shave their facial hair at all and I could never tear myself away from amusement with it anyway: since if I were a woman then I would respond by saying I would have stopped shaving but it’s their attitude that causes my present state of mind, which is a really difficult conflict to resolve – but I am not, so I am a man and therefore have to ask considering they do my own as well all the time pretending this is school and that the stakes are therefore not high up there and they can always mess with people as it were, whether they have wives with beard on their faces and how they knew what they were talking about, above all being that it seems when women shave they are doing it for them as it were. I mean the other ones who are likely to give birth to Children that will become racists to kill people and make them feel special on the other hand are the ones about whom they would never understand who tells them to take up the task of teaching children the correct way to lead their lives no matter how much it hurts and that is how they find their way onto media and Industry and do nothing but employ would be criminals who will then get about bullying people to sell products and then you notice that every little business you set up has a product of theirs plugged in uninvited with media which is where the problem starts and they need to be told to stop widening that earnings gap unless they are looking for trouble as it were but it’s the same old tale where media bosses will claim they are the best thing that happened to the world, yet set out to give these goons these access they seek in every single turn. They are trying to find out if their powers of publicity can be used to create wealth inequality as well you see and that is why it is impossible to get to the office without them doing something to inform and incite community idiots with needs all over the neighbourhood and it feeds into the process of exploring the importance of wealth inequality which is where we are going here as well – it’s sort of that we are in positions of governance we have reached a point in history where we need to do better and this is why people have to be informed about it all together too. It’s like their version of reality where I write my Books about their stupidities and they want to determine what my customer service provisions are or should be like but it is actually the products and not the customer service provision – so that it should be easy to see why I find it comfortable to locate where these trouble maker CEOs are and why I am able to do what I want to do about it too. I mean if I walk down the neighbourhoods there is a sense this idiots have gotten used to that there is a right to touch me attached to the fact they are older than me and have a need to have money and if I acted on that so I stopped becoming a target for bullying, then I will end up cutting up that stupid culture and society each and every time they put it in my face because of course the arguments are being done away with i.e. they don’t do it because they are stupid and find it amusing or feel it is how their time should be spent, they do it because they are powerful and Politicians and media will buy in etc. It’s never really been a grand case as such – same old tale of idiots that will not mind murdering others to grab the perks of their Office: so in my case the books are written and published and patented and without their opinions being required they had taken up a campaign of making sure that they turn up on theatres and media to ensure that the careers of ugly people that don’t go along with world trends have been taken over by those who never work for anything they own and the owners have been informed their career has always been done and so I like to say this is not the 1980s and if they realised I am in my 30s and got all the hell from them that I will ever get to tolerate as  a Child they would think differently about how I will react to any occasion in which I am being put in an unnatural position; so I have created a sequence of events so far that interlock and create an outcome where every damage Politicians and Media and black people do to my finances is a corresponding damage to their stupid lifestyles, frequency of this behaviour therefore determines how much damage to that stupid perspective on my left hand side I have no plans to tolerate will remain first of all and then it will also determine if the damage is permanent too depending on how long they are seen regularly turning up around my concerns – they however have upped their game as well by securing a way of damaging me through sodomy and I think I need to up my game, somebody needs to get seriously hurt. It’s the same old tale we are used to – whenever Politicians do positive discrimination they get the wrong end of the stick at all times and what people don’t realise is that they do what they do because they do not know what they should be doing to do it better, however the problem they have is with the leadership of those who do such as myself and now they are making noise about drawing blood when they have not yet suffered enough as we can all see they do know what they are doing after all and deserve everything they get for it too. It’s as though I pretend others are not moral people – moral like the civil rights movements of the 80s and 90s that is they mean and all through the reasons they don’t think they deserved to be treated the way they were is that they don’t know what they have not be taught and their big problem is with my leadership which is actually relevant to others and not to them don’t ask me why, the same story and the same pattern over and over and over. The Marvin Gaye stereotypes and that thing you did was done by them already to please a crowd that paid them for it which now makes it their own permanently and you need to get lost before you are hurt and over and over and over; so you are a normal person except their involvement creates that part where you are angry being  kept up permanently while the part where you are not becomes the life somebody else is practicing to ensure it becomes his own and this is the sort of stuff I mean when I inform them it is not the 1980s at this point at all – hat their stupid perspective damages my academic work and leaves me years unemployed but they cannot keep it away from me especially on that stupid media they can play around with too. So it’s also like the tale of how I got everything right and then set about unpicking it which made it wrong just like what The Queen and Monarchy thinks about me; which is utter nonsense since it is clearly not the Media that will decide what The Queen and Monarchy thinks about me anyway besides which Black people turn up at the Monarchy on my account and I understand what my role and task to that effect is anyway. As for the case of jumping from one responsibility to another, there is really no such thing around here; what there is, is the great old stuff where Muslim or black person for instance meets white person, so he does not want to talk with or get along with white person like a normal human being of course because he is a twisted up tight discriminative bastard, so he has to find a way to invent his own version of integration which means he comes out of the process unscathed while white person gets all the hurting from an integration that he does not like in a Country where there really are a lot of white people as such everywhere you go and then the real problem begins when they need to tell others how to conduct a living to make them comfortable and bring along their fellow white popular culture creeps to that effect as well – they do it to a point where even the Police is wrong and they are right on account tolerance is an ideal in the society – so clearly it was never a problem that would take more than five minutes to resolve as such anyway, it is not the 1980s.  They always say I would never speak to people in my African culture the way I do here and its utter nonsense; nobody in my African culture would play a game of familiarity with me that ends with finding out what I am doing and hurting me to ensure that they get to keep it as their own several times in every given Hour every single day for years without consequences – and I mean nobody would do it (they have found another African culture to get stuck in whereas what they call civil rights is what people in Africa get into a lot of trouble for because it is seen as robbery working so hard it finds another way which then allows it to operate above the law).


I do hear the story of me being a low achiever, I am not saying I don’t but it does not actually matter as much as the fact do – these are all things that should have been dealt with lest they ripped up my academic work but I thought I could look into it part time while I studied, which was not to be the case anyway as it got more intense and even more violent as people got off the Office and Resident of Prime Minister and state funded entourage to chase me around and exacerbate it and so I ended up dropping out but since I had finished the Books and put them out there at the market place never the less and of course the next time I get to University and they mess with my academics there will be war and I don’t care what they think it means either. Like the story of how I think I can take on the journalists but I really cannot; so it is all as simple as it has always been i.e. you may want to tell a journalist that thinks you believe you can take him when you cannot, that his behaviour towards your livelihood in the last 24 hours has just destroyed all of last year’s takings but he has no plans to change it if he and other industry fools that are girls in popular culture and fashion can then realise their strengths and invent their own inequality that is full of civil disobedience to that effect, that says there is many times a reward to be extracted from my work for every single progress I make from the damage they have caused and show themselves all over media for it causing me more problems, can ensure many people join in and have the fun instead and the accusation for it all is made up as they go along because of their sense of freedom. It is the Politician ones I want to teach a lesson they will never forget all together – they are the ones that started this whole game of positive discrimination in favour of the immoral and law breaking people who have had attention and fame stolen from them by the moral and law abiding while they tell me I am a really massive one and sweeter when stolen so the gospel needs to be stifled and I better cooperate lest I get into even bigger trouble with a big mouth; so we will find out if abdicating the responsibility of race relations in favour of this means that the problem does not get worse, however for my part, they do say they abdicated it because race relations is really difficult but while I look into it and they do as well, they are the ones getting paid and I the one not getting paid, and so they decide the best way to deal with the trouble makers is to get them onto benefits and then spend my literary empire coming up with education packages for them, which may have been the right thing to do but will see them take the extra step of ruining my book sales and making out I am not entitled to an income which does cross that line as it were – so they are looking for trouble when they work on media and I intend to groom them for it too and the Politicians need to argue with the criminals not me. The journalists do say I rub shoulders with them too of course which is utter rubbish – they are not good for academic work and they are not good for Church stuff, so it is not clear why I would anyway; all I know is that it has been this way, their way for 15 years so far and nobody really is that patient.  I know they say I have dug a hole for myself which isn’t true: the reality is that they are a very twisted group of gangs that seem to enjoy this process of getting killed by other gangs – their game is to target others who do not belong in gangs but then have what they do not have and by the way of which those who think the Bible lies about their alternative lifestyles and the reason for it need to prove it too – I can do what I am doing for my bit over and over and over and over and over because I know what I believe it to be true; here they say I sound like an African Godly fool but of course I don’t care for a start anyway, even though I can easily dispute that it sounds stupid to me that people should tell me that a God whose face I have been privileged to see several times actually does not exist because they have opinions and conduct stupidities that Politicians spend taxes on, it is not supposed to be personal proving God does not exist by saying so anyway; but I know the Bible is not lying about the fact they can easily step out of their homes and go lay and wait for another man’s blood and are always ever happy to be miserable, put themselves on the line so that they might be able to drag people into hot water and get out of it before it boils – so they really don’t like people like me who make it impossible for them to get out or trap anybody that does not wish to be and their desire for media and popular culture has therefore reached fever pitch and I only have some more work to do. They do say I use religion and God as answer for everything which I don’t; it’s the old story journalist was born somewhere to somebody and came from somewhere and is heading somewhere but because she is female the whole prognosis of that needs to be explored and exploited everyday and it’s the same they do to me all the time and issue threats telling me all I have will be shared so others might be superior to me before I am allowed to earn a living and yet if we checked the title and contents of the Books they are complaining about which I have written, we will see why that yet again is such a bad idea as it were – however they find it amusing for their part, they say its power and it has always been an issue of power all along anyway so I completely agree but this is by far not the worst that I can do and if they mess my academic work again there will be  a war with journalists involving me in this Country. It’s like their local communities where before they complain the entire neighbourhood is of an atmosphere that says every old fart can touch me if he or she wanted because I am a harmless guy that makes them nervous and that stirs in them a sense of power and violence and intolerance. It’s as I mentioned earlier, I am not Royalty and if they want Royalty they know where to find them as it were – that excuse that people look like Royalty and therefore provoke them is never good enough and I will not think the excuse they were expecting a piece of advice when I want my revenge will be good enough either as it were but then again I am Royalty so it could be right for them to pick on me, so we will never be able to determine what their problem really is anyway  - so I am done with it and the Politicians can always spend whatever they want to spend on it too. These days we see they are ever so keen to talk about my physical appearance and even hygiene and it is not unusual for idiots that believe only they got to wear some socks in school and like to look like the persons he drew and coloured in on our texts books when we were children but then again I like to keep myself unkempt at home because it reduced their industrial connections considering I can never quite get myself to be as filthy as they actually are especially on the inside and what I do outside is always taken up by the Court on Media, so the support there is okay and all is well contrary to what they may make of the tone of my writings – so the Books were never the service, they were the products.