The problem with politicians is that I have been chosen by them to become the trustee of all their wickedness and evil, I use these incredibly risky word of trustee of their wickedness and evil in the need to find descriptions for things that should stay hidden but those who are responsible for making sure they stay that way are said to be responsible for bringing them out into the open at the same time as a follow on from the idea some people have got absolute control of their lives. Since we want to be at our best when we are courting others to our products, the reason being that the only need there is in these is to explain away as something else their violent greed and unsecured vanities. The fact that I share my Empire and Intellectual property with businesses all over the world my work has been fraught with problems thereof which is where the development of violence on their part comes from: From the heresy of claiming they are God when they realise that each time they are disobedient and destructive seeking freedom and civil rights in my personal life while comparing me to rich people and trying to have access to the lives of any one of those they can lay their hands on, I settle in on what the Bible teaches me according to the words of Christ which commands all Christians never to worry about anything, so that when I am thankful to God for everyday that comes and goes they take the praise for that because of what is perceived in the public sphere and I become depressed and paranoid while they refuse to repent of doing so and give me a break:-thus it is at the point where they attack producers, Financial systems and establishments and Manufacturers when they use and for using my intellectual property that is the most I can tolerate. From what I gather, the reason for it is to stick it at those who are richer than them because they are not lazy for their part. Particularly those of them who use their political position to press for compromise between me and their trouble makers which is a stupid convenience that I cannot afford and they are unwilling to pay for, then feign ignorance when they are finished doing so like the New American President and British Socialist Politicians do.


So in speaking of that which is important to market, its stability and the economy and the nature of prices in the market which we must control and do so with force if we must to protect the vulnerable who are because they spend most of their energy getting what they need by legally lawful means, thereby securing the continuity of economic stability, we are not protectionist in Europe and in the United Kingdom especially; first it is important to note these people have feet and do move around a lot and then also important to note we have simple had our markets in a way 'dis-virgined' before we get there constantly by people who simply set eyes on us and begin to choose vanities that will enable them to as time progresses, thereafter consider themselves to be more worthy to exist or walk this planet than we do when they do not have money that can fix their problems and although they want to control people’s lives when they have any it is not enough for two. The correct word is that we have suffered one of the most violent industrial espionage ever in history which is so vicious it applies itself openly and globally on us and if politicians who are at the heart of it must either pervade the purpose of their job to take care of them and give them certain advantages they need over us or press on with the job of the British Arch Prince being regarded as becoming the trustee of all their wickedness and all else that is associated with it, then we have got a problem in the sense that they just got there by having gained a history of abusing us and our human rights because each time we work for anything half of it is supposed to be theirs which is something we have never agreed to do, hence the health issues which in actual fact really should be the next issue in question.

It is not protectionist to consider in the circumstances that I must defend myself and those who use my products by forcing them to do something useful with their lives which robs them of the freedom of be superior which in actual fact is convenient for me and my people that they lose it-the politicians who support them to find them unfair advantages in other people’s lives and obscene interests in the international affairs of the nation remaining the prime target as they have always been for me. The argument there is, is simply that they will not face any of the things which cause them to claim somebody has made them inferior in a way they can never recover from and since the feeling will last for eternity thereof become extremists and killer, if they leave my job my work, my personal life and income alone: in well placed terms here, "if they leave my books and the market for them alone" especially so if they are serving somebody else.

With respect to my position and condition when I say these things, I must mention that I am not a victim; on the contrary-some are just very angry that I exist and so am I in the need to survive that they exist in the way they do because I exist. I have no explanations for this and do not seek out one as my experience has proven there never is one-just something inside of me and something inside of them. I know that they are pure evil because they want to do it all the time, I know that I don't think about evil so I am not evil, do I must be good. Like my work and everything we do on both sides show, we work in an exact and opposite direction none of which is or is supposed to have been the business of twisted Politicians (just the way people live their lives outside the leadership of other human beings except they want to get corrupt and we all know what problems come with doing so for which they want to use my work without paying for etc) especially those of them that want to be glorified with the rites of leading the outcomes of the struggle between good and evil-but except of course that they are part of the game and always ensure they choose the powerful side which is an act of evil in itself but they feel deceives everybody and will be covered up with my work while I am prevented from earning money from it so they can keep it that way. In which case it is not clear what messages they are sending and I cannot especially for what any debates are worth trust them. So they will all simply do their own part of the work that they must to earn their own wages-as my career is already established as precisely that since every other means of securing peace and normalcy has been made to fail, regardless of what I have got and I will never stop fighting the politicians that help them get away with things.

Updates 12/10/2014 - still making sense of the culture and the Industry fools that had lost to it in personality competition with other peoples Princes


I hear it is said that I am always seen being responsible for stifling other peoples freedoms and that for the Muslims especially, Islamic terrorists will target the UK and more so myself because of it; I wouldn’t mind anyway for my part, as we all know that if you come from Africa in Origin, are a Christian and live in the UK, there is likely to be matters of which there is lesser and lesser grounds in common between you and a Muslim that comes from the Middle East and lives in UK but apparently they always have their own worked out and think chasing my penis and my anus is not just something that is their right because they are superior to me but is a matter of what they should be able to use my presence and temperaments for which creates the sense nobody knows why it is when they bang the doors of their cars to assert their will over me it tends to work and that they know exactly what they are doing as well especially when we start to hear them speak of promiscuity, none of which bothers me that much as we have reached a point where they are terrified of me too hence the tales we have begun to hear about me getting into trouble with Islamic extremists which I believe they should invite to the UK and then tell us about when the Terrorists get here if they are mad enough too.

People can say I am always found at the enmity of people freedom all the time and like to pretend all these revolutions and deaths that accompany them have nothing to do with me when I have actually not said so myself – what I have rather said myself is that not enough of them have died yet and wish to follow that on with the fact that not enough of them dead would be enough to get me into trouble as well because they have a real problem with listening to what others are saying to them especially over what they want happening on their own possessions or not. I am very well within my rights for these things; we are talking about me and my Court for example and how peoples girls and popular culture become the biggest beneficiaries of what I do with them because of what men and do and undo with others to make of which there has not been an accountability as at yet about exactly which point it is that men got that deep into my concerns in the first place, we are talking about settling my books and raising funds for an outing only to find that guy who takes photos of high profile fashion gurus and likes to claim I sleep with rich women thereby taking them away from those who really own them and wrecking people’s lives and hence need to be taught a lesson, has swooped in and spent everything along with his fashion girls especially the Americans which does make you feel that if they touch the leverage of your company one more time you will be forced to show them what you are made of as well, be it that old stubbornness of the need to peddle the renaissance of a Royal to make good sweeter to people and sell things by customer service to get rich at high places or not and then there is my party piece mostly concerned with how I become a filial waste because men over power me and deploy my possessions for the benefit of those who are not my children right down to my energies and so on. They never ever listen and it is in this they think I am unaware that the wars are not unconnected with me – I mean they are in the first place so stupid that when an idiot handles my books and makes noise about living in the US which is a free country where he can practice all the Satanism that he wants and then stirs them a little bit they sing like a bird and like to pretend they want to find out what will get me into trouble as well or that enough of them losing their lives can accomplish that anyway.

I have never really considered them a problem, it’s just that they have raised the issue; where we are at this stage is the point where twisted evil scum are still talking about their ability to manipulate me right down to keeping my head at the Royal Estate 24/7 because they are trying to pressure me and spend it all on themselves, so that it applies that when the media reports have been made to create a certain trend to that effect nothing I do can save me from having my possessions and entire life spent my them, all of which has no basis on reality and has only led to the outcome that was always expected i.e. not enough of them have died yet, that needs to happen first to shut them up and then as a result of which it will cease to be funny before we can start to move into the other item of them the free people and their enmity towards me and my Royal Office, then we can get to the part where I pay a price for their deaths which is what they are talking about at present with that big mouth; so it is still funny and media still controls every aspects of my life, they are still addressing me as insolently as possible, hence we are nowhere near the part where they had become serious enough to settle up on them and their freedom on one hand versus me and my Office on the other because these things do get to a point even when we know what it was all about in the first place i.e. for them the Country is not enough and never will be and hence there is always a price I can pay to ensure that they are able to enjoy the feelings of freedom that they want to have and so everything as a result to them is a toy until it is not anymore and that is usually when they are dead – so at the moment there isn’t a gun in my hand in a condition where I am asking people what portion was their own in the first place or whether how their own is, is as they have taken as it were because of this behaviour and the trend with it on that stupid media.

I am not an illiterate, that is just one of many excuses, there are several more and that may include how I handle their culture – the culture I handle of which is mostly about how pop spends my Royal Office to deal with problems from Africa and western corruptions that it will then get into friendship with to dominate me later thereby creating the powers of women and we hear them boast all the time about how I am making them get worse and worse by using my Office that they have already deployed in such ways to get things done anyway – we hear that before we hear the complains when we are nowhere near the part in which I am to pay any price for anything at all in the first place, we hear them complain so early. The part about my literacy being that every single attempt at an academic pursuit creates two results only and one of those exposes realities at the Royal Estate while the other tells them my career direction and they were always ever so good at working in groups to threaten me and talk nonsense about how I am only good at war when we simply cannot tell the difference anyway but is an argument they put up when you want to teach them a lesson and have already started by stripping them of the pack mentality so you can beat it out of them as well – the result is that I now have to handle everything together; office, finances, academics and even so they still are able to create me cracks and work media vandalism then talk nonsense about their own deaths. These idiots have forgotten how to work for money, forgotten how to get jobs because they have my Office to cling to and it is going to end really badly as well.

There is always that sense that men can do whatever it is that they like with anybody they want and I for my part have slept with everybody’s wife in this Country and they think they will not pay for it too; I mean if the Country is not big enough to give them the kind of freedom they want you can always expand it by making war on another Country and is that what their level looks like, what their fucking parents afforded them and yes of course we have reached a point where I am taking away more and more and more of that stupid freedom too. Of course we are aware of the story of how I wind up president Obama – whereas President Obama really likes to screw around with me and assume some big brother status over me to provide his fellow black idiots with means to insults that we do not have imagination to conceive around here over my finances then pretend he either has the right to do that or there is no state of affairs that allows him to as he bids to control bigger problems that are not my concern in anyway whatsoever; so he has this flawed idea of what I think about those his people like getting elected and getting off to tour the Middle East and Africa and Eastern Europe and then returning to sit somewhere in the white house and persecute me to create feelings of freedom for idiots in town – when he grasps a little sense of it we hear talks of messing with him which is difficult to figure out what it will accomplish for the self harming scumbags anyway. I have never thought of it a complicated matter, it’s a case of the number of people who have their problems they want to sign off on me and much the same way of forcing their will on me through my anus and penis applies as well, followed with complains about how much of them are dying – in reality they are not my problem but that of the US President so I should not actually pay attention to it but the US President in his own right is not a problem for me either, he thinks the reasons white people find it easy to be financially successful is that there is a world white people created and that this needs to be turned on its head and one for black people created too, so he has also worked out that if he took the US Army into war to that effect it will be too complicated for him, so he has decided it is better still his idiots groom me for it and he locates a black boy that is too successful for his own good that nobody in the black community or white would care about, who has the world available to him through some successful business and then set about confiscating that and since he found one here that will eventually kill him it seems he has not yet begun to think it is not a worthwhile venture, he likes it when the whites cheer on and thinks I am supposed to do something about too like they all do and so will I as well i.e. every single insult every single abuse every single damage will see me locate their pop culture connections in Asia, their Pop culture and its connections in the west and I will cut it to pieces for every single time that they make any contact with me that is not authorised, so that he can get out of the White House and come running if he cares that much. I have never thought the logistics of this are complicated matters either; it’s a simple case of whether I am going to spend money making advertisement that says I am selling and signing away copies of my books because I am trying to get Obama to come running out of the White House over what I do with the insults and abuses of his followers and idiots if he really cares that much about it and we know they speak of European Allies of the US and what problems that will create for me but it is largely a matter of the assumption the reasons that we oppose attack on Russians is because he like the feeling of power when we all know that the State Centralised Russian Economy benefits Europe in terms of Manufacturing Industry even though the only world Americans are aware of is the one about their world and their economy which affects Asia and the Middle East and Africa – so these European Allies have to be I am guessing idiots picking on British Baby so I can do their own again as it were. Its play time for them all the time and your personal business cannot possibly be serious to you as well either in their view and those who would be serious would be serious for looking businesslike and being seen on the phone to somebody all the time talking money having an attitude and clinging to my Intellectual property and more so violently too if I dare to ruffle them, like this is the 1990s or something.


Of course they do complain I behave like a child then complain about being treated like one – reality is of course I am a different man from what they are and not a child at all; such realities as the fact the ladies will not let me into my own world if they see any men stuff around my person since the only men they know are the ones they are married to. This means as such that we are ever in a place where we see all kinds of nonsense being exhibited by them – they love it when wife says don’t be a man but you can calculate regular intervals where something evil that can only be thought of by men comes off them as that which happens within some 6 or 7 seconds of being around them or so, hence they have that opportunity because they are always being punished and have no plans to change in anyway whatsoever of claiming wife does not want them to be men and so they want to be my father’s in order to recover dignity and so on which people will say should not offend me but it wouldn’t either except that it is concerned with busting the bubbles of my house and moving into it, right down to the need to detach me from my finances and then from women who might be interested so they can have sex with those or marry them. The other side is mostly about the younger ones and their case is always about how I play around and wreck everything I do in the process and how more clever than I am they are which has no basis on reality; all they have as empirical evidence of which is that they did some science or some subject and passed it, what we are dealing here is a condition where I get hold of their culture and society and make sure I don’t have to put up with it, then write books to that effect and set about controlling the lawyers of their stupid celebrities which by the way I love to beat all of the time as it were and built a company for my Intellectual property which I then protect and put regular updates up for to that effect in order to show where I have been and what I have been doing, which in their view should not supply any indication whatsoever that I have a talent for the law, until they are stupid enough to let me manipulate them into committing a crime so that they can end up somewhere between a prosecution and a defence and then a jury and a judge on the other hand all banging on about the same things I have being doing them in for. I mean when I say I have no wish to tolerate that stupid culture and society from you and no wish to allow your stupid wife perforate my House so that you can chose self improvements anymore hence set out to deploy it to spice up a legal career without being a fully qualified lawyer, not only are they more clever than I am but I have no talent for the law as it were. Everybody else knows and thinks that a condition of walking into an educational establishment with the result every single time of what you do there turning up in parliament for louts to mess about with and improve themselves then set about stifling your career to seek more from you is the biggest problem my academic work faces, except those that are cleverer than I am of course as usual – I mean every single thing from a conversation with a student or lecturer, right down to my dissertation goes through the same process and sometimes they save the best and spring it up to create maximum attention and leave me with a scramble at parliament as if that is how they studied their own to get there in the first place; claiming they first of all have the support of my parents for it and on that basis that since I am black nobody in the white communities or indeed the blacks will ever care that they are doing it. I hear of reasons they behave in that way of course but it never makes sense to me since I know why they do i.e. it’s a general perverted nature that they have and starts with the need to make people depend on them for truths and facts which they then become economical with thereby feeling they are energised and powerful and it progresses from there to cherry picking my career while I am at higher institution and destroying it for me every single time, to attack me at business as well on claims they are more clever. So as it stands of course my ego would say I ought to declare that if an average person can spot that I have spent all their socialist facts and truths to lace my equities and securities with a fundamental structure when I display them on the websites, then I will take it all down and start again but my usual human common sense will tell me that is so much work: so as ever they are ever cleverer than other people and have not got a clue what they are doing anyway.

I hear they say I see the bad aspects of people all the time and do not recognise other peoples achievements; the reality of course is rather that they are fundamentally disobedient and the only difference between them and criminals is that criminals have negated responsibility and they have various individual reasons for it but all culminate in the same activity i.e. when people hurt them they will hurt people back and that is why they are open to it – so the result is always that those who look for trouble cross them all the time and get hurt and that is where they start to feel they are doing society a service. For these goons however it is impossible to work out what point they are going to negate responsibility or what stage they will use it as blackmail – so course the civil rights and modern church and media and all worth not you want nothing to do with them and when they decide it’s not up to you is where we start to hear what you think too. So when it does come to the part where I am the same thing as they are if I say they behave the way they do because they cannot function unless they are criticising people but and are also vulnerable to criticism as well, I have always maintained that the life of Jesus Christ for example had stages and the first was when he was a child and then the other when he grew up and at that time we all know the first miracle he performed was turning water into wine at a wedding; so that if I did attend a big wedding and they said they had run out of champagne and I asked them to put water in the bottles and turned them into more champagne which were better than the ones they had before, you can see what I mean when I say I am the Son of God and that this was the life. After that came the Church officials and the men and soon enough his message changed and shorter after he was killed – what I say about people does not indicate I prefer criticising people than to enjoy the moral side of democracy where I take criticism from people until they are utterly spent but at the end of the day we do things with modesty and save some of it for ourselves; I personally like to use my books as an example; they do love to make out my books are about criticising people for a living and I have continued to mention it is about brokering my equities but they have continued to insist it does not matter to them and that it is what they want me to be doing that they are mentioning as it were, so that when eventually they find themselves in that place it does appear they are the ones with careers that are to do with whether or not somebody else is doing their jobs properly. I do get asked if my work does not have the same effect but it does – the effect is programmed to work in such ways as means that I have already stated in the books I want nothing to do with the trouble makers in question, so when they get involved with the books that becomes a question in its own right and draws accountability and criticism with it – if they don’t like that they stay off my people and off my finances. So in the end this sort of statement is supposed to have protruded from the other one that is mostly about how I am insane and do most of these things when I have not been asked to do them; reality of which it is a matter of sitting with a cloak in a dark corner with a pen in your hand and some issues you have seen which falls to a Royal Office and Commission and how you get about those matters but of course if I say so I would in their view have betrayed my interference with Politics which I always tend to deny, when in actual fact there is no such thing i.e. what happens with Political interference is that the Politicians throw up a story in the air for criminals which is about how they made laws at parliament that put the criminals away but they are redeem where they stand with the authorities by attacking some kid who bothers them in order to restore a good reputation with the authorities, so they always think they are throwing it up in the air and that the criminals will not catch it most of the time but course we all know that when done they start to pretend what I have in terms of personal security is what they and their families deserve too. I do hear the question about why they behave in such ways anyway – I don’t know exactly and cannot generalise but I do know the most detailed of the reasons I have with me is from the media where I sleep with peoples wives i.e. when they want to deploy your career to their ends in a condition where you have no means to handle them for it as well because they took care of that: so they have now worked out I will detach them from the violent people and bad people and kick them for it all the time until they lean further to the right to handle me first before it stops and they have decided they want to switch over to the girlie ones who enjoy nothing but big boys collecting my career for them and will end very well too as those who want to talk for them never talk about such realities so they can usurp leverage of finances at my company and my book sales and run away with it on media talking nonsense about their hatred of women that I never took onboard to ensure I cannot tell which is more annoying, their addressing me or their wasting my possessions and then blaming me for their problems after bettering themselves with it as well. So they do have these layered ways of looking for trouble and are in no position to expect credibility for these complains they issue. It’s not such a big issue for me as thought it’s a simple case of being organised at the office and with my current jobs and career and with the Books merchandising and the Company of which there isn’t space for other peoples rubbish to that effect but they have these things they run about and on me on media aimed at making me work for their fame which means that there are so many if they placed them side by side and ran them for 24 hours they will always crack the office and my concerns on a daily basis and how hard they work it on me will depend on what they want to do and their sense of urgency, hence the only way to get them off it is to give them more pain or to give them more work – I have not yet exhausted all my options at the more work part and hence still hold onto the culture and society so chests can feel like exploding and people can get off my temper as well; the part where the Politicians want me to hit the nail on the head will have to do with when their Labour Party government spends tax payer funds to chase me around town and ensure I am behind on my academics and my finances and my career and everything so that I will start chasing those at some point and that will dislodge me from everything cool and calm and introverted about me to make new freedoms and house with for themselves using very vicious and feelingly political publicity – either way of which I am keeping the culture and society so chests can feel like exploding here all the time anyway. No big issues just being organised at book sales and company, as well as Office and regular job and so those days when they feel like what they want to do and their sense of urgency around it has determined how hard and violent they must work it on me will always result in days when I feel like ripping them apart as well.


I hear they say facts about me is that there are a lot of things that I regret but of course it is a matter of their stupid culture and the need to bend others to their will with it which had led to a kind of life they want to live in the UK and sometimes how the way they lived in Africa can come in handy when their greed knows no limits and they have somebody to dominate with it in their view because of course they made deals with evils they know that will look after them when they got to the UK; I have taken away that life from them because it was suddenly changed to contain a major item that is me and they have not got it either for their part. The rest is just lazy industry CEOs whose friends these and media idiots are working hard their media on the basis of claims they know how to do my business better than I do because they have no plans to work for their money anymore. I mean would any normal person regret a process of having his career pillaged by others on account they can investigate what he is when he affects people on the streets and deploy it to their own ends, then use it to create an economic crisis and blow off their big mouth about knowing somebody that has got it and can give to everybody? I do regret things but it is not their own, it’s a matter of what is not conventional to get comfortable with like dropping out of University which thinking about it, I had only just finished work on the company in 2013 and 2014 will be finished before I am ready to trade whether or not I am off on a tangent when bullies want to eat what I eat as well and their culture is the route to getting it looking for trouble, of which I am not using their peeping tom means of continuing those things I don’t want done on my person and possessions enough to make sure I am going places through them and at their expense yet enough as it were – so having said that I got into University in 2004 and it does show I had so much to do in order to prepare as well but then again dropping out is not like I did a main thing. So it’s a matter of that stupid culture apparently and how they use it to assert their will on others by dominating them, so that the damage to the finances because they want to play these games and fuck around with me is what I must let them get away with as a matter of right and then I will regret nothing. All these can easily be because they want to eat as well what I eat and have no means of controlling themselves and of course it gets to a point hence the question here of what that point is as it were.